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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  September 28, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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students in fire-ravaged middletown return to school this morning for the first time since the valley fire devastated their community. good morning, i'm eric thomas in for cheryl jennings. >> and i'm kristen sze. in addition to schools reopen, disaster recovery centers are opening today to help victims of both the valley and butte fires. amy is live in middletown with the latest. >> reporter: yeah, life even back at school is a little different now, kristen. look behind me from students are helping unload some donated items that just came in from the
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community of princeton, which is south of chico. fire victims are at school, though, both students and teachers who lost their homes are here. it's like the first day of school jitters all over again, instead of being nervous about meeting new friends, kids are worried about what to say to them. >> i'm not really sure how it's going to go. like there's so many people who have gone through a lot. i kind of don't know how to handle it. >> reporter: you can see what some students have gone through just a few blocks away from school. neighborhoods are still in ruins from the valley fire, which destroyed more than 1200 homes. school administrators expected some nerves and emotions today as students headed back to class for the first time since the fire struck two weeks ago. they brought in extra counselors in case some students just need to talk. >> it's going to be a day where lots of hugs and smiles and how ya doing. just trying to get back to some normalcy.
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>> reporter: it's not quite normal. middletown will also accept students from cobb where the schools were damaged. even the students say they were glad to get back to class. >> he was ready to see his friends, he hasn't seen them for two weeks and he's a social guy, so he's ready. >> reporter: the #middletownstrong is everywhere. painted on cars and t-shirts. 1500 of them printed. >> we have a lot of spirit to add to the community. >> reporter: the adults in the community are very much in rebuilding mode. disaster recovery centers are opening today for victims trying to find state and federal assistance, but the children are getting back to the business of being kids, an important step in their healing. >> the town is really strong, so yeah. i think we're doing good. >> reporter: there's a lot of pride here and they will be handing those t-shirts out to all of the students at lunch. reporting live from middletown, amy hollyfield, nabc 7 news.
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those t-shirts amy mentioned are giving the town a boost. students raised $5,000 when they sold the tees last week. it will help students buy athletic uniforms. if you'd like to buy a middletown strong tee, they're on sale at the high school for $10 each. if you want it shipped the principal asks that you send a check directly to the school with your order and include an extra $15 for shipping. five geothermal plants that were damaged are back open today. the plants, owned by calpine operated with restrictions the last two weeks, but now all employees are back at work. calpine has donated $100,000 to an employees support fund for those affected by the fire. cal fire says the flames are 97% contained. a traffic alert this morning for drivers heading to san francisco's financial district. protesters are blocking several streets in a demonstration against big business and climate change. you see some of the protesters
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there. there's also been trouble on the bay bridge this morning. traffic reporter leyla gulen has more. >> take a look at that, we've got protesters all over the financial district. breaking news here causing major jams on all the streets surrounding california and stanton as well as california and montgomery. now, this is all due to the organization rising tide north america descending on city streets. let's go to our maps right now so i can show you through our ways app you can see all the red here. it's 3 miles an hour on third street south of market and that's trying to head into the financial district. there are streets that are completely closed at this time. also let's get to our bay bridge tolls, it is awful. a nightmare of a drive because of an earlier fire, sig alert still in effect with the lanes blocked because of a car fire just before you get to treasure island. right now if you're heading out of the caldecott, san francisco going to take you almost one hour. kristen, eric. >> thank you. this is a picture of the car fire that's tying up traffic on
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the bay bridge. it caught fire in the far right lane heading westbound on the eastern span. firefighters had the fire out in about 20 minutes but not before it caused a major backup and sent thick, black smoke billowing into the air. no word yet on injuries or a cause. new this morning, a construction site in san francisco has just been deemed safe by the sfpd after a bomb threat. the call came in around 7:30 this morning at the site. san francisco police and police canines found nothing. muni had been diverted from the area. it's not clear if the 100 workers sent home will return today. opponents of the warriors proposed mission bay arena are putting forward a new alternative in san francisco this morning. the proposed site would be near pier 80 along the city's third street corridor. the site would have easy access to highways 280 and 101. it's just over a mile from the current proposed site in mission bay. earlier this month the team released its first animated rendering of the mission bay
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site. opponents say they believe increased traffic will endanger people needing to get to the three ucsf hospitals in that area. we're getting new details about the investigation into the theft of some high-end b.a.r.t. tickets that are allegedly being sold on the underground market. matt is live at fremont. matt, are the police involved? >> reporter: eric, we have confirmed law enforcement is doing an investigation. b.a.r.t. is releasing few details on it but the focus is apparently on stolen tickets and the underground market. taking b.a.r.t. is pretty simple. have ticket, will travel. but apparently someone is trying to skip the line altogether. a criminal investigation involving at least one b.a.r.t. employee is under way. according to "the chronicle" a large number of tickets were stolen from the customer service center in oakland and ended up on the underground market. an office manager is on administrative leave and police and accountants are looking into
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the alleged ticket scam. a b.a.r.t. spokesperson confirms the current investigation into the possible misuse of public funds. she says because this is an ongoing investigation as well as a personnel matter, b.a.r.t. cannot comment or release additional details on the specifics of the investigation. we have comprehensive procedures in place to respond to allegations of financial wrongdoing and we are working closely with law enforcement. riders we spoke with today were unaware of an underground market for b.a.r.t. tickets. they preferred the security that comes with buying tickets and clipper cards at authorized retailers. >> a person told me to just buy it at walgreens. >> reporter: no word on the value of the stolen tickets. b.a.r.t. says people should only buy tickets from them directly to avoid becoming a fraud victim. matt keller, abc 7 news. >> matt, thank you. pope francis is back at the vatican this morning after finishing his first trip to the u.s. on the papal plane, the
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78-year-old pontiff reflected on his six-day u.s. visit, telling reporters what surprised him the most was the warm welcome he received from the american people. the pope also defended his words of consolation to u.s. bishops over the priest sex abuse scandal and had harsh words to those in the church who covered up for abusers, saying they are guilty of wrongdoing. now to the race for the white house 2016. republican presidential hopeful donald trump has unveiled his tax plan that calls for across-the-board tax cuts that he says will help the economy grow. some are calling it too good to be true. janet is live with details. >> reporter: eric, there is sure a lot of mixed reaction. trump says under his tax plan america will be stronger and better by eliminating taxes altogether for some and reduce igt for others. at the center of trump tower, the gop front runner unveiled his tax reform. >> this is a plan that's simple, that's a major reduction. i think people are going to be
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very happy. >> reporter: major reductions start with eliminating federal taxes for low income families. this includes individuals who made $25,000 or less and couples who make $50,000 or less. the wealthiest americans and corporations would also get a big tax break. couples who make more than $300,000 a year would pay a lower tax rate of 25%, down from 39.6%. >> if i win, if i become president, we will be able to cut so much money and have a better country. we won't be losing anything other than we'll be balancing budgets. >> reporter: but critics say who will pay for all of these cuts? trump says it will come from a combination of eliminating deductions and loopholes that currently allow hedge fund managers and private equity firms to pay lower taxes than most americans. as for himself, the billionaire real estate mogul says his tax reform would not benefit him. also under trump's tax plan, it
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would eliminate the marriage penalty, the alternative minimum tax and the so-called death tax. live in the newsroom, janet oh, abc 7 news. democrat hillary clinton is getting some extra help on the campaign trail. her husband, bill clinton, is taking on a more active role, kicking off a series of fund-raisers and events across the country this week. hillary will bring her campaign to the bay area today. she will attend breakfast in san francisco tomorrow. president obama is gearing up for a face-to-face meeting with russian president, vladimir putin, a first for the estranged leader since last year. the meeting comes after the president's address to the united nations general assembly this morning. mr. obama revealed america's plans to address climate change, the plan to fight isis and poverty. he said a 15-year plan to eliminate hunger across the globe. >> we start by understanding that this next chapter of development cannot fall victim to the old divides between
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developed nations and developing ones. >> during this afternoon's talk with putin, president obama is expected to continue his push on dealing with isis. the two are also expected to tackle russia's buildup of troops in ukraine and its support of syrian dictator, bashar al assad. new advice for breast cancer patients. what research shows may change about treatment leading to fewer painful rounds of chemotherapy. and apple's success. the sales numbers coming in for the new iphone and what could drive them even higher. and here's a live look outside right now. you can see the bay bridge toll plaza. the sig alert leyla has been follow has just been cancelled. all lanes have reopened after that car fire, although you can see still quite a wait, some residual delays crossing the bridge there. leyla will be up with your accuweather forecast. we'll be rig
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apple is reporting initial success with sales of its new iphone 6s and 6s plus. they sold 13 million new phones in the first few days after they hit shelves friday. that topped last year's launch of the 6 and 6 plus, but this year's figures were expected to be higher since the launch included china for the first time. the new phones go on sale in 40 additional countries october 9th. berkeley is joining san francisco in the million dollar club when it comes to home prices. data from red oak realty shows the home price hit 1.05 million
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in the second quarter. it's the highest median price on record for that city and the first time the prices reached $1 million. san francisco is still the most expensive city in the bay area and across the country for that matter. the california association of realtors puts the median home price in san francisco at more than $1.3 million. a big medical headline about breast cancer treatment. a new study finds many women with early stage breast cancer can skip chemotherapy and still beat the disease. a simple gene test can tell who those women are and identify if the patient is likely to respond to hormone therapy. in the study women who skipped chemo based on gene test scores had less than a 1% chance of cancer recurring within the next five years. this study is published in the "new england journal of medicine." >> leyla gulen is straight ahead with our forecast. plus mars mystery solved. the major discovery that researchers are making public. and they say beauty is pain. the potentially dangerous hair trend both women and men are
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taking part in that could have them paying the price a year from now.
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thousands of evacuations are in place this morning as a super typhoon makes landfall in taiwan. winds have reached more than 140 miles an hour and the storm could produce waves up to 42 feet high. it's on course to hit taiwan later today and mainland china tomorrow. there are no reports of any injuries. new this morning, a major announcement from nasa in the search for life beyond earth.
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scientists say there is water, we're talking liquid water on mars. the revelation is boosting hopes for life on the red planet. researchers have known for many years that mars had frozen water at its poles and in tiny puddles on the surface but images from the mars reconnaissance orbiter shows salty water periodically flows across the surface. >> the existence of liquid water, even if it's super salty, briny water, gives the possibility that if there's life on mars, that we have a way to describe how it might survive. >> it remains unclear where the water comes from. but scientists say nasa rovers are finding there is a lot more humidity in the air than ever imagined there, putting the space agency in a perfect position to look for life. >> life, life? how about some water. we'd like some here. >> we need some ourselves. can you imagine if we found life on mars? >> or perhaps it's suitable for us going there. >> exactly. but first we need to take care of home.
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we need some rain but we're not going to get it in our forecast unfortunately, sorry. here's a look at live doppler 7 hd, our radar/satellite. it is picking up a return. you see that green shading and that's virga and that's water that's falling from the clouds but evaporating before it gets to the surface. we do have some clouds, low and high. we've got a mix here. here's a look from our emeryville camera and you can see we've got high clouds hovering over the bay area going to stay with us for the day. in fact we've still got a bit of haze and fog in some spots. we'll take a look from mt. tam cam. gorgeous sight, but that's keeping us relatively mild and cooler today. san francisco, we're at 61 degrees, mountain view is 65. in the mid to upper 60s for san jose, morgan hill and in the upper 50s for half moon bay. so we are still going to be a little bit cooler, a little bit closer to san francisco's crissy field. 59 degrees still. 54 in glen park. the rest of the bay area, a nice
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start to the day. 61 in american canyon, 65 in union city, 70 in saratoga. as we take a look at our radar/satellite, it's all because of this area of low pressure that is just about to hit the north california region. well, it's going to be followed by a ridge of high pressure bringing our temperatures up once again. our highs for today across california going to range 91 in chico, 69 in monterey, 106 in palm springs. a little more mild in los angeles at 87 degrees. folks need a little bit of relief. highs for today closer to home, 80s, low 80s for the south bay as we move along the peninsula, you'll be in the upper 70s. cooler along the coast and still a bit fogged in here. 69 in downtown san francisco. the north bay in the upper 70s to low to mid-80s. 74 in berkeley. you can see there temperatures reading a bit higher inland. 89 in brentwood. today the giants take on the dodgers.
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it's cooling off a little bit more and our lows for tonight just about every where else is going to be mild in the mid to upper 50s. my accuweather seven-day forecast, you can see a bit of a seesaw in temperatures that are going right back up once woe start october, so autumnal warmth will be around. here's something that worries a lot of people. you know how people are always worried about their hair. eric, you've got the story for us. >> if you're losing your hair, your trendily hair style may have something to do with it. >> the top knot and the man bun may be contributing to a rise in baldness. >> so check out these celebrities sporting this look. jennifer lopez and nyong nyong'o. >> according to dermatologists, the hit look may be to blame for premature baldness. >> that long-standing pull or
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traction on the hair can pull the hair out and ultimately lead to permanent scarring, which is something we call traction alopecia. >> well, to avoid hair loss associated with top knots, doctors suggest not pulling the hair too tight. that's what puts long-term stress on the hair and damages the follicles. the best thing to do is keep the hair styles just a little looser. >> that's how i used to wear it. >> didn't work? >> 25 years ago. trips in the playground turned into a
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coming up at 4:00, is it okay to ask other women about their plans for starting a family? the uproar one woman's facebook post is causing when she tells people to back off. just 15 weeks after winning their first championship in 40 years, the talk with the warriors about the hopes of meeting their next big challenge. what they're saying on abc 7 news at 5:00. a 7-year-old boy is making his parents fairly proud after he found $8,000 in cash and turned it over to police. >> aden wright found the money saturday at the park when he ran up the slide and found something unusual. >> at the top i looked in the corner and there was like this black checkbook. and i opened it up and i saw
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$8,000 in it. and then i brought it down to my uncle. >> he's been taught from day one how to do the right thing, and this just shows that the lessons have been learned and i'm so proud. >> and the contractor who lost it was happy to get the money back. gave aden $100. >> thanks for joining us.
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>> you know, there's nothing more exciting than the day you head off to college-- unless it's the day you win a million dollars in front of a national audience. today, we've got some soon-to-be college freshmen with us who are hoping to do just that. it's "off to college week" on "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play a very special "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] good, because today's first contestant was the valedictorian of her graduating class of 500 students, almost got a perfect 2400 on her sats, and got perfect scores on five advanced placement exams. show-off. before--and this is all before she heads off to cornell university. she plans on taking one more test today, and this is for a milliodo


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