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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 20, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 20th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> hey, care lip, good morning to you. starting out with a heat veesry. it will be a scorcher out there. temperatures anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees warmer than yesterday. no clouds to show you, just the heat. it's a spare-the-air day. in fact, the east bay and the south bay will experience poor air quality. there's a fire in the south bay so you could see some smoky conditions way down to the south in monterey and san benito county. it's one of those tough base around the bay where temperatures will climb into the
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80s at the coast. half moon bay is at 48. a comfortable 57 in morgan hill. 63 mountain view and plenty of triple digits inland. we will detail the hot numbers and when the cool down heads our way coming up. carolyn. >> thank you, lisa. breaking overnight, a tense standoff is over in san jose. police received reports last night of a man firing shots into an unoccupied vehicle. the officers located him inside a residence at capital express say and mclaughlin avenue but he refused to come out. police fired flash grenades and he did exit the house about 2:30 this morning. he was put on a stretcher and taken to a hospital. earlier reports that this is a hostage situation could not be confirmed. police are not speculating on what may have led to this incident. two victims of a drive-by shooting open a san francisco freeway are recovering this morning from gunshot wounds.
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traffic on interstate 280 was picked up for hours from that incident. someone in a car fired shots at another. we have the latest. >> this is not the type of family reunion they wanted, but they are here to say their prayers for two other loved ones. >> around 4:30 our vehicle was traveling on that intersection when another vehicle opened fire on that vehicle, striking the driver and passengers. >> san francisco fire crews heard on this dispatch recording arrived to find the victims. >> on scene. two gunshot victims. one hit in the side, one in the head. both of still conscious. >> gunshots confirmed. >> police say one victim was hot in the leg and neck and one in the leg. it is on the south connector. relatives say they will make it
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through. now police are hoping to learn from the victims what may have led to the shooting on this busy stretch of highway. >> we don't have a motive. we do not know if it's gang-related, however, all of our stabbings and shootings are reviewed by the task force to see if they are gang-related. >> the traffic congestion lasted two hours before the scene was cleared. a rare incident for incidents traveling through assumingly safe area. abc7 news. >> a bicyclist was seriously injured last night after being hit by a car in golden gate park. it happened around 8:30 at the intersection of 19th avenue and mart martin luther king, jr. drive. the victim's injuries are considering life-threatening. police say the driver stopped and is cooperating. now to the latest open the valley fire.
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we have some progress to report on efforts to contain the flames. cal fire said the 74,000-acre fire is now 50% contained. lake county officials say they will lift a mandatory evacuation order for the communities of hidden valley lake, jerusalem grade, grange road and butts canyon road at noon. three people died in the fire and hundreds of structures were burned. meanwhile hundreds in calistoga got the word they will finally be able to go home later today. melanie has that story. >> ellen marsh is spending one more night at the napa cot fairgrounds. her hidden valley lake house destroyed by fire, she now calls middletown her home but is not allowed to go there. >> because i didn't have physical proof of my address, so i couldn't get the pass. >> for those blocked by road
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closers and not able to return home there is plenty of assistants, ranging from clean clothes to a clean cot. >> i have a skill that i think makes people feel better so i thought i would come up and see if i could brighten someone's day. >> they wonder what will be left standing. but his anticipation is different. he's wait to go get into a suburb of cobb. >> all of us who live in that area are -- desperately waiting for the closer to be lifted so we can go and find our friends. >> he said his friend ross refused to leave when the fire broke. his home did not make it. >> no one has seen or heard from rob since the fire came through that area. >> from home to shelter and eventually back home again. >> we coon go through this and come out stronger. >> resiliency may be what defines valley fire victims. >> some evacuees at the napa
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county fair grounds were allowed to go back home and they were chomping at the bit, lining up their cars, wait to go check on their homes and animals. and as abc7 news reporter cornell bernard shows us, many were heartbroken by what they found. >> the first wave of evacuees returned to the town they left one week ago. some had no idea what they would find. it's a painful homecoming for this family. their house was destroyed by the valley fire. >> this is bad. it's really bad. >> she has lived here 30 years, raising a family. >> we have to start all over again, but life moves on. you can't worry about this forever. >> this is a wheel of the mustang. the fire took all of his prize possessions, his mustang and the 1968gto he was restoring. his home reduceed to ashes.
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>> it's hard to believe everything you have been working for for a lifetime is gone. >> you see the neighbors? >> i am the one crying and he's the one who lost his home. >> his appliance store survived burks his heart with his neighbors. >> knowing that we can be there for him is so important right now. especially for the people who have lost their homes, people i also know that lost their life. >> the red cross is now open to shelter here toe twin pine casino for fire evacuees who don't want to return to the napa county fair grounds. shelter will be open until further notice. >> in middletown, cornell bernard, abc7 news. a baby girl owes her life to a state game warden who drove through the flames of the valley fire. when the fire started 8 days ago 11--month-old jesse and her grandparents were dropped in the
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mountains. he raced through to rescue them and snapping this picture to show the baby was okay. >> i want to say thank you very much, and if it wasn't for you, my family probably wouldn't have made it down in time. >> thank you. if it wasn't for him, i wouldn't have my daughter or my mom. a huge thank you. >> yeah, their home burned to the ground. but the woods say they are thank full for mr. little and they all survived. >> and in heelsburg a fundraiser will be held at the hoot owl vineyard. the goal is to raise $100,000. the vineyards are among the many that will be making contributions. and following up on a story we brought you yesterday. sonoma county youth football squad and their cheer group will differ toys to the kids at the moose lodge evacuation center.
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teen members held a toy drive before yesterday's game at the high school. they will be in uniform when they deliver those toys to make the day even more special for those waiting to return home. >> a new wildfire is growing south of monterey and salinas. the fire is 10% contained. authorities announced a 90% evacuation for the area. at least 300 homes are in danger, and six have already been destroyed. the butte fire burning in gold country has destroyed an additional 250 homes, bringing the total residences destroyed to more than 500. that fire is burning in amador county and it's charred more than 75,000 acres and is 65% contained. evacuation orders for several communities have been lifted.
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and i'm wondering with our heat-up, is that the same in their area? >> not as hot. it's hot there, but we have record-breaking temperatures today with many neighborhoods over 100 degrees. so the heat advisory until 8:00. san francisco looks pretty good out there. clear and it's 65 degrees already. 48 half moon bay. we will talk about our heat-up and our cool-down? just a few moments. >> thank you, lisa. also next, a test of sorts. a bundle of cash found inside a box of dominoes pizza wings. what would you do? and a woman who is visiting from south korea, with
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>> in richmond police say a 14-year-old girl was raped in
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broad daylight. in happened around noon friday at the millers park regional park. police arrested a 17-year-old boy. they also questioned a 14-year-old boy but released him. police say all three teenagers attend john f. kennedy high school. a deputy in a helicopter shot and killed a robbery suspect from the air during a high-speed chase. now sheriffs officials in san bernardino county say the deputy was fully authorized to fire and that he was trying to protect the public. the fatal shooting appeared friday along interstate 215. at one point they drove into oncoming traffic, slamming head-on into another s s.u.v.. >> a 21-year-old landscaper who was arrested in a string of freeway shootings in phoenix tell prosecutors they arrested the wrong guy. he has been linked to four shootings along interstate 10 in
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phoenix. he was taken into custody last week. merit is being held on $1 million bail. san francisco supervisors will decide this week whether to erect a memorial to a group of women who were victims as sex slaves during world war ii. one was at city hall telling her story. >> she traveled from seoul to san francisco to tell her story about 2,200,000 women from pacific rim women taken from their homes in world war ii by the japanese imperial army, forced to become what the government called comfort women for their soldiers. >> they took me away and made me a sex slave, but the government is still not making an apology. >> japanese prime minister has refused to issue a formal
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apology, despite protests in the bay area and elsewhere during his u.s. visit earlier this year. today san francisco supervisor eric marr presented lee with a with commemorating and he will install a memorial to install the women, like this 87-year-old. >> that is an example of courage and a story of breaking silence over generations. >> there's no official opposition to the proposed memorial, though some worry about anti-japanese rhetoric. but supporters believe this dark chapter in history and it's victims should be recognized. >> they are old, they are weak, they are poor. but we know what the truth. >> and a supervisor's commit has decided to move forward with the issue. it's recommending it to the full board. a vote is expected about that
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memorial on tuesday. a saturday night tv institution has ended its 53 year run. ♪ [applause] >> last night sobato aired its final episode on our media station. it was the longest running variety show on television. done francisco said good-bye to his fans with a special live show featuring a look back at his long run. there were well wishes from several celebrities, even president obama. a berkeley man ordered a pizza and wings from dominoes and got more than that. a lot more. imagine finding stacks of cash with your order? here's abc7 news reporter natasha with his morale dilemma and big reward. it's a story you will see only on abc7 news. >> so i ordered some pizza. i thought i had the day off and i was going to sit home and enjoy my relaxation.
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>> this story starts with the ordinary. mike vegas of berkeley called up dominoes and eight just one slice before putting rest of the order in the bridge. it wasn't until several hours later. >> my phone started blowing up, i wasn't working, i was at work and i wasn't answering. >> the phone calls is from the delivery driver who was on his way to the bank with just one more delivery to make. he put the cash in the wings box for safekeeping but made a big mistake. >> about 5:00 a.m. i got home from work and looked in my refrigerator and pulled out what i thought to be wings but it was about $1,300 total. >> it's one of those moments you wonder what would you do? >> i made a facebook post and there's a long list of people saying you should keep it, you shouldn't keep it, you should keep it. i wanted to keep it, believe me, but i couldn't do it. >> we watched as he walked it in. >> thank you so much. honest people are really hard to find these days. >> and kharma might be a real
5:18 am
thing after all. >> thank you. we are going to offer you free pizza for a whole year. >> it's an offer he plans to take the chain up on. >> i will have to start working out more obviously. [laughter] >> yeah, he definitely did the right thing. >> that's cute. >> yeah. >> we are looking at a very hot day today. heat advisory from about 10:00 this morning to 8:00 tonight and a spare-the-air day. there you have it there with the high lighted areas. the entire bay area. the sun up at 6:66 and sets at 7:10. that's 12 hours and 14 minutes of day light. we are cool this morning. plenty of area around the bay so it feels pretty good out there with temperatures ranging from the 40s at the coast to the 60s and 70s in the high elevations. 65. and 48 in half moon bay. from our sutro tower camera, a nice, clear shot. a dead, calm wind there. 61 concord. and 51 in napa, 55 santa rosa.
5:19 am
dewpoints in the 30s, 40s and 50s. the air is very, very dry. relative humidity dropping into the similar digits today with the hot air in place. we are looking at temperatures 24 hours ago. of course, cooler, waking up warmer, five or six degrees warmer. and redwood city today well into the 90s. close to 100 in some areas. certainly over 100 in our east bay valleys. from our roof camera you will notice that it looks pretty good out there but the air quality will be poor in the inland east bay. in the south bay you heard about the fire that has started in parts of the santa clara valley or further south than that. that is affecting the air in the santa clara valley, the tassajara fire. so we have got a warm day on the way. 5 or 10 degrees warmer for most locations, especially at the coast. yesterday you were in the mid-70s. today about 82, 85 half moon bay. mild to clear this morning. the heat peaks today. we are looking for a cooler day, as much as 10 degrees cooler
5:20 am
tomorrow. but most of the cool comes on tuesday. fall starts on wednesday and temperatures will be right around average from about tuesday to the fore seeable future. that the good news. and today double barrel high pressure. no wind to speak of and a light offshore flow. we are looking at numbers today in the 80s from half moon bay. average my 67 degrees, dropping to 73 on monday. look at the k cool air tuesday and wednesday. everyone will cool nicely. temperatures up and around middletown and hidden valley lake in the mid-and upper 50s. relative humidity 55%. only good news is the wind is dead calm, and it should stay that way throughout much. the day today. by about 9:00 tonight a the built of a northwesterly breeze. temperatures about 95 degrees around cloverdale to the upper 90s. speaking of 90s, how about 96 san jose, 99 los gatos, sunnyvale 93. 93 in menlo park. redwood city mid-90s.
5:21 am
90 san mateo. san francisco depends on where you are. from the mid-80s to 90. you can see the reds coming into play here. closer to the sunset in the 80s. north bay 95 santa rosa, 898 in calistoga. near east bay we have 93 in oakland. 97 for fremont. and you head inland, 103 at livermore, pleasanton and 102 san ramon. if you are going to the raiders game, it will be a hot one with 90 degrees at 1:00 and mid-90s at 4:00. another day of triple digit heat inland. we will have some cooling near the coast tomorrow and everyone cools off tuesday, and fall arrives wednesday. it looks good, although it's going to stay dry. in fact, it looks very dry right on through september. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with abc7 news weather app. nice, cool start. a sizzler this afternoon. >> here we go again withhe hot
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weather. >> i know, yeah. >> all right. thank you, lisa. up next, a rescue flight. saving lives and bringing some very
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it's tougher than ... foster farms chicken. but foster farms simply raised chicken... ... is 100 percent natural... ... with no antibiotics. gasp! do i look natural herb man? can i call you herb man? i'm trying to look natural. say something. why aren't you guys saying anything? simply raised chicken with no antibiotics. from foster farms. >> they said if your house burns down you can considerate least a
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year before getting back in your own place. here is the report. >> those who have been forced from their homes, and those who don't have homes to go home to, have a long road ahead of them. those homeowners with renters are insurance are in as good as shape as can be expected, in part because so many are left homeless. >> is there strength in numbers? >> there is absolutely strength in numbers. as a matter of fact, the larger the disaster, the stronger the recovery because there will be more resources flowing in and there will be a mohr coordinated federal, state, local government response and there will be no charitable dollars flowing in, which you need. >> that's amy. she heads up the consumer group united policy owners. the organization advocates for insurance consumers, and at times like these she's handing out a lot of advice. >> you shouldn't be paranoid but you should be realistic. >> that's the main thing. understands commercials with animated animals and friendly
5:26 am
agents are all well and good, but you are now past that stage of the game and are now working toward a mutually beneficial conclusion to this disaster. >> an insurance claim is a business negotiation. you need to be prepared as the property owner, the policyholder to assert yourself politely, but be a squeaky wheel and not just think i can be passive and my insurance company is going to do everything right. that doesn't really happen in real life. >> united policyholders said a lot of resources, and they posted their link on our website at i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." dozens of dogs have arrived in their new home. they were rescued from almost certain death overseas. you can see the dogs arriving at sfo yesterday afternoon, greeted by staff members from the plaster county s and the humane
5:27 am
society. they are airlifting dogs over the pac to help them find a new home and life here in the u.s. they were going to be used as food in south korea. artists of fanning out over san francisco bringing a fresh flash of color to the mission district. yesterday abc7 news was in the mission from 15,000 artists from all over the world spraypainted 16 blocks of walls, fences and garage doors with new murals. it continues today from 10:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. much more ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. donald trump on the defense. now he is responding, and how he is doing it to some of his critics. also, a very special greeting as the pope's historic tour to cuba and the u.s. begins. up next, his arrival in
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>> welcome back, everyone. we are starting this half-hour with a look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> good morning, carolyn. a heat advisory and a spare the air today with the poor air quality in the east bay valleys and also in the south bay. so with the heat come into play again today, anywhere from 5 to 10 degrees warmer from the coast, right around the bay, it is going to be a scorcher out there. right now a pleasant 59 in fremont montero, 46 half moon bay, by the delta, and 51 in napa. quickly our temperatures heat up today. by about 8:00 we are near 70 in oakland and then we go to the 10:00 hour, near 80 degrees oakland and antioch with really no wind at all. a slight offshore push w he will talk about the relief as soon as tomorrow in some parts of the bay, and the beginning of fall which offers more relief coming up. carolyn. >> lisa, thank you. turning now to the race to the white house. frontrunner donald trump is once
5:31 am
again defending himself. this time over comments made by a supporter at a town hall meeting. here's abc news reporter elizabeth he are. r. >> this is the first time in my life that i have caused controversy by not saying something. i didn't say anything. >> back on the campaign trail in iowa saturday night, donald trump had his first day in person about what he did not say on thursday. reading from tweets he september out earlier in the day. >> am i morally obligated to defend the president every time somebody says something bad or controversial about him? i don't think so. >> this is the exchange that has hounded trump because his critics say he failed to repudiate the questioner's provocative remarks. >> we have a big problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american. >> trump cancelled the campaign stop the next day n iowa he
5:32 am
fought back. >> they wanted in he to speak up in favor of the president. do you think he's going to speak up in favor of me? why do i think he's not? >> campaigning in new hampshire, hillary clinton bust add move with supporters but didn't dance around the donald. >> the way he handled the question about president obama was shocking, but not surprising. he's been trafficking in remedies and paranoia throughout this campaign. >> later donald trump was a guest of a high school. >> would i consider putting a muslim american in my cabinet? absolutely no problem with that. >> accepted an indication their homecoming celebration, abc news, new york. >> donald trump will have a chance to expand on the so-called muslim indent again this morning on "this week" fellow presidential candidate senator marco rubio will also be a guest on the show. this week with george stephanopoulos airs at 8:00 this
5:33 am
morning right here on abc7. happening now, voters in greece are going to the polls again to try to elect a government that can deal with the country's severe austerity and european bailouts. this is the third national election this year for greece. the fifth in six years. observers say politicians have not shown the ability to lead the country out of its deep economic problems. some believe no matter who wins, that party will unlikely gain enough seats to govern alone, lead to go still more political instability. now to the pope, who has begun his trip to cuba and the u.s. we have a live picture. you see the pope there. this is from havana's revolution square. he's in his pope mobile right now, hopping out to shake hands with the crowd. he's going to hold an open air mass in the square later this morning with an estimated 1 million people expected to attend. he arrived in havana yesterday,
5:34 am
beginning the longest overseas journey of his papacy in ten days. we have aaron in cuba with the story. >> adoring crowds lined the street to greet pope francis as he began his first visit to cuba. the pope touched down to a red carpet welcome from a military honor guard, flower-bearing children, and cuban president raul castro. the pope asked him for a special favor. >> you can pay respect to fidel castro. the two will probably meet. he then waded in politics, and praising the restoration of relations between cuba and the lsu that he hoped broker. continue on the path and set an example of reconciliation for the entire world. >> really the florida straits is
5:35 am
what the berlin ball was. a wall of mistrust, suspicion and hostility. he wants the wall to come down. the pope called his trip to cuba a mission of mercy. cubans and americans are eager to see how far he can go. >> i have noticed the winds of change in john paul brought here and continue with pope benedict and now with pope francis, positive changes are being felt and it's a wonderful thing to witness. >> on sunday pope francis celebrates an open air mass in front of a million people. he asks the people to pray for him as he begins his longest and probably most challenging trip. abc news, havana. >> abc news anchor ama daetz will be live in washington, d.c. when the pope arrives in the u.s. tuesday. watch for her reports. abc news will follow pope
5:36 am
francis on his historic trip. the best selling author collins wrote dozens of novels and she has died. she has been best-seller hollywood wise and other works of fix about tinsel town. she was battling breast cancer. a publicist said she passed away yesterday morning in los angeles. her family said in a statement, quote, she will live on through her characters, but we already miss her beyond words. collins was 77 years old. still ahead on the abc7 sunday morning news. kermit the frog and his muppet friends explore the professional and personal lives in a new behind-the-scenes documentary style prime time show. we will have a sneak-peek. and get ready for more scorching pot weather as we enter fall later this week. lisa argen is along shortly with
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5:40 am
noise and some dust. well, weather-wise we can expect some scorchers for temperatures? that's the way i put it anyway. >> yeah. 54 in san ramon valley. 61 concord. you are hooking out from the east bay hills camera. yesterday low to mid-90s. 10 degrees of warming today. we will be well over 100 degrees in all of those cities. we will talk about how long the heat is going to last and when and where the relief comes in next. >> thank you, lisa. also next, stanford quarterback kevin hogan began leads the cardinals to a big upset over sixth-ranked usc. mike shumann has
5:41 am
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>> let's check out sports. the raiders will try to rebound from last week's disappointing game. the raiders host the baltimore ravens as coliseum. last night stanford looked for an upset on the road against sixth-ranks usc. here's shu with all the highlights. >> raise your hand if you thought stanford could upset sixth-ranked usc in southern cal, anyone? >> kill, kevin hogan put the cardinals on his shoulder speakers did just that. down the middle, and austin hooper. 16 yards. ties the game at seven. on defense there's not much you can do to stop schuster.
5:44 am
lined up against the linebacker. martinez, that's a mismatch. schuster breaks loose for 54 yards. 21-10. stanford comes back. david shaw gambles and goes to the end zone. hogan rolls out his stuff, and 24-21 at the half. third quarter hoggets wrapped up and goes down awkwardly. could have been a knee or high range he will spain but he's not denied and goes back to the game. and usc drive to the one yard pass to mitchell. has them back on top by four. and the 77-yard drive. he had three. stanford 10-point underdog goes down to usc and upsets the trojans. 41-31, the final. >> feels great. coming into a hostile environment, great fans, and our goal is to go 1-0 the first week and we are 1-0 in the pac-12. >> can't say enough about it. he wants to win football games.
5:45 am
>> cal and texas. it's 14-10. texas running back jonathan gray, untouched. 6 yards year. longhorns go in front by 10. 24-14. cal scored 31 unanswered. third quarter, goff to lawler again. three third-quarter possessions for cal. and this 74 yards, 45-24, cal. this is the point they are thinking it over. just over three minutes to go. second and two. cal 27. inside hand-off to gray. nice stiff arm. he will score. we have a game! cal 21-point lead. down to 7. to the texas 44. cal can put it away. goff to steven anderson, he drops it. texas has life. he threw for 313, rushed 110. he needs the extra point and the senior misses. cal escapes with a 45-44
5:46 am
victory. improving to 3-0: diamondbacks in up to and the giants feeling fair sting, losing their second straight to california. but they also lost to the g-men, 8 1/2 back in the rest. hot day in the yard. need to find shade. mike leake struggled. in the first, singles to right. aj scores. 1-0 d-backs. then in the second. chris owusuings scored, leek went three innings. gave up three hits, a walk and no strikeouts. and in the fifth matt cain a rare relief appearance but he's still working the kinks out. another similar. pollack scores. second day in a row the giants get shutout and fall further out of the playoff picture. 6-0, your final many ba being to back shutout. and a's and astros. gray struggled out of the gate. a wild pitch in the dirt. ted lowry goes to the third but the ball is thrown away by carson blair. he pushes simeon out of the way.
5:47 am
he scores. 3-0 astros. a's make a comeback in the fifth. josh doubles to deep left. simeon scores, a's with the lead, 4-2. but after the astros brought it within one run in the sixth, evan. just gets over the wall, and a three-run bomb. the astros go on to win 10-6. 49ers in pittsburgh and the raiders will be hosting the ravens. we will have all the highlights tonight at 5:00. i'm mike shumann. have a great day! >> we certainly will try to do so. and lease arm is here to tell you how you can spend that day. what to look for weather-wise. >> yeah, strategically, right? because it feels pretty good out there right now but it's going to warm quickly. we have a spare the air advisory and a heat advisory. so with the shorter days, and the longer nights, you are thinking, maybe not so bad. well, it's going to be well into the 70s by 8:00. heat advisory until about 8:00 tonight in the entire bay area. the winds just not happening. so as a result, we are starting
5:48 am
out with some cool temperatures. radiational cooling. but the relative humidity is already low. with the hot, dry air mass overhead we are talking triple digit heat. and the relative humidity in the teens. and even single digits. 62 san jose, 57 morgan hill. look at the 48 half moon bay. today warmer, in the 80s at our beaches. oakland 59. you will be well into the 90s. san francisco close to 90 degrees. and from our sutro tower camera, nice vantage point, 5 santa rosa and novato. 61 in concord, 59 livermore. and our roof camera. so even san francisco really, really warm today. but the worst air quality from the tassajara fire in the south bay and our inland east bay where temperatures will be well over 100 degrees. but as soon as tomorrow the air quality improves, and temperatures could come down 10 degrees in san francisco. but not so lucky in our inland valleys. mild this morning with the clear sky. heat peaks today. it will be cooler air as soon as
5:49 am
tomorrow. some areas. everybody experiences the cool down on tuesday. fall arrives earlier on wednesday. we are seasonal the rest of the week the can't get any rain. it's about a couple areas of low pressure that will help ease the heat come tomorrow. right now we've got the offshore flow. this isn't going to help too much. there's a low to the south, as well. but in combination the two of them will allow for more of a sea breeze tomorrow and that's where we will trim the temperatures back. statewide we are hot in sacramento again. 99 there. 82 in the northern sierra. we are going to be warmer all around the bay. then in yosemite today. 93 los angeles. really much hotter around the bay area today and that's why we have the heat advisory. in the 50s right now. near clear lake and hidden valley, middle up to. so it feels pretty good. the relative humidity is up and the winds pretty flat. they won't be much of a factor at all today. so if you get a little they might be out of the south, southeast. maybe out of the southwest.
5:50 am
and then switching over to a westerly component overnight tonight. looking at the future we see still the heat with us in livermore with 101 tomorrow, and then mid-80s for tuesday and wednesday. so talking about the south bay today, 97 santa clara, 89 in santa cruz. 96 for you there in redwood city. 88 south central. 98 novato, 95 oakland. and 102 san raw mope, 102 walnut creek n san francisco it will be hot. 84 degrees at 1:00. the accuweather seven-day forecast looking at triple digit heat again tomorrow but cooling at the coast and everyone cools off tuesday. finally fall arrives many we just need a few raindrops. 70s and 80s is where we should be for the end of september. so, you know, we have that going for us. we just have today and tomorrow inland. >> yeah. i cannot remember a summer quite like this one in terms of the high temperatures early. >> i do. >> you do?
5:51 am
well, that's your job to remember. [laughter] thanks, lisa. kermit the frog and his muppet pals are returning to television here on amount bc. the new show, new idea, each a new pig. lookout, the muppets are back. we get the goods from kermit. >> a sort of behind the scenes look at our lives. i just have to do what i do and try to forget there's a camera there. >> it's time to light the lights again for the muppets, they are heading back to prime time in a documentary style show. you will soon know about their romances, desires, disappointments and achievements as the show explores the professional and personal lives. >> if you have children, how will you raise them? where will they go to the bathroom, in the woods? >> okay, that is an offensive stereotype! >> i think more than anything else, what do you think you are going to learn by watching your new show? >> i think you will learn over the years we have done our
5:52 am
projects, i played kermit the frog, it's not exactly who i am, and we do have personal lives and we are just living in the world just like everybody else. >> it will be all about our personal lives. >> i hate that. >> we are normal people only we happen to be frogs and bears and chickens and we do have relationships that people don't really know about. >> kermit is the executive producer of "up late with miss piggy" the show within the show, however, the two are no longer a couple. but you you have an attraction r another pork loin princess. >> they love it when you say that. but, yes, her name is denise. she is one of the heads of marketing with abc. and she's wonderful. she's very sweet and thoughtful. you know, it's a different kind of thing. >> also different, what it means being green. kermit's song as youd to be
5:53 am
about skin color, then it was all about the environment, and now -- >> these days it has some metafors for all kinds of people and i love that. >> you will see it right here on abc. >> up next, strut your mutt. why dog owners have
5:54 am
5:55 am
here are the winning numbers from the power ball draw. no one got all six. wednesday's jackpot grows to $235 million. and the winning numbers from last night's $9 million super lotto plus. no one picked all six in that draw either. wednesday's jackpot there increases to $10 million.
5:56 am
>> knew this morning, it's strut your mutt festival in texas this weekend. strut your mutt raises money to help save the lives of homeless dogs. the mope goes to build shelters and create rescue organizations. dogs at the event all get treat today massages and yoga. it will be san francisco's turn to host a strut your mutt event next saturday. the fun about let underway at mclaren park. up next on the sunday morning news at 6:00, a freeway shooting shuts down interstate 280 in san francisco, backing up track for hours. we will have the latest on the condition of the two victims. also, a special delivery. instead of pizza, one customer gets a bundle of something very unexpected.
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>> good morning, everyone, i'm carolyn tyler. thanks for joining us on this sunday, september 20th. let's start with a quick look at the weather with our meteorologist lisa argen. >> a heat advisory today. temperatures coming up another 5 to 10 degrees today, and right now we are looking at the air quality not bad with 40s and 50s and even 60s. but it's not going to take long until the temperatures climb. already about 7 degrees warmer from the peninsula to parts of the east bay, 56 oakland. san francisco sitting at 65 degrees. temperatures here will be well into the 80s, perhaps 90s. even


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