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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 19, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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a freeway shooting shuts down interstate 280 in san francisco backing up traffic for hours. tonight two people are still in the hospital. good evening and thank you for joining us. the shooting just happened after 4:00 when police say someone in one car fired at another. janet joins us with those details. >> reporter: the two victims are here being treated at san francisco general hospital. they under went surgery earlier this evening and tonight, san francisco police are still looking for answers as to why who did this and why. this is not the type of family reunion they wanted but they are here to say their prayers for two other loved withins who were shot earlier this afternoon.
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>> around 4:30 we have a vehicle traveling on that intersection when another vehicle opened fire on that vehicle striking the driver and the passenger multiple times. >> reporter: san francisco fire crews heard on the dispatch recording arrived to find the victims. >> truck 17 on scene. two gunshot victims. one in, one in the head. both are still conscious. >> two gunshots, both are conscious. >> reporter: police say one victim was shot in the head and neck, the other shot in the torso and leg. this unfolding at the 280 north 101 south connector. relatives say they will make it through and now police are hoping to learn from the victims what may have led to the shooting on this busy stretch of highway. >> we do not have a motive, however, all of our shootings in san francisco and stabbings are reviewed by the gang task force to see whether it is gang related or motivated.
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>> reporter: a viewer sent us this tweet, a photo showing the traffic congestion that lasted for two hours before the scene was cleared. a rare incident that shocked many weekend commuters traveling through a seemingly safe area. in san francisco, janet o., abc 7 news. a bicyclist was seriously hurt. it happened around 8:30 at 19th avenue. police say the driver stopped and is cooperating. now to the latest on the valley fire and some progress on efforts to contain the flames. 74,000 acre pyfire is 50% contained. they will lift an evacuation order for the communities tomorrow at noon. for residents only. nearly 600 homes have been
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destroyed. 888 total structures burned three people have died in that fire. melanie woodro is live at the fairground where after so many days of waiting, anticipation is building. melanie? >> reporter: absolutely, natasha. most people are sleeping but a few people are moving around and told me they are having trouble sleeping. you can see a couple people checking out some of the donations. a lot of people that had been staying here have gone to shelters that are closer to middle down, in some cases they have gone to their homes in middle town leaving the ones left here at the fairgrounds a bit lonelier as they wait their turn. >> it's been hard today. >> ellen marsh is spending one more night. her house destroyed by fire and
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calls middle townhome. >> i didn't have a physical proof of my address so i couldn't get the pass. >> reporter: for those blocked by road closures not able to return home, this is plenty of food and assistance from clean clothes to a clean-cut. >> i have a scale that i think makes people feel better and so i thought i'd come up and see if i can brighten somebody's day. >> reporter: for most, anticipation looms on what will be left standing. michael's anticipation is different. he's waiting to get into a suburb of cobb. >> all of us that live in that area are desperately waiting for the closure to be lifted to go and find our friends. >> reporter: his friend ralph refused to leave when the fire broke. his home did not make it. >> no one has seen or heard from rob since the fires came through that area. >> reporter: from homes to shelters and eventually back home again. >> we can go through this
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transformation and come out stronger and more beautiful. >> reporter: resiliency may be what redefines vallue fire victims. i spoke with the public information officer that assures me even though things are winding down, they absolutely will remain in place as long as needed. she tells me what they don't need more of here now is donations. they have plenty of today, plenty of clothing, instead what they are looking for are volunteers to come here to help sort through the donations they already have. melanie woodro, abc 7 news. >> thank you. people lined up in their cars this morning waiting to check on their homes and animals. as cornell bernard shows us, many were heart broken by what they found. >> reporter: the first wave of evacuees returned to the town they left one week ago. some had no idea what they would
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find. it's a painful homecoming for the family. their house was destroyed by the valley fire. >> this is bad. it's really bad. >> reporter: she lived here 30 years raising a family. >> we have to start all over again but life moves on so you can't worry about this forever. >> the wheels of the mustang. >> reporter: the fire took all of daniel curtis' prized possessions, mustang and 1968 gto he was restoring and his home reduced to ashes. >> it's hard to believe everything you've been working for for a lifetime is gone in the blink of an eye. >> look around and see neighbors. i told the guy i'm the one crying and he's the one that lost his home. >> reporter: down the road his appliance store survived but his heart with his neighbors. >> knowing that we can be there for them, so important right now. especially to the people that lost their homes.
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people also lost their live. >> reporter: the red cross opened a shelter for fire evacuees that don't want to return to the napa county fairgrounds. the shelter will be open until further notice. cornell bernard, abc 7 news. a baby girl owes her life to a state game warden that drove through the flames of the valley fire. when the fire started, 11 month old jesse wood and her grandmother were trapped. her parents couldn't drive. a warden raced through the raging fire to rescue them later snapping this picture to show she was okay. >> i want to say thank you very much and if it wasn't for you, my family probably wouldn't have made it down in time. >> thank you. if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't have my daughter or my mom. huge thank you. >> well, their home burned to the ground but the woods say they are grateful forward warde
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little and they survived. a wildfire is growing right now. it started around 3:00 this afternoon. this is video. the fire is 10% contained. authorities announced a mandatory evacuation for the parrot ranch area. at least 300 homes are in danger, and six have been destroyed. the butte fire burning in gold county or country destroyed an additional 250 homes bringing the total residences destroyed to more than 500. the fire is burning and it is charred more than 70,000 acres and is 65% contained. evacuation orders for several communities have been lifted. and unfortunately, the heat won't help firefighters any tomorrow. let's head to drew tuma for a first check on the weather. >> four days away from the start of fall but feels like the middle of summer.
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live look from the camera showing you the horizon, no fog unfortunately and hot today. take a look at temperatures, 12 degrees above normal, 16 above normal in oakland and san francisco at 85, 14 above normal and livermore at 96. tomorrow, we're even hotter than this. look at those numbers, how hot it gets where you live with the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. the heat was too much for some people attending the lafayette art, wine and music festival. at least six people were taken to the hospital suffering from either heat stroke or heat exhaustion. a total of eight ambulances initially responded, not all were needed. temperatures reached 100 today. still to come a very special greeting as the pope's tour begins, arrival in cuba and what you can expect to see next week. plus, saying good-bye to a
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television giant. the farewell to don francisco and a text of sorts, a bundle of cash found inside a box of domino's pizza wings. what would you do
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adoring crowds lined the streets to greet pope francis, the first day of the pontiff's historic trip to cuba and the united states. holiness was greeted by raul castro. he calls it a mission of mercy. >> i noticed the winds have changed and john paul brought here and continued with pope
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benedict and now with pope francis positive changes are being felt, and it's a wonderful thing to witness. >> tomorrow pope francis will hold an open air mass in revolution square. an estimated 1 million people are expected to attend. a news anchor will be live, the first of three u.s. cities the pope will visit when he arrives in the u.s. tuesday. watch for am a's reports and watch as pope francis on his historic trip. saturday tv institution ended the 53-year run. ♪ ♪ >> just minutes ago, the emotional final episode was aired on univision 14. it was the longest running variety show on television. don francisco said good-bye with a special live show featuring a look back at his very long run. there were well wishes from
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several celebrities and also from president obama. very cool. one berkeley man ordered a pizza and wings from dominos and got a lot more than that. imagine finding stacks of cash with your order. the moral dilemma and big reward. >> i ordered pizza and had the day off. >> reporter: this story starts with the ordinary. mike called up dominos and ate one slice before putting the rest of the order in the fridge. it wasn't until several hours later he noticed. >> my phone was blowing up and random messages. >> reporter: the phone calls from the delivery driver on his way to the bank with just one more delivery to make. he put the cash in the wing's box for safekeeping but made a big mistake. >> at about 5:00 a.m. i got home from work and looked in the refrigerator and pulled out what i thought was wings and turned out to be $1300.
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>> reporter: it's one of the moments you wonder what would you do? >> i made a pace bofacebook pos some arguing you should keep it. i wanted to but i can't. >> reporter: we watched as he walked it in. >> thank you so much. honest people are hard to find. >> reporter: and looks like karma might be a real thing after all. >> to thank you, pre pizza for a year. >> reporter: mike will take the chain up on. >> i have to start working out more. >> reporter: mike says his first job at 16 was as a pizza delivery guy at pizza hut. he feels for the driver. what would you do? that's what i want to know. i would give the money back for a chance at a year of free pizza. >> no, i know drew. >> for pizza? anything for pizza. live doppler 7 hd showing a dry night. look for the tower camera, i
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should share my pizza. beautiful view. good air quality but will be decreasing for sunday. so the spare the air day is in effect tomorrow. poor air quality in the inland east bay. out there right now, look at these numbers. it is warm after a hot day at 68 in san plan. that's mild. 71 san jose and 66. the reason for the warmth, live doppler, high pressure in control over much of the western half of the u.s. that's why there is the void of cloud cover and also acting like a heat pump and the heat will increase on sunday. future tracker temperatures shows you by 1:00 we're already in the 80s. 90s, inland. by monday, though, begin to see changes, cooler changes along the coast. a little fog developing to half moon bay at 67. 72 san francisco but still rather warm across much of the way in the 80s and 90s.
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not until tuesday everyone cools off back to more september-like levels. overnight tonight, beautiful sky out there, plenty of stars but a warm night. 50s and 60s across the bay area. then highs for your sunday will begin in the south bay with micro climate. along the peninsula, the same in mountain view and 80 half moon bay. down ton san francisco, warm and sunshine 85 and 79 and 92 san raff fell. oakland 91 and 93 fremont and inland triple digits. 100 in pittsburgh and 103 the high in pleasantopleasanton. the giants finishing up the series. warm and uv index high with sunshine temperatures will stay in the mid 80s through the entirety of the game. even hotter if you're headed to see the raiders take on the
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ravins. hot, 91 at kick off and by the end of the game so warm at 90. look at the seven-day forecast. hot tomorrow and cooler by monday. heat retreats for all on tuesday. just in time for fall beginning on wednesday and then thursday and friday, it's a steady nice breeze and temperatures back towards september levels. >> i can't believe we have triple digits on the maps again. >> and it can still happen in october. enjoy fall on wednesday. >> one more day for now. that's all we have. sounds good. thank you, drew. still to come, a rescue flight saving lives and bringing some very cute
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dozens of dogs rescued from almost certain death. you can seep the dogs arriving this afternoon. they were greeted by staff
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members from the spca and humane society. they are being raised in south core e radiokorea. street artists spanned out to bring a fresh splash of color to the mission district. abc 7 news was in the mission when 15,000 artists spray printed 16 blocks of wall, fences and garage doors. the painting party continues on sunday. artists, musicians and residents came together tonight for an auction that brings artwork shop to children fighting cancer. looks great. all right. want to talk about sc. >> i was going to say, i can't wait for this talk. kevin hogan one of the most courageous performances of his
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career. dissect the trojan defense. what a win.
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raise your hand if you thought stanford would upset down in southern cal? anyone? anyone. kevin hogan put the cardinal on his shoulders and did just that. late first quarter, hogan down the middle. austin hooper. crashes into the end zone, 7-7 ball game. on defense. good luck trying to stop smith. cody finds him lined up against linebacker blake martinez. a mismatch. shows us why. breaks loose for 54 yards,
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21-10. stanford roars back. up 24-21 at the half. gets wrapped up and goes down acre war awkwardly. hogan was not to be denied. he's coming back in the game. cody kessler completes the long dive. second td of the game. 28-24. 77 yard drive and had three touchdowns on the night. ten-point under dog goes down to usc and upset the trojans 31-41 the final. >> feels great coming into a hostile environment, great fans and great tradition but our goal is 1-0 every weekend in the pact 12. >> can't say enough about him and hopefully today with him, he doesn't really careful he wants to win football games. >> in austin a wild one. second quarter, jonathan gray
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untouched here. six yards. long horns in front. 24-14. cal goes 31 straight points. 38-24 cal. three third quarter possessions. see ya. 74 yards. 45-24 cal. second and two and inside hand off. nice stiff arm. he'll score. we got a game. lead down to seven. third and seven of the texas 44. steven anderson drops it. texas has life. 1:20 left. threw for 313 and rushed for 110 and 45 here. all we need is an extra point for the tie. miss. cal somehow with the victory 35-44 the final improving to 3-0. >> san jose state, quarterback hurt on the first play of the second quarter. joe gray comes in and scrambles
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and throws a great ball. 21-14 at the half. second half falls apart. score 21 unanswered. gray picked by kalob and returns 45 yards to the house and spartans will lose 45- 21 hosting fresno state next week. this sports report brought to you by xfinity. giants and a's highlights and the rest of the nation in college football coming up. stick around. >> we're going to come back? >> so big next week. >> they always do. >> that's my plan. thank you so much, drew. just ahead. donald trump on the defense. his response to some of his critics tonight and brewing up something special for the pope's visit to the u.s.
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good evening and thank you for joining us. san francisco police are looking for the person who shot two people on interstate 280 at highway 101 this afternoon. it happened between two cars and caused several other crashes. one person was shot in the head and neck and the other hit in the stomach and leg. anxious evacuees from the valley fire will get to go home. officials will lift orders from people that live in hidden valley lake, jerusalem grade and bus canyon road. the valley fire is now 50% contained. meanwhile, a new wildfire is growing tonight south of the bay area in monterrey county. the fire started this afternoon near james burg, 1200 acres
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burned. to the pope beginning the trip to cuba and the u.s. he arrived today beginning the longest overseas journey, a total of ten days. aaron is in kcuba with the stor >> reporter: the first visit to cuba for the pope. the pope touched down to a red carpet welcome from a military honor guard, flower bearing children and cuban president raul castro. the pope asked him for a special favor. to convey respects to fidel castro, the two will probably meet. the pope went into politics praising relations between cuba and the yiunited states he help broker and set an example of reconciliation for the entire world. >> i've been saying really the florida straight, what the
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berlin wall was for john paul the second. a wall of mistrust, suspicion, he wants that wall to come down. >> reporter: the pope called the trip a mission of mercy. cubans and americans are eager to see how far he can go. >> i noticed the winds changed and john paul brought here and continue with pope benedict and now with pope francis, positive changes are being felt and it's a wonderful thing to witness. >> reporter: on sunday, pope francis celebrates an open air mass in revolution square in front of 1 million people. he asked them to pray for him as he begins the longest and perhaps most challenging trip. >> thank you. the pontiff heard about a master coffee taster in kansas city and requested his energy brew come from him. tracy alan took the the love of pizza and wine into
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consideration. >> got to have a little more fun. i took a few more risks and you know how that can go and paid off. >> what's in it? alan won't reveal exactly what's in the blend. the pope found out about alan through his work in italy. ama daetz will be live when the pope arrives in the u.s. on tuesday. so watch for am a's reports as they follow pope francis on this trip. >> a minor league baseball player is in critical condition after being shot. 23-year-old mike nolan was wounded in the parking lot of a burger king restaurant. nolan is a 6'7" left-hand pitcher rushed to the hospital where he understand e went surgery. a deputy in a helicopter shot ask killed a robbery suspect in the air during a high-speed chase. sheriff officials say that deputy was fully authorized to fire and he was trying to
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protect the public. the fatal shooting happened yesterday along interstate 215. at one point the robbery suspect drove into an coming traffic. turning to the race for the white house now, front runner donald trump is once again defending himself tonight. this time over comments made by supporter at a town hall meeting. here is elizabeth. >> this is the first time in my life that i've caused controversy by not saying something. i didn't say anything. >> reporter: saturday night, donald trump had his first day in person about what he did not say on thursday. reading from tweets he sent out earlier in the day. >> am i morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? i don't think so. >> reporter: this is the exchange that hounded trump because his critics say he
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failed to correct the provocative remarks. >> we have a problem in this country called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> reporter: trump cancelled a stop the next day and in iowa fought back. >> they wanted me to speak up in favor of the president. do you think he's going to speak up in favor of me? why do i think he's not? >> reporter: campaigning in new hampshire, hillary clinton busted a move with supporters but didn't dance around the dona donald. >> the way he handled the question about president obama was shocking but not surprising. he's been trafficking in prejudice and paranoia throughout this campaign. >> reporter: later, donald trump was the guest of iowa's urban dale high school. >> would i consider putting a muslim american in my cabinet? absolutely no problem with that. >> reporter: he accepted an invitation to the homecoming celebratio
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celebration. >> yikes, abc 7 news was in the mission district for a donald trump pinata bashing party. every time he makes an insensitive party about immigrants, they have one. >> how we transform something negative into something positive. >> today's event celebrates hispanic heritage month and contributions immigrants made to the united states. best-selling author jackie collins that wrote dozens of novels that dramatize the rich and famous of hollywood died today. creative works of fiction, she had been battling breast cancer. a publicist said she passed away this morning in los angeles and her family said quote, she'll live on through characters but we already miss her beyond words. she was 77 years old.
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still to come, women who changed their minds about having breast implants. a new option tonight for keeping their shape. i'm drew tuma as the heat increases tomorrow, the air quality will
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breast implants have become
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increasingly common but more and more are seeing women deciding to reverse the decision. there are new options that allow the women to retain shape while getting rid of implants. >> i was kind of convinced to do it by an old boyfriend. >> francis who asked us to conceal her identity received silicon breast implants more than a decade ago. as an emergency responder, she decided to make a change when one implant began to deflate. >> i knew i didn't want anything foreign in my body anymore. >> hi, francis. >> instead, plastic surgeon offered francis the option of removing the implants and using fat from her own body to rebuild her breasts. >> a lot of women like the idea, fat graphing and i do, too, because you can kill two birds with one stone. >> first, surgeons remove fat with liposuction typically reducing the waistline in the process and the fat is purified.
11:46 pm
>> this is the best technique to get the fat like really pure. >> she says the purified fat cells will survive at a much higher rate when ultimately transferred. next the dock tomorrk doctor, r implants and lifts them and finally layers the purified fat cells over the existing muscle where they will graft and become living fat issue adding shape and volume. >> she has fat cells used to be in her abdomen and live with her and gain weight and lose weight with her over time. >> the procedure gave francis a look more natural and a cup size smaller. >> perfect size. >> with the promise of moving forward with no more surgeries. ama daetz, abc 7 news. >> the doctor says the fat chan transfer can be combined to give a lifted look. >> tens of thousands of people
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volunteered to their time. they were at ocean beach to pick up garbage. it is the 31st year of this annual vent and draws people to 850 locations statewide. this year's cleanup collected at least 300 tons of trash. it looks like we'll have another beach day tomorrow, drew? >> yeah, one of the places a lot of folks went to escape the heat today and tomorrow another popular spot. live doppler is quiet. we'll take you to the ocean water temperatures if you dip your toes into the water tomorrow. temperatures in the upper 50s to lower 60s and in some spots, three degrees above average for this time of year. nationwide look at weather, quiet, warmth and sunshine dominates much of the weather pattern across the u.s. weak cold front dipping through texas and sunshine through minneapolis and washington d.c. and boston 72 and back in
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portland tomorrow high of 77. here in california tomorrow, we're continuing the upward trend and our temperatures 100 in fresno tomorrow, 93 warm in l.a. the bay area tomorrow, warm to hot across the region. no fog, no sea breeze unfortunately. san francisco up to 85 tomorrow afternoon and 91 oakland and 96 san jose and santa rosa a toast ty 95. hot tomorrow and cooler on the coast but hot inland by tuesday. heat retreats for wednesday. fall begins and feels more like fall midweek. by thursday breezy and nice and friday and cruising into the weekend on saturday mild and sunshine and temperatures back to average. >> fall on wednesday. >> yes. >> this is just summer saying good-bye. >> one last glassasp.
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>> thank you. schu, we got to talk about what happened today. >> i don't want to rub it in, second-ranked alabama a
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diamondbacks in town and giants feeling the sting.
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the dodgers also lost eight and a half back in the national league west. hot day in the yard as drew mentioned. got to find shade anyway you can in the first. david peralta singles to right and v backs have 1-0. in the second, single to center, chris scores and gave up eight hits and no strikeouts matt cane rare relief appearance and another single and second day in a row giants get shutout and fall out of the play-off picture. 6-0 the final back to back shutouts. a's and astros, sunny gray taking on scott in houston. lowry goes to third but then run away by carson blare. he scores. 3-0 astros. come back in the fifth. josh doubles to deep left center.
11:53 pm
scores, a's with the 4-2 lead. evan gattis. three-run bomb. astros 8-6 and would win 10-6 the final. old miss came in today showdown with alabama with interesting numbers. no team ever scored 7 three points in back to back games. safe to say they weren't going to give 73 to the tide. beat bama on the road. chad kelly able to grab high snaps. ball bounces off the helmet of a defender. cubs out with it for a touchdown. old miss up. late fourth quarter, henry for two yards. two-point conversion. 43-30 and on side pick. knocks it forward and ball ma recovers. 43-27 and alabama making noise and gets the ball back.
11:54 pm
cokeer throwing deep and number two alabama falls to old miss in an upset. 43-37. top-ranked ohio state caught sloping against northern illinois. car dell jones picked off in the first series of the game. buckeyes down 7-0 before they knew what hit them. jones replaced by j.t. barrett. he's picked off by sean, northern illinois and business buckeye fans are stunned by the very next play. drew hair intercepted takes back 41 yards. number one ohio state survives 20-13 the final. >> air force over the spartans last week, today the spartans and michigan state. d.j. johnson. up like a fur ball and williamson. 14-0 lead. monster game for aaron. first of the three t.d. receptions and yes, he got his foot down. look at this catch.
11:55 pm
fourth-ranked spartans the winner 35-21. notre dame hosting georgia tech. former full back patrick transferred to georgia tech. goes up five-yard score rambling ties the irish half way through the second. notre dame takes the lead. c.j. angles towards the pylon. he's in. 13-7 at the half. close to 200 yards and three scores including this 91-yarder. he's gone. he's got speed. notre dame wins 30- 22. oregon leading, mustangs, quick out to dwayne. stanford 35 yards, first of two tds and the first ranked quarterback is this guy, local kid from eugene takes the hand off and wide receiver. a lot of green in front of him.
11:56 pm
87 yards oregon rolls 61-28. big matchup. auburn visiting 13th ranked lsu. leonard fornet, a huge game started off with 71-yard carry. then follows with the 40-yard touchdown. but the carry of the game, possibly the season in the third quarter. through the line. flips this defender over his head. dukes another on his way to a 29 score and ran for three touchdowns. l.s.u rolls. third play-off vent of the tour bmw championship. scott pierson, long birdie and daniel burger at 14 under and jason day, what a month he's had. approach from the rough on 12 and high towering shot and holds for an eagle and tap in for birdie. they finish two under and he's got a six-stroke lead at 20
11:57 pm
undergoing into tomorrow's final round. this sports report brought to you by xfinity. 49ers in pittsburgh and said they will win 27-14. he was right last week so we'll see how he does tomorrow. >> we'll have to see. >> sympathy -- >> we'll bring it back. don't even worry. it's going to be all right. >> i like your optimism. >> drew and schu, what should my nickname be? drew, schu and zoo. we're out. have a good night.
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