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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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county fairgrounds last week when seven or your side's michael finney held a pop-up event. the young couple and their baby eric jr. escaped the firestorm, but their apartment building was destroyed. >> that's when i started getting worried and kind of upset because i knew i had her ring in the house. she didn't know. >> reporter: not just any ring, a diamond engagement ring eric bought to propose with left behind. >> pretty much all week it was in my mind, the ring, the ring, hopefully it's good. >> i asked him like, what's wrong? are you okay? and that's when he told me that he had bought an engagement ring. and it was in the house. >> reporter: when eric finally saw the ashes of their home, he remembered he'd hid the ring in the back of their tv. >> the tv was still standing and i see a little box on top of it. so i go, that's the ring. >> he opened it, the ring was still there.
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y >> reporter: protected by a tiny metal case, the ring was still glittering. did you like the ring when you saw it? >> oh, yeah. so beautiful. even the way it looks, so beautiful. >> reporter: can you believe it? >> i can't even believe it was still in the same spot i left it. >> reporter: she's still waiting for eric to propose. he says he wants to make it special. rebuilding their lives comes first. luckily this shiny cornerstone is still ip tact. we're back live where highway 175 has just reopened in the last minutes. by the way, the ring was a perfect fit. and annette said she'll let us know when they set a date. abc 7 news. what a story, huh? wow. well, students in kelseyville can return to school for first time since the fire broke out nine days ago. students will return to middletown either late this week
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or next monday. the department of motor vehicles is offering services to victims at the lake county local assistance center on washington street in middletown. the fire has killed three people and destroyed nearly 1700 homes in other buildings. it's now 70% contained. the valley and butte fires have burned 145,000 acres. governor brown has asked president obama for a presidential major disaster declaration which would release federal funds to help victims and recovery efforts. there's breaking news in fairfield tonight where a large fire has burned at least one home near tap street and empire place. sky 7 hd over the scene writ looks like crews have the flames under control. it broke out a little more than an hour ago. calfire was on the scene. no word of any injuries. amtrak trains in the area are 20 minutes delayed as a result. we'll bring you updates through this newscast as they become available. very scary moments for homeowners in martinez.
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that's where a brushfire quickly got out of control. take a look how quickly these can change. these images were taken about 3:30 this afternoon by sky 7 hd. still a small patch at old briones regional park. take a look at how it looked 12 minutes later. the flames burned a fence and threatened several homes. one structure burned. firefighters got there a few minutes later and quickly controlled the blaze. a house fire destroyed a three-story home in alamo this morning. the flames broke out at 2:30 today. it spread quickly. crews arriveded to the house shortly after the fire started and were able to put the fire out. sports anchor larry beil was in the area and no one was hurt despite the damage. two good samaritans in san francisco saw something that
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they didn't like, didn't feel right, and they got police involved. they detained a man they say was using a hidden camera to take video of women in their beyond wear. lyanne melendez. >> reporter: this video has gone viral. i spoke to the man who posted the video on his facebook page. he told me he never thought it would get this much attention but he's glad it has. >> i see what you're doing. don't erase it. >> reporter: last thursday just after 4:00, jason took out his cell phone and began recording 67-year-old gary brooks who was looking at a video he had just shot. >> i wasn't going to let him go with that. i couldn't let him go with that. i got a daughter. >> reporter: him and another man behind the cell phone were relentless following brooks for several minutes. that other main was broadous parker who first saw brooks getting close to girls while holding a shopping bag with a
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hole in one end. >> one of the girls was rather young. and she had on a little school girl skirt. youtube, world star, we got you. >> reporter: they work for a tour bus company on union square. they kept at it until they finally got the attention of police who then detained brooks. watch as he's being handcuffed. one of the officers lifts the bag, the hole is now visible. >> the cameras was in the bag angled up perfectly cut about the size of a half dollar. so the lens of a camera can see directly up a skirt. >> reporter: one of the officers took his camera and found more incriminating evidence, but only cited him under penal code 647 j-2. disorderly conduct using a camera to look at women's undergarment. he's expected to hap in court next month. in san francisco lyanne
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melendez, abc 7 news. >> wow. >> two police officers are in the hospital recovering after being shot in a target parking lot near monterey. this happened in sand city east of monterey at 4:30 this afternoon. the abc affiliate in monter assay there were two gunmen. two other people were also shot. all four victims are beings treated at the hospital. target is still open and police are questioning shoppers as they leave the store. a family of three is missing after a fire in eldorado county destroyed their vacation home over the weekend. this is the buchanan family. officials confirm the remains of two people were found inside the burned cabin. the fire broke out last sunday off highway 193 in garden valley in eldorado county. the father of the family is the president and chief operating officer. investigators have not identified the remains found inside the cabin. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. a sunnyvale charter school
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was closed after a person there was arrested. the office of education says there are weakness in the oversight of charter schools statewide. a school board meeting is scheduled for tonight. >> reporter: first off, the office of education said they've notified other schools to be ready to take students on short notice should that be necessary. a lot is weighing on this board meeting that is tonight. and whether or not county leaders -- excuse me, county leaders say they're really frustrated with a lack of accountability. >> i am frustrated on a fairly regular basis. >> reporter: the santa clara county office of education grants charters to schools like spark spark, but after that the power fades. >> we have very little authority over the charter schools. >> reporter: only after
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18-year-old jonathan chow was arrested on charges of sexual assault did it come to light that the spark chaert school failed to complete state mandated background checks. >> every employee should have cloer e cleared a background check before starting work, that's hr 101. >> reporter: sunnyvale police arrested chow after a girl came forward. sunnyvale police say the charter school is working with them even though school leaders failed to respond to our questions today. >> does he talk to parents who are at that school. they feel like they were assured that people have been background checked. so there were assurances made by the school principal. >> reporter: the county office of education stepped in last week as the school continued to operate without completed background checks. the spark board voted yesterday to temporarily close. if the background checks aren't completed, the county can attempt to revoke the charter.
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>> we'll be taking a look at our processes to see if there's something we can do to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> reporter: the spark board meeting is scheduled for 6:30 tonight. late this afternoon we obtained a statement from a spark board member. she says they have completed background checks for all but one employee. at the time that chow was hired, he was a minor, so a background check wouldn't have showed anything in his history if there was something to be alarmed about. katie utehs, abc 7 news. the father of an 8 murdered. finding the cheapest health care available. a new option four. apple sets the next date for its next best thing. the new project ahead. and protecting the pope. on the eve of a historic trip, the plan to make sure pope francis is safe in america.
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breaking news in the central valley. there has been a plane crash outside the naval air station in kings county. this happened just within the hour. highway patrol officers are heading to the scene. we do have reports it might be an f-18 down in that area. still waiting for word on injuries. we're continuing to monitor the story on air and online. you can get breaking news any time if you follow us on twitter @abc newsbayarea. adrian gonzalez has been charged as an adult in madyson middleton's death after luring her into his family's apartment on july 26th, police say.
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madyson's father organized a gathering on the courthouse steps to honor his duty. >> i'm just here to support madyson. support her memory. keep it on a positive note. keep it from turning into a show for adrian. i'm trying to do something positi positive, trying to keep her memory alive. >> this incident has resulted in the tragic loss of two kids from our community. as charged, our 15-year-old client now finds himself in adult court without the benefit of a fitness hearing. >> gonzalez's attorney has called for a neutral judge to determine whether her client should be an adult or jurch nile court. the district attorney said he's following the law in proceeding with the case in the adult court system. gonzalez faces life in prison if convicted. the san francisco port authority has installed a bench on pier 14 in memory of the san francisco woman who was shot and killed there. 32-year-old kate steinle was hit by a bullet while walking along
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the pier with her father july 1st. a plaque on the bench mimics the last thing steinle posted on facebook the day she died. it says, whatever is good for your soul, do that. the man charged with steinle's death, undocumented immigrant has pleaded not guilty. a former worker is skew siouxing the garbage company for retaliation after he said he complained of a racism incident. darrell washington claims a fellow worker placed the hanging noose on top of the black employee's personal belongings. that worker was suspended. but when he came back, washington said the harassment continued. he's upset the city never investigated the two-year-old incident. >> that's a problem. there's no joke there. nothing to be taken as if it's funny. >> washington is suing for discrimination and retaliation. in a statement, the company says no bullying has been reported or
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witnessed by anyone and there's been no retaliation of any kind. the company added that the offending employee was disciplined. california attorney general pamela harris is being sued for her alleged role in a company's failed hospital byeout bid. they claim that harris abused her constitutional powers. the suit accuses harris of placing the interests of a labor union over the health care needs of communities across the state. last year the daughters of charity selected prime over dozens of bidders to take over its seven hospitals, five of which are in the bay area. pope francis' visit to the united states kicks off in washington, d.c. tomorrow amid very tight security. the pontiff's tour will involve tens of thousands of police, military and counterterrorism experts all operating under the secret service. law enforcement says it rivals a presidential inauguration in complexity and crowd control with the added challenge of spanning six days and three
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cities. >> our job is to protect him as we know best. he will make his own decisions and, as i like to say, referencing the great advertisement from my youth, he answers to a higher authority. >> it's a tremendous challenge for us, the secret service. all hands on deck. >> reporter: officers have spent months training for a variety of scenarios as they prepare to protect the man that so many people want to see up close. abc 7 news anchor ama daetz is in washington to see the pope's canonization of father junipero serra from northern california. join her as abc 7 news follows pope francis on this historic trip. >> you still cannot vacation in cuba, but the travel restrictions that have been in place for decades are now being loosened a good bit. >> with a new website that could save you big bucks on your flight, michael finney. >> a couple of interests things today. california state officials say a new website will help consumers find the highest quality health care at the lowest cost. the site is called lifornia health care compare.
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the site provides price information for about 100 medical procedures like childbirth, diabetes care and colin cancer screenings. patients can search for providers nearby based on quality ratings. >> the department of insurance receives a lot of complaints from californian who have sought care and had no idea what the price was going to be in advance. this type of tool is really needed for people to be able to shop and compare price and quality in advance. >> i'll post a link on our website. g getting to cuba is getting easier. you still have to travel under one of 12 government approved reasons including research and humanitarian, but now families can tag along. soon there could actually be direct commercial flights. there are also published reports saying regularly scheduled airline flights between cuba and the united states could be as soon as next year. u.s. and cuban officials met in
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havana last week to begin the first steps of normalizing relations between the two countries. if an agreement is in place by the end of the year flights could start some time in 2016. now, as we've reported earlier, if you go on some websites, it looks like they do now. they do not. they do not. >> thanks for the warning, michael. >> hot pretty much everywhere around the bay area today. triple digits in some spots. >> with more on that sandhya patel. >> the kind of heat that just saps your energy, right? people are feeling it. you're drinking tons of water. hang in there. we're already starting to feel some changes. the cooling has started in some areas but not everywhere. we'll show you clear conditions across the bay area. half moon bay is starting to feel the effects of the cooling. it is 72 degrees, the high so far. but look at this, 103 in gilroy. a new record today.
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previous record was set in 1967. toasty in fairfield, antioch, all in triple digits. 97 from san rafael from redwood city to san jose. 89 in san francisco. heat advisory remains for much of the bay area until 8:00 tonight. san francisco and the east bay shoreline are excluded from that advisory. so our east bay hills camera does see a little bit of smoke from the fires burning nearby. 73 in san francisco. currently 79 in oakland. mountainview a pleasant mid-80s. 99 in morgan hill and san jose cameras showing you the sun is shining. it's hot out there. 87 in napa. triple digits concord, livermore. the forecast is for much cooler weather tomorrow. fall begins at 1:21 in the morning on wednesday. mild to warm weather is expected for midweek. from our exploratorium camera
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we're looking at treasure island. a bit hazy today. spare the air alert today. but we're expecting a big improvement in the air quality as we'll see the cooling trend. good air quality for tuesday and wednesday and good to moderate for the following days. here's what we're watching. what's left of tropical depression 16-e, the remnants of it providing showers into san diego county. prompting the flash flood watches there. for us just the flow turning gradualing on shore will bring much cooler weather to you starting tomorrow. fog's around first thing in the morning near the coast, parts of the bay, then the cooling sea breeze kicks in. you'll notice the difference tomorrow when you go from the triple digits to 80s inland. 60s. hopefully everyone will have a much better night of sleep. low 50s to low 60s and some fog reaching the coastline as i mentioned. tomorrow afternoon, 80 degrees in the south bay in san jose, 79
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santa clara. 78 in sunnyvale. palo alto, mountainview, 73, mid-60s along the coastline as well as daly city, san francisco, 68 degrees. north bay 80 in napa. vallejo 82, santa rosa. a nice sunny day in the east bayp and in the inland east bay 82 walnut creek, concord 84, livermore 85 crease there in brentwood. accuweather seven-day forecast mid-60s to mid80s tomorrow. we'll get rid of the 90s and the 100st. thursday temperatures start to come up. it will get warm around the bay area. don't worry we've got you covered for the weekend. back down into the 80s inland. 60s along the coastline. cheryl and dan, relief is coming. >> my goodness, coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00,
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no matter how hard you're trying to save water, you may be surprised how much you are actually using. >> drew tuma shows you how to estimate your hidden water use. >> oh, my gosh. that's a lot, right? >> that's a lot. >> so what is soaking up all that water? find out tonight on abc 7 news at 11:00. heading to the er. how a bay area hospital is making a trip to the emergency room feel a lot less scary. it's 5:30 on world news with david muir. >> the breaking news tonight, a republican dropping out of the race. a massive explosion. you'll see it. three important tips for every homeowner. and you know, this isn't any ordinary science fair. new at 6:00, a look at the invention some local kids and google are convinced will actually change the world.
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a man is recovering after his car plunged 100 feet down a cliff in san francisco's outer richmond. it happened about 3:30 this afternoon near 48th avenue and balboa street. the car flipped over and brought down power lines with it as well. pg&e had to deenergize those lines before firefighters could get in and rescue this guy. apple getting serious about getting into the auto industry. "the wall street journal" today said apple is committed to making an electric car by 2019. the project's code name is titan. and apple has reportedly give the green light to triple the size of its development team which already numbers 600. today apple removed dozens of apps from its app store after an unusual data breach. the company said developers in china were tricked into using software tools that added malicious code. the breach is believed to be the
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first of its kind. customers are advised to upgrade to the latest version of their apps to make sure they don't contain the malware. it's a good idea to reset your password while you're at it. how would you like to ride in a vehicle equipped with wifi, google glass. this is a new ambulance at california pacific medical center. the hospital had the ambulance redesigned with colorful artwork both inside and out. the tv keeps children entertained while they're being transported. >> much nicer for a sick child or ill child who is already having a bad day to get into something beautiful and state of the art and relax and maybe not feel so out of their element. >> a big difference, obviously. take a look at how the inside of a regular ambulance looks by comparison. medical technicians will be able to use google glass to send live video to doctors at the hospital during the ambulance ride.
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still ahead, surviving a car crash like no other. >> a spectacular racing accident and the driver's okay. more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®. as my diabetes changed, it got harder to control my blood sugar. today, i'm asking about levemir®. vo: levemir® is an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®,
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which lasts 28 days. levemir® comes in flextouch, the latest in insulin pen technology from novo nordisk. levemir® is a long-acting insulin used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache. severe low blood sugar can be serious and life-threatening. ask your doctor about alcohol use, operating machinery, or driving. other possible side effects include injection site reactions. tell your doctor about all medicines you take and all of your medical conditions. check your blood sugar. your insulin dose should not be changed without asking your doctor. get medical help right away if you have trouble breathing, sweating, extreme drowsiness, swelling of your face, tongue, or throat, dizziness, or confusion. today's the day to ask about levemir® flextouch. covered by most health insurance and medicare plans.
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area. >> i'm natasha zouves in the newsroom. coming up at 6:00, homes destroyed in three separate afternoon fires. valley fire victims coming back
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home salvaging what they can. also what happened today to the suspect in the kidnapping case police once called a hoax? the feds have now taken over. and abc 7 anchor ama daetz reports on the bay area pilgrims who have been cleared to attend mass with the pope. all that's coming up in half hour at 6:00. ama, thank you so much. >> thanks, natasha. a young race car driver is recovering from a spectacular car in brazil over the weekend. >> when you see this video, you will not believe this man walked away. take a look at the far right side of your screen. oh, my, the two cars crash, the car that hit flips over nine times. >> the 17-year-old went to the hospital with minor injures to his hand and a lot of bruises on his face. otherwise he's okay. racing fans know him as the son of formula 1 driver nelson picay. they made those cars so much safer. >> glad everything's okay. that will do it for us.
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tonight -- the breaking news. the candidate dropping out. governor scott walker is now out of the race for president and the uproar this evening about another candidate. ben carson says the u.s. should not elect a muslim president. should faith matter? >> coming to america -- less than 24 hours now until pope francis arrives. tonight, security unprecedented after that moment in cuba. the arrests. and what the pope gave fidel castro. the abc news exclusive. tonight, for the first time, one on one with that county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gays. her new words right here tonight. >> would you do anything differently? baby doe. the dramatic moments inside the courtroom today, after tens of millions studied that sketch. and the invisible danger in


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