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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 5:00 a.m. thank you for the company. >> now a check on the weather forecast. meteorologist mike nicco is back and, again, we have the drizzle and damp weather back. >> absolutely. this time of the year we get a touch of fall and the next three hours we will have drizzle through the neighbors. i used the red windshield for 20 minutes on the commute.
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you will need it on the golden gate bridge. this is one of the areas that has the most moisture on the road and a cross wind at 12 miles per hour. comfortable in the mid-50s to low 60s and by noon the clouds will open and the breeze will keep us 62 to 72 with sprinkles possible at 74 and this evening, 60 to 68. sue? >> going to the bay bridge toll plaza, happy tuesday everyone. no delays here. as mike has been mentioning, drizzle and slick roads are expected. we had a solo spinout on the san francisco side of the bridge at fremont which is cleared. probably due to the slick roads. now a look at the sig-alert, eastbound four at bailey, all lanes remain shut down and cars are in the clearing stages. the c.h.p. is on the scene and they have a detour at west leland back on bailey to get on the freeway. if there is a silver lining, eastbound, it is the non-commute direction. now the road closures because of
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the valley fire, 29 at 175, at willcyville or middletown and these are some, 12 at ida clayton and 29 at tubbs lane. we will until this later this morning. >> now the latest gale on the valley fire that grew a little overnight to 62,000 acres a thousand more than year. right now crews say the fire is 35 percent contained. that is a jump. that is good. one person has been killed. four firefighters have been injured. several people remain missing. 585 homes have been destroyed and 9,000 structures are threatened. school closures are in affect. the full history is at the bottom of the screen and online at >> thousand people have been evacuated and waking up in a didn't city on the fairgrounds with no idea when or if they can
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go home. here is the story. >> the napa county fairgrounds has the largest number of evacuees from the valley fire and many of them are forced their homes and many those people have lost their homes. check out this video of someone who escaped the flames on saturday night. 15-year-old recorded the family's escape from the fire, his brother was behind the wheel driving through the flames and his grandmother lost their house, but the two uncles lost their home and jobs. everyone is now stay at eric's house. >> to people at -- over 20 people at my two bedroom house. >> grands and family split apart during the chaos of the fire this is a means of fining each other because cell phones and computers have run out of power. schools in middletown and cobb,
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class are suspended including the him coming football team l is food and support here at napa county fair grounds and the broad cross and asking for money rather than donations. >> as more residents run to the devastated communities today, they will get a chance to see if their livestock and pets survived the inferno. amy hollyfield joins us from middletown with that part of the story. >> christian, evacuation orders are in place but people are anxious to check on property and their poets. some have been allowed to see this type of devastation, what has happened to their property. today, they are allowed to check open their animals. pets and livestock were left behind during the friend tick -- frantic evacuation, it has been a huge concern. where are animals? are they getting food and water? facebook pages have been set up dedicated to helping find your
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animal or temporary shelters for the animals. local feed stores and animal rescue groups are helping the horses and livestock through devastation of fire. >> i want to help. i have always wanted to give become. being a village, a community, that the most important thing anyone can be. >> the sheriff deputies will be escorting people in for 15 minute inkremlins and meet you in the parking loss of kelseyville or lower lake high school. you need your i.d. and take people in from 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 this afternoon. reporting live from middletown, for abc news. >> there is a go fund me page society up for camels stranded in the fire zone in cobb plopping to a rescue
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organization. the dome is -- goal is $15,000 and. >> steam turbines that generate electricity are not damaged at the plant which is the largest geothermal laboratory in the world and the municipal power said they are part of power supply. there are backup systems in place and it generates 60 percent of the needs from goaden gate to the oregon border. >> when flames come to you my escape is good even if it is a pool. in hidden valley, flames moved so fast a family was trapped and a neighbor said jump in the pool. seven people and two dogs did that and up to their noses. >> they said it would pass, fast and in 15 minutes but it felt like over an sure. it was hot.
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it came right over. right over. he said when it was continue, he said -- it was done it was over. they tried to leave but the roads were jammed and it was to late and now they do not want to be leave because they are worried they cannot get back in. >> now the ottawa fire which -- now the latest on the butte fire. 71,000 acres have been burned. the fire destroyed 166 homes. it is still threat being 6,400 structures. the fire is just 35 percent contained. some evacuation orders have been lifted. >> an image taken by nasa showing the size of the biggest wailed fire, the rough fire burned 138,000 acres since lightning sparked it july 31. the car was damaged despate being parked miles from the front line. a small engine part from a tanker plane landed on it.
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the tanker landed safely. no one was hurt. the rough first grows near kings canyon national park and is 40 percent contained. >> mike, the drought is playing a big role. >> absolutely. so much vegetation and so much that hasn't been burned, either, and that is one of the things we talk about be these are naturally occurring phenomenon but when man continues to stop them, it means there is more out there. but we would rather stop it. upper 50s on let 60s in the south by but saratoga is 56 the california spot. san jose and santa teresa is 62. and mid-to-upper 50s with clouds and a freeze coming off the ocean and drizzle hanging in the air, so it and a moist start to the tuesday morning. this is how it looks from correct check and you can see it is cloudy. inland east bay is the warmest, but, still, the most below average is 73 to 78 and closest
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to average in an area with the most cloud cover the coast at 67 and an the bay, 65 to 73. at sfo we have increasing clouds and drizzle. temperatures tomorrow are rebounding a couple of degrees with showers possible cross the north bay. you can see the warming trend that starts on thursday and i will let you know if it lasts through the weekend. >> we do have one problem area. this is not it. southbound 101 moving nicely and, again, wet roads out there, slick roads due to the drizzle conditions and the sprinkles out there, which mike has been talking about. here is the problem spot, still a sig-alert issued. the silver lining it is in the non-commute condition, three lanes have re-opened, a lane still remains closed, no estimates time of opening and c.h.p. has not lifted the
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sig-alert and out of antioch, you can see westbound four, which is typical, is slowing as you make your way to pittsburg. there is, by the way, a detour but three lanes are open eastbound you will be easing through that way without a problem. we will keep you updated. >> would you pay 100 for a tube of toothpaste? that is coming up next in america's money. >> as the valley fire buns out-of-control people were riveted of a live feed of hopes folk up in flames.
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san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. we are following developing news in utah where the search is on for victims of a deadly flash flood happening with eight people dead and now, you can see the grim task of looking for any possibility people trapped in the mud after the flash floods. we will keep you posted on what is happening there in utah. when the valley fire was dinnering at home, home after home on saturday, thousands evacuated a man stayed behind
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shooting vehicle from inside the fire line and live streamed the firefight from the streets as thousands watched open mobile devices. here is that report. >> this dramatic cell phone video shows flames ripping through hopes in middletown, california, if lake county, north of the napa valley. retired firefighters now fire photographer live streamed the valley fire as it rage through the small community. >> a strong wind. a lot of heat. a lost fire. in any direction to look. >> he described firefighters racing around trying to save homes. most resolution damages had already been evacuated. there were power lips down -- lines down. it was dark. it was like a guest town. >> he has seen countless fires in his career called the valley fire one of the top three west he has ever seen.
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he said the speed which the flames group and engulfed the area was incredible. >> the building will throw off burning embers. if they land in the neighbor's yard or two or three houses down it started another fire. >> more 1910,000 people watched the stream including some of the evacuated residents wanting to know if their homes were burning^. >> the people in longer have a place to come home to. it is very impactful and surreal. >> he said he took the videos to show people how tirelessly the firefighters work, sometimes putting themselves next extreme danger. >> they stayed after and never, never stopped no matter what adversity they face, they did not give up. >> you never know when a disaster like the butte or valley fires will strike so be prepared. according to "7 on your side" you need to make a list of everything you own from apply
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ans to collectibles and electronics with apps that help you do that. united policy app is easy to use, select the room, take pictures and make notes on purchase information. >> if you have a loss, you have this record and at least that is one less thing to worry about. >> michael said when you hit "save," the information is saved in the cloud to access from anywhere. >> "7 on your side" said if you have home owners insurance, your insurer will pick up the tab on the increased living expenses. that means hotel expenses, of course, temporary represent, food and gasoline if you have a longer commute and there is a him to what insurance companies will pay usually 10 percent of what the home is worth and you have to live off that until you are back in a home which can take one to two years. >> want free breakfast for the kids today? mcdonald's is offering a free egg mcmuffin and apple slices
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and low fat make uncompanied by a parent or adult, between the hours of 6:30 to 9:30 this morning. the offer is aim at promoting the response of a good breakfast to star school. >> i am somebody's kid. >> you were? >> i am always learning so i am a student. >> that is one of the few things my son will eat, mcdonald's, breakfast-wise. >> eat breakfast you get better grades. studies show that. >> wish i knew that back then. >> now, drizzle this morning, everyone, that is moist and cooler-than-average air mass continuing and we are cloudy in san jose. the temperature is about 61 degrees. we are going do have clouds and sunshine this afternoon, and ill two be cooler-than-average where a few sprinkles possible. the best chance of anything measurable is tomorrow best across the north bay with
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drizzle tomorrow night into...thursday...and above average weekend warmth coming back and it will feel like summer but not so hot as last weekend. the winds are blowing into the central valley with a breeze. we will have a few breaks in the cloud cover getting up to 70s in milpitas, santa clara and los gatos at 73 along with morgan hill and san jose at 72 and santa cruz at 68 degrees. pill bring is 65. menlo park is 68. we will try to reach 70 in palo alto and low-to-mid 70s in mountain view. 63 at half moon bay today, a warm spot along the coast, and sunset at 61, south san francisco and sauce least, mid-to-upper 60s with right around 60 for bodega bay and upper 60s to low 70s across the north bay and where we fine the thicker clouds in the afternoon hours. along the east bay shore we go partly cloudy today to partly
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sunny headed north with more cloud cover, richmond, berkeley, low-to-mid 70s headed to castro valley and fremont, and inland east bay, clouds and 73 at men,ism at 75, warm spot, brentwood, around 79 degrees. at the game this evening, it will be more typical of at&t park, 7:15 and dropping to 59 under clouds and small chance of mist and drizzle aer chance tomorrow and cloud cover and low-to-mid 50s. here is the setup, a cold front is rolling in from the north and you can see the precipitation showing noon tomorrow is mostly to the north with scattered light showers and sprinkles and north of interstate 80 that is the case at 5:00, when it gets heavier and notice the system is losing a lot stretch as it moves into the north bay on wednesday night and as it heads through the neighbor on thursday morning this is the possibility of drizzle. the rest of us will have enough rain to get wet to possibly .1".
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the seven-day forecast shows coolest today, tomorrow, and then you can see we are about 20 degrees warmer beach weather this weekend. have a good one. you have a signature alert you are following? >> i do. we are going to eastbound 4, again, and c.h.p. still has this sig-alert in affect but three lanes eastbound are now open and the last lane remains closed and injury accident here and i put in some sensors westbound direction speed of 15 minute, usually slow out of antioch is the commute direction, eastbound, though, leading to the accident, speeds of seven miles per hour so it is crawling. which was a detour in place if you want do avoid this, take san marco off the freeway to west leland and back open at bailey in the eastbound direction and it is clearing, one lane remains closed.
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>> forbes has the most valuable nfl franchises in america's money. >>ings topping america's money, dallas cowboys are on top, the value at $4 billion. the most valuable nfl franchise for the 9th consecutive year ahead of redskins and new england patriot and makes the cowboys the most valuable sports franchise on earth. >> james bond fans, the ultimate ticket for $100 you can see the new bond flick with only a thousand offered. >> a $1 million smile could cost a pretty penny if you use this product to brush your teeth, chocolate toothpaste which is made with an extract from cocoa bean product costs $100 a tooth. and tasty.
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nivea in-shower body lotion -- in the body lotion aisle. good morning, here are seven things to know before you go. one, the valley fire is now so percent contained and has green to -- grown to 62,000 acres. deputies will escort residents to their homes to feed and retrieve pets. >> hundreds continue to gather at the napa county fairgrounds. a tent city is set up. families realize they could be at the center for beaks or more. the red cross is asking for machine donations rather than supplies. >> waking up to drizzle for the morning commute and clouds and
5:25 am
sun. maybe a few sprinkles. temperatures anywhere from 4-12 degrees below average with an update on rain tomorrow and the speaker heat in the back half of the seven-day forecast. four, sue hall in the traffic center, we have a sig-alert, but it is the eastbound direction non-commute direction of highway 4 at bailey, and one lane remains closed. >> five, eight people are dead. five are missing. after flash flood in utah, look at live pictures of the scene in mill detail where crews have been using backhoes to sent for any survivors with the cars swept away. moments ago, we believe they uncovered one car with authorities saying 16 people and two vehicles were washed away by a wall of water. >> the berkeley city council will consider a new proposal to raise the city's minimum wage to $19 an hour. the hike would put berkeley far
5:26 am
ahead of of the pack of other cities increasing minimum wage. >> so much for the rocky off season, the san francisco 49ers kicked off the 2015 season in the monday night spotlight with a 20-3 win over the viking. the highlights were two touchdowns where a strong show touchdowns where a strong show by the defense. >> 13 celebrities vying for the trophy on the new season of "dancing with the stars" including a sing are and a teen topping the board. ♪ rock was young ♪ we had so much fun >> check her out, 17-year-old wife life wore your bindi and her partner did the jibe and then the cha-cha getting a
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triple 8. no one went home. part two of premiere of "dancing with the stars" is right here on abc7 start tonight at 9:00. >> schools on the peninsula in the hotseat over physical education with a move that could force them to change the curriculum and a warning for victims what consumer experts victims what consumer experts say you should be
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news thanks for joining us i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. here is the weather. mike? >> extra hair spray is needed and maybe an umbrella if you are headed to san francisco where
5:30 am
the drizzle is more steady. you can see no rain but this is a moist morning. we have an area of concern with the golden gate bridge. that is where it is one of slickest areas. we have west north wind at 12 and mid-50s to around 60 and breaks in the cloud cover and our beatist is low 60s to low 70s and the clouds come back and a few sprinkles, low 60s to mid-70s and cloud this afternoon and grab a coat with temperatures in the 60s. here is sue hall. >> speaking of bad hair, absolutely not. >> we go to the macarthur maze and it is wet out there, folks, at least the roads are slick. if some of us we get stray hair and some of us get frizzy hair with the moisture. no metering lights at the toll plaza. nasty drive from tracy to dublin
5:31 am
and sig-alert at eastbound four at bailey the last lane is the own lane closed. >> sue, thank you, here for leyla. at the top of the news the crews are gaining ground on the worst fire in northern california history. >> the valley fire grew only a thousand acres but containment has climbed to 10 percent. nearly 600 hopes have been destroyed. flames are still threatening thousands of structures. school closures are in affect for several schools and deputies are patrolling the evacuation it areas watching out for looters. >> some residents of middletown check on their homes and they found grim news. amy hollyfield is in middletown. what are you see? >> imagine coming home to this devastation and you realize there are 585 stories like this,
5:32 am
at least. that is how many homes firefighters estimate were destroyed and they say it could be more. heartbreaking to think about it and very emotional for some of the homeowners it see their wreckage although they knew the homes were gone, just seeing it put a new create open it. now they are processing what happened and the fact the recovery effort must get under way. friends and neighbors lost a lot. we will get it back. we will get it back. >> fires say they are making progress on fighting the valley fire and they have the fire 10 percent contained now and the weather is helping them out. it is nice and clear and the humidity is high. the fire is actively burning north of cobb mount detain and the pope valley. evacuations are in place and could be for a few more days. it is hard to estimate when they
5:33 am
will let people back in but it is not safe at this point with the downed power lines and the fallen trees and they know people are anxious to get back to their property. etch evacuees in calistoga are waking up that the napa valley fair grounds could be their home for westbound or months. many is lost their homes and are worried about loved ones they have not heard from with message boards asking people to call other specific individuals. this is the catch ground, napa county fairgrounds and calistoga this morning can they are still alive. this is a place to recharge the cell phones and computers and the people here are sharing stories and video of their escape. >> get in the car. go. go 679
5:34 am
go, go. >> a teen recorded his family's escape from the valley fire with flames surrounding the car as the family drove away, the teen said this was black smoke coming from the air conditioning pus the engine caught fire. it was is bad the drivers said he could feel the flames coming through the pedals of the car. 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams is the confirmed fatality, a m.s. patient and end the caretaker realized the danger and called 9 sheriff it was too late. i knew she would have in way of get out. i told the sheriff and i was told bluntly they were busy handling evacuees and they could get do her when they could. >> ship difficulties say they end forked in 17 minutes.
5:35 am
>> there is destruction at every turn in the fire zone and hook at this video where the massive valley fire began with the only light you can see is from hotspots and the original sounds are from trees crackling and smoldering. shuttered businesses and hopes and the highway 175 closure has turned this quiet mountain town into a ghost down. there is in power, no cell phone service, no wi-fi, no communication at all. >> people are commute indicate through social -- communicating through social media and you warped not to post your address online because others could loot your home. >> do they not thing we are going through enough now? this is not okay. >> the lake county sheriff said there have been no confirmed reports of looting and many who stay behind say a reason they did was to protect their home. >> because of the fire, all public schools and late county are closed and the elementary
5:36 am
school in pope valley and mountain school district are closed and kelseyville unified are closed and in word when middletown will schools will re-open. tomorrow, lakeport, and upper lake h dry and lucerne districts are expected to re-open. >> a lot of people who ran from the valley fire abandoned pets and animals. lake county sheriff deputies will escort residents to their hems to retrieve their four-legged friends. they give 15 minutes to round everyone up. men have volunteered trucks to go the animals out. >> concerned family and friends with want did pick sure their already ones are okay can visit the safe and well website of the red cross and may use the site to register themselves as safer and well and post a brief message and let family know they are safe.
5:37 am
we have posted a link on our site at >> the red cross said the financial donation are the best way to get help of people with need it most, you can visit at for more information on how to give where you live or if you want to donate $10 right away text red cross to 90999. on our website we have other ways to him victims. >> there is a list of evacuation centers and road and school closures and centers that are open for pets and livestock. we have were of the information on the bottom screen. you can see it there, through the effort of the newscast. >> we are see amazing photos and votes from the front line, showing devastation, smoky skies and firefighters bravely tack killing the flames. thank you to those would share the photos. if you catch i maps, share them on social media with #abc7now. now the other major wildfire,
5:38 am
the butte fire continues to grow in california central valley and amador has destroyed 166 homes southeast of sacramento and many from the bay area go to to this area to vacation and get away. officials say it is 35 percent contained and several roads are closed and the mandatory evacuation orders have been lifted. >> we want to turn things over to meteorologist mike nicco and still, the cooling trend is going on. >> it is great. for those folks in the north as the firefighters and in -- minutes i will have the forecast. most of us are waking up at 1-3 degrees cooler and inland east bay neighborhood are in the upper 50s to let 60 from men and danville at 58 and antioch at 59 and 61 in brentwood and livermore and concord. newark is 61.
5:39 am
everyone else in the mid-to-upper 50s and bodega bay is 52 degrees and alameda is 58 and financial district is 59 and you can see the flags unfurling as the winds kick up. that is why we will only making it to 66 in san francisco. all the temperatures are below average and peninsula is 69, south by is 72 and east bay will top out at 73 and inland east bay at 78 and the for the by will top out at 69 degrees. this is how it looks in san rafael northbound the cars are coming to the golden gate bridge where we are finding drizzle with a cross breeze. a better chance of showers in the in the north bay and a warming trend on thursday that does not stop until we hid the 90. that is in the seven-day forecast and sue will show you traffic. >> the bay bridge backup. the metering lights came on at 5:32. 10-12 minutes from the maze to the toll plaza to get to san
5:40 am
francisco and it is good on upper deck and the city. still with a sig-alert in effect it is the eastbound direction non-commute and left lane remains closed because of an injury accident eastbound 4 at bailey, and continued slow out of antioch and that is fairly typical as you headache your way to concord. a look at road closures due to the valley fire, highway 29 at 175 at kelseyville and middletown is closed and highway 128 at ida clayton and highway 29 at tubbs lane, closures that remain. >> another bay area city is raising the minimum wage and what makes it different from other hikes. >> a flash flood hits a small town in utah and a video catches town in utah and a video catches a family's moment of
5:41 am
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novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning. it is 5:43. a look at the bay bridge toll plaza, remark is getting heavy. metering lights are probably on. we will check with sue, she nods, yes, yes, yes, they are
5:44 am
on. brace yourself. mike will have the wet forecast soon. >> abc has learn a again-year-old boy is under arrest for threatening to launch an isis inspired we attack against pope francis. according to the f.b.i. and the department of security he sought to carry out the attack during the pope's visit to the united states and the sources say it was not incident. "good morning america" will have more on the story at 7:00 right here. >> today, berkeley is considering raising the minimum wage to highest level of any bay area city a plan that is a surprise even to city council members. janet? >> leaders say they did not scat labor commission for this report but is on the agenda.
5:45 am
they call for highest minimum wage in the bay area at $19 an hour by 2020 for berkeley workers. the commission explained the amount is higher than what other cities are proposing to help employees pay medical costs. two things can happen, the city council can adopt a proposal on first reading, the first of two votes required for it to become law or the city council can ask the staff to further review the report. officials say they had mail businesses to alert them abut the proposal and to open up discussions. some already are in opposition saying it will hurt their bottom line even more. here is a look at current minimum wages across the bay area. oakland and emeryville at $9 and berkeley is at $10 and san francisco at $11 an hour. under the country ordinance, berkeley will increase minimum
5:46 am
wage through october of next year and san jose city council will vote on steps to increase the minimum wage with the first action initiating a study to see what the number should be. what do you think of the proposal to raise the minimum wage to $19 an hour? let us know you can sound off on twitter and face book with # #abc7getup. >> firefighters are making progress on the valley fire partly because of the cooler weather which dropped rain on parts of the bay area. dark clouds brought the promise of more to come and a man whose yard flooded has mostly dry better but said whatever rain we get is good. i don't think a little bit of moisture will hurt but it is better than nothing. >> the rain is from
5:47 am
from linda, but it was is slight you could not measure it. >> you could measure it in the ash that was on the car when you woke up. the ash came from the on my black car. >> we had pictures of a black car yesterday with ash. was that yours? >> my wife. maybe. now, my wife said "my car made it on tv." >> she was not excited about her husband being on tv but her car. >> here is a look at double digit wind speed it will be a cool breeze again and it feels like fall with drizzle through the commute and san jose 101 and 880, one of the few areas i have not seen reports of drizzle and do not be surprised if you get
5:48 am
some in the higher elevations, breezy and cool, cold front offers rain tomorrow and summer heat is coming back this weekend. the set up is multiple layers of cloud cover and the low clouds evaporated but the coast, and high clouds roll in from noon to the afternoon hours and take away at the last sunshine and keep us mainly in the 60s and 70s. very tight summer spread today. san jose is 72, and gilroy is 74 degrees. we go from less altos at 73, to appeal at spent, and san mateo at 67 and half moon bay is 63, the warm spot, and pacifica and sunset is 61 and mid-to-upper 60 downtown and sausalito and no sun dresses like last week of the upper 60s to low 70s and napa is 73 degrees and upper 60s for richmond and berkeley and 70 at oakland to castro valley and fremont at 73, and
5:49 am
moving inland, 73, pittsburg is 77 and brentwood is 79 degrees for the warm spot. tonight, you can see a few pockets drizzle and low-to-upper 50s again. that drizzle will fade away and we will town our tax to the scattered showers to noon and study rain moves in, in the afternoon and evening and unfortunately the cold front is falling apart as it heads into to heart of the bay by noon and we wake up to a few areas of showers dwindling to drizzle during the remain could mute and possibly .1" to .5" in the north bay and tomorrow evening it is gone. temperatures are abut the same as today but thursday, friday, and saturday, we will warm about five or ten degrees and we could peek near 100 inland by s we have light conditions as we make the way 680 through walnut creek toward the 24 junction, a few brake lights at the to which the scene use make the right turn on to 24.
5:50 am
otherwise, no problems and we will take a look elsewhere with a new accident reports one in hayward and one closer to union city, south 880 at tennyson and c.h.p. is saying there are two separate accidents both in lane three. we are going to follow that for you and back to the sig-alert still if affect in the eastbound direction of fur so that is non-commute direction and last lane remains blocked and it is slow out of antioch to concord. >> thank you, sue. 5:50. a family is called to find their love one after the valley fire, a man feared missing and what you need to know to help bring him home the. >> the bay area schools that critics say are not making the grade when couple of minuteses to p.e. and the role a group said aspirin can play in
5:51 am
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abe were news app, on the go to meet your schedule, news where you live. >> back to it where rescue efforts have been underway after a flash flood swept through the southern town of hildale with bulldozers seeming the clouds that were swept away along the southern border with arizona, where eight people losing their lives and crews are looking through the mud to find
5:54 am
survivors. five people are still missing right new. three people survived. the santa clara county board of directors will meet today to approve the termination of turner construction hired to build a multimedical facility on the campus which now is two years behind schedule and the delay has confident the hospital $36 million in yearly revenue. the project is 930 percent complete. turner construction workers have been kickoff the site. >> an advocacy group is looking to have school drugs comply with physical education mandate requiring at least 200 minutes of p.e. for grade school students every 10 days and a petition was filed to make schools follow the law. palo alto afternoon filed and los altos and menlo park city and mountain view schools were listed in the petition. >> my, the kids in p.e. cannot
5:55 am
use hot weather as an excuse. >> absolutely. they will not smell so bad as normal. >> good morning, everyone. here is a look at the valley fire, cloudy conditions, high humidity, 89 percent, and a temperature of 56 degrees right now, and wins are anding do taper a little bit as we head through the morning hours and they will ramp up tomorrow 25 miles per hour so that is unfortunate. if you ping to the game today it is going to be in the low 60s to low 50s and breezy at at&t park. mid-to-upper 70s through the central valley and flooding is possible around los angeles and 8 positive and showers and storms yosemite is 74 and lake tahoe is 62. sue? >> this is san rafael, southbound, 101 beyond lucas valley road making the turn on the parkway we do have a couple of problems.
5:56 am
the nimitz, between hayward and union difficult we have two separate accidents this is 2 minutes delay. >> a major united states medical organization has pick the first to recommend use of as written to fight a form of cancer. the united states preventive services task force said a growing body of evidence shows aspirin could be a weapon in the goal against colon cancer. the move is controversy with some wondering if the cancer fighting properties outweigh the risk of stomach upset and internal pleading as rip can -- aspirin can cause. >> a bear decided that pizza was just right snack with these photos "not your ordinary pizza customer."
5:57 am
hey, boo-boo. she made her way to the local pie shop calls louie's pizza and officials showed up and they put bear temporarily, don't worry, and took her away. >> 5:57. the 49ers edge out the competition in the nfl after a big win at home and found out how they are starting the standard heed of super bowl 50. >> a passenger arrested ands cored off the plane and all caught on camera for her caught on camera for her behavior.
5:58 am
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a step to recovery during the devastation of the valley fire where an effort do give some evacuees piece of mine as they wait to hear when they can go
6:00 am
back home. >> a temporary home for hundreds of those evacuated with services coming today to the shelter in california oakland and how you can help people survive the week to come. >> thanks for joining us. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. we want to get right to the latest developments of the valley fire that grew a little overnight to 62,000 acres a thousand more than yesterday's total. >> one person has been killed in the fire and four firefighters were injured and several people remain missing. 585 hoes have been destroyed and 9,000 structures are still threatened. we have an updated look at the area of the valley fire and you can see it video north from middletown to cobb and boardered by healdsburg and calistoga to the south. >> our coverage continues now with amy hollyfield at middletown which has been exextremely


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