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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  September 28, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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good morning. it's monday, september 28th and, yes, you can have a good monday morning, believe me. i'm eric thomas. >> and i'm kristen sze. hope you enjoy the blood moon sight. let's check in with meteorologist -- >> leyla, you have your degree. i wanted to make sure. congratulations. >> i got my degree. all right. we can all wipe the spet swet from your brow because it looks like we are going to be starting to experience cooler temperatures. here is a look at the golden gate bridge. it is a bit foggy, not here so much, visibility not too much of an issue. current conditions looking a little more mild. 55 degrees in san francisco, 60 degrees mountain view, upper 50s
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for morgan hill. pretty clear here, but certainly foggy in other parts of the area. cooler start right through wednesday but then warming up once again. sue, how is traffic? >> we do have an accident at the san mateo bridge toll plaza, a semi truck blocking lane number 7, once you get past that traffic is flowing nicely on the flat section up on the high-rise and all the way over towards foster city. let's take a look at emeryville, from golden gate fields to the from golden gate fields to the mcarthur kristin, eric. it's 5012. happening today lead frers around the world are convening for annual united nations meeting in just a few hours president obama will deliver opening remarks and later he will sit down with the presidents of russia and cuba.
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abc 7 news reporter janet owe is in the news more with more -- >> reporter: among president obama's key messages will be to solidify support for the campaign against isis. obama is look to go focus on various reasons that led young people from the region and europe to join the group. >> aids say for the most part it will sent officer on defense of diplomacy and how to achieve peaceful solutions to world problems. the president spoke at a u.n. summit meeting yesterday stalk being another important topic, world hunger. he says the u.s. is committed to a new blueprint to eliminate poverty and hunger around the world. he admitted it's an ambitious plan but doable if governments work together to tackle the issue. >> we start by understanding that this next chapter of development cannot fall victim to the old divides between developed nations and developing ones. >> reporter: president obama is scheduled to have a sit down with russian president vladimir
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putin to talk about syria and how to deal with isis. it will be putin's first time at the u.n. meeting in a decade. it's going to be a busy three days ahead for president obama who is also scheduled to sit down with cuba's president rule castro today. it will be the second face-to-face meeting since u.s. and cuba restored diplomatic relations last year. a stunning story about bart tickets. an investigation is underway after reports that large numbers of tickets are being stole frn a busy station and sold on the underground market. abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at the fremont station with details. matt. >> reporter: i spoke with a bart employee this morning and she said this was a big deal but wouldn't have much of an impact on customers unless you're buying your clipper card on the underground market like craigslist. according to the san francisco chronicle a criminal investigation has been opened regarding stolen tickets. they were apparently taken from the customer service station and
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ended up on the underground markets. along with clipper card they also sell special and high value discounts. they can be used on muni and ferries as well. the chronicle reports this investigation was started over the summer after it was discovered by a different bart office manager who is now on administrative leave. i checked online to see if any clipper cards were for sale for less than their face value. some selling $20 cards for $15 and others with $100 face value for $60. regular customers know buy the your clipper card at machines. take too many risks if you buy somewhere else like craigslist. 5:04 a bit of normalcy returning to middletown more than two weeks after the valley fire devastated the community. middletown high and middle schools will open at 9:00 this
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morning. classes at cobb elementary will be held in portable units at middletown middle school. at 5:30 we're live in middletown with more on schools reopening. the valley fire is now 97% contained. as of today more than 75,000 acres have been burned and 1,200 homes destroyed. nearly 3,000 homes remain threatened. today the u.s. supreme court opens its new term by looking at cases justices are being sd to review. san jose's fight to bring the a's to town. major league baseball's refusal to allow the oakland a's to move to san jose is a violation of antitrust laws. analysts think the city of san jose doesn't have a chance. the high court is expected to reveal by the end of the week which cases they will consider this term. pope francis has landed in rome this morning, completing a whirlwind six-day tour of the u.s. and cuba and telling reporters that new york was, quote, a bit exuberant.
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the holy father capped his trip with an open air mass in philadelphia sunday afternoon. an estimated 1 million people jammed the benjamin franklin park way to hear him. on the plane to rome he answered a reporter's question about immigration saying the wave of migrants coming and it's not easy to find a solution, but one must be found through dialogue to countries, walls are never the solution, instead bridges are always. this is super interesting. pope francis displayed a wonderful sense of humor throughout this trip, but no more so than with a family from arj teen nachlt the family of six started in march and drove 13,000 miles in a 1980 volkswagen van from their home in ba when knows airs all the way to philadelphia to see the pontiff. pope francis asked to meet them saturday morning when they told him what they had done, francis jokingly replied, you're crazy. >> the pope tells you you're crazy. maybe you are crazy.
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the dalai lama is at the mayo clinic in minnesota, he is there for a medical evaluation but no further details have been released. he has canceled all his planned u.s. visits for october. san mateo police want to learn more about a woman's death after she was crowned nound a creek near san francisco bay. an off duty police officer spotted her body floating in the water. firefighters recovered the body from the water. the coroner's office is trying to identify the woman and figure out how she died. a man it in the hospital this morning being treated for burns from an underground transformer explosion in san francisco. 34-year-old manuel cruz of daly city is in critical condition following saturday's blast on wool street and eugenia avenue. a second man suffered light burns to his face. pg&e blames the explosion on an equipment failure. a brush fair came dangerously close to several
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buildings in san jose. joseph hejay tweeted out this video yesterday afternoon. you can see it burning on both sides of a hill off swer state 280 and over a walmart. you can see breaking news and you can safely stake a picture of it please share it with us under the #abc7now. start of a new week. let's see if we have any warmer weather in store. how does it look, leyla? >> a lot better because i think people were getting really sick of the heat. if you're headed out to a bart station near you do pack a light jacket, you will need to peel it off later, but mild conditions and a little cooler in some spots. 57 degrees in union city, 56 degrees in is a treat toe, 61 degrees in pittsburg. so it looks like it's a comfortable start with a little bit of fox to mix in. you can see this wonderful combination of clear skies and fog. we have a bit of low clouds and fog coming in over san francisco. beautiful start to the morning, but what you can expect for the
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rest of the day, by lunchtime in the upper 70s for inland areas. the lower 70s for bay area and around the 60s for our coast. temperatures are going to ramp up ever so slightly. sue. we have this big rig accident at the san mateo bridge toll plaza. i'm not seeing too many delays behind the tolls. this is ahead of the tolls on the flat section headed in the westbound direction. i just checked your drive times from the hayward side of things over forwards foster city, 14 minutes so that's fairly typical for your san mateo bridge commute. let's go to walnut creek. traffic moving nicely toward north main. no problems all the way down the san ramone valley or towards 24 towards the called cut tunnel, serve moving at the limit ear problems debris at shoreline, rocks or nails t caused at least nine vehicles to have flat tires. they are all off the roadway and the roadway is clear, but caution here.
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eric, kristen. lower gas prices may be around for a while. the america's money report is next. also new details emerge in the deadly duck boat accident in seattle. the repairs officials say were supposed to be made before the crash. also the vow outgoing speaker john boehner is making about a looming government shutdown. and abc 7 "news now" showing us the exploratory yum view of the bay. part of the bay bridge. part of the bay bridge. ba
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good morning. it's 5:13. a live look outside. we're seeing both sides of the bay in this lovely shot with just a little bit of fog sitting out there this morning. the blood moon, did you see it last night? >> as leyla said, i saw the inside of my eyelids. >> all right. that's right. that's important. but we will have pictures for you this morning in the newscast. >> after ten years of fighting lance armstrong is settling out of court with a promotions company that wants its $10 million back. armstrong and sca promotions have been locked in a legal battle over millions of dollars of bonuses paid to the tour de france champion. they demanded money back after stories block about armstrong doping. he has agreed to pay the company an undisclosed amount of money
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and make an age. john boehner says the federal government will not shet down when funding expires later in the week. the ohio republican added that the house and senate will pass a bill to keep the government running and it will be paired with a special committee to investigate planned parenthood and its practice of selling fetal tissue to researchers. boehner announced friday that he is resigning from congress at the end of next month. in seattle the duck boat company involved in a deadly crash is temporarily suspending operations. the announcement comes after federal investigators revealed the duck boat was supposed to have one of its axles repaired in 2013 after a warning from the tour company. those repairs never happened and now state inspectors will look at all of the ride the ducks vehicles. five international students died in the crash, 13 people are still in the hospital this week investigators plan to interview both drivers. they will also do a 3-d scan of the bridge, the bus and the duck boat.
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it was quite a scare, but nobody was hurt when large curtains fell down at a carly fiorina event in texas. she later tweeted, everyone appears okay after a brief delay fiorina continued with her speech. she was pretty poised through it all. pretty scary. one of secretary of state's hometown heroes received an hon frr his school for disarming a suspected terrorist aboard a train in france. >> lifelong friends arnt lee sadler, spencer stone and alek skarlatos jumped into action. sadler is a senior at secretary of state state university. the school saluted him during a saturday night football game. >> the fact that they want to honor me like that i find it pretty amazing, pretty humbling experience. teach remembers like you probably have the best what did
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you do over summer story. >> it's nice to know secretary of state state and this area produces those type of people. >> sadler credits his professors for helping him stay on top of his studies. >> i can hear his mom now, it's great that you are a hero, but if you bring home a b -- >> do you think his mom said that? you are a world class hero. >> your mom would have done that, too. >> yes, she would have. out of love of course. >> of course. >> we are going to out of love give you some cooler temperatures today. here is look at live doppler 7 hd. we do see clouds in our forecast. we have increasing cloud cover and it's going to stay with us for the better part of the day. as we take a look at sutro tower we can see over san francisco sparkling lights but muffled by the low clouds and fog that we have in parts of the bay area. that is going to impede some of your visibility if you are heading out on to the roads, we have sue hall she will tell us more about that. the clouds will continue to
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stream in and we have got an area of low pressure that will definitely bring us some cooler conditions. if you're headed out to the ball game tonight at at&t the dodgers will be taking on a giants and first pitch is at 7:15. 53 degrees will be our starting temperature. 61 degrees to end the game, sunset is scheduled for 6:58. pack a light jacket and pack a light jacket if you are headed out in morning. you will need to peel it off in some areas as you can see our highs for today, 81 degrees in san jose, 81 degrees in sunnyvale, cupertino warmer at 83. cooler along the coast, socked in for the better part of the morning, 66 degrees at half-moon bay and pacifica, 72 degrees in millbrae and i will check to see if sfo will have any delays. 69 degrees in downtown san francisco, cooler in the sunset. as we take you into the north bay, 85 degrees in cloverdale, the east bay we're showing mid 70s for us and a little warmer in our inland areas, 89 degrees the warmest temperature of the
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bay area, 86 degrees in livermore. our lows for tonight going to be mild in the mid to upper 50s for most of us, not even seeing a 60 degree reading finally. my seven-day forecast, the temperatures will continue to dip right through wednesday, once we get to thursday, though, summer is back. sue, good morning. >> good morning. we have got an accident still blocking toll lane 7 at the san mateo bridge. it's a semi that hit the wind screen at the toll plaza. once you get past that i'm seeing minor delays, about a 14-minute drive from the hayward side of things up and over the high-rise towards foster city. here is a look at emeryville as you make your way from golden gate fields, westbound 80 into the mcarthur maze getting busier but traffic is moving. keeping our eye on north 101 at san antonio road, we had earlier debris southbound at shoreline, now northbound it looks like a big rig and a couple of cars supposedly on the right hand shoulder but maybe blocking a lane. i am seeing a little bit of slow
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traffic according to our sensors. more regulations may be coming to the prescription eyeglass industry. u.s. senator charles schumer of new york wants the federal trade commission to create more competition in the industry. he says consumers would be able to shop around and get better deals if eye care providers are required to giver out complete prescription information. he also wants the ftc to mandate that prescriptions last longer than one year giving people more time to shop. there is word that volkswagen was warned years ago about cheating on emissions test. more problems for volkswagen. >> reports from germany say that the auto maker went forward with software to cheat on diesel emissions tests despite warnings. one of those warnings came eight years ago. another was from one of vw's own technicians. last week the company apologized for cheating on emissions tests in the u.s. good news for drivers, experts say gas price right side going to stay low for a long
5:20 am
time, possibly remaining in place until 12017. the current average is $2.29 a gallon, a month ago it was $2.53, last year at this time $3.34. so. so hotel transylvania 2 is number 1 at the box office. robert deniro and ann hathaway second and maze runner third. and that's america's money. straight ahead, seven things to know as you start your day. a seven-year-old boy finds a small fortune. what he did that can teach us all a lesson about honesty. one of the bay area's great heater is getting rid of a piece of history. as you get your day into gear keep on track of weather gear keep on track of weather and traffic with
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let's take a live look outside on this monday. looking across the bay at san francisco, you can see we do have some clouds out there this morning, temperature pretty mild out there. we will check in with leyla for your weather forecast coming up. whether you are just joining us or heading out the door. number one, students go back to school today in middletown, one of the areas hardest hit by the valley fire. middletown high and middle and coyote canyon begin at 9:00 this morning. it is now 97% contained. bart confirms a criminal investigation is underway regarding stolen tickets. according to the chronicle the theft was discovered over the summer and involves clipper cards and high value tickets. an office manager at the lake merritt station has been placed on leave. we've got relief in the forecast, we have tooler temperatures today. we're seasonal, high clouds and a foggy start as we take a look from our kgo roof cam ration
5:24 am
clear here, but warming up as october begins. and number four, we are looking at a big rig accident just before the toll plaza of the san mateo bridge and now new problems with the big rig accident on the peninsula near san antonio with a big rig that lost its trailer, a couple cars hit t a couple problem spots. pope francis told reporters on his plane flying back to rome that washington was warm, new york a bit exuberant and philadelphia -- and that he was leaving the u.s. with, quote, a heart full of gratitude and hope. number six, republican presidential candidate donald trump will reveal his tax plan today. the wall street journal reports individuals making less than $25,000 a year would not pay federal taxes under trump's plan. neither would couples making less than $50,000 together. number seven a unique sight in the skies across the world overnight. check out this video from
5:25 am
colorado of the super blood moon. it's the result of a rare combination of full moon, lunar eclipse and the moon reaching its closest orbit to earth this. won't happen again until 2033. the wurlitzer or began is about to be replaced. workers have been taking apart the last theater pipe organ in the city. it has been there for 30 years and belongs to private owners who left the bay area. repairing and maintaining it has become too expensive. $700,000 dij stall pipe hybrid organ with seven keyboards will take its place. this is an artist representation of the new instrument. it can make just about any sound including the sound of the old wurlitzer. a seven-year-old boy is make his parents proud after he found $9,000 in cash and turned every kent of it over to police.
5:26 am
>> he said he found the money saturday morning, he was playing at massachusetts park when he ran up the slide and saw something unusual. >> and at the top i looked in the corner and there was like this black checkbook and i opened it up and i saw $8,000 in it and then i brought it down to my uncle. >> he has been taught from day one how to do the right thing. this shows that the lessons have been learned and i'm so proud. it turns out the money belonged to a hard working contractor who had just been paid. to thank aden for his honestly the contractor gave him $100 in cash. we're coming back with another full 90 minutes of news. including hillary clinton's trip to california today. what the presidential candidate plans to do while she is in the bay area. and here is a live look outside the embarcadero and san francisco, also the ferry building. building. a pretty picture for
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good monday morning. it's 5:29. hope you had a great weekend. i'm kristen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. a check on the weather forecast, mike is off today, leyla is? doing those weather duties. >> meteorologist leyla gulen. >> thank you for the extra degree here. good morning everyone, we are starting with another look at our sutro tower cam. you can see the pro greg's of the cloud layers coming over san francisco. another finger of fog that is bearing down on us. we are looking at a couple degrees cooler than the last week or so. it's been pretty warm. this is going to cover us a little relief. still on the warm side but cooling will continue. i have have your full accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. it looks like metering lights have been turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza.
5:30 am
traffic starting to stack up as usual, though, if you can carpool those fast track lanes are looking pretty good -- i should say the commuter lanes are looking good. to the peninsula, this is san antonio, a couple lanes blocked here and i'm starting to see traffic stacked up towards 237. we have a big rig and a couple cars that mixed it up in lanes three and four. 5:00 o 30. middletown schools are set to reopen since the first time the valley fire exploded two weeks ago, middletown high and middle schools along with mini canyon and coyote middle schools start at 9:00. classes at cobb elementary will be held at portable units. the fire has scorched 118 square miles in lake, napa and sonoma counties and it has destroyed more than 1,1200 homes. the valley fire is 97% contained. a kbindling weather system may have been part of the reason the vael fire spread to quickly.
5:31 am
according to the chronicle san jose state researchers blame remnants of hurricane linda. it brought unusual tropical moisture to california's coast as well as powerful winds. those strong gusts apparently caused the fire to spread quickly during the first 12 hours. the butte fire east of stock ton is now 95% contained t burned 110 square miles. and to the south in monterey county the tassajara fire is now 100% contained. that fire near the community of james burring burned nearing two square miles. a kwield chooild is in the hospital after a boating accident. officials say a boat carrying the four-year-old boy and two adults hit something in the water. the boy was injured and the boat began to floot and sink a nearby boater towed the boat to the marina. the extent of the boy's injuries is not known. authorities are trying to determine what caused the accident. happening two, two jail deputies accused in the beating
5:32 am
death of a mentally ill inmate will be back in court. attorneys for matthew farris and rafael rodriguez are expected to discuss bail option was a judge. they are currently being held on $1.5 million each. farris, rolled reegz and jereh lubrin face murder charges in the august death of michael tyree. the next hearing is set for october 13th. carmel police are going through surveillance video to try to find a person who vandalized a statute of st. junipero serra. the carmel mission basilica provided these photos showing the damage from saturday night's attack. white paint was splashed on graves of europeans on the mission grounds but not on those of native americans. some activists blamed jen know side. volunteers have already cleaned up much. damage. the basilica is asking for more volunteers today to finish the job. pope francis declared serra a saint in a mass last wednesday.
5:33 am
pope francis told reporters this morning the immigration crisis must be met by intelligence and acceptance. francis gave a wide ranging interview before his plane landed in rome a few hours ago. he said walls are not a solution but bridges are always. yesterday as francis celebrated a giant outdoor mass he finished with a special request for the hundreds of thousands in attendance. >> and i ask you pray for me. don't forget. >> that was in philadelphia. francis also met privately with sexual abuse survivors. the pope told reporters the sexual abuse of people by priests is a sacra ledge and that's why the church must not cover these things up. this morning indian prime minister narendra modi is on his way to new york to the united nations general assembly after wowing is a tech savvy crowd in san jose. modi received a rock star
5:34 am
welcome. people came from the bay area and beyond just to see him. his appearance brought out admire remembers and detractors. >> he is concentrating mainly only technology related issues so we are excited to see him. >> he may want to modernize india, but the fact is that nobody knows that modi creates a sense of hostility for all religious minorities. >> the prime minister's record on human rights failed to gain much traction with the people he actually came to see. modi promoted his digital india initiative which called for high speed internet access and tech jobs to raise india's standard of living. president obama is set to meet with prime minister modi this morning shortly after the president's address to the u.n. general assembly. this afternoon he is expected to meet with russia president vladimir putin. the two are expected to talk about syria and how to deal with isis. the first face-to-face meeting with the estranged leaders in nearly a year. democrat hillary clinton will bring his presidential
5:35 am
campaign to the bay area today. she will hold four private fundraisers over two days. she has events scheduled in saratoga, belvedere and orinda today. tickets run $2700 per person. in concord a homeowner fought back against a man who tried to steal a package off his front porch. surveillance video shows a man and woman driving up to the home, the homeowner says his grown daughter watched them drive by several times and the man-made eye contact with her as he ran up to take the box. as he ran back to the car the homeowner chased after him, he turned it over to police. they then identified the man as daniel price. in 2012 he was caught on camera and arrested for the exact same crime. officers are still looking for him. it's 5:35. a good portion of the bay area got to see a rare sight in the
5:36 am
sky. abc 7 news was along san francisco's embarcadero as local astronomy buffs lined up to see the super blood moon t happens when three events coincide, a full moon, lunar eclipse and the moon reaching its closest orbit to the earth. >> it's just rare. out of all the revelations of the moon around the earth and configuration of the geometry to get that ee lips right. >> here is how the super moon looked above the rockies in denver. the last one occurred in 19 and the next one, eric, since we both missed it we are going to have to wait until 2033. >> okay. i will meet you right here. >> sounds good. >> at 3:00 in the morning. let's check in with leyla for a look at our forecast. >> we will put that on the calendar. good morning. here is a look from our east bay hills camera. you can see it is a foggy start to our morning commute. cooler conditions are going to prevail right through wednesday but then we've got a warm ridge that is going to bump it on out and we are going to see those
5:37 am
temperatures rise once again. so enjoy the relief while we have t a look from our kgo roof camera, we have the flags that are starting to unfurl at the embarcadero near the ferry building. we have a little bit of a breeze, light breeze. san francisco temperatures going to be in the mid 50s. 54 degrees oakland, mountain view the low 60s, san jose 61 degrees, morgan hill and half-moon bay in the mid to upper 50s. we're going to see that area of high pressure coming in right around thursday but i will have your full accuweather seven-day forecast coming right up after traffic. here is a look with sue. good morning. >> good morning. we have a couple of problems. we're going to mount stain view area, san antonio road, a big rig lost its trailer, a couple car hit t traffic is backing up towards 237, it looks like we can expect delays for quite some time. towards skrchlt ordelia as you approach the interchange
5:38 am
it's stacking up for traffic there. let's take a look at some of your drive times. tracie into dublin as usual it's a grind. highway 4 westbound into concord 40 minutes and marin county into san francisco 20 minutes from san rafael. a new ferry schedule for the golden gate ferries. 11:20 out of larks burr will be eliminated. they are tick kik nothing their fall schedules today. eric, kristen. 5:38. next, bay area cyclists fight back after they're targeted by vand dals. the hazard they are coming across on a popular trail and the action they're take to go kind the culprit. also mars mystery. the major announcement nasa will make this morning about the red planet. and abc 7 "news now" a live look at san francisco international airport. looks like there's some clouds cover there. we will find out if there are we will find out if there are any delays in about a
5:39 am
5:40 am
5:41 am
it's now 5:41. happening today students in middletown schools are heading back to class for the first time since the valley fire devastated their community. abc 7 news reporter amy holly field is live in middletown with the story. >> reporter: there is a positive
5:42 am
message here to greet the students when they arrive at middletown high school on their electronic sign it says you can't defeat our spirit. there's also a message of gratitude up here on the sign t says thank you to the first responders. the high school is going back today along with the middle school and two elementary schools. they are not the first to return, though, to classes. pope valley union elementary went back on the 18th a little over a week ago and the kids say they were so happy to see their friends and the moms said they were happy to have their routine back. here in middletown, though, they will be opening up today an that's why the superintendent is saying that even though they are still working out the details they do know the schools will be ready and they want to get the kids back in here, it's more than two weeks after the fire happened. t-shirts may be part of the school uniform today with the #middletownstrong. a screen printer has donated the shirts and they have been selling them and raised $5,000 so far. the proceeds will help
5:43 am
middletown students buy athletic uniforms. many of the students said that their uniforms were burned in the fire when their houses burned so that will help them get back on their feet and get back to competing in their sports for their schools. schools starting again tonight at 9:00, another sign this this community is starting to rebuild and heal. reporting live in middletown, amy holly field, nbc 7 news. san francisco mayor ed lee says he will veto any legislation that would allow cyclist toss make rolling stops. supervisor john of a lows helped reduce legislation that would make ticketing cyclist the lower priority for police. the mayor says he is not willing to trade safety for convenience so he won't signed the ordinance. if you ride bikes on the peninsula watch out. cyclists say someone is laying out metal tacks, it's happening on the kings mountain road in san mateo counties and cyclist right side alarmed. these are the tacks that have
5:44 am
been tossed out along the road. when when cyclists ride over them it can be dangerous. >> the last episode was particularly vicious because somebody had placed the tacks pointy side up inside a crack on the road so that they were there affixed pointy side up and guaranteed to get flats. >> walter cook says something more needs to be done. he is trying to raise a $10,000 reward for finding the person or persons who put down the tacks. nasa will reveal its big discovery about mars in less than two hours from now. >> last week the space agency teased us with this tweet about a mars mystery being solved. speculation has run rampant since then but most scientists believe the discovery involving irrefutable proof that there is water on mars. >> if there is liquid water flowing on mars today it's reasonable that there's something still alive there. if we were to find it would change the course of human history.
5:45 am
>> scientists have long believed that water flowed on ancient mars but the question of whether water flows on mars' surface today has been central in nasa's ongoing exploration of the planet. the announcement will come this morning at 8:30. >> we're going to pretend that's the blood moon we're seeing there. a little bit before missing it. >> mars has water but we don't. >> that's right. >> that is a very sad statistic. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. unfortunately we do not have any rain in our forecast. we have a little bit increased humidity but certainly no rain to speak of. here is a look at live doppler 7 hd radar satellite. we are showing cloud cover. we have an area of low pressure that is coming in over northern california and that is bringing in the clouds and fog. in fact, you can see from our sfo camera as we look in the distance you have that thin layer of clouds and fog, that's impeding some visibility in certain parts of the bay area. if you're driving right now just be skafl. use your low beams if you're going to be right around half-moon bay with one mile visibility there, half a mile
5:46 am
visibility in petaluma. pretty much unlimited visibility every wrls. just be aware. our current temperature is keeping us pretty mild for our start. 56 at chrissy field if you're heading out for a walk pack an extra layer. as we pull out you can see the rest of the bay area we have 49 degrees that's our chilliest start in heelds burring. 62 pittsburg, 56 in santa clara. as we talk about that area of low pressure it's going to eventually be replaced with an area of high pressure. enjoy the cooler temperatures while they last. it's going to be a cool start today with a slight warming but then that's going to persist throughout wednesday and then we have this area of high pressure coming n bringing our temperatures up once again. headed out to at&t park this evening, 7:15 is going to be the first pitch when the giants take on the dodgers, 63 degrees to get us going, 61 degrees by the end of the game. our highs for today going to be warm inland still, 85 degrees in
5:47 am
antioch, a little schooler along the coast at 69 degrees in san francisco, 66 at half-moon bay, 87 degrees for most of our residents in the north bay. lows for tonight in the mid to upper 50s and my accuweather seven-day forecast it's showing those temperatures going to start warming up. once we hit thursday, so coolness will eventually fizzle out. we're going to the bay bridge where metering lights were turned on at 5:34 this morning, traffic stacking up now into the maze, you can see those commuters cars there moving right past all of the traffic. problems on the peninsula between ranges do remember of and san antonio alert with a sig alert. it's starting to stack up now past 85 towards highway 237. a good alternate route would be to stake 280 if you're heading out this morning. the cordelia area. traffic starting to slow dupe dew to an accident blocking a lane of traffic as well.
5:48 am
extra caution and extra time need this had monday morning. eric, kristen. it's just about 5:48. new at 6:00, the reason bart is planning to give out thousands of dollars in free rides next week. and what women need to know first, new results on breast cancer research. and what's cause ago big drop in gasoline prices across the country. and you can keep tabs on weather and traffic throughout the commercial break with abc 7 "news now," looking at the embarcadero in san francisco and the gorgeous ferry building the gorgeous ferry building ther
5:49 am
5:50 am
5:51 am
good morning. 5:50. a look from our twin peaks camera down to san francisco you see that layer of fog, low clouds, whatever you want to call it between us and those pretty lights. we will have more on the forecast coming up in just a couple minutes. the family of a 14-year-old who was hit and killed in san jose donated his organs over the weekend. according to our media partner lucas angelo was pronounced brain dead friday, two days after being@d hit outsid mini high school. police say he ran in front of a car after crossing the street. his family donated his organs calling it angelo's final gift. a new study finds many women with early stage breast cancer can skip chem chemotherapy. the value of using a gene activity test to accurately identify if a patient is likely to respond to hormone therapy. in the study women who skipped
5:52 am
chemo based on their gene test scores had less than a 1% chance of cancer recurring within the next five years. the study is published in the new england journal of medicine. opponents of california's childhood vaccination laws are taking a step to get them repealed. the law took effect this year eliminating the personal and religious exemption. opponents want a constitutional amendment in the state giving parents the right to make all medical decisions involving their children. simultaneously the group will try to meet the group's deadline to file another signatures. you need a caped crew said. >> reporter: happening today batman and his friends have a busy day ahead visiting sick children at a san francisco hospital. >> spiderman, wonder woman, iron man and ten other soup heroes will be swinging by ucsf antio children's hospital today literally. they will be repelling down the side of the building and waving at the kids. the superheroes are on a mission
5:53 am
to bring a smile to young patients by surprising them and, guess what, washing their windows at the same time. >> that's right. they gained all those super powers so they could wash the windows. >> in a super fashion. >> that's right. >> look at this. >> look at that indeed. this is a look from our east bay hills camera and what it is is the full moon after the eclipse. so looks like now we have got a full moon just covered by those wisps of clouds. beautiful this morning. as you're waking up that's what you're going to seechlt it's going to be a foggy start for some of us. it's a little cooler today as well but things are going to warm up eventually. a look from san rafael, we are not seeing any fog here, but for the next three days that's what your temperatures are going to look like so do expect to see those temperatures going up by thursday. sue. we're going to take a look at our abc 7 ways app. check out this sig alert accident it's in the mountain view area between rangsdorf and
5:54 am
san antonio road. complete standstill. you can see traffic according to our ways app is just stacked up from palo alto, here is highway 85 right here and towards highway 237 now the backup. so try to use 280 if you can and check out the ways app it's very handy for things just like this to get you around the accident. kristen, eric. 5:54. california's drought is really hammering california farmers. a new report from uc davis minds the agriculture industry has suffered a $1.8 billion loss over the last four years. less water means less they can grow. many farmers have had to lay off 30% to 40% of their work force, some are experimental with crops that use less water but that only goes so far. >> consumers make the ultimate planting decisions for farmers by the food choices we make at the store. you can't just switch crops unless there is a market for the crop you're switching to.
5:55 am
>> all monday, pistachios and grapes continue to do well for farmers because they're naturally more drought tolerant. researchers predict billions more dollars and thousands more jobs will be lost over the next two years. drivers entering i-80 in solano county will see something new. the california department of transportation will activate 32 new on ramp meters. the new metering lights are located along east and westbound i-80. caltrans say the meters are an toefrt prevent traffic jams. volkswagen may have been warned about using illegal emissions tricks years ago. the auto maker a admit it had used special software to cheat u.s. emissions tests. german media is reporting the company's internal investigation found a 2007 letter from a parts supplier warning volkswagen not to use the software during regular operation. the scandal affects some 11 million cars and volkswagen says it wiwill fix them
5:56 am
the average price of regular gasoline in the u.s. just $2.35 a gallon now. of course it's higher here in the bay area. industry analysts say gas prices have been on a five week slide because retailers and refiners are slashing their profit marge i believe so, a previously unheard of practice. score one for environment lists this morning. shell is announcing it's stopping offshore arctic drilling in alaska. not because the company has gone green or is tired of protesters like these, shell says it found oil and gas at nearly 7,000 feet but not in sufficient quantities to keep going. the company had dropped about $7 billion trying to find deposits worth pursuing. one of silicon valley's biggest names landed in the top three of forbes list of the richest americans, he is number three but we will start with number one. >> would you guess bill gates? you would be right. he captured first place for the 21st year in a row, worth $81
5:57 am
billion. warren buffet took second at $67 billion and look who is number three, the founder of oracle, larry ellison, with $50 billion. >> the next richest bay area resident facebook's mark zuckerberg is 11th on that forbes list, $34 billion. >> he can afford to buy a couple hoodies and jeans. >> yeah. 5:57. new at 6:00, forced to flee. the campers sent running for safety after a sinkhole opens up at a popular australian beach. a bart investigation after somebody says somebody sold thousands of dollars in tickets and tried to sell them in an underground market. underground market. >> abc 7 "news now" showing you
5:58 am
underground market. >> abc 7 "news now" showing you hello! my name is phil zietlow. i work on the cheerios team and it's always bugged me that we couldn't say that, "cheerios are gluten free". you know, cheerios are made from oats which are naturally gluten-free but sometimes grains that contain gluten get mixed in. so we came up with a way to remove them. which means now, cheerios can be enjoyed by everyone! just original cheerios? honey nut cheerios too, buzz. sweet! is anything bugging you now? (laughs) ♪ ♪
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♪ and i am a certified arborist for pg&e.ughes i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment. getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california. now at 6:00, president obama prepares for a speech at the united nations an hour from now.
6:00 am
his key message for other world leaders about the fight against terrorism. and an investigation underway into the theft of high end tickets at bart. and the secret underground market reportedly used to sell them. bart prepares to make major prepares at stations. how the work could impact your commute. hope you had a great weekend. now it's another workweek. thank you for starting it with us. ihm chrissen sze. >> i'm eric thomas. let's get you out the door with a check at the weather forecast. >> you can waking up to cooler conditions. as we look towards san francisco we can see some increase in fog and low clouds. for your next 12 hours our day planner is showing those temperatures will be relatively mild, but then they will start to warm up just a little bit. we are seasonal right now. we are going to see those temperatures eventually cool down. i will have your full accuweather seven-day forecast coming up. let's talk to sue hall who is in for some traffic. good morning. we have a sig alert on the peninsula. i'm showing you the abc 7 ways app which shows a


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