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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 20, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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hello, thank you for spending your sunday with us. he heat is on. it was a record-setting sunday. here's a live look at santa cruz beach where it's been packed all day. it's a "spare the air" alert, also issued for tomorrow. meteorologist true drew tuma has the numbers for us. >> that's a refreshing look after you see the temperatures. a record at gilroy, 104. 92 in san francisco earlier this afternoon. we're at 88. 93 san jose, santa accept rose .
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the national weather service continuing a heat advisory for the entire bay area through 8:00 tonight. outside we go, sunshine, a bit of a haze in the hair, -- haze n the air and we'll have poor air quality so another "spare the air" day in effect for monday, but i am tracking cleaner and cooler air on theway. live doppler 7hd showing you a big area of high pressure showing you just a void of cloud cover over much of the we were half of the u.s. look down to the south and this area of cloud cover moving through mexico is an area of low pressure. that will move north and help to kick the heat out. we'll talk about when it will feel like fall with the full forecast in just a few minutes. >> a lot of people looking forward to that. melanie woodrow, live at crissy field in san francisco. i imagine people are just trying to stay cool. >> reporter: they are. i'll tell you some people
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actually really love this warm weather, and of course some people would love it if were also cooler. people were asking me the last time it was more than 90 degrees in san francisco, and drew tuma tells me it wasn't too long ago. on labor day we hit 91. the next day was 95. when you're talking about temperatures this warm, sometimes people can get sick, and we did see a couple of heat-related calls at the lafayette art and wine festival. staying hydrated, special i if you're drinking alcohol with wateres critical. we have seen people enjoying themselves in the water today. including here at crissy field, where i met some san francisco transplants who are drilled with the warmer temps. >> this is fabulous, ireland is freezings. we talked to people at home and it's miserable, pureeing rain.
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>> they've got their winter clothes on. and jealous we're enjoying such temperatures in san francisco. >> reporter: that is jackie, she moved here with her husband and her two very adorable boys, just two weeks ago from ireland. we have been enjoying ourselves out here today. drew told me on a story like this i must get some ice cream today. i'm more of a frozen yogurt girl myself so i will see if the photographer will get she some frozen yogurt. right now, live and warm at crissy field in san francisco. abc7 news. >> you're just glowing out there. i'm sure we can get a whole group together and out for frozen yogurt. stay cool. you can see just how hot it where is you live with the abc7 weather app for four smartphone: in monterey county, a new wildfire has killed one person. the fire is burning two miles north of the community of
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jamesburg. it's destroyed or damaged at least ten homes. the fire has grown to 1200 acres since it broke out yesterday afternoon. it's now 10% contained. deputy is will begin escorting evacuees back into the neighborhood tomorrow afternoon. cal fire now says the valley fire is the sixth most damaging fire in california history. the number of structures destroyed has jumped to 888. officials say they still have a ways to go before they are done counting homes and structures. evacuations of hidden valley lake area have been lifted. the wildfire has killed three people. another 6500 homes are still threatened tonight. the fire is current lay 3% contained. of course -- 53% contained. a big show of support for valley fire survivors tonight in the north bay. many in sonoma county are opening their hearts and wallets to those who lost so much. cornell bernard is live in
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healdsburg with the story. >> reporter: i have to tell you, just an amazing show of support for foes e -- those folks who lost everything, people rebuilding their lives, and here in alexander valley, folks around here showed our generous they truly are today. several hundred people were at a fundraiser at hoot owl creek vineyard to assist those who lost everything in the valley fire, including bonny, whose childhood home burned. >> crazy, i mean, just don't think it's going to happen to where you live. >> just can't turn away from it and can't be the person that says, i hope something happens good. you have to take some kind of responsibility. >> reporter: these are pictures of bonny's parents' home which burned. she said they're safe, staying with family.
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her stepfather's house and cows reins place also burned. local wineries and restaurants pitching in time and services to help in the fundraiser. fundses raised will benefit lake county rising, assisting survivors and rebuilding efforts. it's an impressive number. today the fundraiser raised $700,000 for those who are impacted by the valley fire. not bad. live in healdsburg, abc7 news. >> incredible. 700k in one day. all mandatory evacuations have been lifted in the butte fire. 70,000-acre wildfire burning has destroyed 535 homes. two people have died. that fire is now 70% contained. near lay dozen homes that belong to volunteer firefighters have been destroyed. youle hear from them at 6:00. and the father of victim maty middleton will hold a rally in her honor tomorrow. taking place before her
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suspected killer is formally arraigned. 15-year-old adrian gonzalez faces charges of murder, kidnapping and sexual assault as an adult. michael middleton wants people to remember his daughter rather than focusing on the suspect. still ahead at 5:00, getting ready for pope francis. the special mass for some bay area catholics today that's prepare to take partner pontiff's historic trip to the u.s. and, a massive celebration as pope francis celebrates with thousands of people there what happened during the pope's private meeting with former
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welcome back. a group of local catholics received a special blessing today before leaving to see pope francis in washington, dc. song filled st. peters church in san francisco's mission district. 150 lat teen known catholics and their families worshiped during a special mass. one man explained how this pope seems different than his predecessors. >> i love his ideas. i think is great. yeah. and different from the other popes. i think he is more in the reality. >> today's mass came as hundreds of thousands of cubans worshiped with pope francis in havana. abc news reporter has the story. [chanting] >> reporter: pilgrim packed into the sprawling plaza, cheering pope francis who arrived in the
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popemobile to celebrate mass before hundreds of thousands some waiting since 3:00 in the morning to see him. the pageantry of catholic worship was on full display in a state declared athiest since 1959. president raul castro attended the mass, and francis later met fidel castro. the vatican said little about their conversation but these two leaders hat much to discuss. the diplomatic breakthrough with the u.s. and the pope's desire for more freedom for the church. >> i think it's a moment of healing, reconciliation, moment to look forward and not get stuck in the past. >> reporter: the pope said the pursuit of power should be set aside to serve the poor. perhaps a gentle rebuke nor government of a long suffering people. before mass began security guards tussled with demonstrators and three people were detained. one was allowed a moment with the pop before he was pulled
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off. >> the vatican revealed one -- a book swap, one on the environment, and castro gave the pope a book with a personal dedication, including a welcome from the cuban people. >> we'll be live in washington, dc. the first of three cities the pope will visit when he arrives in the u.s. on tuesday. watch for that report that week, this upcoming week, and joining here as abc7 news follows pope francis on this historic trip. at 5:00, the movie that made its premiere in space this weekend. the quick action of some good samaritans that saved four people, including a small child from a burning boat. >> record heat today but cooler air is waiting in the wings. >> how did you beat the heat today? jody send us this picture saying, trying to stay cool.
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poster snapshots using our hash tag.
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four people escaped from the burning yacht thanks to good smarm tans who sprang into action. the boat butter into flames off the coast of galveston texas. one of the good samaritans had been fishing nearby and saw also boy on the boat, he said my instink was to get him off the quote on to me. the coast guard says nobody was hurt. this is what movie night looks like on the international space station. scott kelly tweeted out a picture saying, ward mart yap movie last night. today working towards or journey to mars. the martian, about an astronaut
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stranded on mars, won't be shown here on earth until october 2nd. kelly is spending a full year in space. wouldn't it be great to hear from him, the inaccuracies about astronauts and what it was actually like. >> i'm sure he had a lot of inaccuracies with gravity. >> that not what it's like. >> live doppler 7hd, this afternoon, it's quiet as could be. high pressure, nothing but sunshine. live look from the golden gate bridge camera, nothing but baby blue skies up there. sunshine, and temperatures on the warm to hot side. currently 84 in san francisco, 90 right now in oakland, 95 mountain view. morgan hill, century mark. we can't show you this enough. the live look from the santa cruz camera. a refreshing picture. folks taking in the final hours of sunshine. the ocean temperature is 62-63. the air temperature in santa rosa is hot. 96 in fairfield.
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concord, 98. livermore, 100 degrees. showing you nothing but sun-soaked skies over san francisco night now and the forecast tomorrow is going to be a day of transition. we'll see a weak onshore breeze kick in, meaning cooler on the coast, but not going to puncture much of the bay area so still hot inland on monday. everybody feels relief on tuesday, just in final for fall begin agent 1:21 in the morning. live doppler 7hd and satellite showing you just an absolute void of cloud cover. high pressure squashes all that cloud cover with sinking air, and tomorrow is going to push a little bit to the east and weaken just a built. that's going to allow for cool are temperatures along the coast. highs tomorrow, san francisco, 81. that's still warm. but we fresh compared to the 92 today. daly city, 70. half moon bay, 74. 95 in sunnyvale. san jose, hot, at 94. watch what happens on tuesday.
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future tracker temperature shows you this is going to feel refreshing. that onshore breeze kicks in everybody. 60s along the coast. warmest temperatures on the map in the low to mid-80s. so overnight tonight, a mild overnight period after this hot day. plenty of stars out. temperatures in the upper 50s to mid-60s. then highs for monday, starting with south bay, still rather hot. the breeze not able to puncture into the south bay. 49 san -- 94 san jose. along the peninsula, 91 redwood city, 89 palo alto. the coast starts to feel some relief. the 70 for the high for half moon bay. downtown san francisco tomorrow, 81. 75 daly city. north bay, 94 santa rosa, 91 vallejo. east bay, oakland, 86. 89 fremont. 85 berkeley. inland, still rather hot. 98 concord. 100 livermore.
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here's the accuweather seven-day forecast. cooler along the coast for monday. by tuesday, the heat retreated for all. going to be very nice by wednesday. fall begins early in morning, bit of a bump in temperatures on thursday, quick warming trend. by saturday and sunday it's breezy and nice and finally feeling like fall. so the co-tomorrow, going to feel nice, and by tuesday, everyone will breath a sigh of relief. >> mike mike joining us now, raider nation. >> tale of two cities. the 49ers were dominated and the raiders looked more like the team we expected in week one.
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>> there were a lot of questions to be answered for the 49ers. you usually find the answers quickly on the road and that's what happened today in pittsburgh. ben roethlisberger, always loose. second quarter, big ben, plenty of time. 59-yard strike to brown. unstoppable. great move. he used the niners in second dear. nine catches, 195-yards and a touchdown. niners defense no sacks. williams' td run, 16e.3 steelers. next drive, sacked for a loss. brown punt return sets up a shoulder field goal for pittsburgh in the first play. roethlisberger, to heyward-bey. let's end on a positive note.
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the touchdown. kap through for 335 but it's a blowout. steelers win 43-18. >> have to execute, man. we got down in the red zone last week so we got to work on the red zone, get better in the red zone. score points, not field goals. >> raiders laid an egg last week and were determined to prove this is not the team that jack del rio built. death vader has good feeling today in the black hole. opening drive after a couple of drop biz capper. contractor carr down the sidelines. raiders 7-0. michael crabtree with the score. crab, nine catches, 111 yards. fourth, the seven yard td run,
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ravens take the lead bit the raiders march down, 26 seconders to are the ravens to responsible and joe flacco was intercepted. what a win for the raiders. >> giants are running on fumes. arizona in town, tim hudson on the hill in the next to laos start of his career, trying to prevent a sweep. this is how you beat he heat. a dip and a beverage. got himself out of a couple of jams. four hits, struck out three. box stick, the double with to on, buster posey, launches one over the 382 sign in left center. three-one shot. giants hold on for the 5-1 victory. a's finishing up a set in houston. barry zito first major league appearance in two years. first man he faces, uses the
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fast ball to get the strikeout. of a walk, rasmus times the hanger perfectly. and knocks it over the rightfield wall for second home run of the game. check out zito's reaction. he knew that was too good. no further damage. two runs, two hits a walk but the a's lose 5-1, take tomorrow off before hosting texas. we'll tee it up a at 6:00 p.m. for the raider locker room, and a big win for raiders. >> all over the place. >> tale two of cities. >> thank you, shu. up next, four-year-old girl's attempt at trying to explain weddings to her father when abc7 news 5:00 returns.
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some victims of the butte fire are anymore working tirelessly to save the homes of others. we'll larry from the selfless firefighters. why police and firefighters at this training exercise were not told what they were training for. join us at 6:00.
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a flour girl's job is a big responsibility. four-year-old joe joe wants to make sure her father doesn't embarrass her. >> you one can call us because we are going to be busy walking down the aisle. -- >> what if i just yell "princess." >> no dad. going to be a bunch of people sitting and then they're just going to hear us. you can't do that. you do not understand. >> you just do not understand. how adorable. she is not messing around. serious business. for this four-year-old, and jojo wants to do it right. doesn't want to mess it up. look at her. >> adorable. >> she doesn't want dad to mess up. she knows what she is doing. >> a smart little girl. >> your wife telling you. >> that does it for us at 5:00.
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thank you for your time. next newscast is at 6:00. stay cool. welcome to "world news tonight." america's pope. as the u.s. gets ready, a festive welcome in cuba. but then this moment. a man dragged away from the popemobile. the pontiff's message for the communist nation. and the private meeting with fidel. gop shuffle. is frontrunner donald trump losing ground? carly fiorina's star rising. and tonight, the controversial statements from some candidates about muslims. sniper arrest. a suspect in a series of highway shootings, behind bars. police say he's linked to four attacks. but also warn copycats may still be out there. rv rescue. the motor home fireball. an unconscious woman trapped inside. and the hero who comes to the rescue. tonight, the survivors' story for the first time. an


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