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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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news begins sfichlt breaking news in south san jose where both direction of monterey highway have been closed because of police activity. >> katie just arrived on scene and joins us live now. katie. >> let me give you a look of minute ray highway shut down for 4 hours now. police are on scene. brought in the mobile crime lab. it's a large scene. witness tell the us there was a shooting involving an officer and one person has been injured and that person was taken to the hospital. we are working to confirm some of the details with san jose police. right now monterey highway is closed between flint well way and palm asked to detour around theng closure. we are working to bring you additional details but for now we are live in south san jose with a possible officer involved shooting.
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>> back to you. >> thanks. good evening i'm dan ashley. >> amma is on assignment covering the pope. >> lake county with hundreds of people who lost everything in the valley fire. >> we have l story in middle town. alan? >>reporter: if they set up the center so you can replace the driver license or the birth certificate. you can meet the insurance agent. 7 emergency funds or find rental home. but it's all so overwhelming so tonight the folk had to be told how to take that first step. >> called middletown strong and i'm proud to be right here. >> todd happens to be a middletown native who promised to rae manufacture the pile of toxic ash from more than 1200 burned out homes by december. >> if the house is built before 1980 the likely has had this you have a substance is high.
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>> massive first step in the effort to rebuild the like county community. about 500 people met at the middletown football field to figure out how to the restart their lives. >> i felt like i have been okay. yesterday i just pulled in my driveway and sat there and cried i couldn't get out. >> she had to prove her loss to her insurance company. not an easy task. water well and potentially hazard tree have to be checked before any building can gichbility not everyone is coming back. hundreds of jobs lost after 63 businesses burned to the ground. >> there are people this don't have the energy to rebuild. they get the insurance money and decide to buy house that's already built. >> but like county supervisor rob brown says the reconstruction of this community will bring in more jobs and opportunities. with new power lines and more fine optic cable middletown could be better than before n.lake county, abc 7 news. >> sf we were at san francisco fire department headquarters
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where fire chief joanne hawaiis white on the heat seat about the fire. she defend her decision not to send a strike team up to lake county to help out. >> sf this is not personnel issue. we have 152 trained people. we were willing to sen the people. what we were concerned about was if the equipment that we have. very vulnerable city. >> the the city did send 1 engine company to the cell fir fire. strike team from san francisco was already at the butte fire at the time. white says sending another strike team would have meant close ago fir station. uc berkeley police lacking for 2 men who sexually assaulted a woman on the cal campus. incident happened last night on oxford street near edward stadium. police say the 2 men offered to walk the victim back to her home when the attack happened. the victim does in the attend cal. authorities say she knew one of the 2 attackers. >> berkeley police have arrested a man in violent attack caught on video. this
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video from berkeley police you can see a man hitting another man with a hammer during a black lives matter protest last december. after months of investigation police just this week arrested a man named jane walker from oakland in that attack. victim had serious injuries of course after being hit with a hammer. hit with a hammer. to stop looting and vandalism >> now to the pope visit. we have new video tonight of the pontiff departing saint patrick cathedral in new york city just few hours ago. >> covering the pope trip on the east coast amma live in washington. >> if dan the pope is resting tonight after whirlwind day from the hall of congress to mid town manhattan. sf new york welcome for pope francis.
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if thousands line fifth avenue to catch a gyms of the humble leader of the catholic church. champion of the poor ease made his way up one of the world ritzy streets. >> i feel this he's all about love and understanding and tolerance. >> welcome to st. patrick's ka that he had rall. fight in a sunset mass in manhattan there was a familiar theme heard throughout the visit to america. >> gratitude and hard work. these are 2 pillar of the spiritual life. >> earlier if the day here in washington, d.c. he made history becoming the first pontiff to address a joint session of congress. >> mr. speaker. the pope of the holy see. fight using the word we and us the pope encouraged law make investigators at that time lead on difficult vice i have issue including the death penalty climate at change and
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immigration. >> we must not be taken aback by the numbers. but rather view them as persons e-holy father passed on an invitation for capitol hill will urged with lawmakers opting to spend the rest of the time bless ago medical for the city poor. >> the pope continues his u.s. tour tomorrow morning talking to world leaders at the united nations in washington, d.c. abc 7 news. >> thank you so much amma appreciate it. >> our coverage of the ontive visit to new york city and philadelphia continues right hear on 7 news follow us on twitter at this web site. >> anticipation tonight as apple fans wait for the reless of new i-phone first think in the morning. but it's not just people in palo alto. there is a robot in lean outside the apple store believe it or not. katie has that story. >> i'm in lane lake everybody else. >> not really. briana is in san diego. >> i just have a different bod
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body. >> her remote presence device. fancy name for are bought. >> i am no. 15 in line. >> it stands on the sidewalk. >> some people left chair here and they are not really here so i feel like i'm being really fair by being here. i'm committed to like being here the entire time. >> no. 16 m line. david eton. >> i expect to be in line next to physical people and it's been a more entertaining afternoon because she's been here. >> this is really an experience. >> and chance to meet apple ceo tim cook. he open the store at 8:00 a.m. for prior apple release. >> i would be like tim this on one. good for it i don't know if he would go for it. >> apple on board with selling a phone to william piloting a robot. >> as long as you can provide way to pay st like i'm a customer like everybody else. >> in spirit yes. just not in body. in palo alto, katie abc 7 news. >> tim cook tweeted out the photo of the very first people
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in australia to buy the new i phone 6. if you stand in lane forth i-phone or send in the robot love to see your photo share them with us using the hash-tag. >> please do that. if there were surveillance video of the child miss treat the would you want to see it. >> one bay area father turned to dan when had he trouble obtaining that the video featuring his son with autism. >> this auld all happened on school bus coming up on 7 news at 11:00. school officials tell us the reason why they can't make the video public. >> and caught on camera. fire break out in the home belong to go man who can't help himself. good samaritan stepping in to action. >> weighs coming up tonight on kimmel leif after the news after 11:00. >> thanks. hers a sample of tonight show free thursday now tgit. they actually changed the days of the week as a result of your programming on result of your programming on this network.
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femalevery best mattresses at the guaranteed lowest price. plus, pay no interest for three years on the best brand name mattress sets. but the best rest event ends sunday at sleep train. ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪ >> heroic act in vallejo. smoke flames poor out of the home on kentucky street. city employee and passerby pulled a man out who was trapped inside. it was right in time. second and third degree burns. another man double am but tee also able to get out unharmed. >> san mateo county school bus driver lost her job because of how she treat add student. 9-year-old boy with autism. >> but his father has a hard time finding out exactly what happened on the bus. so he turned to dan noyes and the
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i-team. >> dan is here with the investigation. >> if there were a video off your child being treated badly by school bus driver would you want to site. would you have a right to see it in this case the police the school district and the bus company didn't let the father see that video. he can't understand why. city. 9-year-old lloyd santos a special ed indication student with autism. roosevelt elementary in daly city. >> is good job put in slow motion. >> happy inquisitive boy with quickly learned how my tv camp are work. >> you broke it. >> but something changed after school one day last may. when his grandmother met him at the bus stop he wasn't his usual happy self. >> my mom noticed that he was scared. he came off the bus and hugged her. then looking at the bus driver like that. grandma i love i grandma i love you. >> other students complain the driver grabbed lloyd after he refused to sit at the front of the bus so ask called police. daly city detective told jason
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santos a surveillance camera captured the incident. >> he saw the video and requested to see it he said i would i wouldn't suggest it because she gets even madder. >> after that initial meeting jason tells me police would not return his calls. so i began digging. after weeks of phone calls, door knock and public record request ty obtained a copy of the police report. detective recommended charge of willful cruelty to child. students on the bus told police the bus driver got rough with lloyd. grab the hoodie pushed him down picked him up with both hands picked him in the seat. he cried and baby bus driver stupid. bus driver told police she didn't touch lloyd only his clothes. i wouldn't hurt anybody especially little kids but he was defiant. i should have happened it differently. but the da office decided no the to prosecute. >> we determined that even though it was not necessarily appropriate conduct by the bus driver it does fall short of
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criminal conduct. >> deputy district attorney told me it didn't help the case that lloyd santos with not tell the investigating officer what happened. >> it appears because of his developmental disability that he was not able to have a conversation with them. >> but lloyd was very clear with me. he said he doesn't lake sitting at the front of the bus with the girls. he likes it near the back with the male friends. >> she doesn't lake me to sit with boys any more on the bus. >> lloyd was scared that day. when the bus driver came become to get him. >> grab me. >> she grabbed you. >> yes. >> grab you where. >> on the hood. >> on the hood of your sweatshirt. >> yes. >> my public records request to obtain lloyd surveillance video took me from the da office to daly city police. the city attorney the school district the bus company durham school services to the county office of education and county council who refused to release on grounds of student privacy
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fight they wanted to release the video they could easily protect the identity of the stunts open the bus by blurring their faces. you have seen the technique before. >> this is a very strong argument. >> peter heads the california first amendment coalition. and says there is no good wren to withhold the video. >> let the various responsible public officials know that if they make a mistake here and they need to figure out a way to exercise the considerable discretion. >> at least one public official has gotten the message. >> not disclosing it. these not right. >> daly city council member david can is pushing the county office of education to release the video. >> we have to learn from these events. and the more that we don't disclose or reveal it, how are we to learn on preventing the incidents in the future. >>reporter: durham school services confirms the bus driver lost her job after the incident. that's not enough for gist on san tochlts he
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wanted her prosecuted. still he doesn't plan to sue fight get money out of it you get this you get. that i don't want money. i just want justice. these all i want. >>reporter: at first the bus company turned down gist on request to see the video. but then they said they will let him come if but he can't have a copy of it. let you know how it turns out. if you have a tip for my next investigation call this number on the screen. e-mail me through the page at this web site. >> expect to hear more about this. >> let's hope soil. had you to go through such length to get this the far. >> let's turn your attention to the weather forecast. >> sand why it has been a hot start to faichlt it sure has been a hot start. today temperature the more like october than september. numbers were in the mid to upper 90's for had theest inland vaechlt 98 in antioch and livermore. 96. 92 in san
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rafael. 90 in san francisco exploratorium. 89 san jose and in oakland. when you take a look at a time lapse from our santa cruz camera you see how beautiful it was with the high clouds. temperatures did spike especially near the coast line. santa cruz up 21 degrees. pacific kawp 19. and 2 it was 16 degrees warm interhalf man bay. we go in the other direction tomorrow. live doppler 7 hd she you pretty mostly clear skies except for high clouds passing across the southern end of our viewing area. temperatures rate now mild to warm. 60's, 70's for many of you. you have to go to novato or half moon bay for the 50's show up. visit is good over downtown san francisco. forecast, not as hot as today. graduate cooling this weekend with cooler pattern setting up early next week. satellite radar showing you what's going on. high pressure here allowed the heat to peak today and after this it's all down hell. let's start with tom. it will be a little cooler and then as
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cold front kilometers through unfortunately inform rain witness. it brings about a cooling trend this weekend. sow look at the temperature trend for liver mir. tomorrow still going to be hot 95 degrees well above the ample of 83 but then the temperatures will slide as we head towards early next week. it's in the low joyce very pleasant weather headed your way. tomorrow morning no need to bundle up. temperatures in the low 50's to low 60's pretty mild start to your morning and then for the afternoon another warm to hot day. 96 in gilroy. 88 san jose. 87 santa clara. 86 sunnyvale on the planes it's milky sky like today that gave us beautiful sunset pictures. 87 in redwood city. mountain view 83. san m te'o 77 half machine bay and downtown san francisco from 90 to 80 so at least it's nicer. 80 from downtown area and in the north baylow 90's santa rosa napa 87 san rafael. east bay mix of sun and high clouds oakland hayward mid 80's head inlistened and it's still going to fell like summer. 95 degre
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degrees in livermore. 92 cop cord. 93 pleasanton fairfield accu-weather 7 day forecast we lose the heat as we hit the weekend. 80's inland vlts. 60's coast side still too warm. happening in there temperatures dip down to the low 80's. machined through we wed. that make it cooler than normal inland. mid 60's coast side. some very pleasant fall weather coming your way but if not a big fan of the heat one more difficult. >> get through it. >>
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the. >> pope prank is promotional. >> wax republic la rode around in a convertible around the big apple. clever. >> museum added the fake pope to the collection. very timel timely. the problem though some people thought it was the
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♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling... [snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. he. >> if we. since the giants chance of catching the dodgers down to sliver of percentage point the focus is on individual accomplishment. madison looking for 19th win of the year in san diego. on orange turs at petco park. crawford has been waiting and and waiting and waiting seven week for this. finally. home run no. 20. stuck on 19 since august the seventh 2 nothing giants. the solid game. 7 innings. allow 3 run
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runs. fans 9. manager went to the bullpen and that's when things went terribly wrong. bottom of the 8. the that scores the cory tie at 4 no decision for mad balm like last nature. bottom 9. walk off fashion victory. if of josh good night game over drive home safely. 5-4 padres. l.a. magic number down to 3. a's reduced to spoiler against rangers. great move to acquire cole. turn out brilliant. consider son blair on double play ball right there. top 8. and prince fielder hits this ball to neptune or maybe pluto. we were talking about mrut 0earlier in the evening. rangers sweep and a's and giants tomorrow night at the coliseum. thursday tonight football. this game borderline unwatchable. the 2 fog giants
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after safety. cousins picked off by prince the giants score to take a 9 zip lead after 5 more field goal. 18-6 after another cousin pick. manning finds 0del beckham junior the touch down. giants get the first we know of the year 3 32-21. the warriors open training camp next week to reportedly cholesterol to signing guard ben gordon who might provide more fire power if he make the team. former warrior guard go to the rack with authority no more. richardson play the first 6 years of 13 year nba career with the warriors 200 had 1 to 06-07. get up. always fun to watch. highlights galore. with j rich dunking machine. 7 sports brought to you by xfinity 1 final note there was a baby born at the giants padres game at petco park in the 3rd inning. his name is levi. the parents didn't stick
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around for the end of the game. she missed the exiting finish. everybody doing fichbility levi arrived. >> that's amazing. >> in style. >> yes thanks very much. cute. >> 7 news continues now on line on twitter face back and all the mobile device was our 7 news app. >> next newscast is at 4:30 tomorrow morning. tune in then but hang ♪
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>> that is our report this thursday. as always we appreciate your time. for all of us here, i'm dan ashley. >> mick sure to watch because right now on jimmy kimmel the woman behind tgit larry is so fond of. >> all over scandal. gray's fat my. shonda rhymes is on.
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have at night. have at night. >> see you tomorrow and now, abc's "jimmy kimmel live." >> dicky: from hollywood it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight -- shonda rhimes. dave salmoni and animals. celebrities read mean tweets live. and music from jill scott. with cleto and the cletones. and now, all of a sudden, here's jimmy kimmel! [ cheers and applause ] ♪


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