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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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>> forced from homes for 5 days now. tonight the evacuee of the valley fair gather to find out when they might be able to go back. good evening. thanks for joining us tonight. >> the meeting tonight came on the same day we learn the number of dead from the fire climbed to 3. victim are believed to be bruce burns who was reported missing tuesday. 69-year-old leonard 97 reported missing on sunday and barbara mcwilliams first confirmed victim of the fire. she never made it out of the anderson springs home on saturday. >> latest on the fire tonight. it's now burned 73,000 plus acres. 35 percent contained. encouraging fuss. evacuation orders listed for people who live is safe and pope valley elementary school reopening. >> alan picks up our coverage
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live in calistoga tonight. alan? >> is there are now 1,000 people camped out here and almost everyone is in the same boat. they have been traumatized. they don't know if the homes are still standing and struggling to maintain morale. >> we are not really down. we are never out. we will come back i love you guys. thanks for whether you are and what you do. >>reporter: lake county supervisor jim come stock tried to keep morale from slipping as hundreds ofe evacuee gather for latest update. >> as many know already we have had 3 confirmed fatalities. sp hate to said but i expect to find more. >> there was also some good news. residents in middletown. parts of hid el valley and north side of can be can return home on saturday. if they still have a home. for others the waiting tips. >> has been like limbo whether
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do i do. where do i go. >> sitting around waiting for somebody to tell you it's okay to go back and you don't know when it will happen. >> safety the main reason behind the wait. pg&e still has more than 400 utility pole to repolice and miles of wire to restring. today police arrested 3 more men suspected of lathing vacant homes. >> if i catch you looting you ought to be ashamed of yourself and i'll help you be ashaichltd publishing the names of the people. >>reporter: it hasn't been easy here but tonight moment of collective joy when 5-year-old george klein got birthday surprise. community members heard avenues monster truck fan sew got a ride in the mini monster truck and tickets to real monster truck rally. at the napa county fairgrounds in calistoga, alan, wong abc 7 news. >> l temperature heat up going in the weekend let's check in with sand why to find out what it means for the firefighters. sandhya. >> yes. that doesn't mean good
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news obviously the heat build the humidity is going to drop. take a look at the temperature trend interthe valley fire area over the next 7 days. high will be come up. upper 80's to. mid 90's saturday through monday s.that's when the concern is with the humidity dropping it could make it tough for the firefighters in the valley fire area. the good news physician they can continue to mick progress like they did yesterday with the rain and extra cloud cover winds aren't expected to be too bad in the over fit hours tomorrow morning pretty light and heading that the afternoon not pick up much. radar track ago changing pick. how it will play in the weekend forecast coming up. >> thanks very much. one woman rode out the valley fire inside her hilltop home on could be-point mountain with only the dog by her side. she says nobody told her tow vac ate and even if they did she couldn't because she doesn't have a car. for 6 days she watched other homes burn as the flames roared up the hill. amazingly her
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home was spared. >> very blessed. very blessed. probably going to sell it after this but i'm very blesse blessed. >>reporter: on saturday night the flames roared right up to her back yard. immanuel how scared shechlts has no tv or internet and rate now she's just going to continue waiting things out. >> the fire created an emergency pet adoption situation. pebs of the sonoma humane society set up mobile care center to help fire vac whee have the pets with them at the temporary camp. volunteers tell us humane society facility in petaluma took in 18 dog and 2 cats. rescued from lake county this week. and the animal already there and it's a full house. they are asking foster family to please come forward to help out. to light hearted moment from the fir zone look at this picture posted which theal mead county fire development you see the firefighters and camel right behind them. strike team if
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the camel would have something to drink. >> some oath evacuee in calistoga sleep a little easier tonight. michael was this today doing whether he could to make people more comfortable. volume unterse ask for air mattress for some older people who have been sleeping on hard cot. we looked around consolidate stowing and found just 2 air mattresses which we picked up and delivered this afternoon. delivery brought tears of joy to these weary fire survivors. >> you are welcome you are welcome i'm glad to help glad it worked out for you. >> give where you live to help people affected by the valley wildfire and other fivrments go to our web site for the specific to contributor just text red cross to this number on the screen. instantly give 10 dlaivrments pg&e says the tree suspected of falling into a power line sparking the butte fire east of stockton had been inspected 6 times since 2014
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but not considered a risk. firefighters say the worst of the fire is over. most evacuation have been lifted and the 70,000 acre fire now 55 percent contained. pg&e work to repair broken policy and power lanes and could the up to 3 weeks. >> working hard. to try to get rest didn't back into their homes. and so yes, the recovery process is starting and we are doing transition. >> is santa clara county firefighters posted video on twitter today. folk cheered them on holding up signs thanking them for saving their homes. >> berkeley lake is closed for swimming because of high levels of toxic algae deadly for dog. we were at this region if park as warning signs went up around the lake ka. more water sample tested. park district has closed 3 other bay area lake to swim thanksgiving year because of toxic algae. officials say the problem is likely relited to the drought.
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>> bail hearing will be held tomorrow for 3 santa clara county prison guards accused of beating an inmate to death. they face murder charges for beat thanksgiving man to death. court documents rae veal shocking new evidence against the 3 guards. investigators say 2 of them text message each other about twisting up inmates and one of them was involved in 3 previous incidents involving suspicious use of force. >> today the cdc issue the warning to the nation gate flu shot. lacks year vaccine didn't work very well. many people still got sick. what about this year. here's lesli leslie. >> it's that time of year again. time to get the flu shot. last year version didn't work well. the virus mutated and left the vaccine out of sink with what was going aroun around. many got sick and sicker. >> 2014-2015 season l has hig
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highest hospitalization rate among seniors that we have ever documented. >> this year will be different. >> this year the spl strain which is part of the vaccine look like it will have good coverage with the virus circulating south of the he quitor right now which is presumably the one that will feature during our flu soychbility yin percent of doctors and nurses get vaccine tonighted in the gem public half get flu shot. half skip it. >> i feel like taking the vaccine as opposed through the experience of suffering. >> kids think getting the vaccine is suffering. >> is make so it doesn't hurt that much. >> cdc recommends that everyone over 6 month old get vx natured before flu season? a notch shortage of flu vaccine this year. 170 million are being shipped out in the time to get the shot is now. in cast from valley abc 7 news. >> sf our news continues. 52
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fighters rock san francisco waterfront. if ♪ fight next how the concert is helping needy children. >> donald trump didn't say tonight on the campaign trail that is now raising eyebrow. >> later. presidential pd a. jimmy carter public display of affection tonight at baseball game. more to come. >> first what's coming up tonight right after abc 7 news at 11:00. jimmy. >> thanks. take a look at what we spent detail working on just for you. >> if you need more bread. joe dirt gets whatever he wants. dirt gets whatever he wants. come to
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>> after party guest under way right now following a rocking fundraiser featuring the band foo fighter. it's annual event during the massive week long dream force conference. katie is live at 25th and tennessee. hi. >> the venue at pier 70 is block away and this is the closest we can park. it's a bit of a zoo in this area. we are talking about 50,000 people coming to see foo fighters. tickets starting at 500 dollars each all of the money going to help sick children. and tonight very special child received a special award. fight foo fighters fundraising for ucsf children's hospital. note lead singer dave still in the fractured foot from fall on stage in sweden in june. tens
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of thus of people packed on to pier 70 for the most anticipated night of the dream force kovrngs. but on smaller stage bigger moment. fv awarded the courage medal. 12-year-old diagnosed with law chemoia last year. >> t cell all which is very aggressive. >> despite grueling treatment and few set back her doctor said she's inspirational to the staff and to other patient's. >> there's now kid if the hospital and they go to the play roomment i help them out. >> regardless what's going on st he's always had the smile. he's so the positive. >> only guess to the hospital once a month now. hospital shares the name with sales force ceo. >> what is so exciting we build the best children hospital in
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the world hear in san francisc francisco. the children hospital and we raise 10 million dollars. i don't think there's ever been a tonight where 10 million dollars has been raised for a children hospital ever before. >> over the past 5 years event raised 36 million dollars. in san francisco katie, abc 7 news. >> new at 11:00 republic cap presidential candidate trump allowed questions during a town hall meeting in nuchlt he did in the correct a man who said the president is a muslim. city. okay. sp problem in this cup ty t.called muslims. we know our current president is wunlt you necessity he's not even an american. >> trump fave a vague answer and said he would be looking into the issue and plenty of other things. >> new at 11:00. caitlyn jenner on her way to the bay area. we learned tonight she's scheduled to appear at the war memorial hop are house in is a fran february 29. yes that's a
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leap day. february 29. tickets on sale tomorrow morning at 10:00 a.m. earlier this week filed paperwork to legally change her name and gender. >> focus our attention on warming forecast. >> just in time for fall. >> isn't it eye respect ick. as you look at beautiful sunset right now. sun did you know at 7:15 become because it's too gorgeous. sky clear out as the sun set nice glow to the sky line we are not expecting much in the way of clouds. our radar showing you mainly clear conditions rate now. as we look at what's ahead here's the latest from the climate at prediction center. happy to hear this upcoming winter the outlook is updated. expecting wetter than normal conditions across the southern tier of states. dryer than normal across the northern tier of states look where we stand. trending wetter this winter.
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wetter than normal for southern california and they are expecting strong el nino to peek between late autumn and early winter when we need to it peek in order to allow pretty heavy rain to mav through. wait and see but keep in mind one winter of a lot of rain won't erase our drought which is in the fourth year. temperatures right now in the upper 50's for the coolest spots. 60's elsewhere the exploratorium camera. beautiful view as we look toward the financial district sunny warm to. heat spike this weekend and it's cooler midweek just as fall begins. satellite radar showing use it heats up. high pressure coming in and as rebuilding what you see is a heat returning. really going to start to sizzle in our inland spot for saturday sunday. heats start with tom. you dwip to feel the warming effects as we get into the upper 80's low 90's tomorrow inland. 60's, 70's still at the coast and head toward saturday upper 90's for hot spot sunday is when we expect the triple digit inlistened so
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summer is not over just yet. 70's at our beaches. not too hot thanks to the fog and a little bit of the sea breeze. temperatures first thing in the morning on the cool side. i call it sweater weights. don't forget to bundle up. low clouds near the coast. pretty clear afternoon high come up warmer today. some kaichs warmer warm you up even more. morgan hill, 86, gilroyia and los gatos operate peninsula. mountain view 80 redwood city very is in 76 in san mateo o. pacifica 67 degrees do you want san francisco 70 daly 606770 in sausalito. low 80's for santa rose, napa vallejo 78 east bay community mid 70's oak rand berkeley 78 hercules 81 agre fremont you are warm inland. 86 liver mir concorde 85 for
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walnut creek. accu-weather 7 day forecast novrnt likes the hot weather. always place in the bay area. 70 for beaches saturday sunday. the heat will be bay and inland 90 to 100 temperatures will still remain a little bit on the hot side for some people on monday but as we head towards tuesday wednesday signs of fall mid 60's to low 80's for the first difficult of fall which starts wednesday 1:21 in the morning. >> thanks sandhya. >> all right. cost on the kiss camera. tell still ahead. sweet moment tonight between
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>> seems twitter can't get enough of gray's anatomy. social media company said today that hit drama is the most buzz
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about show as we head into the new fall season. grace racked up nearly 2.2 million tweet since june. the reason fans may still be devastated over the death of dr. peculiar dreamy. get to the if you season of "grey's anatomy"my on abc 7 when it returns a week from tonight at 9:00 o'clock. >> former president carthy is not shy about a little bit of pd a. check this out. former president and wife rosalyn caught on kiss cam atlanta braves game. they didn't dispoint giving each era big smooch in front of the cheering round. president carter announce last month he's treated for cancer spread through much of the bed as you can see. romance still going very strong. >> the going but sweatiness in sports tonight. right larry. that's what you get. >> that's what you get. people think peyton is done as elite quarterback and people look right tonight in kansas city
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until the
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awe. >> good evening. at one point it looked like hunter had a really bright future with the 49ers but acl injury appears to have ended the prospects. hunter was waived by the niners and reached injury settlement and the tail back will no longer be with the team. on injured reserve list and team could have brought him back after week 6. not the same explosion or quickness after come from the tear. so instantly now a free agent if he doesn't sign with anybody else and still possible he could come back to the red and gold t.wild finish in kc tonight. thursday nature football broncos and chiefs up 7 nothing. peyton manning intercepted by marcus peters
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and take back 55 yards. 14 nothing kansas city and people say oh, he's done. lollipop arm and all of. that hang on. late fourth quarter. broncos down z.zipping it in to sanders for 19 yard touch down with 36 seconds left. chiefs don't kneel take it to over time. the what have could happy fumble. scoop up by bradley about robe. scoop and score and that is the game winner. broncos 31-24 they are now 2 and o. curry back in north carolyn and visit old high school tomorrow. today he dropped in on davidson college alma mater and brought his friend larry the trophy. worked out with the team. 8 sopt chicken curry yes did he at the cafeteria and first shot in the new practice facility that is still under construction. the the key is the set a gel and then you work. >> not lose sight of what you
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are trying to accomplish no matter what hurdle you have to good through. so i think that relate to whatever you are doing. so for me and been and the it's about visualizing weather you write it down put it on the wall do something what the goals are. get lost in the process of day-to-day gripe. >> if you google the phrase game of inches great speech by al pacino. the a's game came down to game of inches. 2.7 million people in chicago and almost all of them decided not to go to did's gale. down in the 9th. 2 on for butler. country breakfast inhale. not denny grand slam but 3 run homer because garcia dropped the ball. would have been spectacular catch. but the ball popped out. inches we need are everywhere around us right there. 3 run bomb. 4-2 a's there's the inch. good to see shawn back on the mound for the a's wept 2 innings today. in the 9th. tyler on double
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play ball. then strike out gordon beckham to end it so the a's win 4-2 and head to huh stop in the spoiler role versus astros. giants had the day of off. 7 sports brought to you by x finance ty. >> thanks. >> abc 7 news does 10 now on line on twitter on face back all the mobile device with our 7 news app. >> check it out when you can. neck newscast at 4:30 tomorrow morning is.
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>> all right that's our report tonight we appreciate your time as always. >> for all of us here, we thank you for joining us. rate now david spade on jimmy kimmel. >> enjoy the rest of your
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>> enjoy the rest of your evening. good night and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, david spade, from the oklahoma city thunder, russell westbrook. "this week in unnecessary censorship," and music from a$ap rocky featuring schoolboy q. with cleto and the cletones. and now, look out, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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