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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 28, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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cruz was standing right here and was hurled into the street. one neighbor ran out of the house to see what happened. >> went out, looked, nothing there, looked the other way, saw a man lying on the ground and smoke coming out of the sidewalk. >> pg&e crews were there all day assessing the damage. the company released a statement on this exploes that reads in part, the safety of the public and our customers is always our top priority. our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to the two people who were hurt in this incident. residents on the street say there have been other electrical box fires in this neighborhood so this weekend's incident is upsetting. >> all of these transformers are about the same age and they should be replaced. my understanding is that this one actually was inspected recently. and my neighbor was told it was fine. >> reporter: a spokesperson says the company is still trying to figure out what caused this explosion. sergio quintana, abc 7 news.
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a man has are arrested after a sailboat washed ashore at san francisco's ocean beach. sky 7 hd was overhead as police arrested the man, but it was for other charges unrelated to today's boat incident. ocean beach patrol also rescued a second person from this boat which you're looking at. both were treated for minor injuries at the scene. a word on why they lost control of their sailboat. in the east bay police detained a man following the discovery of two bodies in a castro valley mobile home. abc 7 reporter katie utehs is live. >> reporter: detective are are interviewing a man in his 30s who may be related to the victims. they're trying to determine whether or not he lived here. the crime scene is behind me past this row of mobile homes. really the best view you'll get is from sky 7 hd around noon. someone called 911 after one of the residents failed to arrive at a scheduled appointment.
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deputies responded to the mobile home for a welfare check and found the man and a woman dead in the living area of the home. investigators recovered what they believe is the murder weapon, but they are not saying what it is at this time. then another discovery inside the home. >> deputies were certainly surprised they found another person inside there. what that person was doing and what their status was at that time, i don't know. >> reporter: of course, that was the man that deputies detained. they're trying to determine if he's a son or stepson as neighbors have given different accounts as to who he might be. they're working to determine if the man lived at the home. deputy are are not releasing the names of the victims. they're trying to notify next of skin. kat katie utehs. a few weeks since the valley fire broke out devastating lake, napa and sonoma counties.
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the town of middletown is just beginning to recover. food trucks in lake county offered free lunch today to those affected by the fire. many small businesses are just now opening following a weekend of intense cleanup. residents are doing their best to work through what's happened to their homes and their community. >> maybe it looks like people who drive through that it is back together, but people are really, really scared and shocked and hurt. >> assistance centers remain taupe give survivors the resources they need including help applying for federal aid. this was the first day back to school for middletown students and teacher, many of whom lost their homes in the valley fire. among those greeting them, calfire assistant cheech eric hoffman and smokey the bear. we have the story. >> reporter: it's like the first day of school jitters all over again, only instead of being nervous about meeting new friends, kids are worried about what to say to them. >> i'm not really sure like how it's going to go.
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like for so many people who have gone through a lot and i kind of don't know how to handle it. >> reporter: you can see what some students have gone through just a few block was away from school. neighborhoods are still. some expected nerves and emotions today as students headed back to class for the first time since the fire struck two weeks ago. they brought in extra counselors in case some students just need to talk. >> a day where lots of hugs and smiles and how are you doing? and just trying to get back to some normalcy. >> reporter: it's not quite normal. middletown schools will be expecting students from cobb where the school buildings are damaged. but students say they're glad to bet back to class. >> he's ready to see his friends. he hasn't seen them for two weeks. he's a social guy. he's ready. >> reporter: the # middletown strong is everywhere, painted on cars and on t-shirts. 1500 of them donated from a
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print shop in roanoke part. >> we have a lot of spirit that will really add to our community. >> reporter: the adults in the community are still very much in rebuilding mode. new disaster recovery centers are opening today for victims who are trying to find state and federal assistance. but the children are getting back to the business of being kids. an important step in their healing. >> the town is really strong. so yeah, i think we're doing good. >> reporter: there are some teachers and counselors here today who lost their homes. administrators say they're happy to see them and support them, too. in middletown, amy holyfield, abc 7 news. traffic was stopped in the financial district when dem b n demonstrators took over an intersection. more than 100 climate change activists blocked traffic and painted a giant symbol on the pavement. others chained themselves inside the lobby of the bank of the west building. the demonstrators accuse big corporation of putting profit
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ahead of the environment. >> so petrochemical industry, the fossil fuel industry and the financial industry are destroying our planet. we're here to stand up and say we're not going to take it any more. we're bringing it to the street. >> police arrested 12 demonstrators for disobeying officers. the governor signed a bill into law today to establish the yellow alert system. it will utilize the state's freeway signs to broadcast information about the suspect's vehicle very similar to the amber alert and silver alert systems that we know about now. supporters of an effort to repeal california's law requiring vax ooebs for school children met a 5:00 p.m. deadline for signature. the group submitted a petition with more than 365,000 signatures. but it may be a month or so before election officials can determine whether the ballot measure qualifies. governor brown signed the legislation earlier this year.
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>> the vandalization of the carmel mission is now being investigated as a hate crime. this weekend vandals knocked over and spilled paint on gravesto gravestones. father junipero serra was buried there. he was canonized by the pope for bringing catholicism to california. only headstones belonging to people of european descent were targeted. apple's new iphones are hot sellers and these are hot iphones. police say a man stole ten of them along with samsung phones during a burglary at the verizon store on arnold drive in martinez. they arrested this man. they've recovered all the missing phones. california representative kevin mccarthy made it official this afternoon. he wants to be the next speaker of the house in washington. mccarthy currently represents the bay area in bakersfield.
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today he said he will lead the fight for conservatism. he also promises to heal divisions in the party. mccarthy has been in the house since 2007. he's the house majority leader. current speaker john boehner announced on friday he'll step down at the end of october. officials believe they have a bed bug problem at a berkeley library branch under control. it was shut down on friday after those pests were found inside. crews finished treating the bill today and it is expected to reopen tomorrow. the city's main library and other branchs will be checked out on thursday. bed bugs recently were found in a palo alto branch as well. killer bees have found their way into bay area for the first time. researchers found the africanized honey bees. in is video of killer bees from the allen bee company. biologists say you really don't need to be that concerned. this breed is normally no more aggressive than average european
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bees, but they can swarm and turn deadly when their colony is threatened. just ahead, the boys are back in town. >> the warriors get back to work. why everything so bigger and better for the upcoming season. >> also ahead, michael finney on whether new mortgage rules are good for consumers. >> plus what twitter's jack dorsey has in common with deion sanders. and this is tremendously exciting. >> nasa confirms the best ever evidence about water on mar. what this means for people here on earth.
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santa clara, san francisco, east bay and all the bay area, this is abc 7 news. well, the reigning nba
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champions held court on media day as the new season approaches. laura anthony is live at the warriors practice facility in downtown oakland. very exciting. >> reporter: it sure is, dan. the warriors are back to defend their title knowing full well that all the other teams will be gunning for them from the get-go. we also learned a little bit about what the players did with their off-season. >> looking good. any time. >> one more. >> reporter: it was a short off-season for the warrior jurks three months, but with an nba championship firmly in hand, no one here was complaining. not even this robot who was facilitating interviews for a warriors season ticket holders. and with all the attention comes even higher spike tagss. >> we look to get everybody's best shot every night. >> reporter: a fact not lost on steph curry who reeled off a
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couple highlights from his short summer. >> my daughter being born. that's probably the -- hard to trump that, right? outside of my family probably playing golf with the president. that was a very cool experience. >> reporter: klay thompson says he expects every other team to bring it every night. as for when he fully realized he and his teammates were the best in the world -- >> i think it hit me during the parade. just to see how united the bay area was and see a million people and see oakland, one of the most amazing things i've seen in my life. >> reporter: while not promising a repeat of last year's season draymond green did send a message to the warriors' upcoming opponents. >> i do think we can get better. >> reporter: in oakland, laura anthony, abc 7 news. opponents of the warriors propose mission bay arena say they have a suitable alternative. the proposed site would be near pier 80 along the third street
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corridor. it would have access to 280 and 101 just a mile from the current proposed site in mission bay. the team released its first animated rendering of the mission bay site. increased game traffic is believed to endanger people getting to the free hospitals nearby. >> yelp has named a woman to head its board of directors. the online review company named diana irvine chairperson today. she's been on the board since 2011. she'll replace max legend who stepped down in july. yelp has been working on diversity. last year a yelp survey showed that 70% of its employees were female. google is trying to teach his cars to drive like people. it will edge into intersections and cross double yellow lines. i wants the cars to rove more seamlessly among human drivers.
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the pressure is building for jack dorsey to take control of twitter, the company he founded in 2006. dorsey has been running twitter on an interim basis since the resignation earlier this year. he runs fourscarquare, the mobi payment company. one venture capitalist argues that if two sports stars, deion sanders, could play two sports that he can play in both the world series and the super bowl, then dorsey should be able to run both companies. a little bit different there. >> well, if you've ever bought a home, you know full well you are presented with a mountain of forms when you apply for a mortgage. >> but that's about to change. seven or your side's michael finney join us. >> here, sign these papers. >> like you're buying a corporation. >> unbelievable. starting this start home buyer will be confronted with new mortgage paperwork and that's the good news.
5:15 pm says new forms will make it easy to compare what you thought you were getting when you signed up for the loan with what you're actually getting now on the day of the loan signing. >> you can see what has changed and what has remained the same. it will be a lot easier to see that the loan you're getting is the loan that you were promised. >> consumer advocates have been complaining about the complexities of the document for years and are applauding the new rules. the official date for the switchover to the new chip credit cards is thursday. don't hold your breath. turns the out only 25%, a quarter of all stores, have the new chip readers that read the cards by having you insert them instead of swiping them. you're going to be hearing a lot about this in the coming days, but don't sweat it. this is between retailers and credit card companies and makes little difference to the consumer. retailers that don't have the new reader have more liability
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for fraud than they do now. consumer rights will not be impacted. tomorrow is national coffee day. that means free coffee for you. krispy kreme they're going beyond coffee and throwing in a free doughnut as well. locally owned coffee shops are getting in on coffee day, too. most are offering a buy one, get one free type of deal. >> half a cup of coffee and two doughnuts. >> try it. see what happens. yeah. >> meteorologist sandhya patel. >> gorgeous start to the weekend. >> a hot cup of coffee just might come in handy tomorrow morning. we do have crisp conditions coming up. a nice breeze in the air. high clouds filtering the sun right now. take a look at live dop her 7 hd. we're off to a great start especially if you like this kind of weather. low clouds are hanging around near the beaches.
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and if you got a chance to take a look at this, i do want to show you this beautiful picture. sent by one of my followers on twitter. viewers of the super blood moon eclipse. she said it was a cool shot through her telescope. make sure to send your pictures in with the #abc7now. if you had a chance, it was amazing. i took a look and it was beautiful. mt. tam cam. the temperatures are in the 60s from san francisco and oakland to mountainview. mild in san jose, 73 degrees. former santa cruz camera, it looks a little lonely. not that warm down there. 79 in santa rosa, 69 in napa, low 80s for fairfield, concord and livermore. the temperature in san jose managed to get up to 74 degree. it was cool in most areas today. we'll call it partly cloudy. a slight chance of seeing a few drops from wednesday night to thursday morning. the work week will end on a warm
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note. so we're going to go from cooler the next couple of days to warmer by friday. subtrongal jet stream is what's bringing us those midand high level clouds that you might be seeing outside. a weak system that will work towards the bay area. it's not going to move right over us, but when it does come in our direction late wednesday night into thursday morning we could see a few showers around here. so just keep that in mind especially for that morning commute on thursday. and then by thursday afternoon, evening it's all dry again. tomorrow morning a mix of high clouds and low clouds. coolest spots will be in the valleys sheltered from the wind. upper 40s there. so you will need to bundle up. most other areas in the 50s. you definitely can feel it in air especially if you are taking those kids off to school. they'll need a jacket or a sweater. tomorrow afternoon in the south bay, 77 in, 88 in gilroy. on the peninsula, mid-70s palo alto redwood city with filtered
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sun. a lot like today in downtown san francisco. 66 degrees. bright, sunny skies daly city 62 in the north bay upper 70s santa rosa napa sunshine there but in the east bay you'll see those high clouds. 72 in oakland, 70 in berkeley, inland spots mild a little bit cooler than average livermore 82 degrees 80 concord 79 walnut creek. at or below normal the next three days. slight chance of showers on thursday. it is going to warm up on friday up to the 90s inland. 70s coast side. then over the weekend we cool it back into the 60s to the 80s range. it will be a little bit on the breezy side for my upcoming weekend plan. overall just a really pleasant fall weather. >> thanks very much. still ahead, kicking tourists off mt. everest who have no business trying to climb it. the new regulations next. at 5:30, the world news with
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david muir. >> donald trump tonight revealing his tax cuts plan. some families would pay no atlant income taxes. how would he pay for it? nearly a foot of rain in some places. high school heartbreak, the young football player who wukd off the field and then died at the hospital. the warning for every parent. >> then new at 6:00 from michael finney, an important warning about driving your car on company time. you may not be insured if
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my name is jamir dixon and i'm a locafor pg&e.rk fieldman most people in the community recognize the blue trucks as pg&e. my truck is something new... it's an 811 truck. when you call 811, i come out to your house and i mark out our gas lines and our electric lines to make sure that you don't hit them when you're digging. 811 is a free service. i'm passionate about it because every time i go on the street i think about my own kids. they're the reason that i want to protect our community and our environment, and if me driving a that truck means that somebody gets to go home safer, then i'll drive it every day of the week. together, we're building a better california.
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is there life on mars? that is the question many across the world are asking tonight following one giant announcement from nasa. scientists today for first time confirmed signs of liquid water flowing on the surface of the red planet. and they found that by analyzing little dark streaks found at several locations throughout the planet. the announcement has reignited
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excitement for future space exploration. >> the exciting thing is that i think we will send humans in the near future to mar. they'll be scientists looking for signs of life and also to be able to live on the surface. >> well, if the gal illayo academy of technology scientists perhaps future astronauts we talked with seemed excited about the news. >> it's the achievement for earth itself. >> it can possibly be someplace for life, like some placent wally we could live on. >> this would be about what would you say, a hundred times cooler? >> how today's big announcement could soon change all that. nepal is considering new rules to limit the number of climbers on mt. everest. the country's tourism minister plans to introduce new regulations that will keep inexperienced climbers off the
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world's highest peak. anyone under 18 and over 75 would be banned outright as would people who are severely disabled. and only open to climbers who can prove they can scale mountains. san rafael's eric reasoner was an extreme sports star. he was part of an opening ceremony at a golf event in lake tahoe when he crashed into a tree. he sat in a lawn chair and let 90 helium balloons carry him up to 8,000 feet. they then popped them with a shotgun and free fell back to earth. in 2003 he used an umbrella to dangle from a hot air balloon before falling back to earth. the organizing committee wants to bring back baseball and softball for the games. both were axed from the 2012
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games in london. and on the short lis to add, karate, sports climbing, skateboarding and surfing. the international olympic committee has the final say. democrat hillary clinton is getting extra help on the campaign trail. her husband former president bill clinton is taking a more active role kicking off a series of fund-raisers and events. hillary clinton is campaigning in the bay area today. she's holding fund-raisers in sir ra toga, belvedere and tomorrow she'll attend breakfast in san francisco. hillary clinton may have just lost the vote of people who like pumpkin spice lattes. in a question and answer session mrs. clinton said she used to be a fan of the starbucks drink until she saw how many calories in it. a grande spiced pumpkin latte with whipped cream, 380 calories. the surfing competition that proves to be a hot
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live in calistoga. >> in belmont. >> san francisco. >> your stories. >> 7 on your side is set up to help people. >> this investigation. >> starting with a tip. >> channel 7. >> talk to me. >> you're everything. >> let me give you a look of the highway shut down. >> what matters where you live. choose the team that works for you. >> reporting from washington. >> choose abc 7 news. coming up tonight on abc 7 news at 6:00, an east bay health club's big plan and why it could leave you some young swimmers high and drive. we're live over treasure island where police search for two men. it happened at a routine traffic stop that led to this. bay area inventors taking the hard work out of making beautiful pictures of the night sky. we'll explain at 6:00.
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comic book heroes came to live at an unlikely place this afternoon. >> they were at benioff children's hospital as spider-man, batman and other superheroes rappelled down the side of the building. >> they brought much needed smiles to the young patients. >> enjoying superheroes, then that is empowering to their spirit, their soul. that helps them be children. and yes, the outcomes are improved because they're marshaling their energies rather than feeling like a victim. >> and a hospital staff says helping young patients feel like kids does wonders for their emotional well-being. >> you are about to see dogs that do more than pets. >> they hit the surf city dog competition. >> they really made a splash. the number of surfing pooches has doubled since the contest began seven years ago. >> here's a look at the winners and the extra large dog category. there in the middle was the big winner. >> congratulations?
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thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. see you again at 6:00. tonight, the big reveal. donald trump and his tax cuts. half the country, including the poorest, would pay no income taxes at all. some asking, who will pay for it all? trump's answer right here. and after a campaign scare for carly fiorina, tonight, wenow await word from trump's opponent. also breaking tonight, vladimir putin smiling there, president obama was not. and then the closed-door meeting just moments ago. jon karl standing by. judgment day for the prison worker who helped two killers escape. costing taxpayers for that all-out search. sobbing for mercy. breaking now, the punishment just in after the major league meltdown. the player now benched. and the mystery solved tonight. flowing water on mars. so, what does this now mean for life on the red planet?


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