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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 16, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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firefighting efforts and cleaned the air a little bit. here is a live view showing light to moderate rainfall moving through the bay area, throughout the area of the valley fire, this is helpful rainfall. firefighters 63 degrees and winds gusting to 20 miles per hour. the winds are accompanied by rainfall. it continues to be light to moderate from west to east. let's look at rainfall totals so far in mount st. helena. notice how widely varied these amounts are. lower lake, only 4/100ths of an inch. we expect the rain to end and winds to be rather strong throughout the overnight hours. they will shift north and northwestern direction and will weaken mid day, into the afternoon. bad news is that temperatures rise over the weekend. >> spencer, thank you. >> here is the latest on the
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valley fire, the lake county sheriff's office deployed cadaver dogs to search for four missing people in the cobb mountain and middleton area. the cost is estimated at $6.4 million. president obama called governor brown to discuss federal aid. >> the fire is up to 70,000 acres burned. most of the new acreage can be traced to fires. hope valley elementary school remains closed but kelseyville schools will be reopened on monday. >> let's turn to our reporters in the field. >> melanie, tell us about the firefighter that lost his house while he was out fighting another fire. an amazing story. >> reporter: absolutely, dan. he was fighting the butte fire.
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this firefighter says as reports came in, he had a good feeling his house was not going to make it and you can see it did not. he told me the image that was most striking to him is that one over there. the outline of a trampoline in his backyard and his 10-year-old son, dylan was not here at the time. over his eight year career, dave wa wattkins as seen fires like this. >> i needed to see if it was standing or not. >> reporter: the idea of talking to us in front of his home was too much. >> i do my job to protect other people. and their homes. and it's kind of devastating to find out you're helping other people while there is another fire going on and your house is going up. there is nothing you can do about it. >> reporter: he is not alone.
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ten firefighters lost their homes according to cal fire. three in the butte fire, seven in the valley fire, in abigs digs to more than 500 residents homes. >> it's the most homes i've seen destroyed in one fire, especially in your own neighborhood. your family, your friends live here. >> reporter: he was on the way from the butte fire to the valley fire when his home is destroyed. he says he's comforted by the community support. some are driving that message home. >> i just wanted to thank them because they're saving our homes. >> reporter: he says he'll rebuild, find somewhere else to live, and continue fighting fires. and these where the front steps to the front door and he tells me he lived here about four years. he says he was renting the home from a friend and that this is a
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hose for both of them. we're live in hidden valley lake, abc7 news. >> thank you. and laura anthony is live in anderson springs tonight. a town devastated by flames that just moved too quickly. laura? >> reporter: sometimes in television, the camera makes things look worse than they are. in this case, as we drive around every corner, there are scenes just like this. in this case, we can't begin to show you of -- it all. the skies opened up, on the day five of the fire that cost many so much. in anderson springs, firefighters from nevada county doused hot spots. >> wet. very, very wet. >> too late for the rain? >> way too late for the rain. and probably, depending on the
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rain, may not be enough to put it under. >> reporter: this is where nearly everything was wiped out. and barbara mcwilliams became the first confirmed victim of the valley fire, investigators brought in cadaver dogs to search for a missing man, leonard neff. his gutted car was found near his home, but no sign of him. up the highway, off gifford springs road, it's a scene of total destruction. house after house, gone, with just a few spared in between. and the rain helped the 2500 firefighters here to put out remaining flames, it brings with it new danger like downed trees. and wet weather is welcome. everyone is well aware it's only temporary. >> we don't consider ourselves
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to be out of the woods until this is mopped up. and those possibilities of more fires are gone. then, we'll know everything is safe. >> reporter: cal fire says there are 7,000 homes still threatened by the fire. what they're talking about is homes that have not burned inside of the burned areas. believe it or not there are some here in anderson springs. until there is a line around the fire, the concern is that there could still be flare ups. >> laura, thank you very much. the rain is a welcome site at calistoga. we're live at the fair grounds turned camp ground. katie, evacuees have water proofed their tents as best they can. >> reporter: the people of lake county are tough. rain is not going to make them
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melt. they're soaking it up and loving it. we found a boy that captures the spirit of these people. >> reporter: rhett mcman is a 7-year-old and has become the mini mayor of the red cross shelter. >> i like it. you get sugar and breakfast. >> how can you not bump into this guy? he's everywhere. he's ten feet tall, and bulletproof. >> reporter: rhett is fireproof, and his story is moving. >> a little man like this came up to us yesterday and brought a tear to me and my wife's eyes. he told a story about his horse. >> one horse died. two survived. >> reporter: he goes to the animal lots to pass time. >> reminds me of my home. >> reporter: he tells people how
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he escaped the fire. >> brand new gate. he tried to open it. the horse said no. >> reporter: just as a gate couldn't stop horses, the rain doesn't slow rhett. nor dampen the spirit for those learning of rain in the fire zone. >> yes. if we can save one more house, that is all that matters. >> reporter: ponchos keep evacuees warm. >> i'm out walking peoples' dogs so they can take a shower and not have to worry about their dogs as much. >> reporter: a little bit of relief. practical and comical. >> i played a prank on him. >> reporter: he is doing chores at the horse barn. his home was spared. and cal fire does not have an estimated time for when people may be allowed back in the fire
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zone for good. the red cross says the shelter will stay open as long as it's needed. >> thank you, katie. the clear lake post office is stepping up to help residents get their mail. all of the mail is now in clear lake, and could be picked up by providing identification. for those who can't get there, the post master distributed sign up lists so the mail can be delivered to residents. >> medications are important. a lot of med beings come through the mail. it's important to get what they need. >> that mail will be dropped off at many evacuation centers friday. two fatalities are being reported in the other big fire burning in northern california, the butte fire. mandatory evacuation orders were lifted for several parts of the burn area, homes south of the river are still off limits. the fire is now 45% contained.
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this afternoon, word of a possible cause of the butte fire, pg and e is investigating whether a tree may have contacted a power line near the fire's origin. pg and e and cal fire are investigating the possibility. chris nguyen is live at the fair grounds and angels camp with the details tonight. chris? >> reporter: ama, good evening, it's been a gruelling experience for many firefighters but they're used to it. they work 25 hours straight, one day on, one day off. but for local families as well as residents that own properties nearby, they can't thank these firefighters enough for their hard work and sacrifice. along highway 49 through downtown angel's camp, signs of gratitude for all to see. >> it's pretty moving to see the amount of energy that has gone into protecting people's homes. >> reporter: 4800 firefighters are battling the butte fire.
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many came from the bay area. >> california should be proud of their firefighters. men and women here fighting this fire not only this one, but every fire throughout the state are putting out a tremendous amount of effort. >> reporter: so far, 230 homes have been destroyed. thousands of structures remain threatened. crews work to contain the flames. reggie williams says fields are drier because of the drought. a reminder that a fire like this could happen in the bay area. >> one thing these fires have in common is that once they start they move fast. it's tougher to catch up with. >> reporter: some residents are approaching it with caution. >> funny. some of the things you think are important aren't until you're forced to think about it. >> you can see the guys out there, fighting fires, you're thinking man, it's a tough job they have. >> reporter: knowing conditions can change without warning.
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and again, community members are truly thankful for the firefighters who have given their all to help protect their homes. i'm chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> they've worked so hard, chris, thank you very much. we're following developments in a major earthquake late today. >> an 8.3 off the coast of chile. you're going to hear about the chances of a tu namy hitting the bay area. i'm michael finney. you can help victims to give where you live. a texas teenager found himself in handcuffs after bringing a clock
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we're following breaking news in south america, a powerful earthquake struck chile's capitol of santiago. there was one death. it's considered a great quake and capable of extreme damage. five after shocks hit so far. the strongest, 6.4 but there will be many, many more. these are some of the first images we're getting from chile. check out the shaking of the cameras. this is what the usgs had to say about the threat. >> there is a tsunami watch for a large portion of the pacific
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basin excludeing the california coast and u.s. west coast. hawaii has a tsunami watch in place. >> and we're getting video of some of the damage. people panicked and you can see a lot of broken glass, and items that fell off the shelves. you can see people just in a hurry, running for safety. >> abc7 is partnering with the red cross to raise money for fire victims. >> and michael finney is live in the donation center taking your calls. people wanting to help. michael? >> you're right. donation center is the right way to put it. 7 on your side and abc7 partnered with the red cross. they've taken over so you can donate. we're making it easy to give where you live. dial 415-954-7621.
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good news is that we've raised $30,000 so far. we started at 11:00 this morning and feel good about that. joining me now is the new ceo of the bay area red cross, trevor riggens. this is a unique evasion, isn't it? >> it is. we've had community members from across napa county showing up to offer assistance. just been wonderful to see. interesting things like a yoga tent and a tent for massages. >> there are expectations in wine country in northern california. so what is next? >> next is a tough road to recovery. roads start to open up. and we're going to start the recovery process. the red cross will be there with supplies, case workers to sit down with families to talk about what is next and help them take
6:18 pm
those next steps that are going to be difficult. just take a long time. support of the community and the generous donations here this evening are going to make a difference. >> you can help this effort now. operators have been working hard. call 415-954-7621. we'll be here until 9:00 tonight and then, we close down the center. so please, call now. 415-954-7621. >> thank you michael. so easy to do and makes a big help. >> many people are calling which is great to see. >> what a difference. we need every drop of rain. >> spencer is here with what we're experiencing outside. >> late to moderate rainfall.
6:19 pm
here in the bay area, most rain is confined to the valleys. you can see how wide spread the pockets are now. many locations at the moment have received no measurable rainfall. but in the north we do have light to moderate rain. and looking south, we'll see pockets of rain moving through the golden gate and south bay as well. it's very light at the moment. we'll get measurable rainfall as the night goes on. rainfall totals show 1/100ths in san rafael. 5/100ths in napa. mount st. helena three quarters of an inch. trace amount s in san francisco and the east bay. here is a live view from our east bay hills camera. 62 degrees in san francisco. oakland, 66. 70 in san jose.
6:20 pm
and half moon bay, 61. here is a view from our camera looking back at the skyline, it's 61 degrees in santa rosa. fairfield, 64. and 72 in livermore, here is a view of clouds over the bay from our camera. during dark, dreary hours. showers will end overnight. a sunnier day tomorrow and warmer weather coming our way friday through monday. here is the satellite radar showing approaching frontal system sweeping through now. bringing us light to moderate rainfall. spreading from northwest to southeast. and animation at 7:00 shows we'll have a rain sweeping to the south bay and east bay, but tapers off overnight and we'll have just a couple pockets of light rain. overnight, low temperatures ranging from mid to upper 50s,
6:21 pm
then, tomorrow, we'll have high temperatures from upper 60s to mid-70s around the bay. here is the accu-weather forecast. a huge warm up coming our way. low 90s around the bay and mid-70s on the coast. there will be a cool down monday and further cool down tuesday and wednesday of next week. >> coming up next, tragedy strikes a family in the south bay. >> and it happened just days after moving into their new
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and the cdc is reporting the first case of west nile virus. people over 50 have a higher chance of getting sick and developing complications. it's commonly transmitted by mosquitos and thihis map shows section of oakley where the virus has been affected. a family in the south bay is just devastated after a fire destroyed their home after they moved in. they'd just remodelled their home. firefighters were able to keep the flames from spreading to neighboring houses, the family
6:25 pm
plans to stay with relatives until they can figure out what to do next. >> just so sad. but nothing you can do. you know? it's burned down. >> can you imagine? right after they moved in. they have not determined how the fire started but say it does not appear suspicious. police are searching for a priceless artifact stolen from st. anthony of padua church in the mission district. the thieves stole three gold and silver chalices and a guitar and a priceless relic of st. anthony. >> just so disheartening and sad that someone would come into this sacred space and take sacred vessels and a relic that is part of this community. >> the chalices are worth
6:26 pm
just ahead a texas teenager getting world wide attention following his arrest over an engineering project. from crisis to chaos, hundreds of migrants involved in a
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. a texas high school freshman was arrested and accused of bringing a fake bomb to school. today, police admitted that is not what it was. abc7 news reporter marcy gonzales is here with what was behind this wiry contraption. >> reporter: a simple science experiment in a pencil box, landing this 14-year-old in handcuffs. >> they arrested me and they told me that i committed a crime of a hoax bomb.
6:30 pm
a fake bomb. >> reporter: allegations were stunning to mohammed, who says the so called bomb was a digital clock he rebuilt over the weekend and proudly brought to his high school in irving, texas to show his engineering teacher. >> it was the first time i brought an invention to school. >> reporter: but another teacher saw it, was concerned and called police. the chief explaining the student's explanation didn't help. >> the student would only say it was a clock and was not forth coming. >> reporter: police say they took him into custody out of caution, but didn't realize the young scientist didn't mean to alarm anyone and decided not to file charges. still, civil rights advocates question whether this was discrimination. >> i think this won't have been a question if his name wasn't
6:31 pm
mohammed. >> reporter: his treatment included a three-day suspension from school. now, mark zuckerberg heard about the story, he posted this message saying there, having the skill in addition to build something cool should lead to applause, not arrest and offered to meet with ahmed if he ever wanted to come to facebook headquarters. we're seeing flood waters rushing through a family home in southern utah this week. those vans, monday, in the small town of hilldale were carrying 16 women and children. so far, 12 bodies have been recovered. utah national guard spent the day searching for a missing boy. three children survived and another search is ongoing at
6:32 pm
zion national park. tonight, thousands of refugees are trying to get to germany, where they're being welcomed but hundreds of now trapped in serbia because hungary closed it's border to them. >> reporter: tear gas, and water cannons. special forces armed and taking action against thousands gathered along razor wire fences at the border of hungary and serbia. the escalation after hungary forced restrictions to stop the increasing tide of humanity flowing through it's borders. it's foreign minister says taking war refugees is not a problem but economic migrants looking for a better life is
6:33 pm
another issue. >> we cannot bear the burden on that. >> reporter: the refugees are fleeing the daily fighting in syria. assad blames extremists trying to topple his regime. croatia prime minister says his country will remain open. for many, their path to a home leads to germany. this student was separated from his family for years. he was reunited before they crossed into germany from austria. >> the germans, they told us come to germany. we're happy right now. >> reporter: the pressure for the united states to step up its response is only increasing. the white house says the u.s. can expect 10,000 refugees. but critics called that number inadequate. kenneth moaten, abc news, washington. the man who shot and killed a vallejo police officer will
6:34 pm
not face the death penalty. prosecutor wills not seek capitol punishment for henry smith junior, the man who killed officer jim capoot. today, a judge ordered smith to return to court in november. he will be sentenced to the life without parole. there are several new developments in the case of a man accused a kidnapping of a vallejo woman and a home invasion in dublin. matthew muller was in a hayward courtroom, his defense dropped a motion that suppressed evidence connected to his cell phone. and learned the kidnapped woman and her boyfriend will file a defamation suit against the police department. investigators first called the kidnapping a hoax. the valley fire destroyed scores of homes, including many that were weekend getaways for families.
6:35 pm
joe welch just went to the home her grandfather built 65 years ago burned to the ground. the cabin became a gathering place for four generations of the family. they aren't sure they will rebuild since so much of the area was devastated by the flames. >> it's a ghost town. yes. it's, even though someplaces survived it's going to be tough to go back. we're just all heart broken. >> not much survived the blaze, she plans to make a special trip to retrieve a cal bears sign that was not destroyed. a big boost for lyft, china's largest ride sharing service invested in lyft. the companies will collaborate on new technologies.
6:36 pm
apple says a delayed major software update for apple watch has a bug that is taking longer to fix. they did issue an update for the iphone but the system was backed up most of the day. stocks are trading high today. dow is up 140 points, and nasdaq rose 28. the stock in miller beer company went up 20% today after a merger propos proposal. and why a marking on this
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san francisco city officials are determining what to do about a sculpture being vandalized in the western edition neighborhood. some believe the work was created by a harlem sculpture. >> it is carved from a single tree in the western edition neighborhood. >> reporter: how does it make you feel?
6:40 pm
>> i wanted to cry. >> reporter: the this historian believes it's a symbol of the disappearing black population in the city. >> where a piece like this starts being damaged it's a sign of larger decline of the community. >> reporter: templeton is convinced the work is of sergeant johnson, one of the first african american artists living in the bay area to gain national recognition. this was a 1936 project by johnson today, still in place in washington high school in san francisco. his work is everywhere, including prominent museums in the city. but not everyone is convinced this statue is his. >> i grew up in the western edition, i am no sergeant johnson expert, i'm familiar with his work. i'm not 100% certain. >> reporter: the supervisor says
6:41 pm
the city is working to identify the thief. two works are being moved to pier 27. historian templeton would like this statue to join them. in san francisco, abc7 news. john muir launched his campaign to preserve the country's national resources from here in the bay area. today, the house pass aid bill adding 44 acres of donated land to martinez including his house, built in 1883. the bill now heads to the senate. i'm michael finney. tonight, you can give where you live by helping out the red cross with the western wildfire relief effort.
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female announcer: get sleep at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for three years on the best brand name mattress sets. get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ up tating our red cross fund raising drive today. abc7 helped raise $30,000 today. >> that is incredible, the outpouring of support.
6:45 pm
michael finney is in the donation center to make another appeal. michael? >> reporter: do you know what? we're up to $35,000 now. we got a new number in for $35,000. we are going to be here until 9:00 to give us a call. 415-954-7621. the money will go to those involved in the western fire throughout the five western states, they can all use your help. right here, we have val lopez. what are people saying to you? >> the range of people that are calling we switched off volunteers one person had a funny statement. i thanked her for the donation which was $500. she says yes, i felt guilty about not being able to do
6:46 pm
anything. every penny helps, $2.50 helps. $5 for a blanket. $2 for a hot meal. $500 is an astounding amount of money that we can do a lot with. all of your money counts. >> every dollar does count. most people are giving $10 or $20 we have received a few $1,000 donations and $2,000. if you have $10 we want to hear from you. we'll be here until 9:00 so call now. reporting live from the 7 on your side hot line, and now, the donation hot line, i'm michael finney. >> we continue to get pictures and video from the valley fire. this is the lemonade stand her children set up. thank you for sharing that. if you have photos or video post them to your favorite social
6:47 pm
media site with #abc7now so we can find them. >> what a great day on the fire lines. >> spencer is back with an update. >> we have pockets of light to moderate rainfall. but more concentrated areas rain in the fire zone in lake county is good news. and into the bay area, it's light, and we expect the pattern to continue. and then, it will taper off. tomorrow, a mostly sunny day. giants game, game time, 7:15. temperatures low to mid-60s. tomorrow, by mid day into afternoon hours look for mainly sunny skies. highs from upper 60s to 70s
6:48 pm
around the bay. low to mid-80s inland. here is the accu-weather forecast. a wave of warmth over the weekend. upper 70s on the coast. cooling down next week. >> thank you, spencer. >> well, big news in baseball. >> yes. larry beil is here with sports. >> yes. number 75 is back look is back
6:49 pm
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6:51 pm
good evening, a's called up barry zito for a final fling in the majors. he moved across the bay in the seven year, $126 million deal with the giants. he was instrumental in the 2012 giants title run. wants to come back to triple a nashville. the team nixing the idea of
6:52 pm
calling him up. but an injury opened the door. because he had come to terms with finishing with the minors this move caught him off guard. >> major league gets put on a pedestal your life, right? then, you get here and i was like how come i'm not like yeah, man, let's do it. i wasn't jumping but i'm here and super excited. it hasn't all set in. give me about 24 hours. a's and white sox. this guy is double fisting. ice cream, beer and a dog on a leash. it's bark at the park night. cody martin just called up from nashville. third pitch of the game. then, in the third, jose abra derek carr says he never missed
6:53 pm
a game because of an injury and doesn't plan on missing the raider game against the ravens. he gave a thumbs up there. he admitted he's not 100%. he injured his thumb and says he couldn't return because he is unable to grip the ball. >> in the spur of the moment, where we're at, we needed a first down, and anything. you know, they said we love what you're trying to do but don't do it again. it's hard to draw that line. i know, i have to be smart for the team's sake. you know? just to protect us. just get down. and the next play. you know? instead of not being able to come back. i learned from it, for sure. >> get out of town. former 49ers eddie
6:54 pm
junior, mr. d was just in awe. >> yes. yes. >> marvelous. i don't think i've ever -- those seats are nice. i mean, they are. i don't think i can walk up there. not with my knee. >> deflate is just about the patriots initially suspended mcnaly at the request of the nfl in may. it's unclear what role they'll have going forward. pac 12 kicks off early for stanford, the coaches look like they once again be the best team
6:55 pm
in the conference. stanford 1 and 1 after that season opening loss to northwestern. cardinals bounced back in a big way. this past weekend, kevin hogan with his touch. and arkansas state and idaho and trojans are listed as early favorites. >> we have a very good opponent and few people think we have a chance to find a way to win. >> i know the guys are ready to go. we're excited to get out to practice. >> that should be a good game. we're here and cal is visiting texas on saturday. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. the hope is that he can pitch together with the a's.
6:56 pm
he has not pitched a lot but we'll see how it unfolds. >> absolutely. >> we're tracking the rainfall tonight over the valley fire. join us tonight at 9:00 and we're going to look at how much has fallen. >> it's debate night in america. tonight bay area reaction to donald trump and the g.o.p. field meeting in southern california. tonight in prime time, we have the middle, the goldbergs, modern family, blackish and nashville. and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> great line up. look for breaking news on twitter and thanks for joining us this evening. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm dan ashley. from all of us here we appreciate your time. call 415-954-7621 to donate to the red cross to help fire victims.
6:57 pm
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this is "jeopardy!" please welcome today's contestants -- a history professor from norman, oklahoma... a fact checker originally from teaneck, new jersey... and our returning champion, a mortgage coordinator originally from lockport, new york... whose 1-day cash winnings total... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" -- alex trebek! thank you, johnny gilbert. thank you, ladies and gentlemen. hi, folks. welcome aboard. i'm trying to think back to previous seasons, and i'm trying to remember if in the first week
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