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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 20, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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abc7 news begins in 60 great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures. so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause.
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your health. this is abc7 news. the heat is on. record breaking temperatures today. and even tonight the temperatures are still in the 80s right now. good evening and thank you for spending your sunday with us. i'm sure you felt it out there. we have team coverage on the heat tonight. let's start with our news meteorologist drew touma. >> we set several records this sunday afternoon. 96 is the record high in richmond. tieing a record at 93 degrees. nice and toasty at 104. the temperatures were in the 90s to lower 100's. and just like the air over the weekend it will continue to be stagnant on monday. another spare the air day was called. there will booy poor air quality for monday. but we are tracking cleaner
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and cooler changes to our area. to our air. there is an >> there is an area of low pressure that will bring us relief from the heat. a closer look at when that will arrive in a few minutes. >> sooner rather than late are. people all over the bay area were looking for ways to beat the heat today. abc7 news reporter medically woodrow has this part of the story. we saw a lot of people outdoors, but many waited to get their outdoor exercise. i have seen a lot of walkers and runners. the high today in san francisco was 93 degrees. whether the bay area is all you have ever known or a place you are learning to call home. >> this is fabulous. ireland is freezing. we were talking to people at home and it is miserable. it is pouring rain and cold. >> a day at the beach is almost always a sure bet.
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>> i first went into the ocean. i swam for about 30 minutes. i came back and relaxed in the sun and put sunscreen on. >> she was filled with visitors and those homegrown alike. the temps are a treat for some people in san francisco. >> the breeze felt awesome. >> the hot weather got to some who were treated by paramedics. it was at 97 degrees as late as 8:45 at night. after a hot day, many felt deserving of something cool. >> have to get some ice cream. have to cool down. >> what chyme did you get? >> cookie dough. >> from cookie dough to fido. >> he likes to lay on the pavement in the shade. >> these dog days of summer are the last days of summer.
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in san francisco, abc7 news. >> turning now to the valley fire more evacuees were finally allowed back home today, but for many it wasn't good news. lilian kim joins us live from hidden valley lake. >> natasha, the evacuation order was lifted at noon today. while many had a home to return to others were not as low-incomey. >> he returned to his home knowing it would be nothing but a pile of rubble. the house became engulfed in flames. >> we had a week to work through it. we were ready. we came for a few momentos which we found. it survived. >> so too did this wedding gift, a ceramic vase that has taken on a whole new meaning. >> it survived. >> it is one of 70 that was
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destroyed by the valley fire. others came close. the flames scorched the corner of the home until firefighters put it out. shooy says this week has been an emotional rollercoaster. first told her house had burned down and then found out it hadn't. >> we say i wish i could wake up from the nightmare. >> as for the people whose homes had no damage coming back has been hard for them too. she is just a block away where nine homes were destroyed. >> i am an emotional person, but it is knowing somebody that lost a house. >> in a matter of days will go back to his teaching job. >> we can use this to get to the cool places you can get with kids. high school english. we will process it. >> in hidden valley lake,
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lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. cal fire says the valley fire is now one of the most damaging wildfires in california's recent history. that's based on the total struck struck -- structures de strayed. it burned at least 75,000 acres and it is now 69% contained. classes set to resume. meanwhile a fundraiser brought in at least 700,000 for people who lost everything in the valley fire. abc7 news was there as they volunteered to cook and serve for lake county rising. even people who lost their homes lent a hand grateful for generous donors. >> this is going to be a huge opportunity to come back even bigger than it was.
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>> i think we should help donate dog food and stuff. >> well, kids like abby wrote thank you cards to firefighters and people who lost their homes. >> tomorrow evacuees will get to check on their homes for the first time. the fire has burned more than a thousand acres and damaged or destroyed at least 10 homes. it is now 30% contained. sheriff investigators found a burned body in a car near the source of the fire. they are calling that person's death a suspected it suicide, but they do not yet know if it was related to the fire. the boutte fire burned 110 square miles and destroyed 535 homes. the fire is now 72% contained. >> a fire gutted a home this afternoon. sean walker provided this video. take a look. you can see neighbors trying to fight the flames with garden hoses.
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the fire department raced to the scene. they made sure everybody escaped from the inferno along beach road. >> we want to confine the fire to the building of origin. we were able to do so. >> luckily no one was hurt. >> they looked for hotspots in fremont. someone called 9-1-1 after seeing smoke around 7:30 this evening. officials believe it may have started in a homeless camp. the flames never reached any nearby homes. and a lawsuit against an 11-year-old boy is stirring outrage. the autistic boy was attacking their children and had to return to the courts because they didn't control their son. they have since moved and the lawsuit continues and goes to court this week of the coming up at 11:30, hear from those neighbors and why advocates for the disabled call this
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lawsuit misguided. and two people were hurt -- rather they walked away unhurt after a small plane crashed. they provided these pictures. it went down in a field and the plane may have lost power after it landed at 5:00. nobody was hurt. another fight broke out involving 49er fans and this time in so cal. cell phone video captured the brawl outside of a buffalo wild wings in downey, in southern los angeles county. the trouble began inside the restaurant. today's fight comes after santa clara police arrested four people suspected of attacking a minnesota vicki -- viking fan. the pope's historic trip to the u.s. and cuba and the special visit he made today. and abc7 news ama daetz spoke with the archbishop to find out more about the message the pope is bringing.
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>> >> viola davis. >> a big win for viola davis. her emotional speech already going viral. we'll have the winners when
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pope francis will fly to cuba after leading mass for thousands of people. massive crowds filled the plaza for the paneling gentry of the catholic celebration. he urged those in attendance to serve the poor. in a more private setting he visited fidel castro. and the archbishop of san francisco stopped by st. joseph's church in the mission
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this afternoon to speak to 150 pilgrims. they will head to washington, d.c. to see pope francis. ama daetz sat down with the archbishop to find out more about the message the pope is bringing. >> the archbishop oversees hundreds of thousands of catholics in san francisco and across northern california. he will meet with the pope in a couple days. >> what do you think his message may be? >> i would not be surprised if he speaks on the environment and how it is connected with so many other issues and how the poor tend to suffer more from abuse of the environment. immigration and migration are high-profile with the refugees from syria and other countries as well. and of course immigration is a significant issue in our country. >> while the pope is in washington he will name a california saint. >> he has been called the founder of california. >> he founded the first nine of california's 22 missions. on wednesday pope francis will hold a special mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the i'm immaculate
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conception. serra is a controversial choice for sainthood. many native american catholics blame serra for the death of 150,000 of their people. many were held against their will and beaten and even tortured. >> certainly there were standards then we wouldn't hold to now especially around corporal punishment. >> pope francis previously apologized for the atrocities that happened during spanish colonialism. among those who will take part in the ceremony will be descendants of the native americans who built the missions. >> i am a maloney indian from here in san francisco. >> they are cure raters at mission delores in san francisco. the cat tau van asked them to be -- vatican asked them to be a part of it. >> as soon as the declaration is made you will see me walking up to the altar carrying father serra's relics. have i been working for this since 1978.
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>> medina will play an important role too. >> he will read the tiers scripture reading in our native language which is the lapping wedge of the san francisco -- the language of the san francisco bay area. >> medina doesn't necessarily serra's rise to sainthood, about you sees the canonization as an opportunity to invite native americans back into the church. >> the missions are a part of our reality. we can't lie and say the missions didn't occur. we can't ignore the fact that for over 230 years the mission has been part of our existence. >> their participation is one of the many surprises we will likely see during the pope's visit. in san francisco, ama daetz, abc7 news. >> thank you to ama and ken for that. on the eve of the pope's visit 56% of catholics say the church is in touch with their view. that's the highest number in years and up from 34% in 201 throughy when his papacy began. ama daetz will be live in washington, d.c. when the pope
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arrives in the u.s. on tuesday. watch for ama's reports this upcoming week and join her as abc7 news follows pope francis on this historic trip. i hope you all stayed cool today. the question for many of us especially those of us who don't have ac is when is all of this going to end? let's turn to drew for answers. >> we want this heat out of here. it was record setting today. by tuesday everyone will feel refreshing air. tomorrow is a day of transition. live doppler 7hd and it is calm out there. we are taking a live look across the bay. it is a gorgeous sight we have in the bay area. clear skies out there. no cooling along the coast. the forecast calls for a cooler coast tomorrow. a weak sea breeze kicks in, but not cool enough to cool down the bay area. we will get the refreshing air across the region in time for wednesday. fall begins at 1:21 in the morning. out there temperature wise this is rather impressive.
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everyone is mainly in the 70s across the bay area. it is 75 in downtown san francisco. that's 4 degrees above our average high. 72 in oakland and 75 in san jose. seven-day forecast 6 concord and santa rosa is cooler at 67. live doppler 7hd, and the reason for all of this warmth over the weekend, you can thank or blame high pressure how you look at it. this is our heat pump, but we are tracking canings. this area of cloud cover that is moving to the desert southwest, that's going to help them bump this high out of here and bring us relief and some cooler temperatures. future tracker temperature shows you tomorrow along the coast that's where you will want to go if you want to escape the heat. 70s along the coast. you do notice 80s and 90s for our monday. by tuesday, watch what happens. a widespread cool down. th will -- this will feel refreshing. our warmest locations warm into the mid80s. feeling like september around here on tuesday. overnight to fight, it is
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going to be a warm one. clear skies out there and plenty of stars. temperatures in the low 60s across the bay area. cooler spots in the north bay fall to the mid50s. highs for your monday will start in the south bay. it is a rather hot one. 94 in san jose. 93 cupertino. thine 7 for morgan hill. along the peninsula, 87 san mateo and 91 redwood city. cooler 74 for half moon bay. downtown san francisco tomorrow is 81. that's going to feel better compared to the 93 we had this afternoon. 75 daly city. 91 vallejo and we will go to 94 in sonoma. oakland, 86 degrees and go to 80 fine in fremont and 85 in berkeley. 98 concord and 100 livermore and we go to 100 in walnut creek. here is the accu-weather seven-day forecast. tomorrow it is a cooler coast. it is a day of transition. by tuesday the heat retreats where everybody will feel very nice and vary freshed. by wednesday fall begins in
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the morning. thursday and friday there is a bump, a quick warm up of warm winds. saturday into sunday it is back down to breezy and nice and feeling like fall. the coast tomorrow everyone on tuesday feels nice. >> i love that. one more day to hit the beach and do all of those fun things and then we are ready for fall. just ahead, stars are like the rest of us. how the feet affects them.
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you just have to be ready for them. another step on the journey... will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at a historic win tonight at the emmies for a -- abc's star viola davis. she is the first woman of color to receive the award for lead actress in a drama series. >> let me tell you something, the only thing that separates women of color from anyone else is opportunity. [applause]. you cannot win an emmy for
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roles that are simply not there. >> other big winners are jon hamm who took home his first emmy after 16 nominations for best actor in mad men. "game of thrones" won best drama in the end and regina king took home supporting actress for "american crime." and people in our community are talking about another emotional moment. the surprise emmy appearance of tracy morgan who walked unassisted on to the stage for the first time after being severely injured in a car accident last year. it was posted, it was good to have tracy back making us laugh again. another tweet, tracy morgan stole the show for me. another post, this year's emmy 's may have left me more than a bit teary. the temperatures reached nearly 100 degrees and it was so hot that former miss usa nearly fainted. as you know they sweat like the rest of us.
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entertainment tv's mario lopez had to change his shirt multiple times, yikes. we will have a look at the hit and miss fashions tomorrow on "gma" here on abc7. i know have you your dvr set and your favorite dresses picked out, shu. >> no question. the 49ers did not win an emmy for their per 4thof july mans. for their performance. they have some work to do. the raiders put on quite a show at the black hole winning with office and -- offense and this final defensive stop.
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brought to you by xfinity. >> they are determined to prove what this team is all
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about. they showed their true colors with their first win of the era. darth vader feeling the pre game. streaking down the field and he finds it for a 68-yard touchdown. he has seven catches and 109 yards. raiders up 7-0. 29-yard strike and nine catches and 111 yards. it is going to the fourth quarter with a 10-point lead. he marches down the field and it is 351-yards passing. raiders win it 37-33 and what a finish. >> funny things we will pick apart but for today they were enough. we'll take the huge win that we needed so badly and enjoy it. >> pittsburgh taking on ben roethlisberger and the steelers. it was a big day in the second quarter. air itself out to antonio
11:30 pm
brown. that leads to a two-yard touchdown. a touchdown on nine catches in the second. 35 yards and 22-3 pittsburgh. big ben three touchdowns. we end on a high note. a 75-yard touchdown. in the -- cool off in arizona. he went six innings. he got himself out of a couple of jams. he gave up four hits and bottom of six and they got a run on the double with two on and buster posey sends it back and a three-run shot. they remain eight and a halfback of the dodgers. a's finishing up a three-game set and barry zito's first major league appearance in two years. first of many faces.
11:31 pm
caw rhea -- correa. he takes a big old curve ball and sends it over the right field wall for the second homer. he gets out with no further damage. two runs, two hits and a walk, but they lose 5-1 and take tomorrow off before hosting texas. this sports report is brought to you by infinity. your plays of the day. >> i like the raiders. it is one game. they are not resting on their laurels. >> that's right. a south bay neighborhood is in turmoil. at the center of it all, an 11-year-old boy with autism. tonight hear from neighbors who are suing the boy's parents.
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>> good evening. in tonight's headlines, the valley fire in lake saw sonoma and napa county is 69% con intayed. more than a thousand structures were destroyed. abc7 news was with the evacuees were allowed back into hidden valley lake. some people lost nearly everything. they found momentos in the rubble. and people south of monterey can check on their homes. a thousand acres have burned and the fire is 30% contained. can you stand the heat? it hit 93 degrees sending many to ocean beach to cool off. the east bay was nearly 100 degrees around 9:00 tonight. can you believe it? tomorrow is not predicted to be as hot. and there is a nasty battle brewing. at the center, a young boy with uh tim. and the neighbors who say the parents can't control their
11:36 pm
son. tonight they are facing a lawsuit. here are the details. >> in what otherwise looks like a quintessential american suburb , neighbors are embroiled in an ugly battle. suing to declare a child with autism who lived here a public nuisance. >> for us this case is not really about autism. as far as we're concerned it is about the safety of our children. they were uhing -- attacked on multiple occasions. >> they don't blame the 11-year-old boy and they are not attacking autism. they claim the parents didn't do enough to control their son and prevent him from hurting their young children allegedly attacking them during a birthday party and at random while playing outside. >> all of the children witnessed so much violence. there was an increased fear in the kids. they didn't even want to step outside of their house. >> the father of the boy being sued told the san jose mercury news, this has been devastating for us, but we are
11:37 pm
doing our best to cope with it. thisy have since moved. advocates worry about possible backlash. >> i hope the court doesn't rule against the family because that creates another barrier and that's not the solution. >> they want damages for past abuses and assurances that the boy will be better supervised. even though the boy and his family has since moved the lawsuit continues to go forward. >> the case is expected to be back in court this week. you can learn more about this story tomorrow on "good morning america" right here on abc7 news from 7:00 to 9:00 a.m. and the father of the murder victim maddie middleton will hold a rally in her honor tomorrow. it will take place before 8-year-old maddie's suspected it keller is arraigned. he faces mud charges and kidnapping and sexual assault as an adult. michael middleton wants people to remember his daughter rather than focusing on the suspect. and now to a bizarre case of
11:38 pm
mistaken identity. he was held at gun point. he was outside a key largo bank when they demanded he get on the ground and cuffed him. the 34-year-old was just transferring money at the bank at the time. turns out an employee called in a robbery and police thought he might be their guy. luckily it all ended up okay. havana, cuba. thousands flocking to see pope francis and hear his wrerdz of encouragement. the upon testify visited there ahead of his u.s. vees sit. he tried to mend fences with an ailing dictator as well. >> this giant crucifix was presented to the president from raul castro, an atheist, and said it may bring him back
11:39 pm
to the church of his youth. francis visited fidel castro after going to mass in the square before hundreds of thousands of people. he warned them of elitisms and encouraging them of a life of service. >> many in the crowd have kept the faith through decades of castro era repression. the pope says he hopes it encourages the church to have the freedom they need. even today cuban authorities kept dissidents from the pope, but as francis tours the city he encounters cubans who say the visit gives them hope. francis signals change, new things. if francis says it, good things can happen. change is coming to cuba. the question is how fast and how far? the pope encouraged cubans to look after one another. abc tuesday, havana.
11:40 pm
>> ama daetz will be live in washington, d.c., the first of three cities the pope will visit when he arrives on tuesday. watch for ama's reports this week and join us as abc7 news follows pope francis on this historic trip. a couple is calling a navy veteran their hero after he saved a woman from a rolling inferno in pennsylvania. you can see the couple's motor home engulfed in flames in this cell phone video. it rolled backwards setting fires along the way. the man managed to escape, but the woman returned looking for her cat. a navy veteran stepped in and pulled the woman to safety. and four people escaped from this burning yacht thanks to good americans who sprang into action. one. good samaritans -- one of the good samaritans was fishing nearby. he said his instinct was to get him off the boat. police and firefighters spent part of the day training on
11:41 pm
how to make split second decisions. abc7 news was at the ferry building early this morning where more than 70 volunteers acted as victims of a fake explosion. firefighter and police officers had to figure out what happened and help those who were hurt. the first responders were not told what that insurance department -- what that incident was. >> they are supposed to analyze and see what the situation is and respond appropriately. the idea here is to train our first responders. it could happen in the real world where you don't know what you have. >> police say they will analyze the response and see what their officers can do better in the future. mosquitoes carrying the west nile virus have been found in san jose. that means mosquito fogging will get underway this week. starting at 11:00 p.m. on tuesday fogging will happen to the 95, 133, 95127 and the 95116 zip codes. the fogging should last about three hours. and still to come on abc7 news at 11:00, the war of words on
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the campaign trail as donald trump starts to lose steam in the race for the white house. >> and i am abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. record highs in the city, but we now begin the downward trend with cooler air moving into the forecast. deta
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all of the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> and now to the race for the white house.
11:45 pm
donald trump's colorful talk could be costing him. he is still out front, but losing ground for the first time. and carly tee rena is -- carly fiorina is now becoming a contender. now the latest from the campaign trail. >> tonight questions of tolerance are testing the republican candidate. >> would i consider putting a muslim american in my cabinet? absolutely no problem with that. >> how about a muslim for president? 60% of americans say they would support it. >> that's such a hypothetical question. >> i absolutely would not agree with that. >> and what about the religion of president obama. >> i don't talk about it and i don't like talking about somebody else's faith jie. he is born in the united states. he is a christian. >> the debate bursting back into the open at a rally for donald donald trump. >> we have a problem in this country called muslims. >> a statement of intolerance that trump left unanswered for three days. >> most are fabulous. i have trends that are muslims. >> while republicans grapple with diversity and democrats are shaming the gop.
11:46 pm
>> to play into some of the worst impulses that people have is irresponsible and appalling. >> what trump is doing is appealing to the instincts among us racism. >> for now trump is in the lead, but in a new cnn poll, losing ground. carly fiorina is they can and neck with ben carson and scott walker is now an asterisk. >> that was devon dwyer reporting. the candidates with i will face-off on october 28th in colorado again. the democrats will hold their first debate on october 13th. u.s. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. will take in more refugees. the u.s. will accept 85,000 from around the world. that is to happen by 2017. volkswagen is apologizing for customers' broken trust. the ceo said he was deeply sorry, but stopped short of admitting guilt. they said on friday that the
11:47 pm
german car maker cheated on its emissions standard compliance. volkswagen programed some diesel fueled cars to turn on emission controls only during testing. johnny depp is receiving rave reviews of his portrayal of whitey bulger. but it was not enough to win the box office. "the scorch trials" is a see qet to the young adult distopen yen movie" the perfect guy" came in third and fourth. and "everest" was fifth. maybe tomorrow is a good day to go into an air conditioned movie theater and beat the heat. >> that's a great idea. honestly if anyone who doesn't have ac will want it. much of the bay area will be toasty. what we want to see is some rain. we had some, but the next seven days unfortunately didn't look like wet weather would be happening.
11:48 pm
look at this. it is rather quiet. lots of sunshine. 78, 81 in st. louis. 82 atlanta and 69 in the nation's capitol. what we are watching are monsoonal moisture that is moving to the desert southwest. 88 in phoenix. but what this will do is it will help to break down the heat we have over us right now. it will usher in cooler air. really it is everywhere on tuesday. so highs on monday in california, it will be another warm one. warm in l.a. to the 90s and tomorrow it is in the 80s. 82 san diego. 93 yosemite. 101 in sacramento and even monterey is cool, but still warm at 76 degrees. we'll zoom into the bay area. lots of sunshine out there. we will have the low to mid70s along the coast. that's where you want to go to beat the heat. elsewhere we are in the 80s and 90s. 81 san francisco and 86 oakland. 94 san jose and 99 antioch. 94 in santa rosa. the accu-weather seven-day forecast, cooler on the coast
11:49 pm
tomorrow. the heat retreats for everybody on tuesday. it will feel refreshing around here midweek for fall on wednesday. it is a bum up -- bump up in temperatures. feeling like fall this time next week. >> i like that fall has a nice cooling trend and then a little more of a bump. >> a little bit of a bump. thank you. appreciate it. >> and a lot to talk about in sports today. >> we had a questionable sports man ship issue in women's golf. stick around. johnny football was back for a game. he leads the browns to a big win over another
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wrought to you by xfinity. >> it is that time again. it is time for your plays of the day. mvp steph curry continues his carolina tour. this guy is everywhere. he is flipping over the fact the mvp is in town. a nice flip into the end zone. they beat houston. he is smiling before he hits the ground. the judge gives him a 10. the 49ers in arizona. better make sure the special teams are in order. opening kickoff against chicago. david johnson brings it out from eight yards deep in his own end zone and goes untouched for 108 yards. one of the longest plays plays in history. johnny manziel and a 60-yard bomb to travis benjamin.
11:53 pm
marcus mariota 28-14. our catch of the day, julio jones preventing an interception . instead able to gather in a wild throw with one hand. unreal catch. in a night game the former cal quarterback throws two scores including the game winner to another cal bear. the packers beat the seahawks. they fall to 0-2 for the first time since 2011. tony romo is not so fortunate and slams to the ground. broke a bone in his left nonthrowing shoulder. similar injury during the 2012 week seven ended his season. we shall see. and those are your plays of the day. what a day for our local college teams. cal holds off texas 45-44 and 3-0 bears are getting votes for top 25 consideration.
11:54 pm
stanford jumps back. the upset of the day on the west coast. kevin hogan had one of his best games. 279 yards passing and two touchdowns. hoe -- he found nine receivers. it could have ended his knee with an ankle injury. rice had three touchdown runs. the cardinal defense held them in check. stanford firing on all cylinders and this is what we like to call a team quarterback. >> anytime we can have a balanced offense like that we can spread the ball around to the play makers. >> a bizarre finish in germany. they think the europeans
11:55 pm
concede and so she picks up the ball. they said the putt had not been conceded. leigh would be penalized which would help them take a big lead. lee is in tears. a huge putt to the winner. he is psyched and europeans need him to sink this put to extent the match. she misses. the americans win it. it is the first win since 2 swlr swlr -- 2009. the bmw championship. chipping from the fringe. making it look easy. he taps in expwh -- he taps in and is the hottest golfer right now. a 20 footer. he goes wire to wire and becomes number one in the world for the first time.
11:56 pm
nascar first round of the chase for the championship in chicago. harvick would take the brunt of the damage and would spinout ending his day. more on this in a second. hamlin spun out and drops to last place. he comes back to win it. giants come over to talk to harvick. watch this. they will punch him in the chest. i love these nascar guys. this undoubtedly is to be continued next weekend. according to yahoo! they made an initial offer. he just got a new agent. the deal is reportedly worth four years and $64 million. the deadline for a rookie contract extension is october 31st. the lawyers are trying to lock him up before he hits restricted free agency in july. this abc7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity. the steph curry we saw pounding the drums.
11:57 pm
they start camp in two weeks. i don't think any of them have worked out. >> in terms of golf i like that our american ladies didn't let it phase them. they came back and came back strong. >> you have to have it beacon seeded -- be conceded. but it was an interesting situation. >> thank you for hanging out with us. abc7 news continues tomorrow morning at 4:30. for mike shumann and drew tuma, have a wonderful rest of your sunday.
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and disneyland is ours!" my frightful fiends, "going down!" "boo!" screams don't miss the wicked fun of halloween time at the disneyland resort, dazzling brighter than ever during the diamond celebration! visit "trick or treat."
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(footsteps approaching) (choking and gasping continue) okay, not only are you supercute... and have a great address, but you have literally the nicest people working in your bagel shop that i have ever... (panting and groaning)


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