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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 24, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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he also addressed the death penalty, poverty and called for compassion for immigrants. >> i say this to you. knowing that so many of you are all descendents from immigrants. >> pope francis also addressed same-sex marriage. he voiced his fear that the very basis of marriage and family life is being put into question. now, it wasn't just a big day for pope francis here in washington. it was for people visiting from the bay area, as well. >> cheers erupted. among them, many people who were lucky enough to score seats below the balcony. heidi shot this video from her front row seat. her and her husband were invited guests from house minority leader nancy pelosi.
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there were heroic efforts in afghanistan. >> the land of the free and the home of the brave. >> i thought he was great. he was one of 50,000 people issued tickets. >> whether you're a person of faith or not, you reached out to people to speak for the individual facing themselves. so i think everybody pulls something away from this.
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to be at this historical moment. >> she was overwhelmed by the message sent to congress by the pontiff. come together to lead the way for the entire world. >> now, we just spoke with heidi, who met pope frap sis before. this picture was taken in 012. a very special relationship? >> talk to pope francis in rome. you heard the pope talking about the importance of environmental issues. alma? >> cheryl, the pope's schedule actually called for him to have
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lawmakers on capitol hill today. but he decided to pass on that. >> generally bans photography, but the pope's appearance was just too i recall resisble for some. abc 7 news anchor eric thomas has that story. >> what could possibly have had these schoolgirls up and grinning like, well, schoolgirls. so it was pope francis that
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brought out these students from san jose's all presence high. it's not their parent's pope and that's part of the draw. >> i'm watching the news with my mom a lot lately. he had some really interesting views. and i'm just curious what he's going to say about them. >> including issues like the death penalty. and when the pope began to speak, many of the faithful got what they were searching for. >> i think it was really an engaging moment for american catholics and for americans watching him talk about the march. >> he's just a different peep in a way. he knows what's happening in real life and he'll try to atresz that. >> it's an event these kids will never forget. >> coming up tonight, more on what lawmakers had to say about today's historic address. life in washington, d.c., abc 7
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news. >> alma, thanks very much. we'll have extensive coverage on the pope's visit. visit for a look at all of our content there. the valley fire in the north bay is finally 85% contained. four people killed, 76,0 0 acres burned. evacuation center in calastoga is now closed. struggling to figure out what's next for them. >> good afternoon, cheryl. there's so much more to do. we're talking local agencies, state agencies, federal agencies. kind of a one-stop shot.
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>> what you see is not always what you g. get. ask a question, find a story. ken weaver and his girlfriend. >>. >> that, he did. >> this is what ken and pat have come home to. beautiful neighborhoods turn to bernstein. >> it's liberating in a way.
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you'll never realize the complications of a fire until you lose your home. >> if you didn't have her right now? >> i'd probably be a basket case. and that would be right about nour. >> happening right now, a san francisco fire commission where firefighters are speaking out to not send more help to fight that devastating blaze. abc 7 news reporter vick lee is live with the story in san francisco. vick?
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>> well, dan, as we speak, a number of firefighters including asis tant chiefs are telling the fire dmigs that it is moorely and professionally wrong not to respond to mutual aide to the valley fire. >> the valley fire was personal. the afternoon of september 12th, flames from the fire were roaring through the county. everything in its path, destroyed. residents were being evacuated. >> we had a neighboring county that was in the middle of the biggest disaster that they've ever had. >> he asked for immediate help to send its strike team in a team leader. >> we're 90 minutes away from
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being able to provide them help: and, at every time,i was told we're not going to do it. fire department spokesperson. >> never theless, the chief was able to send one engine company. now, she spent a lot of time looking for resources to be able to send up there. >>. >> i would be absolutely willing to send at least five of them to go help. >> what san francisco do was like passing a victim from the titanic and not stopping. >> coming up, the bike
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benefactor. >> it's awesome. we're getting new bikes. >> bicycles are up by sturpts, stolen. and now, some are getting a lesson about goodwill. >> what a sweetie. a little girl helps steal some hearts. >> also, ahead, the global tech who just reopened. >> and long-lasting tires. doesn't that
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grace is accused of raping a woman while on duty in 2013 after he drove her to a hotel after following a doe mesic account she had with her husband. >> some wonderful news for oakland school children who were really upset, understandably, after someone stole the bikes they were fixing up for charity. >> what a great ending. >> reporter: it sure the. now, it is among those that will help these kids get their donation program back in gear. what's old is new again at oakland's east bay innovation academy. >> the brakes were kind of too close.
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so they have to be pulled and loosened. >> reporter: three days ago, these students learned their tools and many of the bikes they've been working on for weeks when school started were stolen out of this container. >> they just cut right through it. >> bikes they were fixing up to give to charity. >> it's interesting. our kids were also saying things like if they just asked for the bikes, we would have given them. they were up for donation. today, those stolen bikes were replaced by these. >> these came from our abandoned, lost bicycle program. some of the bikes were doe nated by police officers themselves. >> they may not be the same
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bikes and some of them need a lot of work. but these kids are just grateful their efforts to help others will keep on rolling. >> what do you think about the police officers that helped you out? >> they're awesome. and everybody who donated a bike is awesome, too. >> we're definitely off to a great start. >> in oakland, abc 7 news. >> wow. well, a special ceremony today, the san francisco family house for children with cancer. it serves as a home away from home. >> she does have, you know, what most would consider a really hard thing. but there's joy and, you know, she lives during that. and the family has to really put forth.
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>> samsung has a new home right here in the bay area. the company moved into its new components division headquarters. right now, only 700 workers occupy this new space. but samsung is looking to fill up the 2,000 positions. >> all right. well, when you buy that new set of tires, there's no promise on how many miles it's supposed to last. >> consumer reports did some testing on that. >> reporter: you know, buying tires, you care about the price and you probably also look at the tread life.
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manufacturers claim anywhere from 30,000 to a hundred thousand miles. but some don't always last as long as they promise. you may be swayed by their tread ware plan. >> consumer reports tested the tread life of 47 tires, two samples of each. the convoy of trucks drove each tire 16,000 miles. the tread was measured at intervals to project how long the tires will last. >> tire life depends on the vehicle and proper maintenance. it also makes a difference in how and where you drive. but our miles projections are a good way to compare treadware.
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>> this continental says 90,000. consumer reports projects 60,000. this warrantee was 80,000 miles, but consumer reports suggests just 35,000. >> michelin came in with projected tread life of 80,000 miles or more. >> consumer reports estimates they'll go 100,000. >> now, don't expect to get all of your money back if your tires run out before that mile achblg warrantee. you'll only get a credit for the miles that the tire didn't last. and it's only good towards the dealer's retail price for an identical or comparable tire from the same manufacturer.
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>> when we were kids, tires were, like, 50 bucks. >> well, you have to take a look at this. last night's sunset, so spectacular: >> that is really nice. and sharon shared this photo. look at the cotton candy colored clouds. use the hash tag abc 7 news now. we'll try to share as many as we can. but, really, the skies yesterday were incredible. >> all right, outside, looking at the sky right now. >> nice out there. warm but not sultry hot. >> it's quite pleasant to where you don't need a jacket right now. tomorrow, san francisco, 90
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degrees. 96 in santa rosa. 98 in livermore. 89 in san jose. take a look at live doppler 7 hd right now. we do have a few high clouds that we're going through. this is what we're talking about when i say eye candy. san jose cameras showing you a lot of clouds there. >> when he can out this beautiful shot. if you want to send me your weather pictures, goal ahead and do it. just make sure you tag with abc 7 now. we'd love to show your photos on the air.
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>> gradual cooling this weekend. setting up for early this week. here's the satellite for radar. high pressure still holding on. but today is really the peek of our heat, if you will. so here's the temperature trend for livermore. average high is 83 degrees. still well above normal. numbers will start to come down saturday. and then sunday, in the upper 80s by early nerks week, we're going to be back down to average or sliegtly below. not the case around the country. the 6-10 day outlook from next wednesday through october 4th. pretty warm across most of the country. we'll see a dip in the jet stream early in the morning.
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numbers will come down a few degrees. 86 in santa clara. 92 los gados. still warm in half-moon bay. 80 degrees in downtown san francisco. north bay, beach weather. 93 santa rosa. in the east bay, mid 780s for oakland. our inland area, still on the hot side. accuweather's seven-day forecast. a little cooler, some fog ret n returning early next week.
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hopefully, bid then, you'll be enjoying the weather if you don't like the warmth that we've had today. >> and still ahead, iphone anticipation up next. why wait in line when you can send in a robot. at 5:30, world news with david muher. >> new at 6:00, all because of a report by 7 on your side.
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all right, this is not normally a place where you see a whale -- or a dead whale. sky 7 hd flew over a portion of the bay. they're performing an autopsy on the 20 foot mammal. it washed ashore not far from the bridge. it's the second one to die in recent months. experts have yet to say what kind of whale it is.
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>> anticipation is growing across the world tonight for the release of apple's newest iphone. abc 7 news was at the apple store in san francisco. there are already roughly 30 people waiting in line. you can bet on this one getting bigger and bigger up until 6:00 a.m. tomorrow. six eager iphone enthusiasts began waiting outside the store yesterday afternoon. in australia, a woman has gotten her robot to stand in line for her. this woman hooked up an internet-connected ipad and she can go about her normal life while her robot keeps her spot nice and warm for her. >> that doesn't seem right, does it? the first lady is said to appear on a disney show to promote healthy eating.
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the episode will air october 5th. they'll also talk about the campaign and childhood obesity, which is the parent company of abc 7. >> an extra special day at the zoo. >> a chimp
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>> coming up new at 6:00, on the day's continued live coverage on the pope's historic visit. why some say the trip could not have come at a better time. >> also, from the fire zone, one veterinarian's effort to help the four-legged victims. >> the super-computer that conquered jeopardy is on the move. it's all coming up in half an hour on abc 7 news at 6:00.
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>> when students go back to class for the first time since value reel fire on monday, everyone will get this t-shirt with the hash tag middletown strong. >> oh, i love that. donating them along with backpacks and school supplies. >> well, kids from the fire areas are easing back into school now, into the routine by going on field trips this week. >> it's more than just a distraction. >> looking at and touching the animals can also provide healing. >> it's a good opportunity for them to come and share their stories and be with people that they love and, you know, i think it's a really good way for them to come back to normal. >> that's a graets distraction. the kids are going to continue those outings. >> they will visit the exploratorium, as well. try to get back to normal.
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>> all right, that's going to do it for us. world news tonight is next. tonight, the breaking news. pope francis arrives here in new york city. we're at the famous st. patrick's cathedral, where he is tonight. ground zero, central park also on his list. making history in washington, the first pope to speak before congress. on some issues, the applause divided. and behind the scenes, the moment, what vice president joe biden said to him, and what the pope repeated back. meantime, the other breaking news tonight. the scene from the west. the deadly collision between a charter bus and a duck boat for tourists. the death toll growing at this hour. the deadly stampede overseas tonight. the numbers simply staggering. more than 700 killed during the annual pilgrimage near mecca. the new poll numbers coming in tonight. where does donald trump stand now? and who is gaining ground? and the invisible danger inside so many homes. tonight, the massive explosion. yo


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