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tv   ABC7 News 800AM  ABC  September 19, 2015 8:00am-8:31am PDT

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it's saturday, september 19th. thanks so much for joining us. i'm chris nguyen, get ready to celebrate the end of summer with warm temperatures. here is meteorologist lisa argen with the first look at live doppler 7 hd. >> you notice one thing on this map. a lack of fog. in fact, that marine layer is well offshore so we are going to see temperatures even at our beaches today in the mid 70s from daly city, pacifica, half-moon bay, mon tara, but what about here, santa cruz, 88 degrees. it's going to be a warm one. 58 in san jose, 50 right now half-moon bay. from our tower camera looks beautiful out there, but record breaking heat is on the way for tomorrow. we're looking at numbers even warmer than this. 90 san jose, 97 in livermore.
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so we will talk about when the cool down arrives. that's for the second half of the upcoming workweek. details in a few minutes. breaking overnight, one man is dead and another charged with dui after an accident on 580 in oakland. it happened just after midnight in the westbound lanes near the lake shore off ramp. the california highway patrol says a driver careened offer a wall into a construction zone where caltrans crews were repaving the roadway, a contractor working for caltrans was struck, he was thrown 100 feet and died at the scene. the driver was not injured. some encouraging news for middletown residents who had been evacuate frd their homes. they will be allowed to return starting at noon today. evacuation orders have also been lifted for twin lakes and rancho sun dare row and some people who live in those communities have already made it back. >> also lake county officials say they will be providing escorts today to areas where
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evacuations remain so people with k. check on their animals. this includes hidden valley lake, lock low man, cobb and anderson springs. now, this all comes as the fire continues to burn t has spread to 74,500 acres but as firefighters gain the upper hand containment is at 48%. we've also learned schools in middletown could reopen next week. abc 7 news reporter alan wong has more. >> reporter: news that middletown residents can return home comes as nerves are begin to go fray at this evacuation camp. >> people are fighting everywhere. emotions are running wild right now. we are all just ready to get home. >> reporter: they could use a morale boost here, especially when the middletown high school news staings are supposed to be playing their home coming game. >> it brings everybody's hopes up. >> reporter: but a pile of face masks is all that's left in the team's burnt out equipment shack. in 31 years coach bill fultmer
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has built a powerful football program. he has more than 240 career wins on a field that's been named after him. >> i have known just about everybody and you run into them and they tell you that they lost their home. it's heart breaking. >> reporter: the fire spared the coach's home but many players have nowhere to live. >> i think it's the first step in the healing process to get those kids back on the field and get them going and, again, just getting that sense of normalcy. >> personally i'm ready to be back on the field. i've been tired of not practicing, laying around. >> reporter: rival teams have raised money to replace middletown's lost equipment, a practice has been scheduled for monday morning. middletown is about to get back up. i'm alan wong, abc 7 news. and from the valley fire has emerged a story of kids helping kids. on thursday firefighters distributed toys to kids evacuated from the fire. this morning the sonoma county youth football wild cats and
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their cheer group will also help. they're holding a toy drive at their home grave at el malino high school from 11:30 to 4:00. the toys will be taken to the moose lodge evacuation center tomorrow where the players all dressed in uniform will be handing out the gifts. lake county deputies a raised jeremiah mcginnis. authorities say he stole a jeep from an evacuated authority in n. lower lake. they also say he admitted to spray paint tg black and white to make it look like a police vehicle and filling the suv with several items stolen from the home. the lake county animal shelter is using social media to track down the owners of more than 200 pets found in the valley fire zone. heart breaking pictures of dogs and facebook page. workers want to reunite all the pets and owners. abandoned animals will have go
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up for adoption. the butte fire is getting closer to full containment. cal fire reports of 65% containment. 75,000 acres have been scorched with more than 500 homes destroyed. firefighters are warning residents to watch out for damaged power lines as well as rocks and debris from trees that were turned. a mountain lion cub is recovering after being badly burnt in the butte fire. they are nursing the four month old cub back to health. they found him monday while evacuating domestic animals. they named him fire claw. fire claw's condition still ma trial jooil. >> there's secondary infections, possibly a respiratory infection that can still set n so we monitor his prognosis daily. >> once fire claw is healthy he will either be placed in a zoo or another educational facility. a quick reminder that you can give where you live to help people affected by the butte fire, valley fire and other western wildfires.
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there are several ways you can contribute, just go to our website, for the specifics or text the words red cross to 90999 to instantly give $10. 806 is our sometime. petaluma police are still on the lookout for a man who raped a woman inside her own home. sky 7 hd shows officers searching the west ridge subdivision yesterday. the woman walked into her home and was confronted by a man wearing a facemask. he then restrained and raped her. a relative said the woman's two young children were not home at the time of the attack. berkeley police are searching for a man who trd to lure kids into his van yesterday. two willard middle school students were walking on telegraph near stewart when the man pulled up and told them to get in. they ran to school and reported t it happened again a block away on derby street, the man waved a young girl over but drove off when he saw her dads. the suspect is in his 30s, is
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heavy-set and was driving a green minivan. a man accused of spray painting racist graffiti last month could face up to year a jail. we have learned police arrested 46-year-old billy samuels august 30th. mood reports samuels was charged with vandalism with a hate crime enhancement. in another ugly incident three men and a teenage girl have been arrested in connection with this fight outside levi stadium following the 9ers monday night game with the vikings. two of the men have made bail, the teenager was released to his parents, all four face charges of felony assault. katie marzullo has the latest. >> reporter: santa clara police has eric martinez is the man wearing a number 80, 49ers jersey in a video in which you see a strikings fan being a stacked. we went to his apartment in san jose. another neighbor says heoesn't know martinez but he is surprised he is in trouble. >> i have never seen any, you
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know, party, fighting, nothing like that that would lead me to say, oh, yeah, that's the kind of guy that would do something like that. always kept to himself and yie set. >> reporter: they also arrested fee flex chavira and juan arias. police say they found him with the help from the video and tips from the public. >> this is important to us and this behavior will not be tolerated at the stadium or in santa clara. when it does happen we assign investigators to it immediately and bring it to a quick resolution as we did. >> reporter: 49 fans say the fight was a dis dwras. >> these guys did, i hope they ring them out. that was pretty sad what they d they made us 49ers fans look bad. >> none of this should be tolerated. prosecute them. >> reporter: the 35-year-old victim and an 18-year-old security officer who was hurt while trying to help him are both expected to recover. in santa clara, katie marzullo,
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abc 7 news. a san francisco house where a muscle if i had body was found has been sold. in april police found items stacked floor to ceiling including the corpse of an elderly woman. she died several years earlier but her daughter kept living there. nevertheless the property has sold for more than $1.5 million. a team of volunteers carrying brooms and garbage bags will be cleaning up the coast and the event carries a bit for urgency this year. this is the 31st annual coastal cleanup day and there are many places around the bay area where you can help clean up waterways, creeks and shore lines. organizers worry winter storms will flush tons of garbage into the san francisco bay as well as the pacific ocean. last year volunteers across the state picked up more than 1 million pounds of trash and resick labls. up next, an arrest in a string of shooting incidents along an arizona highway, why authorities believe the suspect is related to all of the shootings. first, here is a live look
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welcome back. we're taking live look from our tower camera. good morning to our friends out in marin. that view of the golden gate bridge and we're waking up to some pretty mild conditions
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across the bay, but temperatures will start to climb soon. we will get a check with the full accuweather forecast from lisa. police have arrest add man suspected in a series of highway shootings that terrorized motorist wrists in arizona. a situate team arrested 21-year-old leslie merit at a phoenix area walmart. there have been 11 vehicles shot since august 29th. investigators say forensic evidence connects merit to at least the first four, they are not sure if he is responsible for the others or if those are just copy cats. >> president obama called cuban president raul castro yesterday, it comes ahead of the pope's visit to the united states next week. both leaders praised pope francis for brokering the new diplomatic relationship between the two countries. pope francis is scheduled to arrive in cuba later today. he is due to land in havana at about 1:00 p.m. our time. the pope is considered something of a hero in cuba because he
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served as a go between urging washington and havana to normalize relations. in our nation's capital preparations are being finalized a giant banner at the national basilica will welcome the pope on tuesday. there are security barriers and temporary cellphone towers to accommodate media and visitors. the pope will meet with president obama and will be the first pope to speak to congress. he will also name california missionary serra a saint. new york city and philadelphia will round out the pope's u.s. trip. ama daetz will be in washington. you can look for her report tuesday. artists are gathering in san francisco this weekend for major painting marathon. this isn't happening inside a studio, the event is taking place in 16 city blocks around the mission district. aerosol artists have started creating masterpieces on walls, fences and courage doors.
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unlike graffiti taggers the street artists have permission to spray paint. >> it takes a village and people giving us permission to paint helps the artist toss perfect their crafts and it's a win-win for everybody. >> more than 15,000 people are expected to take part. it continues today and tomorrow in alleys near mission and 24th from 15k a.m. to 8:00 p.m. seem now is 8:15. weather wise we talked about those warm temperatures. i had plans to go hiking. not doing it anymore. >> get out there now. >> no. i'm here at work. >> i know. you know, it's going to warm up so quickly. right now we are why the 50s and beautiful right now, but over in the east bay there is eight harvest festival, art and wine festival lafayette to pleasanton mid and upper 90s. just a preview what to expect today. your full forecast straight ahead. >> get your fitness activities in now. also ahead, post season hopes are fading fast as madison bumgarner tries to get closer to
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introducing starbucks® small-batch cold brew coffee. in stores now. in sports a couple of big time match ups for bay area college football fans. at 4:30 cal faces their first real test of the season against texas and house ins. 5:00 san jose state to play state and stanford battles usc
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at the coliseum. >> this afternoon the giants will try to keep their fading post season hopes alive against the diamondbacks. first pitch a is the 05. last night the giants were shut out for the 13th time this season. here is larry beil with the highlights in this morning's sports report. >> good morning. regardless of the standings and dwindling layoff hopes it's always an event when madison bumgarner takes the mound. trying to inch closer to a 21 season. mad bum pitched eight solid innings. tallas. bumgarner doing his part to get the w but giants problems all over the place. in the sixth paul gold schmidt on a shot. a.j. pollock scores on the error. 1-0 d backs with a sleepy night. jarrett parker thinks he's got
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one in the ñx&weighth. it is way back, butãpollock at thm"ñ wall,ud yahoo. that waww a sure homehv run het  right kthere. giants fall a32-0.ñ ]@"ojers wins. nine0iy out in the wild card.e a's8c and astros, got azi c choo train in the outfield but the operator is on his phone. former a chris carter off dee licks dubro mr. conducting now into it. third inning a's needing a pick me up. the diving kaech to carrea which would have been an rib double. josh reddick homered. valencia smacked a pair. giving the a's a lead. his first two homer gave in five years. a's win 5-3. >> it's almost too early in the season for a game of this magnitude, but stanford visits usc tonight at the l.a. coliseum. it'seq
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is boss in the pac-12. seating sc is always special. ronnie harris remembers the final moments of their meeting in 2012, breaking up a fourth down pass in the end zone helped them preserve a cardinal victory. >> i think that play cemented my stanford experience here being on the football team. that play especially being on special teams that year just taught me to do my job. for that particular play my assignment was to make sure my eyes were on the tight end and i just told myself no matter what if we go down to the ground i can't let him get that ball out. the ball was able to come out and great feeling. being able to continue to do my job is what i'm working on. >> tonight stanford and usc live on abc 7 with the kickoff at 5:00. then after the game around 8:30 or 8:45 with yours truly and mike shumann plus live postgame ber views. the 49ers will play the steelers on sunday and reggie bush will not be playing, he will be back in the bay area watching. bush strained his cash in the
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opener for the 9ers didn't even make the trip to pittsburgh. we should see a lot more carries by carlos hyde and perhaps jarrett haines. have a great weekend. i'm larry beil. 8:22. for those seeking relief from the heat, maybe half-moon bay is a good option later today. >> exactly. you know, just up the road ocean beach 80 degrees. so here we go again with the heat really moving into the bay area just in time for the last weekend of summer. sun sets at 7:11. we have that going for us because it's the shorter days and longer nights that will allow for the cooling, but, boy, tomorrow even hotter. live doppler 7 hd showing the clear start. where is the fog? well offshore, we are not going to see it. if you are an early riser tomorrow maybe a patch or so, but otherwise it's this, wall to wall sunshine. calm to near absent winds. that will allow for temperatures to climb quickly. 59 in mountain view as well as morgan hill, half-moon bay was
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46 this morning, boy, it's recovered quickly in a short period. 54 right now and from san jose you will see a high today very toasty, about 90, well above average. we will look for upper 50s right now, concord and livermore 53, santa rosa and napa. every one was cool overnight but with high pressure building in and really encompassing the entire bay area for the next 48 hours it's going to be hot, even here in the peninsula we're looking at about 90 we had wood city and palo alto. warm to hot this weekend. records possible tomorrow with triple digit heat perhaps not only in our east bay valleys, we could see it around gilroy, up to the north looks still very warm and we will look for the cooler weather to arrive just before fall arrives on wednesday. so high pressure right on top of us pressing down on the atmosphere and that brings about a really warm setup. in fact, the on-shore flow is cut off, we are looking for this flow and another area of low pressure to visit us on monday.
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that will just increase the cloud cover, return our winds to an on shore component and cool some of us, but rainfall, that's going to be in southern california and in san diego on monday. for us that just means a stickier day and still very warm, even humid, into our east bay valleys. so if you want the relief we talked about half-moon bay that's the base to go today with 75 tomorrow, so comfortable even though the sea breeze will be just about absent. then you will look for the more typical weather into next week. so up in hidden valley lake around middletown 90 today, 93 tomorrow and monday and then relief comes tuesday and wednesday. very little wind there, but it's coming from, you know, the wrong direction and north wind, a puff of a northwest wind by 9:00 tonight. we will look for temperatures today all around the bay to be very warm. south bay 94, morgan hill 93 in los gatos and look for 90 in redwood city, 86 san mateo, pacifica sfrt r can't r
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comfortable 75, 80 downtown, 79 south city, up in the north bay low 90s. oakland today 86, 84 derk by, mid 80s in hercules and inland you will see 96 in pleasanton, concord 94. this is 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. the accuweather seven day forecast even hotter today, still triple digit heat on monday, cooling a by the coast, and cooler afternoon tuesday. fall a lives wednesday and we will keep a cool but it will remain dry and i just looked at the 16-day outlook t looks dry into early october. >> thank you. coming up next, free doughnuts and krispy kreme today, what you have to do to get th
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talk like a pirate you could win a doughnut. win an outfit and a dozen could be yours. talk like a pirate day isu[xe of their busiest days of the year. i would make you do an impression but i know you will kill me. final weather collect. >> good morning. it's pretty outside right now, temperatures are comfortable. this is emeryville, numbers range from 54 in half-moon bay to 59 mountain view, 58 san jose but about a 30 degree jump today in terms of now until 4:00 this afternoon. so since yesterday's highs that's about a 10 degree warm up. 97 livermore, 86 oakland and san mateo, 90 palo alto, san jose, upper 80s santa cruz and a look ahead triple digit heat tomorrow into monday, then cooler into fall. >> thanks to you for joining us on the abc 7 saturday morning news. stan dooul is next at 8:30 then college football at 9:00 a.m. air force is at number 4 michigan state at 12:30 p.m.
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northern state hosts northern illinois that will be followed by. that will be hoped by after the dbam with larry beil and mike shumann. the news continues now online on twitter, facebook and on all of your mobile device was our abc 7 news app. as we say good buy toilets take a live look outside one final time at the golden gate bridge. it is looking gorgeous out there. stay cool, everybody. thanks for being with us. there's a lot of need. today we're bringing help to where you live. >> we're trying to help people with insurance, consumer issues, anything like that. the stuff that we are good at. >> they found you a hotel room for tonight. >> we got you a room. >> i'm on tv talking to you, the phone was just turned back on. >> perfect. >> thank you so much. all of you guys, thank you so much because you guys are reporting for us.
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