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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 18, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> a school in middletown was gutted by flames. but tonight some good news. people who live in the lake county town finally hear what they have been waiting days for. they will soon be able to go home. good evening and thank you for joining us. i'm ama daetz. >> i'm larry beil in for dan ashley. we learned that evacuation orders for people who live in middletown are being lifted effective at noon tomorrow. evacuation orders were issued for twin lakes. some people who live in those communities are home tonight. >> also thank you tonight, lake county officials will provide escorts tomorrow to residents where evacuations remain so they can check on their animals. this includes hidden valley lake , lock loman, cob and anderson springs. this as the fire continues to burn. it has spread to 73,700
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acres. the containment is up from 40% earlier today. and schools in middletown could reopen next week. >> alan wang picks up our coverage tonight in calistoga. alan? >> many of the evacuees are from middletown. an iron clad community where football brings them together on a friday night. this was day six of sitting in tents and waiting for another red cross meal. and before this latest news morale was taking a huge plunge. >> news middletown residents can return home tomorrow comes as nerves are beginning to fray at this evacuation camp. >> people who are fighting everywhere. everyone's emotions are running wild right now. we are all ready to get home. >> they could use a moral boost here, especially on a friday night when the middletown high school mustangs are supposed to be playing their homecoming game. >> it brings everybody's hopes up. everybody loves it.
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>> a pile of face masks is all that's left in the burnt out shack. he has more than 200 wins on a field named after him. >> you run into them and they tell you they lost their home. >> the fire spared his home, but many players have no where to live making getting back on the home field that much more important. >> i think it is a first step to get those kids back on the field and get them going and again getting that sense of normalcy. >> personally i am ready to be back on the field. i am tired of not practicing. i am just laying around a. >> rival teams have laid money to replace the lost equipment. a practice has been scheduled for monday morning. middletown is about to get back up. and middletown was supposed to play el molino high school and instead that school got
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together and raised $10,000 and gave it to coach fultner. live in calistoga, alan wang, abc7 news. >> thank you for that update. now, the weather may not help firefighters much this weekend. here is meteorologist sandhya patel. >> the weather is going to prove potentially problematic. let me show you why. when you look at the switch and the wind direction that's coming it is going to be out of the northeast as we head toward tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon. it is not terribly windy, but the northeasterly wind will dry the atmosphere out. the relative humidity in the valley fire zone is 19% on saturday and 16% on sunday and when you take a look at the dry conditions combining with the hot weather, temperatures in the mid90s, that's going to be no help to those firefighters. i'll be back with a closer look at your weekend temperatures coming up. larry? >> thanks, sandhya. see you in a few minutes. lake county deputies arrested a man accused of
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stealing an suv from an evacuees. authorities say he was in a jeep taken from an evacuated property in lower lake. they say he admitted to spray painting in black and white to try to make it a police car and then filling the vehicle with several items stolen from the home. the lake county animal shelter is using social media to try to find the owners of more than 200 pets found in the valley fire zone. heartbreaking pictures of dogs and cats filled the facebook page. workers want to reunite pets and their owners, but some people will not be coming back because they no longer have means to care for their pets. abandoned animals will go up for adoption. the boutte fire is now getting closer to full containment. many people who have been evacuated for more than a week are sleeping in their own homes tonight. cal fire reports 63% containment. more than 500 homes have been destroyed. firefighters are warning residents to watch out for damaged power lines and loose burned trees and rocks.
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and a reminder. give where you live. there are several ways you can contribute. go to for specifics or text red cross to 90999 to instantly give $10. >> petaluma police are on tne lookout for a man who raped a woman in her own home. sky 7hd shows officers searching the west ridge subdivision. the woman walked into her home and was confronted by a man wearing a face mask. he restrained and raped her. the woman's two young children were not home at the time. she just dropped them off at school. police in berkeley were searching for a man who tried to lure kids into his van today. two willard middle school students were walking on telegraph near stewart when he pulled up and told them to get in. they ran back to school and reported it. it happened again a block away on derby street. he waived a girl over and then drove off when he saw her dad. he is in his 30s, heavy set
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and driving a green mini-van. the man accused of spray painting racist graffiti could face a year in jail. abc7 news learned police arrested 46-year-old billy samuels august 30th. samuels was charged with vandalism with a hate crime enhancement. we have new details on the fan fight outside levi stadium following the niners monday night football game with the vikings. this video of the fight quickly went viral. three men and a teenage girl have been arrested. abc7 news reporter katie is live in santa clara with the story. katie? >> the teenager was issued a criminal cree station and released to her parents and at last check two of the men bailed out of jail. that leaves eric martinez as the only suspect still in custody tonight. i went to his apartment and talked with his neighbors. 30-year-old eric martinez is a man wearing a number 80, 49er jersey in a video where you see a vikings fan being
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attacked. we went to martinez's apartment in san jose where one neighbor saw police arrest him. another neighbor says he doesn't know martinez, but he is surprised he is in trouble. >> i never seen any partying, fighting, nothing that would lead me to say that's the kind of guy that would do something like that. always kept to himself. >> santa clara police also arrested felix shavera and juan arias from holster and a 17-year-old girl. all four face felony assault charges. they found them with the help of the video and tips from the public. >> this is important to us and the behavior will not be tolerated in the stadium and the city of santa clara. we assign investigators to it immediately and bring it to a quick resolution. >> the fight was a disgrace. >> what these guys did, i hope they ring him out of the i mean, seriously it was sad what they did. they made us 49er fans look bad. >> none of this should be
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tolerated. >> the 35-year-old victim and an 18-year-old security officer who was hurt while trying to help him are both expected to recover. in santa clara, abc7 news. a san francisco house where a mummified body was found has been sold. it was stacked floor to ceiling including the corpse of an elderly woman. she died several years earlier and her daughter kept living there. nevertheless the property sold for $1.5 million. abc7 news at 11:00 does continue. there is a break in the case of a spree of shootings sparking driver fear along an arizona interstate. >> and a mother and her boyfriend arrested in the death of a 2-year-old girl. tonight that mom is telling her side of the story. >> and later the question many bay area country music fans are asking right now. what's wrong with tim mcgraw? >> first here is a look at what is coming up on "jimmy "jimmy kimmel live"." >> here is a bit of what we've got on tap for tonight. >> pull over.
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and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. new at 11:00, police arrested a man suspected it in a series of highway shootings that terrorized motorists in arizona. a s.w.a.t team arrested 21-year-old leslie merit at a phoenix area wal-mart. there were 11 vehicles shot along interstate 10 since august 29th. investigators said forensic evidence connects merit to the first four shootings. they are not sure if he is responsible for the others or
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if they are copycats. a little girl who has been nameless for months has a name. she is 2 and a half-year-old bella bond and looks stunningly similar to baby doe, the computer generated image boston police released when they found the remains. bella's mother is a suspect. she said her boyfriend punched bella in the stomach. >> reporter: authorities say they finally have a name for the toddler whose heartbreaking story captivated so many across the country. after this computer generated photo was shared and viewed on-line more than 50 million times. it was back in june that a woman found little bella's body in a trash bag on a beach in boston harbor. at the time investigators had little to go on, so police turned to the public and social media sharing this sketch and pictures of the zebra blanket and pajama pants. and then a huge break thanks to a tip jie. with that little
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-- >> with that little bit of information we could solve it. >> under arrest and now charged with murder is 35-year-old michael mccarthy. the boyfriend of bella's mother. >> happy second birthday, woo! >> who posted this video at her second birthday celebration. the 40-year-old mother is now also behind bars charged in bella's death. >> we allege that mccarthy caused bella's death and he did so intentionally. he and bond took specific steps to keep bella's death a secret and avoid prosecution. >> it is a good day we put a name to this face, but it is sad we lost a young child and we i will never be able to bring her back. >> they are due in court on monday. the medical examiner is working to determine bella's exact cause of death. abc news, new york. president obama called
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cuban president castro today. the conversation comes ahead of the pope's visit to cuba tomorrow and to the united states next week. in their first talks since april both praised pope francis for brokering the new diplomatic relationship between the two countries. dozens of pilgrims are waiting for pope francis in cuba. and in washington preparations are being finalized. a giant banner at the national basilica will welcome the pope on tuesday. of course, there are also security bear -- barriers and cell phone towers to accommodate the media. the pope will meet with president obama and be the first pope to speak to congress. he will also name you nip row sara -- a saint. look for my report starting on tuesday. >> the weekend is hours away. it will be a hot one. >> sandhya patel is here with our summer weather. >> larry and ama, it will sizzle this upcoming weekend.
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let's look at live doppler 7hd. here is a pretty good indication that the skies are clear across the bay area. there is quite a variance here. 72 in san ramon and 50 in half moon bay. you know where it is cooling down. 56 in napa. you can see it is absolutely fog free. warm to hot. records are possible on sunday and it is going to get cooler as fall starts on wednesday. look at the satellite and the radar. the high pressure is building in and as the high pressure comes in we are looking at hot days. i noy a lot of people are not enjoying the heat. it will not last long so that's the bright side. upper 90s on saturday. as we head toward sunday we will see the triple digits inland. not as hot over the weekend. the heat eases as we head into the workweek. back to school for those kids
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90s and 100's in the valley. upper 40s around half moon bay and napa. when you get going tomorrow morning you just might need that extra thin layer. later in the day you will need to lose the lay injure. when you look at the temperatures you will see exactly how hot it is going to get. 97 in gilroy and 94 in morgan hill. low thients san jose -- low 90s in san jose. on the peninsula you will need the sunscreen. palo alto, 75 in pacifica. a great day to hit the beach. daly city, 76 degrees. 80 in downtown san francisco. north bay, plenty of of low 90s from santa rosa to san rafael. east bay it will be a warm one. 86 oakland and hayward. and then the sun will be shining and inland areas are baking in the heat. concord and walnut creek and upper 90s in livermore. there are a couple of games going on. giants tomorrow against the d
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backs and at&t park. the uv index is running high. sunny and mid70s at 105 and then coming up to the low 80s. you will definitely need to stay hydrated and take your shades and maybe even a baseball cap. if you are headed to the raiders game as they take on the ravens. 86 degrees at 1:05 and it will be a warm one. 4:05, 92 degrees. it is pretty warm and when you are watching the game you will need a cold beverage. accu-weather seven-day forecast, mid-nineties. we get you up to 104 for the hottest inland valleys. monday we will still have warm to hot conditions, but it turns pretty cool. i mean tuesday you go from 100 to 88. 60s coast side and fall arrives on wednesday morning. we'll drop the temperatures. mid60s to mid80s. i think that range wednesday through friday a lot more
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people will enjoy. >> we'll be ready for that. still ahead on abc7 news at 11:00, a music mystery leaves thousands of country fans disappointed in the south bay.
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. meant for country music fans. mcgraw was scheduled to appear at shoreline amphitheater tonight and then tomorrow night in irvine, the last two of his summer tour. doctors ordered him to postpone those shows. the nature of his illness has not been disclosed, but mcgraw issued a statement saying, quote, if there was anyway i could sing, i would. tonight film and media festival attendees got a look at "fresh off the boat." abc news was there for a cam fest at the center for asian-american media. the executive producer of the
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show spoke at the event talking about importance of diversity on television. "fresh off the boat" returns for its second season this tuesday at 8:30 on abc7. in sports as you know, madison bumgarner is the closest thing to a guaranteed win, but tough to win with two hits and when the d-backs are making plays like that. sports is coming up next. >> there is a lot of need. there is a lot of need. we are bringing help to where you live. we are helping with insurance and consumer issues. the stuff we are good at. >> they got you a hotel room for tonight. >> perfect. >> all of you guys, thank you so much. >> 7 on your side, always on your
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brought to you by xfinity. >> regardless of the standings and the dwindling playoff hopes for the giants it is an event when madison bumgarner takes the mound. he took his 18-7 record at the hill. they are trying to inch ever closer to a 20-win season. mad bum, eight solid innings and allowed two runs. you'll get nothing and like it. bumgarner did his part to get the win. first the ball dude lets it go between his legs and then in the 6th gold member. paul goldschmidt. it goes right by him. it was an unearned run. on a sleepy night for the offense at at&t park. two hits for the giants. jarod parker thinks he has one in the eighth.
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that's way back at the wall. yahoo. probably should have pulled that one back. that was a sure homerun. he pulled that one back. the giants fall 2-0 and the dodgers win and the giants are now eight and halfback in the west and 9 in the wild card. a's and astros have a choo-choo game in the field, but the dude is on the phone. this should get your attention. carter in the second. 2-0 astros. mr. conductor, he is now awake. therd inning and a's needing a little pick me up. this will pick you up. a diving catch to rob him of an r.b.i double. it sparked the offense a bit. josh red duck homered -- josh reddick homered. a two-run shot in the eighth. it is his first two-homer game in five years. the a's win it 4-3 and they hand the fading astros their
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fifth consecutive loss. it is almost too early in the season for a game of this magnitude, but stanford will visit usc tomorrow night at the l.a. coliseum. a week three glimpse of exactly who is the boss in the pac-12. beating usc is always special whether the program is up or down. it has been down in the past few years. fifth year senior ronnie harris remembers the final moments of their meeting in 2012 where he broke up a fourth down pass in the end zone and it helped preserve a cardinal victory. >> i think that play cemented my stanford experience here on the team. that play especially being on spcial teams that -- special teams taught me to do my job. it made sure my eyes were on the tightened. no matter what if we go to the ground i can't let him get that ball out. to continue t do my job on what i am working on. >> stanford and usc live right here on abc7 tomorrow fight. the kickoff is at 5:00.
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and then it is after the game right around 8:30 and 8:45 with yours truly and mike shumann and live post game interviews from los angeles. nfl news the 49ers played the steelers on sunday and reggie bush will not be playing. he will be back in the bay area watching. bush strained his calf in the niners season opener and did not make the trip to pittsburgh. we will see more carlos hyde in the back field. he was spectacular and jarod hanes running the ball as well. abc7 sports is brought to you by xfinity. >> thank you, larry. sphie abc7 news continues on-line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with the abc7 news app. our next newscast is at 5:00 a.m.
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larry beil in f and now abe's "jimmy kimmel live"! >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, johnny depp -- from "the visit," kathryn hahn -- and music from mutemath. with cleto and the cletones. and now, first and foremost, it's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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