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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 26, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> never let the day end without making peace. >> words of wisdom tonight from the pope in the city of brotherly love. good evening, and thank you for joining us. the pope is spending his last night of this historic u.s. trip in philadelphia. it was another day of huge crowds and high spirits. about a quarter of a million people turned out for the closing festival of the world meeting of families. earlier today, thousands lined up for a chance to see the pope drive by after his arrival in philly. and take a look, this touching moment shortly after the pope landed is going viral. he signalled for his driver to stop and walked over to young
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boy who was ill and blessed him and gave a blessing to his family before heading to mass. during his address to philadelphia he called for americans to honor their ideals of liberty and equality. sergio quintana has more. >> well, natasha, using the of brotherly love, the pope spoke at the lectern. his is a message that is stark contrast to an anti-immigrant political tone this summer. during this address, he spoke to the spanish immigrants who arrived to the country he told them to hold onto their traditions. >> i ask you not to forget like those who came here before you. you bring many gifts to this
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nation. he reminded americans to honor the history of caring for the poor and welcoming immigrants. it's a message that many catholics in the bay area are happy to hear. >> and hopefully people will listen and look in their hearts and look at the good side, not the bad side about it. >> when he talked about how the immigrants had built up the country and how we're all immigrants i think it sent up a powerful reminder. >> but not everybody agrees with what the pope is saying. >> if the pope and the catholic want the immigrants to come to the country they should not expect the american taxpayer to pay for the immigrants. >> he supports republican donald trump's efforts to put this issue back on the political spotlight. but he does not agree with all the billionaire candidate's proposals. so far the popes words have been the loudest contrast to a summer
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dominated by trump's mostly anti-immigrant message. >> the pope wraps up his u.s. visit tomorrow with a mass in philadelphia. coming up tomorrow, the pope's message and what he says is the most important thing. meanwhile, the prime minister of india is visiting silicon valley for the first time. prime minister modi met today with ceo tim cook and the heads of google, microsoft, qualcomm and adobe. you can see the heavy security presence there. tomorrow governor jerry brown will meet to talk about climate change, renewable energy and the digital economy. modi will speak to thousands. one group plans to protest accusing modi of human rights violations and trying to turn
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india into a hindu nation. and the chp tried to pull over a motorcycle tonight but the riders took off. officers chased the man and woman on the bike for about one minute until the motorcycle hit a car. both people on the bike were thrown off and got hurt. police arrested the rider on the bike for suspicion of drunk driving. and today, an explosion happened early this morning. the explosion was caused by an equipment failure, according to pg&e. power was out for about 58 customers. federal investigators in seattle say the front axle of the duck boat involved in the deadly crash was sheered clean off. today the ntsb inspected the wheel of the vehicle. they don't know if the axle came off before the boat or after it swerved and hit the oncoming
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charter bus. four international students were killed in the wreck. it looked like the boat's tire came off and the boat flew up. >> we do plan to take that along with other parts of the front axle and front drive mechanism and send it back to the laboratories. it's way too early to say anything about probable cause. >> tomorrow, investigators will begin to interview survivors inclu including a family from fremont who was on that duck tour when it crashed. >> it felt like we lost control and looked up and saw the bus heading to the area. >> the woman and her mother are in the hospital with broken collar bones. and one of the most destructive fires in california history is nearly under control now two weeks after it started. the valley fire is 95% contained, burning 76,000 acres. the fire destroyed more than 1200 homes and 27 multi-family structures which included
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duplexes and apartment complexes. they are working to fix the landscape destroyed by the fire. and the fire is 90% contained. burning 475 homes. all evacuation orders have now been lifted. the red cross is helping six people after a fire destroyed their san jose home. it happened around 4:30 this afternoon right near south light road. the fire quickly went to a second alarm. it was under control a short time later. fortunately no one was injured. well, it was a beautiful day around the bay for most of us. right now -- you know, there is a little bit of haze out there, is it clear out there? i can't quite tell, drew. nice temperatures along the way. >> there is actually a bit of fog along the coast. there was a gorgeous sunset, this is the sunset, high cirrus clouds moving through, thanks t a cold front pressing to the
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north. a gorgeous sight across the bay. high today, 65 in san francisco, 78, oakland, up to 94, livermore. santa rosa up to 87 degrees. as we round out the final days of september we'll be greeted by a cooldown. we'll have the accuweather forecast in just moments. natasha. >> thank you so much, drew, no air conditioning and little communication. witnesses describe a scene of near panic after a minor accident holds passengers on a train in burlingame for more than an hour. more on the response tonight from caltrans. >> caltrans is back on track along the peninsula but friday's commute came to a screeching halt. sky 7 hd was over burlingame where a northbound express train struck two unoccupied cars on the tracks. none of the 900 passengers on board were hurt, but no one could get off. mark schultz was on board saying
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there was little communication from the engineer and then the air conditionint went out. >> very quickly went up to probably 120 degrees. people started to sweat. i was -- there were elderly on the train i started to get concerned about. >> reporter: cell phone video shows people escaping out of the train's emergency windows. those who stayed on board took to social media. mckenzie shared this social video with us. others had questions about what was going on. one tweeted how long will the delay be? it's hot in here, another says i'm on the train that hit the car. it's hot in here. can someone bring me a fan. car two, gray t-shirt. police telling some passengers to stay on board. >> they threatened everybody with arrest if they jumped out. >> reporter: caltrans officials say the rail was still active, getting off was too dangerous, but getting a new train to put
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passengers on was taking longer than expected. >> i sincerely apologize to the passengers, we have to do a better job. >> more than an hour later passengers were on the way after a long, hot and scary commute. in burlingame, cornell barnard. thank you, cornell, this is the third train accident this week, on tuesday a train hit a car on san mateo. then wednesday, a train struck a man who was standing on the platform of the san antonio station in mountain view. a caltrans spokesperson said he was standing too close to the train. he is expected to be okay. still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00. concerned parents hit the ticket line. their warning for customers of a busy convenience store in the north bay. and it happened again. more bed bugs discovered at a bay area library. what is being done to prevent them from spreading. and later, a teen hailed as a hero after standing up to a bully. what he did and how it got him
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los altos, antioch, petaluma and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. the neighbors who were concerned about their kids have a message for customers about their convenience store. abc 7 news was at the circle k on francisco boulevard east as protesters called for a boycott of the store. the group youth for justice has been asking circle k remove sweetened energy drinks that contain a high percentage of alcohol. some customers they say are
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teenagers, and target the market even though they can't legally buy them. >> they say are highly processed for kids. these are the drinks that are the transition drinks been soda and alcohol. >> abc 7 contacted circle k, they told us no comment. a viral protest on social media hit several bay area restaurants today. and the group hash tag with dog meat movement sent us this plea, they posed as customers asking for dog meat, saying that they view it as hypocrisy for loving some animals and hurting others. the building security team did the best they could to diffuse the situation. exterminators will treat a library in berkeley that has been closed for the weekend because of bed bugs. abc 7 news was at the west
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branch as people found the doors locked because of the closure. bed bugs were found in the downstairs men's rest room, under the chair of the computer rooms and a chair in the reading area. >> i'm sort of shocked, i don't know how bed bugs spread in a public building. i thought they were hence the name bed bugs. >> so what are you going to do? >> come back with my sophisticated. >> the library is expected to reopen by tuesday. today, they helped the raise money for a teacher whose daughter has an aggressive form of brain cancer. this is her event today. she has dipg, a series of tumors that have been fatal in every child case. abc 7 was there today for a fundraiser in her honor. her mom says the community has been supportive of her efforts to fly zamora to england for a
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medical trial. >> the survival rate is 7%, and my daughter has it. many children in the world are touched with this, with no progress. >> and mayor lee was there today to support the event. and we checked the go fund me web page, they have raised $30,000 for the goal. and today, the nation's key performance was held at the mill valley community center. the items were donated by world famous musicians. felicia gaston was recognized for her work. she started the project that helps young people get in the arts and stay out of trouble. abc 7's cheryl jennings mcrd the
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event. and sunday, a super blood moon will be able to be seen. it only happened four times in the last 115 years so you can't miss it. a super blood moon is only visible during the lunar eclipse, and only when the moon is the closest to the earth. and drew, please tell me we won't have fog blocking the view. >> this is the bay area, we're known for the fog, the fog is trying to make a comeback. we'll talk about who has the best chance of seeing a lunar eclipse. a quiet picture, but you're seeing cloincludeclouds from th southwest. you missed a little bit of low clouds and fog along the horizon coast. it's bringing cool temperatures along the coast. in san francisco, half moon bay has cooled off to 52, or 61, san mateo, 65, san jose, and livermore also coming in at 71
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degrees. along with the satellite showing you the clouds streaming in from the southwest overnight tonight. what we're watching and waiting for the arrival of, there is an area of high pressure sitting off to the west. with a pool of air sliding to the east over the next couple of days. gradually cooling down the temperatures. it will also bring us high clouds. so future weather tomorrow morning, 9:00 a.m. you know patchy cloud cover here and there. watch what happens into the evening hours. 7:00 in the evening, pretty much from san francisco south there is a good veil of cloud cover. what you want to do is look towards the eastern horizon around 7:11 p.m., the lunar eclipse, seeing this view will be in the north bay. we'll show you the tropical storm that is quickly falling apart, move to go the west at about 8 or nine miles an hour. watch out for the big island. a wind advisory gusts of 50
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miles an hour, for the entire island chain. she likes to stay south of the island chain so the brunt of her effects offshore. and a mix of stars and clouds out there. very nice sleeping weather with temperatures falling into the 50s across the board. highs for sunday, starting in the south bay, 83 san jose, 84 cupertino, 56 for pacifica, 63, daily city. 83 san jose, oakland tomorrow, 75. 81 in fremont. 87 pittsburgh, 88 pleasanton. fog to sunshine on monday, the cooler pattern hits us mid-week next week. a quick bump up on the temperatures as october begins on thursday. so the north bay, best chance of seeing the moon tomorrow unobscured. everybody may see a break in the clouds.
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the nudists legally marched through the streets of san francisco today. quite a sight. a judge ruled yesterday they could be granted the parade permit because you see the 2013 ordinance banning public nudity allows it during parades. organizers say it's important for them because nudity is an important form of expression. and a man sat for hours outside the bart station. police called out a mental health counselor to talk to him. eventually the man decided to climb down on his own. and people flying in and out of minneapolis are in for a treat. take a look at this, a landscape recreated of van gogh's olive trees, a giant version is there.
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stan heard planted five months ago, using crops, rocks, mulch and soil to make this art. it was commissioned by the institute of art to make the 100th anniversary. it will not last forever, only until the fall. how cool is that? >> that is amazing. >> i mean, the patience it takes. meanwhile in sports we had a big reunion to talk about in oakland. >> we did just that. quite a day for the a's and giants fans, as
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this abc 7 sports report is brought to you by xfinity.
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>> barry zito and tim hudson's career were likely, both won world series titles with the g-men. today they faced off with each other in a farewell to arms. neither had a performance to remember, the two from the get-go, top one, allowed a double to byrd. 2-0 lead, we go to the top. jared parker likes the long ball. and he says just that. barry zito packing. 4-0 lead, hudson did all right in his half of the first but in the second appeared to lose control. bases loaded, he walked eric sogard for the first run, then hit the third, zito, concerned for his friend as is mark mulder, ends in the third with a great ovation from the crowd.
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zito then exits after walking in the first. bitter sweet game for the one-time aces. 14 and 10, the final. >> i just kind of came in the dugout and was like wow, i couldn't believe i got to be on the field in the a's uniform and receive an ovation, because when i had last pitched in the major leagues i thought there may be never another time on the field, let alone for the oakland a's. >> obviously things different work out how i probably wanted them to, with our performances. but the fans were awesome. they really showed their appreciation. you know what we have been able to do over the years, and i wish we could have done better. but -- >> what a great story, the undefeated cal bears with a nice ring to it. against the huskies of u-dub, ready to do what he can do.
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second quarter, cal down 7-6, bouncing off guys like he is a pin ball. 12-yard store, bears take a 10-7 lead. late in the half, goff off the quick strike. bears up 27 at half time. keeps the play alive. he will find timmy lawler on this one. they hold on to a victory, and improving since 2007. san jose state first conference of the year. the tyler irving show. he ran for the highest huddle this season in division one football. 300 yards, a san jose state record. this is the kind of game that could seal the deal for an nfl contract. he is quick, elusive, a great teammate. 2 and 2 with a 49-23 victory. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. appreciate it, still to come
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tonight, the pope gets ready to wrap up his u.s. visit. what he is doing on his last day and his message to the united states. and hear from the southern california team who stood
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live from the kgo tv broadcast center this is abc 7 news. good evening. in tonight, headlines, california highway patrol officers caught a suspected drunk driver in richmond at the end of a motorcycle chase. the chp tells us the man and woman on a bike crashed onto a car and got thrown from their bike. officers believe the driver of the car had been drinking. the bikers were both injured. five dozen people in san
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francisco were still in the dark after a pg&e electrical transformer exploded. this morning's blast injured two people. tomorrow, governor jerry brown will meet with the prime minister of india. narendra modi is in silicon valley to talk about climate change and energy. they will talk about digital matters. and the pope is in philadelphia at this hour. the pope brought his message of love and compassion to the cradle of the nation today. and as on every stop of his whirl wind tour, his good will was returned a thousand fold. abc 7 news reporter marcie gonzales has the details. amazing grace, on an incredible night. pope francis on stage at the festival of families in philadelphia sharing a moving message about families.
11:37 pm
and praying before a crowd of thousands. >> in practice, and the virtues of family life. >> reporter: people who traveled from around the world lined up just to see him pass by. waving from his fiat, then his popemobile, smiling and kissing babies. >> just wanted to reach out and touch him. had that feeling about him. >> reporter: the pontiff in the u.s. for the first time visited the birth place of our country. outside of independence hall he talked about religious freedom and immigration. >> too often, those most in need everywhere are unable to be heard. >> reporter: but the real message in this city of brotherly love was in the loving, tender heartfelt moments like this. >> he is a people's pope.
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>> he is a people's pope. he is amazing. >> and tomorrow will be another full day. up to a million people are expected back out here as pope francis returns to the same stage to celebrate a final mass before returning to the vatican. marcie gonzales, abc news, philadelphia. >> those fireworks were in his honor. thank you, marcie. facebook ceo mark zuckerberg wants to bring the internet to people around the world. he met with world leaders at the u.n. in new york today announcing a special partnership aimed at ending poverty through connectivity. >> first of all, we make connections from governments to civil society. today, i'm pleased to announce facebook is partnering with the one campaign, organization and leaders and public figures all over the world to support the declaration. the declaration recognizes internet access as an important element of human rights.
11:39 pm
>> zuckerberg wants to bring the internet to refugee camps. it has been a year since over 100 students in mexico disappeared. one student's father was with a group on the way to a protest. mexican authorities said corrupt police officers attacked them while on their bus. the government investigation found six students were shot and killed. the rest were handed over to a mexican cartel who allegedly burned their bodies in a landfall and tossed their bodies into a river. however, an independent investigation found no evidence the students were burned. now to a high school student in orange county who refused to stand by as a classmate was being bullied. the target? a visually impaired teen who was being punched over and over. abc news reporter talked to him. >> reporter: this video seen by thousands prompting an
11:40 pm
investigation by authorities. watch as an alleged bully appears to attack a student who police say is visually impaired hitting him several times in the head before cody pines leaps in, knocking the alleged bully to the ground with one punch. >> i know he has problems and that is what made me so mad is that he was picking on a kid that doesn't need to be picked on. >> reporter: abc news reached out to the alleged bully. he did not return our messages but did tweet about the incident saying i never knew the kid was blind. he came up to me and tried to fight me. so i fought him. now i have eight stitches in my ear. the video exploding on social media. twitter and facebook flooded with praise for pines. more than 40,000 students signing a petition demanding huntington beach high school not suspend pines. the high school releasing a statement saying pines would not be suspended. friday, pine says the alleged
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bully apologized to him at school, prompting pines to tweet, i would appreciate it if everyone would stop giving him hate. he learned his lesson, now let him move on. >> it is not worth it. you are ruining their life. like you need to think about that. >> you may be surprised by how much water you actually go through each day. just ahead we're not talking dishes and showers. adding up your hidden water use. and i'm abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma, a nice start to the weekend, but a
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. novato, oakland, sunnyvale and all the bay area. as the drought continues, santa clara wants residents to help keep an eye on dangerous and dry vegetation. they released a reporting app that can tell you what is dangerous and how to keep brush and grass safely trimmed. it can also help you report an area and location. the app is available for apple and android devices. and californians have cut home water use by about 30% this summer. it's a serious effort that is starting to pay off. abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma is here with why it may not actually be enough. >> a lot of our water use is
11:45 pm
hidden. you may actually soak up ten times more water than you think. >> how much water do you use in a day? state statistics show the answer is about 100 gallons. but that is only what you use at home. water researchers say we're really using a lot more. >> your grand total is, 1,835 gallons. >> per day. >> per day is how much you use. >> oh, my gosh, that is a lot, right? >> that is a lot. that all inclusive water is called your water footprint. >> so all the water it takes to eat the food you have, and products you buy. >> a nonprofit product has created a calculator so you can figure out your own water footprint. we had water volunteers test it out. >> 3,51 gallons per day. >> no! >> yes. >> the questions include your faucet, toilet, watering your
11:46 pm
yard, then comes thinks you may not immediately connect with water. how many miles per week do you drive? >> every mile uses about 3/4 of a gallon of water. >> how much do you spend on dog food a month? >> pet food requires a lot of water. and so does our food. what we eat generally accounts for 2/3 of our water footprint. livestock uses water, too. >> watch what happens with two meat eaters in the house. you just dumped about 2,000 gallons. >> reporter: the numbers are not exact calculations, they're averages, based on people with similar habits. >> we're just giving people a snapshot. an estimate. but at the same time it gives people an estimate of what they're using. >> how do you do your laundry? >> i just buy more clothes.
11:47 pm
>> the calculator asks about shopping habits because it takes water for just about everything you buy. for example, a new pair of jeans requires 100 of gallons of water just to grow the cotton. >> i buy clothes all the time. >> there is also water used to produce our electronics, our television, our phones and even our electricity. >> researchers say even though home water use is down the state's overall water footprint is going up. >> the trend is that we're increasing our consumption of goods and services and of the water associated with that. >> but many people who tried the water calculator say they will use what they learned to make changes. >> can you do it? could you go all meatless? >> i can do it. >> cut your shopping, too, and you will save money and water at the same time. >> and we have a link to the water calculator and lots of water-saving tips at this is so depressing, i
11:48 pm
thought i was doing great, no eating meat? >> you have to recycle those jeans. >> don't they say put them in the freezer? >> that doesn't sound fun. >> i want nothing to do with that. take it away, drew, with the freezer. >> what about the freezer -- >> it is supposed to kill bacteria. >> how is the weather, drew? >> the lower 48, showers in the deep south around new orleans, some thunder out there. seeing showers, we'll zoom into california. and you do notice we have lots of sunshine out there. 91 sacramento out there. 95 fresno, 107 in palm springs, in san diego, nice and sunny, a pretty comfortable temperature of 82 degrees. here in the bay area we'll see high clouds moving in. a pretty nice day. we'll call it warm, not as hot. antioch, 88 the high in
11:49 pm
livermore. downtown san francisco up to city degrees, seasonal for this time of year, 83 the high for san jose, half moon bay coming in at a nice temperature of 65 degrees. here is the accuweather seven-day forecast. mild to warm out there with high clouds moving in. fog to sunshine on the way for monday. notice that cool pool of air moving in by tuesday, wednesday, fall feeling around here. just in time for october, sunshine, autumn warmth on the way for friday. >> put them in the freezer. i want to go to college football in a second. but do you wash your jeans? >> i do wash my jeans, i only have one pair of dad jeans, about 40 years old. they still fit. >> good for you. >> the cal bears, 4 and 0 for the first time since 2007. with their second straight win on the road as they hold off washington. and a thriller, all right, we have all the details. wh
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. the undefeated cal bears now 4 and 0 winning their pac-12 opener on the road against the huskies and u-dub. ready to roll. second quarter, cal down 7-6,
11:53 pm
vic enwarre bounce back, bears take a 10-7 lead. late in the half, 28-yard score, bears led 27 at the half. goff with 342 yards, two touchdowns, one interception. third quarter, jarrett keeps the play alive. finds kenny lawler, 100 yards rushing, 27-7. was got it close. but jake browning, in the final minutes, cal went 30-24, for the first time since 2007. >> got another one next week, against a good washington state team. you know, we're making progress and getting better and really proud of our players. they made a bunch of play s tody to win this game. >> it would be a turning point, coming in next week, i know, 3 and 0 is big. >> vernon adams, with oregon and
11:54 pm
utah, jeff locke started last week, travis wiln, to briton covey, second quarter, brought life to the organization. after the locke interception, booker to covey, utes win, 67-20. back in tucson, arizona, taking on ucla. arizona jumped up in the opening drive, solomon hits down the middle. 34-yard strike, 7-0, arizona, ucla fires back. duart with a one-handed catch running for in 35 yards. tied game at seven after the bruins recover an arizona fumble, paul perkins gets to the outside, 16-yard touchdown just like that. bruins up seven, second quarter, solomon leaves the became with
11:55 pm
an apparent head injury. ucla cannot be stopped. perkins, one-yard touchdown, 42-14, three on the night. ucla scored on six of their seven drives in the first half. 56-30, the final. gary patterson, taking on texas tech, this has one of the wildest finishes of the day. tcu down 52-48. intended for josh dockson, eric green is there makes the catch able to get a foot down in the end zone. last play of the game, red raiders, no time on the clock, escapes the defense. gets it to washington for 23 yards now they start laddering down the field. they get close, but the team can't make it to the end zone, tcu survives, 52-55 the final. and leonard fournette shows why
11:56 pm
he is the heisman frontrunner. taking down the quarterback, slips it to fournette. he is gone. 48 yards down the sideline. this 14-yard touchdown run by fournette. lsu up, 7-0, a career-high 244 yards, two tds. third quarter, 62 yards for the score. fifth straight game, lsu winning 32 and 24. everyone watched the zito matchup, two 15-year vets, but parker stole the show. things got goofy. a's take a lead in the third. mark hanna hit the ball that should end the inning. watch this, i can do that the ball falls. parker made up for it. giants down 10-7 in the seventh. giants down 10-9. now tied at 10 in the eighth.
11:57 pm
bases loaded for parker again and you guessed it. grand slam off ryan dulles third of the day. parker down with three homers, at least seven rbis since willie mays won it in '61. >> pretty wild for us, thinking about it now, yeah, it was pretty crazy. >> it will be the best baseball game ever -- >> yeah, we can say that pretty solid solidly. >> this is the abc 7 sports report, brought to you by xfinity. and that is
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