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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 22, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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investigation. a 37-year-old adage buchanan, 34-year-old molly, and their seven-year-old are believed to be at cabin when it burned to the ground nine days ago. so far, authorities have found the remains of two people inside, all three are still considered missing. >> the fire was so intense and it came to a point where there was nothing identifiable there. a bunch of sheriffs showed up later in the evening at 9:00 or 10:00 and they towed up the white pickup truck. >> last week authorities went to the benicia home and removed computers and documents. we featured their son after he saved up $100 and donated it to help benicia's police dogs. >> an alarming new study suggests sexual assault on college campuses is bigger problem than thought.
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several cheeps are the forefront of trying to stop it. janet o is in the newsroom with details. >> san francisco police and the district attorney will announce an agreement with ucfs police to streamline the process to make it safer to report sexual assault crimes. they will have better coordination among all the agencies involved, a direct point of contact for students during the process and proper collection of evidence. more colleges across san francisco, six others, will follow the agreement with law enforcement after a new report revealing a staggering one in four undergraduates who say they have been sexually assaulted. two months ago the state passed a law requiring college campuses offering financial aid programs to report sex crimes to police and only reveal the victim's identity if they have permission. san francisco supervisor will
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introduce legislation to create a task first to look at policies that can further reduce the crimes on schedule campus. thank you, janet. right now, we will go to san leandro for breaking news and an officer involved shooting along highway 238. amy hollyfield is near the scene. >> question, police are telling us they did shoot a suspect dead. they killed him. had was in san leandro. he was involved in two carjacking attempts and, also, a shoot out with officers. we have some video of the incident. you can see the crime scene is still here in san leandro. we are located at 170th avenue and east 14th. what we are told is that oakland police were involved in investigating a carjacking which the victim was shot. oakland miss lot the fire and
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alameda county sheriff got involve and found the car on 580 facing the wrong way on the freeway and they found it facing eastbound in the westbound side, westbound direction. then the sheriff got a report of another carjacking that was going on and they put two and two put and togetherred it was their guy. he was unsuccessful in that carjacking but they got a suspect description. later, when they did find him they say he shot at c.h.p. officers. they say he did hit a passing motorist but not any officers. there was a shoot out. no officers were hurt. they say that the suspect was shot and killed. we are on the scene and we are going to work on gathering more information, this is just the latest we have gotten since we latest we have gotten since we arrived with a sheriff deputy it coming up.
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>> a sunnyvale charter school is closed for another day after an eight-year-old student is said to have been molested with severe action firing three employees as it tries to keep this from happening again. here is that story. each employee should have clear add back group check before starting work. that is hr101. >> the superintendent blasted the charter school for failing to complete background checks on the employees with the discovery coming to light after the arrest of 18-year-old jonathan chou accused of molesting an eight-year-old female student. michelle martinez is a student of a 1st and 4th grader. >> it was an affordable option and supposed to be great education but it has taken a turn with a tragic event and i hope the school can recover. >> the board announced the school will re-open on wednesday and all background checks are not complete and awaiting county
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approval. the board president made it clear even if they had completed the back grand check's school started the outcome would have remained the same. she wrote that the accused was a teen at time he was hired and his past record, if any, was not subject to disclosure. chou has been fired and to other teacher aides. the board could not talk about specifics, they say when the students return on wednesday new safety procedures will be in place. >> happening today, the santa clara city council is discussing a plan that could cut off alcohol sales early to fans at levi stadium. mat? >> one of the cool things about levi stadium is the restaurants and bars, can you get a good drink and food but the latest fight after monday night is making city leaders take a look.
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a man in a strikence jersey is pummel by self 49ers fan. police arrested three men and a teen girl the tonight, the santa clara city council will talk about what can be done to prevent the violence in the future. noon the options, is being alcohol sales after half time and bringing in extra officers. >> alcohol seems to be the major issue that causes the fan violence at levi stadium. >> very supportive of the alcohol being reduced. i don't think that is going to solve the issue. >> santa clara police chief said he believes it is only a small portion of the if emthat are causing the problem. he said peer pressure from other plans not to rating this behavior could control it. a city council member said making sure plans are not drunk when they enter the stadium could help in the situation. the meeting starts at 7:00 in santa clara. new details right new the story we brought you year,
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fairfield police say 9-1-1 services are working after a four alarm fire that knock down 9-1-1 service to the area but everything is fine now. the fire destroyed one home in fairfield and knocked out powers to hundreds of pg&e customers. only 50 customers are still without power. >> washington, dc is primed and ready to welcome pope francis, the first ever trip to the united states. the pope wrapped up the visit to cuba with huge crowding greeting him wherever he has gone. pope francis urged cubans to accept change and not be drive were by ideology. today he makes his way to the united states. our news anchor ama daetz is in washington, dc. >> from washington, dc, pope francis is expected to arrive at andrews air force base this afternoon. the pope start the day in cuba with a mass and meeting local families and after a blessing of the cathedral he headed to the united states.
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in washington he will be greeted by thousands of well wishers and people grimes hoping to catch a look of the leader. he will be here all week covering the historic visit including a meeting at the white house and an address to congress. the pope is planning on naming a new saint, st. father serra the founder of the california missions. i will have the latest on the historic mission to the united states. >> the change in the weather that mike predicted for us is here. >> leyla has news on shooting near 238. >> exactly. in san leandro the traffic is willing because of that police activity that is now going on, northbound 238, closed, at east 14th street and this is causing a backup on westbound 580 and they say to take 580 as an alternate route instead and you can see it is at top speeds. because of the police activity it will be and for the next 15 minutes or so because they do
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need to conduct their investigations. you want to avoid northbound 238. as we take you to the south by, san jose, the drive here is clear on 87 near july unanimous street southbound traffic just a couple of vehicles headed in the southbound direction. now, the weather with meteorologist mike nicco. >> good morning, leyla, thank you very, nice to see you. here is something you may appreciate, temperature ten degrees cooler in san francisco and 11 in oakland, and san jose, and novato and concord and livermore and san carlos at five degrees cooler. the co-worker taxpayer -- co-workers that sleep in california got a good night sheep last night, and ocean beach, 58, crissy field, downtown, bayview, 59 and ferry building is warmest at 60 the same in richmond and belmont. walnut creek is 63. pleasanton is 62 and pittsburg is 71 the june city, santa clara at 61, and saratoga at 60 and
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petaluma and healdsburg, 53 degrees. the winds are blowing on the recommendville camera and the temperatures are 10-20 degrees cooler than year, 64-70 at coast and san francisco and around the bay, 70 to 80 with a west wind at 22 miles per hour, and increasing clouds across the golden gate bridge and fall starts and it is hot again. that is. coming up in the seven-day forecast. >> it is 4:40. more sick and mall now inned birds are showing up on the shores with the crisis facing rescue groups and what you can do to help. >> from suspected terrorist to superstar the man arrested for bringing a homemade clock to school becomes toast of the town school becomes toast of the town in a bay area science
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>> san rafael, south bay, pleasanton and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone. these are pictures from cuba, in the lower left corner of the the lower left corner of the screen you can see the basilica will deliver mass this morning and then leaves bounds for washington, dc, in the first ever trip to america. of course ama daetz is in washington, dc, providing live reports. >> a new california law requires parents to keep little ones in rear facing car seats for an extra year with a bill requiring kids to ride in rear-facing car seats this will they are two years old rather than one. the measure takes effect in 2017. goal is to reduce injuries in young children in car crashes. there is an excel shun for kids caller than 40" or those weighing more than 40 pounds if
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they exceed that, they can flip around and face forward super. >> investigators are back at the scene of a military jet crash in the stream valley. the f18 navy fighter went down in a field 40 miles southeast of fresno. officials say the pilot eject asked safely parachuted to the ground. he was the own person in the jet. the crash ignited a fire but crews put it out in minutes. >> international bird rescue needs your help. the organization center in fairfield has been inundated with a sea bird that they usually ten a in but now experts say they have rescued 250 in the after the few weeks. the reason? young birds are becoming malnourish pause they cannot dive deep enough to cash fish that are swimming in deeper and cooler water. to donate you can go to >> a teen has won $50,000 for her invention of a portable
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inexpensive diagnostic test for ebola. the teen won the planned prize at google science fair where the theme was "it's your turn to save the world." we checked out the fair. >> needs are hacked glucose meters, you cut away the elastic and it is the best tool for an engineer. >> the engineer is in high school. >> something imagine, about being in a room surrounded by the kids. >> 20 finalists from 11 cups in the 5thee of the google science fair. >> more kids from more cups coming up with better ideas and it blows us were. >> a 14-year-old put the corn cubs in a bucket of dirty water and the next morning 9 water was clean. >> we throw away truckloads of beef -- these.
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>> can you see it is a crystal structure. >> the theme is the desire to help society, or help the planet. for a lot of the young inventors, it is more personal. >> my grandparents had to carry me over ten miles to a remote location to get me vaccinated. >> with the vaccination wagon the vaccines can stay cold. >> this provides cooler. >> the engineers could appeal to a young clock maker, 14-year-old mohammed who was the guest of google, he was not giving interviews but he could be planning the next project, maybe a satellite. >> instructions on how to make it. >> anyone can built it? >> anyone. >> anyone. >> it can be launched but do not bring it to school. >> right now, what we have to do is town our attention to traffic because leyla is following a
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situation in san leandro. >> good morning, everyone, amy hollyfield is on the scene with an officer involved shooting shutting down northbound side of 238 at east 14th street and we have c.h.p. calling this a sig-alert and it will be a sig-alert until further notice until the investigation wrapped up, already, though, it is causing a big backup through castro valley westbound 580 in some spots, you are at a standstill and 580 is the best way to get around this and when you get beyond the closure you can see 580 heading out of hayward to oakland is going to be clear. we are going to take you over to the altamont pass where traffic is heavy and of course it is building at this hour and the come mom fruit from tracy to dublin is 21 miles per hour for the top speed and between tracy to castro trail we are look at one hour, and 101, to the san jose airport, it is clear and accident free at 280, through daly city moving at top speeds.
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>> good morning, we have a review of fall, a day before it officially starts, and i thought we would start with sfo because it is cloudy and 59 with increasing clouds throughout the morning. that means we could have flight arrival delays into sfo and usually let us know at 6:00. you have my twitter handle? i will put it there if you cannot stick around for an hour and 10 minutes the cleaner and cooler air, no "spare the air", no heat advisory and the, question knox is tonight and most of us are sleeping and another warm spell is going to follow that for thursday and friday and i see the air is being let out of that hot air mass by the time we get to sunday. look at the winds in conquer, 15 american, same thing if san jose, and livermore is ten, and napa is 17 and fairfield is at 25 and it is shooting straight into the central valley. that is the onshore breeze. that will actually pick up speed as we head into the afternoon hours, possibly getting up around 20 miles per hour and it will relax overnight and another
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comfortable and cool night and the winds tomorrow will not be so fast, maybe just a touch warmer tomorrow than today. today, look at this, upper 70's, milpitas, santa clara, sunnyvale and everyone else from san jose and 80 to 84 in gilroy, so low-to-mid 80s there. we had 90 on peninsula yesterday. how about money 70s in most neighbors and milbrae at 70 degrees. mid-60s language the coast today, and 89 yesterday in san francisco and 68 degrees, 20 degrees cooler today. we have mid-to-upper 70s through most of the north bay and we will hit 82 in santa rosa and 80 in napa and berkeley is at 71 and breezy and richmond is 72 same in oakland, warmer away from the breezes fremont is 77 and castro valley is 78 and low-to-mid 80s and you may not need the air conditioning, inland east bay. at the game, rangers and a's 7:00 first pitch, breezy, and it will be comfortables again, with
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low-to-mid 50s in both neighborhoods with cloudy sky like we see this morning. my seven-day forecast shows just a touch warmer tomorrow and maybe a degree or two and there is the mini heat wave thursday and friday and by the time sunday and monday rolls around we are back to below average. kristen and eric? >> new details of the apple car and a possible release. >> here is the technical bait. >> full speed ahead for the electric car, the "wall street journal" is reporting that the car which may look like this is now officially committed as a roth for the technical giant co-anywayed "titan," and could be available in 2019. >> apple is releasing the lating operating -- latest rating system for the apple watch. >> note stand items the watch into an alarm clock. >> there is still time to >> there is still time to download the
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droid. >> another thing to put on the lit. those are the tech bytes. >> right now at 4:51 we go back to santiago, cuba, where pope francis has arrived at the basilica. he will deliver mass and have hundreds of thousands again greeting him and listening to the message this and we are watching the pope. pope francis, before he comes to the united states. in a few hours he will depart from cuba and arrived in washington, dc, he will be greeted by rabie, -- greeted president obama and vice president biden.
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we will follow the historic journey on abc7 and twitter@abc7newsbayarea. ama daetz, of course, will report every step of the people's journey here in the united states. >>eing to the yield, coming up, the protection motorcyclives in san -- bicyclists could be getting -- bicyclists could be getting against the common maneuver. stay tuned.
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>> happening today a possible big wouldn't for bicyclist in san francisco, a proposed ordinance being introduce the makes ticketing bicyclists the lowest ennorm priority for the police, specifically no longer zeroing in on bicyclists would yield at the stop sign rather
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than a complete stop department announced a crackdown on red light running bicyclist and fought back with "stop ins," in the lower height. the warriors are ready to defend their championship. you can fin out what mvp steph curry with in the off season. maybe riley will appear. you can cap them right here on abc7 going at 9:00. >> have to tune in for that. >> in meantime, traffic is fought -- not so great where there is an officer involved shooting. >> they have re-opened northbound 238 at east 14th where they had a closure. there is still possibly a sig-alert because east 14th is shut down for the investigation. you can see how the backup extends to center street where
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25 miles per hour is the top speed. this is taking on extra minutes to our commute through castro valley and you can see 580 as the alternate but to get through the traffic you should allow extra minutes. >> thank yous leyla. we will look at the exploritorium and our weather window is showing the flag is facing east and it is the sea breeze that will drop our temperatures 17-21 degrees today compared to yesterday's 90s and 100s but it will be short-lived and hang around tomorrow. if san jose, you are pushing 90 on thursday and friday and back to average by the time we get to sunday. if you travel around the state, isolated shower to the south with no flood wash and 78 and sunshine and lake tahoe safe travels. >> the san francisco bay is just packed with plastic, did you know that? you may not be able to see it, a new study found that 3.9 million microbeads flow support bay each day which are used in body
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scrubs and add taxture to tooth face. researchers found nine times more microplastic than in lake erie the most polluted great lake which are dangerous to wildlife and humans so if you think about it, the animals and birds eat the beads and then the toxin is in them is the fish, we eat the fish so it is in humans. >> that is right. >> a lemur got a walk on the wild side. >> it briefly got out of the cage last night in the forest and it ended up climb up a tree inside the zoo. the exhibit is popular with visitors and it is used to host special animal evens. the lemur was returned before 10:00. they are trying to figure out how the animal escaped. >> new at 5 o'clock, the sticking point in the berkeley battle over cell phones and what the city whats to change to warn people about radiation. >> paying tribute to the comfort women of world war ii and how
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san francisco is honoring what san francisco is honoring what they lost. the manner
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good tuesday morning. september 22. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> breaking news from the east bay involving a carjacking and exchange of gunfire between the suspect and police. amy hollyfield is in san leandro with more. amy? >> yes, we are told the


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