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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 16, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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dop lar hd, we're incruding the valley fire where relative humidity is 99 prnt right noi. that south, southwest wind is a very moist wind. now, i do want to show you how much rain has fallen to help those fire tigers in and and the vipt. 2100, 400th, hawk eye 21 hun east sides of an ink. when you take a look at if next six hours, that rain will begin to move out of that area and then south and east wart. but they will continue to see some moisture. wind gusts result relate ever guild tape every.
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>> here's bla fire fiegtsders would have to teal with as we head to war the weekend. the heat. hopefully, they'll get a handle on this. i'll be back with a full look at the local bay area forecast. hr m coing up. >> all right. thaing so much. sanity skblus talked about the rain. can tafer dogs are now zeshlg if for a missing man. the fear ha scored 70,0 0ic others at least. 585 homes dpe stroied. this aver noon, the golf novr talks president obama to talk about 1 wild fires burning throughout the state. well, i have to say, it is pouring rain right here right now. i am in anderson springs. this is an area that
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whether or not he will thing his car was found. a shis disfanz from here mplts the rain has arifled. by not in time for so many who've lost everything to the valley fire. >> it's wet. very, very wet. way too late for the rain. probably, depending on how much we get, may not be enough to truly put an end to this. >> this is where nearly everything was wiped out with the height of the fire. up the highway, it's also a seen oaf total destruction.
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with just a few spared in dweeb. and though it's raining, cal fire still lifts some structure. we don't consider ourselves to be out of the wood. all of those possibilities of more exploisive fires are gone and then we'll know if p that everything is safe. >> and, of course, all of in rain will certainly help dougs what is left to be burning out here but it's only a temporary repreef as we're expecteding add sapd owe stard, stemptures sfoipg toe climb back up well into the coss over the weekend. live in ladies and gentlemen county, abc 7 news. >> just incredible lchlt
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a lake county executive after spotting him in a mandatory evacuation area, had no wiz in that spod. the deply recognized, a plural chb patrol hat. the officer >> led h to sea, tlooez two people have been willed in the hire. the pyre is now 45 contained. has changed 23 p homes. abc news reporter chris winn is in doctor, alurth townty. >> i'm just going to step over
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and fake a look behind me. toosz are thooszs work 2 h hours strait. they can't thank these fire fiekters enough for their horde work and sack ra size chlts >> a show of gratitude that kbt be miptszed. >> and i steel n en ul wile hoempk. >> nearly 4400 fire fight eres are battling. many came from the bay area. the asal january skmeech and miz swriek teem have been here for
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time times. >> thousands of structures remain tledenned. >> talk about this with your kids and your family. have a election point to where you ooir going to get to. have escape routes now. get your house cleared out. >> most of the evacbagss have been liszed. >> they're koling out here and putting everything only the line for such a small town. >> these rorers, we just checked with cal fire. at last chix p will undpred struck sures are at liked. i'm chris wind abc 7 news.
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>> a new for the chief ranch community. crews are working to restore service right now. bottled water is at the fire and rescue station. o feshls say once water is restored, it should be boiled before eating and drinking. >> a pligs ser jb is on paid d administrative leave nol roeing hiz arrest. 478 yeermd james mason is accused of exposing himself to a fell male. the charges are misdeknee morals. squl sunny vale school employeeings are in jalt tonight. he was a part time employee at spark charter school for about a month. aufrgss arrested chow at the school yesterday.
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they say the alleged attack happened during school hours. >> san francisco police are looking for thieves who broke into a church. this happened at sabt anthony. the tlie went into the back yoom.joompbd >> now, the church only has one level. the one stolen are worth about 7 x tho tho tho each. squ are squ? >> abc news reporter has the story.
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this is how it looked before. templeton believes the vandalism is a symbol in the city. >> people like this start being damaged. it's a sign of larger decline of the community. squl temple ton is releetsz the stap which yous. belle out-of-bounds boelg loathe thd eming n if mifr area. hiz work is everywhere, including prompt innocent san francisco museums. but not everyone is convinced this statue is his. >> i grew up and i'm not ser
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jebt johnson expert. i'm not a lun dread perce sent nirn. >> the ske is working to identify peets and we' bch told irt mooi where temporarily moved glch glchlt. >> still ahead tonight, an up date on that huge earthquake. plus, stens of thouens sands of people who screech fr the dream forts convention. vrj plig rk what is goimpb to gooers? the flood big enough. >> so far today, we have raised 22,000 tlars for fire relief.
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well, you happen to go bast the convention credibilitier, you will lun are returning. schld well, you know, dan, one of my folers tweeted the following. so that's their opinion. still, 170, 00 people made their way here to listen to the latest and the greatest. and, to make commitments to help oedst if hoshts ♪ you are the sunshine of my life. ez jd like, in previous years, there was a lot of star pow i
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recall. it was a great some of you will >> you have what can we do as an ork share thnld j sales fourth a fouzed thvrnld. >> palette for these companies for future generations. among those participating was incomes >> the ride chafr
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>> they chags him and others to give back to their communities. now, bebny is among the rip ed hvrpd. >> now, on friday, this will all end with an irnble . >> thrcht. >> these are strafic camera at ever atting?
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>> r rb yaw xz dag xz ever r dalg xz wu ush human being add the lagmented thaw ush polgbleesings. >> richard allen is the director here. richard, what can you headache after this so var it's real tiff ri somehow i recall. there's also a serious tunami there'd. >> so in is the data that's actually coming in to one of our sdrieping centers 450er at the trk r brk okay rrk clrk lrk ork yrk sere o lash vrm the dee that stalted comeble in vm look at a maparound not guilty earn k ka, et looks like inemp
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ef oov is spirngingoff d chirms. you'll be going on for several hours.
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what's it going to be like when it hits hawaii? >> say with hawaii, they have time. it's about 12 hours travel time. so it will wait to get across to hawaii. as to how large it will be, it means we have to be very careful. as it gets further and furt away, this is what the tusnami barning vepter is all you believed. they will be updating they're warnings. ? we're keeping an eye on all oaf this deal that as it koegs coming in. live, back to you guys. >> thank you. very much. we'll keep our eyes on that very closely. >> we'll continue to follow that for you on twitter, as well. meantime, we're partnering with red ross. the. >> foum number is.
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>> it has been a great day. we've raised $22,00000. >> just call us at many 34122. no, all of in money is going to be going for fiefr releer. so testimony be helping people here and surrounding. how has her smons been so far? >> it's going well. it's just the days where it's tough for the families. we have sheters all up and down the west coast for folks. and it's going well.
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>> this is a if you have time. it's hard not to be grumpy right now. some of the people koent even know if you have a phone. it's sduf. g sna's why the donations are so important. mobilizing those volunteers and getting them in the community is so port. they can put it in our rord and field. and just letting them know that d community cares and supporting. >> trevor, you can help. like i said, you can call right now. or, if you wand, let me goal ahead and shoep you. these are the people that have been working hard all day long taking your doe facts, it fakes
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a lot of people. 415- 54-76 the 1. vrj r. well, beterly posted this water and sthaks. >> the firefighters were so grateful. thank you for sharing your vid yee with us.
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we've bchb hoping for rain for four years now. >> we need a lot more than this, but, hey,it's lealy welcomed. meteorologist is here with the 5:00 ewewet ere forecast. >> yeah, dan and cheryl, i have
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been so thrilled to see rain for years. behind bhe, grey skies. d skreeks are wet. few people have their own umbrellas out. this is exactly what we need. adds you will take a look, you will notice that it is pretty well. note ole're getting rape also, reporting some very liegtsd rain right noi. as july take a look rn tran sis cole, striegt level broad way, seeing some karm rm there >> getting wet right now. east way camera showing you those rain drops. it's pretty light even right now. 62 in san francisco. surntly, 673 jose. morgan hill, 68 degrees.
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the temperatures are in the low to upper 620s from santa rosa to con tr vm able nsht lee sda sheeing you the komd frompbd. it's bringing us a light rain and will continue to spread southward into the south bai. tonight's evening commute, a bit on the wet side. 7:00 p.m. when you sit sdoun for dinner. it will be raining. t 367 pa. bhoes areas will be damp from the rain tonight. 115:00 it's all done. the sun is out. rainfall totals looking at about another third of an inch you were to the north. as far as your temperature, first thing tomorrow morning,ble
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time because of the slick roadway. even if it's not raining. so far, raining totals, going to keep adding those totals. highs tomorrow, 67 h. >> half-moon bay, 69 degrees. a lo look at the 5:00 you weather say-cay foerz cast. those showers will be sbred squl oond nen where he eel thanld those
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those. >> that stoir when abc 7 news at 5:00 wonts.
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...guaranteed! ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> coming up new at 6:00 tonight, september showers tampen the fire zone. not the spirit of the evacuees. >> plus, the latest developments on that massive earthquake off
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the choes of chile and the tsunami waps triggered. >> it's all coming up in half an hour whend we see you then. >> it's a similar name as sthik on the roster for actions vm. >> hae,cherk it you will. lock carely on the shown. >> the 37 yoerld played for the as from 2000 to 20006 oond blen soi young isle. >> all right. well, we apleeshuate your time. our next newscast is at 6 p.m. blank fwlank. >> and, remember, our abc 7 hotline, open right now. this is the live picture. to make a donation in support of the wildfire i remember e..ed i
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krotsds the we tonight, the gloves coming off. the big debate. our reporter with donald trump. what he's signaling. the make or break moment for the others. and vice president joe biden now sounding off on trump and you'll hear him. also tonight, the controversial arrest. the muslim student, handcuffed, suspended in high school after bringing in his project, a homemade clock. fears it was a bomb. the outrage. was he treated differently? breaking news. federal air marshals in hot water tonight. after alleged trysts with prostitutes, recorded on government phones. david kerley standing by. the flash point. the refugee crisis. children hit with tear gas. families blocked at the border. what should these countries do? and the hoax making global headlines tonight. president putin supposedly calling elton john. you will now hear


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