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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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ahead. >> the devastation from the fire is going strong and what is happening inside the burn area that shows the progress waiting for those wanting to run home. >> hundreds of thousands offered to catch vandals on the run and the ron they are leaving behind for people an the bay area. it is 6:00 on wednesday. we have tease for you: rain. >> it is a tease but the anticipation is high. the likelihood is very good we will see something reach the ground by 8:00 in the north bay. right now we have a few strong showers across northern sonoma with a few reaching ground. 77 percent humidity. winds are five to nine miles per hour and another night of good weather for firefighting and the winds will pick up hitting an 20 listen 25 this morning as the cold front moves in and drop down to ten miles per hour during the evening hours.
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the temperature will go from 61 to 90 on saturday, sunday, and monday. here is a look at the next three hours you can see by 8:00 the column becomes saturated and the rain will start to reach the ground. we i video 101 which is dry. >> 80 westbound at powell a couple of cars backed into each other and traffic is sta behind it 80 westbound approach the maze with cars trying to get out of the way. a couple of cars are blocking the second lane. another major development in pittsburg up to ten vehicles involved westbound four, we have reports of debris in all lanes, and c.h.p. is headed this with an update in a couple of minutes. >> thank you. we want do get right to the latest on the valley fire, with
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sheriff deputies escorting more evacuees into the bun area to check on the pets and livestock and to check on the homes, as well. we were if lower lake yesterday as a homeowner found his home still standing despite hearing it burned. in middletown the man checking on his father's home found it in ruins. >> i built this house in 1983. dad was born and raised here. he is 80, he has lived here for 80 years. no sense in crying over spilled make. we have to rebuild. >> hundreds signed up for a weight lists and authority could not accommodate everyone. >> hundreds of students hid back to clock. upper lake and lucerne is re-opening for the first time since the fire started. >> they are trying to figure out what sparked the valley fire focusing on this shed on cobb and believe it may have started there. fires say the flames burned quickly up a hill behind the
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shed saturday afternoon and half the structure is charred and the other half is still intact. >> since the fire started it has burned 67,000 acres and the latest numbers show 585 homes have been destroyed along with hundreds of other structures. this morning, 9,000 more structures are still threated and it is 30 percent contained bartley because of cooler air and a few sprinkles. the wet weather is expected to continue which could help firefighters boot their containment numbers. say the rain could be a big inconvenience for thousands of people camped out an the evacuation center. >> our reporter picks up coverage this in calistoga. >> people here felt some joy when they heard about the rain and they felt some anxiety. you can see there are now taps over some of the tents here over the evacuee tonights where they
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were sleeping and people were donating them. it is cool and there is nervousness about being cold and wet and evacuees say they are considering the good news that can come from the rain. >> everyone was super happy because the rain and the fire and everyone like that and they realized our stuff...we were not worried about that. we just wanted rain for the fire. we are super happy. we are deal with it. we are taking it a step at a time. >> approximately 1,200 people are sleeping here at napa county fair grounds and have been evacuated or they have lost their homes. volunteers here say they felt bad for them when they heard they could get rained on but the tarps come in everyone is feeling better. they are offering wooden pallets so people if they would like, can pitch their tents on to which the pallets to get them which the pallets to get them off the ground.
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cobb and debris is all that is left of two dozen homes in one neighborhood and feet away from the destruction, hopes virtually untouched. the 130-year-old resort was destroyed and outline of ash and ruin all that is left. it is hard to believe only one person was killed, 72-year-old retired schoolteacher barbara mcwilliams died in the fire in anderson springs. >> the fire has caused significant damage to roads and other infrastructure with the agency releasing these foes. check out the damage to this retaining wall. road signs laying on the group because of the wooden poles were burned to a chrisen. the guardrail is to be repaired when a power line came down in the flames. >> the issue forest service in
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california is giving proof how busy the season has been tweeting this picture of a smoke jumper to help get a pert angle on fighting flames. officials say jumpers have made 411 jumps on 76 different fires making it the third busiest season in the past decade. >> we are panning with the broad cross to support life saving disaster relief for wildfire victims across the west coast like our neighbors affected by the valley fire and it is easy to give where you live, to make $10 go nation, text "red cross," to 90999. there is a live phone bank later today starting at 11 o'clock if you would rear call and "7 on your side" will talk with red cross leaders about the need and the relief effort the age is providing. >> at&t is offering 250,000 reward for information leading to the vandal whose cut a cable
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near livermore the second attack in alameda county in recent months. at&t is working with the f.b.i. and according to investigators, the suspects cut fiber optic cables in two different manholes, the sail thing happened back in june. in that case, the f.b.i. said the vandals climbed down a manhole into a vault and cut the lines. it knocked out phone service and slowed internet in the sacramento area. since july of 2014, fiber optic lines in livermore, walnut creek, berkeley, alamo and san jose have also been cut. >> jail guards could soon wear body cameras after a promise made by santa clara county supervisors after three jail guards were charged in the beating death an inmate at the pain jail in downtown san jose the supervisors voted yesterday to appoint a blue ribbon panel to examine what is happening inside the jails and approved installing more fixed panels in the jail with a vote on the body cameras taking place next month.
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>> new details in the class action ruling against uber, the ride service now planning to appeal the judgment's decision, three uber drivers filed the lawsuit and they want to be considered employees rather than contractors so they can be eligible for health benefits and reimbursement for gas and other expenses. early this month the judge ruled it could proceed as a class action lawsuit. >> we got the cooler temperatures yesterday and low moisture and today we get more rain. >> more work for our wounders. mike? >> if you do not have the around cleaned off the car you may want do or let the drops do it. right now they just dropped headed to santa rosa. the rain is not that heavy yet. there is still dryness in the air. the scout showers are trying to take care of it before the better chance of rain moves into the north bay at 8:00 this morning. here is a look from sutro tower you can see it is just the north
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bay, a northern sonoma county event. through the afternoon it will move out of the north bay into the rest of our neighbors and hitting the south bay to the evening. temperatures today are in the low-to-mid 60s at the coast and san francisco and the rest of us are in the mid-60s to mid-70's with an hour-by-hour look at our rainfall where you live and how much to expect coming up. sue? >> some negotiations in emeryville at 8 on or not so good with a closeup look of the accident westbound 80 by boy well a second left from the left drying to zoom out so we can see the backup and this is approaching the macarthur maze and, again, second lane in the left in emeryville bumper-to-bumper approaching the scene all the way back do golden gate bridge and that is developing for the east shore freeway commute. elsewhere, breaking news, too, out of pittsburg, ten cars involved with a near and someone
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is trapped in the vehicle waiting for a tow truck but the damage is done, very slow traffic, two lanes, two right lanes westbound 4. >> in a few minutes, what is not allowed weapon the pope is in town and unexpected outcome, a reason accident at burning man turned into on-line sensation. we have weather and traffic all morning with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza where the bridge toll plaza where the backup is well under w because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today.
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misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city.
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daly city, dublin, los gatos and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. updating breaking news in arizona. doctors expect a phoenix police officer to survive after being shot several times during a traffic stop early this morning. police say the officer's vest likely saved his life. a manhunt is underway for two suspects with their car found abandoned a few blocks from the shoot. they are looking for the driver and the passenger. >> palo alto based
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hewlet-packard has announced 30,000 employees. lose their job on top of the 50,000 layoffs the last few years as part of the plan to split into two separate companies. h.p. will handle software and consulting and data, and h.p. ink will cover computers and printers for a more competitive sustainable cost structure with the new layoffs representing 10 percent of the 300,000 person global worm force. >> u.p.s. will hire up to 95,000 employ ease to help out during the holiday the same number as last year. the temporary employees will handle shipping and delivers. millions of packages arrived and you can get those that want to be better prepared. >> can you believe it is 100 daze until christmas? >> i do, and i don't... >> we will have more with 30 million americans who have a head start on the holiday
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shopping. a new report finds that one in seven adults are working on a christmas list. i cannot believe it. again percent of americans plan to start shopping early this year and only 2 percent have finished shopping with more than 20 percent expected to finish by the end of november. >> how early do you think is too early to start holiday shop increasing we want to hear from you? you can sound off on twitter and facebook with #abc7getup. i am amazed people have time to start on it now. school just started. >> but you don't have to go to the store. >> i have been seeing people do that, all the time, wonder what that, all the time, wonder what they are buying me. >> we getting radar runs north of guerneville with drake road,
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rio, wow, river road, we will slide to the east and southeast and you can see old river road and hidden lake road, 116, starting to get wet and headed to the casino you may want do grab an umbrella, you can see high school road, that stretches all the bay counsel to lone pine road but it does not make it to rohnert park and in santa rosa it is not there but it will be there so grab the umbrella before you head out you can see the bulk of the heavier showers, the darker green and the yell row showing up along the coast and it will take that another hour and 45 minutes before it starts to slip into snow may and northern napa. this is how it looks increasing clouds and especially over walnut creek and we will have rain to showers moving from north to south with west weather tapering and a dry and warm weekend ahead. yesterday, the high clouds and sprinkles moving away and here is the next batch, light and wet
6:17 am
weather for all of us today. at 6:00, can you see bulk of the moisture is around and ukiah headed to noon it will head into the north bay and maybe heavier at times with yellows and oranges around ukiah and as we head to the can hour, you can see north of the san mateo bridge is where we are going to have our best chance of the rain turning into scattered and light showers. 6:00 to 11 o'clock we will start to focus it more on inland east bay and the south bay but, notice, it weakens and the precipitation shield starts to fall apart and the best chance is to the south mainly in the santa cruz mountains and overnight, dry air rolls in maybe a patch of drizzle and increasing sunshine tomorrow. still looking at the north bay for the best part .1" in the valleys and notice some of mountain tops we are getting into .5" to maybe .75"
6:18 am
rest us, with a lost light blue which is a trace to .1" on the east bay hills and, also, along the santa cruz mountains we can get up to quarter of an inch. temperatures in the mid-60s and mid-70s. my seven-day forecast shows the cool of the day tomorrow, and tomorrow we have increasing sunshine and 2-6 degrees warmer and we hit the 60s at the coast on friday and 80s and 90s for the rest of us and 70s at the coast and 80s to find around the bay and 90 to nearly 100, it will be hot this welcome. it is dry this morning, hopefully the commute is not too bad. sue? a couple of bad spots and unfortunately we are going back to emeryville and good news here this is 80 through emeryville westbound an early accident in 9 second lane from the left with traffic moving by nicely with the tow truck pushing it to the side but, still, congested to golden gate, bumper-to-bumper past north main in the south 680
6:19 am
and north 680 we have reports of a an accident at north main but i do not see it here. an update on this four car accident c.h.p. is telling us four cars involved and do lanes with the vehicles blocking the lanes and debris if all lanes westbound four, traffic is just jammed bumper-to-bumper back to the merge and 152. >> someone lost a drone carrying a gopro camera over burning man and the camera fell off. >> ordinarily disaster, but not so much this time, burners picked up the camera and made sure it joined the party this month eventually turned and the lost and found and retrieved by the owner. the consents were posted on youtube and has received nearly 350,000 views. >> how appropriate, burning man
6:20 am
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>> good morning, social media is fired up over video that appeared to show a high school football player deliberately attacking an opponent surfacing on youtube after a game on friday in new jersey. watch as the layer in white, number 73, loses his helmet and the opposing player picks up helmet and bashes the player not head. the player was not ejected but police are now investigating. >> new a check with amy and what coming up at 7:00 a.m. >> good morning, amy. >> next on "good morning america," we have the latest on the tragic shooting that unfolded on tv with the original survivor of the attack that left two journalists dead is speaking out, vicki gardner telling her story and how she made it out alive on "good morning america" next. >> pope francis will visit the
6:24 am
united states and a new order will prohibit drones from being driven near the leader of the catholic church. unmanned aircraft is band around washington, dc, and philadelphia and new york and will face prosecution. >> in honor of pope francis upcoming visit, the philadelphia phillies are rolling out a rookie card, a baseball card, on twitter, and fans can pick them up at the became tonight. i bet it will go this quick. >> and in a few years it will be worth a lot. >> that is the batting average? >> ama daetz is in washington, dc, the first of three cities the pope will visit in the united states and you can watch her reports starting next tuesday as we physical pope francis on this trip. >> new protecting news in san jose where fires are bat weeing a two alarm near and our reporter is at scene.
6:25 am
>> ma? the fire is out and it started just before 4:00 this morning and it is about a quarter of a mile away from us on story road in the foot hims of east san jose. several firefighting crews have been leaving the scene if the last 20 minutes. they were successful in putting out the fire but they did not save the home. when they arrived they found the home fully engulfed in flames and they quickly called for a second alarm with hope on the sides and the back of the hope they were able to say, they reveteranned the flames from spreading, four people were inside the home at time, three adults and a child all making it out with no injuries do firefighters, as well, and, now, the investigation interest what started the fire and the overhaul of the structure which was damaged in this fire. the firefighters are expected to be out here for several hours and maybe two or three more hours, and story road is block off by the san jose police department with the red cross
6:26 am
helping in the case. >> :25 our coverage on the valley fire continues after the break. what evacuees will be allowed to do today with the latest on the front lines and the sign of good news. >> four-legged survivor of the valley fire is melting hearts across the bay area. his story and why a vet said he almost had to put him down. >> and mike will have traffic and weather together. our view of the floating hotel, the dream boat for the dream the dream boat for the dream force ♪ ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> happening right now at 6:30, yet weather impacting the wednesday commute. live doppler hd showing us where the rain may potentially be falling right now and meteorologist mike nicco is tracking what it will mean for the day ahead and how it will impact the firefighters battling the valley fire. >> thanks for joining us. we will get to the valley fire
6:30 am
in a m but, first, the wet weather. >> we are tracking a nice radar return on live doppler hd. unfortunately, it is north of us right now and we desparately need the rain. however, it is not impacting the commute. yet. the valley fire is 46, and 86 humidity and calm to eight miles per hour wind right now. you can see the last hour, there is scattered light showers and sprinkles starting to worker their way from healdsburg and santa rosa to the valley fire and over the next three hours, our best chance of any wet weather is going to stay to the north and as i broaden out the picture you can see the woke line will take over the north bay as we head into the morning hours. the rest of us have to wait until the afternoon and evening. look for wet weather in the north, gram the umbrella and mid-60s to low 70s and all of us have a chance of light showers during the 7:00 hour. easy commute and more effective
6:31 am
with issues this or. >> we do. here we go to emeryville, powell street early accident all on the right hand shoulder, traffic is getting by nicely now but back beyond the 580 split it is 30 minute ride from golden gate to 9 bay bridge toll plaza. a sig-alert in pittsburg with four cars involved, nails in all lanes and multiple flat tires and a backup to 160 is taking you an hour and 15 minutes from antioch. not good one which this morning. kristen and eric? >> now that the smoke is cleared from everthe valley fire we are getting a new look at the widespread devastation. this is the aftermath as soon from sky 7, blocks after block of rubble, and ssh and scorched trees with some homes lost intact showing hour erratic the
6:32 am
wildfire is. >> classes resume at several schools this morning that include upper lake union elementary school district, upper lake high school vick, and lakeport unified school district and lucerne elementary school. several other schools remain closed with the full list on >> for the second straight day lake county sheriff deputies will escort evacuees back do their homes and property to check on, take care of or pick up pets and livestock that were last behind. amy? >> look at these smart people behind me. they hear the rain is coming and they set up their tents under the honoring so they are protected if the rain. we do see taps around the camps covering some tents and people started donating the taps for evacuees when it called for rain. it is cool here. there is nervousness of being wet and cold.
6:33 am
evacuees are considering the evacuees are considering the good that can come from ra the fire out, that is the positive. but it is miserable and cold at night near. a lot of people do not have any cover. i can get my pickup with my animals and i can be all there are 1,200 people sleeping here many lost their homes in middletown and volunteers say they felt bad for them when they heard the rain was coming. now that the tarps have come in and been donated and set up everyone is feeling better. they are offering evacuees wooden pallets to get their tents off ground so it can drip if need be and get off the wet
6:34 am
ground. >> more than 8,400 homes and businesses are still lacking electricity in the area affected by the valley fire and pg&e has brought in crews to repair damaged and downed power lines. they have so much worker to do it is not providing an estimate on finishing the repairs. >> the butte fire has evacuations and road closures lifted in percent contain in jackson with 233 homes destroyed this is aircraft of the smoke taken by firefighters bat eming of place burning now for a week. >> other families have lost their hopes and now firefighters are experiencing the devastating loss, too. here is their story. tiffany? >> local firefighters were dispatched to the butte fire and they found out their own homes
6:35 am
were destroyed in the value fire. four of the fires had homes in middletown and another three lived in hidden valley and another local firefighter lost his house in cobb. another home was destroyed by the butte fire. their willingness to work in spite of the personal loss shows the level of commitment of the firefighters. governor brown spoke of the brave men and women sacrificing all on monday. >> when we needed the firefighters themselves you can imagine being in that position, it is is obviously scary stuff and take as lot of courage. >> a special firefighter relief fund with full details on donating on >> abc7 and panning with the red cross to support all fire victims. it is easy to give where you it is easy to give where you live, donate $10 by texting 9
6:36 am
but the video is graphic. a crew from eugene, organize, on, found the cat wandering unable to see. the tips of the ears were melted and the paws were scorched from the flames. his injuries are severe he is expected to be okay and veterinarian named him mr. burns. for the updates on the vietnam fire down -- on the valley fire download on the news app which is available for smartphones, tablets and apple watch. >> kindergarten ditchers what you need to know about how chronic absenteeism could affect your child's future and what to expect where the apple operating system that is released today.
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>> we start with live doppler hd. i can see the scattered light showers around guerneville with winds heading to santa rosa at 17 miles from the valley fire but they are also showing a few sprinkles possible. the real deal is moving into the 8:00 to 9:00 hour. scattered showers are possible tonight at the giant game and mid-60s and it will be very light. you can seat bulk of the storm to our north and as we head through the afternoon it will move into the bay up 80 into lake tahoe and south there you will have to wait until 9 later part of the afternoon and evening hours to get wet weather. >> at the bay bridge toll plaza the metering lights were turned on at 5:33 and stacked through the macarthur maze and if. >> approach from highway 24 near children's hospital that is the end of the line, all the way do the metering lights you are look at 20 minutes. a sig-alert accident in
6:41 am
pittsburg westbound 4, four vehicles involved right lanes, screws in the roadways and cars were driving through and getting flat tires and traffic back to highway 160 an hour ride from antioch to leverage. >> students in california are missing school early, quite a bit. >> chronic absence could negatively affect your kids down the road. according to a new report, kindergarteners miss more school than any other students. 14 percent had 18 or more absences in a year which is considered chronic absence. researches found that students would miss school in kindergarten perform worse down the line and the ropes for the early absences include anything from health problems to separation anxiety, to bullying. >> a mull any billion dollar business in california in jeopardy again. coming up how the wildfire could
6:42 am
affect the drought stricken wine industry. >> stay in the know with a picture of the san mateo bridge where traffic is heavy but there where traffic is heavy but there are worse commute spots.
6:43 am
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6:45 am
>> benicia, san ramon, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> police are trying to track down the people involved if this fight outside levi stadium on monday. 49er fans got into it with a viking fan that started when two fans trash talked and itennor ended -- and it ended up like this. the viking fan got away and investigators have talked with him. >> apple's new operating system launched dead and it could end the days of having to delete your photos because of lack of storage because ios will let you temporarily deletias while the new software is loaded on the iphone or ipad which reappear when the upgrade download is finished. cupertino based apple claims. new separating system offers longer battery life for your devices. >> wall street appears for perhaps the first interest rate hike in nine years and the reason that wildfires could
6:46 am
decimate the napa valley grape crop. here is the money report. >> good morning, we are on fed watch today, a steady surge of things, pretty quiet start as the fed begins day one of a two day meeting and a slight authority think no interest rate will come but a lot of debate is carbon on to the end. wildfires raging in california threatens the largest wine-producing regions further jeopardizing a multi-billion dollar business can was already suffering from the drought. >> owners fear those that survive will have a smoky taste but it is too early to tell the impact of the. >> another study shows the tax burden in high and people considering moving to california should take short showers, conserve water, and pay the highest state income tax rates in the united states. capital gains and regular income and california has the highest
6:47 am
statewide sales tax at 7.5 percent which is scheduled to drop. the average state and local come bishoped rate is 8.4 percent but in some cities it is up to 10 percent. >> have a great day. >> in utah clean up has begun in a flood 5 acknowledged town that left 12 people dead. floodwaters swept away two vehicles holding three mores and 13 children in hildale near the utah and arizona border. definitely bodies have been recovered. the national guard is helping in the search for the final victims. we hope it will not be a victim but a child remains missing. another search continues in utah in zion national pa park where four hikers were killed. >> in southern california, firefighters rescued up to ten minute from fast moving rivers across the los angeles area and yesterday, the storm knock out power and delayed commuters. today's forecast calls for a chance of morning rain in southern california and this
6:48 am
coulds after los angeles received 1.75" of rain to set a record. >> no major rain like that but we will take some rain. >> it will be gradual and the firefighters and the folks in the valley fire will not have debris so i hedge on that. there are mountain tops that could have what an inch the next 8-10 hours. from sutro tower looking northbound you can see the clouds are increasing and the best chance of any rain reach the ground will be this morning in the north bay and the rest of us will have scatter light showers tapering overnight and then summer heat this weekend, and live doppler 7 hd shows santa rosa you can see the sprinkles moving away and heading up to fountain grief parkway into the higher elevations with a tweet from gem my -- jimmy and the best radar runs are north of guerneville on
6:49 am
king ridge road, the storms are coming aexplore and hit the mountains and leashing moments of the moisture right there and in the northern part of the sonoma we are seeing sprinkles. now, the showers are moving east and northeast and the system is moving southeast so we have to wait for the precipitation shield to come down before we see the measurable rain moving in which willing 8:00 to 10:00 from north to south across the north bay and san rafael looking north on 101, i am seeing sunshine but anywhere in the north bay you will want an umbrella because you have the best chance of measurable rain and you can see it through 1:00 o'clock, sticking up in the north bay and that storm looks to be barreling down but it is mostly staying here. the rest of us, after lunch, and into the evening commute we get our scattered light showers so this morning, fine, but this evening, not so much with the south bay spared and you will be
6:50 am
for the most part from the rain during the commute and, in fact of course unfortunately you could be spared completely from the rain and the santa cruz mountains have a better chance of receiving rain and as the front moves into the south bay, during the everyone hours, it is falling apart. and by tomorrow morning you can see dry air starting to rush in and by noon we are looking at a lot of sunshine breaking out. with the storm skipping the longest duration over the north bay that is where we will see the best chance of measurable rain from .1" to around highway 37 and as you head northbound you can see the half inch to three-quarters inch develop on the higher peaks and the rest of us a trace to .1". the seven seven shows a couple of degrees warmer tomorrow and nearly six degrees warmer inland, around 90s in the bay and nearly 100 inland, warm even
6:51 am
next week. now, the dry commute. sue? >> we have issues. the roads are not wet but this is the san mateo bridge if you go from hayward to foster city, from 880 to 101 you have 25 minutes and just a lot of folks making their way across the bay with the update on the westbound highway 4, still a sig-alert and dill blocking three lanes, waiting for a tow truck. there were screws in the roads and several cars drove through them and a last folks have flat tires. the drive time from 160 is improving and it was an hour and 15 minutes but now, if you come from antioch toward leverage you are looking at one hour. a little bit of an improvement. >> thank you, 6:51 back with seven things to know before you go. >> looking at the bay bridge >> looking at the bay bridge toll plaza it is stacked up.
6:52 am
misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city.
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♪ ♪ you're only young once. unless you have a subaru. (announcer) the subaru xv crosstrek. symmetrical all-wheel drive plus 34 mpg. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. >> herer are seven things to know before you go. check out the next three hour as chance of scattered light showers and sprinkles developing across the north bay and when we get beyond the three-hour window which goes do 10:00 we will have a better chance of steady rain across the north pay. the rest of obvious to wait until the afternoon and evening and well see an increase in
6:54 am
clouds and temperatures from mid-60 at the coast to my 70s inland. >> evacuees at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga are bracing for today's rain and many have strapped extra tarps over their tents in an attempt to stay dry. the fair groups is a temporary home for the estimated 1,200 or so people chased out by the valley fire. >> new numbers from cal fire show the fire has green to 70,000 acres and remains at 30 percent contained. investigators movie it may have ignited near a small shed in cobb off high valley road 600 homes now have been lost since the fire break out on saturday. >> following your wednesday morning commute we look at san jose and 280 looking good but we have a sig-alert in effect in pittsburg and multiple cars are in the lanes and screws are in the roadway and a tough drive all the way from an dick to leverage and you are look at an hour with the towen
6:55 am
is on the way. >> first look of the fire that rip through a home in east san jose with this cell phone video showing the fire in the foothill on story road with all four people including the child made it out safely. >> the stage is set for the republican presidential debate with 16 candidates hoping to went nomination for president will face off at the reagan library. a poll shows that dr. ben carson is neck and neck with trump truck holding into the debate tonight. >> remember the short-lived high end technical bus in san francisco called leap? now you can own one of the buses for $5. the snazzy start-up filled for bankruptcy and is auctioning east remaining two buses according to west auctions. bidding starts october 6. >> you can pick up your
6:56 am
football team. >> we continue on-line and twitter and facebook and all the mobile devices and back in 25 minutes with news and weather and traffic but leave you with the bay bridge toll plaza.
6:57 am
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good morning, america. washed away. those massive rainstorms out west wreaking new havoc triggering rescues from the water. this big rig slides out of control on the rain-slicked freeway crashing into several cars. >> oh, my goodness. oh, dear, it went over the thing. >> terrifying new video of the deadly flash floods in utah. two cars washed away in an instant. donald trump ready for battle. the gop front-runner under fire ahead of tonight's big debate. his own party taking aim with new ads and now the vice president saying the billionaire's message is, quote, sick. >> new overnight, the sole survivor of that shooting ambush on live tv tells her story for the first time. >> i was just concentrating on being so still that he wouldn't shoot me again. and then it was quiet.


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