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tv   ABC7 News 430AM  ABC  September 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am PDT

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the path office that sells special and hoo discount tickets and clipper cards that can be used on muni and the ferries as well. i checked online to see if any were on sale for less than their face value, some were on craigslist. others were $100 face value cards for $60. the chronicle reports this investigation was started over the summer after it was discovered by marng. a different bart manager is on administrative leave. no word on how much these tickets are worth. reporting live at the fremont bart station, matt keller, abc 7 news. a child is in the hospital after a boating accident in the secretary of state san joaquin river delta. the boat hit something in the water last night. the boy was injured and the boat began to flood and sink a nearby boater towed the disabled body to the marina. authorities are trying to determine what caused the accident. happening today, two
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correctional deputies accused in the beating death of a mentally ill inmate will be back in court. matthew farris and rafael rodriguez are expected to discuss bail options. farris, rodriguez and a third deptdy, jereh lubrin, face murder charges. the next hearing is set for october 13th. indian prime minister narendra modi is on his way to washington, d.c. to address the u.n. security council. modi spent the weekend? silicon valley and brought a large emotional crowd to san jose's sep center. lilian kim has the story. >> reporter: india's prime minister narendra modi entered san jose's sap center before an adoring crowd. people came from the bay area and beyond. in fact, these microsoft employees drove 16 hours from washington state for the chance to see modi in person. >> this time he's concentrating
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mainly on technology-related issues. we are excited to see him. >> reporter: outside sap center a much different story, shouting protesters stood behind the hundreds of people who came to watch modi on a giant screen. >> he may want to modernize india, but the fact is that nobody knows that modi creates a sense of hostility for all religious minorities. >> reporter: but the prime minister's record on human rights failed to gain much traction with the people he actually came to see. he is here to promote his digital india initiative which calls for high speed internet access and tech jobs to raise india's standard of meeting. his meetings included mark his meetings included mark zuckerberg and jerry brown. >> i believe that he realizes he cannot be successful without silicon valley and frankly
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silicon valley is eager to help india moving forward. >> reporter: these santa clara university students are eager, too. eager to go back to india as soon as they graduate. >> we see a bright future for ourselves and that's what we have been waiting for, for a good change. >> reporter: a changing india that clearing has deep roots here in silicon valley. in san jose, lilian kim, abc 7 news. president obama is set to meet with the prime minister this morning shortly after the president's address to the u.n. general assembly. aids say the speech will focus on diplomacy and peace fortunately solutions to global problems like the iran nuclear program. this afternoon he is expected to meet with russian president vladimir putin. the two are expected to talk about syria and how to deal with isis. democrat hillary clinton will bring her presidential campaign to the bay area today. she will hold four private fundraisers over two days. she has events scheduled in saratoga, belvedere and a rend da today. tickets run $2700 per person.
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carmel police are going through surveillance video in an effort to find the person who vandalized a statute of newly canonized saint junipero serra. the carmel mission basilica provided these photos. white paint was splashed on graves of europeans on the mission grounds, but not knows of native americans. some activists blame serra for a genocide that killed thousands of native americans. they say the van dals broke into a utility closet to get the paint. volunteers have already cleaned up much of the damage. the basilica is asking for more volunteers today to finish the pope. pope francis declared serra a saint last wednesday. >> pope francis told reporters he was surprised by the warmth of the american people. francis gave a wide ranging interview before his plane landed in rome. he described washington, d.c. as warm, new york was a bit exuberant and philadelphia demonstrative. yesterday as francis celebrated a giant outdoor mass he finished
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with a special request for the hundreds of thousandes in attendance. >> and i ask you pray for me. don't forget. >> francis also met privately with sexual abuse survivors. the pope told reporters the sexual abuse of pope by priests is a sacra ledge and the church must not cover these things up. little town schools are set to open for the first time today since the valley fire. middletown high and middle schools along with middle canon and coyote middle schools will start this morning. classes at cobb elementary will be held in portable units. the fire has scorched 118 square miles in lake, napa and sonoma countees and destroyed more than 1200 homes. the valley fire is now 97% contained. a dwindling weather system may have been part of the reason the valley fire spread spred so quick limit according to the
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chronicle san jose state researchers blame recommend nents of hurricane linda, the system brought unusual tropical moisture to california's coast as well as powerful wind. those strong gusts apparently caused the fire to spread quickly during its first 12 hours snoot butte fire east of stock ton is now 95% contained. it burned 110 square miles. to the south in monterey county the tas sahara fire is 100% contained. it burned nearly two square miles. a good portion of the bay area got to see a rare sight in the sky. abc 7 news was along san francisco's embarcadero as local astronomy buffs lined up to see the super blood moon. it hops when three events coincide, a full moon, lunar eclipse and the moon reaching its closest orbit to the earth. >> it's just rare. out of all the moon around the earth and configuration of the geometry to get that eclipse
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right. >> and here is how the super moon looked above the rockies in denver. the last one occurred in 1982. the next one will be in 2033. so if you missed it you are going to have to wait a long time. those of you in our abc 7 now community have filled our social media pages with photos of the super moon. thanks to victoria see, kelly coleman and tam wynn for this instagram photos. use the #abc7now. >> i meant to get out there before i went to bed but i totally forgot. >> some of us were covered in fog. so here is a look at our radar satellite, sweeping radar showing that we are picking up the clouds, some cooler temperatures are on their way for the next few days before things heat up once again. our visibility is going to be impeded a little bit, especially in petaluma, half mile visibility, less than a quarter mile at half-moon bay.
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pretty much all visible throughout the rest of the bay area, however, we do have a little bit of a light gust. pretty calm in the north bay, 5 miles per hour in the southeast direction in novato, calm in hayward and livermore as well. 3 mile per hour gusts in san carlos. here is a look right now at the golden gate bridge and we do have pretty nice temperatures on their way for our day planner. cooling off, some comfortable temperatures indeed, 78 degrees inland with some more cloud cover for lunchtime, 70 degrees around the bay, 64 degrees along the coast. by 4:00 p.m. temperatures reading 85 degrees, 74 along the bay and sunset will be a little earlier today with those temperatures very mild. temperatures very mild. sue, how is traffic?<
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oaks. 580 eastbound at el charro to airway and various stretches road work to be picked up by 6:00 this morning. eric, kristen. 4:39. bay area cyclists fight back after they were' targeted by vandals. next, hazard coming across on a popular trail and the action they're take to go find the culprit. also mystery solved. the major announcement nasa will make this morning about the red planet. abc 7 "news now" showing you the bay bridge toll plaza where traffic is just zipping right along. along. we will see if that changes
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good morning. it's 4:41 on this monday morning. somehow it doesn't sound so bad right now when you look at this gorgeous picture of downtown san francisco. just a few fingers of clouds as they say. so optimistic you are. >> yes. >> he says. 4:42. san francisco mayor ed lee says he will veto any legislation that would allow cyclist toss make rolling stops. that's according to the chronicle. last week supervisor john of a lows hoped to introduce legislation that would make ticketing cyclists the lowest priority for police. he said he is not willing to trade safety. someone is laying out metal tax, it's happening on the popular route of kings mountain road and cyclists are alarmed. these tacks have been pos
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out along the road. eight riders of a cycling club had eight riders get flat tires. >> once the tacks get embedded sometimes it takes a while for the tires to deflate. it could be a while before you realize and if you are going at a high speed it's very easy to lose control of the bike with a high speed crash. somebody had placed tacks pointy side up inside a crack on the road so they were guaranteed to get flats. walter says something more needs to be done. he is trying to raise a $10,000 reward to find the person putting down the tacks. in concord a homeowner fought back against a man who tried to sale a package off porch. the homeowner says his grown daughter watched them drive by several times and the man-made eye contact with her as he ran up to take the box. as he ran back to the car the homeowner chased after him. the man dropped the box, but
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before he could leave the homeowner reached into the car and grabbed the woman's purse with her id inside. he turned that over to police. they have identified the man as daniel price. in 2012 he was caught on camera and arrested for the exact same crime. officers are still looking for him. this morning nags is a is teasing us with the old line i know something you didn't know. the agency will only say for now scientists have made major discovery on mars, they will reveal details later today. abc news reporter sara haines has some clues. >> reporter: the red planet has space bands red hot. >> i suspect it's going to be something that will increase our interest in going to mars. >> reporter: nasa tweeting saturday mars mystery solved. monday morning scientists say they will reveal an out of this world discovery. >> i claim this planet in the name of mars. >> reporter: galaxy gazers are hopeful. blowing up social media with alien speculation, this better be aliens, nasa.
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so it's mar shans, right? water on mars, of course. h2o possibly, but what do co-that mean? >> that there is some sort of life form, microbial life that might be discovered and also the possibility that you could support human life there. >> reporter: since 2006 scientists have been taking closer look at water on mars and just earlier this year there were talks that the mars rover spotted an ancient lake bed. with the soon to be released matt damon flick "the martian" mars is back on our radar. >> in your face, neil armstrong. >> reporter: but however the stars align this latest discovery will surely be astronomical. >> that was sara haines reporting. the announcement will come during a news briefing this morning ats 8:30. be sure to follow abc 7 news on twitter for updates on the big mars mystery. >> mysterious. >> did you see it?
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>> no. >> the moon, blood moon? >> i thought about it sunday and of course you get busy and forget so show us the video and pictures. >> the answer to your question is no. >> we were all watching the backs of our eyelids. it was also foggy in the north bay which made it difficult for people to see the blood moon but we hear it was spectacular. here is look at the live sat lied. the clouds are returning to the bay area. we have an area of low pressure that is going to be bringing us cooler temperatures, a little bit of relief finally. we do have no rain in the forecast, however, current temperatures, you are looking at mild condition, 49 degrees in novato, 50 napa, 62 fairfield, 60 concord, 58 hayward, fremont 57 degrees, 57 in los gatos as well. mild start to our morning commute if you're headed out to the bart station. our highs for today we will be a little warmer, 81 degrees in san jose, other parts of the bay
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area along the peninsula, for instance, a little cooler, 75 degrees in san mateo, cooler along the coast at half-moon bay and pacifica 66 degrees, san francisco under 70 degrees with some cloud cover there as well. north bay looking at temperatures reaching up to 86 degrees in ukiah, 83 degrees calisto calistoga, 77 degrees as you head closer to antioch and as well as the inland areas, 74 degrees in san leandro. moving inland our warmest temperatures in the bay area, 89 degrees in brentwood, still a little more cloud cover. lows for tonight, mild conditions, nothing above 60 degrees. all low to upper 50s for the bay area. 51 degrees in nap parks 58 antioch, 56 degrees in san jose. here is a look at my seven-day forecast. you can see those temperatures slowly but surely dropping by wednesday, but we have got another warm up ahead with temperatures reaching the mid to up were 80s. even 90 degree temperatures by
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friday so it looks like summer is not quite done with us yet. >> good morning, everyone. we have and sent did he san mateo bridge toll plaza. lanl number 7 apparent lit big rig hit the wind screen there. delays getting to the toll plaza, once you're past the toll plaza traffic is moving nicely on the flat section towards the high-rise. earlier problems in the mountain view area near shoreline boulevard with debris in the lanes. it's clear but we still have about nine vehicles off the shoulder with flat tires waiting for tow trucks and to have their tires changed there. giants/dodgers tonight with a big series at at&t park, expect delays all around the park, 7:15 start. here is a look at some of your drive times, 580 into dublin just under 40 minutes, highway 4 and 101 into the city from marin under 20 minutes. eric, kristen. tesla motors is expected to unveil its much anticipated new lower priced vehicle this week.
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>> reporter: in today's tech bites it's a rolling piece of technology going to hit the streets tomorrow. >> it's tesla's new suv called the model x, standard all wheel drive and tesla says it's sold out until late next year. >> pebble has unveiled what is it calls the thinnest and lightest smart watch in the world. the new pebble time round comes with a choice of finishes as well as strap sizes and colors. >> it hits stores in november with a starting price of $250. >> and music streaming might be in the wave future but it turns out that vinyl records are making a bigger profit. >> in the first half of this year vinyl brought in $220 million which is about $60 million more than the top music streaming services combined. >> i wouldn't have sold my old ones. it's now 4:49. opponents of the mandatory
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school vaccine law doubled down. coming up, the new effort underway to reverse it at the ballot box. also a breakthrough for women battling early stages of breast cancer. why many may not need to undergo chemotherapy. abc 7 news showing you our high definition look from the rooftop of the embarcadero, the rooftop of the embarcadero, the bay bridge, welcome to fort green sheets. welcome to castle bravestorm. it's full of cool stuff, like my second in command... and my trusty bow. and free of stuff i don't like. and in my castle we only eat chex cereal. chex cereal. it's full of delicious crunchability. no artificial flavors, and it's gluten-free. and that's something even my brother ... sister can understand. mom, brian threw a ball in the house!
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4512 on this back to work monday morning. a live look at the golden gate bridge where traffic is very light this time of morning. also may have some light fog there as you see the lights there. we will check that for you after the news with kristen. the family of a 14-year-old who was hit and killed in san jose donated his organs over the weekend. according to our media partner the san jose mercury news lucas
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angelo was pronounced brain dead friday, two days after being hit outside archbishop mini high school. police say he ran in front of a car while crossing a street. his family donated his organs calling it angelo's final gift. a new study finds many women with early stage breast cancer can skip chemotherapy without hurting their odds of beating the disease. the study shows the value of using gene activity tests to gauge a risk. they say they can accurately identify if a patient is likely to respond to hormone therapy. in the study women had less than a 1% chance of cancer recurring within five years. pop nents of california's new childhood vaccination laws are it repealed. opponents want a constitutional amendment giving parents the right to make all medical
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decisions involving their children. simultaneously the group will try to meet today's deadline of filing enough signatures to get a referendum on next year's november ballot. happening today batman and his friends have a busy day ahead visiting sick children at a san francisco hospital. >> yes, spiderman, wonder woman, iron man and ten other superheroes will be swinging by. they will be making quite an enhance, repelling down the side of the building and waving at the kids. the superheroes are on a mission to bring a smile to young patients by surprising them and washing their windows. >> very nice. i didn't know superman did windows. >> no task too small. >> in a single bound. here is a look from our east bay hills camera. you can see a little cloud cover there. low clouds and fog will start us offer this morning, sants rosa 55 degrees. napa we are in the mid to upper 40s for novato, a little cooler,
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fairfield 62 degrees, 60 donk cord, 62 livermore. for the next three days you can expect those stoours to continue to go down so some relief for us here. 84 degrees inland, 74 along the bay, 64 along the coast for tomorrow and the temperatures come right back up again. sue. good morning, everyone. we have an accident waiting for you at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. semi hit lane 7, the wind screen there. expect minor delays at this hour. once you get past the tolls traffic is moving nice limit you're looking at 16 minutes from the toll plaza up and over the high-rise into the foster city side of things. fog free here in san rafael but wait until you get to the top of waldo and approaching the golden gate bridge you will find yourself with limited dis i believe, it is very foggy in certain areas so take extra care. it's 4:55 now. turns out volkswagen may have been warned about using illegal
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emission contribution years ago. they admitted they used special software to cheat diesel tests. they are reporting the company's internal investigation found a 2007 letter from a parts supplier warning volkswagen not to use the software during regular operation. the scandal next some 11 million cars. volkswagen says they will fix it for free. the average price of regular gasoline in the u.s. just $2.35 a gallon but it's higher here in the bay area. industry analysts say gas prices have been on a five-week slide because retailers and refiners are slashing the profit margins a previously unheard of pract e practice. shell has announced it's stopping offshore arctic drilling in alaska, it's not because the company has gone green or is tired of protesters, shell says it found oil and gas at nearly 7,000 feets but not in sufficient quantities to keep going. the company had dropped about $7
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billion trying to find deposits worth pursuing. one of silicon valley's biggest names landed in the top three of forbes list of the richest americans. bill gates captured first place for the 21st year in a row, he is worth $81 billion. warren buffet took second at $67 billion and look who is number three, founder of red wood shores based oracle larry ellison with $50 billion. mark zuckerberg is 11th on the forbes list at $34 billion. san jose has one pitch left in its battle to bring the oakland a's down south. new at 5:00 what's happening behind closed doors that could revive or kill the city's effort. also the pope meets the press on his trip home to the vats can, what he revealed to report years we will take a quick break but as we go to break we leave you with this shot of the eastern span of the bay bridge. bay bridge. a little darker than usual, but
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good morning. it's monday, september 28th and, yes, you can have a good monday morning, believe me. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. hope you enjoy the blood moon sight. let's check in with meteorologist -- >> leyla, you have your degree. i wanted to make sure. congratulations. >> i got my degree. all right. we can all wipe the spet swet from your brow because it looks like we are going to be starting to experience cooler temperatures. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. it is a bit foggy, not here so much, visibility not too much of an issue. current conditions looking a little more mild. 55 degrees in san francisco, 60 degree


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