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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 24, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> the pope has a busy first day in new york. he boarded a marine helicopter that took him into manhattan where, right now, he's attending a prayer service at st. path rik's cathedral. and in the last half hour, this was the scene in manhattan. the pope greeted tens of thousands of spectators, lining both sides of 5th avenue. they were hoping to catch a glic glimpse of the holy father. but the big event took place today on capital hill here in washington. it's the first time a pope has ever addressed the u.s. congress. and it was an event that definitely lived up to the month of anticipation. >> mr. speaker, the pope of the holy seat. >> in the land of the free and the home of the brave. [ applause ] >> bringing some to tears.
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the pope also touched on devicive issues including the death penalty and the refugee crisis. >> let us remember the golden rule. do unto others as you -- >> his address was followed by a visit to a catholic charity that feed the homeless. pope francis shared a meal and some tender moments. before flying to new york where the n.y.p.d. is taking on its biggest security operation ever. >> we have the most practice doing it. >> bay area residents actually had the privilege of being in washington to hear pope francis' address. we spoke to some of them, many of them resonated with them. that included boulgder creek resident jeff muller who won tickets from peninsula congresswoman to watch a simulcast from the white house lawn. he admits he's not religious,
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but called the experience a once-in-a-lifetime event. >> i think everybody pulls something away from this. >> 10:00 a.m. eastern address by the pope. coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00, we'll hear more from people who were just feet from the pope, listening to his address. in washington, abc 7 news. >> thank you so much. class began early today at san jose's presentation high school. >> it was very neat. i felt like i was in a huge, crazy place with all of my friends. it was really fun because we were all screaming pope francis. >> i think it was really an engaging moment for american catholics and for americans.
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>> each student was given a bingo card. it was a way to keep the kids engaged, despite the very early hour. >> when our reports continue on social media, you can follow alma on twitter and facebook. we've actually had a couple of warm days here, huh sh. >> yeah, it's unusual, but i guess, at this point, we should be used to it. fall arrives and suddenly, it gets hotter. i'll tell you what, spencer, why don't we take a few seconds for you to get your mic on. at least four people have died after a duck boat veerk kwlieded with a charter bus on the seattle bridge. 52 others were injured, 12 critically.
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that bus was carrying international students and staff. no word yet on which driver was on the duck boat. it's run by the same company that just closed down its tours here in san francisco. >> breaking news right now out of antioch. this is the scene from sky 7 hd over an apparent shooting near dan ridge court. you can see a large police presence here and a lot of markers that typically are replaced by bullet casings. authorities are not releasing many details at this point. this happened right near a park in a residential neighborhood. stay with us on abc 7 for more detates as we get them. >> fire has destroyed an alamo hall. >> luckily, no one was injured, thanks to a fire alarm. abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield has the story.
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>> the woman living in this alamo home had to escape this at 1:30 there the morning, a raging fire that had gone undetected for several hours while she slept unsuspected. >> she was running for her life. >> firefighters say she escaped out of the back of her home. had she tried to go through the front, she might not have made it. that move and working smoke detectors saved her life. >> she said she was awakened by the smoke detector. >> firefighters saved the garage and the cars inside, but not much else. they knew when they arrived, the home was about gone. they were able to keep the fire from spreading. once they saw the property in the day light,they realized what a major disaster they could have had on their hands. look at that home dense with trees and brush. if it had been a windy night, this could have been a very different outcome. >> it could have gone up the hill and gotten into or threatened the community.
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>> but the winds were calm. the life-changing destruction was limited to this home and this victim, who, once the fire was out, went inside to see what was left. she couldn't even find her purse. but the fire did spare one special trinket. >> that was one of the items that she didn't forsee. >> look at this sign, they were just about to list the home. they're talking to their insurance company to figure out what to do next. as far as a cause, firefighters haven't found it yet. they're not sure what sparked the fire. >> a vallejo man is recovering from burns after his home just went up in flames. firefighters say flames consumed half the house before they were able to get this under control. the homeowner reportedly said he fell asleep while cooking. >> a three-year-old girl from salinas who was the focus of an
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amber alert. she was sitting in her mom's mini van when a vehicle was suddenly stolen. authorities issued an amber alert about 5:45. the suspect got away. >> how scary for her family. >> oh, absolutely. now, spencer, you called it a warm-up for the beginning of fall. how is it going out there? >> it's getting warmer as we speak. it's hot in some places. here's a look at live doppler. mainly sunny skies. check out the 24 hour temperature change. it is anywhere from about oh, 7 degrees warmer than yesterday to 11 degrees warmer yesterday. at the top of the hour, it was 20 degrees warmer. here's why. look at the highs so far. san francisco has hit 90 degrees today. high so far, 97 at livermore.
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numerous locations have hit low to mid 90s. no records yet, but plenty of warmt. you can see it's mainly blue skies, but we have lots of wispy high clouds around. it will be mainly sunny by afternoon tomorrow and warm, once again, with high temperatures ranging from mid 70s at the coast to mid and upper 90s inland. relief is on the way and i'll show you where in just a few minutes. >> looking forward to it. thank you, spencer. >> almost two wooeks after the valley fire started the evacuation center at the napa county fairgrounds has closed to evacuees.
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>> some of the kids affected by the father were able to put the traumatic experience aside for one day visiting the san francisco zoo. classes don't resume until monday, but the school has been holding field trips all week long to try to ease the kids back into a regular routine. >> today, cal fire lifted all regulations. the fires destroyed 475 homes and burned nearly 71,000 acres. it's now 89% contained. >> sky 7 hd spotted a whale by the bridge. it was first seen a few days ago just floating in the water. experts plan to leave the whale
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there. it will serve as a food resource for other wildlife. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, bedbugs shut down four libraries in palo alto. we'll learn more about where they were discovered. >> i think it's really cool. i feel honor fd. >> coming up, a life lesson for some oakland students. who came to the rescue? >> and new at 4:30, wiley kirby is back. and she can share her hot moves. >> nobody's whipping not in the skyway, downtown san francisco, traffic right now is bumper-to-bumper in both directions.
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a public library has been closed for two days now. >> yeah, it happened after bedbugs were found at the park library on middlefield road. abc 7 news reporter chris wynn has the details. >> at the entrance to this popular library, patrons were quite surprised upon arrival. >> this is the last thing that i expected. it's one of the best libraries. >> reporter: bedbugs were found yesterday on two chairs inside the library. the city doesn't know where they came from, but it's bringing in pest control and will keep this location closed until sunday. for now, they have no reason to believe the bedbugs traveled in books to other locations. >> if our library patrons have
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concerns about any books that they might have checked out, they can just put them in a plastic zip lock bag and bring them back to any of the other branchs that are open. >> i have three teenagers now and they were literally crawling all over the floor. i would have been very, very unhappy if i brought bedbugs home. >> a good reminder that even libraries aren't immune. >> thank you, chris. let's bring you some breaking news out of heyward. sky 7 hd was just over this boat
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on fire just a few minutes ago. this is in a backyard. if you're familiar with this area, it's about a block away from sulfur creek nature center. a lot of smoke being put out there, but firefighters worked very quickly and luckily no one was hurt. >> the nasdaq dipped 18 points today, but that did not dampen spirts in san francisco. a lot of smiles provides training and resources. samsung has moved into a new state of the art campus. abc 7 news was at the ceremony. right now, 700 employees work at that building. but samsung home hopes to employ ,000.
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>> home sales are surging in the u.s. new home sales rose 5.7% last month. that's the strongest pace since 2008. analysts credit healthier hiring and smaller price increase. today, some oakland school kids received replace. s. >> this is one of the students here that received a bike. it has seen better days. for instance, the brakes here don't work very well. but, for these kids here, this bike, just fine. >> sometimes, the worst of times can bring out the best in
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people. it's a life lesson these kids from oakland's east bay innovation academy are learning firsthand. >> three days ago, these students learned their tools and many of the bikes they've been working on for weeks were stolen out of this container. bikes they were fixing up to give to charities. >> they were bummed when everybody stole our old bikes. it was just sad. >> but, today, those stolen bikes were replaced by these, courtesy of the oakland police department. >> these bicycles came from our abandoned, lost bicycle program. some of the bikes were donated by police officers themselves. they brought their bikes in from their own personal home. >> it's not too functional, but i think we can fix it. >> they may not be the same
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bikes and some of them need a lot of work. >> the brakes are too close. >> but these kids are just grateful their efforts to help others will keep on rolling. >> we're definitely off to a great start to a new year. >> and the brakes are all working now. revolution lab. that's what we daul the weather department. >> there's a -- vehicular traffic is so loud out there today, i can barely here you. >> we've got mainly sunny skies through the bay area sky. here's the view. it hit 90 degrees earlier. it's only 78 right now. 86 across the bay.
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it's 94 right now. the view from our rooftop, these are our forecast features, warm inland tomorrow with gradual cooling this weekend. satellite radar composite shows the dominant factor in our weather picture. it will produce fairly warm weather once again tomorrow. although, for the most part, temperatures had peaked today. 93 on saturday temperatures will drop next week.
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the warmest air being pushed into the central part of the country no definitive pattern developing here yet. overnight, low temperatures will be mainly in the upper 50s rather to low 60s. and then, tomorrow, warm everywhere. upper 70s in the coast. mid to upper 80s around the bay. tempature will start to moderate. and then we get the coolest string of days in the seven-day forecast period. lovely weather coming our way with one more day of much-warmer-than-average weather. >> very comprehensive. the best in town. did i read that properly? >> in the western hemisphere.
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>> okay. >> up next, a battle over the bat mobile and why i's not quite over yet. >> new after 4:30, acdc returned to san francisco and fans are getting excited. but we'll tell you what some neighbors are worried about. >> and we'll take a look at traffic here at 4:22. the san mateo bridge, a little hazy. that's normally the heavier direction at this commute weather. stay with us, mo
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a legal victory for batman, but it may not last. the ninth circuit court of appeals make it a character that can't be replicated without
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permission of the copyright holder. the ruling came in a lawsuit brought by d.c. against mark carroll. he's produced replicas of the bat mobile. the attorneys say they plan to appeal arguing that there's no consistent look to the bat mobile. >> it's a car. anybody can make one, or you would think. >> all the shows you've been waiting for all summer are back. cast members from how to get away with murter reveal some secrets. including this nugget. >> the take on a big case. in order to sort of distract herself and the law students
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from all the mishaps within the office. >> they're trying not to give it away. and, of course, her husband's murder. after last season's deadly cliff hanger with more bodies and more questions and possibly even a few answers. it begins tonight at 8:00 followed by a brand new scandal and how to get away with murder. >> set and ready to go. >> your expectations are not going to be met there, bud i will catch scandal, for sure. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. why some say it could not have not have come at a better time. and the controversial new study about women in the workplace. why researchers -- who researchers say
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♪traveling through seas of oats and berries ♪
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♪peaches, pumpkin seeds, and cherries ♪ ♪i say to the bowl ♪are you trying to temp me? ♪the bowl says ♪"come on down to the land of plenti." ♪ yoplait plenti, with oats, flax, and pumpkin seeds. greek yogurt, packed full of goodness. taking a look at the headlines today as we approach 4:30. pope francis addressed congress in washington, d.c. he's the first pontiff ever to do so. during the pope's speech, he urged congress and america to get rid of the death penalty, fight global warming and welcome imgrants. the pope's address came near the end of his whirlwind three-day
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visit to washington, d.c. he said our world is facing a refugee crisis. we must not be taken back by numbers but view them as persons. the nation's capital says there's pope memorabilia on sale everywhere in local souvenir shops. live from the capitol on abc 7 news at 5:00. pope francis made several remarks to open its arms to them. abc 7 news joins us live in the news room with the impact his words might have on the nation. leanne? >> many came at an important time as the nation takes on the discussion of illegal immigration. a newspaper editorial writes presidential politics have left many u.s. latinos feeling beaten down. but the pope showered them with love. >> pope francis says america continues to be the land of dreams. the pope reminded the congress is comprised of immigrants.
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>> we must not be taken back by the numbers. but rather use them. >> his plea comes as americans debate the issue of illegal immigration, fuelled in part by republican presidential candidate, donald trump. jim salinas is an immigration advocate who said it's unlikely the pope's words will sway trump's opinions. >> i'm sure he's going to look at it as i've got a winning game plan. >> his word of acceptance has resonated with many catholics and non-catholics, alike. >> yesterday, the pope invited her to come to him. she was born in this down tri, her parents were not. and they remain here illegally. >> she wants security. let us give security.
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if we want life, let us give life. if we want opportunity, lets us provide opportunities. >> san francisco supervisor is a proponent of immigration reform. he says the pope's message has managed to lift the spirits of many who are here illegally. >> many latinos feel supported by pope francis because of that cultural connection between them. >> well, one day after pope francis named california missionary a saint. a bay area high school held a special mass. >> abc 7 news was at the high
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school as the community celebrated the cannonization. a theology teacher at the school who did 15 years of research and wrote a book about sarah says the legacy has been distorted. you can get complete coverage from video clips to photo gal reels. >> 00 garn troops are taking even more drastic steps to stop the flood of refugees into their country. soldiers are now installing razor wire. it's the latest attempt to try to control the flow of refugees. more happen 10,000 entered the country alone. >> more about why 1719 pilgrims lost their lives today in a terrible saudi arabia. officials say the bottleneck from two ways appears to be to blame. another 800 were injured.
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this is the deadliest incident in more than two decades. the white house released a statement this morning. >> the republican candidates for president continue to duke it out on the campaign trail. >> donald trump's rivals are gaining on him. trump says he's now boycotting fox news after the network cancelled the meeting with the front runner. >> polls came out the other day. they were outstanding. >> and, yesterday, a rare scene. trump addressing a half-empty room. >>. >> truch has stepped up to
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republican rivals as his leads in the polls soften. that's made fiorina a favorite trump target. >> she's fighting to raise money. her business career was a disaster. >>. >> today, she's on trump's radar. >> for now, trump isn't really falling in the polls. that's clearly enough to rattle the front runner. >> a hawaii man has arrived with a 13 foot tiger shark.
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>> his head was probably this big. it was massive. and she was just, like, right in front of me. i put my hands right on top of her nose to get her away from me. but she was pushing me back because her brute force was so big. i tried to get her off of me, i way from me. >> after the attack, managed to swim 60 yards to shore. it took a 00 dled staples to close his wound. he's already walking and is anxious to get back into the water. >> coming up on abc 7 news at 4:00. >> no moves like that, but
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clouds are moving through the bay area sky. i'll show you what's coming up next in my accu weather forecast. >> at 4:37, another live look at the afternoon commute. the back-up is starting in the southbound direction, northbound looking good. back with more on abc 7 news
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>> that's another thing. >> steph curry and his beautiful wife stopped by rachel ray's show today. and, of course, they were talking about her adorable 3-year-old daughter reilly. steph was an audience member there. the star says his wife is really in the kitchenment you can watch the rachel ratio at 1:00 p.m. right here. >> where was riley. >> some stories need an explanation. not this one. as well as steph and riley speaks for itself. >> hey, hey. >> you're the man. >> oh, yes. riley, trying to teach jeremy lynn how to do it. he's got it, too.
4:41 pm
yeah, she's -- i mean, she's adorable. she's so cute. jeremy, now, by the way, grew up in palo alto. and, now, within the lakers and the charlotte hornets. steph and riley starts next week. media day is monday. >> wow, it's a little bit more fun. >> i don't have moves like that. >> as you move along, in fact, we do have a few clouds now. actually a time raptor i want to show you. right across from abc 7. notice this afternoon, a few clouds traveling through the mainly blue skies. make it look like a moving painting, a moving picture. here's a look at live doppler hd now. you can see the clouds still passing through the bay area.
4:42 pm
look for a little thunderstorm activity right smack dab in the middle of kansas. otherwise, a warm and dry day across the country. across the state, warm and dry, as well. 90 in los angeles. here, at the bay area, upper 70s around the coast and mid 90s in our inland areas. after tomorrow, we can expect a gradual cooling trend through the weekend and into early next week. >> i can hoop forever. >> okay, sounds great. >> still ahead, a twist for women's rights in the workplace. a new study that finds the fault may lie close to home. >> reporter: how those new credit card kits can help protect you from fraud. what do a nascar® driver...
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femalevery best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for three years on the best brand name mattress sets. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> moving back to its original
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location. merit bakery was known for its fried chicken and counter cases of cakes and other baked goods. its location closed last year for renovation after 63 years in business. and now, the owner says it will not be reopening. the owner says that space is too small to be a perm nant location. >> a new study may explain why more women don't hold top jobs at companies. they may not want to. >> women are making huge strides in the work force. women account for less than 5% of ceos. while a potential flat ceiling is the blame, a new study found that women, given the chance,
4:47 pm
may not be so eager to climb the corporate lad did he recall. compared to men, women anticipated more negative outcombs. >> kwhiel it's exciting to make more money and move up the career ladder, that means you have to miss family dinner every night and it's probably not worth it. >> a study comes as the labor department says unemployment applications rose by 3,000. >> a pink diamond expected to bring in $28 million at auction. 16 caret diamond is about the size of a postage stamp.
4:48 pm
natasha is breathless. it's set to be auctioned off at christies. >>. >> there's a new way to watch movies. >> a word about virtual reality head 1e9. >> that's pretty cool. netflix has an app to make its entire film available to watch. you may remember back in may, the prediction then was the glasses would with used together with drones. now, hulu, twitch, vime,o and tivo are expected to release
4:49 pm
very soon. asking the dmv to require police to investigate accidents with driverless cars. right now, the dmv is forced to rely on the testing company's version of the accident. the group says while the cars are being tested, it e's importt to have an unbiassed report. >> now you're going to sigh why they're needed. i want you to watch this video. >> watch it again here. the second device known as a skimmer.
4:50 pm
it captured all the information on the card. police say this couple was caught on camera searching for a skimming device. >> if consumers don't receive their cards by october first, merchants cannot refuse your payment. october 1 is the official roll out date. after that date, any store will be responsible if there is fraud. >> well, forget standing. >> general mills placing a big bet on gluden-free cheer owes. today's wellness report.
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>> sedentary people who consider themselves big visitors have better health than their counter parts who sit still. >> no increased risk of dying when they sit for long peer dwrods of time. late night caffeine, an even worse idea than you think. sales of whole milk are higher as well lt i'm jane king, here's to your health. >> if there was a surveillance
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video of your child being mistreated, would you want to see it? a father is having hard time with police. we called the iteam and dan boyse has been digging for answers. >> it's going to be a busy night tomorrow in san francisco. up next, the noise problem that many locals are bracing for.
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tgi friday returning with fall premiers followed by scandal at 9:00 and how to get away with murder. >> you can expected a busy friday night on san francisco's 300. the bikers expected to hit the city for the critical mass ride. >>. >> acdc will be on the stage for the first time in three decades. but, for some, it's not traffic that's the problem. >> right, it's the noise. >> we're joined live with that part of the story. melanie? >> here's the issue. officials tell me that each tour understandably brings its own equipment. and that means that the technician sometimes have to reinvent the wheel when it comes to setting audio levels. when acdc takes the stage at at&t park, hoping to be wall
4:57 pm
shaker all night long. >> there was an old commercial where the speakers made their hair go back like this. that's how it felt here. >> i'm not going to say if i like billy joel or acdc, this is an issue about sound pollution. >> we had out in the neighborhood of festivals. >> this is one of the residents who called a hotline for those technicians. >> it's not as easy as just turning down the volume. >> officials use the three-concert sound check. san francisco. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins
4:58 pm
right now with cheryl and dan. >> god bless america. >> i had slivers. >> he spoke to congress like only he could do. >> one evacuation center now closes and some folks are making some hard decisions after the fight. >> also, tonight, san francisco firefighters angry. >> i'm abc 7 news meteorologist. it is warm out there right now, but the weekend will bring changes. i'll have details coming up. >> a standing ovation for the pope francis.
4:59 pm
>> what he calls the stranger in our midst. >> we must not be taken by the numbers, but rather view them as persons. seeing their faces. >> the pope is now in new york. his motorcade was mobbed. he speaks at the united nations tomorrow. >> yes, pope francis began his day here at the capitol. he became the first pope in history to address a joint session of congress. he urged lawmakers to make a courageous and responsible effort to battle climate change.
5:00 pm
he also addressed the death penalty, poverty and called for compassion for immigrants. >> i say this to you. knowing that so many of you are all descendents from immigrants. >> pope francis also addressed same-sex marriage. he voiced his fear that the very basis of marriage and family life is being put into question. now, it wasn't just a big day for pope francis here in washington. it was for people visiting from the bay area, as well. >> cheers erupted. among them, many people who were lucky enough to score seats below the balcony. heidi shot this video from her front row seat. her and her husband were invited guests from house minority leader nancy pelosi.


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