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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 15, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> a firestorm north of the bay area continues to grow and we are seeing just how bad it is. sky 7-hd is giving a good look at the destruction left behind. you can see charred remnants of homes and buildings. that's former neighborhoods gone and today some residents were allowed to return to their homes to see if a home is still there and to check on the animals they left behind. 585 homes have been destroyed as well as hundreds of other structures. more than 9,000 homes remain threatened right now. so far the fire has burned 67,000 acres growing about 5,000 acres overnight. it's now 15% contained, so
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firefighters are finally making some progress. >> many victims of the valley fire are sleeping in tents and campers. sky7-hd shows what it's like at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga, many businesses have showed up to help the people there, so good news, but now they have to worry about a change in the weather coming. wayne friedman has been talking to evacuees today and joins us live. >> reporter: good afternoon, 11, it's certainly not all the comforts of home but all the volunteers you talked about are trying to make it that way and the people here are making the best of their situation. ♪ is it possible that a tragedy hundreds of people might describe as rock bottom could also feel so warm and hopeful? >> i am seeing this is humanity at its finest. >> humanity intense, humanity on cots, humanity fighting off confusion with only the possessions they could carry or wear or cram into a car. these are the fairgrounds in
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calistoga tonight where much of burned-out and evacuated middletown has moved in. >> kind of a forced camping trip. >> we had about ten minutes. >> christine mccabe and her son and father are victims of a fire so devastating it burned down their house and yet they feel fortunate they had this rv left to call home. >> so many people didn't expect this to happen and even then once it started, you thought, oh, no, no, this isn't real. and it just -- i mean, you know, you had to run or die. so, we ran. >> reporter: so now this is life for an estimated 1,200 people with 1,200 sets of problems ranging from needing clothes, prescription drugs or formula for their babies. amazingly the red cross and so many people from nearby communities like napa have met most of those needs. >> people didn't turn their backs on me. i'm not going to turn their backs on them. >> reporter: that would be the
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calistoga fairgrounds, part heartbreak and heart inspiration and, the forecast of rain, it might be wet and cold but residents say if the rain comes it will put out the fire and then they can get back to their homes or at least get back to rebuilding their lives. in calistoga, wayne friedman, abc7 news. >> thank you. class will resume in several schools tomorrow that includes upper lake union elementary school district and upper lake high school district, lakeport unified district and lucerne elementary school, kelsey unified schools and others will remain closed through the week and for now it's unknown when middletown unified schools or pope valley elementary school will reopen. >> hundreds of people are waiting in lake county this afternoon for authorities to deem their neighborhoods safe to return. right now fire officials have to escort most homeowners into the fire zone. and it's been an anxious at times heartbreaking few days for
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residents. >> everything we had is gone. and i'm just happy that we're all safe and together. >> three days now it's been -- it's too scary like that, living like this. i wouldn't wish this on anybody. nobody. >> for many residents who haven't yet gotten a look at their homes frustration is reaching a boiling point. abc7 reporter cornell bernard spent the day talking with homeowners and he'll be live with lower lake coming up at 5:00. >> officials say the valley fire started as a vegetation fire at 8040 high valley road. here's video at a house at that location in 2006 that we found on youtube. we haven't been able to find out what has happened to that house. we flew over that area and spotted the general location where the fire started. here's what it looked like. we couldn't locate the exact house but we did see a home that didn't appear damaged at all.
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want to show you more of the video of damage we got from sky7-hd this is anderson springs outside of middletown where 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams lived she's the only known fatality of the fire. mcwilliams was a retired schoolteacher with multiple sclerosis she needed help to get around. authorities say the intense flames prevented them from reaching her home. here's a look at the town of middletown where 1,300 people live. buildings just across the street somehow went unscathed. >> the town of cobb was one of the hardest-hit communities only about 1,700 people lived here but as you can see nothing was left standing. we counted nearly two dozen structures destroyed in a three-block area and you're looking at what used to be a historic resort and spa and it first opened in the late 1800s and it was once owned by the yogi that popularized
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transcendental meditation and this was a clothing option facility known for its communal soaking pools. >> the sacramento fire department released video of its crews working to save a home in middletown on sunday. firefighters were able to briea through a fence that had just started to burn the building's awnings and rooftop. here's a photo of the home a few hours later as you can see they saved it. >> the valley fire is the third major fire to burn in lake county in the last three months. it's burned 104 square miles making it the second largest of those fires. the rocky fire was the largest at least so far burning 108 square miles. the jerusalem fire burned 30,000 square miles. how much land has burned this fire season at 250 square miles it's the size of santa clara, cupertino, mountain view and milpitas combined nearly a
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quarter of all santa clara county. >> it's astonishing when you put it in that context. wayne was talking about possible rain coming very important in terms of conditions for the firefighters. >> we had a little bit of drizzle yesterday so what's it like out there today? let's get our acuweather update. >> rain is on the way to the area of the fire but right now gusty winds are the biggest concerns. let's look at live doppler 7 hd and i'll show you conditions in this area right now. this is the area of the fife. temperatures 66 degrees right now and relative humidity 32% and winds gusting to about 16 miles per hour. the area of green you saw was smoke it's not rainfall now. as you can see in the last hour no measurable rain has fallen in that area although you can see little pockets of moisture on the way. but also accompanied by strong gusty winds so the wind forecasts for the next 24 hours indicates gusty winds through the evening and overnight hours and into tomorrow. but there will be rain accompanying the wind at some point. there's a forecast animation starting 5:00 tomorrow morning
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by about, oh, noon tomorrow we'll see rain pushing into the ukiah area through the afternoon hours rain will begin falling in the area of the fires and will sweep on through and end tomorrow night. by 11:00 tomorrow night our rainfall projection is that there will be totals of quarter of an inch to half an inch of rain in the area of the fire that certainly should be helpful but it may not be enough to end the fire because the wins will continue to be strong for a while. >> all right, thank you so much for that update. the red cross says financial donations are the quickest and best way to get help to the people who need it most. you can visit our website for more information on how you can give where you live or if you want to donate $10 text red cross to 90999. another major wildfire is burning in california, the butte fire is 37% contained. it's burning near jackson southeast of sacramento. some evacuation orders are being lifted as crews gain ground on what is a 71,000 acre fire.
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more than 160 homes have been lost. two dogs threatened by butte fire are safe tonight. take a look. all thanks to a california highway patrol officer. officer sara joiner was checking on a home that was completely burned. one of the dogs had burned paws. the other appears to uninjured and animal control is working to locate the dogs' owner. coming up at 4:00 flash floods take a deadly toll in the southwest. people in a small community had no idea it was coming. $19 an hour the bay area city considering a huge jump in the minimum wage. new at 4:30. back to the fire zone for a look at the massive cleanup and repair effort that lies ahead for pge crews. and we're checking your golden gate bridge traffic and it's moving in both directions and possibly heavier on the right-hand side and that's your
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pretty powerful. >> flash flooding in southern utah has killed 12 people at least one person is still missing. the floodwaters swept through a small town near the utah/arizona border sweeping away two cars carrying women and children. officials worried that many residents there were not aware of the flash flood warning and today crews worked to clear thousands of tons of mud and debris. flash floodwaters in zion national park killed three people and the search continues for four others who are missing. in southern california heavy
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rains swept three people and a dog into the los angeles river. one man says he climbed up into a tree after getting caught off-guard by the rushing water. all three people rescued are expected to be okay. the rain snarled the morning commute across los angeles and more scattered showers are expected this afternoon. pilots were forced to divert an american airlines flight last night after a passenger became violent hitting another passenger and the flight attendant. abc news reporter marcie gonzalez has more. >> reporter: a craw mdramatic ea bizarre scene on an american airlines flight yesterday. a passenger escorted off the plane in handcuffs following one unruly outburst after another. >> she was disoriented through the entire flight. she started kicking the seat of the passenger in front of her. and apparently he turned around to complain and she hit him. >> reporter: the drama continuing when a flight attendant intervened. >> she was trying to talk the girl down and she seemed calm
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and all of a sudden she grabbed her by the face kissed her and then punched her in the face. >> reporter: the pilot getting on the intercom asking passengers to help restrain the woman. later identified by authority authorities as daniela velez reyes. >> she kept hollering. >> reporter: one passenger calling it the most scared i've been in my life. the flight diverted landing in indianapolis. velez-reyes reportedly putting up a fight until the end. authorities saying she even kicked a police officer. >> ow! >> reporter: before finally being put in the back of a patrol car. velez-reyes faces charges including battery and disorde y ly conduct and she could face tens of thousands of fines from the faa. marcie gonzalez, abc news new york. with you believe a minimum wage of $19 an hour?
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>> the stecity of berkeley is considering it. last year the council became one of the first in the bay area to adopt steep minimum wage increases. >> we are live in berkeley now with the story, leanne? >> reporter: well, let's jump to the year 2020, shall we? now, if you work here in oakland, the minimum wage will be close to $15 an hour more or less depending on inflation. but if you step just a little bit back, you will be in berkeley making $19 an hour. clearly this will affect businesses on both sides of the border, that's if the berkeley city council approves it tonight. this woman has owned the coffee shop on university avenue in berkeley for three decades. a minimum wage of $19 in five years is not sustainable he says. >> i don't want to be negative about it but i can't foresee how you could do that without
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jacking up all the other prices around us to move with it. >> reporter: just last year the city council voted to increase the minimum wage to $12.53 an hour by october 2015. and now the labor commission says that hike may not have been enough. it's telling city council members to raise the minimum wage $1.50 every year until 2020. by then it will be up to $19 an hour. >> we're looking at trying to raise people out of poverty, you know, as a registered nurse i know that you can't have a healthy community unless you have a living wage. you can pay your bills. you can pay your rent and we know housing isn't affordable in the bay area. >> reporter: the council may approve it tonight. modify it or simply reject it. that's what the berkeley chamber of commerce is proposing they do. >> businesses here, at least, have not recovered from 2009. the rental market on fire. but small businesses, you know,
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they're still dealing with the online phenomenon. >> reporter: if it approves it, the council will have to vote a second time on the proposal. mom-and-pop shops are also hoping the council takes into account they are mainly seasonal businesses making most of their profits while uc berkeley is in session. in berkeley, leanne melendez, abc7 news. dream force is in full force in san francisco. abc7 was at the moscone center at sales force's global gathering which kicked off today. the san francisco-based company user and developer conference on cloud computing continues through friday. the major tech event features top-name performers and speakers like san francisco giants ceo larry baird and the foo fighters playing thursday night. warriors president unveiled the tee's dream arena at the dream force conference. this is the first animated view of the team's proposed mission bay arena. the warriors say right now the goal is to open the $1 billion project prior to the 2018-19 nba
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season. it has the support of san francisco mayor ed lee but opponents say the 200 or more events per year will lead to traffic and gridlock. steve nash will soon be joining golden state as a part-time coach. our sister network espn reports that nash is in advanced negotiations to be a part-time development player or development consultant with the team. the deal would make nash an occasional tutor to golden state guards as if steph curry needs more help learning how to play. he's originally from canada ask went to college in santa clara before blossoming as a star in the nba. nash has been plagued by injuries in recent years and retired back in march. spencer christian is checking on our acuweather forecast which is much different this week than last year. >> it feels like a cold snap compared to last week. it's pleasantly cool. here's a look at the live
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doppler 7 hd and a few clouds thickening in the sky and a cool breeze blowing across much of the bay area right now but to the south much more serious weather. the past 12 hours there's been record rainfall in the los angeles area, as a matter of fact, 2.39 inches of rain to be precise in downtown l.a. a new record for this date this is the third wettest september on record for l.a. already just halfway through the month. we also have reports of debris flow near portola hills and flowing up to two feet deep in some spots and it's calm here except for a small breeze. it's 62 degrees in san francisco, and mountain view 71 and morgan hill 73 and 61 at half moon bay. this is the view looking westward from emeryville, it's currently 71 in santa rosa and novato 66. low to mid-70s fairfield, concord and livermore. here's a look at cloudy sky over
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sfo and these are the forecast features. we'll see areas of rain tomorrow mainly in north bay but other areas will see wet weather. showers may linger into early thursday morning and we'll have sunnier, warmer weather beginning on friday. satellite and radar composite image shows the system that will bring the bay area wet weather so let's animate the maps starting at 5:00 tomorrow morning. wednesday morning. notice the little pockets of light rain well to the north up around ukiah, moving towards cloverdale and by about midday 12:00 noon or so we'll see more concentrated rainfall pushing towards cloverdale and santa rosa and into the late afternoon hours it looks wet across most of the north bay and maybe a little shower activity around the golden gate or points southward and then into the evening hours we'll see the rain sweeping southward and eastward but tapering off into the evening hours but maybe a shower or two lingering into thursday morning. rainfall projections totals, across the bay area, generally just a few hundredths of an inch
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although some places like santa rosa projecting a quarter of an inch but most locations will get a few hundredths of an inch. overnight partly to mostly cloudy skies and lows will be generally in the upper 50s. tomorrow showers up north, perhaps advancing south and east. certainly partly to mostly cloudy skies in the southern and eastern parts of the viewing area. highs will range from low to mid-60s at the coast to low to mid-70s inland. here's the seven-day forecast, sunny and warmer on thursday. certainly warmer on friday. and over the weekend, and into monday, look for high temperatures inland reaching in the mid to upper 90s. low 90s around the bay on sunday and mid-70s on the coast. so it's going to be quite a warm-up over the weekend but it will last only a few days. >> all right, summer's not done. thank you, spencer. up next, pink your ride. the number of plates needed to sell to help improve women's health. new after 4:30, 7 on your side's michael finney his
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warning to valley fire evacuees aboutam scams. and many are using social media to keep family and friends updated and we've been getting photos showing the damage. if you can take photos and videos safely and you want to share them you can share them
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a license plate will add more than color to california vehicles. look at the pink plate it includes a pink ribbon for breast cancer awareness and the slogan early detection saves lives. the plate was championed by a group of breast cancer survivors known as the survivor sisters. they want the plates to be a constant reminder of the importance of screenings. >> get people to go and have exams and not wait. i had a lump that i ignored for several months so by the time i went, i found out i was stage four. so, our goal is to not have other women have to go through
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that. >> part of the registration fees will fund breast cancer screenings. california first needs to receive 7,500 preorders before it will start printing the plates. orders can be made at a dislike button is coming to facebook. not exactly what you think or on might want. >> right. mark zuckerberg made the announcement during a "q" and "a" today he said it won't be designed to express negative thoughts but to express sympathy. the facebook ceo said not every moment shared is a good moment. there's no word yet on when the button will show up on facebook. >> can we use it for the advertising, dislike, dislike, dislick? our coverage of the valley fire will continue on abc 7 news at 4:00 including the cleanup on the roads. >> reporter: i'm on cub mountain and we'll show you all the infrastructure dang left behind by the valley fire. big reason why residents still can't go back. plus, cashing in on pope
4:26 pm
francis' u.s. visit what has the catholic church so upset. and the fight police are
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> here are the headlines as we approach 4:30, we are live above
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the town of cobb in lake county this is our first look of the property where the 67,000 acre valley fire started. you can see some vehicles there connected with cal fire investigators were outside the house still trying to determine the exact cause of that fire. firefighters now have the valley fire at 15% contained, though, it is still growing. today some people were escorted back to their homes to see if they remained standing and search for any pets or perhaps roaming livestock. cornell bernard tweeted this photo of one homeowner who brought hay for his horses but the horses are still missing and the home's been be stroidestroyd
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>> and you'll also find a list of evacuation centers, road and school closures and centers that are open for pets and livestop all on >> donald trump knows he will be a target. more now from washington d.c.
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>> reporter: the class of a politician part ii. donald trump says he's ready. >> i heed the road going after me. >> whatever. whatever. >> kbrgop candidates aren't the only ones going after him. conservative super-pac club is behind this new anti-trump add. ben carson is on top of the gop field, a 13 point difference in this poll. trump's tough talk on monday. >> we have to build a wall. and a wall works. >> outside, supporters clash with dump the trump protesters. >> illegal immigrants.
4:34 pm
>> they're sprating, you know, a lot of us. >> jeb bush is working to appeal to hispanics. speaking only in spanish in this new ad which says hispanics are an important part of the american cream. he even listed the help of his wife. >> i have my life here. we all have the same interests, the same feelings. . >> reporter: it's a kbooit day on the trail for the gop candidate. but donald trump has a campaign event tonight in los angeles. he'll deliver a national security speech on a battleship. the u.s.s. iowa. >> the vatican says pope francis will deliver four out of his eight deemed speeches next week in english. the rest will be in spanish. mean why, a new jersey teenager is in jail for planning to kill the pope during his visit to philadelphia next week. the teen was arrested last month
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and officials say he was inspired by isis. however, philadelphia's police commissioner says the case is being blown way out of proportion, saying there's no indication the boy had any ability to actually carry out an attack. there's controversy surrounding the pope's new york visit and the catholic church is out raged that people are selling some of the 40,000 free tickets it handed out to see the pope's procession through central park. some are going for as much as $600 a pair. selling the tickets goes against everything pope francis stands for. i will be live in washington, d.c. the first of three cities the pope will visit when he arrives in the u.s. on tuesday. you can watch my report next week on this historic trip. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, the products parents need to keep away from small kids and may not know it. >> plus, lost and found. why it took two years for these
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images from space to come out. >> it's beginning to look and feel a little bit like fall. i'll have the accuweather forecast in just a moechlt. >> this is the sky wing downtown san francisco. the usual bumper-to-bumper action trying to get to the lower deck of the bay bring and on to the east bay. a little better on the right side moving down towards 101.
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. everyone needs a little pizza sometimes, right? a pizza store in colorado had an unusual customer yesterday. a bear. the department of wildlife safely tranquilized that bear. the bear is actually you should weight. it's recovering in a rehab facility. no word on how many pizzas it consumed. >> well, you need your pepperoni. you've got to have it, right?
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we're getting an amazing look at go-pro footage after two years. they attached a cell phone to the balloon in hopes of finding the camera when it laned. it wound up landing in an area with no service. that camera reached as high as 19 miles above the ground and traveled for 98 minutes before finally landing catching images of the canyon and of earth. i have heard that spencer volunteered to go -- or maybe sandy volunteered spencer? >> maybe that's it. right here on the roof, that's about as high as i plan to go any time soon. it's already pretty cloudy and windy. here's a look at current gusts.
4:41 pm
sfos, 23 miles, fairfield, 25. oakland, 30. breezy to gusty all over the area. plus, the 48 contiguous states tomorrow, mild in most locations, although we expect a few thundershowers over parts of florida. maybe some should recawery acti. maybe tomorrow it will work its way into the bay area. the rain will arrive in the morning to midday hours. although some showers can work their way to the east and some eastern and southern portions of the viewing area and by thursday should be pretty much over. just a few hundreths of an inch of rain in most cases. >> thanks, spencer. should americans take an aspirin a day?
4:42 pm
the new recommendation is causing quite the debate. >> why fantasy football, especially daily fant sill, may soon be a matter on capitol hill. >> beware of scams. a wardening for
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introducing starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now.
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natural disasters like valley fire bring so much tragedy. and then you compound that with scammer who is try to take advantage of fire victims. >> michael sini joins us with that part of the story. >> let me tell you, they're really working this fire. but it appears we're all onto them. at least we have been up until this point. the valley fire is taking its toll on so sm families. ev evacwees leaving their homes, it is not easy. >> no place to go. everybody we know, they got wiped out, too. >> and now, insult to injury. scammers are targeting evacewe wees. >> this tweet from the napa county sheriff's office warns consumers be careful of scams asking for your address. >> the most alarming scam are
4:46 pm
people who are posing as a news crew covering the fire that he said are trying to get physical addresses for the people evacuated and then rob their homes. >> that's joe 23r consumer action. he keeps track of these things. it's reminding that the rest of us following a disaster, there are victims and those who want to help. >> try not to respond to solicitations from social media. sometimes that can be misdirected. >> so far, the bad guys seem to be striking out. the lake county sheriff's spokesperson telling 7 on your side, i have not received any information concerning fire victims being scammed at this time. >> is sonoma county sheriff's office also says they know of no one being taken in by connell artists. but these guys aren't going to stop. be careful. >> thank you. >> the kremlin is denying elton john's singing.
4:47 pm
john announced on instagram that he received a call from putin today. last week, he told the bbc he would like to meet with putin to try to change russia's mind on its strict policies against l.g.b.t. citizens. the 49-year-old appeared to be out of breath in the moments before he faded up there. a bmw spokesman says kruger may have experienced a dizzy spell. however, kruger's upcoming appointments were cancel. . >> today's wellness report. >> reporter: new recommendations on taking aspirin are likely to stir up debate among doctors. they suggest some people who haven't already had a heart attack should take a daily low-doesz aspirin.
4:48 pm
the recommendations are likely to be controversial because even low doses of as prin can cause sometimes deadly internal bleeding. well, science has given us another great reason to add olive oil to our kites. especially females. spanish scientists found extra olive oil appeared to help reduce the participant's risk of breast cancer. and a new study finds no benefit for a gluten-free diet for autistic children. it offers what many experts in the field say is perhaps the highest quality today. many proteins in wheat and dairy doesn't improve autistic sittoms. and people who are dieting often seek out food that is such a fit into their regimen. but a new study found that its fitness branding can encourage people who are concerned about their weight to actuallily eat
4:49 pm
more and exercise lez. . >> a warning this afternoon for parents. make sure your kids aren't ingesting hand sanitizer. since 2010, a 400% increase on calls relating children under 12. >> fantasy football is huge business these days. abc news reporter david wright explains why. >> reporter: provide one day fantasy sports with life-changing amounts of cash. >> you've definitely seen the
4:50 pm
ad. promtsing big bucks for being a monday morning quarterback. >> we're making a millionaire every week this season. how does it work? just like regular fantasy football. you win or lose based on how well the players you pick peril form. except in daily. supporters claim it's more skill than chance. >> if someone gets t hurt, it's luck. but if it's just coming down to that day, you know, then it's actual hi harder to win at daily fantasy than it is for season-long fantasy. >> reporter: the nfl is all for it because it's a moneymaker. critics say it's gambling and ought to be treated the sane way as other forms of sports betting. one congressman now calling for hearings on capitol him. >> how is it nicht different
4:51 pm
from sports better. >> fant sill sports are hugely popular. more than 150 million fans each year. sfans like scott lewis with some skin in the game. >> its's very comparable to stock trading. if you have somebody dealing in stocks, they're definitely not going to tell you they're gambling. there's a lot of research involved. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 does continue. fans get out of hand after the niner's season opener.
4:52 pm
with police are invest gating next. >> coming up next, a woman who is the face of an international movement just landed in san francisco. and is about to shake things up. we'll have the story. plus, twitter's new footprint in the race for president. those stories and a lot more wh
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4:55 pm
tonight, on "abc 7 at 8:00," it's back-to-back episodes of "fresh off the boat." >> the 49ers celebrated last night's win against the vikings. there's new video showing a vikings nan being assaulted by a group of niner's fans after the game.
4:56 pm
>> reporter: hi, alma and larry. fans were heading back to their cars following the game. at this point, police are searching for the people responsible. they are calling this an active investigation. it's a video that's now been shared thousands of times. >> it's disturbing and shocking. >> reporter: in it, a minnesota vikings fan is being seen being assaulted. >> it's unacceptable and a bad example to the children that are there and their parents may be getting in a fight. over what? >> since the 49ers have moved,
4:57 pm
one kwas last year involved a man who started a fight in a restroom levering one of the two victims with a severe brain injury. >> visiting fans need to feel comfortable going to an opposing stadium. >> snowing that there are two sides to every story, investigators are looking into last nagt's incident. >> it's brutal to see somebody getting hit so violently by somebody else. it's, for me, personally, it's a hard thing to watch. investigators are asking anyone with information about this case to call police. at levi's stadium, abc 7 news. >> that will do it for edition. thank you for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. squl it's incredibly difficult for someone to go into that
4:58 pm
area. >> 15 minutes to get in and out. >> we saw the planes going up the hill towards our house. >> three days of wondering and worrying are over as one woman fiebds out iffer house was destroyed by flames. >> some residents have no about their home until now. >> thank you so much. a first look from above. this is the community of cobb where home after home after home has turned into rubble. >> the fire so random, the
4:59 pm
flames skipping one home while the next door neighbor was not as fortunate. this is the first look at the house where the fire started. >> that fire is still growing tonight. the inferno has destroyed at least 585 homes as well as hundreds of other structures. >> the flames have scored 67,00 acres so far. tonight, fire fighters are making some progress to 15% contained.
5:00 pm
our team coverage kicks off live. >> dan, it really was different. i have to say this communality has been so amazing, so resilient through this tragedy. but it has been a day of try um v and tragedy for many evacwees who came to low herb lake high school today for the chance to return to their homes for just a few minutes to check on their animals. it was bitter sweet for some. >> the redwood that's all by its lonesome over there, that's my property. >> your first look at your


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