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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 17, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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[ inaudible ] >> i lost my job and my health, where do you go? >> evacuees wait out the veal fire in their temporary home in calistoga and we are there with more reaction and the outpouring of support. >> women all over this country heard very cheerly what mr. trump said. >> a mike drop worthy moment for carly fiorina and donald trump is calling the second g.o.p. primary debate and what local pundits are saying. >> thanks for joining us on thursday. i am kristen sze. >> yes, there were fireworks. we do not have fireworks with the weather but we do have interesting chains. >> she looked scorned, doesn't she? >> hopefully the yet weather did not cause too many problems, the aftermath is fog, at five mills in napa visibility up from a
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quarter-mile and petaluma up to 3, and half moon bay at 880, clouds and stick sunshine today, mid-60s to low 70s from the coast to inland by noon, so, comfortable. warmer at mid-60s to mid-70s to low 80s from the coast inland as we round owe the day planner and enjoy a comfortable evening. >> a problem spot is the altamont pass with a motorcycle down at 4:30 this morning. it is still in the lanes. traffic is jammed out of tracy. things pick up from livermore to the dublin/pleasanton interchange. we are looking at an hour and to minutes between tracy and dublin. westbound 4 before 680, accident cleared. up to the valley fire, we still have new opening and closures at 29 open kelseyville to highway 53 and we still have 128 between
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ida clayton which is open and surface streets are closed and at tubbs lane it is now the valley fire which has scorched 70,000 acres and is 35 percent contained destroying 585 homes with thousands under threat. it will any has more from calistoga. how are the evacuees coping? >> it is cool and damp. with puddles on the ground but mostly quiet with most evacuees inside of the tents asleep the when they wake up it will be to another day of discovering new scenes of destruction and potentially more fatalities. the lake county sheriff had dogs out searching yesterday.
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he specifics to find several more bodies amid the rubble. you can see shower so much that was lost the figures do not capture the full magnitude of damage. history disappeared on cobb after the resort that stood for 100 years was wiped out by a wildfire that continues to burn. firefighters greeted the rain with relief and evacuees embraced the water say they hoped it presents another family or another business from losing everything. can you not believe what you are seeing, years of work, years of time, dedication and the history of the place. when here since 1885. it was a historical landmark that can never be replaced. >> hot weather returns but that is not the focus.
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evacuation weighs take it one day at a time, waiting for news and waiting to restart their lives. live in california oakland for abc7. >> abc 7 viewers come through with donation with $59,000 given to the give where you live hotline to provide lifesaving disaster relief for those affected by wildfires across the western states. >> an advisory, tsunami advisory was extended by the national weather service for the central california coast after the powerful 8.3 earthquake in child. this is a look at southern california where it has been calm so far this morning and maybe just a slight rip poling but the danger period is not over. we go to santa cruz with a look
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at conditions. matt? >> we are monitoring the situation at santa cruz harbor they have had a bad expense the past couple years from a tsunami in 2011 from the japanese earthquake. we do not see figure like that just small ripples. my photographer has been using a rock as the gage and it has been covered and, supposed and we do not know if it is because of tsunami or the natural tide. the waves are a foot or less an hour ago and people are warned to stay away from the harbors and beaches because it can take several hours for peaking. the subhas resolution were by half a foot. boat owners that is a small surge that can cause serious damage. >> it can slam you against the dock. it can, if it is really strong, break a line. we are not next to another boat but it could slam you into another boat.
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in march of 20112011 a tsunami traveled from japan and rocked the santa cruz harbor causing $14 million in damage. the rock now is covered by water so it could be from the tsunami surge that has come in. now, you can see the water is actually exposing the rock. we are seeing some activity here in the harbor so nothing obviously serious that with cause dam to boats but, we are seeing abilityist. switching gears the morning after the second g.o.p. primary debate and viewers are tag about would they think win. all eyes were on donald trump but the challengers dominated some say. we go to washington, dc, with the highlights. >> good morning, this is a-they debate, three -- this is a-they debate at three hours so there was plenty of time to dig into issues ask that is where donald
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trump lost his command. >> first of all rand paul should not be on the same the round from beguarantee like the first debate but this time the candidates were better prepared to take on the dominant frontrunner, donald trump, sparring with jeb bush. >> more energy tonight. >> twitter shows the most tweeted moment of night was fiorina's emotional appeal against abortion and her response to donald trump's commend in "rolling stone" when he said "look at that face, would anyone vote for that." >> women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. >> failure to show command of policy in this debate could turn the tables. >> people expected more so he hurt himself in the course of the debate. >> analysts say that jeb bush did come out with a much stronger performance in the debate. on the other hand, neurosurgeon beck peck -- ben carson did
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future do enough to standout in the debate. >> thank you, the woman whose kidnapping was dismissed by police will file a claim against the city. the lawyers for mathew muller dropped a motion to suppress evidence to usely cell phone. the boyfriend of denews huskins toll police that kidnappers broke into their home and abducted her and demand money and call eight hex after huskins turned unsafe a few days later but if allmull are was charged with a crime. >> you can voice your opinion on the plan to implode part of the eastern span of the bay bridge. engineers want to use explosives to remove a pier.
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environmentalists worry this could pollute the bay. engineers say less damage will be done in a few seconds than in the months it wrote take to tear it down piece by piece. >> the meeting is at 2:00 p.m. at the ferry building in san francisco. >> the ferry ride will be dry. not the same as last night. mike? it looks like this is drizzle, but, otherwise, it will be dry and the drizzle will taper quickly when the sun comes up next half hour. the temperature right new is 56 in palo alto and menlo park at 54 and 56 in redwood city, and foster city is 59 and belmont is 58 and 60 in san bruno and san mateo and mountain view and concord is 50. check out santa rosa and napa and minimum valley all at 56. no report of delays at sfo but there are clouds.
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in the afternoon hours just the going of the warming trend, inland, 79 to 86. enjoy it before the 90s and 100s arrive. brighter around the bay at 72 to 79 in south bay and north bay. clouds in walnut creek at 59 degrees. temperatures are climbing tomorrow. 70's to nearly 88 at the coast this weekend and 90s around the bay and nearly 100 inland. now, sue, any hotspots? >> it is quiet. we have a couple of areas. look a this pretty picture, san jose, 101 at 880, the overcrossing so check the drive times headed out, highway 4 is looking good, rather, 80 from four to walnut creek is good. with the drive out of central valley, tracy to dublin, an hour and continue minutes. the moisture is still down at grant line blocking a lane of
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traffic. we have the dream force convention if town with 150,000 people here. the annual concert is tonight. usually sit open treasure island but they have moved it to pier seven. at 8:00, fu fighters will appear for dream force so expect delays. >> a sex scandal threatening to take down federal air marshals with a slip-up that could be their undoing. >> vandals strike a san francisco church. >> a new honor for the sacramento heroes who stopped a would-be terrorist, with a new bling they bring home from the nation's capitol.
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cupertino, concord, and the wine country, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news.
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>> thieves broke into a church and stole several items at st. anthony's in the mission district. they went in through a back door and stole through gold and siller chalices and gabbed a guitar and a cross of st. anthony, a riceless -- a price less relic. >> the relic has n than to the people of the community. >> the chalices are worth $7,000 each. >> an alleged sex scandal involving two federal air marshals the subject of a congressional hearing. the mar will russias were suspended amid allegations they hired prostitutes overseas and recorded a sexual encounter with a government cell phone. federal air marshals director is scheduled to testify. >> the republican led united states congress has until today
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to approve or reject the nuclear agreement between iran and world powers and it lifts economic sanctions against iran in return for curbing the nuclear ambitions for the next several years. the vote was landed by senate majority mcconnell will require iran to recognize israel and return american prisoners but the sanctions are lifted. >> first responder in utah resume the search for a six-year old boy missing in a deadly flash flood. the hillandale mayor said the death toll stands at 12 including thebly's -- boy's including thebly's -- boy's mother, wet and now we turn it around. >> we have the sea saw it was cool. it was wet. and the bay area can be hot in the fall and we will have that much of the transition right now
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you can see the clouds opening as we look at 280 and 17 in san jose where it is 60 right now. we will have the sun escape the clouds and warmer temperatures today and now, without the clouds we will see stars but it will be cooler. if you like to sleep with the end withs open in the north bay you may need a blanket. warmer days are coming our way. the next three hours you can see the future radar runs are far few and far between but what is there is mainly drizzle and along the coast. winds are light and variable. they will pick up and come out in northwest and that will bring in the dry air behind the cold front that just fell apart as we expected we when it got out of the north bay and started making the trip to the south bay. hype it you can see the lack of should cover so the grave is going to go away and that means temperatures in the mid-to-upper 70s for the south bay and san jose and santa clara at 77 and los gatos and morgan hill and
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gilroy, could reach 83 to 82. we will stop short of that on the peninsula and in the mid-to-upper 70s until you if it to pill bring at 71, and sun shine at the coast, threatening 70 degrees at half moon bay and pacifica and daly city and colma and sunset at 57, and we will push 70 downtown, south san francisco and sausalito and mid-to-upper 70s through the north bay valley and up to cloverdale it is warmest at 82. and in the mid-to-upper 60s at your coast and mid-to-upper soviet along the east bay shore with sunshine and 7 pa at hayward and san leandro and warm spot at castro valley at 78 and warmer use burst support inland east bay neighbor, 80 an san ramon and pleasanton and brentwood is the warm spot at 86. tonight, 50s and the cool spot in santa rosa at 51 and the rest of us in the mid-to-upper 50s and palo alto at 52 and same around danville and san ramon. we are going to be warmer tomorrow but nothing like this weekend, we will threat were 80 at beaches on sunday, and night
6:19 am
at the bay and triple digits inland and we will fineally pull back to average on wednesday of next week good morning good morning so a roller coaster on the way. sue? >> we have a busy start and now it is chilling off so to speak. the golden gate bridge has no fog. four lanes for southbound commute. early this morning there was fog in the mill valley area and mike has been talking about that. still could be slick roads because of yesterday's rain. extra caution. the motorcycle down westbound 580 at grant line, finally it is cleared out of the lanes. we have an hour and 10 minutes from tracy to dublin interchange. a car is off the embankment northbound 680 a tow truck is blocking a lane of traffic and they have to pull that car out of the embankment and we have a dream force we have been talking about, howard street closed
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abe 7 news app on the go on your schedule news that lives where you live. >> a new jersey high school football player will take a stand against growing backlash after a violent play caught on camera. we showed the video yesterday on abc7 and it is showing a player bashing a player if the head. the player has been banned from the team and could end up facing criminal charges. however, later today, he account tone will hold a news conference to explain their side of the story now that they claim it has been blown out of proportion. >> now, amy hollyfield and "good morning america" at 7:00. coming up next, a "good morning america" exclusive, the
6:24 am
14-year-old high school student arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school and his teacher misstating the device for a bomb. the # he joins us this morning to discuss what happened on "good morning america" next. >> see you at 7:00. >> three lifelong friends in sacramento receive hurons for -- honors for their heroism disarming a were ised terrorist. spencer stone will receive a purple heart. he hurt his hand fighting the suspect. oregon national guard man alek skarlatos receive military awards from the secretary of defense, and anthony sadler gets a civilian award for the valor. the laundry detechnologient could look different, the maker of the pods say they will work to meet new voluntary guidelines to help prevent poisoning when
6:25 am
kids mistake the pods for candy. they will put pods inside an opaque container, make the packets harder to puncture and adding a bit are taste to the film. regulators want them to go further by making the detechnologyent not poisonous. >> grabbing chips at the check out counter could be a thing of the past at one retailer. target said they will put healthy foods near the cash registers at and stores and they will move traditional high pat and high calorie treats away trying to tap into the health and wellness area that consumers are trying to get into. competitors by c.v.s. and wal-mart are trying similar campaigns and making the health of the remain employee as priority. target is offering fitbit to 335,000 employees part of new health initiative to cut down on health care costs and keeping employees out of the doctor's office. >> cutting the cost of college
6:26 am
before your children graduate high school. we have a look at the saving tips unveiled on "good morning america" today. >> back in the bernier of the valley fire, our new look at the destruction and how you can continue to help the victims move forward. >> in santa cruz, a tsunami advisory has been extended along the california coast to the south and we tell you what is happening in santa cruz in a report. >> sue and mike are back with traffic and weather before you are head out the door a look at san francisco international airport with weather and traffic airport with weather and traffic during the
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♪ in stores now. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news good thursday morning at 6:29. a view from the camera of the ferries underway inside the bay bridge and you can see a little bit of the sun meaning through the clouds or light peeking through the clouds. that means there could be some drizzle in the area. >> that could be the case. i have it open good authority, that authority be, meteorologist mike nicco.
6:30 am
mike? i thought it was your automatic windshield wipers. i will take that. >> good morning, everyone, patchy drizzle through 8:00. the rain gone. but mostly a gray start. 58 minutes is what the arrival delays am late at sfo. look how quickly we get such, no more gray by noon, 72 inland, dry and warmer this afternoon, 6 at the coast to 82 inland and a light jacket at coast this evening, 62 and pleasanton, at 76 inland. sue? >> looking at mass transit out at 630, bart is on time, up and down the peninsula no caltrain delays. 5:35 metering lights on at the bay bridge toll plaza, if you can car 3508, we are whizzing by, otherwise 7-10-minute delay from the maze to the toll plaza with brake lights through
6:31 am
sluggish ten minutes from highway 4 to highway 24 to walnut creek. other than that, we are looking at pretty good conditions out there and this is northbound 680 car off the road with tow truck on the scene. eight people are dead after a massive 8.2 earthquake off chill with a million people forced to leave their homes including in the capitol. the advisory for central and southern california has been extended and our reporter is on the cost in santa cruz with a look at conditions. we have seen activities in the harbor with ripples and we have seen a little bit of a surge, maybe 4-6" of water coming into the harbor covering rocks and my photographer who is a santa cruz native and he has seen the harbor many times and he said that he believes this and
6:32 am
related to the tsunami with the marinas shut down at 4:00 p.m. and swimers and betters warned that stronger currents could be dangerous and in santa cruz the possibility of a surge brought people to the harbor. >> in 2011 the santa cruz harbor here, i don't think it will be as big as that but i was hopping to see the surge. >> it was moving stuff around, the wharf was broke off. we are interesting if something that is different, a phenomenon of the earth and i want to ski a -- to see what it does. >> the tsunami caused significant damage travel from japan's eastern and rocked the santa cruz harbor. a series of surges caused $14 million in damage. the good news is it does not appear that damage will be done in the harbor and you wonder if
6:33 am
anyone in the boats will even notice. new details involving a stand off situation in slow now after reports of a possible home invasion robbery if vallejo. investigators say the suspects got away and it came to an under around mid-united when the officers enter add him on belmont avenue and found it vacant at 5:30 when the sheriff got a careful two armed people inside the home. deputies and police and swat officers surrounded the house and after six hours they came up empty handed. >> prosecutors opposed granting bail to three jail guards accused of murdering a mentally il lot inmate in jail. they will return to court for a hearing tomorrow. the vest gathers believe that two of the guards ted each other about avoiding the jail cameras
6:34 am
and wanted to "twist up inmates." the third was involved with three cases of suspicious force all charged in the death of michael tyree. >> valley fire is the 9th most dedistrictive this california history and is 35 percent contained. 585 homes are destroyed with more than 7,600 structures still threatened. state and local officials are considering asking president obama for federal assistance. we have the latest on the evacuees. >> there are 1,200 evacuees camped out but a none of people are still unaccounted for. now, some of the evacuees are fearing the worst. i spoke with a man this morning who said he believes the death toll will rise. the sheriff anticipated the same.
6:35 am
yesterday, cadaver dogs searched through the rubble looks for missing people not to is died in the fast moving fire that has taken so much from so many. 72-year-old barbara mcwilliams was the first confirmed victim of the valley fire. a 69-year-old man is still missing, with his car found in anderson spring not far from the burned home. but, so far, no sign of you think you lose your whole life because everything burns up. i have my life but i don't have the burden of carrying the rest of the stuff around with me. >> absolutely rush average and resilient attitude. so many people who are just going to wake up now very concerned for their neighbors who they have not heard from since the fire went through. two men are under arrest charged with impersonating law enforcement in the burn area of
6:36 am
the valley fire. a lake county deputy took 36-year-old man into custody in the mandatory evacuation area wearing a c.h.p. hat and peter oh connell was taken into custody found where a loaded gun in the mandatory evacuation area. >> we send owe a thank you to abc viewers who came through yesterday donating $59,000 to the hotline for the red cross. "7 on your side" and red cross volunteers manned the anyone lines for nine hours. the money will provide disaster relief for those affected by all of the western wildfires including the valley and butte fires. >> it is not too late to donate you can visit with more information on giving where you live or if you want to donate $10 right away text red cross 90999. >>
6:37 am
>> the human fire and we are lending two people have died, a photo of a victim, 66-year-old mark mccloud was posted on facebook found buried beneath his bumped home. mandatory evacuations have been lifted but south of the calaveras river, nose homes are still "off limits." the fire is now 47 percent contained. >> getting smart about savings to put your kids through college with tips to try today that will make your children or have your children thanking you later. >> a glitch with the apple watch. in the east bay we see traffic on interstate 680 the tail heights hiding southbound jammed up there. ♪
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>> thanks for sticking around. now, the valley fire, if you zoom up there you can see it is a great night with high human and low temperatures and the winds now are starting to pick up, at 4-11 miles per hour and theying people up headed throughout the morning and then they will fall down during the afternoon hours and stay fairly
6:41 am
easy to manage the next 24 hours and 90s on saturday, sunday and monday and palm springs is then, and sunshine today and upper 50's to low 80s through the central valley and los angeles and san diego about 80. >> a stream of headlights, at 80 westbound beyond golden gate field, the overcross at university avenue moving into the macarthur maze, a solid stream of cars, now, and if you are traveling from hercules, highway 4 to the maze you are look at 35 a car is off the embankment at northbound 680, trying to get out of the bushes this, and westbound 580 before the scales we have a solo spinout and shake roads. facing the wrong direction but
6:42 am
it is on the right hand shoulder. >> thanks, sue, just about 6:42. and when it comes to sending your kids to college it is staggering how quickly sit climbing. i know that for a fact. the average cost of a four year public college is $33,000 a year. that is more than $133 when you are done. a financial expert said that it takes only a little planning to get ahead. they suggest setting aside $20 a month from when the child is born so that is $4,300 when they head to college and put that in a special savings account and you will have saved $8,47. >> these 529 plans are transferrable, they are portable, can they have tax develops. >> this are other ways to kick start your savings with more tips at 7:00. >> a rhyme time showdown for the
6:43 am
republican presidential hopefuls from the economy to jobs and more and where they stand as they look to win your votes. >> stay in the know with abc7, and a look at the san mateo bridge headed into foster city. bridge headed into foster city. bridge headed into foster city. notice how this breakfast burrito starts with the basic tortilla, but then inside... it's stuffed with tender, juicy, sliced steak. whoa whoa...slow down...what? i said steak. in a breakfast burrito? i can't keep up. this is advanced burrito, right? this is intro to burrito. boom. jack's new steak & egg breakfast burrito's got tender, juicy steak, scrambled eggs, and creamy sriracha sauce, all wrapped in a warm tortilla. lookin' for a basic burrito? this ain't it.
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misswill turn anan asphalt parking lot into a new neighborhood for san franciscans. a vote for "yes" on "d" is definitely a vote for more parks and open space. a vote on proposition "d" is a vote for jobs. campos: no one is being displaced. it's 40% affordable units near the waterfront for regular people. this is just a win-win for our city. i'm behind it 100%. voting yes on "d" is so helpful to so many families in our city.
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6:46 am
>> the republican presidential hopefuls are back on the rail today after starring over securing america's border and foreign policy last night. >> the fences were not manned and those are the kind of fences when i was a kid that would bearly slow us down. >> if the united states military is engage by a command neither chief they should be engaged in an endeavour to win and we will not authorize use of force if you do not put men and women in a position where they can win. >> former h.p. c.e.o. used the second debate do shine and carly fiorina is the only woman in the g.o.p. fields summed up her appearance on "good morning america" this morning. >> i was satisified. i went into the debate half of the audience never heard my name and cut not know i was running so this is an important opportunity to introduce myself and i did that successfully last night. >> you can hear more in carly fiorina own "good morning
6:47 am
america" right here. >> happening now we want to check in on trading on wall street by giving you, first, the look at the big board. we will see what it shows, the dow is down 28 points, almost 30 points and, also, today, scene motors could be close to closing the books on the faulty ignition switches. jane king has that story from the nasdaq. >> good morning, in the past continue members, we got a press release from the justice department say they reached a settlement with general motors paying $900 million in fines to settle the criminal investigation that is looking into the faultying anything switch that led to over 100 deaths and hundreds of injuries and admit willing to failing to disclose the information to regulators and, also, misleading consumers about the safety of the vehicles. there will be a press conference here in a couple of hours. the federal reserve decision on
6:48 am
interest rates means something for those who do not think about fed. even if they raise rates you may not notice it because it will be such a small increase if there is one. it could mean higher rates on credit cards and car loans and good for sabres who are earning nothing on the cds and other accounts. if you have an apple watch, you have to wait longer for the software upgrade saying it is delaying 9 we watch ios2 because of a bug. apple did not explain what the issue is or when to expect the updated software, the ios9 was released on time. stocks are ahead of the meeting today and the decision was mixed and the dow and s&p is lower and the nasdaq is trading higher by 3:00. >> we wandered if the investers will be jittery. >> we wandered if because it is
6:49 am
>> we wandered if because it is so cool mike would bewaring >> it looks like a candy >> grab an extra jacket, the temperatures are in the 40's. the tsunamid a vasery extended even though the beginning of the tsunami with waved reaching newport at 4:46 this morning and it will take several hours to make its way but it is south us and we should not see much in the way of a surge in santa cruz maybe lows than half a foot and it will not be a repeat of what we dealt with last time. now, temperatures inland east bay leften is 61 and livermore is 62 and everyone else is in the mid-to-upper 50s until conquer at 60 and right now walnut creek is danville at 57 and lafayette and san ramon and dublin at 59 and antioch is 56. we have 60s in vallejo and san
6:50 am
francisco and oakland and hayward at 61. mountain view and san carlos at 59 and los gatos and novato cool fors at 55. we will talk about what is happening in half moon bay, three-quarters mile on highway one so watch out pore that around half moon bay and a repeat of fog in the north bay and it looks like an the recording stations it is not so foggy but this is fog. you and see the deck of the bridge is still wet from drizzle hanging around for another hour or so. then the sun will escape and the clouds will be warmer with stars feeling colder and summer like this weekend. here is a look at yesterday's rainmaker as expected it is just give up as it moved into the south bay and dropped the wet weather in the not bay, high pressure sinking. mid-to-upper 70s through the south bay with san jose at 77 and los gatos and morgan hill and gilroy at 80 to 82 and
6:51 am
mid-to-upper 70s with sunshine and millbrae is school at 71. and more sunshine along the coast and half moon bay is warm at 69. 70 if downtown and south san francisco and sausalito petaluma is 76 and santa rosa and calistoga at 9. a narrow range in the north bay a nice time to head to wine cup with winds from the north and it could be smoky. mid-to-upper 70s along the east bay shore and inhappened we will have low-to-mid 80s from 80 at san ramon and pleasanton and 86 in brentwood and 40s in the north bay and the rest of us are in the low-to-mid 50s. the seven-day outlook shows the 70s to nearly 80 at the coast this weekend and 90s around the bay and nearly 100 inland lasting through monday and back to a by wednesday. how is the commute? >> you may ask, it is off to a a busy start. nothing blocking the lanes and
6:52 am
20 minute drive from the toll plaza and across the flat section of the high-rise and over 101 a lot of company but no stalls or accidents and westbound 580 before the scales a slow low spinout on the right shoulder so it is not blocking the lanes and you still have a jam out of tracy in the central vietnam up and over the altamont pass and, again, this is a car fire which is rolling, richmond park weigh at lake side out of the lanes but a distraction. we do have fu fighters in town for dream force convention at pier accident in san francisco expect delays with concert time at 8:00. >> back with seven things to know before you go. first, we look at the bay bridge first, we look at the bay bridge toll
6:53 am
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get your best rest ever from sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> whether you are just joining us or head the outdoor, number one, tsunami advisory for part of the central california cost is endsted from the earthquake in child. in santa cruz the curve could rise by half a boat. even a small surge can cause serious damage. >> we have lingering drizzle for another hour or so and 58 minutes is our average arrival at fog. sunshine this afternoon and 70 in san francisco and mid-to-upper 70s elsewhere until you get inland east bay at
6:55 am
84. and san jose beyond highway 87, we do not see major accidents out there, but a lot of slow traffic. the valley fire has grown to 73,000 acres and is 35 contained. search teams will scour for missing peoples thought to is died. >> back to the campaign trail after republican presidential hopefuls sparred in the second debate. many candidates took aim at donald trump including carly fiorina would appeared to gain real ground in the debate. >> president obama will thank the three young men for heroism on a train in france disarming a suspect terrorist. one of them is a member of the air force and will receive the purple heart. >> seven, pasta lovers rejoiced olive garden is bringing back
6:56 am
the never ending pasta pass today. last year the $100 all you and see pass sold out in 45 minutes. warm up your fingersthey go on sale on the website at 11 o'clock so if you are done with your diets and ready to load with carbs... >> we continue online and twitter and facebook and see you in 25 minutes.
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good morning, america. fireworks at the republican debate. >> that happened in junior high. >> more energy tonight. i like that. >> she's right here. why don't you apologize to her. >> donald trump targeted. >> they could care less about your career. >> the billionaire on the defensive. >> i think she's got a beautiful face and i think she's a beautiful woman. >> carly fiorina captures some of the night's biggest moments. >> this is about the character of our nation. >> we have complete coverage. who's up, who's in trouble and how the campaign has changed overnight. breaking overnight, massive earthquake, the 8.3 quake caught on tape rocking chile triggering tsunami concerns as far as the u.s. a million people running into the streets. the search for those who may be trapped right now. school arrest.


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