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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 22, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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we believe that she had pedal confusion. that's where you hit the gas instead of the brakes. >> lawrence rivermore laboratory say it was their cfo who died from the injuries. in a statement, bill goldsteen says this is a tragedy for her immediate family as well as her lab family. cathy was a special person and valued member of our laboratory. it's hard to put into words how much she will be missed. five other people were also hurt, none of them seriously. baker was named cfo after working with the lab 11 years prior to her promotion. abc 7 news has identified the woman driving the suv as 80-year-old deacon of livermoral. >> they've had a hard life and
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aukt to consider possibly giving up driving. i say only if they're really impeded in some way. >> police say deacon was not seriously hurt at the scene, but could face charges depending on the outcome of the investigation. in livermore, abc 7 news. >> two people are recovering after a truck slammed into four kal tran vehicles this morning. they were on southbound 17 in campbell. you can see the truck flipped on its side. authorities say the driver was traveling too close to where the cal transvehicles were parked on the shoulder. >> the three niners fans accused of beating up a minnesota viking's fan were formally charged with assault this afternoon. he's facing up to four years in prison and eric martinez face up to 7 years. cell phone video shows the september 14th incident. witnesses say it started when two fans began trash talking.
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security eventually broke up the fight. the vikings fan was able to walk away. now, this incident prompted two council members to suggest that the city should stop alcohol sales after halftime at the stadium. >> just into the news room. president obama has signed the declaration for the valley fire in the north bay. this makes several funding available to those affected. renewed effort to find two men since the fire broke out a week ago. authorities released these pictures from middletown and robert fletcher from cobb. evacuation center preparing to close. so the focus now is for people who lost everything. we're joined from middle town. >> cheryl, fema assistance is going to be great news for the people of lake county. behind me, now a red cross
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shelter for so many people in need of a place to live. it will be here until further notice. and with the napa county fairgrounds about the close, the search is on for survivors of the valley to find someplace to live. >> tents are coming down at the fairgrounds evacuation center, which will close on thursday. christine bartholomews and her dogs. >> this has been a home away from home. people have been wonderful. i can't even tell you. >> about 200 folks are still here but thinking about their next move. napa county is helping with the transition. >> this is not a moment of abandonment. if anything, napa county has really, really reached arms out and hopefully, county residents can meet their needs in this time of need. >> i doubt we 're going to try o move.
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we'll try to get back on our feet again. >> 50 families will get temporary housing in kelseyville. following some minor repairs, they will welcome evacuees on thursday. right now, the bay area is the closest option. >> we're trying to get as close as we can to their homes. some people have already registered their kids at different schools because they can't drive an hour and a half back. >> dora and her family vow to rebuild. but many of her friends are moving on. >> a lot of my friends are moving up.
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live in middle town tonight, abc 7 news. >> cornell, thanks very much. >> today, the atmospheric administration released this picture we want to show you of the valley fires. you can see the scarred sections from about 22, 00 miles above the earth's surface. they started just three days before the valley fire. it's burned nearly 73,000 acres and it's destroyed 545 homes. right now, firefighters are doing mop-up operations trying to gain more control. >> the san francisco board of supervisors deds kated to the comfort women. that phrase was given to an estimated 200,000 women who were forced into prosecution.
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you can see the look of happiness on her face. >> instead of coming to a full stop. the police chief says officers will ticket cyclists who do not obey traffic laws. >> well, history in the making tonight at washington, d.c. where pope francis is spending the evening as he begins a six-day visit to the dwriets. >> and a cloud gave him a rising well come in joint-based andrews. >> the first family met the pope after his chartered plane touched down from cuba. presidents usually make
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important visitors come to the white house. >> but this is rare visit with pope francis, only the third pope to visit washington. >> need. >> in his final mass inside cuba's holiest shrine, the pope called for a new compassion. the pope then boarded his plane for the u.s. on board, he tweeted thank you to the cuban people. thank you from my heart.
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secret service has been preparing for months with drills like this one. they say there's no credible threat tied to the pope's visit. but they aren't taking any chances. >> here at the capital, preps are being made for the pope. security around the capital is extremely tight. so many streets are being closed, many government workers are being told to work from home. the pope will speak to congress on thursday. pope francis, tomorrow, though, will cannonize a california saint. tomorrow, founder of the california missions. in 1987, abc 7 news interviewed sister mary bonifice, a
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franciscan nun in st. louis, missouri. >> she told us she'll pray at the chaplain. >> you're praying to all kinds of saints. maybe we can get him beat filled someway. >> sister bonifice died in 2000. pope francis waived the required second meiracle to cannonize. missionary work, a miracle in itself. you can follow me on facebook and twitter all day long, live in washington. >> all right, alma, thank you so much. >> really is history making. much more to get to on this last day of summer. coming up, making it easier to
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report sexual assaults on campus. >> plus, a neighborhood in transition in the hotel standing in the middle tonight. 42 rooms were the view to the future of san ho sai. >> and could this infamous monkey selfie set a precedent? >> getting it wrong. how many of us are getting it
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a number of colleges are teaming up to raise awareness and stop sexual assaults on campus. the goal is to follow the same protocol when dealing with this type of crime. abc 7 news reporter has the details.
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>> the moment they stepped foot at the university of san francisco, students are exposed to a web site called calisto, an online sexual assault reporting system where they can privately write down the details of the event. >> it's a program br they can report it on line. . some students will want to go the administrative process. or they'll want to go through a criminal process. all agencies are on the same page when dealing with cases of sexual assault. >> 24er the first point of contact that they know how to approach victims. >> fear of the criminal process. according to district attorney george cascon, 50% occur between
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labor day and thanksgiving. colleges call it the red zone. >> it's an environment that's more adult-like. >> in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> a sunnyvale charter school plans to reopen tomorrow after keeping its doors shut again today for a safety overhaul. leaders have sparked at reviewing their systems after allegations that an 8-year-old student was molested today. the school board has fired chal as well as two other employees who have back fwround ground checks.
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abc 7 news reporter joins us live from the plaza hotel. >> how do you house the homeless. it's a big issue for many cities. this former hotel would be an ideal and affordable site to house about 49 people and it could be ready within a year. >> the property is in the shadow of some of the newest property apartments in downtown san jose. >> time limited support and after a range of time, anywhere from three months to two years, those people will be able to support themselves and be economically independent. >> the plan also calls for the building to have a limited
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five-year life span. >> there's a big solution that cost about a half billion dollars. and we're not in the position where we can afford the big solution. and soo we need to find as many smaller solutions as possible. we know we're not going to be able to eat this elephant in the windpipe. >> so downtown residents and workers have learned to see the homeless. >> i think it's already in existence. >> others may not be as comfortedble. however, 49 people would no longer be on the streets. just like any other sort of development. >> the new facility could be open by next fall.
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in san jose, david louis. >> four years after the governor dissolved the state's agency, he has a new plan to replace the old system. the agency spent about $1.7 billion a year to clean up blithe and communities around california. the new plan announced today would set up new entities similar to the agencies. the difference is they'll use much less state funding and focus on helping low income redents. >> warn customers about keeping their phones too close to their bodies. the new york city ordinance requiring exposed to radio frequency at levels exceeding federal guidelines. they say that's a matter of scientific debate. >> san jose will hire 14 new firefighters thanks to a federal grant.
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>> listen to this, in burbank a little crazy over food samples. a 24-year-old man grabbed the last of the nutella waffle samples. that's when the younger man punched his rival in the face. the 24-year-old kwuz arrested and charged with elder abuse. >> oh, really? that's so sad. >> all right. stop that. vrj . moot meteorologist outside right now. >> hard to believe summer went so fast. >> i know, it did fly by. i'm all bunlded up. there's good reason. there's a chilling breeze. we go from flooding yesterday to some areas freezing today with up ere 50s for highs along the coastline. low clouds already pushing across the bay.
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it's actually quite refreshing to have this change in the pattern. and i think many people will welcome this from our live doppler 7 hd perspective. clouds also pushing across the bay. look at the temperature drop. almost 30 degrees in santa rosa. it's a 31 degree drop compared to yesterday. our natural ac is why our temperatures have gone down. >> nice weather bringing up some people in santa cruz. looks like upper 60s. seeing a little peek of blue over the bay.
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turning warmer the next two days. what has been a strong sea breeze today which has taken those temperatures dune. here's why, tomorrow morping, patchy fog around the bay area. tgs going to be sunny and warmer for that first day of fall, believe it or not. but not too hot. 60s to 80 for you for tomorrow afternan. first thing in the morning, it will be on the cool side. low to upper 50s. when you get going, the kids will need a jacket or a sweatshirt. you will need to dress in layers, as well, tomorrow afternoon. warm but not too hot.
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santa rosa 75 today. inland spots, you'll be up into the upper 80s around antioch, livermore. don't worry, we're not going to introduce any triple digit heat, at least not this week. fall arrives tomorrow morning at 1:21. the warm-up continues on thursday with low 70s to low 90s. this is really the time of year when as you know, we can see days like this when it cools down.
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get ready, october will bring us some warm to hot weather if you don't like what you see behind me. >> sandy, thanks very much. >> well, some big news about a little bird. the $5 billion grouz with environmentalists. >> in the mir
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a new report shows that most americans will get a wrong or late diagnosis at least once in that their lifetime. sometimes, there are horrible kons ens kwenss. the sta health officials say doctors do not know when they've made the wrong diagnosis. patients can do a lot to avoid including remembering exact symptoms, treatments and test results. >> the fish and wildlife services rejengted for a small
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bird in california. the greater sage grouse, listed in a total of 1 western states. its numbers have plum etted by nearly 950%. the government says the coalition of groups are trying to restore areas where it breeds. >> environmental groups say the government is giving into political pressure. >> an unusual battle involving pictures of monkeys. >> declared the author of the
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copyright of the monkey selfie because he took the photograph. just like any human being with the copyright number and a photograph like that if they took it. >> peta also con tends that all the proceeds should benefit monkeys living in the reserve in indonesia. he considers himself an advocate for animals. >> the oakland zoo is raising a lot of money from art. the zoo anounlsed its second annual art auction raised more than $13,000. all of this art was created by the animal's at the zoo to even cockroaches. the highest bid was $645 for this painting done by bernie the chimpanzee. >> all right.
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who needs a limo, right? coming up mpx why pope francis chooses to cruise around in a humble fiat.
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coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, reporting live from washington, d.c. on on the arrival of pope francis. >> and a controversial decision to make sarah a saint. the argument being made by native americans for and against it. >> and michael finney poses some
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tough questions to the red cross. those stories and a lot more coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> well, we saw the pope in bah wa d.c., but he surprised a lot of people because of the car in which he drove. >> this is the pope mobile many popes use to get around. but pope francis took a more modern veeg. >> it passed as the regular pope mobile and a limo for a fiat. in now, in the past, they included a rik shaw, convertible and even an electric car. >> and when pope francis rode off in the fiat, it was a wonderful thing. >> he even responded with hash tag less, simply put. >> i'm dan ashley.
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for all of us here, we appreciate your time. see you again in half an hour. tonight, a special edition of "world news tonight," pope francis arrives in america. our team right there, his historic first trip to the u.s. one of the largest security operations ever here. from washington to new york to philadelphia. after the pope told us his message for the american people. also tonight, one-on-one with ben carson. the outrage and the support, after what he said about electing a muslim president. what he's now telling us. the scandal tonight affecting millions of cars on american roads. volkswagen admitting to rigging tests, 11 million vehicles. what now for the value of your car? the abc news exclusive. the county clerk refusing marriage licenses to gays. tonight, why she says the licenses handed out now are not valid. and getting answers tonight. the life-saving drug that cost $18, suddenly costing $750? we track down the ceo.


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