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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  September 22, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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good morning, america. coming to america, the pope getting ready for his historic visit to the u.s. the first pontiff ever to address congress, throngs of the faithful set to flood the nation's capital to greet pope francis. walkout. the big shake-up in the republican race. former front-runner scott walker drops out, calling on the gop to topple trump. and ben carson walks back his comments about muslims with calls for him to drop out, too. abc news exclusive. that kentucky county clerk at the center of a firestorm in her first one-on-one interview. >> i've been called hitler. i've been called hypocrite. i've been called a homophobe. >> the comments kim davis says hurt her most. the new allegations she's still interfering with issuing marriage licenses. why she says she'll never quit her job only on "gma" this
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morning. ♪ don't you dare look back home run on hometown night on "dancing with the stars." bindi rocking to the top spot. tamar hot on her heels. and legendary grammy-winner chaka khan the first booted from the ballroom. she's happy to be going home. ♪ shut up and dance with me we do say good morning, america. and chaka, in your words, i feel for you. man, she gave it her all with keo. but she is the first to leave the dance floor. and another couple will go home tonight. >> yeah, they are wasting no time in getting right to it on "dancing with the stars." also this morning, big exclusive right here, kim davis, that kentucky county clerk, you see her there with paula faris, her first interview since all that controversy since her jailing. we'll have that coming up. but right now, we're just hours away from pope francis arriving here on his historic visit to america. he lands in washington this afternoon arriving from cuba.
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and abc's terry moran is there with the pope right now as he wraps up an emotional visit. good morning, terry. >> reporter: good morning, george. these are pope francis' last few hours here in cuba. it's been an incredible trip. the people here greeting the first latin-american pope almost as a brother, and yet he heads off to america where he's expected to stir up some controversy on inequality and global climate change. but here in cuba, francis has carefully avoided creating any controversy. overnight, a classic pope francis moment. at the end of a long day no limousine for him. or even a private car. instead, a minibus to take him to the seminary where he spent the night. all part of this pope's simple style like his visit last night to cuba's most sacred shrine. ♪ and this morning, francis
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celebrated a farewell mass here. they didn't want to let him go. everywhere he goes in cuba francis reaches out on their terms in their language like when he celebrated mass in holguin, cuba's third largest city. and challenged cubans, and their government, which still jails people for being counterrevolutionary traitors. do you believe it is possible, francis asks, that a traitor can become a friend? a gentle rebuke but no more. and no meeting with any cuban dissidents even as he paid a cordial visit to fidel castro who built the repressive regime here. and francis has faced criticism here and in the united states over those matters. but those who are close to him say this is not a pope who is trying to inspire political change. he's after something else, they say. he's preaching the gospel. robin? >> all right, terry, thank you. the pope arrives in washington this afternoon for his three-city whirlwind u.s. tour
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which also includes new york and philadelphia. while here, francis, pope francis will say four masses. and make a total of 24 public appearances including at the national mall, central park and independence hall. abc's cecilia vega is in washington this morning where they have rolled out the red carpet. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning, robin. not only is that red carpet out there are a lot of barricades all over the city, too. as you can see right here behind me. this is going to be a historic visit filled with pomp and circumstance but the very first thing pope francis will see when he arrives later today at andrews air force base is the president and the first family. this is a very rare gesture for a president to show up to an airplane, afforded to very few dignitaries. the highlights for washington, d.c., of course, that white house visit, 15,000 people expected at the white house lawn and, of course, that historic first ever papal address to congress. now, congress has been warned, there are rules about these things.
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what you won't see this time around like you do at the state of the union, those fist bumps, those hand shakes. as the pope walks down the aisle. this is the house where the pope is going to be spending his evenings here in d.c. right across the street from the vice president's mansion. i haven't -- i know it's hard to believe -- been invited inside. it's supposed to be much lovelier than the digs where pope francis stays back in the vatican. robin? >> i'm sure your invitation was lost in the mail, cecilia, thank you. abc news has live coverage of pope francis in america all week long, beginning with his arrival in d.c., at approximately 4:00 p.m. eastern time the afternoon. and, george, i know you're heading there right after "gma." >> he lands at andrews air force base. the race for president now. "your voice, you vote." and a big shakeup in the race. wisconsin governor scott walker drops out and calls on republicans to stop donald trump as ben carson defies calls to drop out for his comments about muslims. abc's tom llamas is on the trail with carsen in shar sharonville, ohio. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning. the walker campaign lasting only
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71 days. one of the shortest in recent memories. i was actually speaking with donald trump as walker was resigning. and like many others, he couldn't believe it was happening so early. this morning, trump is taking the high road. not slamming walker. even though walker says trump needs to be beaten. this morning, a one-time front-runner dropping out of the gop race for president. >> i will suspend my campaign immediately. >> reporter: sources say a campaign cash crunch forced wisconsin governor scott walker to call it quits. walker, slamming current republican front-runner donald trump on his way out. >> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same so that the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current front-runner. >> reporter: i spoke with trump about the narrowing field while walker was resigning. >> well, i'm surprised but i think he did the right thing and i think you have others that should drop out. because if you look at some of
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the numbers where they're at zero or 1%. but many are less than 1%. >> reporter: some calling for dr. ben carson to drop out after he said this. >> i would not advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> reporter: but overnight changing his tune, saying he meant radical islamists, not moderate muslims. >> i don't care what religion or faith someone belongs to, if they're willing to subjugate that to the american way and to our constitution, then i have no problem with it. >> reporter: carly fiorina now in second place according to the latest national poll, coming out strong on this topic late last night. >> well, i think that's wrong. whether it's a person of christian faith or jewish faith or muslim faith or other faith, i think faith gives us humility and empathy and optimism. and i think those are important things. >> reporter: now dr. carson says his comments weren't that controversial. he says after he made those
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comments on sunday morning, his facebook page went up by more than 100,000 likes. >> that's one piece of evidence. okay, tom, thanks very much. let's talk about it with matthew dowd. scott walker says he ran out of money but there were reasons he ran out of money. >> this is the first number one seed to get kicked out of the tournament. in homage to the pope, this is like germany losing in the group stage of a world cup. he dominated the polls for awhile. it tells us two things, first a good candidate on paper doesn't always meet reality well. and i think that's scott walker. if you're a .300 hitter in the minor leagues, it doesn't mean you can visithit a curveball in show. the second thing, i think, how much the debates matter. they took walker in double digits to an asterisk in two debates. carly fiorina who wasn't in the main event, is now in the top three. jeb bush was number one and two and now number five. >> who is helped most by this? >> you can see who the vultures picking over the dead carcass of scott walker who is taking what contributors. right now, ted cruz, jeb bush, marco rubio look like they're picking up the most support.
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but keep an eye on kasich. he is the last midwesterner in the race, the midwestern states are all winner take all when we get towards the end of the primary. and he actually could make a play in iowa. >> carly fiorina had a light moment on "the tonight show." let's take a look. ♪ my name is snick and i'm lazy please don't take a walk with me i'd rather stay right here ♪ ♪ at home instead i want to lie back down in my nice warm bed ♪ ♪ my name is snick and you're going to have to carry me ♪ >> a different side of carly fiorina right there. and we now have two races in the republican party. >> you have to watch these kind of things. you want to be human but you don't want to look like you're embarrassing yourself. outsiders versus insiders, fiorina, carson, and donald trump will battle over that. and then the insiders who will battle over that. it will be an outside-inside race. >> fascinating race. matthew dowd, thanks very much. >> interesting days. now to a mystery in the sky. an american airlines flight from north carolina to connecticut
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forced to make an emergency landing last night after something caused the windshield to crack. abc's david kerley is in washington with the latest. good morning, david. >> reporter: morning, robin. it is a big question this morning. how did a jet's windshield crack, really shatter in flight when it didn't hit birds, didn't fly through weather? the american airlines flight was from charlotte headed to connecticut. just south of philly, the first officer sees this crack in front of him and the windshield shattering on the a319. so they asked for an emergency landing in philly. here's what they told air traffic control. >> ah, yeah, the right windshield is completely shattered. >> reporter: they landed safely. the 114 passengers got on another jet to continue their flight. we have seen in the past what hail can -- and birds can do to windshields. remember those pictures from denver hail shattering both sides of the windshields. but american says weather and birds were not a factor last night. so they will be looking for other causes. was it a defect? something else? but because philly was a hub the
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windshield was replaced overnight and that jet will be back in service today. >> oh, my goodness. well, hopefully, they'll find out what happened. all right, david, thank you. we turn to an unprecedented punishment for a corporate executive. former peanut company chief stewart parnell sentenced to 28 years in prison for knowingly selling tainted peanut butter blamed for nine deaths. he could spend the rest of his life in prison. steve osunsami has the story. good morning, steve. >> reporter: good morning, george. this former ceo is already 61 years old. so they're calling this a virtual life sentence. this morning, a first of its kind decision in a loud and clear message about safety to america's food industry. >> the food safety lost out to greed. >> reporter: former peanut company ceo stewart parnell is in an albany, georgia, jail cell right now. a federal judge sentenced him to 28 years monday after one of his roasting plants was blamed for a deadly outbreak of salmonella in 2008. nine people died.
7:12 am
714 got sick across 46 states. at trial, prosecutors shared e-mails where they say parnell pushed employees to sell tainted food, saying, just ship it. i cannot afford to lose another customer. gabrielle meunier was one of those customers. her son christopher was 7 years old when he got sick. she spoke at parnell's sentencing. >> i have to tell you, when i first spotted him, i wanted to cry. i feel badly, this should never have happened. this never should have happened to begin with. >> reporter: they're holding executives and even farmers responsible for dangerous outbreaks. two egg executives got sentences after a 2010 salmonella outbreak. last year two cantaloupe farmers were sentenced to five years probation and six months home detention for a listeria outbreak in 2011. but parnell's nearly three-decade prison sentence is the stiffest punishment the industry has ever seen. >> my mother shirley beat cancer. and died from eating peanut butter. today was a victory. it was justice for her a other families who needlessly suffered and ate food that they believed
7:13 am
to be properly processed. >> reporter: parnell isn't the only former executive at his company facing real time. his brother was sentenced to 20 years. another manager sentenced to five. robin? >> all right, steve, those comments from the victims' families. my goodness. flash flooding in the southwest and powerful storms closing roads and knocking out power. and ginger, more rain is in the forecast? >> yes, more rain. and the flash flood watch is still on for at least a few more hours this morning. from rio rico, arizona, washes over the roads. do not drive on through that. up to 4.6 inches of rain. most of it just outside tucson washing over the roads closing several of them. and of course, causing several accidents. so, again, two pockets of flash flood watches in new mexico and southern california. these actually go through this evening so we'll watch that. on the backlash of that low and all the moisture pools up into the plains. so the next spot we'll watch for heavy rain is in kansas and nebraska. a whole lot more coming up. >> good to have you back and now amy has the other top stories
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starting with the rising cost of prescription drugs. >> that's right. wall street is reacting to a new proposal from hillary clinton. she wants to cap prescription drug prices for some patients at $250 per month. word of that plan sent biotech and drug stocks plunging. it comes amid growing outrage over a 5,000% increase in the price of a drug used by cancer and aids patients. clinton calls that price-gouging. a texas businesswoman under arrest in china accused of spying. sandy phan-gillis has been in chinese custody since march, when she was part of a delegation visiting china. her husband calling the charges ridiculous and wants president obama to raise the case when china's president visits washington this week. in california, a navy jet crashed into this field near fresno. you can see there the smoke rising from the site. the pilot thankfully ejected just moments earlier and is okay this morning. the $30 million jet, though, is a total loss.
7:15 am
a violent crash at this racetrack in europe. watch as the car careens out of control, slamming into a fence, launching into the air, and rolling at least half a dozen times. somehow miraculously that driver was able to walk away from the site. apple is reportedly speeding up plans to build an electric car. we do not know what it will look like yet. but the internet is full of potential designs, like that one. "the wall street journal" says it could go on sale in 2019. and finally, what's 468 feet long and costs more than $400 million? answer, a russian billionaire's new record-breaking superyacht. it is the world's largest sailing ship, the masts climb 300 feet into the sky. it features eight floors. eight floors, a pool, helicopter pad, and an underwater observation deck. the windows were even made of bombproof glass. and the ship can host 20 people. that's it?
7:16 am
and requires -- wow. but you need 54 crew members to get this baby on the water. but you know what they say about the two best days of a boat owner's life? the day you buy the boat and the day you sell the boat. is that true for this one? >> i don't know about this one. >> you need a lot of champagne too to get that thing started. to crash it. >> i'm with you. only 20 people for 400 million bucks. okay, amy, thanks very much. a major scandal at volkswagen. affecting millions of car owners. what it could mean for you in just 30 seconds.
7:17 am
volkswagen is bracing for billions in fines, possible criminal charges for its executives as the company apologized for rigging 11 million cars to help it beat emission tests. abc's t.j. holmes here. and t.j., volkswagen also facing millions of angry customers. >> reporter: a lot of angry customers. that's no reason for us to mince words here, george. volkswagen cheated and got caught and millions of people have been putting out a much bigger carbon footprint than they were led to believe. overnight volkswagen throwing a huge party to celebrate their new line of passats, including this energetic performance by lenny kravitz. ♪ but the other headline at the event, a huge company mea culpa. >> we've totally screwed up. >> reporter: volkswagen ceo michael horn acknowledging the company knowingly sold 500,000 diesel-powered cars in america which intentionally faked emissions tests. customers in their cars emitting as much as 40 times the legal pollution limit. >> so let's be clear about this.
7:18 am
our company was dishonest. >> reporter: now the german automakers face billions in fines, while their executives could face criminal charges. volkswagen admitted they intentionally put these software programs to go to a cleaner mode during official emissions testing. a fact not lost on its loyal fan base thinking they were environmentally friendly. >> regardless of how much they have fudged by, it's the fact that they lied in the first place because that's going to give me concern. >> reporter: volkswagen halted all u.s. sales of the diesel cars and pledged to cooperate with regulators. still the show went on last night, the company hoping to focus on its future rather than its admitted deception of the past. i know, robin. you threw your hands up at the party going on. you want to distract attention. this is not like recalls we have seen in the past where somebody made a mistake. they did this on purpose. 11 million cars worldwide and they've already set aside some $7 billion to deal with fines.
7:19 am
could get $18 billion in fines just here. and people might want their cars back. you think you're driving environmentally friendly. you're out there just putting it out. >> all right, t.j. thanks. all right. ahead this morning, an abc news exclusive. one on one with embattled kentucky clerk kim davis, speaking out about the backlash she's faced for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses. >> what probably hurts me the worst -- that my god does not love me. re drinking? it's trop50. it's fine. it tastes delicious and has 50% less calories. with this taste? no way. give me fifty squats. but... it can't taste this good... read the label. ...and have 50% less calories? exactly, now you drop... and give me the 50.
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abc station. good morning, i'm eric thomas. breaking news out of san leandro where a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a carjacking suspect along northbound 238 near the 14th street exit. the man was accused of firing at officers and dhp officers at 2:00 a.m. in the morning in oakland where authorities saw a stolen dodge durango. the bullet did hit a person in a car nearby. and sunny veil schools will be closed while they overhaul safety procedures. this comes after an allegation that an 8-year-old student was molested there. jonathan chow, a teacher's aide, is under investigation in the case. chow and two other employees were fired. yesterday background checks were completed on all worker there is.
7:25 am
the charter school reopens tomorrow. more with traffic and leyla gulen. we have eighth street number three about six minutes late. we have a closure in hayward jumping into the car. and you need to make your drive out of castro valley where we are at top speeds here eastbound 14th street is closed. the on and off-ramps on northbound 238, keep that in mind near the boulevard, that's your alternate route. taking a look at the freeway where we are 23 miles per hour here between hayward into union city and fremont. also, the san mateo bridge, take a look at that. it's at a standstill. 30 minutes.
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all right, we are back. check out the weather window, opening up with clouds. the marine layer is back to
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bring us cleaner and cooler air this afternoon. about a day earlier than the atumnal equinox. we are in the low 50s to 60s. our destination, 60s at the coast. 70s around the bay and 80s inland. here's my accuweather seven-day forecast, we'll warm a degree or two tomorrow. warmer than average thursday and friday. eric. coming up on "good morning coming up on "good morning america," an coming up on "good morning america," an ♪ ♪ maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better. shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life!
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welcome back. you're looking at beautiful santiago, cuba, this morning, the final stop for pope francis before coming here to the usa. the pontiff leaves there just after noon, arrives about 4:00 p.m. at andrews air force base. >> we'll be on the scene. live coverage of that. all of the pope's travels in the united states, as way we say, good morning, america. following that. here's some of the other big headlines we're following this morning. wisconsin governor scott walker, the first big republican candidate to drop out of the race for president. he was the front-runner before and now he's calling on the gop to come together to stop donald trump. and the fda is reviewing the safety of a popular birth control implapt called essure. women have complained about bleeding, headaches and depression. >> a lot of talk about that on social media. many getting ready for the pope's history-making visit
7:31 am
including comedians. jesse, you have more on that. >> that's right. it's no joke. big names like bill murray are trying to make pope francis laugh. so does his joke cut it? and will yours? that's right. we'll tell you about it in "the speed feed." >> are you going to give it a shot? >> i am not going to give it. that's one i'm going to pass on. i'm going to give you the floor for that. >> thank you very much. right now that is coming up but that abc news exclusive, kim davis, the kentucky clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples saying that would violate her christian beliefs. she spent six days in jail for contempt of court and the aclu now claims she's interfering with marriages again. this morning her first interview with our paula faris. good morning, paula. >> reporter: good morning, george. i spent several hours with her at her kentucky property. kim davis says her religious liberty and her conscience, they go hand in hand. and in her eyes, those licenses being issued without her name on them are not valid.
7:32 am
she tells me if it comes down to it she is prepared to go back to jail. >> i have never once spouted a word of hate. i've not been hateful. i've had people yelling and screaming and cussing me. >> reporter: kim davis says she never expected to become a household name when she started denying marriage licenses at her county clerk office. >> i'm just a normal person that has been touched by the grace of god and his mercy and i haven't always been a good person, paula. um -- when i -- didn't live for god, i didn't live for him. and i was real good at living -- uh -- for the devil. >> reporter: you've been married four times. >> uh-huh. >> you had children in an adulterous relationship. people are calling you a hypocrite. are you? >> no. i'm forgiven.
7:33 am
washed clean. >> reporter: and so 4 1/2 years ago when davis found god, she said she could not separate church from state, believing that a marriage is only between a man and a woman. davis, who was elected in november as a democrat, refuses to obey the opinion of the supreme court that sent her to jail for contempt. who do you consider your boss, is your boss god? is your boss your constituents? or is your boss the federal government? >> well, my constituents elected me. but the main authority that rules my life is the lord. >> reporter: so godly authority trumps all authority in your mind. >> yes. >> reporter: so why would you want to remain in this position? >> i'm good at my job. i have friends who are gay and lesbians. they know where i stand. and we don't agree on this issue. and we're okay because we respect each other. >> reporter: so you would deny your friends, who are in gay relationships, you would deny them a marriage license, as well? >> i did.
7:34 am
i can't put my name on a license that doesn't represent what god ordained marriage to be. >> reporter: and there are thousands of others who feel the same way. she's received encouragement from all over the world. numerous handwritten notes. a handmade prayer shawl. and crosses. but the hate mail came, too. very vulgar. >> i've been called hitler. i've been called a hypocrite. i've been called a homophobe. what probably hurts me the worst -- that my god does not love me. or that my god is not happy with me. that i am a hypocrite of a christian. >> reporter: davis was released from jail after being behind bars for six days, greeting the public in an emotional rally. even getting the attention of presidential hopeful mike huckabee.
7:35 am
now back at work she's still refusing to put her name on any marriage licenses, forcing her deputies like brian mason to take over those duties. now brian is signing all of the marriage licenses. your name is not on those licees. in your mind, are they still valid? >> they're not valid in god's eyes for one and, you know, i think the authority -- i have given no authority to write a marriage license. they did not have my permission they did not have my authorization. >> reporter: one of the voters who finally received a marriage license said that he finally felt human. that was a direct quote. he was in tears. people will question why is your moral conscience, kim, more important than someone else's happiness? >> i don't think dignity is guaranteed in the constitution i think dignity is something that you find within yourself. i feel really sad that someone could be so unhappy with themselves as a person that they did not feel dignified as a
7:36 am
human being until they got a piece of paper. i mean, there's just so much more to life than that. >> and this is really just the beginning for many clerks across the country. i'm told by davis' counsel that clerks in over five states are also seeking exemptions like kim davis. they do not want their names on these gay marriage licenses, george? >> there have been new complaints. she seems defiant. she's prepared to go back to jail? >> she said she is and digging her heels in. >> thanks very much. fascinating stuff. you have a lot more on "the view." >> i'm sure it will be a lively discussion on "the view." >> it will be. now to the investigation into a huge explosion that leveled one texas home and damaged several others. two people are still in the hospital this morning. but somehow, no one, thankfully, was killed. abc's ryan owens has that story for us. >> reporter: some residents of this north texas neighborhood still unable to return home this morning, evacuated after a massive explosion. >> we'll send a full response to
7:37 am
this location. we heard the explosion and felt it. >> reporter: the blast just after 8:00 monday morning leveling one home, damaging nine more. >> i just heard a boom. we went outside to look and there were things flying around. >> reporter: three people were hurt. two of them, including this woman, still in the hospital this morning. >> nothing short of a miracle that nobody was killed in this. >> reporter: investigators think a natural gas leak may be to blame. >> i would say it's the chief suspected cause. yes. >> reporter: explosions like this, a concern all across the country. with nearly 2.5 million miles of pipes delivering natural gas to our homes. this new jersey home wiped out back in february. safety experts say there's not much you can do but rush out of a building if you smell natural gas. they do warn you not to turn on the lights and only call authorities once you're a safe distance away. for "good morning america," ryan owens, abc news, dallas. >> thanks to ryan for that. coming up here dr. richard
7:38 am
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7:41. we're back now with "gma investigates." and this morning, what you need to know about searching for medical information online. turns out your searches may not be private.
7:42 am
and the information you reveal about yourself can be sold to drug companies. abc's dr. richard besser is here with details. good morning, rich. >> good morning, lara. it's one thing to be looking up information that's not very personal like how to treat a sunburn. but we often search for very sensitive information that we don't want people to know about. and those searches and your personal info could be up for sale. kathy had no idea a simple internet search would lead to this. >> it's just not right. >> reporter: "gma investigates." able to find kathy's name on a marketing list after she says she simply used her computer to search heart disease. >> it's scary that my personal information is that accessible. >> reporter: on that list not only her name but her address, home value, and income range. it even categorized her as a heart disease sufferer. so you have heart disease. do people have a right to know that? >> they don't have a right to know anything about my personal life. >> reporter: how does this happen? for some medical websites, companies collect data from consumer searches and sometimes
7:43 am
sell that information to businesses, including drug companies. "gma investigates" finding a site that sells lists with thousands of names and addresses along with subjects of some of their searches. we bought two of those lists. paying $500 for each. one with 1,000 names of people in new jersey who are categorized as asthma sufferers and another with 1,000 names of people categorized as heart disease sufferers. how do you feel about that? >> pretty awful. >> reporter: we were even surprised to find one of our own abc employees on one of the lists. how bad is your asthma? >> i don't have asthma. >> reporter: you don't have asthma? >> no, i was looking up allergies on web md. >> reporter: tim libert created an eye-opening software program showing how vulnerable our info is after simple medical searches online. >> this looks under the hood.
7:44 am
>> reporter: he used his software program he calls web x-ray to test more than 80,000 medical web pages to see if any were allowing outside companies to pull personal information. >> 90% gave your data to somebody invisibly. >> reporter: 90%. >> yeah, a full 90%. >> reporter: libert shows us by looking at two medical websites. mayo clinic and webmd. first up mayo clinic. here he finds six websites pulling consumers' search information, on webmd he finds more than 28 sites pulling info. does it get the address of your computer? >> yeah, it gets your ip address. >> reporter: and while some of those sites may only be using your search information to send you those targeted pop-up ads, others go further. and collect your personal info and sell it. mayo clinic tells us it partners with select third parties to provide advertising content relevant to their subject interests. our contracts do not allow them to collect personally identifiable information. webmd tells us the privacy policy on describes very clearly how we may collect data about our users' online browsing. the sites we checked have similar privacy policies. but consumers rarely read them.
7:45 am
this really bothers you? >> yes, it does. >> as well it should. highly personal information. what can we do about this? >> there's a couple of things. first, read the privacy statements. so you know what information they'll be collecting. then, there's a couple of software programs you can load on your computer. one is called ghostery and they can shut it off but those don't work well on mobile devices like phones and tablets. so if you're searching personal information, use a laptop or desktop computer. >> okay, so ghostery is one way to at least shut it down a little bit. >> a little bit. it's scary though. what's out there and what they're sharing. >> you were saying if they're looking at yours they'll think you have everything. >> exactly. i know. i know. i'm constantly searching. unbelievable. >> thank you so much, rich. dr. b. will take your questions on twitter throughout the morning. tweet him @drrichardbesser. and he'll have the answers. coming up do you have a joke for the pope? jesse is in the social square with more.
7:46 am
>> that's right, lara. all part of a big campaign to make the pope laugh. bill murray even has a joke. and we'll show you coming up in our "speed feed" just ahead. when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy. brandois heaven in a jar. that's because our ingredients come from... farmers committed to responsibly sourced oils... blended with ingredients like cage-free eggs. mmm. heaven. real ingredients. that's how we're working to bring out the best.
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7:50 am
pope francis arrives this afternoon. you may not get to meet him. but you can try to make him laugh, jesse? >> someone is going to try. there is a vatican charitable group with an original idea to welcome the pope. the pontifical mission society campaign called "joke with the pope" wants you to make the pontiff laugh. now, bill murray himself is going to be chairing the panel. it will decide whose joke for the pope is the best. here's murray himself with a funny line for the holy father. >> pope francis, frank, frankie, did you hear about the two antennae that got married? yeah, they -- the service wasn't so great, but the reception was fantastic. >> see what he did there? >> i like it. >> and, of course, in true vatican fashion, everything very official. murray's title, you guys, honorary adviser for pontifical comedy.
7:51 am
and the winner is named the honorary comedic adviser to the pope. >> oh, my gosh. >> and the deadline to get your jokes in, october 2nd. only rule, keep it clean, people. >> this is for real? >> this is going to happen. >> it is happening. >> it is happening and it's really cool. >> somebody will present these -- >> oh, yeah, and the pope is on board with this. his holiness himself has signed up -- there is a charitable donation aspect, as well. the pontifical mission societies, the winner gets to put $10,000 towards one of them. it's a good cause as well. >> everybody wins. >> get your jokes ready. >> everybody wins. >> get your jokes ready.
7:52 am
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back here on "gma." i want to take you into a cornfield. and it's one of the coolest shots i have seen in a long time. it's a corn devil. at least that's what i'm calling it. yeah, it's the stalks blowing around like you would have a dust devil on a bright blue sky. all of that brought to you by voya financial. morning america" is
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7:56 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. breaking news where sheriff deputies shot and killed a suspect along 538. the northbound lanes remain closed at the 14th street exit. more on traffic now with leyla. yes, indeed. the 14th street exit will be closed until further notice. that's causing a sigalert here in hayworth. the drive is slow near 235. we'll take you to the dumbarton bridge near newark boulevard, multiple vehicles blocking all the lanes. heavy backups from 880. we'll get you some water. you can't handle the dry air after being in the humidity all that time. here's a look at the golden gate bridge westbound at 22 miles per hour. the fog is back at we are
7:57 am
cooler. 60s around the coast, 70s at the bay and 80s inland. two hot days thursday and friday. back to eric. thanks a lot. coming up on "good morning america," an exclusive live interview with lifestyle expert sandra lee speaking out for the first time
7:58 am
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good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m. and an abc news exclusive. sandra lee live this morning. speaking out for the first time since she revealed her serious health battle right here on "gma." her recovery and setback, talks about it all. new this morning, big questions about the safety of a common birth control device. thousands complaining of serious problems, side effects from headaches to bleeding. why the fda is now stepping in. ♪ shut up and dance with me a huge night on "dancing with the stars." bindi and derek rocket to the top of the leaderboard and the first couple eliminated speaking out backstage to our cameras about going home. only on "gma." ♪ i'm glad you came anthony anderson from the emmy's red carpet to "gma" this morning.
8:01 am
the funniest man in primetime here live, turning the tables in an interview where anything could happen, as we say -- >> good morning, america! great to have -- oh, i'm anthony. never mind. it is great to have anthony anderson here this morning. there he is outside in times square. a couple selfies this morning. i cannot wait for "black-ish" to be back tomorrow night. also later this morning he'll turn the tables and be our first celebrity guest correspondent. >> oh, boy. you guys ready for that? we'll see. and we're taking you "app to school." new high-tech tools that could help your family stay organized and revolutionize the way you spend time together starting with how much time, okay, kids spend on their cell phones. >> i tried to sell elliott on that new app this morning.
8:02 am
it looked great in the story. >> nice try. let's go to amy with the morning rundown. >> the big story pope francis is just hours away from arriving here in the united states. he is topping off his visit to cuba celebrating another mass in santiago, packed with thousands. and then he'll be greeted by president obama as he arrives in washington this afternoon. the first leg of a three-city tour that also includes new york and philadelphia. the pope is expected to make two dozen public appearances addressing climate change, poverty, and inequality. well, a shake-up in the race for president after the withdrawal of scott walker, the wisconsin governor was short on cash. and he is now calling on some other gop hopefuls to follow his lead and withdraw, so the party can better focus on beating donald trump. meanwhile, dr. ben carson is clarifying his statement that he would not support a muslim for president. carson claims he was talking about radical islamists. last night carly fiorina called carson's original comment wrong.
8:03 am
well, the top u.s. executive at volkswagen admitting his company, quote, totally screwed up. it cheated on emissions tests and now says 11 million cars worldwide are affected. the company is spending $7 billion so far on the scandal. and a jury in colorado has convicted a man of murdering his wife while hiking in colorado, pushing her off a cliff. harold henthorn faces a mandatory life sentence. he and his wife went hiking for their 12th anniversary. well, a permanent birth control implant is now under scrutiny years after it was approved by the fda. complaints are pouring in by the thousands, prompting experts now the take a closer look. here's abc's reena ninan. >> reporter: today the controversial birth control implant essure is under fire after extreme complaints of unwanted and sometimes serious side effects, including headaches, depression, and heavy bleeding. marketed as the only permanent birth control that does not require surgery, essure consists
8:04 am
of two metallic coils inserted into the fallopian tubes. but now, women like melanie goshgarian is coming forward. >> pain, heavy bleeding and my whole body started to change, skin, itchy. my arms were tingling and legs were tingling. was confused all the time. >> reporter: the fda found over 20,000 essure problems posted on social media including facebook and twitter. the regulatory agency put out a 90-page review that includes questions about the existing research on essure's safety, noting significant limitations must be taken into account when reviewing the data. bayer, the manufacturer of the device says, while there are risks with all medical devices and procedures, bayer's highest priority is patient safety. and we sympathize greatly with any woman who has experienced
8:05 am
problems with essure. the fda on thursday will hold a meeting to re-examine the safety of the implant. reena ninan, abc news, new york. >> our thanks to reena for that. and finally, you may be at the wrong place and it's okay as long as you're there at the right time. take a look at this. this man was walking down this street in the middle east when a huge sheet of glass, look at that, fell from a building. it crashed onto the sidewalk there but only brushed his head. he pops up and walks away brushing himself off. not even a scratch on him. but an inch in the other direction? >> oh, my gosh. >> and most people say that would have been it for him. apparently, he had a piece of gum stuck on his shoe so he was pausing for that briefly. and just -- that moment was the difference between life or death. we're glad he's okay. >> we sure are. >> just walked off like nothing happened. amy, thank you. an abc news exclusive. sandra lee is here live opening up about her health -- recent health battle and her setback and where she is now. she'll tell us here only on "gma." a former football player who
8:06 am
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well, here's what's coming up on our "gma morning menu." it is back-to-school time. also "app to school." the new tools that could get your family organized fast and totally make over how you spend your time together. a big night on "dancing with the stars," the first elimination. what chaka khan and keo had to say about it behind the scenes. look who's here, anthony anderson, he's live streaming. >> we're periscoping. everybody, look at yourselves at home. >> there's our cameraman. turning the tables on our as our celebrity guest correspondent. all that and so much more coming
8:09 am
up on "gma." you ready? >> thanks for having me. are you ready? >> yes, i'm ready. >> all right, let's do it. >> hi, mama. see gummies in a whole new light. oops. nana's got the kids til 9... but it's only 2. guess you'll just have to see a movie... ...then get some dinner. what a pity. look more like a tissue box... you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin®. because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™ .
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you see this look on my face? sfx: growling that's not anger, that's hunger. so i'm gonna have a snack to make me feel better and once i do you will see a look of satisfaction and contentment blossom across my face. see, now i feel better. make your tummy happy mmm yoplait we were over there talking to our good friend. it's time now nor the "gma heat index." and this morning's hot button, our exclusive with sandra lee, we saw her on the red carpet. you were loving this gown, weren't you?
8:11 am
>> i did love it. >> oh, my gosh. vintage. her first public appearance since revealing she had breast cancer right here on "gma." just a few months ago. we will talk to her in just a moment. look at her looking good, beautiful. live here in the studio but first a look at her journey. it was a diagnosis that shook her world in march. >> i walked off the set. and 20 minutes later, my doctor called and told me i had breast cancer. >> reporter: sandra lee, undergoing a double mastectomy in may, with her longtime partner, andrew cuomo, by her side. >> there's two different ways cancer beats you up, beats up your body and it beats you up emotionally. and it -- i wasn't beginning to let it rob me from one day of happiness. >> reporter: lee's doctors confident they had caught it before it spread but an infection led to a setback and
8:12 am
more surgery. now slee back on the mend. she looked stunning on the red captain at sunday's emmy awards. she looks stunning with us this morning. please welcome back sandra lee to "gma." you have been a good friend to all of us here and i know you want to get right to your news. what is it? >> i have good news. last time i came and shared with you some very bad news. but this time, i'm coming to share with you that my doctors have said i'm cancer-free, and i am ready to go. so i celebrated at the emmys, of course. >> oh, you did. you looked gorgeous there at the emmys. >> thank you. >> you know, so happy that you're doing as well as you are because as you said last time you were here, you were telling us what was going on. you had the surgery, you had a setback with an infection. and then glorious on the red carpet. and some people will say, how can you be told so quickly by your doctors that you're cancer-free? >> well, i was early stage and what the beautiful thing about
8:13 am
early stage cancer and there's so many young women on my facebook and social media platform, 20s and 30s that were telling me they were diagnosed with not just dcis but other cancers and had to have a mastectomy or double mastectomy. it is an epidemic in 20 and 30-year-olds. so what dcis does and early detection does is it gives you every option in the world. and that is what i took. and it's all the beautiful leaders that came before us. people that aren't even here anymore. they're in heaven enjoying heaven. and the researchers and the doctors and nurses and other warrior, not just breast cancer but all cancer that came before us and sacrificed their lives so we could have early detection so it's only -- it's only respectful to ourselves and to their work and what they gave up for us to get our tushies in there and get it diagnosed and then cut it out and take care of it. >> and that's what you did. and it has worked for you.
8:14 am
and again, we're so incredibly happy. you were disappointed -- a number of people reached out to you. "new york times" article i'm talking about you talked about dcis. some doctors feel at that early stage that perhaps procedures are not as necessary as are going through and you said a lot of young women reached out to you angry about this. >> i called my doctor too and had a big discussion about "the new york times." it was a front page article on how to deal with dcis and/or early stages of cancer. and how you should have a wait and see approach. which is absolutely ridiculous. why we would consider negotiating with cancer is beyond me. let's just wait and see what it does. it's like a terrorist that lives inside your body and we're going to wait and see what it does. we know what it's going to do. so i have a very clear perspective of what that is. and i'm thrilled with my decision. and i don't know what the decision is for every woman in my family but mammograms you might be too young to have a mammogram because of radiation. well there's's high-definition ultrasounds. there are ways to check
8:15 am
yourself. i am not a doctor but one more thing that infuriates me and that is this perception we're all about the boobs. women are not just about their boobs which was the statement i was making when i wore that dress. that dress, you could only wear -- >> that's what you said. you were going to give it to someone else after. >> i love that dress. >> you already had that dress, a vintage dress. >> i did. and i couldn't wear it because i was a little bit too big on top. and so then, i turned my -- as you say, my mess into my message, and i got to wear that plunging dress. it's a thierry mugler from the '70s. it's beautiful. it doesn't matter if you are a double d that i was or an "a" like i am. i don't even know how i feel anymore. i feel young and liberated. >> you do. you can just feel how vibrant you feel. so there's no treatment. there's nothing -- where is your prognosis now and what are the things that you're going to be
8:16 am
working on? i know you'll be active next month on breast cancer awareness month. >> i am cancer-free which is such a blessing. i'm not even going to think about taking the next steps until after super bowl. i don't want anything to mess up my super bowl tickets. i already organized the hotel. and we'll think about that in february. but i have become the ambassador for stand up to cancer. i am going to be working with susan g. komen and the run/walks. i go this saturday to san francisco to cut the ribbon and also to speak afterwards and also advocacy work, not only on my childhood hunger and with unicef but also on early detection is really important. >> wonderful. i know many people have reached out to you on social media and you're grateful for the outpouring of love and support you received. >> so grateful. >> so grateful to you. >> and to you. thank you. >> oh, no, no, no. >> oh, my gosh. you were like the best friend. thank you so much. >> we're all in this together, amy, lara, george.
8:17 am
>> so great to hear that news. >> thank you, sandra lee. >> sandra, congratulations. time now for our series, "app to school." and parents know how hard it can be to keep themselves and their kids organized during the school year. becky worley spoke to one family who turned to apps for help. ♪ >> reporter: school is in session. and for busy parents like the cramers this means organizing the troops. >> some days it can be very overwhelming. >> reporter: their sons eighth grader paul and sixth grader max both play sports. practice and games each week. and play in their school's orchestra. ♪ >> sports, extracurricular school activities, trying to keep time for them to do homework. it gets fairly difficult to track our schedules. >> reporter: but have no fear. i have some apps to turn your smartphone or tablet into command central and rally up the troops. pencils ready. first app, cozi, this free app not only keeps track of the
8:18 am
entire family's schedules and contributes to the shopping list, but it also sends out upcoming agendas for the following weeks. making sure they never forget an pont recital. >> that's on the calendar. that's nice. >> reporter: nec up, homework. >> we have an average of an hour every night. >> reporter: this my homework app organizes their assignments and upcoming tests and allows parents to check in, making sure it all gets done and it's free. final app is great for younger kids. you know those precious school projects and works of art you just can't throw away. >> it would be nice to have a way to archive some of those things and be able to look back on them as the boys get older. >> there is an app for that. artkive. it costs 5 bucks to download but snap a picture and it digitally catalogs them with the date and their age. you can even turn that artwork into a book. >> and becky joins us now. a lot of good ideas there. you have other apps to help us figure out how to diminish the use of cell phones.
8:19 am
>> huge part of back to school is getting back into routine, it means clawing back some screen time that crept into the every day for teens and betweens. so, parents, you are going to love me. kids, you are going to hate me. two apps, one for ios, apple devices called ourpact and another called dinnertime. a kill switch so watch this. this is the parent's phone. these are the kids' phones, i hit, okay, it's dinnertime then watch what happens. they're playing their games. they're texting with friends. and then it will go straight into a screen that turns it into completely locked out. >> oh, i love that. we're getting that one. >> your kids are going to hate me, george, i know. >> this is a little low-tech way to do the same thing. >> it's also helping parents get back into the routine, cell phone lockup. you can see it has the beds and the holders here for your phone. >> we have to put ours in there too.
8:20 am
>> parents' phones go in there, too. once this goes down, it will lock and it's 30 minutes. you cannot open it. >> mine's too big. >> so you have the big phone so we'll have to put yours in the little bed there. it lies down. this is old school taking the idea of we have times in our family when we don't have cell phones. put them in a jar, a cookie jar where you can't see them. with devices out of sight is out of mind and helps us connect and get homework done. get kids to bed on time and create more time for families. >> you can hide the charger too. it can't charge up. >> ooh. i see. you've got genius ideas in your own family. >> these are the good ideas right there. thank you, becky. get the info on these apps and get more of becky's back to school reviews at on yahoo! thanks, becky. outside to ginger. >> it feels almost like fall. fall is officially tomorrow. we're just staying nice and warm here. got your sweater on. we have to go out west. plenty warm in parts of california. record high temperatures,
8:21 am
sacramento, fairfield and stockton all above that century mark. you'll have an abrupt end to that heat. look at the temperatures, dropping into the 80s in sacramento, so some almost 20 degrees in some spots. we'll goo from west to east. denver a little warm, too. but the cool, good morning, i'm abc 7 news meteorologist mike nicco with the microclimate forecast. up to 20 degrees cooler today. that's the day before fall arrives. tonight while we're sleeping, the highs will be pulling back to average saturday, sunday and monday. 80s inland. the two hottest days in the accuweather seven-day forecast, thursday and friday. by sunday we are back top average. >> so my new buddy kenny turns 44 today and not only is it his birthday first time in new york city. welcome.
8:22 am
we are so happy you got here. lara, we're so happy you have "pop." >> thank you so much, ginger. we begin "pop news" with this. ♪ the reason we're playing the song, it is the last dance for michael flatley. the lord of the dance announcing that he will retire at the end of his upcoming eight-week run on broadway. flatley is credited for bringing irish dancing to the world stage with his hit in the '90s, remember "riverdance." i think we all went. the great white way remains the final dream on his bucket list. and continues to take that in a big way, starting in november. the show is called "lord of the dance: dangerous games." he and his troupe will dance with world champion acrobats and i'm excited about this dancing robots. >> why not? why not? >> i'm sure we can work it out for you, lara. >> i have a vision of them doing irish dancing. >> it'll work. >> maybe i'll be that for
8:23 am
halloween. >> oh. >> irish dancing robot. >> i thought you said -- >> i thought miley cyrus was your halloween costume. >> no, that was last year. >> two years ago. >> two years ago? >> everybody, send me your ideas for halloween please, michael, thank you for all your years of dance. i was baby george. oh, i forgot. should we move on? thank you, riverdance. >> how do you move on from dancing robots? >> you know how you do it with this maybe saying good-bye to michael flatly but hello to one of tv's hottest shows "black-ish" coming back to abc primetime tomorrow night. so popping into "pop news" right now, please welcome, the star -- anthony anderson. >> i wore my plaid tartans for him. >> was that your lord of the dance? >> that was my lord of the dance. all right. >> if you were a robot doing lord of the dance, how would you do it? >> there you go. there you go. there you go. >> i think so. i don't know. >> all right, so are people
8:24 am
constantly putting "ish" on the end of words around you now? >> oh, they are. they are. and it's fun. >> it's become a thing. >> it has. >> i'm glad you think so. we created a game called talking smack-ish. >> talking smackish with anthony anderson-ish. >> anthony-ish. co-star past or present, the first thing that comes to mind -- >> did you say the name was pastor present? >> i want to talk to you about pastor present, your church leader. no, this is any co-star that we come up with, you come up with a word. it's very, you know, sort of -- >> go for it. i'm ready. >> rorschach test. smack or not. co-star number one, tracee ellis ross. >> beautiful-ish. >> okay. >> that's not good. >> most beautiful. >> lose the ish. >> and talented. >> laurence fishburne. >> scary. >> leo dicaprio. >> who is he? [ laughter ] we used to be neighbors. >> famous-ish.
8:25 am
>> no, talented-ish immensely. >> you worked with him in what movie? >> what did we do? "the departed" and we were neighbors living in the same building when i lived here shooting "law and order." >> and how, was that fun? >> what up, leo? >> is he on speed dial? >> nope. he wouldn't give me his number. >> all right. another departed co-star matt damon. >> matt damon. funny. >> really? >> yes. >> all right. i love that. >> yeah. >> shia laboeuf. >> crazy. >> i knew he was going to do that. >> no ish on that. >> no ish needed there and then from "empire." cookie. taraji p. henson. >> let me take crazy back from shia and put it to taraji. very big friend known each other since 1988, went to college together. howard university. >> what was she like? >> same way, cookie jr. back then. she's just evolved and grown
8:26 am
into cookie. she dropped the junior and just cookie. >> so how happy are you to be back? >> it's fun. >> we're happy. >> we're picking up where we left off and we're raising the bar. >> robin will talk to you about that coming up or one of you -- >> i can't. i have a doctor's appointment. but can i say, you look fantastic. what have you been doing? >> eating healthier and in the gym. >> all right. >>ish. >>ish. >> that's it. >> it's the tartan pants. >> i wore my pants. tartan makes a fat man slimming. >> tartan is the new black. >> you caught up with the plaids. you don't see the fatness anymore. >> we need a lot more time for anthony anderson. he's coming back in our next hour. >> george, you're always kicking me off this set, man! what's going on? ♪ how you like me now >> no, we're not.
8:27 am
good morning, i'm eric thomas. developing news out of san leandro where a sheriff's deputy shot and killed a carjacking suspect along northbound 238 through the 14th street exit. he's accused of shooting at officers around 2:00 this morning in oakland where authorities spotted the stolen dodge durango. a bullet did hit the car of a passerby. that section of highway is still shut down. here's leyla with more. we have another sigalert. this is updated. we have a lane now open on the westbound side of highway 84 and newark boulevard after a multi-vehicle accident. we have heavy backups away from 880. look at the mcarthur, very heavy delays from berkeley to emeryville all because of an accident here at treasure island
8:28 am
that's blocking a lane on the westbound side on the lower deck. you can see the heavy delays leaving san francisco. thank you. when we come are more likely to have a to frsuccessful future.e born talking and reading to children in their first years has a huge impact on what they do with the rest of their lives. the fewer words they hear, the greater their chances of dropping out of school and getting into trouble. talk. read. sing. your words have the power to shape their world. learn more at how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx. better brands, at prices that help you maxx life!
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good morning. thank you for sticking around. if you are about to step out, it's a little cooler. livermore and san jose are seeing more sunshine. we have cloud delays at sfo, watch out for that.
8:30 am
17 to 21 degrees cooler today compared to yesterday. and technically fall doesn't start until 1:21 is that -- john, that is american sweetheart robin roberts -- >> i love being a bella. >> wait a minute. is this on? is this thing on? >> how about that? welcome back to "gma." that is an exclusive look at an extra from the new "pitch perfect 2" dvd that goes on sale today. of course you have the bonus scene with robin. >> very funny and this month we have launched the "pitch perfect" dubsmash competition. thousands and house of you submitted entries and here's the winner, vanessa silva from los angeles. take a look. >> don't be tied down by anything. i'm on a walkabout. i'm a free range pony that can't be tamed. >> well, she nailed it. way to go, vanessa. she gets a walk-on role in
8:31 am
"pitch perfect 3." way to go. thanks to everyone who submitted an entry. >> congratulations. time now to yahoo! your day and we have a story from our friends at yahoo! health, a former football player that tackled his weight problem and is inspiring others. >> javon jackson is a remarkable young man. so many people try and fail again and again to lose weight. but once he made his life-changing decision he dropped more than 100 pounds in just a few months. 26-year-old detroit native javon anderson has been heavy for half his life. >> it wasn't necessarily a huge problem up until high school. >> reporter: a nose tackle on the defensive line in high cool and later at wayne state university, bulking up was encouraged. >> you got to be a bigger guy to stop those linemen. >> reporter: after college he ballooned to 330 pounds but in early 2014 he knew he had to tackle his weight once and for all. >> it began when i was at work and they had a weight loss
8:32 am
challenge. i started to see results immediately so that really kind of fueled me to continue going once i started to see it was possible. >> reporter: in just seven months he went from 330 pounds to his current 195. a staggering 135-pound loss. his journey profiled in yahoo! health's weight-loss win series. >> once i changed my food and eating habits it became a lot easier. a lot was cutting back carb, sugars and instead of doing one or two large meals, five or six smaller portion size meals in order to keep my metabolism burning. >> reporter: he credits the workout routine he created with help from his trainer. >> i always was working out with weights but the proper workouts which is what the line introduced me to was a lot of boot camp style full body -- >> now he hopes his journey will inspire others to lose pounds the healthy way. >> i definitely hope people feel
8:33 am
inspired and know that it's very possible. >> such an inspiring story. javon says it wasn't an easy process but what kept him from giving up is knowing how much of a positive change it would be if he took it all the way. >> he looks incredible. >> incredible. >> good for him. love the story. all right, "dancing" time, everybody. the first couple of the new season of "dancing with the stars" sadly eliminated what is name. the theme was hometown glory but there was no glory for one of the cast's biggest stars, abc's matt gutman with all the drama from the ballroom. >> reporter: another moving night in the ballroom. the celebs kicking off week two of "dancing with the stars." ♪ bindi irwin rocking and rolling to the top spot with partner derek hough and their tango claiming the first 9 of the season. >> i remember when i was really little dancing to that song with dad and it means everything to me. ♪ >> reporter: not far behind alexa penavega climbing the
8:34 am
leaderboard with her ferocious salsa. >> you set this house on fire. >> reporter: with hubby carlos hot on her heels and singer/songwriter tamar braxton tied for second place. >> come on, baby. >> reporter: it wasn't all smooth swaying for some duos. >> were off so many times. >> reporter: the curtain came down for one couple. >> chaka and keo. >> reporter: the legendary grammy award winning songstress chaka khan sent home. the first of two couples to be eliminated this week. >> you seem a little bit relieved. >> to be honest, i am. the thing is, i have stage fright. >> you have stage fright. >> yes. i still have stage fright. i feel like i've done him a disservice, you know, this is such an amazing dancer, wonderful human being. >> she's a legend, you know, everything happens for a reason. >> reporter: she shows us she's still every woman. >> i'm so happy to have met
8:35 am
everybody and made great friends here. >> reporter: for "good morning america," matt gutman, abc news, los angeles. >> hey, she put herself out there and she was fantastic. >> yeah, you got t push yourself and that gary, i mean, highly entertaining. >> that's right. we can watch more of gary, "dancing with the stars" is back with another elimination tonight at 9:00 p.m. eastern:00 central here on abc. wow, they're really going for it. ginger, shall we dance over here? >> say good morning to a few people. good morning, everybody. start out with a little weather forecast. nice out here. so beautiful, so comfortable. it's not that way everywhere. a lot of moist air pooling into the plains. showers and thunderstorms that will leave behind 2 to 3 inches through kansas and nebraska and minnesota and wisconsin and this disturb dance sitting off the coast in the carolinas. south carolina, north carolina, that low kicks back showers and storms some of which could make it to the outer banks. the temperatures will be coo
8:36 am
good morning, i'm meteorologist mike nicco. the 90s and 100s gone. 70s and 80s for most of us. 60s along the coast. here's my accuweather forecast, feels like fall today but >> all that weather brought to you by carmax. i'm dancing. in. >> yes, i asked you to come over because i wanted this sign in here. uga loves "gma." go, dogs. all right. coming up, anthony anderson here live and turning the tables asking me the questions. but before we get to that, whoa, he looks angry. now to a "gma" world exclusive sneak peek at the highly anticipated moved "the big short" starring brad pitt, steve carell, the oscar race is on. portions are sponsored by paramount pictures. take a look. >> michael, how are you? >> i found something really
8:37 am
interesting. >> the whole housing market is propped up on these bad loans. they will fail. >> the housing market is rock solid. >> it's a time bomb. so who gets his hair cuts at super cuts knows more than alan greenspan. >> yes, he does. ♪ >> you know what, i'm pissed off, the american people are getting screwed by the big banks and i'm getting madder and mad are. >> it's unbelievable. >> then this guy walks into my office and says -- >> there's some shady stuff going down. ♪ if it keeps raining the levee is going to break ♪ >> a big old party. a few outsiders saw what no one else could. the whole world economy might collapse. >> i'm sure the world's banks have more incentives than greed. >> you're wrong. >> no one is apaying attention. >> the banks got greedy and we
8:38 am
can profit off their stupidity. >> you want to bet against the banks. >> they're going to think we're high or having a stroke. kind of brilliant. ♪ >> fraud has never ever worked. eventually things go south. when the hell did we forget all that? ♪ >> how can the banks let this happen? >> it's fueled by stupidity. >> tell me the difference between stupid and legal and i'll have my wife's brother arrested. ♪ >> do you have any idea what you just did? you just bet against the american economy. ♪ ah ah >> if you're wrong, you can lose it all. >> the banks defrauded the american people. now we can kick them in the teeth. >> okay, here we go. ♪
8:39 am
>> target strippers with fat loans. >> all cash rich. >> we won't be able to refinance. >> on all my loan. >> what do you mean all your loans. >> i have five houses a
8:40 am
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on freshly baked bread, toasted with melty provolone, tomatoes and oregano. the new italian hero won't be here long, so try one today. subway. eat fresh. we love having celebrity guest correspondent "black-ish" star anthony anderson with us this morning. fans of the hit show have been waiting including my entire
8:42 am
family for the summer to end so we can have the kickoff to season two, the big premiere just one day away. >> one day away. >> we actually have a sneak peek. anthony lecturing the kids on the "n" word. >> i almost said it. >> let's get a few things straight. >> dad, it's not -- >> quiet! please. the "n" word is not for everybody. you cannot say it. you definitely can't say it. hell, you better not even think it and you -- i'm going to need to meet your mom and daddy. >> i mean you all have taken on so many controversial topics with comedy and entertainment but also with hearts and enlightenment but the "n" word is the taboo of all taboo top picks yet you took it on. >> we took it on. we really wanted to do it last year but because, you know, we were a new show and it was kind
8:43 am
of basically low-happening fruit we pushed it back to our first episode this year and pride ourselves on having topics that are divisive and that creates dialogue. >> it's okay to laugh. >> it's okay to laugh. it's okay to laugh. i mean, you know it's better to feed someone some information with a teaspoon than a sugar than with a tayspoon of salt. >> very well said. i know that you are always pushing the envelope. what can we expect this season. >> well, we're coming out with the "n" word episode tomorrow and follow that up with my character wanting to buy a handgun, something else that's polarizing in our society in america today and health in the black community so those are our first three shows that are right out the gate. >> coming in like a lamb. >> yeah, we are. >> we know president obama and the first lady are big fans of the show. and i understand you're petitioning them to actually be a part of the show. >> we are. we are. >> how is it going. >> they haven't returned any of the petitions or the calls or the letters or the e-mails. i think i'm banned from going to
8:44 am
washington, d.c. now. not just the white house. they are keeping me out of the district of columbia. >> at least you're entertaining them. >> yes. >> all right, so i understand now because we've been promoting this we're going to turn the tables here. i know you're the host on the food network. you're used to being a host. >> yes, i am. >> so i think it's time now to turn -- >> turn the tables. >> where is my turn the table music. >> literally and figuratively. whoa! >> all right. we switched places. >> we switched places. >> all right. >> o. joining me now is "good morning america" news anchor amy robach. she's ang award winning journalist, the fearless reporter, mother of two beautiful daughter, inspiration to viewers everywhere, amy, great to have you with us this morning. how are you. >> thank you for having me. >> no, thank you for gracing me with your presence. how does this turn the tables thing feel so far. >> really good. you just said lots of nice things about me so. >> takes the onus off you. you have to sit as an
8:45 am
interviewee. in my extensive research for this segment i learned you were a gymnast as a child. did you ever win a gold medal at the olympics? >> no, but i got third place on vault once. >> a third place on vault. ah, i guess my research wasn't that extensive. i should have known that. your husband andrew shue starred on "melrose place." women around the world had an infatuation and lust and love for him. did you while watching the show before meeting him? >> no, i liked jake. >> you liked jake. >> yeah, i was a grant showgirl but thankfully he ee andrew shoe not billy. i wasn't into bill. >> i as a foodie you mentioned the food network. one of your guilty pleasures is truffle fries. >> ah, yes, with parmesan. >> that's the best. >> it is. >> that's the best. all right. let's see. oh, little fun fact. going to throw in a curveball. you and i have something in common. >> we do. >> you landed and catapulted off
8:46 am
the "uss george washington." >> "george h.w. bush." >> lord, have mercy. yeah, there's no ship named after george washington. george bush. i landed and catapulted off "the uss enterprise" in the mediterranean sea. >> how did that feel like, a car crash. >> yeah, it was unbelievable. >> it was really cool. >> unbelievable when you took off, the gs, when you slingshoted up. >> like going to the moon. >> felt great. all right. next i have a social question for you. all the way from glen view, illinois. from cindy wolf. oh, cyndi wolfe taylor, what is on your bucket list. >> i have always wanted to jump in an rv with all my kids and go to the grand canyon. >> that's your bucket list. >> that's something i want to do. but it requires me getting vacation days i haven't been able to secure so anyway -- >> let's get amy some vacation days so she can jump in the rv with her children and take it
8:47 am
off her buc and eats a bucket of truffle fries. amy, it was a pleasure speaking with you today. now we'll turn back the tables. >> oh, all right. >> let's turn back the tables. oh! >> nice job. >> whoo! >> "black-ish," season two premieres tomorrow night at 9:30 eastern, 8:30 central right here on abc. coming up, we have actor andrew reynolds opening up about his new film with robert
8:48 am
we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that.
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you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at we are so happy to welcome andrew reynolds to "gma" for the very first time. >> first time. this is my first time here. >> my new bff. >> really in times square. >> this is not a set. >> i'm so excited to meet you because i watch "flea market flip" a lot and feel like i should turn a suitcase into a crib right now or spray paint something. i'm such a fan of the show. >> we'll do that some other
8:50 am
time. but you were here to talk -- >> i'm here to talk about a movie i made. >> called "the intern" starring robert de niro and anne hathaway. >> yeah, it's a nancy meyers who i'm a huge fan of, did some of the greatest come disof all time. >> always really touching and with a message and really beautiful sets. >> really beautiful sets. >> black to "flea market flip." i just want to steal her interior design. >> you could safely live in any one of her s and be very happy. >> and walk away from this movie with -- there's a lot to think about. it's really -- robert de niro, at his finest. >> robert de niro is amazing. i mean the movie -- nancy created this story about changing stereotypes and perceptions and, you know, a woman in charge sometimes would be labeled as difficult and a man who is retired could be labeled as useless and i think that the -- what the film sort of shows those perceptions are untrue. >> i will tell you that when i heard i was doing this and i saw the picture for the movie and i
8:51 am
saw anne hathaway sitting with robert de niro and i saw the words "the intern," my perception was -- >> yeah. >> that it was anne that was the intern. >> no, robert de niro plays the intern in this movie. it's a really great, great film and so proud to be a little part of it and it opens this friday which is very exciting. >> yeah, well, i was going to say that at the end but let's plug it, beginning, middle and end. what was it like working with the great robert de niro? was there that sense of nervousness. >> oh, yeah, no, that never went away. it literally never went away. he could not be nicer, could not be friendlier and make himself for accessible, very generous. that's him right now. >> yes, he's waiting for you. >> he's coming to pick me up. >> yeah. >> one second. you know what i never got to the part that i never got to him with him, he would say call me bob and i can't. >> i so would have. >> i have to call you mr. de niro. >> there is a respect thing. can we show a clip?
8:52 am
>> i would love to show a clip. >> you want to dea little bit? [ cheers and applause ] >> roll 'em. >> hey, i need you for two minutes uninterrupted. remember a few weeks ago we talked about the senior intern program. >> no. >> really. we had a whole big conversation about it. >> we did? okay, remind me, seniors in high school or college. >> no, no, no, seniors in life. older people. >> hold on, what? >> i told you i felt like we needed to do an outreach program. you definitely seemed to be liking it so i set it in motion. >> hold please of the you're hiring senior citizen interns. >> there's been a ton of research on this and the results are actually incredible. i mean imagine having an intern with a lifetime of experience as opposed to somebody who spent the last four years of their life playing beer pong. >> so you didn't get to see bob, mr. the great robert de niro but you saw you and anne hathaway and you've known anne so this was comfortable. >> we met a couple times before we worked together so she made it easy to be friends with on screen and off screen. >> you make it easy too.
8:53 am
>> well -- >> i feel like i'm diving into the set of "girls" which comes back in january. >> i know we have to wait a little longer but it was a fun season. we filmed a little of it right here at this very spot last time -- what a charming clip of me just drunk -- >> we only show the best. please come back. let's go flea marketing. all right. you heard it here first and ee "the intern." it opens this
8:54 am
8:55 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by yoplait greek 100. there are hundreds of reasons to snack on it. >> what a fun day on "gma." thank you andrew rannells. >> i got a new job. >> stepping in for george stephanopoulos, andrew rannells. so fun with anthony. >> yes. any time. have a great tuesday. [ cheers and applause ] oh.
8:57 am
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good morning, i'm eric thomas. let's head over to leyla gulen for a traffic update. >> that's right, eric. we have sky 7 hd live over livermore right on stanley boulevard where we had this injury accident involving a car that ran into a gym. this is the lifestyles gym located at stanley. and right now we're looking at possible injuries involving six people. excuse me. that is where it is located. mike? i'll take over from here. we'll get you some water. good morning, everybody. here's a look at what is going to happen today. the big story, the dramatic drop in our temperature. 17 to 21 degrees. we had the fog and is the sea breeze back. 60s along the coast in san francisco. 70s around the bay. 80s inland. here's my accuweather seven-day
9:00 am
forecast, of course it will be hot again, but it's only thursday and friday. thank yo >> it's "live! with kelly & michael." today, from the hit drama, "empire," terrence howard. and one of the stars of the new series, "scream queens," keke palmer. plus, the co-hosts learn some new moves courtesy of nba basketball star, steph curry. all next on "live." [captioning made possible by isney-abc domestic television] ♪ now, here are emmy winners kelly ripa and michael strahan! [cheers and applause] ♪


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