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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> welcome to friday. it is nice to meet you right there on this from day of the week. i am eric thomas. >> i am kristen sze. >> great to be here and have warmer weather but, still, comfortable. mike? >> that is the key. the sun is setting 2 1/2 minutes early each day. good news for the commute even with the lack of high clouds and no fog forming. look how light the breeze is in emeryville. you know when it is cool this will shake. waking up 50-60 at 7:00 with thin clouds but not like yesterday. it will not be so beautiful. 68 to 82. at 4:00, 68 to 94. leyla? >> as we take you over to the bay bridge toll plaza it is friday, can you tell?
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even still, already 5:00 and normally we ten to see more vehicles but remark is light. we do have an accident 880 northbound direction. c.h.p. is on the scene. a car planned on its side. possible injuries involved. no delays. no lanes are blocked. >> thank you, leyla. developing news in the south bay, san jose police are investigating a shooting involving their officers. a man is in the hospital. he is recovering from one gunshot wound after officers were called to a mobile home park for a welfare check. month officers were injuried. janet o is on the scene with a report at 5:30. >> the wait is almost over for apple fans. in three hours the newest iphone is on sale in the bay area. amy hollyfield is at the palo alto store. we are seeing a creative new way to wait in line.
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>> that is true. of course, we have the usual devoted diehard fans who got in line yesterday, physically here, in their chairs and sleeping bags. we also have an unusual person in line. it looks like it is a robot. we have someone to talk to, brianna from san diego is here with us. you have a robot in line. >> i love my apple products, i am a big apple fan and i wanted to come to the flag shop store. >> why the robot? >> i am in the comfort of my home, first. that is nice. i have friends who have been dropping off meals and a friend drop off the coffee and i thought it would be more interesting way to spend it. >> love it. brianna, thank you. this phone everyone is waiting for, the 6s starting at
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up to $89 looks the same other were that the new rose gold cover and new 3-d touch feature. is it worth it? we will find out at 8:00 weapon the store opens including the robot. the robot will be making the purchase. can't wait to witness that. we will cover all of the diehard fans. and the robot. >> it is 5:03. security is in full force at america's biggest and busiest city. new york city is where the pope has an action packed day as new york's finest appears for people's pope. we have the latest if lower man tat. >> at this early hour streets are closed.
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police barricades, 37 erected. >> from the seat of government to the financial capital of the world pope francis is in new york. the arrival medicine need. >> he is the people's pope. >> amid joy and excitement there is renext and purpose. the pope will address world leaders at the u.n. he will greet more than 80,000 at central park. he will visit with immigrants in harlem. he will celebrate mass for 20,000 at madison square garden. there is one stop in new york that has the potential to touch new yorker more than anything else: to the 9/11 memorial. the spiritual leader at new york's most sacred site. at the memorial, later today, pope francis will meet with victims' family and participate in the multifaith event with
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jewish rabbi and muslim imam. >> the holy father will visit the u.n. at 5:30 our time before addressing the u.n. general assembly at 7:15. at 80 he will take part in a multireligious service at the hen help memorial and museum and at 1:00 o'clock will visit a school in east harlem. at 2:00 people he lead as row says through central park and at 3:00 he will celebrate mass at madison square garden. we have a special live report when the pope addresses the u.n. when the pope addresses the u.n. general assembly at about and twitter@abc7newsbayarea. >> normalcy returning to middletown with schools open for the first time since the value fire. crews say the wildfire has burned 76,000 acres, is 87 percent contained.
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it continues to threaten 3,000 homes. mandatory evacuations are in effect for cobb. one person is still missing, a 61-year-old. >> the oversite committee patch el for the bay bridge construction project is penalizing the main contractor $11 million over the steel rods on the new span and will withhold $8 million of fine to pay for the $24 million retrofit to repair the 32 rods incorrectly installed allowing the salt water to seep in. >> lights are too bright at levi stadium. six commercial airline pilot boss fly in and out of mineta san jose international airport have filed complains with the f.a.a. claiming they everyone blinded by the lights coming from the stadium. the pilots say the late are a safety hazard. last year, the f.a.a. issued a safety alert bulletin. >> today, united states attorney general lynch will be in the east bay as part of the national
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community policing tour. the country's pop cop meets with richmond's mayor and police chief and visit a local teen center and hold a round table discussion to improve relations between police and the community. her visit begins at 2:00 p.m. at richmond city hall. >> now a check on the forecast. what do we have in store? >> we have a dichotomy going on, warmer inism, and mountain view and san jose and cooler about everywhere else, in the south bay we have our temperatures, campbell at 59, and same if saratoga and cupertino, and in the hills, los altos hills 71 and los gatos at 74 and milpitas at 65 and danville and newark at 60 and alameda and redwood city at 63 and half moon bay lack of clouds at 48, and heading into san francisco 59 and san pablo 52 and novato 51 and rohnert park is 49 for the cool spot.
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101 and 880 and san jose, mostly clear, and south bay we will top out at 90 and east bay at 87 and inland east bay, 94 and north bay 92 and san francisco is 80. walnut creek is 63 degrees right now. we are going to drop through the weekend ending up in the 60s weekend ending up in the 60s in 70s and in san jose, 87 is headed into downtown san jose it is looking clear. it is friday light. we do have one accident in the east bay along 880 near marina boulevard but mostly friend on the map. -- mostly green on the map. altamont pass is not as bad as it usually is.
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in solano county we have slow downs with construction northbound 680, to i 80, we have one lane that is blocked lasting until 6:00. plan ahead if you take 680 to make it in the northbound direction, you could find those cones blocking off a lane so always slow for the cone zone. kristen and eric? >> the pope's choice of a ride is giving an automaker a boost in sales in the money report. >> a horrific details on seattle bridge. >> new trouble for hillary clinton with the new lead rival, bernie sanders has a lead over her in a critical state. her in a critical state. stay tuned.
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>> los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> good morning, everyone, at 5:12 on friday. you are looking at our twin peaks camera at san francisco's lights and the beauty with not much in the way of clouds. mike is falling the forecast. >> uc berkeley police are looking for two machine who sexually assaulted a woman on campus on when night on oxford
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street. police say the two men offered to walk the victim back to her home went attack happened. the victim does not attend cal. authorities say she knew one of the two attackers. >> san mateo police credit tips from sole media for the arrest of a man who robbed a walgreens on tuesday including holding a knife to the pharmacist's throat. 26-year-old fill my ray evans was arrested from florida and only in california for a few weeks. >> investigators are take over the investigation into a deadly crash in see at that killed four students and injured 48 others. officials say a duck boat tour vehicle collided with the charter bus on a bridge. the duck boat swived across the lanes of traffic and t-boned the bus. the scene is cleared. the bridge is open. the four students who were killed were international students who attended north see -- see am --
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>> there is a required 10 percent cut in carbon emmissions sold in california by 2012. the oil industry said if they pass on the coast drivers pay $5 to $21 more anually that will rise between $12 and $48 a year for three years. the rules would combat climate change. >> california based group is asking the dmv to require police to investigate citizens involving driverless cars. it is necessary because right now the department is forced to rely on the company's version. the cars are being tested it is permit to have unbiased report on the accidents. driverless cars have been involved in 17 accidents. >> on the trail, new signs that hillary clinton's campaign is struggling with d rival bernie sanders has a wide lead over
5:15 am
clinton in new hampshire and shows sanders with 46 percent support among likely voters in newspaper numb d -- new hampshire democratic primary. >> former h.p. c.e.o. carly fiorina is in second place right behind donald trump whose support is shrinking to 26 percent losing ground to fiorina who has 16 percent of support among likely voters after the well received performance. the newly embolded rivals are calling him thin skinned and ill inform. >> if i quick talking to all of people that attack me i would have calmed under the rock. that is part of it. >> the new hampshire primary is the first primary to take place in the nation. >> we have ac/dc in concert tonight. we have a weekend ahead. we have plans. >> change of seasons. >> cooler weather. you can see it is caller than
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yesterday morning. you could need a heavier coat for the kids but not too heavy. it will jump and the 80s and 90s. our sutro tower shows how clean and still the air is. most of us are off to a cooler start the last hot day of my seven-day forecast. seven-day forecast. we have the winds are light. and variable. oakland and hayward at three. and fairfield at ten. reporting any movement of the air with the air stagnant, not a "spare the air" but warmer-than-average at 80 in san jose but we will be 88. not is warm in santa cruz, more comfortable sunshine, partly cloudy and 84. millbrae is 80 and san mateo is 83 and hang out 86 to 88 degrees for the peninsula. with a southern wind you can see the low clouds and half moon bay
5:17 am
is 70 and pacifica and daly city and colma, mid-to-upper 70's. 80 downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and we have san rafael, petaluma at 87, vallejo at 86 and around 90 at napa and santa rosa and at 92 and the east bay shore line, san leandro is 89, and richmond is 82 and inland we will start out none in san ramon and headed to walnut creek, concord, 92 and livermore, the wine country, 95 degrees. we will talk about what will happen tonight, playing for pride, giants and a's at the cove and dropping do 93 and we will drop into the mid-50s to low 60s tonight with more low clouds along the coast and some of that is heading into the bay. here is a look at the two areas of high pressure pushed out away by the cold front and that will clean our air out enough that sunday night you can watch the eclipse that will end at 8:23.
5:18 am
my seven-day outlook shows the temperatures by monday and tuesday they are a good 10-15 maybe 20 degree cooler. >> we start off with a look at the bay bridge toll plaza with traffic is starting to low, especially in the far right happened lanes this i'm. i saw a tow truck with the flashing lights apporaching the toll plaza so perhaps we have a car in distress and that is causing backups. the rest of the traffic fast trackers are moving at top speed. drive time traffic, i promised i would tell you how 680 was doing, doing fantastic at since minutes from highway 4 to highway 24 and when you get to highway 24 westbound through the tunnel to highway 13 to oakland it is eight minutes, a short drive and 34 minutes, tracy to dublin, we have seen a lot worse, and if you are making the drive over the altamont pass to livermore it will not take too much time. now back over to at&t park, we are talking about ac/dc they are in concert and kicking off at
5:19 am
7:45. expect major traffic jams. >> we take a picture from new york city, manhattan, where you can see the black fiat and pope francis coming out, arriving at the u.n. being beated of course by the secretary general ban ki-moon and giving a speech at the u.n. with a lost security, obviously, at the u.n. at this moment. >> we will provide a special report at 7:15 but right now we see the pope getting out, having been greeted by ban ki-moon and the cardinals accompany hill on the trips and tight security which appeared in front of you. >> more on what they will do. the pope will address the u.n. general assembly and have meetings with the secretary-general and the president of the general assembly. a lot going on.
5:20 am
stick around here with abc7. >> he has given himself an incredibly busy schedule. >> back with us, wall street starts hoping to bounce back after a comment by federal reserve chair sent stocks into negative territory. >> topping america's minute, interest rates, the fed chair said the record low rates will move up gradually bit end of the year making it more difficult to afford a mortgage or car loan. >> all indices opening down a few points in the red yesterday. >> the new apple iphones day butted this morning in china and australia and will be available in united states stores today. between 12 and 13 million are expected to be sole. >> the most famous fiat is, intoing major buzz, starting at $20,000 and dealers are hoping
5:21 am
the uptick in calls will trance hate to a sales surge. >> that is america's money. >> from stars on stage to the pope in the popemobile, the humorous twist a famous business put on the pontiff's visit to the big apple. >> he is not in the popemobile, poach francis is at the u.n. with ban ki-moon beside him greeting people before the historic speech. historic speech. his priority is always
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after, the holy father takes part if a service at the 9/11 memorial. this afternoon, the pope will celebrate mass at madison square garden. authorities investigate an officer involved shooting in san jose. officers were called to a mobile home park for a welfare check and shot the man once. he is in the hospital. no officers were gin you you injured. >> fans you camping out to be first on get their hands on the new apple iphone that can cost up to $750. in palo alto a robot is if line. >> president obama will hold a formal meeting with chinese president xi. they greeted him at white house. the meeting has a focus on raid and climate change. >> it is going to be warm today at 8-12 degrees above average. at the love 80s and 90s. you knowa cooling trend is on the way. the newest number for the
5:25 am
outdoor activity is ahead for the weekend. >> six, at look at the golden gate bridge, friday light, and we are looking at light conditions across the bay area and very few accidents. we hope it stays that way. drive safe. >> go ahead. >> we have an mays view of pluto with pictures from nasa with bizarre features and nasa describing this as "snake skin mountains," because of the texture. >> proud mama at the zoo in illinois is showing off the new bundle of joy, a baby gorilla. the little guy is just a couple of days hold. officials say he weighs between 4-5 pounds and is clinging tightly to mom. new baby marks four generations of western lowland gorillas at
5:26 am
the zoo. >> a pope prank in new york city turnout to be a promotion. it was a good one. a wax copy rode around in a convertible away the big apple yesterday, the wax museum added the pope to the collection and some thought it was the real thing and they did not notify the nypd but apologized for "any confusion." >> we have a full 90 minutes of news. >> including a look at the valley fire and nasa was able to capture new images of the area scarred by the massive place. >> and the embarcadero in san francisco and the ferry building, a clear day and fog building, a clear day and fog free
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning on this friday. september 25th. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. how is the weather forecast, mike? >> cooler weather. the high clouds are gone. we took off the blanket. you can see the lack of clouds on live doppler hd. there is no fog. the winds are 5-7 miles per hour for ferry riders with temperatures in the low 50s to low 60s. by noon, 80s inland and more sunshine. the heat remains. 70 at the coast and 80s and 90s for the rest of us and a cooler forecast coming up. leyla? >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza to capital you updated on the traffic building. the metering lights have not been turned on.
5:30 am
you can see fast trackers are nice space between the east bay and san francisco with the cashpayers. we have construction to much with out for on sunday, a closure of petaluma boulevard at highway 101. it starts sunday at 5:00 a.m. through monday at 5 o'clock a.m. 24 hours. expect delays. detours are in place. developing news as police in san jose investigate a shooting involving one of their own, a man was wounded. janet o has more from san jose. janet? >> this happened in between neighborhoods here in south san jose quite a large scene in the overnight hours and just cleared up an hour ago. you can see monterey road now is opened back up to traffic early this morning. this is after a shooting last night around 7:00 people. neighbors say they heard at least four gunshots fired and investigators collected bullet
5:31 am
casings on the scene. they towed away an officer's patrol car involved in the shootout. this started last night when san jose 3-d came to the area -- police department came to the area for a well chair check and an officer ended up shooting the suspect. this is no word on what threat or what happened. the suspect is now being treated for a gun shot wound. we do not know the extent of the injuries. no one else was injured. including the officers who were dispatched to the scene. >> the san jose police department has fired an officer charged with raping a woman while on duty. the 40-year-old jeffrey graves is acan youd of raping a woman after he drove her to a he tell after a domestic dispute with her husband. he has been in jail since march.
5:32 am
>> police are investigating an explosion in santa rosa that sent a 23-year-old to the hospital. the mast came from a shed behind a home at 10:30 last night. investigators say the she was used as a hash oil laboratory. the fire spread to a fence next to pan apartment complex. firefighters puts at the fire, the man was taken to the hospital with burns. >> pope francis arrived at united nations to address the largest gathering of presidents and prime ministers ever at the u.n. in new york city people are greeting pope and the crowd is baiting for a glimpse of the pope. he arrive add few minutes ago. wide areas of manhattan are close to the traffic this morning. thousands of police officers and secret servicing as are in full force ahead of the holy father's busy day. the agenda including greeting 80,000 people at central park
5:33 am
before celebrating mass for 20,000 at madison square garden. he will address the u.n. general assembly at 7:15 and then a multireligious service at 9/11 memorial. at 1:00 o'clock p.m. the pope visit a school in east harlem. at 2:00 he heed as procession through central park. at 3:00 he will celebrate mass at madison square garden. >> the iphone goes on sale with fans in new zealand were the first to get their hands on the device. folks at hoax are -- at home are lined up. a woman has a robot taking up the 15th spot in palo alto while she is in san diego and hopes the apple c.e.o. will open at 8:00 a.m. and give her a virtual fist bump. amy hollyfield will join us from
5:34 am
the store and look at the mania. >> fans in australia have their hands on the new iphone. in australia a woman used a robot to stand in line holding her spot since yesterday morning. they excited about the new features including 3-d touch letting users control tasks based on the pressure used. live photos add movement to the still photos. the phones start at $649. >> hundreds would lost their homes and businesses in the value fire are rebuilding with a huge crowd in middletown to talk about what to do next. residents will have to prove the losses to the insurance company and have trees checked for hazards before rebuilding. officials say many victims will cut their losses. >> some people do not have the america to rebuild.
5:35 am
they get the insurance money and by a house that is already built. >> officials say reconstruction brings more jobs and new power lines and more cable that could mean middletown will be better than ever. >> the imams were captured by nasa satellite with the dark red and orange indicating the burn car last behind bit valley fire capturing the magnitude of the wildfire which now has burned 7 76,000 acres. the scars mostly are around middletown and co bb which is still under evacuation although the fire is 87 percent contained. >> san francisco fire chief hayes-white is defending the response to the value fire. some are upset the department only sent one fire engine and some personal when there was a call for more help. the chief said sending more engines would stretch the resources of the city.
5:36 am
to clarify this is not personnel issue. we have 152 trained people. we were willing to send the people. what we were concerned about is stripping the city of the equipment. >> a strike team from san francisco was already at the butte fire east of sacramento and hayes-white said sending another strike team would mean closing fire station in san francisco. >> today, former 49er defendive tackle mcdonald will be arraigned on a felony of raping an intoxicated woman at his house in december. a grand jury indicted him. he was released by the 49ers arrest being named in the december 15 incident. he was signed by the kick bears would cut him after he was arrested in may on suspicion of domestic violence and child endangerment. >> a man caught on video hitting another with a hammer during a black lives matter protest in
5:37 am
berkeley is in custody as protesters looted a radio shack store. police say a 20-year old attacked a map trying to stop the looters and he suffered serious injuries. >> germany's volkswagen is looking to appoint a new c.e.o. investigation wagon and au -- i own -- volkswagen and au di owner could have trouble registering their vehicles because of the emission standards not being met. software was installed to trick the remain mission testers in the up. the epa could announce sweeping chains to how they test the emissions. >> mike has the forecast. >> temperatures in the north
5:38 am
bay, yesterday we talked about bay, yesterday we talked about the 40's and it is verified guerneville is 50. warmest at san rafael atup. vallejo is 84. tiburon is 62. napa is 58. same in san carlos where another 48. half moon bay, 58 in san ramon, lafayette is 63. newark and cupertino at 59. no fog in san rafael southbound on 101. hopefully the commute is clear. hot sunshine inland again from 87 in petaluma to 95 in antioch. the coast and san francisco has low clouds this afternoon at 70 to 82 and warmer-than-average with thin high clouds at 82 to 90. a sparkling morning, and clear. we will drop and the 60s, 70s, and 80s by monday.
5:39 am
leyla? >> we are starting off in san jose with a look at highway 101 near 880 and traffic is as light as can be if you have a night to quarter-inch and leaving town you will be in good shape as we look at the bay bridge toll plaza, trying to make director way to sfo from the east bay, it is packed. i have been checking to see if the metering lights are turned on and they just been town on so we have ten americans to wait of you get into the city. we do have some construction when you head into daily northbound 205, one hane is taken away until 7:00 a.m. so expect possible delays for the commute. >> 5:39, paying to walk. the pressure a group of lawmakers is put on the governor to kill a controversial pedestrian fee on bay area
5:40 am
bridges. and music to the ears of the fans but a noisy nuisance to the neighbors with the group about neighbors with the group about to rock out at at&t pa
5:41 am
5:42 am
5:43 am
>> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> we have a look outside the palo alto apple store on university avenue. a robot is there with the woman in the picture, brianna, from san diego, holding the 15th spot in line. a creative way to hold your spot. this is university avenue in palo alto where the iphone 6s is released at 8:00 this morning. >> in new york city, a different sort of crowd hoping to catch a look of pope francis in the u.n. conference room with ban ki-moon, the serve general, shown around having another photo op. there have been a lost photo ops and the pope is keeping a grueling pace. he is ready to address the john
5:44 am
assembly -- the general assembly. >> two men are called heroes pulling a man from a three story house on kentucky street yesterday afternoon in vallejo. two men pull add man trapped inside. he could not walk because he is a double amputee. the map was not hurt. another man who got out open his own suffers second- and third-degree burns. >> pedestrians and bicyclist never have to pay a toll to go across the golden gate bridge if two local lawmakers have it their way urging the governor to sign a bill banning sidewalk tolls on bay area bridges. the golden gay highway district said charging a fee would eliminate an operating deficit. the governor has until october 11 to sign or veto the bill prohibiting sidewalk tolls. >> victory for drivers in the battle between silicon valley technical giants and the schultz
5:45 am
driver -- shuttle drivers. they will get a wage increase up to $24. the union continues to negotiate with the employer. the drivers will be paid extra for split shifts. the raise is after a "san francisco chronicle" investigation showed several drivers were living in their cars. >> some who live near at&t park are hoping ac/dc will not shake them all night long on their "highway to hell," and some residents a mile from at&t park say their windows have shaken during protest concerts such as the rolling shown in -- rolling stones in 2005 with the noise pollution. >> the concerts are so loud you cannot be in your home it is unfair. >> officials have taken to mit
5:46 am
gatt the noise pollution with technicians in the neighborhood during the billy joel concert to take readings that are used to set decibel levels. >> if that isn't enough bicyclists will hold the monthly ride through san francisco at 6:00 people with motorists advised to avoid the bay bridge between 4:00 and 8:00 p.m. with public transit the way to go. muni will run extra trains. >> i live far away from at&t park, i will take a keg over to her house and ribs and music. >> some people complain about the airplanes. >> how is the weather? >> great. a lost stars. light breeze. it is going to be loud. a long way to the stop. >> here we go, year, did you
5:47 am
notice, did you stop and look at the clouds yesterday? what a treat. trying to get to the end is where the more impressive looking and beautiful clouds called the mayor's tale in the plains of kansas. look how beautiful they are. we have to move on, golden gate bridge west wind at seven miles per hour and hazy and not much fog developing along the coast. it will possibly as we head through the day with the high pressure letting up, the high clouds, we will see fewer, brighter and the warmth remains if place and autumn will return and october is next week. can you believe it? no rain. still. i will watch your neighborhood through the morning commute if the fog is thicker. leyla and i will correspond about that. still holding the cold front off
5:48 am
and we are fired up and the and we are fired up and the change of peninsula, and millbrae is about 80. 70 at half moon bay and the clouds are developing this afternoon with southwest wind. it will not affect pacifica and colma, mid-to-upper 70s, or sausalito, low 90 through the north bay, santa rosa is 93 and vallejo is 86. 82 at richmond and 87 in fremont and low-to-mid 90s in our inland east bay neighborhoods. we have a game for pride at the cove, 72 at 7:00, giants and a's down to 65. the heat will these tomorrow and we will be below average on monday, tuesday, and in october, wednesday into thursday. have a great weekend. what are you watching?
5:49 am
>> bart. it is recovering from an early problem with a delay on the pittsburg bay point line in sfo direction for debris removal. expect a couple of minutes delay. ace train and muni not fining delays and certainly light traffic if you travel along the san mateo bridge, making it between 880 and 101 is not going to be stressful. it is busy because the metering lights were turned on. be prepared. we have gravel if the road. i hate driving with gravel because it dings the windshield and that is happening approaching 238 and even on 580 so the gravel traveled quite a distance. watch out for the windshields in this area. >> thank you, leyla, new at 6:00, a car recall that could impact your commute with the issue that could leave you stalled out on the freeway. >> first, breaking news breaking
5:50 am
a land speed effort with a vehicle potential of reaching 1,000 miles per hour. a surprise at the giants and padre game that no one will ever padre game that no one will ever forget. stay tuned.
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50. >> we take you live to new york city at the united nations where you see pope francis sitting down with the secretary-general ban ki-moon in front of a lost staffers there who applauded, clapping, welcoming the pope. he is ready for the speech which comes up at 7:15 this morning to the u.n. assembly. we will carry a special report when the speech happens, george stephanopolis anchoring that at 7:15 this morning. christmas, three months away and no doubt 007 has this on his wish list. >> check it out. a supersonic vehicle called bloodhound part jet and part rocket, the world's fastest land vehicle with the goal to smash the land report of 763 miles per hour with a goal of 800 miles per hour next year and 1,000
5:54 am
miles per hour in 2017. experts have been working on the bloodhound for eight years. imagine driving to the east coffee in 2 1/2 hours. >> 763 miles per hour at sea level is the speed of sound. anot all action was on the field at the giant game, a pregnant fan went into labor and could not make it to the hospital and gave birth in the plaza. the mother and baby were rushed to the hospital and are doing "fine." before 9:00 people, they said "we welcomed a baby boy to the world this evening, first baby born at petco park." the boy was named levi, for the 49ers stadium? the giants lost in the 9th avenue so...the baby entered in the third inning and
5:55 am
winning then. >> and now ac/dc, the cannons going off could rattle the windows. dropping to 64 a gorgeous night with stars and clouds. >> you can taste while salsa at redwood city falling back to 67. the only football we have in town, division one or nfl is spartan stadium with the fresno bulldogs at 7:30 and it will be 73. have fun. leyla? >> the salsa is almost a fat-free food so do you not have to worry about the calories. walnut creek nine minutes between highway 4 and highway 24 with no accidents. we do not have big citizens other than a fender bender, tracy to dublin is congestion at 36 minutes. from dublin to mission boulevard
5:56 am
16 minutes and highway northbound from 101 to cupertino is 20 minutes at top speeds. >> the redwood city police department is creating an act of charity send this tweet of a homeless man. he is wearing a new boot and one old boot and redwood city police officer lee noticed the warn out conditions of the man's shoes and bought him a new pair. >> they say life is a roller coaster and sometimes so is a marriage proposal. >> indiana couple wanted to take >> indiana couple wanted to take a plunge, and gotten called "the provide -- voyage," and she had no idea. the couple did not rule out the possibility of getting married on a roller coaster.
5:57 am
the couple that screams together...stays together. >> new at 6:00, the woman jailed for refusing to issue same-sex marriage licenses in kentucky is rewarded for the behavior with a group honoring kim davis today. >> the punishment for the company that built the new span of the bay bridge after problems emerged over the construction. >> a look at the bay bridge toll plaza which is backed up and lame will have more on this and lame will have more on this and mike has the weather and we
5:58 am
5:59 am
wow. sweet new subaru, huh myep.? you're selling the mitchmobile!? man, we had a lot of good times in this baby. what's your dad want for it? a hundred and fifty grand, two hundred if they want that tape deck. you're not going to tell your dad about the time my hamster had babies in the backseat, are you?! that's just normal wear and tear, dude. (vo) subaru has the highest resale value of any brand... ...according to kelley blue book ...and mitch. love. it's what makes a subaru, a subaru. live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. a big day for iphone fans across the country and in the pay area. we are live with the lanes forming before apple's latest mobile phone is released to the public. >> the pope visits the u.n. with
6:00 am
a picture of the pope making history again as world leaders gather to hear the world's top religious leader speak. >> a warning for hyundai drivers, with the engines on thousands of cars could fail. what you need to know. >> a big day with the news and the pope's visit. i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> if you have tickets to ac/dc ticket. lucky, and we will find out how the weather is. >> great weather in the low 70s and falling into the mid-60s. mostly star filled skies. on live doppler hd it is cooler this morning. the kids may need sleeves rather than the wind breaker. you can see on the exploritorium no sea breeze. 50 to 60 at 7:00 and sunny and clouds not so thin. 68 to 82. by 4:00, we will still be


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