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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 16, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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krotsds the we tonight, the gloves coming off. the big debate. our reporter with donald trump. what he's signaling. the make or break moment for the others. and vice president joe biden now sounding off on trump and you'll hear him. also tonight, the controversial arrest. the muslim student, handcuffed, suspended in high school after bringing in his project, a homemade clock. fears it was a bomb. the outrage. was he treated differently? breaking news. federal air marshals in hot water tonight. after alleged trysts with prostitutes, recorded on government phones. david kerley standing by. the flash point. the refugee crisis. children hit with tear gas. families blocked at the border. what should these countries do? and the hoax making global headlines tonight. president putin supposedly calling elton john. you will now hear the call and
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the reaction tonight. good evening. the race for 2016 and the big showdown tonight. the stakes could not be higher for the republican candidates who are trying to compete with donald trump. 11 candidates taking the stage. our reporter with him. did he hint about a new strategy? while just miles from that stage, another voice. vice president joe biden, taking on trump, calling part of trump's message, quote, sick. abc's tom llamas with the vice president's words, and with trump himself on what's to come tonight. >> reporter: tonight, the battle to dethrone the reigning king of the hill now under way. before the big event, donald trump sounding confident. how is the debate prep going? >> i think very good. in a new interview, he reveals he's looking for his softer side. >> you hate to say what your weaknesses are but i think i could tone it down a little bit
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when pressed. when somebody hits you, you can hit back a little less hard. >> reporter: tonight, trump expected to take a lot of hits. the super pac supporting jeb bush perhaps offering a preview in this new ad. >> we lose everywhere. murders, crime. believe me. very, very stupid people. you're finished. the american dream is dead. >> reporter: bush, hiking with his son today, and going to church with his family, signaling he is the candidate of sunny ronald reagan optimism. will he be in your mind tonight? >> he is. he's my hero. >> reporter: senator marco rubio today posting these photos inside of reagan's air force one. drawing a cross on his spot on the stage. and, later, seeing to invoke the former president's 11th commandment. thou shall not speak ill of any follow republican. >> i'm running for president. i'm not running against anybody in the republican party. >> reporter: tonight, trump has bush on one side and surging rival ben carson on the other. >> i'll be in the center of the stage, so, it will be much more difficult for them to ignore me. >> reporter: the new face on the stage tonight? carly fiorina.
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>> it's a big opportunity and a big platform. >> reporter: promising to take on trump, after he told "rolling stone," "look at that face. would anyone vote for that?" trump's comments about women and immigration outraging many, including vice president joe biden, who calls it all sick. >> there's one guy, absolutely denigrating an entire group of people. appealing to the baser side of human nature. working on this notion of xenophobia in a way that hasn't occurred in a long time. >> reporter: and tonight, all eyes on that one guy. david, the debate now under way and it's going to be a long night for these candidates, and one of them is complaining about that. donald trump tonight tweeting "can you believe cnn is milking it for almost three hours? too long, too many people on stage." david? >> tom, thank you. one more question on this tonight. let's get right to abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. because, jon, some of these candidates have watched their own numbers tank with trump's rise. they have to break through
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tonight. >> reporter: it's not just their poll numbers. it's the money, david. some of the candidates have fallen so far, they are now having trouble raising money. there's a real chance that one of those candidates, at least one that you see on the stage tonight, won't even make it to the next debate. >> all right, we'll see. 11 voices up there. jon karl tonight. thanks to you, as always. we're going to turn now to the controversial arrest tonight. a high school student, a muslim american in texas. he's 14 years old and brought his homemade clock to school, hoping to impress his teacher. the student instead handcuffed, suspended because of fears he brought in a bomb. this is an image of the homemade project. tonight, the outrage. even the white house now weighing in. and abc's ryan owens from texas. >> reporter: a 14-year-old hauled out of school in handcuffs by police. his supposed crime? his clock. this homemade maze of wires and circuit boards he built to impress his science teacher. >> they arrested me and they told me that i committed a crime of a hoax bomb. >> reporter: this high school freshman loves to tinker with all things electronic.
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but his digital clock spooked his english teacher at this suburban dallas school, who told the principal, who told police. >> i think this wouldn't even be a question if his name wasn't ahmed mohamed. >> reporter: both the school and the irving police deny mohamed was treated differently because he's a muslim. they insist his clock, with all those wires inside a metal case, has no place at school. >> we have to err on the side of caution. that's a very suspicious device. we live in an age where you can't take things like that to schools. >> reporter: unfortunately for the police chief, the commander in chief sees it differently. president obama tweeting the teenager an invitation. "cool clock, ahmed. want to bring it to the white house?" and at a news conference late this afternoon, ahmed accepted. >> are you going to the white house, my friend? >> yes. >> reporter: despite all of the criticism, the police here say, you simply cannot be too careful these days and the school agreed. they suspended ahmed for three
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days. he says he's now looking for a new school. david? >> ryan owens in texas. ryan, thanks. now, to a real flash point overseas tonight. we have been reporting here on the refugees, the worst refugee crisis in europe since world war ii. and tonight, families blocked at the border, riot police launching tear gas, water cannons and this little boy hit. dropping to his knees after the tear gas. countless children caught in the chaos. abc's mary bruce reports in from the border between hungary and serbia tonight. >> reporter: the standoff on the border tonight erupting. desperate refugees breaking through the gate, trying to force their way into hungary. only to be met by tear gas and water cannons. some of the most innocent caught in the middle. the refugees responding, hurling rocks and stones.
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this has now been going on for over three hours. days of anger, frustration and exhaustion reaching a breaking point. beyond the gates, a human wall of force. and among the dejected refugees, i meet a lawyer from damascus. >> they put them lives in danger to arrive here. >> reporter: he tells me now, all their dreams are broken. david, even after all the violence today, these people are sleeping here again tonight. they simply have nowhere else to go. david? >> mary bruce, thank you. we turn now to an outrage involving your money. u.s. taxpayer dollars, a half billion, earmarked to train rebels taking on isis. but tonight, the number of fighters actually ready? after millions of your money have already been spent? four or five. so, let's get right to abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz. that's a stunning number, given
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the money already spent. >> reporter: they sure are, david. the figures are jaw-dropping. take a look at the numbers. the goal of this $500 million program, 5,400 trained fighters in the first year. so far, we have spent $42 million on the program. and as you said, just four or five trained rebels still in the fight. that's about $10 million per fighter. >> that's just incredible. four or five fighters. why is this going so poorly, martha? >> reporter: well, vetting and training is extremely difficult. and there are no u.s. troops with rebels once they're inside syria. but clearly, the training is not working. one senator today called this a total failure. the military says they are trying to fix it. david? >> more to come on this. martha raddatz live in washington. martha, thank you. we're going to turn now to the deadly floods here in this country. the death toll rising tonight. at least 18 people now killed across utah. and we showed you the moment those cars were swept away by the rushing waters. three mothers and their children inside the cars carried away. tonight, abc's nick watt with a
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story of two boys who survived. what they did in those crucial moments, the airbag in that car. >> oh, no! oh, no! there's two vehicles! >> reporter: in hildale today, they named their dead killed in these vehicles -- three sisters, josephine and naomi jessop, della black and nine of their children. three survived. one says he cut through his airbag, climbed through the window and jumped from the roof. a 6-year-old boy, still missing. 30 miles north, in zion national park, they're searching for one missing hiker. six others confirmed dead after a flash flood. hildale is home to the polygamous sect led by warren jeffs, currently serving a life sentence for sex crimes. they're suspicious of outsiders. they live a simple, religious life. >> it helps us deal with it a little more knowing that they were all sweet and innocent. we know they'll go straight to heaven. >> oh my goodness! >> reporter: virginia black filmed the tragedy from her deck. >> there was nothing that they
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could have done or any of us could have done. >> reporter: this community, united in grief, trying to decipher god's will. david, when you see the vehicles up close where they came to rest on the banks of the creek, frankly, it's amazing to think that anybody survived. in fact, one of the kids who did make it had just stepped out of the vehicle to look for help when the water hit from behind and did this. david? >> an awful sight. all right, nick watt with us again tonight. nick, thank you. and of course, that record rain in the west making for a treacherous commute. this image from san diego. that big rig sliding right down i-15. tonight, our weather team telling us a new storm system moving in will bring even more heavy rain from seattle to northern california. for the firefighters, it is welcome as they battle the massive fire still burning. and in the southeast tonight, tropical moisture bringing heavy rains and high winds expected to continue all week. in the meantime, we turn to the breaking headline involving three federal air marshals tonight. abc news now learning they are under investigation, accused of hiring prostitutes, allegedly recording it all on their
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government-issued phones. so, let's get right to abc's david kerley here with us tonight. david, what do we know? >> reporter: we have learned three federal air marshals are being investigated. two for having sex with prostitutes. the evidence? video that they took on their government-issued cell phones. of course, air marshals are responsible for guarding flights in the air. we've watched them train in a simulator. this case expected to be part of a congressional hearing tomorrow. our abc station in chicago, wls, has learned that all three air marshals are from chicago. they report that one air marshal has resigned. the two others are on leave. tsa telling us tonight, this is an ongoing investigation, it will not comment on the specifics, but says if criminal behavior or misconduct is substantiated, tsa will hold its employees appropriately accountable. >> all right, david kerley and the team at wls tonight. our thanks to you both. in the meantime, to that troubling moment on the football field, making national headlines tonight in new jersey. a high school player ripping off his opponent's helmet, and you're about to see for yourself what he does next.
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got him kicked off the team. and tonight, he could face criminal charges. here's abc's linsey davis. >> reporter: police now watching this video frame by frame to determine if a new jersey high school student should face criminal charges. watch as number 1 for new jersey's linden high school ends up holding the helmet of number 73 from immaculata. he thswings the helmet and hits the opponent right in the head. that senior was allowed to finish the game, but today he's off the team. the board of education issuing this statement -- "the brutal action taken by this young man is simply unacceptable and will not be condoned." tonight, number 73 recovering after getting ten stitches in his head. a recent rash of incidents of unsportsmanlike conduct on the gridiron across the country. >> the intensity is there. so, iphones mixed with an increased pressure, which leads to more misbehavior and this is what you get. >> reporter: tonight, immaculata
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saying the student exemplified sportsman ship, simply walking away with his hands up. while immaculata is praising its student, the school here is suspending the linden senior. david? >> linsey, thank you. we're going to turn now to a consumer headline tonight that will get your attention, if you have ever feared a break-in at home. it happens every 13 seconds in america, and tonight, the real money team is back here with the app on your phone. one man who downloaded it and then caught the burglars in the act. abc's clayton sandell is about to show you. >> reporter: danny wheeler was at work in new york city when his smartphone alerted him to two guys doing something dumb. >> i opened up that notification, saw that there was somebody in my house who i did not know, so, i immediately called 911. >> reporter: the two burglary suspects went rummaging through his stuff, going in and out of his bedroom as wheeler watched live, even sending video to the nypd. >> now they had really, really good photos of who these guys were. >> reporter: the system wheeler used is called canary and sells for $250. it is one of a rapidly growing
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number of inexpensive, do it yourself security setups. the i-smart alarm goes for $199. $249 for two cameras from lorex, all helping stop break-ins without breaking your wallet. if there's an intruder in the house, this system will alert me on my smartphone and if i want to try and scare them away, just sound the alarm. but security experts say compared to more expensive high end systems with monthly fees, the do it yourself versions only cover small areas, are not monitored around the clock by an alarm company and won't call the police for you. those burglars in wheeler's apartment were scared away, still on the loose tonight. >> just makes my blood boil. >> reporter: but at least captured on video. clayton sandell, abc news, denver. >> clayton, thank you. and stay tuned here. next tonight, the abc news investigation. tired of those phone calls? americans threatened to pay money you don't even owe? demands to give your social security number? up next, brian ross back on it
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tonight, and about to confront one of the men who authorities say was behind the calls, and what's just happened to him today. we also have breaking news tonight involving general motors and a landmark settlement tonight. and then, the hoax making global headlines at this hour. president putin supposedly calling elton john. you will hear the call for yourself and the reaction coming in tonight.
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next tonight, an abc news investigation about americans threatened over the phone to pay back money, loans they don't even owe. tonight, that investigation, you saw right here, getting results. abc's chief investigative correspondent brian ross tracking down the people who authorities say were behind the scam. >> reporter: a victory tonight for americans scammed by crooked debt collectors. >> my name is officer william johnson. >> reporter: often posing as police officers threatening to
5:48 pm
make arrests, armed with the victims' sensitive information. >> let me reveal the last four digits of your social. it's 9281. >> reporter: cindy gervais of new orleans says she was scared into paying almost $2,000 she did not owe on a loan she had already paid off. >> i would spend the night in jail and my family wouldn't be able to get me out. >> reporter: our abc news investigation tracked the scammers to a call center in india. >> can you please switch this off, first of all? >> reporter: i'm brian ross from abc news. and we found the man authorities called its american connection, kirit patel of tracy, california. can you explain what happened here? >> i have retained an attorney and i've got no more comment. >> reporter: today, the federal trade commission announced patel has been sentenced to a year in jail after pleading guilty to fraud charges. and that he and his associates back in india have been banned from the debt collection business. authorities say patel and his associates scammed their american victims out of more than $5 million. and david, while this operation
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has been shut down, authorities warn there are others still out there, still operating. >> all right, brian, our thanks to you and your team tonight. when we come back here, breaking news this evening involving general motors. also, a big headline involving your beer. the major deal on tap tonight. the company that may really become the king of beers. and then, elton john's surprise phone call from vladimir putin? it has turned out to be a prank. you're about to hear it, and the reaction tonight. ♪ i built my business with passion. but i keep it growing by making every dollar count. that's why i have the spark cash card from capital one. i earn unlimited 2% cash back on everything i buy for my studio. ♪ and that unlimited 2% cash back from spark means thousands of dollars each year going back into my business... that's huge for my bottom line. what's in your wallet? could protect you from diabetes?
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now it's our turn. i'm doing the same for my family. retirement and life insurance solutions from pacific life can help you protect what you love and grow your future with confidence. pacific life. helping generations of families achieve long-term financial security for over 145 years. breaking news at the top of the index tonight. reports this evening that general motors has reached a deal with the department of justice over those faulty ignition switches, linked to at least 100 deaths and countless injuries. gm is expected to pay hundreds of millions of dollars in fines now. a new king of beers? anheuser-busch, the world's largest beer maker announcing plans for a megamercker with the world's second-largest, s.a.b. miller. bringing together bud, bud light, coors, corona, stella, blue moon and more into what's being called a super brewery. another round. and tonight, that hoax making global headlines we told you about. russian president vladimir putin
5:53 pm
calling elton john, or so the singer thought. you're about to hear part of the supposed translator for putin and elton john, who thought he was going to help make progress on gay rights overseas. >> i'm -- i'll be interpreter between you and mr. putin. >> i'm not a politician, but i would love to sit down with the president and discuss things face-to-face. and tell him he's made my day, okay? >> the call goes on and on, and it turns out, obviously, it was not putin, but a radio show host playing arou ining a prank. people saying elton john tonight deserves an apology. when we come back here this evening, we looked through these today and suddenly got a 360 degree view of the effort to save a global treasure we've talked about here. and you'll see it for yourself in just a moment. here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it.
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finally tonight here, some new technology to abc news that might help you change the way you see the world. vr will enable viewers to immerse themselves with a 360-degree virtual reality experience. tonight, from the small team of people in syria, they are working to save a global treasure, and here's abc's alex marquardt. >> reporter: inside damascus, syrians trying to go about their daily lives, as war rages around them. across town, we see the front lines of another fight. walking through the eerily empty rooms of the national museum. here, a race against the clock. a team of young archaeologists packing up thousands of antiquities rescued from across syria. this bronze lion, 4,000 years old. this is a hive of activity in here. they are documenting the items, they are measured and photographed. placed in chests like this one and taken off to the secret locations. they've seen isis destroy ancient sites like palmyra. >> the strategy to hide all
5:58 pm
things because we don't know when the crisis will finish. >> reporter: they've now hidden most of syria's museums treasures. one small slice of the world's heritage, safe, for now. alex marquardt, abc news, damascus. >> extraordinary effort. and to learn more about abc news vr, you can go to our website is and alex's extraordinary reporting from inside syria tonight on "nightline." i'll see you tomorrow night. good night. and timing that could not be better. we have team coverage tonight of the valley fire, as a firefighter return returns to work at his home and live from the butte fire tonight.
5:59 pm
the first fatalities being reported there as some evacuations are lifted. and 7 on your side's hot line is open tonight. call to give where you live to west coast fire victims. windshield wipers are on in pleasant hill. even the suggestion of rain comes as good news at the end of a long, dry summer, good evening, thanks for joining us, i'm dan ashley. >> i'm aum ra -- ama daetz. take a look at what abc7 news reporter cornell bernard shot today in san rafael as the rain moved towards lake county. let's turn to spencer christian, spencer this, should help on the fire line. >> it's helped with the
6:00 pm
firefighting efforts and cleaned the air a little bit. here is a live view showing light to moderate rainfall moving through the bay area, throughout the area of the valley fire, this is helpful rainfall. firefighters 63 degrees and winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. the winds are accompanied by rainfall. it continues to be light to moderate from west to east. let's look at rainfall totals so far in mount st. helena. notice how widely varied these amounts are. lower lake, only 4/100ths of an inch. we expect the rain to end and winds to be rather strong throughout the overnight hours. they will shift north and northwestern direction and will weaken mid day, into the afternoon. bad news is that temperatures rise over the weekend. >> spencer, thank you.


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