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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 15, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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people at the evacuation center, many living in wayne, what are they doing to prepare for the weather? >> reporter: you can see they're putting out water sealers and covers and getting tents out and trying to make themselves as water proof as possible. tonight they're grateful for the effort that has gone into the camp ground. is it possible a tragedy could feel so warm and hopeful? yes. >> i have seen it. this is humanity at its finest. >> with only what they can carry, or maybe just remember.
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>> i know it's on the ground. everything is gone. >> these are the fair grounds tonight. much of burned out middleton has burned down. christine, her 17 month old son, her father, bill, victims of a fire so devastating it burned down their house. they feel fortunate there is this rv, left to call home. >> people didn't expect this to happen. and even then,u! oncee1 it sta you, we ran. >> it has an estimated 1200 people. >> they tried to do a census. the number changed. >> 1200 ranging from clothing to prescription drugs to formula
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forxd babies. to food. with donations, no one is getting hungry. not even close. >> without it, we'd be sleeping in our cars. >> they have a napa county fair grounds tonight. and here are tents behind us. they seem to know what they're doing. if that rain knocked out the fire and need every drop. >> and now, spencer, what can you tell us about the storm rolling in tonight? >> it's been windy all day. we've got smoke away from the fire there. current conditions, 60 degrees.
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it's cool there. winds out of the west at four miles per hour and so it's been breezy to gusty. we've seen winds continuing to be strong so taking a look at projected wind gusts. they'll be quite strong into tomorrow morning but by tomorrow, winds will be accompanied by rainfall. at 5:00 tomorrow morning, we'll see a large area of rain now into the fire zone. we expect rainfall totals to vary widely from a tenth of an inch to up to half an inch. >> thank you. >> now we have a look at where this massive fire began over
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three days ago. cal fire investigators taped off an area outside of this house, aused the flames. audio recorded 19 minutes after the fire broke out gives us an idea of how quickly flames were spreading. >> that is from 1:33 saturday. neighbors used garden hoses but had to retreat for their own safety. the valley fire ballooned to 400 acres. then, the fire was 10,000 acres. well, now, the size of the fire stands at 67,000 acres. residents are unsure when they
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can return to see what, if anything is lift >> chris eastburn is putting the good in good samaritan. they've been giving house calls to check on pets and livestock. >> any animals in need we're going to bring them out. >> they have hay, pet food and water. >> yesterday we rescued probably 5 or 6 horses and goats. dogs, everything you can find. >> others are/wa5 coming to lo lake high school for a chance to be escorted out. we're there when this group went back to ranches for the first time. after the valley fire chased them out.
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>> that is my report. >> for them, the news is good. hugh grayland left rumors his home was left in ashes. not true. >> your first look? >> this is it. >> and i'm glad, still here. we've been here 35 years. we're lucky, again. >> he is a core reinin war vet. >> i survived everything. >> the neighbor herbert anders was also lucky. his live stock are now feasting on hay. >> three days, you know? too scary. i wouldn't wish this on anyone. >> a sad home coming for john erwin. he discovered his house in ashes. >> he and i built the house in 1983.
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he's 80. he's lived herelp 80 years. we'll have to rebuild it. >> hopefully, they're safe. i hope. you know? we have enough to replace. >> we're number >> chris eastburn is happy to help. >> they do it for me. >> the he is supreme courts ended for the day. we're told the process also went as quickly as possible today. >> hundreds of people were allowed to stay home in three lake county neighborhoods today. you can see there is little evidence of damage and people are moving back in.
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the sheriff's department says it has been reduced. highway 29 reopened but only to local residents. >> the town of cobb was one of the hardest hit communities. as you can see, nothing is left standing, just wiped out. >> this is the anderson springs neighborhood where 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams lived. she is the only known fatality of the fire. >> you're looking at what used to be open buts7 is nothing bu ash sadly. >> some communities are still near active firefighting and close to evacuees. a lot of people asked us.
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we're live with some information. katie? >> it is near the northern fire line, so they're not in the clear but we did see many homes still standing today. and i have several evacuees that should brighten your spirits. >> there is a picture that will help lexie and family sleep easier. >> that means so much to us. >> her house, and others, survived the valley fire, she's been in the dark. it and anderson springs are off limits to evacuees. >> it's been a lot of scanning, social media. >> cal fire escorted us in.ç there is damage east of town. >> this is how the fire came up.
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>> flames climbed towards the road. there are lines down, all over the place.çó there is a power transformer that fell from the pole. as you can see, it's charred. many are still smoldering and unstable, making it unsafe. there is active fire to the north. hot spots in the hills. and cal fire says dead trees are a hazard. >> trying to be together. >> shane barnett is determined to help firefighters and friends. >>m/v a huge from his late grandmother's bible, the story of david and goliath overcoming great oddu/0 >>xd this is pretty cool.
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makes me style. >> a strongo+ sense around another reason cal fire can not have evacuees here. there are still some 9,000 structures threatened by the valley fire. abc7 news. >> thank you very much. >> we'll have more to report on the valley fire tonight but first, violence at levis stadium. new evidence of price gouging by motels near the valley fire. we'll talk to an investigator, live on 7 on your side. >> and some dramatic scenes from southern california after a
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49ers celebrated last night's win against minnesota video shows a vikings fan being assaulted outside levis stadium. what led up to the attack? what is to blame? chris nguyen is live withfá the story. chris? >> reporter: the assault happened last night as fans were heading back to their cars following the game. police have spoken to the5ai])(s and want to talk to other people involved, hoping to get their side of the story. santa clara police want your help identifying people involved in a post game fight seen here, in this video. >> it's disturbing and shocking.
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we need to identify these folks. >> reporter: these pictures show a fan being assaulted by a group of 49ers fans following the win last night. >> it'sym brutal to see someon getting hit so violently. right? for me, it's a hard thing to watch. >> reporter: police responded to 24 reports of assault during football games. one case, last year involved a man who started a fight in a rest room, leaving a visitor with a severe brain injury. >> at the end of the day, it's just a game. >> reporter: investigators have already interviewed the victim. fans say regardless of who was at fault, this type of violence needs to stop. >> it's so pointless to end a night where the 49ers won, then get into a huge fight like that? it's a shame. >> reporter: fans are3w adaman
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this shouldn't be a reflection this does not represent the spirit of the 49ers or football. >> reporter: investigators are asking anyone with information to call police. chris nguyen, abc7 news. firefighters are making progress on another large wildfire burning in california. evacuation orders as a result of the butte fire were lifted. the@> reporter: that is right.
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this is truly a fire storm, decimating everything in its path in a matter of hours, including this power pole, cast aside likew3 a stick. this is playing out all over the area. there is a tangled mess of power and phone lines andjf fallen trees. >> this is a mess. have you to see it to believe it. zbaut when you see things you know, it'snb just devastating. >> reporter: trucks are working to clean up before anything here can be fixed up. >> we're÷ú finding impacts. >> reporter: pg and e set up a huge camp north of middleton. now, job one for the crews is restoring the main transmission lines thatgob are leading
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town. >> the final step is reenergizing those lines. >> this tree fell just as a sheriff was coming through7sñ t survey damage. this rhode island red was hungry and bewildered by all that happened aroundzv her. twinkie. just try to get the roads open. >> reporter: this power pole is deenergized but the situation is very dangerous outa/; here. there is no guarantee. they've only been able to assess the damage in 15% of the area so
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it's going to be a long time before they get to neighborhoods like this one. laura anthony, abc7 news. >> thank you. >>. caltrans released these photos showing damage to roads and highways in the area. look at this retaining á.wall. and road signs, on the ground because the poles were burned to a crisp. and as always, we want to see photos and videos you've taken. here are some of the most-recent ones we've received. take a look. >> to get on the air, post them to social media using #abc7now. >> we're grateful for the shots. they've been so tragic. good news is that?; the weathes
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beginning to cooperate more. >> yes. for what? next few days? >> that is true. rainfall is on the way here and fire zone. and here is a look at live doppler 7 hd. clouds getting cloudier (now. and there are no reports of measurable rainfall. past hours have been wet in this area, especially in los angeles. 2.39 inches. the third wettest september on record for los angeles and only half of the month has gone by so far. and debris flow has been a problem near portolla hills. back to the bay area, we have a dramatic looking sky at the
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moment. and mid-60s in mountain view. 68 morgan 5a!ill. here is a look at clouds over the bay from our south beach camera. napa, 62. both concord and livermore, 67 degrees now. and we can see clouds and showers may linger into parts of ÷ sunny and warmer beginning on friday. let's forecast animation at 8:00, 5:00, rather tomorrow morning. rain will have begun to push down down as far as clover dale. and we'll see rainfall spreading to a wider area of the north
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bay. and golden gate area as well,( losing a little bit of its punch and it will be over by early thursday morning around 5:00 or so. so we're projecting rainfall totals varying widely. and about 16/100ths in san carlos. 14/100ths at napa and lir livermore. overnight, low temperatures on the cool side compared to last week. mid to upper 50s for most of the bay area tonight. tomorrow, a cool day as well as rain approaching. low toi] mid-60s on the coast. upper 60s on the bay and cooler in the north bay where the rain will arrive.
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here is thet"j((ukutxther forecast. and we'll get a big warm up and saturday, sunday, monday, high temperatures into mid to upper 90s.p4 mid to upper 70s on the coast. >> big changes. >> huge changes. yes. >> thank you. >> thank you, spencer. >> up next, a reminder of the importance of cancer screening. >> for everyone to see on the
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the city of berkeley is looking to raise minimum wage again, right now, the minimum wage tops out at $12.53 by october ofe/+ next year. the proposal would raise that to $19ko an hour over the next fi years. >> we're looking at trying to raise people out of poverty. you can't have a healthy community unless you can pay your bills and rent. >> it would raise the minimum wage by $1.50 in the the year 2020. a new license plate will be hitting the california and some
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say it will be a badge of honor for breast cancer wareness. the plate was the brainchild of the survivor sisters. >> it's an amazing way to honor someone who may have lost their battle with breast cancer. for survivors like myself, i'm going to have it on my car like my badge of strength and courage. >> part of the fees will fund breast cancer screenings. california first needs to receivefá 7500 preorders beforet prints the plates. just ahead, michaelko finn uncovers price gouging targeting those with nowhere else to go. >> a dramatic rescue of three people and a dog following a overnight rain storm down south. timely prayer of< 
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here is the latest on the valley fire, some residents have been allowed to return home, some mandatory evacuations have been lifted. classes will resume tomorrow in upper lake, lake port and lutheran elementary school. contained. >> sadly, people try to take authorities are finding evidence of price gouging by hotels and motels near the valley fire. michael finney has been investigating. >> it's interesting. yesterday, i asked everyone to contact me if you had evidence of price gouging. many of you responded, some reached out on my facebook page with stories of people being charged double or triple the usual rates.'lnñ lake point lodge north of clear lake apologized saying the high
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rate it charged were a mistake. allxd those overcharged haveg refunded, the hotel says. joining me live from lower lake is joey lewis from the state board of equalization. joey, you went around talking to hotel guests and clerks in the clear lake area, what evidence, if any, did you find of price gouge something. >> well,jov michael the first pe i went they were like you said apologetic. and admitted they'd overcharged people. other hotels i went to the guests before i went to the front desk. i asked them you know, what they had paid and a lot were twice the usual rate. whether a mistake or not, it's still against the law to do that. for us, it's a -- at the board
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of equalization, we're concerned about people taking advantage of the taxpayers. that is why i went to work to make sure our neighbors -- and i live here in lake county -- and winds weren't taken advantage of. >> what do the hotels have to say in their own defense? did they talkxd to you? >> they all talked to me. some of them were apologetic and either a computer fluke or their staff didn't know. i passed them out the penal code to let them know they need to inform their staff. some were a little suspicious. even if it was a computer fluke we shouldn't be charging the same rate you'd pay for a hotel in downtown san francisco, you know, something is a little suspicious there when they're charging that much. only one did i inform authorities about, who didn't
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seem to be very sympathetic to the issue. >> the law, as i understand it is, during an emergency or disaster you're not allowed to up rates more than 10%. is that correct? >> correct. than that. for me, we wouldn't enforce anything, but i contacted the city authorities and they were very responsive to make sure that that wasn't happening. >> joey, thanks for joining us. thank you for your hard work up there. >> thank you. >> and don't let this discourage you. come to lake county when the fires are done. >> good job there. yes. the law is clear on this point.( normally, it happens because of
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pricing. it doesn't make it legal. in >> thank you. >> here is what's happening down south tonight. three people and a dog were rescued from the raging los angeles river, normally a nearly-dry canal. a storm dumped two inches of rain on l.a. overnight. our sister station in los angeles has more. >> reporter: heavy rain drenched the southland, causing power outages, flooding and prompting rescues. several people along the rain-swollen%qñ l.a. river had be rescued. these two people and their dog were clinging to trees in a raging river before crews arrived. >> we had to climb up a tree to wait it out. we didn't know water was going to stop rising or what is going to happen, actually. we're just clinging on for life. >> reporter: in the san gabriel valley, the rain partially
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collapsed a call and spilled debris. other areas looked like a river. a power outage affected water pumps on the 710 freeway, causing major flooding. a portion had to be shut down. when the freeways were open it wasn'taue much better. countless computers were stuck as cars and trucks slid on the rain-soaked $xroadways. >> we do believe the unsafe speeds for the roadway conditions were a factor. >> the rain was forecast, many say they did not expect it to come down so heavy and so quickly. >> i thought it would be in california. it was sunny. i did not expect that. >> storm brought record rainfall to severali] areas making today the wettest day this year in l.a. reporting near the l.a. river, abc7 news. >> coming up next a woman
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alaska today were from the centrale1 valley. and investigators have not said johnson spoke at the commonwealth club, about the challenges americans face with isis and cyber attacks and responded to questions about the july shooting death of kate steinle. the man charged with her death has been deported five times to officials say san francisco authorities disregarded their request to keep him locked up. >> all of us, whether you're the sheriff or secretary of homeland security should bejf dedicated d are dedicated to public safety. it is not acceptable to have no
6:41 pm
policy of cooperation with immigration enforcement. >> he says this is counter productive to public safety. san francisco could become the first major city in the country to honor victims of world war ii known as comfort ]% bnj]t women are now in their 80s and 90s and one visited san 80s francisco today to support a memorial. >> reporter: she says she made the journey on behalf of thousands of others. >> the rest of the victims, they have the same heart and the same thinking as i do. >> reporter: help is one of 200,000 women taken from their homes and forced to become what japan called comfort women for their soldiers. >> japan forcefully took me away
6:42 pm
and made me a sex slave but the government is not still making an apology. >> san francisco supervisor eric marr presented lee with a commendation and pushing for san francisco to become the first american city to install a memorial honoring the women, like this 87-year-old. >> as an example ofé@ courage a story of breaking silence over generations. >> his office saysé@ there is tytd=ncern in the japanese some community. supporters believe this dark chapter and the2íñ victims shou be recognized. >> they're old, weak and poor, but we know the truth. >> reporter: s'# will testify before the supervisors later this week. just the head the picture of
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a 4-year-old that went viral. >> tonight, he and his mom
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the image of a little boy dressed like a firefighter and praying has been shared again and again. that precious little firefighter and tonight has his story. >> reporter: he hid behind his massive dinosaur collection because he doesn't realize he's a star overnight. he prayed for firefighters. after watching the news, he came concerned and wanted to pray for his safety. >> i just got on twitter. you can imagine i woke up, what? what happens? >> reporter: since he's only
6:47 pm
four, he can't articulate the actual prayer. >> i said dear god, um... >> reporter: so he prayed a simple, heart felt prayer. >> god, please help firefighters. amen. >> he's not making promises. he is saying god, protect people that live in the trees. >> reporter: he has this message for men and women in the front lines. >> i want to say thank you. >> he is sweet. >> precious. yes. let's update the forecast. >> here is a look at live doppler 7 hd.
6:48 pm
not the kind of rain that is needed. in the bay area, we've got strong, gusty winds across the region. overnight, clouds are thickening and we'll see rain moving in the bay area, high temperatures going from 60s at the coast to low to"o mid-70s inland. and then a big warm up over the weekend. highs intocmh upperi] 90s agai. it's just a 2 or 3 day warm up. >> thank you. there is a cool highlight in sports tonight. ef one is wondering if we'll see more of it. filled with high-quality materials. yes. >> that is encouraging. >> yes.
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a one-game blast, a look back at a spin move ÷
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good evening, 49ers were a pleasant surprise last night in a win over minnesota, demanding carlos hyde highlights. he played and suffered a devastating knee injury at the end of the 2013 season. last night had seven tackles. the niners shut down adrian peterson. >> just want to get through the year, man. you know? week by week, continuing to get better, more confident with my knee. you know? and lead this team to the playoffs and so forth. >> carlos hyde ran wild on the vikings, 168 yards. lost about ten pounds trying to get quicker and more explosive and it worked. hyde's spin move,
6:53 pm
>> this weekend, 99 hits. so i think when i get a chance in the game, he was that guy back there. and it's been >> duraibility long been an issue for the ten year veteran. this is not believed to be a serious injury. jared hane was the talk of the preseason, his first touch in the s)7ez was a fumble. on a punt recovered by the vikings. he settled down after that. after the game, collin rush
6:54 pm
caught up with the aussie sensation. >> you got touches. how you feel? >> it's awful. i went down to stringing it up a number of days. it's something i played for. and focused on. it's tough, you know? if you want to feel the pinch out here, it's awesome. >> and he went straight to his fans,+ grabbing the australian flag over his shoulders there. now raiders trained wide receiver brice butler with the cowboys. dallas needed a receiver.
6:55 pm
30 catches for 383 yards and two touchdowns. on to baseball, a's, white sox former a giving up 26 runs in the first inning this year, leading the majors. that trend continues in chicago. billy burn scoring and a's up in a flash. later in the first, jake smolenski down the line here.t( he inning. leading he >> steve nash could soon join the warriors as a part time coach. the plan is to spent several days per month working with warriors guards. the 41-year-old retired in march. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. >> that is one of the greats.
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>> any coaching you can get from steve nash is not going to hurt. >> thanks, larry. the lawsuit that claimed twitter is peeking at your ÷ changing them, at 9:00. then at 11:00, caitlyn jenner taking legal action. be sure to stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. >> from all of us here, we appreciate your time and join us at 9:00 and 11:00.
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