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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 22, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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and it's never been more affordable! measure. make. install. it's easy, with bath fitter. don't wait! call today, or learn more at >> abc7 news begins with breaking news. >> sky 7 is over the scene of a deadly accident this morning in livermore, police say a car crashed through the front door of a gym hitting several people. >> good morning, i am kristen sze. >> i am cheryl jennings. >> it happened at stanley boulevard involving an 80-year-old driver. >> laura anthony is there with the latest. laura? >> yes, investigators are on the scene. we will show you what it lookings like inside this willing from our vantage point. a white mercedes s.u.v. is well inside the willing happening
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just before 6:30 this morning. we understand this woman was fry -- trying to park the car and hit the wrong pedal. >> an 80-year-old livermore resident trying to park the car at gym had body el confusion where you hit the gas rather than the brakes and drove through the gym and crashed into a classroom. >> this is a look inside the lifestyle gym on stanley boulevard, a trx class, resistance training class, we are told there was a 49-year-old woman livermore resident, a member of the gym killed after the accident. five others suffered minor injuries. as you can see investigators are still on scene with the car going into the building and we will bring you more information as we get it on abc7 in
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livermore for abc7 news. >> we have breaking news now in sacramento an airline flight is making an emergency landing in sacramento. this is 9 jet, sitting on the tarmac and this is from a reporter at the abc7 station. pilots tried to burn off the fuel before landing. flight 1218 took off at 9:15 headed for dallas when the pilots determined there was a clogged fuel line and had to return. >> emergency crews say no one was injured. passengers are going to be put on a different plane. >> police in the east bear videoing after officers shot a carjacking suspect to death. amy hollyfield was on john talking with the neighbors. >> look behind me, we still have a crime scene at the on-ramp and
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the off-ramp at speaker state 1238 and -- at interstate 238. there is a neighborhood right here and violence spilled over and it as people were sleeping. the shootout happened in a family neighborhood at 2:30. a home is a care home with five elderly men and their caregiver inside. >> i was terrified. when i heard the gunshots, i ducked. >> officers say the man they shot and killed terrorized this neighbor and the people at two other locations, as well. it started in oakland at 8:30 last night. at a drive by shooting. one person was shot in the stomach. they got calls of a possible carjacking. >> he did not get the vehicle in that case but we do have a suspect description and that is a black miami in a red hoodie. then a man was walking on interstate 238. we contacted the suspect and the suspect fired at the c.h.p.
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officers. one of the bullets strikes a passing motorist. >> officers say he ran into this neighborhood where the care home is located. tony said his patients were the pry report. >> i had to see that the client are okay. they are okay. i checked. that is my first reaction. >> several sheriff deputies fired at the man. they were not hit. the suspect was shot and killed. >> clearly this is a person that did not care where the bullets were going. >> as for an update on those who fell in the wake of all of this violence, the person who was shot in the stomach is expected to survive and the motorist who was hit, the car was hit so the driver is okay. the man who was shot and killed is in his early 30's and officers recovered a semi automatic handgun in his possession.
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thank you. the numbers on the value fire in the 9 not bay show 1,300 homes have been lost since ten days ago. firefighters are working on securing perimeter around the 76,000 acre fire. it is 75 percent contained. cal fire said 3,100 structures are threatened. cobb is the only community evacuated. >> san francisco's response to the valley fire has democrattened the rift between the firefighters and the chief. some feel the san francisco fire department did not do its duty when it only sent one engine to the fire. the chief hayes-white said the city was already strapped after having sent sex engines to the butte fire. tomorrow this will be a formal complaint by the assistant chief. >> new this morning a monterey county man is under arrest accused of attacking a firefighter working to put out a wildfire. the sheriff deputies arrested
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63-year-old jack west. deputies say he pushed a firefighter and attempted to push hill. west is charged with battery. >> a charter school will re-open after keeping the doors shut during a safety overhaul. the leaders are reviewing tote california after allegations that an eight-year-old student was molested. 18-year-old jonathan chou a teacher aide is under arrest. he and two others have been fired. background checks on the remaining employees are completed. >> several colleges are joining forces to stop sexual assault on campuses. this is legislation to create a task force to recommend changes for reducing campus sexual assaults after a new report from american universities that say a staggering 25 percent of undergraduates reported being forcibly touched or raped.
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six local colleges are planning to meet with law enforcement to talk about better training and coordination. >> after the 49ers home opener, a fight is causing city council members to look at safety. a man in a vikings jersey was pummeled by 49ers fans last week. the city council will discuss stopping alcohol sales after half time and bringing in extra officers. three men and astein have -- and a teen have been arrested. >> we are two hours away from a papal visit to the united states arriving at joint payment -- joint base andrews this afternoon. >> in the final mass in cuba pope francis called for a new revolution of tenderness, joy and compassion for those who experience the country's atheist, communist revolution more than five decades ago.
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he then heads out for the first ever trip to the united states where millions more are eager for his arrival. >> the holy father is coming here and it is exciting. >> the banners are hung and the grounds are groomed and stage is society if the first stop in washington, dc, thousands of officers will be deplayed in washington, new york, and philadelphia to protect the world leader known for moving into the crowd to connect. >> the credit service has been preparing for months with drills and today official say there is no specific credible threat tied to the pope's visit but because several extremist groups have called for attacks they are taking no chances with security. >> all happens on deck. >> after the pope arrives he will have a brief opportunity to rest before the busy days ahead. tomorrow, he has meeting at the
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white house and open thursday he will be here to speak to congress. >> abc7 news anchor ama daetz is in washington, dc for the visit and will have reports starting today right here on abc7. >> governor brown will meet in seattle with china's president, president xi who is in seattle for three days discussing ways to fight climate. brown is co-chair of the forum. the meeting is a year after president obama and president xi agreed to tackle the issue and will meet privately with the president after. the forum is at 2:00 p.m. >> american workers are paying a lot more for health care deductibles through employer-provided health care plans. the survey reveals that out-of-pocket costs were around $300 in 2006 to $1,000 today. the report said that is seven times faster than salaries have risen. the study is from the kaiser
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family foundation and health research. >> remember pigpen from charlie brown? the kid with the dust cloud? this story may have you feeling a little bit like him. researchers say humans give off a personal microbe cloud, a million buy logical part 8:00s an an -- buy logical particles an hour and are in the air samples around you and some day scientists can identify a criminal by identifying the microbe cloud at a crime scene. >>? i can find out which child ate the cookies... >> speaking of moms, changing the rules on car seats, the children's safety, property and center and what parents need to know. >> tugging the heart strings of pet owners for whole foods that
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ask your doctor about xarelto®. a group call people for theth california treatment of animals is suing whole foods claiming they are deceiving customers saying the five step animal welfare system is misleading because the standards are no different than the rest of the
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industry and are not enforced by anyone. whole foods said they are aware of the lawsuit but have not been served. >> a law signed bit governor will change the rules for parents who need a new rear-facing car seat until the age of two rather than 12 months. here is that report from janet o. >> it is a rite of passage for kids to be able to turn around and finally face the front of the car but now they have to wait a year longer. >> i have to do it if it is the law. >> parents were encouraged to keep the kids scratched into the rear position until they were two but soon it will be a statewide mandate. not all parents are thrilled about this new rule. >> better for kids to point is see things and be more aware of surroundings. >> when they face backwards, they get pretty uncomfortable and as a parent you cannot see them in the mirror.
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>> pediatricians and traffic experts say it is all in the name of safety. they say in the case of an accident, a child's head and spine are better protected if their car seat is rear facing. one study said those two and under are 75 percent less likely to die or be injured in a collision facing back. >> if it is for safety, well, that is something i will do. >> the law goes into effect a year and a half from now in 2017. >> children caller than 40" or weighing more than 40 pounds are exempt from the requirement. >> it is cooler. meteorologist mike nicco is ahead with the forecast. >> an understatement. 25 degrees cooler in some areas and we went from summer to fall just hike that. i will tell you how long it is going to last in the forecast. did you know it will be hot
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>> for all the pay area, this -- bay area, this abc. >> breach of the apple was fought an accident or a prank and apple has taken down 300 apps infected with malware after the discovery that chinese software developers unknowingly used a compromised stool kit to develop the apps. the infected app could transmit
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information on a user device. and they say it was a mistake and not an intentional cyber attack. >> year, it was 80s to 100 all over the bay, much different today. >> when you cool things down you do it in a hurry. >> this time of the year, when you snap a finger it can change quickly and it has to do with the people of fisherman's wharf. yesterday we had a boat and they were selling t-shirts and now they are selling sweat shirts for the passengers. >> 25 degrees cooler if san francisco behind santa rosa and 23 with the clouds stubborn account rest of us are in double digits but for mountain view is nine. it is still in the 50s and half moon bay and san francisco, 60s and 70s elsewhere, and this time yesterday we were in the 80s and 90s and well on our way to a hot day but the marine layer is around 2,200' reaching inland, you can see from the picture at walnut
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creek, we still have haze hang around from the extra moisture in the area from the marine layer, so clear and cooler air and the equinox is tonight and most of us are sleeping but the fall flavor arrives a day early. the highs will rise wednesday and thursday and friday above average and we will be back to average on saturday and more on sunday into monday. here is the golden gate bridge with the flag on the right side of the scene, it is blowing and it has been out of the west at 20-25 miles per hour all morning and that is what. translate into an afternoon that is going to be about 17-21 degrees cooler than yesterday, no more 90s and 100s. look at the winds, double digits but for hayward and mountain view and half moon bay at seven miles per hour, and santa rosa is eight and fairfield is 20, which is down from the 3 from this morning and concord at 18 and oakland is 18, those are faster and will pick up this afternoon as we head overnight they will calm down and we could have 40s in the deepest inland
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valley with most of us in the 50s and 60s and a night of great sleeping. the temperature tonight could rise one-or-two degrees. can you see the cloud cover will hug the coast for the better part of the afternoon hours and that is what will keep you guys in the 60 and the high pressure, with the wind ming from that to this area of low and that is why who are seeing such a dramatic difference in our temperatures today. we will look at what is going to happen at coast, 60s into san francisco, low-to-mid 70s around the bay and upper 70s to low 80s in the south bay and the north bay and those mid-80s you see inland you have to go way up to brentwood to get that with most of us in the low 80s inland east bay. tomorrow, you can see we warm up a little bit and then the heat comes back but dill not be so difficult to deal where as it was over the weekend and yesterday, 90s inland and 80s at the bay and 70s at the coast the saturday is above average and sunday interest monday we are 60 at the coast and 70s around the bay and 80s inland with a gay at the
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-- game at the cove so dress warmly. it will be breezy. enjoy the fall while it is over. of course it is going to change in a couple of days. >> here is steph curry gearing up for a new season. check out the warm welcome he received when he stopped by the set of abc7 "live," with kelly and michael. he showed them how to dribble and shoot a basketball. >> just kind of dribble at the same time. you get to be able to dribble with both hands. there you go. this you go. you got it. you got it. >> here we go. what is the trick? a trick shot? >> yeah, yeah. >> look at that. >> she is recruited. great shot! >> steph curry is making the rounds before they begin training camp early next week, teaching all the guys how to
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shoot. >> steph curry is tombing -- teaming up with his wife to show off the cooking skills on rachel ray this week on thursday at 1:00 o'clock p.m. right here on abc7 and she is quite the cook. >> i love to see that show. >> big debut for a little star of the animal kingdom. what makes the
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>> coming up at 4:00, a neighborhood battle heads to court after residents sue the parents of a boy with autism of the many of us are getting a late diagnosis from our doctor on abc7 at 5 o'clock. >> unique unofficial holiday is celebrated around the planet. >> today is rhino day so in on of the occasion we get our look at the newest resident of the zoo, the baby is just 16 days old. he is walking with his mom and playing ball. >> he looks like a toy. >> he is a one horned rhino. there are believed fewer than 3,000 remains in the wild. >> okay, so he will grow a lot
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bigger. >> that does it for us as we celebrate the world rhino day. who knew? >> have a great day.
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>> hi, i'm chris harrison, your new host of the all-new "who wants to be a millionaire." this season we're getting back to our roots. no easy answers. no escape. just a single player fighting to win $1 million. one person answering the question: "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody, and welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] all right, our returning contestant is superstitious but is feeling lucky today. from baltimore, maryland, please welcome back joe macleod. [cheers and applause] joe, what's up? we've dropped the track suit. now... >> now we're relaxing. >> just leisure wear. >> yeah. >> we're going to leisurely... >> yeah, man. >> head up to the million dollars.


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