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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 26, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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with temperatures more typical for late september. that will be mid-60s half moon bay, about 74 san francisco. upper 70s in oakland. low 80s san jose. upper 80s concord and livermore. and still a few degrees cooler for the second half of your weekend. we will look at that and the rest of september, into october, coming up in the seven-day outlook. chris. >> lisa, thank you. this morning a team from the national transportation safety board will begin their first full day of investigation into the deadly duck boat crash in seattle. for the first time we are hearing from the bay area family that was thrown from the tourist attraction, but survived to tell their story. this fremont story was on vacation in seattle when the cash happened. she remains that hospital in washington state. we have more. >> this was supposed to be a weekend getaway from the moody family to celebrate a relative's birthday. instead the survivors of a deadly seattle crash that killed four foreign exchange students. >> this is a crash that greg moody saw coming a split second before the impact.
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are in trouble, and i saw us going right to the bus. >> greg, his daughter, kate, and his wife were sitting right behind the duck boat driver. it turned into a nightmare. >> i felt like we lost control and looked up and saw the buses headed toward us. >> before the crash he tried to protect his wife. >> i grabbed her and pushed her down and held her. i got thrown. >> he and his daughter were tossed out of the duck boat. >> i saw people running toward us from their cars to check on us. and everyone was actually really awesome. some lady helped me find my mom. her mom, pat, suffered a broken collarbone. she is still in the hospital. i talked to pat from the phone. >> i might have to have surgery
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on my clavicle, but they are waiting to see. >> and dad had a few cuts to his face. >> they aren't sure when they will be back home. abc7 news. an apology from cam trains executive director. i'm initiating an immediate, complete and authority rereview of the incident with the goal of identifying what occurred and recommendations to improve our response. our customers should feel safe and comfortable w he have to be better, even when faced with an extraordinary situation. here's what happened. a train rammed into vehicle in burlingame, disrupting the evening commute for thousands of people yesterday. it happened last night at about:530. the people inside made it out before the collision but did not say why it was on the tracks to begin with. sat one point people started leaving the train through the
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windows. a viewer sent us this video. the air conditioning stopped working and there was no communication from caltrain. around 7:00 caltrain sent out a tweet asking riders to stop leaving the train because there were other active trains in the area. one man headed to san francisco for the ac/dc concert was afraid he would miss the show. >> we had the tickets for six months and we spent a lot of money on the tickets. looking forward to it with my good friend, sierra, and just trying to get up to the concert. >> another viewer video shows riders hopping the fence to leave the track, both of which were cleared by 8:00 p.m. when you see news or interesting pictures where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us. we may show it on error online on now where one person died last night after two vehicles collided head-on. sky 7hd shows an s.u.v. knocked
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on to its side, and you can see the hood was crushed. several people were hurt. they crashed on castro ranch road just before 5:30 p.m.. the road reopened around 9:00 last night. >> a quick response from firefighters may have kept a building fire from spreading south of market last night. they believe it started as an electrical fire at door and harrison. because the homes are wooden and on top of each other, fires can easily spread. witnesses told us that firefighters were there just minutes after it started. san jose police say the man shot by an officer was trying to grab a shotgun out of a police cruiser. officers responded thursday night after 50-year-old ronald woods threatened to kill himself. when the officer arrived at monterey road, police say woods refused to follow their orders so an officer tased and pepper-sprayed him. but officials say it didn't work. when woods attempted to reach for the officer's shotgun case, he was shot. wood is expected to recover from his injuries.
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a home burglary victim in saratoga said she will not press charges against those responsible as long as they return a box containing the ashes of her late husband. this is the picture where the box was taken. it resembles a jewelry box so it may have been irresistible to the thieves. the woman returned home and saw two men run away from her house, get in a car and run away. it also contained his death certificate and four silver coins. 6:06 is our time. conservative republicans are cheering house speaker john boehner's decision to quit congress. he was brought to tears when talking about his meeting with pope francis. >> it was never about the vote. there was never any doubt about whether i could survive a vote. i don't want my members to have to go through this. i certainly don't want the institution to go through this. so especially, you know, when i knew i was thinking about walking out the door anyway.
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>> boehner has been under fire from conservatives, and was facing the threat of a floor vote to stay on as speaker. >> central valley republican kenneth mccarthy is widely believed to be next in line for the house speakership. it would be a rise for him. voters in bakersfield elected him just nine years ago. >> bedbugs are shutting down another bay area library. pest-sniffing dogs found them. all weekend events are on hold and the library will be closed until next tuesday for treatment. the mitchell park library in palo alto also closed because of bedbugs on wednesday. pope francis is about an -- just moments away from taking off from new york to philadelphia to begin the final full day of his tour. we are taking a live look at the airport. pope francis arrived by
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helicopter earlier from manhatten. he left the chopper once it landed, greeted a group of nuns and walked quickly to the waiting plane. hundreds of people waved flags and chanted the pope's name as he approached. holy father tripped on his robe going up the stairs but corrected himself. no harm done. he will visit philadelphia and enjoy a aretha franklin concert. we have more. good morning. >> new york gave pope francis the kind of group lent reception usually reserved for athletic heroes. capped off with a standing ovation from the 20,000 faithful who waited for hours to attend mass at madison square garden.
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>> papa francisco. >> the pope said good bye to the big apple. traveling now to the cradle of american democracy, philadelphia. greeting the pope hear, not the president or cardinals, but a family of an officer shot in the line of duty. bernadette held the family together through their recovery. >> just meeting him is a blessing. >> they are symbolic of the world meeting of families, the primary reason for the pope's visit to the u.s. preparations are already underway for the event. more than 1 million all wanting to see him, pope francis, the man who captured the nation's attention with his gentle smile and ability to lift us up through his example of love for the most fragile among us. >> and for this pope, who wants to be so close to his people, it's a particular security challenge. i want to point out this entire area behind us has been secured. anytime you want to go in or out, it's like going through the
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airport. from philadelphia, abc news. >> the sounds of legendary rock band ac/dc shook thousands of music fans all night long at san francisco's at&t park. but was it too loud for neighbors? cornell bernard has the story. ♪ [laughter] >> gloria from san carlos was ready to rock with her trademark light-up ac/dc horns. others were too. >> tell me why you are here. >> i love ac/dc. >> 38,000 fans backed into at&t to see a group that's been rocking since 1973. ♪ highway to hell >> phil morgan and his crew were blasting his signature song. >> they never changed, they are legit. they give you what you paid for. >> "money talks," and they don't have it on the list.
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>> they had a special song request. they traveled from miami in costume. >> before the concert started it was pretty loud near mccovey cove, registering about 80 decibels on my phone app. officials are staffing a noise complaint from neighbors within ear shot. >> we have people out there with decibel readers so we can address how each street is being affected. >> the sounds of heavy metal were a bit muffled, unlike concerts in the past. >> were there complaints last year? >> there have been complaints. but from where i sit i can't really hear anything. >> the music coming through loud and clear for those with tickets. the red horns glowing in the dark. abc7 news. >> lisa, it was a late night for all of those ac/dc fans out there. >> yeah, and we are getting some cooling toward sunrise wishes is just about an hour away. so we are look at a beautiful picture with the clear sky here
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from our roof camera. upper 50s in san francisco. very little change for your afternoon forecast in the cities because you have had some comfortable days. but the rest of you cooling off. the whole weekend. we will have that forecast and the look ahead into october coming up. >> lisa, thanks. also ahead, a police chase in southern california ends with a violent crash. the child caught in the middle of this hot pursuit. plus, the brand new i-phone went on sale yesterday. we will have the first review from "7 on your side" michael finney
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los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area. this is abc7 news >> in southern california a man is in custody after a high-speed chastened with a violent crash near los angeles. it happened around 10:00 last night in sherman oaks. police say the car crashed into several cars stopped at a red light. after the crash a woman and young boy was seen getting out of the back of the suspect's car. she was taken into custody. one person is listed in serious condition. no other major injuries are reported. now to the latest on the valley fire in lake county. the sheriff's department said all traffic restrictions will be i lifted today at 5:00 p.m. in cobb and the surrounding neighborhoods. cobb is the last area covered under the mandatory evacuation order. although the road blocks will be
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removed, not all rue till tis are destroyed. fire is the 2% contained but 2400 firefighters remained at the scene. a middletown rancher sure has a story to tell as he chased his horse across town after the devastating fire from slept through lake, napa and sonoma county. little did he know the horse and animal rescuers were two steps ahead of him. we have more. >> like a bolt, lightning fled his middletown pen in the aftermath of the middletown fire. nearly two weeks later his opener, randy, finally caught up. >> we got a horse back! >> he got beat up. >> while on the lose, lightning tussled with the stallions. >> i think he got the short end of the deal. of course, i haven't seen the other horse. >> eventually another rancher brought him to middletown animal hospital where jeff smith and e much. there was a black tie state dinner last night that president obama host ford chinese president. on the menu wild mushroom soup, poached main lobter, pope seed
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bread, lamb, and pudding. among the guests, mark cuban, apple tim cook and facebook's mark zuckerberg. the city judge allowed a nude-in march after they were denied a parade permit. the emergency order said it's their first amendment right to march. it will go along market street to the castro district to city hall and back. the city's nudity event for nonparade events will continue on. >> thousand of people who preordered the new i-phone 6s and 6s plus are playing with their new gadgets this morning. "7 on your side" has partnered exclusively with "consumer reports" to test out the new phones. heres michael finney with the
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good and the bad. >> "consumer reports" started its testing of the new i-phone 6s and the larger 6s plus today. first up, photo experts tested the upgraded 12 megapixel camera and compared it to previous cameras. >> in our preliminary camera tests we found the upgraded camera and only slightly improved over the i-phone 6. you probably won't notice the addition of 4 meg pixels. >> but you notice the new file size on the new live feature. the files take up three times more space than still photos but the sizees may vary, depending on your subject. testers found that the updated 5 megapixel selfie camera has a wider angle lens and works better in low light. that's because the new retina flash uses the phone screen to light up your face. the screen is made of what apple says is the strongest cover glass used on any smartphone in the world. to check if that makes it more scratch resistent, consumer reports put it through an abrasion test. they found it was no better than resisting scratches than the i-phone 6. >> if you have an i-phone 4 or
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5, you might consider upgrading. you will appreciate the higher camera and some of the new features. but if you already have an i-phone 6, you won't see much of a difference, and you might want to save your money for the next phone apple is bound to rollout next year. >> i'm michael finney. >>ry an apple i-phone fan? >> i have to say i am. >> i'm trying to decide if i should upgrade now or hold off. weather-wise what, can we expect as we head into the weekend? >> things will be a little cooler. not a lot, but a little. there is a lot of fog out there. that means for the fog fest, yeah, it's appropriate. the sun coming up after 7:00. sets at about the same time. so equal amount of day light and darkness with fall arriving last wednesday. here's the fog. it's pushing in south of the golden gate and will continue to look at a little bit of is along the san mateo coast. overall things are clear and we are quiet. light winds. the good news is with light winds, the clear skies and the
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lower dewpoints the cooling is underway right now. 57 san francisco. 60 san jose. 67 morgan hill and half moon bay. and from the emeryville camera it's quiet out there. another really nice afternoon today with temperatures a little above average but pleasant. 64 by the delta. looking at a southwest wind about 10 to 125 miles an hour. temperatures will reach just about 90 out there today. definitely cooler than it's been. you see the low overcast here from the exploratorium camera. we will look for the cooling to spread around bait this weekend with the stronger on shore push. a mild pattern into next week. the last day of september is wednesday. october arrives on thursday and we will be looking at warmer days once again, and it does look dry. we will also anticipate this, the total lunar eclipse of the moon when we've got the sun, the earth and the moon all in a straight line. we have a little bit of patchy
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fog to deal with by tomorrow. you see the moon rise at 6:56, setting at 6:59 but it should be a brilliant site. i would check it out. with each and every day we may get a little more in the way of low cloudiness but it won't last and won't be widespread. the source of the cooling is an upper level low. it won't do much except for the fact to strengthen the marine layer and the westerly winds to 20 miles an hour. cloudy skies, low to mid-60s through noontime in pacifica. about 68 degrees by 3:00. and you will get a few peaks of sun. 64 at 6:00. looks to be a pretty nice day for sure. in the south bay about three to four degrees cool ersan hose. 8 in morgan hill. the warm numbers from there to gilroy. 82 sunnyvale. peninsula you are down 2 to 3 degrees. low 80s for redwood city. 78 san mateo. 67 in pacifica. san francisco in the 70s.
6:22 am
for you little change. some fog as you head toward daly city in south san francisco. 86 in sonoma with mid-80s in san rafael. getting on the warm side. but certainly a nice average. 76 for any hayward and berkeley. 79 union city. fremont check in at 81 at 3:00. 89 in pleasanton. the san ramon valley, 87 degrees and about 90 in antioch. the accuweather seven-day forecast. 60s coast, 80s around the bay, about 90 inland. slightly cooler tomorrow. the trend continues into monday and tuesday and the last day of september. and then we look for reversal with more sunshine and more warmth. staying dry, but no offshore winds, which will be certainly dangerous this time of year. you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7hd anytime with the abc7 news weather app. it's free. we have more information on abc7 >> many people enjoying the relief from the heat. >> yeah, it will be nice. >> coming up next, 21 rolls of
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>> governor jerry brown has two weeks to decide if he will
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block a proposal to charge a toll for the pedestrian bridge on the golden gate bridge. it's an idea to raise revenue, but not everyone likes it. abc7 news followed assembly members as they walked across the famous span yesterday. they offered a bill that would prohibit tolls for walkers and bikers. >> we want to reduce greenhouse gas necessary california, charging a toll on pedestrians and riding a bike is the wrong way to go. >> charging a sidewalk toll on the golden gate would raise up to $1.5 million annually. that's a sidewalk toll. the bridge faces a $30 million deficit. check this out. here's a school official with a sense of humor. that's principal michael fong at sutter elementary school in santa clara duct-taped to a wall. it took 21 rolls of tape to get him to stick. he challenged his kids to collect change to buy books. the class that raised the most money, $238, really got to stick it to him. congrats to that. much more ahead on the saturday
6:27 am
morning news. republican frontrunner donald trump armed with a bible. why he was booed by the conservative crowd. and the sexual predator who could soon be back on the street. a judge's warning to find a suitable place for him, or else.
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>> half past the hour. thanks for enjoying your day with us. i'm chris nguyen. let's go to meteorologist lisa argen. >> hi, chris. you can look at this for a while. this is the exploratorium camera with the clear sky. not much to show you on live doppler hd. a little low cloudiness along the san mateo coast. but at 57 degrees it's a beautiful start to your weekend. we have a cooling trend underway for all of you, except in san francisco where it has been pretty pleasant in the low 70s. 57 morgan hill and half moon bay with oakland checking in at 59 degrees. speaking of the low cloudiness just a little bit south of the golden gate from half moon bay to pacifica, then it will wipe out and bring partly sunny skies to the coast.
6:31 am
>> much of the north bay will be clear. we will talk about the temperatures and how much you will cool down for the weekend and look at a portion of october coming up. >> lisa, thank you. republican frontrunner donald trump didn't receive the response he expected from a crowd in indiana. yesterday he attacked republican rival marco rubio, calling him a clown. the crowd quickly turned on him. abc news reporter tom has the story. >> donald trump, walking into the values voter summit, bible in hand. >> most importantly, i brought my bible. [applause] >> promising to save christmas. >> you go to stores now you don't see the word "christmas." it says "happy holidays." i want to see "merry christmas." remember that expression? you don't see it anymore. you are going to see it if i get elected, i'll tell you that right now >> but then committing a political sin. >> this clown, marco rubio, i've been so nice to him. [booing]
6:32 am
>> slammed with boos. rubio rising in the polls and taking on trump. >> he can't have a conversation about policy because, quite frankly, he doesn't know anything about policy. >> but trump knows how to fight and he's all over rubio. >> i think he's a baby. >> trump once squarely centered on jeb bush, but now bush facing criticisms about what he said over african-american voters. >> our message is one of hope and aspiration. it isn't one of division and get in line, and we will take care of you with free stuff. >> singer john legend tweeting it's always the guys born on third base talking about black people lining up for free stuff. >> i spoke with senior members of jeb bush's campaigns. they tell me his comments are taken out of context. he was talking about empowering people because the democrats' war on poverty has failed. abc news, new york. >> 6:32 is our time. >> today is national drug take-back day. that's the subject of president obama's weekly address.
6:33 am
the president pointed out that more americans now die every year from drug overdoses than they do in car crashes and most aren't two to cocaine or heroin, but rather prescription drugs. he said it's time to change our approach with drug offenders. >> getting smarter about how we address substance abuse disorders is a vital part of reforming our criminal justice system. rather than keep spending billions of tax dollars on needlessly long prison sentence for nonviolent drug offenders, we can save money and getting treatment to those who need it. >> today between 10:00 and 2:00 you can take all of your expired or unneeded medicines to any police department, they will be accepted, no questions asked. happening today, an electronic music festival gets underway in mountain view and attend december are being urged to put their safety first. it's at shoreline amphitheater and it's called beyond wonderful. electronic music concerts are
6:34 am
notorious for drug use among audience members. public safety officials say people should be watchful over their drinks, be hydrated and have a backup plan in case they get separated from their friends. a sexual predator could soon be roaming the streets homeless unless officials resolve their differences. the predator, 51-year-old fraser smith, is due to be released from a state hospital, but officials have been unable to settle on where he will live. vic lee has the story. >> the judge gave solano county prosecutors until october 13th to find a home for fraser smith. the 51-year-old convicted rapist is soon-to-be released from a state hospital. the judge threatened to release smith as a transient if the d. a. fails to meet the two and a half week deadline. liberty healthcare, which contracts with the state to help sexually violent predators re-integrate, said it's looked into more than 4,000 places which met jessica laws strict
6:35 am
restrictions on distance to schools and parks. it's the most the program ever conducted for placing sexually violent predators. the last being 3,000 inquiry n smith's case they found only three homes. two in solano county and one in contra costa county. >> the rights of these villains should not take precedence over the rights of our community, our neighbor, our lives. [applause] >> because of fierce opposition from neighbors in a court ruling, those offers fell through, including this one on moloda drive, fairfield. it's been a save, beautiful community. we want it to stay that way. >> i'm also a home school teacher, as well as a full-time teacher. i have students in my home. >> if smith is released as a transient, he may be housed in motels in solano or possibly other counties, moving him every five days. the d.a. opposes the court order, saying it's virtually impossible for his office to investigate whether these motels are in appropriate areas. vic lee, abc7 news. the parent company of
6:36 am
safeway has filed to go public. albertsons completed its purchase of the chain in january. now the company expects to raise as much as $1.8 billion in the ipo. they plan to use the money to reduce its debt. safeway is the second largest grocer in the nation, second only to kroegers. >> campaign finance reports shows >> airbnb is spending $3.5 million to fight proposition f. it turns homes into impromptu hotels. it would require to give reports on how many nights the property is rented.umber of rental nights. according to "the chronicle," a union representing hotel owners and the san francisco association are two of the biggest supporters in support of proposition f. the san francisco municipal transportation agency is rolling out new muni buses, more service and new connections today. it's all a part of the agency's fleet replacement project. 60-foot hybrid electric motor coaches and 60-foot trolley coaches will begin today.
6:37 am
also starting tody, new service times. most of the buses are arriving earlier than before. in one case ten minutes earlier. muni is making both all-day and and come buses more frequent. still ahead, india's prime minister comes to silicon valley this weekend after a decade's long absence. but not everyone is happy about the visit. we'll explain. as we head to break, a live look outside from our sutro tower camera. a beautiful view to wake up to. lease arm will have the full saturday morning forecast in a few minutes.
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this is abc7 news. the baby panda at the national zoo now has a name. first lady michelle obama and the first lady of china abounced yesterday the panda will be named bei bei. it means "precious treasure" in mandarin. the cub is doing great and already doing better than when other cubs were at this stage. >> abc7 news was at blackwood elementary yesterday as students got a hands-on experience of making weather balloons. they have gotten advice from n.a.s.a. scientists and experts from bloom sky, a personal
6:41 am
weather device company. yesterday morning everyone had a chance to test their designs. the exercise taught the kids about science, but perhaps more importantly, teamwork. and you never know, lisa, there could be a future abc7 news meteorologist waiting in the wings in that group. >> i love that. that's great. we are waking up to mostly clear condition. you can see from our roof camera it looks pretty nice. upper 50s in san francisco. no win to speak of, and very little stratus. we will see a lot of sun, but it doesn't necessarily means the heat returns. i'll explain coming up. >> also ahead, a's and giants fans packed the coliseum. people really enjoyed the game, but one lady, ri
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this is the all-new gle coupe. a mercedes-benz suv with the heart and soul of a race car. . >> welcome back a live look at philadelphia international airport where the pope just arrived for the final leg of his u.s. tour. pope francis will begin his trip to the city of brotherly love by celebrating mass at cathedral basilica of st. peter and paul later this morning. he will also go to independence mall where he will be addressing immigrants. stick with abc7 news and for more on the pope's trip throughout the day. >> tonight san jose state hosts their biggest rival, fresno
6:45 am
state. kickoff at 7:30 p.m.. this afternoon warriors all-star klay thompson will throw out the ceremonial first pitch before today's giants-a's game at the coliseum. last night the dodgers magic number now down to just two. here's larry beil with highlights from this morning's sports report. >> good morning, everybody. we know this has been a disappointing season for both the giants and the a's. a little late season fun with a september bay bridge series before this afternoon's big three reunion. 36,000 on hand last night, including one poor giants fan surrounded by the a's crazies. giants get on the board in the first. matt duffy with a two-run jack. deep to center field off of sunny gray. 2-0, giants. gray would settle down after that. in the third, 2-1 game. billy burns yanks one to right off mike leake. a's up 3-2. and billy butler, your good-ole
6:46 am
here, adding on in the sixth. the a's are up 4-2. in the seventh we are talking tape measure right here. jared parker off of ryan. a home run derby. way out to the second deck in center field. 454 feet. giants down a run, threatening in the eighth. loads the bases. sean doolittle gets max to pop up. a's snap the skid. this is like a throwback saturdays as they honor barry zito and tim hudson. two pitchers who started their careers together, grew up in the a's organization, will face each other. the other member of the big three, mark mulder, will be there as well. it will be a special day, assume you are old enough to remember zeits and huddy when they wore the green and gold 15 years ago. >> the kids in the stands, they don't have a clue who we are. their parents probably do. but these kids are like, you know, huddy? who is that zeito guy. >> rare friday night game for
6:47 am
stanford at oregon state. kevin hogan did start for the cardinals, bad ankle and all. and after the win over usc, you figure this is classic let-down scenario for the cardinals but kevin hogan wouldn't let it happen. 42-yard strike to austin. 14-7, cardinals. stanford with big lays in this better lig plays in this game. third quarter. look at hogan. winds it up and all alone. two defensive backs. i don't know how the wall got through. we said it 1,000 times. maybe david shaw is beginning to listen, although i doubt it. lee is electric. a 65-yard touchdown and stanford rolls 42-24. the warriors will open up training camp next week. the defending nba champs. they have enjoyed the off-season. the head coach steve kerr said staying on top is tougher than getting to the top. a short off-season. >> i don't want the guys burning themselves out. but the mentality changes a little bit.
6:48 am
part of it is, as i said, a deeper level of confidence. but what you have to be weary of is feeling too many. or feeling too happy. feeling like, you know, there's nothing left to accomplish, which obviously isn't the case. >> that's a wrapping on morning sports. have great weekend, everybody. i'm larry beil. >> lisa, the weekend off to a cool start. >> yeah. we are looking at 50s and 067's. we have mostly clear conditions outside. the clear winds. the sea temperatures are cooler and the relative humidity is up a bit. and we are looking at right now live doppler 7hd. the official sunrise just after 7:00. you notice we have a little bit of stratus, but not much. so we are waking up to some very pretty pictures out there with the sun up over san francisco, the exploratorium camera. you see a few clouds. 61 mountain view. 60 in san jose. good morning to you. all the locations will be anywhere from 3 to 5 degrees cooler this morning.
6:49 am
from emeryville to oakland it's a clear and cool start. in the north bay. 56 in napa. 64 by the delta. the southwest wind taking you out of the 90s today from concord to livermore. you were well into the 90s yesterday. should be into the upper 80 eases today. this vantage point you can see the low cloud deck. it looks pretty interesting here. it's not going to last. for fog fest in pacifica, it will be there for the first half of the day. cooling spreads throughout the day area this weekend. that will bring us a mild pattern into the end of september. wednesday. then by thursday, as october begins, with he will see some warmer numbers. typical for this time of the year. good news is we aren't looking at offshore winds, which also is a typical component for september and october. with high pressure wackening it's grip, we have low pressure dropping off into the pacific northwest. that's enhancing the on shore push. that's about it. we will see the patchy fog, temperatures coming down, the six to ten-day outlook. and our seven-day outlook takes
6:50 am
us through the end of the week. as we go through ten days, we are still looking dry here. can't get any rain in yet. so we will keep you posted on that. in terms of the numbers across the state, pretty typical. 70 with the sunshine in monterey. look for upper 70s in lake tahoe. 96 in press no. and southern california at about 90 degrees. all with partly cloudy to mostly sun my conditions. as we enter into the final weekend of september, it looks very comfortable with 78 in san mateo, and oakland today. 74 in san francisco. you notice the shade of red here. that indicates the warmer 80s and near 90 from antioch, 83. and san jose. that's about three to five degrees cooler. upper 70s from san mateo. 1 palo alto. 83 santa cruz. if you are heading into oakland this afternoon for the game about 1:00, you will see
6:51 am
72 degrees. and through 4:00 it should drop a degree or so with west winds up to 15 miles an hour. the accuweather seven-day forecast. the warmest day out of the next several as temperatures continue to slide through the end of the month. then we will look for the warming trend coming thursday and friday. good thing, off-shore flows and heat we will take a break on that. >> lisa, thank you. we want to take you out to philadelphia this morning where you can see the pope just arrive at the international airport. he will spend the last two of his six days in the united states in philadelphia as the star attraction at the world meeting of families. it's a conference for more than 18,000 people from around the world that's been underway as the pope traveled to washington and new york. again, we are taking a live look at the philadelphia international airport where the pope's plane just touched down on to the tarmac. this pope very active on social media and he has certainly connected with thousands of people during his historic trip.
6:52 am
he will greet these people and then head off to an event downtown where he's expected to celebrate mass. and then on to a visit to independence mall. we will stay posted on his travels throughout the day. again, you can can more regarding his visit on the later editions of abc7 news. the prime minister of india will headline a massive community reception in silicon valley tomorrow. more than 18,000 tickets are distributed. while many are thrilled about his trip, others are questioning his motives. the prime minister of india will have a reception in silicon valley tomorrow. more than 18,000 tickets were distributed. while many are thrilled about his trip, others are questioning his motive.
6:53 am
>> the prime minister narendra modi will take center stage at the s&p center in san jose. it's an event many indian native americans have been waiting for. >> we want to share in the pride of having the prime minister come here. he's bit of a showman, likes to play to the gallery. enjoys being in these large venues. >> split castro valley science professor says this a plays into the prime minister's strategy to introduce new technology to india. >> it's a great opportunity for them to enter the indian market with the support of the indian government and that is probably what lies behind their invitations to mr. modi. >> at east santa clara street, requests for catering and reservations have gone up since he said he was coming to town. >> he talked about lets all come together and work toward the progress of every country. so that's what i believe that he's looking at the bigger picture. >> critics accuse modi of previous human rights violations saying he's trying to convert india into a hindu-only nation. they plan on on protesting morning at a town hall hosted by facebook and as well as a reception later that evening. >> we wanted to have the complete religious freedom for every minority, every religion like we have in the united states. we wanted to have the same model in india.
6:54 am
>> this is the first visit by an indian head of state in more than three decades. coming up next, the pet parade helping dogs and cats in need of forever homes. this year's grand marshal will be dressed up for
6:55 am
6:56 am
>> happening today, a parade of our four-legged friends will take center stage in burlingame. it's the twelfth annual burlingame pet parade. animals will be decked-out in
6:57 am
their saturday vests proving nothing is more cute than a dog in a costume. it will go down broadway avenue and actual law vista avenue. there is a grand marshal. be sure to say hi to casper the duck, if you head out there. the fun starts at 10:00 this morning. lisa, final weather check. >> for felines and canines it should be pretty good. take a look at this shot. the marine layer is just at about 600 feet or so. it's not going to get in the way of much this weekend. in fact mild to warm inland today with about 88 in livermore. >> 78 san mateo, 74 san francisco. with he are cooling three to five degrees away from the city. the cloud will be around pacifica for the fog fest but it fades away and we will see temperatures continue to cool through the rest of the weekend. tomorrow the total lunar eclipse. we should be able to see that. some fog at the coast. and then warmer as october arrives. >> thank you. "good morning america" is next. a about.
6:58 am
cc news returns at 8:00 a.m. see you then. ññ when account lead craig wilson books at he gets a ready for you alert the second his room is ready. so he knows exactly when he can settle in and practice his big pitch. and when craig gets his pitch down pat, do you know what he becomes?
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remove 4 times more stains than detergent alone. good morning, america. new details this morning. the beltway bombshell. house speaker john boehner abruptly resigning from congress. the stunning announcement, the tears and the singing. ♪ zip-a-dee-doo-dah zip-a-dee-a ♪ >> did seeing the pope inspire his decision? [ speaking a foreign language ] and now the question, who will replace him? pope and circumstance. crowds go wild in new york city for the pontiff's spectacular big apple visit. >> it's the pope. ♪ alleluia >> his moving mass. the standing ovation and the next stop, philly. >> the life-size perfect francis perfect selfie. >> team coverage of the historic visit. "gma" there every step of the way. also this morning, caught on


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