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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 24, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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>> all right, that's going to do it for us. world news tonight is next. tonight, the breaking news. pope francis arrives here in new york city. we're at the famous st. patrick's cathedral, where he is tonight. ground zero, central park also on his list. making history in washington, the first pope to speak before congress. on some issues, the applause divided. and behind the scenes, the moment, what vice president joe biden said to him, and what the pope repeated back. meantime, the other breaking news tonight. the scene from the west. the deadly collision between a charter bus and a duck boat for tourists. the death toll growing at this hour. the deadly stampede overseas tonight. the numbers simply staggering. more than 700 killed during the annual pilgrimage near mecca. the new poll numbers coming in tonight. where does donald trump stand now? and who is gaining ground? and the invisible danger inside so many homes. tonight, the massive explosion. you'll see it here. and what every homeowner needs
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to know. and good evening, everyone, from right outside st. patrick's cathedral right here in new york city. pope francis arriving here, just a short time ago. you can hear the thunderous choir performing inside the cathedral. he's here for evening prayers. images of his arrival tonight. a very warm welcome here in new york city on the tarmac. and a short time later, making his way right up fifth avenue in that jeep wrangler, the popemobile, the jeep made in america. and then, into st. patrick's cathedral for evening prayers. as i mentioned, the sound of the choirs, the organ here in the background. so many gathered outside with their phones, recording every moment. thousands, in fact, lining the streets of new york city along the pope's route. security is unprecedented tonight, and for the next 24 hours with the pope in new york. and it comes after history was made in our nation's capital
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today. the first pope to address a joint meeting of congress. applause there as he entered the chamber. but something was very clear, lawmakers were told to refrain from reaching out to him, unlike what we always see during the president's state of the union. blessing the crowds from the balcony, vice president biden there, and speaker boehner, clearly emotional there. and, of course, the faithful, filling the national mall. and tonight, right here, much of new york city on lockdown. he will visit ground zero, central park, as well. abc's cecilia vega in the thick of the action, just up fifth avenue from me with the crowds. cecilia, good evening. >> reporter: david, good evening to you. those crowds stretch up and down fifth avenue. what a warm welcome for pope francis it was. you know, he's not going to have a very long trip here, just 39 hours and 40 minutes, but i can tell you, he is maximizing every second of that. in the city that has seen it all, a first. pope francis touching down in the big apple. this champion of the poor, riding down one of the ritziest streets in the world. iconic fifth avenue.
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and heading into new york's famed st. patrick's cathedral, flanked by some of the city's 2.6 million catholics. the welcome signs all over. from this supersized mural, to kids in their papal head gear to, yes, that is a pope pizza. police officers everywhere you look. never before has new york rolled out so much security for one man. 7,000 extra police officers. manholes sealed. enough barricades to stretch 37 miles. the gridlock nothing short of biblical. more road closures than ever before. at the peak tomorrow, more than ten miles of streets shut down. the pope's first stop in the morning, the u.n. to talk about climate change. then, to the 9/11 memorial, where he'll meet with victims' families. in the afternoon, it's up to a school in harlem.
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♪ school kids rehearsing. there's a procession through central park. the pope and 80,000 ticket holders. and finally, mass for 20,000 at madison square garden. leaving little time for rest in the city that never sleeps. no rest here. now, it was no easy feat to get a seat, a standing room area on fifth avenue. i want to show you here. the crowd on this side of the doors of st. patrick's cathedral, those are students from local high schools in new york city. and on the other side, those are workers who helped with the cleaning, that $180 million cleanup of the cathedral. david, those are the front row seats in this house, i'm up here in the bleachers. >> in the bleachers, but still an incredible view, cecilia, you've had every step of the way. the pope, 4,200 miles from home tonight here in new york city. and the pope's speech before congress today, an historic first for a pope. at times pastoral, but also political. and in that chamber, the applause at times very divided. the pope speaking in english for nearly an hour, tackling immigration, abortion, climate
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change and the death penalty. along with members of congress, presidential hopefuls and only four supreme court justices, five choosing not to attend, among them, three catholics. the crowd asked to hold their applause until the end, but we counted at least 34 times breaking that rule. at first, when the pope said this -- >> in the land of the free and the home of the brave. >> thunderous applause there. but there were times, half the chamber was applauding, the other half silent. and abc's terry moran, traveling with the pope, explaining why tonight. >> reporter: the halls of congress had never heard anything like this. >> mr. speaker -- the pope of the holy see! >> reporter: as pope francis made his way down the aisle, there was no glad-handing or back-slapping. speaker of the house john boehner had banned all that. so, they cheered francis, and he stood there for a moment, taking it all in. no pope had ever stood here.
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and minutes before, just after entering the capitol, francis was blessed by the house chaplain. in his office, speaker boehner, a devout catholic and former altar boy, fidgeted and paced, visibly nervous, before welcoming the pope. >> your holiness. welcome. >> reporter: all through the speech -- >> mr. vice president, mr. speaker. >> reporter: the speaker, this famously emotional man, struggled to hold back the tears and couldn't. overwhelmed by a dream come true. as the pope addressed the american politicians, the chamber hushed. they actually listened. speaker boehner had also tried to ban applause, but that didn't work. pope francis stirring deep emotions again and again. >> i think of the march which martin luther king led from selma to montgomery 50 years ago. >> reporter: sitting a few feet
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away, congressman john lewis of georgia. he was on that march, beaten by police that day, and now, this powerful moment. >> i am happy that america continues to be, for many, a land of dreams. >> reporter: time and again, francis boldly raised controversial issues. immigration and the refugee crisis. >> we, the people of this continent, are not fearful of foreigners. because most of us were once foreigners. >> reporter: nearby, senator marco rubio, a presidential candidate and son of immigrants, held back the tears. on capital punishment, the pope bluntly called for -- >> the global abolition of the death penalty. >> reporter: and at the end -- >> god bless america. >> reporter: he left the chamber
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and walked out onto the west front of the capitol, where 50,000 and more had gathered on the mall, and asked them to pray for him. john boehner, overcome again, and vice president joe biden, summing up a remarkable day. >> they love you. and we love you. >> terry moran is with us now. terry, you and i were talking earlier. it is hard to imagine another leader able to enter that chamber, tackle climate change, abortion, immigration, but pope francis seemed to be able to do this and even lead with a smile. >> reporter: he does. he challenges them and he enjoys it. this is a pope, for whom the highest good of religious faith is not worship, it's not doctrine, it's getting things done in the world. he believes the gospels call everyone to do that and everywhere he goes, he tries to enlist people in that cause, including the members of the united states congress. >> our congress. terry moran traveling with the pope. terry, thank you. we'll see you tomorrow night. and we will have much more later on this broadcast tonight. continuing coverage of the pope's trip to america, every step of his journey, later
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tonight on "nightline," as well, and first thing in the morning on "good morning america." but we do move on tonight to the other news of this day. and a developing headline out of seattle tonight. a deadly collision, a highway shut down. authorities say a charter bus with students slamming into a duck boat filled with tourists. several dead, many critically injured. and abc's neal karlinsky is in seattle. >> reporter: chaos on a downtown seattle bridge. patients sprawled out on the ground. the walking wounded, and others hurt even worse, being triaged right in the middle of the road. >> i got out of my car and there were just bodies just everywhere. >> reporter: all of them, passengers of this duck tour vehicle and a charter bus full of exchange students, both driving across seattle's aurora bridge. >> we were coming around the curve and he was pointing out the harbor and the next thing i know, we veered out of control and we hit this bus here. >> reporter: tonight, at least four are dead. all exchange students. and more than 44 others injured, nine of them critically. the duck vehicle, an amphibious tour bus seen in cities around
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the country, appears to have speared the charter bus, though it's unclear who was at fault. 90 firefighters swarmed the bridge, climbing through a gapping hole in the side of the tour bus, frantically wheeling gurneys to dozens of ambulances. most of the injured were on that bus, which was ripped open in the collision. >> we have approximately 30 of what we term as walking wounded. >> reporter: some witnesses seem to think the duck vehicle may have had some kind of problem, right before the crash. >> just shot across all three lanes at full speed, no brakes, no nothing and hit the side of that bus. >> reporter: those duck boat operators drive and call out a tour at the same time. the ntsb will be investigating. they'll also be looking at the road here, which is pretty narrow. and also, the conditions of the vehicles to see if there might have been a mechanical problem that caused all this. david? >> neal karlinsky tonight. neal, thank you. around the world tonight, and to an awful scene, a deadly stampede. hundreds killed on a sacred day in a sacred place. outside the holy city of mecca, millions making a pilgrimage on
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one of the holiest days of the year for muslims. tonight, the death toll rising. more than 700 dead. more than 800 injured. abc's alex marquardt reporting in from the region. >> reporter: they were muslim faithful from around the world, crushed to death, just outside islam's holiest city of mecca. more than 700 lost their lives, making it the deadliest tragedy there in 25 years. in the aftermath, lifeless bodies lining the streets covered in white sheets. and another 800 were injured, including two americans, among the more than 2 million who make the annual pilgrimage. witnesses say the stampede began when two huge waves of pilgrims converged in the valley of mina, at one of the sites that all pilgrims have to file through in a single day. one man saying, people were climbing over one another, just to breathe. this comes less than two weeks after another disaster. a crane collapsed that left over 100 dead. stampedes in mecca are all too common.
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the biggest in 1990, when more than 1,400 people were trampled. the last major one, in 2006, when 360 were killed. saudi arabia's top health official says the stampede was likely caused by pilgrims who ignored instructions from the authorities. but the criticism is growing tonight over the country's repeated inability to safely control large crowds. david? >> alex marquardt in beirut tonight. alex, thank you. there is new word tonight, president obama and russian president vladimir putin will meet for the first time in almost a year. the white house announcing they will be face to face during the u.n. general assembly next week, right here in new york city. the two men at odds over russia's involvement in ukraine and of course now in syria. president putin reportedly requesting the meeting. we turn now to the race for 2016 and to a new poll. the numbers tonight, one poll showing a republican candidate quickly on the rise. and it's not donald trump. it is carly fiorina. trump, meantime, facing new criticism for his choice of words, describing a woman in the race, not fiorina, but hillary clinton, calling her, quote, shrill.
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some critics now asking, would trump have used that word to describe a man? abc's tom llamas on that, and the republican candidates now taking aim at the front-runner, donald trump. >> reporter: tonight, with new polls showing donald trump's lead shrinking, his newly emboldened rivals are calling him out as thin-skinned and ill-informed. >> if i quit talking to all of the people who attack me, i would have crawled under a rock long ago. that's part of it, you know? >> reporter: a new poll tonight showing fiorina in second place in new hampshire, and just behind her, marco rubio, taking aim at trump. >> he's not well informed on the issues. he really never talks about issues and can't have more than a ten-second sound bite on any key issue. he's a very touchy and insecure guy. >> reporter: all week, trump ripping into his competition. >> rubio, i've never seen a young guy sweat that much. no, i've never seen -- he's drinking water, water, water. i never saw anything like this with him with the water. >> reporter: and today, trump fending off new accusations of sexism after this comment about hillary clinton. >> and hillary, who has become very shrill, you know the word shrill?
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she's become shrill. >> reporter: trump insisting he would say the same thing about a man. >> i think the word shrill doesn't apply to women exclusively. she's gotten very loud and she's gotten very boisterous and that can happen to men, too. >> reporter: and david, trump now making a big push for evangelicals. tomorrow, making an appearance at the values voter summit in washington, d.c., and on monday, inviting more than a dozen church leaders to trump tower. david? >> tom llamas reporting in tonight. tom, thanks. now, to an invisible danger in so many homes across this country we've been reporting on here. the newest case from maryland. a powerful explosion in a quiet neighborhood. images here of the aftermath. the suspected cause, again, a gas leak. the second gas disaster in just a week. abc's david kerley tonight with the warnings for every homeowner. >> reporter: in an instant, the maryland townhouse was gone. >> there is an entire section completely gone. all on fire. >> reporter: the blast and fire
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spreading to nearby homes. residents had smelled gas and a gas company inspector arrived, delivering an immediate message. >> tell your guests to get out of the house and then the house next door just exploded. >> reporter: no one was home, but the blast threw the gas worker, who was burned and banged up, but is in good condition. remarkable, considering the force. there was little left. this townhome gone, this one threatening to fall from that massive blast. it was just monday that a texas home exploded, injuring two people inside. and we've seen cameras catch actual blasts recently. when leaking natural gas is contained in a structure, it doesn't take much. the most common ignition happens in the kitchen area, around the stove. a spark, ember or flame from operating equipment. the best advice? if you smell gas, leave the house. and don't use any electrical devices or outlets, which could cause a spark. david? >> always important reminders. david kerley tonight. david, thanks. and there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this thursday. tonight, the outrage and the
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sadness. two cases of children left in cars. the former judge now arrested for leaving her children locked in the car while she was in the courthouse. and the grandmother tonight who says she never knew her grandbaby was in the backseat. also, an eye-opening medical headline this evening about losing weight. the window of time during the day when you should eat. how many hours of eating to lose the weight? and you might remember that rocky landing, the wind shear. well, tonight, the new scare. one of the biggest jets in the world, trying to come in for a landing. a lot more news ahead here. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that. you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself. realize your buying power at
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♪ hi, tom. how's the college visit? does it make the short list? yeah, i'm afraid so. it's okay. this is what we've been planning for. knowing our clients personally is why edward jones is the big company that doesn't act that way. next tonight, we're going to tern next to the alarming number of cases we've reported on here, young children left in cars. 38 children die in hot cars every year. tonight, a former judge in atlanta arrested for leaving her children while she was in the courthouse. one of two cases in the news tonight, and here's abc's steve osunsami. >> reporter: in clayton county, georgia, this morning, temperatures were only in the 60s, and it was a cloudy day, but police still arrested kimberly bandoh, a lawyer and
5:49 pm
former judge who they say left her two young children in her car, while she was inside the courthouse handling a case. her kids are 2 and 3 years old and were in the car for less than 30 minutes. >> probably the children would have been okay, but i don't think the law gives that level of discretion to our police officers. >> reporter: authorities across the country are responding to the shockingly high number of children dying in hot cars. an estimated 660 since 1998 and 23 so far this year. just last night, an 8-month-old boy was found dead in the back seat of a car in a walmart parking lot in macedonia, ohio. >> okay, what's going on there? >> there was a baby left in a car. that somebody didn't know about. >> reporter: police say it was an accident, telling us the baby's father left him in the car and then the grandmother drove that car to work. >> grandma didn't mean to do it. dad didn't mean to do it. we're all so busy. >> reporter: the former judge arrested here in georgia is charged with leaving her children unattended in a vehicle. and tonight, she's out of bond.
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well, tonight, the kremlin now confirming that president putin has now actually called the singer, saying he would like to meet in person to discuss any topic, including gay rights, telling sir elton john, don't let pranks by russian comedians offend you. stay tuned. provocative new study tonight on losing weight, suggesting it is not just what you eat, but when. how many hours during the day? most of us eat right now during a 14 to 16-hour period. but shrinking that window, eating only during a ten-hour window, could actually rev up your metabolism and burn more calories, scientists say, without even changing your diet. we'll give it a shot. when we come back here tonight, take a close look. can you see it? what was it about this image tweeted today that got so much attention even before pope francis arrived right here in new york? the answer, right after the break. you drop 40 grand on a new set of wheels, then... wham! a minivan t-bones you. guess what: your insurance company will only give you 37-thousand to replace it. "depreciation" they claim. "how can my car depreciate before it's first oil change?" you ask.
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two images we wanted to leave you with tonight. a moment you didn't see today. speaker of the house john boehner posting this video. behind the scenes of pope francis. vice president biden telling him, america in one word, quote, possibilities. then the pope repeating that word, possibilities, right back to him. and then, this image from the nypd here in new york. two officers, and look at the names right there on the badges. pope and francis. officers pope and francis welcoming the pope tonight. of course, we thank you for watching here on a thursday night. i'm david muir right here in new york. i hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. until then, good night. tonight, pope francis makes history. we're live in washington, d.c. with a message he delivered to liberals and conservatives. from the valley fire, a shelter closes and a neighborhood reopens. a doctor is working nonstop to save injured pets. why didn't san francisco do
5:59 pm
more to help fight the valley fire? one of my reports changed government policy. i'm michael finney. coming up, the victory it brings for you. >> i am most grateful for the invitation to address this joint session of congress in the land of the free, and the home of the brave. >> pope francis making history in washington with a message containing something for everyone. >> he issued a plea for compassion for immigrants and a call to action on global warming. >> also launching a vigorous >> reporter: good evening from the nation's capital. it's quieter here this evening
6:00 pm
than earlier today, pope francis wrapped up his visit by first meeting the most powerful people in the nation, then visiting the homeless. in a sermon, the pope turned his attention to modern homelessness, saying the world cannot find soulful or moral justification for lack of housing. they were served with pope francis's favorite food, asian chicken pasta salad, lemonade, and brownies. he became the first pope ever to address congress. here, you can see hi touring where bronze figures


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