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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 23, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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♪ making history in washington, d.c. just a short time ago, pope francis canonized father junipero serra making him a saint. he was a controversial figure in california history. good afternoon, everyone. >> reporter: in washington, d.c., i'm following the pope's historic visit here to the united states. and i'm here at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception where he just wrapped up mass. it has been a busy first day in the nation's capital for pope francis. his first stop was a visit to the white house.
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and there he had a ceremony hosted by president obama and the first lady.president welcomed the holy father along with the largest crowd ever on the south lawn. more than 11,000 people. >> we see a living example of jesus' teachings. a leader whose moral authority comes not just through words, but also through deeds. >> reporter: the pope thanked his posts at the white house and the american people for their hospitality. he didn't shy away from politics, addressing climate change, calling it a problem that can no longer be left to a future generation. now, pope francis' motorcade traveled through the streets here in washington this morning waving from the popemobile, the pontiff moved slowly past the thousands of people who line the route along a stretch of the national mall near the washington monument. this was the pope's first encounter with the american public after his visitation only
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event at the white house lawn. during the procession, the pope stopped twice when babies were brought to him. he kissed both on the head and blessed them as the proud parents looked on. another moment in historwas made here today when pope francis canonized father junipero serra, the spanish priest who brought the catholic face tole came cal. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: 25,000 people attended the first ever canonization ever on u.s. soil. the crowd applauded as pope francis told them to keep moving forward like father serra. he established nine missions across california. including his final resting place. >> he was the embodiment of a church which goes forth, a
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church that sets out to bring ever where the reconciling, d n tenderness of god. >> reporter: the effort to elevate junipero serra saint hood isn't without controversy. many native americans say he contributed to the spread of disease and wiped out native populations. tomorrow pope francis will address congress, preparations are being made at the capitol for a huge viewing party. thousands have been invited is to watch at the capitol itself. palo alto congresswoman held a lottery for tickets. the winners stopped by this morning to pick up their tickets. >> we're not catholic, but many of the issues that have been raised by the pope are important to us, as well. so we're here to learn more about what he has to say as a
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global leader. >> reporter: the congresswoman was among the few leaders to put the coveted congressional tickets up for grabs. and coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, you're going to hear from bay area residents who made the long trek here to d.c. to see pope francis here today and came to the canonization and let me tell you, they did not leave disappointed. ama daetz, abc 7. a group of south bay catholics watched today's ceremony very closely. >> lyanne melendez is there in campbell. >> reporter: i had to have some popcorn, i couldn't resist the temptation. but seriously, people here who attended say it was a beautiful ceremony. even though i don't know if you notice that they did mispronounce junipero serra's name a few times on live television. but still the ones who witnessed
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the ceremony said it was beautiful to hear those words from blessed to saint. many california catholics would have preferred to have seen the pope perform the canonization ceremony in caramel where father junipero serra is buried. >> a little. it would have been nice for him to be in caramel. >> reporter: instead a small groove p followers did the next best thing, watched it on the big screen in campbell. >> i think the excitement that surrounds the pope's visit is something that we wanted to be part of. >> san diego, san francisco, santa clara all has its roots with this missionary. >> reporter: the entire ceremony was shown on the global catholic network and while it wasn't what you would call a blockbuster, diana, a devout follower, says it was almost like being there. >> we've been praying for a long time for this, but we certainly didn't expect it right now. >> reporter: she and others here
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belong to the serra club. and their mission is to spread the gospel and encourage men into priesthood. >> our work is just beginning. and we want to grow the church. we're short on priests. and we need more. >> reporter: she believes the pope's visit could encourage some to join the church. lee an made lyanne melendez, ab. >> more than 400 gathered to watch the mass at the his totor caramel mission. not all support his saint hood. a native american tribal chair woman there said it's a test of her faith as a catholic. >> reports will continue on social media. follow ama on twitter and she's also on facebook. in san francisco, we were over ocean beach where three teens were rescued from the surf. the national park service just
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told us that members of the beach patrol have warned these teenagers to stay out of the water earlier today. paramedics treated one at the scene, the other two went to the hospital. all three will be okay. park officials stress it is very dangerous to venture out into the pacific ocean at ocean beach because of the undercurrents there. and we have more breaking news down at the beach, a military flare washed ashore this afternoon at ocean beach. sky 7 was over the scene. the area is roped off for safety. just a couple minutes ago, crews de detonated the flare. officials say the flare showed up near the water's edge and it's not that unusual for flares to wash up. nobody was hurt. the bomb squad will remove it from ocean beach. a 34-year-old man is in custody this afternoon after allegedly abducting his son by force overnight at this home in san mateo. authorities say michael steele took his 5-year-old around 4:30 this morning and assaulted two
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people in the process. both went to the hospital. an amber alert was immediately issued for the boy and then deactivated around 7:30 today when the elder steele called 911 to report that he and his son were in sacramento. michael steele was arrested on suspicion of attempted homicide, domestic violence and child an bucks. new details on the case of a missing family, authorities say they found a third set of remains in the ruins of a cabin destroyed in a fire september 13. these are picture of the structure before the fire. the remains of two other people have already been found. 37-year-old adam buchanan, molly mcaffa mcafee and their son believed to be inside the structure. lake county authorities believe they have identified a fourth victim of the valley fire p the remains of robert fletcher were found in the rubble in the town of cobb. fletcher was reported missing on september 16, a positive i.d. has yet to be made. fletcher is one of two people unaccounted for at this point. the other is 61-year-old robert
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litchman. the lake fire has already destroyed more than 1900 structures. the flames have burned more than 76,000 acres. cal fire also reports the fire is 80% contained. residents still face mandatory evacuation orders in cobb. lake county schools plan to reopen on monday. state office of emergency services tweeted this picture showing fema administrator craig fugate touring one of the hardest hit area, cobb mountain. this follows president obama's declaration that made the area ravaged by the lake fire a federal disaster area. that declaration will include grants to help displaced residents pay for temporary housing and home repairs. the federal government will also assist homeowners and businesses to obtain low cost loans. people do need to register to get fema's hope. we have information for you at and firefighters are making progress mopping up hot spots at
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the butte fire. it has burned nearly 71,000 acres and is now 84% contained. let's get a chesck of the forecast. >> spencer christian joining us. >> yesterday was the final day of summer. we cool down. today the first day of fall a warmed up. here is a look, sunny skies all across the way area and mild to warm day. notice the 24 hour temperature change. it is 6 degrees warmer in san francisco than at this hour yesterday. 16 warmer in san carlos. 15 degrees warmer in santa rosa. and here is the view of western sky where high clouds moving in. currently 67 in san francisco, 75 in oakland, 81 san jose. 66 half moon bay. here is the view from our tower camera looking toward the north, it is 86 degrees right now in santa rosa, 79 napa, 88
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fairfield, 92 at livermore. and blue skies mainly over san francisco international airport. we'll see mostly clear skies in the early evening with an increase of high clouds overnight and into the early morning hours. by afternoon tomorrow, we'll be looking at sunny and warm conditions from coast to inland. look for low 70s on the coast tomorrow. and mid-90s inland. it will continue getting warmer as we get deeper into fall. >> as strange as that sounds. still ahead, the fight over goals on the field. why the raiders vice president played ball yet. and another store taking on amazon jumping into the same day delivery game. new at 4:30, a firefighter accused of drinking on the job, but there is much more to this story. also michael finney taking your questions on twitter and face book. he will answer them live in just a few minutes. just search for michael finney
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and no known dietary restrictions. treatment with xarelto® was the right move for us. ask your doctor about xarelto®. cal train hit a man standing too slow to the tracks, it happened just before 7:45 in mountain view. sky 7 shows you the scene. because of the incident, trains have been delayed by up to an hour across the system. the man is alive and was transported to a nearby hospital. we don't have any word on his condition. several streets in san francisco's castro district were blocked off for two hours today after someone spotted a suspicious object. a device was found on top of a newspaper rack on the corner of 17th and noe streets just past
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11:00 a.m. plenty sent in the bomb squad. the object had a red wire and some duct tape and eventually found to be harmless. rebelling against the nfl or an honest mistake? every other nfl team is pinning gold 50 i was on their field in honor of the super bowl 50 and raiders not. >> not yet anyway. >> reporter: and the raiders are known for their rebellious spirit and i can tell you that getting a comment out of an nfl team is about as difficult as winning a super bowl. but it may appear that paintgate may be an overinflated story. now raiders say they will paint gold 50s on the field in honest a honor of the super bowl 50. the raiders for some reason were late to the paint party. it sparked questions as to why the organization had not or would not step up to the line for the league like the other teams.
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everything from the raiders stadium woes to the rivalry with this year's super bowl host, the 49ers, were tossed out as potential reasons. the gm of the coliseum was even quoted assaying that it had nothing do with sharing a facility with the athletics, saying the raiders did not plan to paint at all the rest of the football season. trying to get an explanation, we asked jack del rio this morning. >> that is not part of my decision making. so we're still ver ailver and b. i know that. >> reporter: but late this afternoon, raiders owner marc davis says they will paint the 50 yard lines gold after the season. he says nobody respects the super bowl more than the raiders. why the delayed response is unclear. we're still working on it. live in oakland, katie eunice, abc 7 news. >> very clever. and brand new coliseum city
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plan will be presented tonight in oakland. this is a $1.8 billion plan from entrepreneur abraham, calls for two new stadiums to be built, a 68,000 seat facility for the raiders and 35,000 seat ball washing for the as. it would include a large hotel and retail space. that plan is unveiled at 6:00 at lucas chat room on broadway and grand avenue. a new report says the nfl's potential return to los angeles has quietly entered a new phase. report says a committee including the commissioner roger goodell as well as six owners will soon take a more prominent roll in the proceedings. both teams along with the chargers are potential targets to move into the greater los angeles hearea. uber is making a big investment in oakland. they performed the former sears building downtown.
4:18 pm
the on demand ride service now has 330,000 square feet there. uber projects between 2,000 and 3,000 employees will be working there. this will allow uber to become one of oakland's largest employers. >> part one is moving to oakland. the second part and i think is the most critical part is when uber lets object la s oakland b ouboub oub uber. uber is a great city. >> sears closed last year. the purchase price was not disclosed. kohl's is stealing a page from amazon rolling out same day delivery. they will test the service in san francisco and chicago. same day delivery will be good on items bought via website, tlaebt or smartphone. great turnout here for the abc 7 and job journal sponsored job fair in san francisco. abc 7 was at the holiday inn
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where dozens met potential employers at the hire event. recruiters were looking to fill more than 600 job openings. including executives, sales associates and engineers. the next hire event is wednesday october 7. fall has arrived and naturally a warm-up is soon to follow. >> the weather is all over the place. >> you're right about that. cooler yesterday end of summer, warmer today, beginning of fall. here is live doppler. we is sunny skies mainly. high clouds beginning to push in from the here is a live view from the rof top camera. it will be very warm inland next two days with highs in the mid-90s. turning cooler this weekend and a quiet pattern next week. let's move on to the satellite radar composite and you can see high pressure is building in there again. a nice warm air mass. so a warm fall pattern.
4:20 pm
high clouds will be pushing in tonight and that will be the pattern during the overnight hours, as well. for the week ahead, let's use san francisco as our gauge. average high this time of the year is 71. the highs tomorrow and friday will be 78 and 77 dropping off to about 73 on saturday. and then most of next week we'll see highs only in the 60s. most of the bay area will see that pattern. warming up the next two days and then moderatingoe ining over th weekend. tonight look for high clouds and low temperatures mainly in the upper 50s. a little cooler in the north bay valleys where lows will drop into the low 50s. tomorrow sunny and warm in the south bay. 89 at san jose, 90 in could you pleaser could you pleaser teen know. 88 mountain view. low 70s on the coast. downtown will have a high of 78.
4:21 pm
89 at napa, 88 sonoma. east bay, highs the a 82 the berkeley, berkeley, 88 castro valley. around 92 at walnut creek, 94 livermore. here is the accuweather 7 day forecast. two very warm days coming our way. taking us to the end of the week and then over the weekend, we'll see high temperatures moderating a bit and then for early next week, mnday through wednesday, inland low to mid-80s. upper 70s around the bay and mid-60s on the coast. looks like a nice steady quiet pattern. at least at the beginning of next week. coming up next, it's not over until it's over. remembering the words of yogi berra. and a check of traffic. traffic is never over. san mateo bridge, oncoming traffic headed back to the east
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bay. usually it's a little heavier, but not bad. back with more.
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a baseball hall of famer has died. >> yogi berra died 69 years to the day that he made his major league debut. amy robach has a look back at some of his most enduring lines. >> reporter: a towering figure in the world of baseball. at only 5'7", yogi berra was one of the sport's most beloved icons on and off the field. a fierce competent door, a three time mvp, 15 time all-star. and holder of 7 world series records. >> playing 17 years with the yankees, 14 world series.
4:25 pm
>> reporter: he was just as famous for his yogiisms. >> if you come to a fork, take it. >> reporter: classic quotes like it ain't over until it's over and the future ain't what it used to be, to be repeated for years to come. >> deja vu all over again. >> where did these things come from? >> i don't even know. i don't even know i say them myself. i don't make them up. >> tributes are pouring in from around the sports world. a youtube video may best describe his legacy. >> he entered the great yankee dynasty from 1947 to 1963. during this time, other stars such as joe dimaggio, mickey mantle and whitey ford may have shown brighter, but none were more important to the yankee success than was yogi berra.
4:26 pm
>> he was a hall of famer and so many people are remembering him on social media. buster posey posted this photo on instragram and said berra was kind and happy and will be missed. and that he is a true hero and legend. josh reddick says his heart is broken and sends prayers for yogi's family. a granddaughter says she will always love him. >> a lot world the entire baseball world. abc 7 news at 4:00 continue, we'll hear from the man accused of hiking up the price of a drug 4,000%. and why he's now backing down. and hack, the government security breach that is five times what anyone originally thought. >> plus the
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here are the headlines where you live. pope francis canonized father junipero serra during a special pl mass in washington, d.c., the first on american soil. ama tweeted out will this photo.
4:30 pm
you can see the huge crowd. she will report live from washington on abc 7 news at 5:00. in caramel, matt keller says residents and catholics expect caramel police to become a must see destination now that junipero serra is a saints. the caramel mission is serra's home base as he brought catholicism to california. and the san francisco fire department is reviewing an incident involving a firefighter who may have missed an emergency call because he was under the influence. this is bringing attention to the mandatory overtime policy. we're live at fire station 21 with the story. >> reporter: and that missed emergency call happened sometime early on a monday morning. there were supposed to be four people aboard a fire truck, unfortunately there were only three because one of those firefighters was in no condition to ride. but according to sources within the department, they tell us that firefighter had anticipated being on a plane to a doctor's
4:31 pm
appointment in another state and had no business being on overtime. according to fire department sources, the firefighter is one of the few transgender members of the department. he had scheduled a procedure with a doctor in chicago to address some complications with his transition. but when he arrived for his august 2 regular shift, he was told he had to stay on for a mandatory 24 hour overtime shift on august 3. making that a 48 hour tour. according to department sources, he notified his chain of command about the medical procedure was the request was denied by a deputy chief. a spokesman says there is an open door policy and any special circumstances could have been made directly to her. but tallmadge couldn't speak about the specifics of the case. >> i can't discuss this particular case becauses he ts
4:32 pm
under investigation. >> reporter: she did say the department plans on hiring more than 200 firefighters over the next three years. that will help ease the need for mandatory overtime. there is a class of cadets in training right now. that firefighter remained on shift into that overtime slot and somehow missed that emergency call. when his crew members arrived back at the station, they found that firefighter acting erratically, they gave him a breathalyzer test and then drove him home. reporting live in san francisco, sergio kitano, abc 7. parents with a child with autism being sueded are talking about the situation. a judge ordered the family to try to settle the issue through mediation. the neighbors claim the country he did not do enough to keep their son from assaulting their child. part of today's statement reads when conflict a rise, we must use our brains for yaet difference community solutions
4:33 pm
and not aggressive expensive lawsuits. we do not want a single other autism family to suffer what we have. today we're hearing from the head will of the pharmaceutical company who hiked the price of a life saving drug 4,000%. turing farm suit kell ceo s s says they heard the public's outrage throughout and clear. >> we've gried to allower the price of daraprim to allow a company to make a profit but a very small profit and we think these changes will be welcomed. >> turing stock tanked nearly 5% after he raised the price of the drug which is used by people with proper compromised immune systems. he says his company gives away half of the drug for free or for just part of a dollar.
4:34 pm
volkswagen ceo has resigned. martin winterkorn says he's stepping down in the interest of the company as it grapples with emissions scandal. the company has since launched an internal investigation and will hold an emergency board meting friday to talk about their next steps. now to the campaign trail where donald trump and hillary clinton are making headlines once again. >> here is marci gonzalez. >> reporter: today more donald trump drama. the republican frontrunner refueling his battle with fox news tweeting that he won't do anymore shows on the network claiming they treated him unfairly. but on other networks, he's been touting his success in the polls and get something laughs last night on the late show. >> is there anybody you'd like to apologize to right now yourself? >> no. >> reporter: his rivals also unapologetic. marco rubio on fox questioning trump's ability to tackle the big issues. >> i think up to now he hasn't really answered serious
4:35 pm
questions about national security. and until he does, there should be concern. >> reporter: carly fiorina on the trail today also going after trump and hillary clinton. >> i have been clear and consistent in saying that hillary clinton has lied about benghazi, about her server, about her e-mails. >> reporter: clinton has denied those claims and these. >> she was the original birther. >> reporter: former secretary of state on the tom joiner morning show disputed accusations that during her 2008 campaign she promoted the false claim that president obama was not born in the united states. >> it's totally untrue and secondly, the president and i have never had any kind of confrontation like that. >> reporter: and clinton now has her lowest level of support this election cycle according to the latest national poll from bloomberg. it shows her only 7 points ahead of vice president joe biden who still hasn't decided if he's
4:36 pm
running. marci gonzalez, abc new, new york. china's president is touting his country's resilient economy in seattle. xi jinping was greeted by more protesters. he says china's economy has big potential and leaders will continue to remove barriers to investment and the need for intellectual property protection and other reforms in his country. federal security hacking that we first heard about a while ago is much worse than originally expected. the obama administration says finger prints of 5.6 million people who applied for or received a federal security clearance but stolen, not 1.1 million as first believed. the hack happened at the office of personnel management. officials believe it was a chinese espionage separation. still to come on abc 7 news, one bay area school special ties to the newest catholic saint and why they say he's a modern day
4:37 pm
role model. ask finney is just ahead. i'll answer your questions here live. and from our emeryville camera, we see high clouds building and moving over the bay. no rain on the way. just the passage of high clouds and a bit of a warm-up. ♪ it's the final countdown! ♪
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pope francis made father junipero serra a saint this afternoon in washington, d.c. this marks the first ever canonization on u.s. soil. father serra brought catholicism to the west. in the bay area, this high school has educate the young men since the 1940s and they say they have learned a great deal from saint junipero serra. >> he was a tremendous witness to faith, tremendous courage. and a positive role model for these young men. >>. >> they will hold a special vel celebration and mass tomorrow. dozens of protesters an native americans gathered to denounce the pope's actions. the demonstrate toors described mission as forced labor camps that killed thousands of
4:41 pm
indigenous and destroyed indigenous culture. let's get another check of the forecast. >> nice and warm and sunny. and that is our pattern for a while. it will be pretty warm across the united states. a few thunderstorms in the upper midwest, in the texas panhandle and just off the south atlantic coast. dry and warm conditions, highs in the 90s. here in the bay area, we'll have highs ranging from low 70s at the coast to low and mid-90s in the warmest inland locations. and a free throw sky watchers, sunday night a total lunar eclipse visible in the eastern sky. it begins at 7:11 p.m. mini at 7:47 and total at 8:23. so sky should be clear. we're expecting a sunny weekend, skies should be clear sunday
4:42 pm
evening for good viewing. and still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, new sign of fall. forget pumpkin spice. there is something new this season. plus a teacher accused of calling a left-handed student wicked. and i'm michael finley. you can be part of the class action lawsuit against vw is this i'll have the answe
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
a cool story out of oklahoma. a pre-k student who is left handed was forced to writer with his right hand. his mom claims the teacher said left-handedness was unlucky and sinister. >> reporter: and oklahoma mom claiming her young son was forced to write with his right. his teacher reportedly saying lefties are evil. >> show me which hand you write with help. >> reporter: alisha says her 4-year-old son has always favored his left hand. but after coming home from school recently, she says he suddenly started using his right. >> we were working on his home work and i noticed he was using
4:46 pm
his right. >> reporter: and she claims after esending the teacher a note, the teacher responded with this article in the boy's school folder saying south paws are often considered unlucky and that some cultures associate lefties with the idea offic withedness. >> i thought i had read it wrong. >> reporter: she complained to the school but the teacher pl t hasn't been disciplined. in a statement to abc new, oklahoma's department of education says it is investigating. adding it is deeply disturbed if the allegations are accurate, no young child should be made to feel ashamed because of a hand he or she favors. the school's superintendent telling abc news overnight we are aware of the situation and take it very seriously. we reached out to the teacher for comment, but have not heard back. for now, she's keeping her son home from school and says she's
4:47 pm
back to using his left hand and that the teacher's insistence on using the right was just plain wrong. mara schiavocampo, abc news, new york. being left-handed work the out for steve young, a hall of famger. school meals are putting some kids at risk due to unsafe levels of toxic chemical. pba is often found in canned goods or plastic packaging. researches say most school meals have pre-packages or conditions. low income kids are particularly at risk because they eat frl l federally funded meals. michael finney is here to ask your questions. how do i make sure i'm part of a class action suit against vw? >> well, we don't know if there will be any class action suit, but right now there are dozens of attorneys rushing to
4:48 pm
courthouses. you have all these attorneys saying i want to represent the class. they will eventually pick a judge, the judge will then pick an attorney and there could be more than one class. it could be for instance current owners or former owners. this will take some time to work itself out. once there is one, if there is one, it will be widely reported and certainly reported right here. i'll let you know about it. >> and george e-mails my pc was hacked and all my files are encrypted. the criminals are demanding payment to unencrypt. isn't this ransom? >> yeah, it's a huge crime. and a bunch of organized criminals either in russian or eastern europe are the ones thought to be doing this. i've put together some major reports on this. contact the fbi. the fbi is heading up the investigation into this. should you contact -- what they to, they grab your stuff and enkricht it aen kric crypt it and the people that will pay them are small businesses that have to get it
4:49 pm
back. and then they unencrypt it or at least they're supposed to. a horrible crime. >> you can find a computer guy who can unencrypt it? >> yes, the person i interviewed about it, she found a guy that unencrypted her stuff. sgr great to know. frank e-mails when a company warns that you calls may be recorded, can you take the permission from them to record your talk with them? >> that is such a great question. no, you can't. the way the law works, and this is all state by state, in california it's a two party concept state. which means both sides have to know they're being recorded if they're not in a public place. but even though they tell you, i know what you're thinking about, when you call into a minlg corporation and they say this may be recorded. so you're thinking i can do it, too. no, you can't. but you could say to them i'm going to record this phone call, is that okay with you. they have to affirmatively say
4:50 pm
yes. >> worth a try. >> we don't have to, but they have to. >> all right. thank you. turning now to your health. ike aechlt comm ikea commits to selling certified seafood. and jane king has the emanuelness report. >> ikea says it will only sell seafood certified, the latest push to offer healthy food after introducing veggie balls in april. now, it will be offering the certified seafood as 47 stores. coca-cola says it has spent $140 million on fitness and health initiatives over the past few years. this disclosure part of the giant to be more transparent after critics accused it of playing down the role of sugary drinks to obesity. researchers say there is a vegetable that will help you lose weight.
4:51 pm
eating nonstarch which i vegetables like broccoli gave adults an edge when it came to keeping off the pounds. grieve leafy vegetables also help. and people who about perceive themselves as being overweight were at greater risk of gaining weight. recent studies in the u.s. and uk found that overweight people were more likely to overeat in response to stress which explained a large part of the weight gain, even people who were actually overweight but felt they were put on more pounds. i'm jane king. here is to your health. forget the pumpkin spice latte. just in time for the first day of fall today, starbucks is unveiling a new season able latte for the first time in four years. get ready for the toasted graham latte. starbucks tweeted this photo. the latte is described as graham and sweet cream, steamed milk with starbucks signature espresso and finished off with a sprinkling of cinnamon graham crumbles. >> we'll send you a case of
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that. >> i just want to to the read. >> good read. still ahead, coming up next a controversial card popping up. >> and a look at what is coming up at 5:00. >> thanks very much. coming up, an investigation into the man murdered by the serial killer leads to a break in a cold case in san francisco. who was this teen found shot to death in the city 40 years ago? also ahead, the bay area university cho zechb to pray a key role in the presidential debate.
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♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ tonight it's premiere week. brand new the middle airs at 8:00 followed by the goldbergs and modern family and blackish and then nashville. a mini battle is brewing on the peninsula over a mini park. it's called a pop-up designed to help revitalize downtown.
4:56 pm
the park did the let is drawing mixed reviews in one of the bay area's wealthiest zip codes. chris winn with the story. >> reporter: it's not the norm, but for the past five weeks, it's been part of a pop-up park. >> this is a place where people can rest and sit down in the had. >> business owners say it's driving customers away. opposite of intent of city officials. >> people having difficulties to walk. they enjoy parking here. now six parking places are taken away. >> reporter: this man's barber shop has lost 50% of its customers since installed. he's not too thrilled with the look of it either.
4:57 pm
>> would you put a 99 cent store in your storefront? this is a high end up to and they have this out here. it's a mess. >> reporter: the mayor says it's the result of a six year economic development study that was completed before she took office. it will be taken out next week. but could eventually become permanent. >> we have to talk to people and find out maybe this is the right idea but the wrong street. maybe it should be in another area. maybe there are aspects of it that work but need to be tweaked or changed to make it something viable. >> reporter: city officials will conduct a survey in the coming months. chris winn, abc 7 news. thanks for joining us. abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now. the hottest new center for urban innovation in america. >> a very happy mayor as uber sets its sights on oakland. but is the new investment a good deal for everyone? >> also ahead, the promise of
4:58 pm
help from the federal government. what people hurt in the valley fire need do first. ♪ pope francis makes junipero serra a saints. reaction to the historic canonization. plus the tiny california girl who gave the pope a big message. a landmark building in downtown oakland could be the face of a new resurgence. what used to be a capwell store, then a sears, is now a new home for uber. many call the deal a game changer for the city and perhaps the entire bay area. good evening. thanks so much for joining us. >> after a massive growth in san francisco, uber is now expanding into oakland big time, up to 3,000 employees are expected to move into six floors of the newly renovated sears building.
4:59 pm
the deal puts downtown oakland on the map. laura anthony joins us with more. >> reporter: it certainly looks like a big win for the city and for the uptown neighborhood bringing in thousands of new jobs. but some worry it will also come with much higher rent p. >> uber is an innovative game changing company and its move to oakland a is game changing for us. >> reporter: the mayor called it a great day for her city, the announcement that uber is expanding its bay area headquarters to oakland's sears building. >> it's home to many of our current employees. but today we are doubling down on our growth here and deepening our routes across the bay. >> reporter: uber has purchased the old sears building from lane partners which will stay on as developer of a project that includes 50,000 square feet of retail on the bottom, with
5:00 pm
office space above. uber expects to bring in 2,000 to 3,000 employees. >> we believe having great jobs in this city is part of that solution and encouraging development of additional housing units with an investment like this can also encourage is also part of that solution. all right kevin just opened his gourmet ice cream shop across the street. >> we knew something was going to happen, we weren't sure at what level. so to hear someone of uber's size is definitely reassuring. >> reporter: uber expects to begin renovations next year with project completion set for 2017. laura anthony, abc 7. >> just about an hour ago, the bomb squad detonated a military flare that washed ashore. they're used as markers for military maneuvers. they blew it up to assure that


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