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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 18, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning! thanks for joining us on friday at 5:00. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. the brand is taking a break but mike has the forecast. what do you have? >> darkness this morning. then well have light. and it will show...there are no clouds on live doppler hd. as we look at the ferry building, the flags are calm. that is going to warm us and back to average justify the
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beginning of the warming trend the you step outside this morning or maybe you notice if you were sleeping with the windows open, it is cooler at 48 to separate. by noon, cool, and 80 inland and by 4:00, 66 to 86 and temperatures are already jumping over yesterday's levels and we will start off with more sunshine. yesterday we waited forever for the clouds and by 7:00, we are 60 to 80 inland and temperatures are dropping in the 60s because the sun sets at 7:13. now the original commute, sue? >> we are going to the bay bridge toll plaza and you can see it on the scene. very little traffic. no metering lights looking good with a couple of problem spots and a motorcycle down as you come out of the tunnel approaching 580 it is in the center divide. the ride certificate okay and waiting for help. be cautious. if you are drive out of the tunnel. northbound 85, a car hit a deer before bascom.
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it is out of the lanes but they are waiting for a tow truck of the in yountville, a solo spinout at highway 29, use caution. >> we have breaking news from the philippines. look at the pictures, a dozen people have been injured by violent turbulence on a flight from the philippines to hawaii. a news agency tweeted the pictures showing several passengers were taken off the flight in wheelchairs. 15 people everyone hurt slightly. that was the flight from hawaii to manila. medical personnel helped them off. some are holding medical gloves which flight attendants filled with ice to treat the injuries, 132 people were on board and, again, 15 were treated for injuries. all are minor. you can follow us on twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> in the bay area people in the communities hit hardest by the valley fire could return home tomorrow as firefighters
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continue to work to contain the fire. we are in calistoga with more. tiffany? >> we will start off with the good news, evacuation orders for parts of middletown, hidden valley and the north side of cobb are lifted so some of the forces who are camped out here will be able to return home if they have a home to return to. >> part of the growing frustration is the lack of information about what properties burned and which properties did not bun. there is a daily brief at 1:00 o'clock p.m. at the lake county emergency operations center which is miles from the napa county fair groups so it may not be feasible to attend. also, students at pope valley elementary can return to school with attendance voluntary meeting for parents at 3:30 and classrooms can open on monday. in an effort to help all of the families affected, california's insurance commissioner will visit the burn area and the cell
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seeville high school evacuation center. he is expected to benefit local officials on insurance issues that families will face as they try to return and rebuild. it has been a week since the wildfire starts and the fatality count stands at three but could rise. community leaders are doing what they can to bolster evacuation weeks' morale. we are not down, we are never out. i love you. thank you for who you are and what you do. >> pg&e said more than 6,600 people are still without power with 400 utility poles need be to be replaced and miles of wires to restring. there is progress but it is going to be quite some time before there is any sense of normalcy. >> cal fire will release the latest figure on the
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which is 35 percent and 6,650 customers still have no power. evacuation orders have been lifted for those in berryessa estates. >> a woman road out the fire on cobb mountain with only her dogs by her said and said no one told her testify evacuate and she could not because she does not have a car. she watched other homes burning as the flames roared up the hill. flames went up to her backyard but the home was spared. >> feel very blessed. very blessed. i will sell after this. but very blessed. she plans to continue to wait things out. and the homes of fire evacuees were being burglarized and the c.h.p. stopped the three men in hidden valley lake. they found a loaded weapon, mask, gloves, duct tape and
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other tools. this story we love, some of the vehicles camped out from the valley fire in calistoga are sleeping easier because of "7 on your side" and michael finney, suffering severe back pain. he looked around calistoga and found only two air mattresses last at a local hardware story and we picked them up and delivered yesterday. >> you are welcome. you are welcome. i am glad it worked out. >> the reminder is to give where you live to help people out affected by the valley fire and other wildfires across california and there are several ways to trip. go to for the specifics or text red cross to 90999 to give $10 instantly. >> east of stockton more evacuees from the beautify are running to their homes. firefighters say the worst is over. most evacuations have been lifted and the 70,000 acre fire now is 55 percent contained. pg&e is, welcoming to repair
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broken and burned poles and power lines that can take three weeks. the man suspect of killing kate steinle will be formally charged with murder after a decision this month that this is enough evidence to try francisco sanchez who admitted in an interview with abc7 that he fired the gun at pier 14 on julyst that took her life. the attorneys believe he should not face murder charges because they say he found the weapon and it fired accidentally. the shot hit and killed kate steinle. >> >> two bay area counties will catch up on thousands untested rape kits sitting on the evidence shelves with a $2 million grant from the district attorney in new york city. the money will be used to test 2,400 kits and is getting 2,400 kits and is getting $835,000 to
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enforcement agencies across the bay area. >> the f.a.a. awarded mineta san jose international airport $1.5 million to develop ways to reduce the potential nor unauthorized aircraft on runways, san jose international is the first united states airports to undergo such a study. last in, the airport received $3.5 million grab to instatute various security upgrades. >> a crackdown on sugary sweets at schools in orinda is starting a firestorm on sole media. parents are furious after the school district set new guide lines discouraging students from bringing sugary sweets during classroom celebrations such as birthdays. parents are upset they did not get a say and have launched a petition asking the district to overturn the guidelines which has 200 signatures if less than 24 hours. school district leaders say their goal was to promote healthy eating and combat
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obesity. >> time now for a check on weather and traffic and we start with meteorologist mike nicco. >> it is cooler. >> always want add kal. cake for my birthday. >> i want the chocolate. open my birthday. >> can't have fun on your birthday now? >> good morning, rohnert park, petaluma, american canyon, close to dropping into the 40's. novato, santa rosa, 52, along with mill valley, 59 in filibuster ron, vallejo is 3589, and san rafael is 57, we have the same temperature in lafayette, and san ramon and cupertino, 53 degrees and 3589 in redwood city and san francisco and we do not have clouds along the coast look what happened, 48 degrees. 60 in alameda. san jose, 101 at 888, the temperatures are running in the mid-50s this morning and this is the last comfortable afternoon, 84 to 90, more sun at the coast and into san francisco at 66 at 73 and a fantastic
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friday for outdoor activities around the bay, up to 83 in the south bay and north bay and a clear sky and temperature of about 58 degrees at sfo and keep your fingers crossed no flight arrival delays with nearly record heat saturday into sunday and back off on monday, where the rest of the forecast including the beginning of fall coming up. sue? >> good morning, mike, and everyone, happy friday. we are looking at walnut creek southbound 680 making the turn at north bay toward highway 24, everyone is moving at the limit here, and getting a little bit busy as you wake up on friday morning. a couple of problem spots coming from the tunnel toward the 580 split a motorcycle is down but the ride certificate okay in the center divide. use extra caution. northbound 101 a semi and a car got into it in the right
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and the car is dangerous the wrong way with no slowing, it is early but that is happening out there and, also, we have a car that struck a deer north 85 and it is out of the lanes waiting for a tow truck. >> all right we will keep watch on that. >> a survey reveals the one thing your boss can do to make your day at work happy. >> and the time of day a cup of coffee could be bad for your health. then don't miss sleep train's want youbest rest event.? you'll find sleep train's very best mattresses
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santa rose, san jose, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> a new high-rise development received a green light if san francisco. the landing commission signed off on the project that will soar above 5th street between mission and how war street including both luxury and affordable housing and office space. this image showed hundreds voicing their opinions and some fear it will spur more gentrification south of market area. >> if you love coffee, reap for it now. in the morning. a study finds caffeine at fight does more than keep you up at
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fight but throws off the internal clock. researchers at university of colorado say that caffeine has another impact on sleep. it delays the body's natural surge in the production of the sleep hormone, such as double-double espresso three hours before bedtime can delay the hormone surge by 40 minutes. you may not know the science but you knew that kept you from sleeping. today, warriors mvp steph curry will visit his old high school in charlotte, north carolina. >> year, he went back to his alma mater with a special guest and larry o'brian championship trophy and took a if you shot at the gym under construction. >> do not lose sight of what you are trying to accomplish no matter the hurdles.
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that relates to whatever you are doing. for me in basketball it is about visualizing, write it down, put it on the wall, your goals and get lost in the process of day-to-day grind. >> the head koch said the significant donation from steph curry helped build the new gym for the basketball team. >> amazing when you think of the top basketball colleges north carolina, duke, michigan and davisson college. >> small town north of charlotte is beautiful especially with this time of the year, the colors are amazing. >> gorgeous colors and gorgeous weather. then you turn things off. >> you will need the air conditioning. it is that time of the year. the sea saw is going to swing to warmer weather as we head through the weekend. we have fog right now. napa valley, you can see right there, we are dealing with it at 12 and 121 the visibility is as
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low as half a mile. the golden gate bridge shows, though, no wind. we do not have fog. we are going do have warm sunshine and the air is clean. you can get out there and take pictures and enjoy a walk and the golden gate will be busy with the marin headlands. records may fall and autumn cooling arrives next week. today, temperature-wise we will start down to santa cruz with sunshine and 80 degrees on the boardwalk and hold up for santa clara and sunnyvale and 80 and milpitas 79 and mid-80s for los gatos and morning hill and 88 in gilroy. peninsula, low 80s, from redwood city south and we will have mid-to-upper 70s from millbrae to san mateo and may have to raise the millbrae temperature to 74. that would be more if line. temperatures are 6959 half moon bay and pacifica and daly city and colma 67 and low-to-mid 70s south san francisco and
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downtown to sausalito. mid-to-upper 60s along the north bay coast and inland, petaluma is 79, vallejo is 78 and everyone else in the low-to-mid 80s and the winds are still going to be blowing a little bit out of the north so it could be smoky from time to time. berkeley is 74, and oakland, san leandro, 77, castro valley and fremont, 81, inland, mid-80s to nearly 90 as you head to brentwood. baseball tonight, at&t park, nice evening, and 65 dropping to 62 without much of a breeze. we go from sunshine to start. another cool one tonight, low 50s in the north bay valley and the rest us are in the mid-to-upper 50s. for the weekend, keep an cry on this area of high pressure and the sister high that is help having bringing the offshore breeze. that is going to hit us tomorrow and sunday so we have a chance of record heat. money 90s inland tomorrow and
5:19 am
triple digits on sunday and back to mid-90 on monday, 90s around the bay tomorrow. mid-night on sunday. upper 80s on monday. if you like the warm sunshine at the beach, mid-70s to nearly 80 this weekend. a couple of problem spots and the peninsula, first, on 101 near seaport, a big rig and a car mixed it up in the right lane, the car is facing the wrong way. not seeing much slowing, motorcycle down and rider is by the bicycle, center divide. westbound 24 at 580 and a new issue in the mill valley area southbound 101, the lane two, another problem with the car hitting a deer and they are in the lanes. that is a very dangerous situation. this is the second one we have had this morning. with a problem with the car and a deer, here is the other one, northbound 5, that is out of lanes but apparently the deer is stuck under the car and they are waiting for the crews.
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>> it is 5:29. some of you may need to recover with sleep after the olive garden special passes for all you can see. it was sold out in a second. the restaurant chain said it is not a case, the $100 all you can eat pasta passes were in high demand and said it will give away passes to customers on social media the next couple of weeks. >> a two hour meeting aide the federal reserve, today, with no decision, no hike, on the interest rate. >> here is america's money report. >> good morning, topping america's money the federal reserve keeps key interest rates at zero. >> raise concerns of low ininflation and turmoil overseas, they hold steady but they still expect to raise interest rates before the year is out. that could impact mortgage rates
5:21 am
and car loans. >> general motors is is criminal prosecution for the deadly chicagos paying $900 million fine but and say g.m. is getting off too easy. >> finally, the secret to happy employees could be free snacks. >> companies that provide free food and drinks have happier workers than those what do not and half of those looking for a new job way company perks, such as snacks in their decision. >> newsrooms never have snacks. >> raise or snack? raise or snack? raise or snack? >> seven things to know as you start your day. >> tasty dorito are giving to the lgbt. >> raise. >> caught on the kiss camera, a
5:22 am
special moment for a former president and his first lady. president and his first lady. >> what is
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>> here are seven things to know before you go. evacuation orders for middletown, parts of hidden valley and the north side of cobb are lifted tomorrow. residents in berryessa were allowed home yesterday with a briefing held on the valley fire each day at 1:00 o'clock p.m. it will be held at lake county emergency operations center. >> pope valley elementary will re-open today in napa and medaltown school officials will assess their schools today. if campuses are damaged, students could be sent to schools in california together. informational meeting is held for parents at 3:30 at middletown high school. >> heat wave on the way for the weekend with temperatures at the coast 10-15 degrees
5:25 am
warmer-than-average. can you imagine what it will be can you imagine what it will be where you live? with a big rig on the wrong way and out of tracy we have another accident blocking two lanes of traffic. it is very slow out of tracy. >> five, prosecutors will urge a judge, today, to deny bail for three jail guards accused in the petting death of an inmate. all three suspects worked at santa clara county main jail if san jose investigators say they are a flight risk. the tones argue they have strong ties to community. >> the undocumented immigrant accused in the death of kate steinle is expected to be formally charged with murder though. the san francisco woman was shot can killed while walking with her father at pier 14 in july. the attorneys for francisco sanchez say that the gun went off accidentally.
5:26 am
>> seven, today is worldwide parklet day, a day to turn parking spaces into parklets, temporary green spaces. >> doritos is showing support for lgbt teens with a limited run of rainbow chips part of the partnership with the "it gets better project," that supports gay and lesbian teens would have been bullied. in you donate $10 or more to the organization can buy the chips. the rainbow look is inspired by the pride flag. >> former president jimmy carter and his wife were caught on the kiss camera last night atlanta braves game. they gave each other a big kiss in front of the cheering crowd and jimmy carter announced he is getting attempt for cancer. he said he intends to remain active while he has treatment and she does not look south conscious and they look reallies
5:27 am
really happy. >> go on, carters, where your badselves. >> a warning for people in the east bay, where you will not want to take your dogs. >> what doctors want you to know about the flu shot this year. >> looking at the rooftop camera at the embarcadero traffic is very light. very light. back with more news and weather looks like you left these two west coast birds behind!
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning. i know you want to say the word "friday." i am saving for you. >> it is 5:29 on this friday morning. >> and now the friday forecast. meteorologist mike nicco turn up the heat? fog is the word.
5:30 am
heat is the word this weekend. thanks for coming around. here is a look at live doppler hd with quarter-mile visibility as you travel around napa this morning. you can see the winds are nonexistent and we are cooler through sunrise. then it will be brighter, mid-60s at the coast and low 70s around the bay and 80 inland and 6-8 degrees for the highs today and a comfortable evening. the next couple offings -- of evenings will not be. >> in san jose, remark is moving nicely. this is 101 northbound. this is the 880 overcrossing. everyone is at the limit. the headlights are in the northbound direction. in the peninsula, we have early accident with big rig and a car is cleared. it is not a problem. we have a problem, another problem this morning, it has been tough for the 580 and 205
5:31 am
commute. two left lanes blocked. it is backed up by the accident into tracy. >> people in the communities hit hardest by the valley fire could be able to run home by tomorrow. firefighters are continuing to work to contain the fire. our reporter is in calistoga with the latest. >> folks would live in middletown, parts of hidden valley and the north side of cobb could be able to go home tomorrow if the homes are standing. part of the delay in the evacuation orders being lifted has to do with pg&e saying 6,600 still have no power and 400 utility poles need to be replaced and miles of wire to restraint. with evacuees there is growing frustration at the lack of information of what has burned and what hasn't. starting today, officials will hold a 1:00 o'clock p.m. briefing at the lake county emergency operations center, however, that is miles away from the napa county fair grounds so it may not be easible for the evacuees to attend.
5:32 am
>> it has been just sitting around waiting for someone to say it is okay to go back. you do know know when that will happen. >> the california insurance commissioner will visit the burn area and meat with local officials about some of the impact of the displaced families and their insurance adjustment. also happening today, students at valley hope will return to school and there will be a meeting for parents of middletown school district students but, they may not return to school until monday. certainly, progress but a long way away from full recovery. it is 5:32. with the weekend of hot weather on the way, fires will work together to gain major ground on the valley fire committee evacuation orders were lifted for people in berryessa estates in napa and people in middletown and cobb and hidden valley could go home in the next day.
5:33 am
the sheriff expects there could be more fatalities. so far three people have died in the fire. 73,000 acres have burned since the fire broke out on saturday. it is still 35 percent contained. >> people have been staying at centers could get their mail delivered to them today. the middletown post office has been closed since the fire break out. people would could get around have to drive to clear lake to get their mail. starting today, postal workers bring mail to evacuees at shelters in clear lake and calistoga. >> members of the sonoma humane society set up a care center to help evacuees who have their pets with them at the temporary camp. animals without homes are fill the shelter. in petaluma, they took in 18 dog and two cats. it is a in kill shelter so they ask foster families, please, to come forward. >> from the fire zone look at this picture on instagram by the alameda county fire department.
5:34 am
you can see the smiling firefighters and camels. camels. they filled troughs with water so the camels would have something to drink. >> the state insurance commissioner dave jones will meet with evacuees and brief local officials on insurance issues impacting resident whose have lost homes. fire victims are automatically eligible for income tax break according to the franchise tax board for people in lake and napa and amador and calaveras county. >> can you give where you live to help out people affected by the valley fire and other wildfires across california. there are several ways to contribute. go to text red cross to 90999 to instantly give $10. >> other news for you, happening today the three san jose jail guards accused of beatingen abe -- beating an inmate to death or due in court to see if they can
5:35 am
be let out on bond. matt? yes, this is a big hearing for the correctional deputies. a judge will decidedly this could be let out on jail. matthew farris, jereh lubrin and rafael rodriguez are charged with homicide in the death michael tyree. a motion opposing the motion has been filed with text between the deputies outline a pattern of violence. court documents also allege other inmates were assaulted. san jose residents was just released from the county jail yesterday and he said he felt helpless after having run ins with two of the three guards. >> they go in there with a chip on their shoulder, and they think they can put their hands on anyone. >> defense attorneys paint a different picture than the prosecution saying all three are care asking compassionate people committed to senator their local community and should have the opportunity to post bail. they do not pose a danger to others and are not a flight
5:36 am
risk. the bail hearing is scheduled for 9:00 a.m. today. >> this man, mathew muller, returns to court in hayward after a failed home invasion robbery. the tomorrows want the judge to throw out evidence found on his cell phone. officers discovered the home at the crime scene. he faces federal kidnapping charges in vallejo in the "gone girl." the two victims filed a claim against the police because detectived called the ordeal "a hoax." >> it is 5:36. berkeley's lake anza is closed for swimming because of toxic algae that could be deadly to dogs. we were at the regional park as warning signs went up around the lake, with more water samples tested. the park district has closed three other labor for swimming because of toxic algae. officials say the problem is likely related to the drought. >> caltran is closer to blowing
5:37 am
up the largest bion the eastern span of the bay bridge with the to which 268' pier from sky 7 and the san francisco bay conservation and development gave the green light yesterday to implode the tower in early november. it extends 20 stories into the bay and they need final approval from the arm corps of engineers reducing the concrete tower to rubble in six seconds. the debris would collapse and become entombed on the bottom of the bay. >> now the weather forecast. we have been talking about the warm-up over the weekend. mike? >> you can start to see 60 at 2,800' and mount diabolo at 56 at 3,800' and were in the mid-40s so the air is lurking. warmest is pittsburg at 61 inland. concord is 58. brentwood is 57. livermore at 56. lafayette is, too, is 56.
5:38 am
walnut creek is 54. san francisco is 58. oakland is 56. san jose, also, around 56 degrees. in san rafael you can see how highly localized the fog is, in the napa valley, and san francisco tops out at 73 and peninsula at 80 and south bay, 82, and east bay 81, inland east bay 88 and north bay, 83, total sunshine, as cool as it gets. check out the temperatures sunday and that is the best chance of setting a record. san francisco, 84, being conservative and peninsula is 94 and south bay is 99, and same in the east bay, inland east bay, 102 and the north bay, 97. be careful this wreck. and this morning, any issues on the drives? we have had a couple of issues. look at this, our spider trend is back, the camera, the original web camera at the bay bridge toll plaza with metering lights turned on and traffic is
5:39 am
stacked up into the macarthur maze. a couple of problem spots to be worried about, and this was an early accident now cleared and i am not looking at any slow traffic but it is off to the right shoulder, a big rig and a car mixed it up north 101 at sea possibility and continued problems from tracy at west 205, two last lanes blocked and it is just jammed and you get a break until you get to the altamont pass and then it shows down. kristen and eric? >> yes, 5:39. cashing in after around error by comcast and how much they have to shell out for violating the privacy of thousands of customers and how much your cut could be. >> two high school football players tell their side of this video of them blocking a referee and what they are saying to and what they are saying to point their against. stay
5:40 am
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> welcome back. it is 5:42. we hear from two suspended high school football players accused of attacking a referee in texas two weeks ago. the teens claim the official
5:43 am
used racial slurs to teammates. both players gave their side of the story to abc's george stephanopolis. stephanopolis. [ inaudible ] player, you need to hit the ref and he needs to pay the price. >> you can see the rest of the interview an exclusive on "good morning america" at 7:00 a.m. right here on abc7. >> comcast customers will pay $33 million to settle accusations it accidentally published personal information of thousands in california, 75,000 people paid to keep their names, addresses and phone numbers private. the state attorney general said they sold the information to phone directory publishers and each customer will receive $100,
5:44 am
$25 million goes to state, $432,000 goes to law enforcement officers, judges and crime victims who said the breach endangered them. >> former h.p. ceo carly fiorina's campaign is picking up momentum after the standout performance at the presidential debate and the super pac is inundated with calls after wednesday night's event. fiorina is getting new invitations to speak in iowa when she make as swing through the state next week and is drawing strong reviews on how she handled donald trump after he criticized her appearance. >> we have a problem in this country. it is calls muslims. our current president, with know, is one the he is not even an american. >> trip is drawing criticism for failing to correct that man, the president is, in fact, protestant and was born in hawaii, and man made the statement during a question-and-answer session in new hampshire yesterday. donald trump gave a vague answer
5:45 am
and said he would be "looking into the issue." >> a local concern's hospital has millions of additional dollars do fight diseases because of thousands who enjoyed because of thousands who enjoyed a if you -- >> they danced at pier 70 and was the highlight of the force convention. >> what is so exciting we are building the best children's hospital in the world here in san francisco, and we raised $10 million. i don't think there has ever been a nature where $10 million has been raised for a children's hospital. ever. >> and 12-year-old celebrated a bigger moment on another stage, bat weeing leukemia and received the colin powell courage medal.
5:46 am
>> if you live in concord you can receive four free tickets to a concert on sunday, with live nation making a limits number of tickets available from 10:00 to 2:00 but you have to show a government-issue photo i.d. and utility bill that matches the dress on your i.d. tickets are available on first-come-first-serve basis. >> how will the sound waves travel with the warm-up of temperature service >> but it is away from everyone so people will not complain. it will travel when it is warmer this weekend. if you are on the lawn seats temperatures are in the 100s. more likely sunday than saturday in concord, but, it will be hot. san jose, then, 87 near the shark tank where it is 55 degrees under a clear sky. cooler start today but a warmer ending with record warm possible on saturday; more likely on sunday, and autumn begins next
5:47 am
week and so does the cooler weather. it will not last long jet live the heat wave. this morning we are starting off cooler because of clear is sky and dry air and a nonexistent wind on live doppler hd. that lack of wind mean not much free air conditioning off the bay or ocean waters so well hit 79 in milpitas and get back to average in the south bay with san jose at 81 and warm to 88 in gilroy and headed to santa cruz, 80 today. 80 in redwood city and menlo park and palo alto and mountain view and los altos, low 80s and mid-to-upper 70s from, say, hillsborough to san mateo. and upper 60s along the coast today with more sunshine than yesterday. you are seeing significantly cooler in the 40's this morning because of the lack of clouds. south san francisco, downtown, sausalito low-to-mid 70s and if you are santa rosa north, mid-to-upper 80s, along the east bay shore, mid-to-upper 70s until you get to union city and fremont and castro
5:48 am
valley, 81, and san leandro at 87 degrees. san ramon and pleasanton, 84, and we will hit 90 near brentwood and a last day of comfort an conditions inland, as far as the game tonight, temperatures are close to average and we will not have much of a brief breeze from sunshine to start at 6 pa to 62. tonight is cool again and maybe not so cool, low-to-mid 50s in the north bay valley and the rest us are in the mid-to-upper 50s and notice the lack of clouds, again, so the sun is off to an early start and high pressure is building over us so that means sinking air and warmer air and the ridge will hang around all weekend so we could have record highs especially sunday. here is my seven-day forecast, the jump tomorrow nearly ten degrees if many areas and we will top out in the 100s on sunday, and upper 80s at the coast and fast forward to wednesday, fall begins and temperatures are below average. >> speaking of the bridge, it is
5:49 am
a and ride across the bridge from the toll plaza flat section and high-rise to foster city and on to 101 you are, looking at 14-continue minute drive which is typical. we have a couple of hotspots. we are going back out to the central valley where the c.h.p. is telling us the two left lanes are blocked westbound 205, 11th street and traffic is stack up into tracy and you get a break and it slows up and over the altamont pass as you make your way into livermore, eastbound 80 non-commute direction another motorcycle accident down here and it does not look like we are slowing and it in the eastbound direction so be aware if you head to the forward area. >> putting football fans closer to the laying field and technology is changing the game this season right from the comfort of your couch. >> a mystery on streets of
5:50 am
become, blonds that are showing you. >> a heart warming story of loyalty between two k-9 companions. >> this shot is high definition picture of the bay and the embarcadero with more weather embarcadero with more weather and traffic and news after the
5:51 am
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>> boat fans are in for quite a treat on san francisco bay. over in three days 90 world class teams will race on the waters of san francisco bay and we caught up with a low election big boat series, each getting trophies and special rolex
5:53 am
watches. >> all eye on the bay when speeding dragon boats take to the water for the 20th annual san francisco international dragon boat festival. can you catch part of action today with practice starting at noon on the bay. expect to see 140 dragon boat teams on the water. >> there could be an answer to the problems popping up near the north berkeley bart station. the lumps began appearing on cars and other surfaces last in. it is reported that a local science teacher reached out to experts at uc berkeley would believe yellow jackets deposited the blob which are wood and dirt that wasps chew while building their nests. >> happening today, the giants marring will lead 5,000 walkers to at&t park from the plaza. he will kickoff the heart walk in san francisco at 11:45 and
5:54 am
the 60-year-old field manager will encourage the crowd to keep active and incorporate walking into the daily routines. he lives to go for long walks do relook stress and give himself a work out and he released the first book in may of walks that includes maps of some of the favorite routes. >> the giants are back at at&t park so a good place to walk to. >> absolutely if you are walking in the mid-60s to low 70s from 11 o'clock am until 11 o'clock. you perrity through the central valley and sunshine in monterey at 70 and lake tahoe is 7 a and mid-80s this weekend, 84 in los angeles and 101 in palm springs. a couple of events if lafayette, 20th annual, 75-96 on saturday. 80 to 101 on sunday, and heading to the game, ravens and raiders, 90 degrees. bay bridge toll plaza is stacked
5:55 am
toward the macarthur maze and the end of the line, you are 12 minutes waiting to get across the bridge and it picks u westbound 205 is picks up and it slows down and pickup in livermore, the centers for disease control issued the annual warning to the notion to get a flu shot, 170 million doses are shipped out. last year's version did not work well as you know and the virus mutated and left the vaccine out sync. a lot of people got sick. this year is different protecting 50 percent to 60 percent of those who get a shot. >> this year the strain which is part of the vaccine looks like it has good coverage with the
5:56 am
virus circulating south of equator right now which is resumebly what we will see during the flu season. >> the centers for disease control related everyone over six month be vaccinated before flu season. official say 89 percent of doctors and measures get vaccinated. in the general public half get a flu shot. >> now a story of loyalty between best friends. two dogs, one trapped in a concrete hole and the other refusing to leave her side. >> this post was on facebook, a washington state family asking the public to help find their missing dogs. a week went by before a man said a reddish dog was coming into the rot for the past few days and he tried to approach the dog she would run off. it turns out she was trying to get help and volunteers found her standing guard over her friend. >> she was both scared and you could see a little gnash
5:57 am
flash of relief trying to let someone know that her friend was in trouble. >> that is a true trend. the two dogs are back where they belong, safe at home, together. >> quite a story. >> new plan for that will give locals easy access. >> she down over sugary sweets with new guide lines at a school district that have parents district that have parents taking aim at the school
5:58 am
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♪ ♪ live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> it is 6:00 and picking up the pieces the good news in store for valley fire evacuees today. >> mid-flight mayhem passengers on a flight to hawaii had to be wheeled off the plan by
6:00 am
emergency crews. >> a crackdown on parents are outraged over new guidelines and what they are doing to stop the guidelines. >> it is friday. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. love do hear that "friday." and you will love the friday forecast. saturday and sunday, i don't know... >> some of us are not ready to give up on summer and we will have that. fog is the word. especially around american canyon and napa half a mile visibility show up on live doppler hd. you can see how crystal clear it is, twinkling lights of the peninsula from the east bay hills where it is 63 in the hills. grab the sunglasses, kids may need a heavier coat this morning at 48 to 58 and cooler. it will be pleasant at lunch at 66 at the coast to 80 inland and by, 4, still, 66 at the coast to 86 inland and during the evening, we are in the 60s and 70s. enjoy. g


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