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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 22, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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it's the gear that gets it done. broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the faithful, the young and the old greet pope francis on his first day in the united states. now tonight from the bay area to the nation's capitol, attention turns to the controversial figure in california history. the pontif came to america to canonize. i'm dan ashley. >> and i'm ama daetz covering the pope's visit in washington, d.c. tomorrow will be a big day for pope francis here in the nation's capitol during his first ever visit to the u.s. he began his trip with a red carpet welcome featuring president obama. it is a rare thing for the president to meet dignitaries as they arrive in maryland, but the first family showed up for this historic moment. the pope in a sign of humility
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skipped the custom --custamary limousine for a fiat. he is the third pope to advice at this time washington. to visit washington and the third pope to address -- the first pope to address congress. he is a man roman catholics call his holiness. during his visit he will make stops in new york city and philadelphia. two million people are expected to gather for his appearances. now tomorrow morning the pope will start his day by meeting president obama at the white house. before then he will beheading to the midday prayer with the bishops of the united states. he will wrap up the day with a mass canonizing father junipero serra. many native americans are mad about his role in the enslavement and capture of their ancestors and that included beatings. >> in his own words and in his own hand writing, he is
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ordering the flipping of the men and putting them in shackles for up to 30 days. >> nearly half of the native american population was wiped out by diseases introduced by the span thish. spanish. the band of indians have been pleading with the pope to drop the canonization. not all native americans agree including the c ru ator of mission delore. >> it is possible for good people to exist in bad situations. junpero serra is a good person in a difficult situation which is colonialism. >> he will be in the cathedral tomorrow for the canonization ceremony celebrating the rise to sainthood. the caramel mission is expecting thousands to attend a celebration at the basilica. father serra lead the missions from the site and he died in
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1784. back in california thousands of people are beginning to gather at the caramel mission where father serra will be buried. they will be watching the mass together. tas where we find katie who is live in caramel with that part of the story. >> some 2,000 to 3,000 people are expected at the caramel mission. extra security has been brought in. they are ready and after this is the final resting place of a saint many more people are expected to make the pilgrimage. >> this one is exswriz zit. >> it draws some 25,000 people a year which could double following the canonization. >> we have had a ton of people here and everybody is asking about it. it is exciting. >> it is a privilege to be here the day before. >> jerome and carol are on vacation from wisconsin and knowing thea are visiting the burial place of a soon to be
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saint is beyond words. >> it is emotional. >> anybody who is catholic will tell threw is not a lot of canonization so for the pope to do it in dc while we are here is a big deal. >> several artifacts are in dc along with the pastor and bishops. but for those who couldn't make the trip, a large screen is ready in the courtyard. >> everybody is welcome. come on down. >> one native american group notified the mission of a sigh lept protest and blessing of the graveyard, but otherwise there is a feeling of kite meant as even noncatholics feel a connection to pope francis. >> i am not a catholic, but i love what he has done, and the more i read about him, the more i love him as a man. i was reading about him and it brought me to tears. he is such a good man. >> the canonization viewing takes place from 1:00 to 4:00. the mission gates will be open all day. in caramel, abc7 news. >> we will be following the
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canonization here as well. from the nation's capitol, ama daetz, abc7 news. >> terrific work in washington, thank you very much. ama reports on the u.s. visit and it will continue on social media. she tweeted this photo of a rally on the mobile action of climate change. she says his presence is everywhere in dc. you can follow ama at ama at abc7 and ama daetz on facebook as well. stay tuned with more from wash. developing news in sausalito as police responded to a call of a home invasion robbery to fight. you can see several officers near the scene including a k-9 unit as they search for the thief that was reported. it happened at a home on central avenue. it is unclear if anyone was at home at the time. the evening commute delayed the response of the emergency crews of an accident that left a mokist dead. sky 7hd was back up on
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southbound 101 fleer embarcadero road in palo alto. the chp says the victim is a man from fremont and was splitting lanes at the time of the crash. firefighters go the to the scene in 10 minutes and their goal is to arrive within seven minutes. a fire department official says he is not sure if arriving earlier would have made a difference in this case. a train slammed into a car causing severe cal train delays. it happened at 6:30 at the fourth avenue crossing in san mateo. you can see the car just smashed up. authorities have not said what lead up to this crash. the driver had minor injuries and no one on the train was hurt. they shutdown temporarily and was fully restored in less than an hour. >> new at 11:00, city and county leaders made a move that they hope would make it easier to build a stadium. they officially terminated an exclusive negotiating agreement with a san diego-based investor who wanted to build a big entertainment complex in
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oakland. now the city and county can pitch a stadium only project which could be more attractive and realistic for the a's and raiders. tomorrow uber is expected to announce an office rental deal that could help transform downtown oakland. the san francisco business times reports uber will release the former sears building. it has been renovated and has room for 3,000 employees. happening now, the city of santa clara is considering a partial booze ban at levi stadium. it is in response to the latest fan violence. abc7 news reporter alan wang is live at santa clara city hall. alan? >> the discussion is taking place in city hall right now. this is an esh you that raised concerns with residents here even before the stadium was built. this fight has santa clara city council members wondering if they should stop selling alcohol at half time. currently the alcohol sales
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end after the third quarter. there is also talk of delaying tailgate parties as late as 7:00 a.m. so far there were 24 assaults since the 49ers began playing at levi stadium including this one that left a man with a severe brain injury. the santa clara police chief says restricting alcohol is not the answer to a problem caused by just a few people. he suggests revoking an unruly fan stadium builder's license also known as an sbl. >> if you are selling your ticket to somebody else you should beheld responsible. >> that means you can lose the right to purchase season tickets. no action will be taken at this con cul meeting. the outcome could depend on the behavior of49er fans at future games. reporting live, alan wang, abc7 news.
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>> thanks very much. abc7 news at 11:00 continues. coming up, the baby boy in a bay area hospital after a sudden and terrible accident. and an elderly driver makes a deadly mistake in the east bay. the tragedy it is putting on this difficult conversation between children and their parents. >> ♪ happy birthday to you >> and one of the most popular songs in the world. who owns the rights to "happy birthday to you." >> i'm abc news meteorologist sandhya patel. signs of fall in the air. what autumn's arrival will bring coming up. >> first, a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmy live cts after the news at 11:00. >> look what we did in the name of entertainment. >> zoom in here. when did lil wayne join the cast? which show is he on now?
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sunnyvale and all the bay area this is abc7 news. >> a one-year-old boy is in the hospital to fight after falling from a second floor walkway in concord. a terrible accident. he was flown in this helicopter to children's hospital oakland. a wooden fence surrounds the walkway at this apartment building near lacey lane and frisbie court in concord. it is unclear if the fence gave way or if the child somehow sliped under it. police believe an 80-year-old driver accidentally stepped on the wrong peddle. the victim has been identified as kathy baker. she was the chief financial officer at lawrence livermore national laboratory. police say the elderly driver
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was trying to park when she had peddle confusion and pushed down on the gas instead of the brake. baker was killed and five others were injured. that accident is bringing new attention to older drivers and when it is time to give up their license. lilian kim has that part of the story. >> do you think of the day you won't be able to drive they more? >> it will be very hard. >> it is a topic many seniors don't like to talk about especially when they are feeling as young as ever. >> i work full time. i'm the new 30 i think. >> but for some age has affected their driving. >> your reaction time is off and people seem to be driving faster than they were when you were younger probably they aren't. they hold classes for people 65 and older. it is called age well and drive smart. it is designed to help seniors identify warning signals. there are the physical signals, vision, hearing and
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range of motion. >> as we get older and as we age we do start to see cognitive impairment in people. so confusion and not necessarily knowing where they are at. >> people who are concerned about a particular person behind the wheel can fill out this dmv form requesting a driver be re-evaluated. she hopes it never happens to her. she loves the independence that driving gives her. >> it is important to drive. >> a sensitive topic, but one the chp says is a matter of life and death. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> the president declared the area hit by the valley fire a major disaster. it will open up federal funds for home repairs and temporary housing. firefighters are making progress with it 79% contained. it has burned 76,000 acres. more than 1200 homes were destroyed and some were multi family buildings.
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there is still danger as 3,000 homes are threatened. again, firefighters made terrific progress. let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. sandhya patel is here. a little cooler today, but not for long, sandhya. >> no, dan, this is a one-day deal. you would think the last full day of summer would be a hot one, but not much. you felt it out there. petaluma a 31-degree drop. it was 68 today and yesterday was 99 degrees. we were out of the triple digits. 28, 25-degree drop. oakland down 26 dries. san francisco, 62 and not 89 from yesterday. san jose is down 20 degrees. live doppler 7hd is showing you very limited low crowdieness along the coast. here is what is really starting to show signs of fall. the temperatures are all primarily in the 50s except for oakland, livermore, san ramon and compared to 24 hours ago you were down 17 degrees
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in antioch and livermore. 4 degrees cooler in san francisco and down 8 in san jose. hopefully you will sleep better tonight. from the exploratorium camera, seeing low cloudiness and a beautiful view over the bay bridge. fall begins at 1:21 tomorrow morning and warming up the next few days and it will be a cooler pattern for the upcoming weekend. here is the satellite and the radar. the reason it was so much cooler is our natural ac. a strong sea breeze kicked in today. we had a deeper marine layer, but we are starting to see signs of change for tomorrow. here is what will happen tomorrow. the low clouds will clear quickly which means it will be sunny and warmer for the afternoon. 80s and ict ises along the coast. not too hot for tomorrow. tomorrow morning we will see upper 40s to mid50s. so make sure you dress warmly and perhaps a cup of coffee will keep you warm because it is definitely going to be on the chilly side. we will see areas of low clouds first thing in the morning.
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82 in the south bay and cupertino and 81 santa clara and 88 gilroy. sunshine on the peninsula is 77 in san mateo. 82 loss altos. upper 60s at the coast and you will see clearing unlike today. 71 downtown san francisco. 67 in daly city. north bay temperatures will be in the 60s at the beaches, but mid80s around calistoga and santa rosa. in the east bay, it is a little warmer than today. 76 oakland and 80 in fremont and inland spots are upper 80s for fairfield and livermore and antioch. 83 san ramon and 85 in concord. if you are going to the a's game tomorrow evening, they take on the rangers again at o dot co coliseum of the dropping down to 64 degrees and the sunset says 7:05. it will be breezy and clear. you may want to pack a sweatshirt. the accu-weather seven-day forecast shows you that fall starts tomorrow morning at 1:21. we'll warm it up and i know it sounds ironic, but we'll warm
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it up for wednesday. thursday and friday, low 70s to mid-nineties. warmth is here in the bay area during fall. then over the weekend we will be in the 60s to 80s. no weather extremes. >> thank you very much. abc7 news at 11:00 continues. >> ♪ happy birthday to you >> it is the song president obama and everyone else knows. the major ruling involving happy birthday to yo
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♪ ♪ the beautiful sound of customers making the most of their united flight. power, wi-fi, and streaming entertainment. that's... seize the journey friendly. ♪ >> that's the president singing "happy birthday" and now mr. owe owe -- mr. obama and you don't have to worry about infringing on the copyright. they ruled that warner music does not hold a claim to the song. it is estimated that warner
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brought in $2 million a year of royalties to "happy blighter --" happy birthday to you." according to multiple media reports they are refusing to place special gold marks on the 50 yard line at odot-co coliseum to help celebrate where the 49ers play. all 30 other nfl stadiums have the special gold marks on the 50 yard line. the raiders are refusing to comment on the story tonight. maybe they didn't get shipped in . >> we are not doing it. >> in sports the a's make a decision that will make their fans happy for one day. and this would make you very unhappy. trevor brown
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love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. brought to you by xfinity. >> just got late breaking news from major league baseball which has been confirmed and yankee legend yogi bear -- yogi bear raw has died at the age of 90. yogi is one of the icons of the game, an allstar with the yankees for 15 seasons and played 19 years in the majors and wanton world series -- won 10 world series and had every job you can manage in baseball as a player and manager and coach. famous for all of the yogi-isms like it ain't over until it is over. nobody goes there anymore because it is too crowded and 90% of the game is 50% mental. he passes at the age of 90. back out on to the field and the schedule makers thrust them with the rangers clinging
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to a one-game lead. it would give them the lead and to deep center and it would score smolinsky for the lead. then in the fest the athletics up 4-3 a flare to mike napoli and i got it, i got it, i ain't got it. the a's go up 5-3. however he gives it back in the 6th. he takes it deep on a two-run blast. they win it 8-6 and are now two up on the astros. mad bum and huddy in san diego. struck out eight of the nine guys he faced. finished with 11k's. here is why you don't want to be a catcher. trevor brown takes a pitch from these stone in the throat. on the one hopper there. brown would stay in the game
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despite this big red wealth and not only does he stay in, but he gets his first major league hit. it scores the game's first run. the giants go on to win 4-2, and they are only six back of the slumping dodgers with 12 to play this has not been the season they had in mind, but they will have a chance to celebrate when barry zito faces tim hudson with the giants faces the a's. zito started his career in oakland before going to the giants and returning to one final fling in green and gold. fans have been pushing pushing and so have we in the media for one last start. the a's balked, but then they confirm zito will start on saturday. what did the a's do? they jacked up the ticket prices. standing room only is now $60 a location. it is not a seat. hudson was zito's teammate from 1999 to 2004 and mark
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mulder will be there. a treat for fans on both sides of the bay. kevin hogan listed as questionable for the game at oregon state. heit was devastating. the brace kept him from serious, serious injury and they would lead them to a 41-31 upset. he is a little iffy status for this upcoming game. but he won the game on pure guts. >> limped back and forth and when he had to scramble late he scrambled late. our team respects him, but we got an idea how tough this young man is. >> abc7 sports brought to you by great change comes from doing the right thing.
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i appreciate your time. coming up, carrie washington. have a good night. "jimmy kimmel live!" tonight, kerry washington, from "scream queens," lea michele, celebrities read mean tweets live, and music from travis scott, with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪ [ cheers and applause ]


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