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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 28, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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thanks for joining us. >> we appreciate your time. see you again at 6:00. tonight, the big reveal. donald trump and his tax cuts. half the country, including the poorest, would pay no income taxes at all. some asking, who will pay for it all? trump's answer right here. and after a campaign scare for carly fiorina, tonight, wenow await word from trump's opponent. also breaking tonight, vladimir putin smiling there, president obama was not. and then the closed-door meeting just moments ago. jon karl standing by. judgment day for the prison worker who helped two killers escape. costing taxpayers for that all-out search. sobbing for mercy. breaking now, the punishment just in after the major league meltdown. the player now benched. and the mystery solved tonight. flowing water on mars. so, what does this now mean for life on the red planet?
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good evening and we begin tonight with donald trump and his tax cuts. declaring today that if elected, he will eliminate income taxes for more than half of all americans. promising to, quote, simplify the tax code in america. couples making less than $50,000 a year and the poor, no income taxes at all. some critics now asking, how will trump pay for it? just as his opponents gain in the polls, one declaring, i'm not interested in being part of his freak show. so, how much would you pay under a president trump? abc's tom llamas leads us off. >> reporter: tonight, some real details from donald trump. >> this is my wheelhouse. that's what i do well. the economy is what i do well. >> reporter: trump promising to eliminate income taxes entirely for more than half the country. anyone making less than $25,000 and couples earning less than $50,000 would pay no taxes at all. trump would also offer sweeping tax cuts for businesses which he says will create jobs. and slash tax rates for the
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wealthiest americans. and who does trump want to pay for it all? some of the richest people on wall street. >> those are the hedge fund folks that i've been talking about for quite awhile. they make a lot of money. >> reporter: trump says they will lose some of their tax deductions and he will also close other tax loopholes that benefit the rich. >> in other words, it's going to cost me a fortune. which is actually true. >> reporter: but does that part of the plan sound republican? trump asked about it on "60 minutes." >> well, i'm a pretty good republican, but i will tell you this -- i do have some differences. i don't want to have certain people on wall street get away with paying no tax. >> reporter: defending himself again today. >> we're lowering taxes very substantially. we're simplifying and we're getting rid of deductions that are actually obsolete. >> reporter: trump's tax plan comes as his lead in the polls shrinks and he faces new attacks from senator marco rubio. >> i'm not interested in the back and forth, to be a member or a part of his freak show. >> reporter: i asked trump about rubio's choice of words. senator rubio described your campaign as a freak show.
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you take a lot of pride in your campaign. >> look, look. senator rubio is a lightweight. we understand that. he wouldn't be able to do this. he wouldn't know a trade deal from any other deal. >> reporter: rubio had no comment today on trump's tax plan and neither did carly fiorina. both candidates now on the rise. last night, that scare for fiorina. the curtains at her event crashing down around her. fiorina walked away without a scratch. for her surging campaign, the show goes on. david, tonight, prominent anti-tax crusaders praising the trump plan, but hillary clinton blasting it, calling it a huge tax break for billionaires and many wondering how trump will pay for all of it. david? >> tom llamas leading us off again tonight. thank you, tom. we turn now to the high stakes close-door meeting taking place moments ago between president obama and russian president vladimir putin. it comes just hours after the two both spoke out on the world stage. dueling speeches before the u.n. president obama slamming putin. and then this image. the two sharing the same table
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afterwards, separated only by the secretary-general. and much different facial expressions there. putin, the only one smiling. and then, of course, the awkward toast. so, what could they be saying to each other right now? in their first formal meeting in two years. abc's chief white house correspondent jonathan karl. >> reporter: they're not known for their personal chemistry, but obama and putin did get together tonight for their first formal meeting in two years. the face to face was just hours after the two presidents went right at each other on the world stage. obama slamming russia's invasion of crimea. >> we cannot stand by when the sovereignty of a nation is flagrantly violated. >> reporter: and vladimir putin, who likes to play tough guy and literally flex his muscles back home, is now making a move in the middle east, sending russian military equipment and troops to support syrian dictator bashar al assad who putin said today is doing more to fight isis than the united states. "no one," putin said, "but
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president assad's armed forces and kurdish militia, are truly fighting terrorists in syria." obama says the opposite. that assad, backed by russia, is himself behind much of the terror. >> when a dictator slaughters tens of thousands of his own people, that is not just a matter of one nation's internal affairs. >> and jon is with us now. president obama has said he's willing to work with russia on syria, but as we all know, putin supports syrian president assad. doesn't this get very tricky here? >> reporter: it sure does, david. the president said he's willing to work with russia, also willing to work with iran on syria. but both oppose isis, and support assad and keep in mind, of the hundreds of thousands that have been killed in syria, the overwhelming majority were killed by assad's forces. not isis. >> they had to share the table today and the champagne. always makes for an awkward moment. jon, thank you. we turn in the meantime to a dramatic day for that prison worker convicted of helping two killers escape. joyce mitchell, breaking down, asking for mercy, as a judge
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prepared to sentence her. mitchell saying she made the biggest mistake of her life, mouthing the words "i love you" to her husband as she was led out of court. abc's linzie janis now on the sentence. >> i'm sorry. >> reporter: joyce mitchell sobbing in court today, promising to wear an ankle bracelet for the rest of her life if she can go home to her family. >> i'm hoping you will have mercy on me, your honor, no words can explain how deeply sorry i am. >> reporter: the former prison tailor shop worker insisting she only helped two convicted murders escape, smuggling them hacksaw blades hidden in hamburger meat, because they threatened to kill her husband lyle. >> i could not let anything happen to my husband and family. i love them all so much. >> reporter: the judge didn't buy it. >> your husband's life would not have been more in danger by exposing the plot to escape. >> reporter: lyle mitchell today arriving in court, standing by
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his wife, even after learning she may have been in on that alleged plot to kill him. >> what do you make of the reports that she was trying to have you killed? >> reporter: today, lyle mitchell visibly upset as his wife was sentenced to up to seven years behind bars. david, tonight, the district attorney says mitchell got off easy. with good behavior, she could be out in just two years. david? >> linzie, thank you. we turn now to another punishment we learned about late today, after that major league meltdown. washington nationals possible mvp candidate bryce harper and teammate jonathan papelbon, first arguing, then papelbon grabbing him there by the throat before they were both pulled apart. and so, abc's david wright tonight on the player now benched. is his season over? >> reporter: tonight, a major league brawl. >> papelbon goes after him. >> reporter: bottom of the eighth. tie ball game. bryce harper pops out to left field. and doesn't bother to run quickly to first. >> something going on in the dugout. >> reporter: at the dugout, his teammate, relief pitcher jonathan papelbon, takes issue with that.
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after a heated exchange, papelbon attacks, grabs harper's neck. masn interviewed the players. >> like brothers fighting. that's what happened. >> the next day, you give each other a hug and say, hey, look, i'm wrong, you're right. >> reporter: but the team evidently sees it differently. >> we've suspended jonathan papelbon for four games without pay. >> reporter: earlier this season, papelbon beaned orioles third baseman manny machado. papelbon is out until next year. david wright, abc news, new york. >> david, thank you. we have new reporting tonight after that duck boat tragedy in seattle. tonight, state authorities have now suspended that company's tour operations. it comes after that duck boat slammed into a charter bus, four students were killed. tonight, word a fifth student has now died. now, the ntsb reporting that duck boat did not have its axle repaired, despite a warning two years ago. federal investigators have said
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the vehicle's left front axle was sheared off. no word on whether the company that owns the duck boat ever received that warning. the volkswagen scandal back in the news tonight. the world's largest automaker confessing to rigging software, cheating on emissions tests in 11 million vehicles. tonight, prosecutors in germany now launching a criminal investigation against volkswagen's former ceo, who resigned in the wake of the scandal. he claims he had no knowledge of the deception. now, to the extreme weather here in this country tonight. flash flood watches from florida to mississippi, 11 inches of rain in parts of the gulf tonight. and the images coming in. this parking lot in mobile, alabama, under water. in mississippi, a man on a motorcycle plowing ahead. well now, those storms marching north. d.c., philly, boston and much of new england will get this. chief meteorologist ginger zee tracking it all. >> reporter: hey, david. there are places in florida that have already had a foot of rain, and it's still raining along the gulf coast. we've got flash flood watches from mobile all the way to sarasota, florida.
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that's through tomorrow morning. so, it will pull up, some of that tropical moisture, then transports and hits the cold front that's coming to the mid-atlantic and northeast. timing here, tuesday night through early wednesday morning. so, we take the future cast and bring you right to drive time. 6:00 a.m. wednesday. very heavy, poconos, adirondacks. you can see where the heaviest rain will fall. three to four inches in that interior new england, that yellow swath. >> the drive to work wednesday morning going to be tough. ginger, thank you. another storm we are tracking tonight, as you know, typhoon dujuan churning in the south pacific tonight, slamming taiwan. images of the destruction coming in. blankets of rain, trees bending in the wind. at least 24 injured. thousands evacuated. more than 300,000, in fact, without power. at its strongest point, record-breaking wind gusts of 181 miles an hour. those winds tonight now weakening. back here at home and to alaska. a major reversal from shell. announcing they will stop drilling off the coast of alaska, saying they did not find enough oil to justify going
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forward. shell's decision to drill in alaska was controversial in part because of environmental concerns. tonight, many environmentalists declaring victory. we turn now to pope francis, back home tonight after that history-making trip to the u.s. and this image tonight, this was the pope circling the statue of liberty on his way out of new york city. making history even on the plane back to rome. after meeting with victims of sexual abuse, acknowledging on that plane for the first time, some bishops covered it up, saying, quote, they are guilty. abc's chief foreign correspondent terry moran was on that plane, where the pope also revealed what he thought of each of the three u.s. cities he visited. >> reporter: a final blessing from pope francis. off for rome aboard shepherd one. after takeoff, a papal press conference onboard. francis was asked, what did he think of the united states after his first visit? "what surprised me was the warmth, the warmth of the people. so lovable," he said.
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and then, his specific impression. in washington, "the welcome was warm, but more formal," he recalled. "but new york -- exuberant," he said. and philadelphia "was very demonstrative." and on the painful subject of the sex abuse scandal in the church, francis became the first pope to admit that some bishops must be held accountable, too. "those who covered this up are guilty," he said. "even some bishops." >> it's the pope! >> reporter: throughout his american journey, he was the pope of surprises. trusting his instincts and ours. terry moran, abc news, rome. >> terry, thank you. and now to the economy here tonight. and a milestone for apple, selling 13 million iphones. the iphone 6s and 6s plus, in the first 72 hours. that's a new record. experts say largely thanks to china, because for the first
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time, china was invited to buy during the opening weekend. but despite the good news, apple stock still taking a hit today, as all of wall street tumbled. the dow closing down more than 312 points, over signs of a coming interest rate hike and a slowdown in china. now, to the big changes coming to your credit card, as of this thursday. millions of americans receiving new cards in the mail. the new law requiring each one be fitted with a security chip, making it harder to steal your personal information. abc's rebecca jarvis with what you need to know about your new credit card. >> reporter: caught in the act. watch as this fast food attendant swipes this credit card once, and then secretly, a second time. to steal a customer's personal information right off the card's magnetic strip. >> skimming is at an all-time high. >> reporter: starting this week, new technology in your credit cards should keep thieves from doing that again, because of this -- a small, metallic chip that holds all your payment data, far more difficult for
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criminals to copy. >> you'll actually put your card into a little cover. people complain that it takes a little bit longer, but that little bit of lag time is worth it in the long run, so that your data is protected. >> reporter: retailers are also being pushed to upgrade their systems. if they don't, and there's a data breach, they'll likely pay. unlike the old days, where the credit card companies were on the hook, now it's the store. >> exactly. the liability has shifted. >> reporter: some of the credit card benefits are also changing, which makes it a great time to double check fine print and compare the perks, using websites like, and credit karma. >> rebecca joins us now. we've all been asking you a million questions in the news room today. among them, if you haven't received a card with a new chip, should you be worried? >> reporter: you shouldn't, david. and here's why. 90% of financial institutions have started sending the cards. they're going to send a lot more out this year. and retailers can still take the old credit cards, so you can still use what you have. >> the old card will still work. >> reporter: yes. >> all right, and then we're
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still in trouble. rebecca, thank you. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this monday. and much more on the high school heartbreak. we have new reporting after that football tragedy. the injured football player who walked off the field, giving a thumb's up to his friends, but then dying at the hospital. his girlfriend calling him the love of her life. tonight, the autopsy results are in, and the warning for all parents. a new headline tonight about airbags. seven new carmakers warned they could be added to the list of recalls. and the new pictures coming in from mars. that big announcement today, helping nasa solve a mystery. now flowing water and ice. here's the question -- what does it finally mean for life on the red planet? but that hasn't stopped me from modeling. my doctor told me about stelara® it helps keep my skin clearer. with only 4 doses a year after 2 starter doses... ...stelara® helps me be in season. stelara® may lower your ability to fight infections and increase your risk of infections. some serious infections require hospitalization.
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you can't work from home when you're sick. you need real relief. alka-seltzer plus day cold & flu has three cold symptom fighters to relieve your tough symptoms. stay unstoppable. (truck horn) alka-seltzer plus. next tonight, the autopsy results after that friday night lights tragedy in new jersey. the star quarterback taking a hard hit, walking off the field, assuring friends he'd be okay. a short time later, he died. tonight, what we've now learned and the warning for every parent. here's abc's gio benitez.
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>> reporter: tonight, a high school football team in tears after the shocking and sudden death of its star quarterback, 17-year-old evan murray. >> really, really kind and genuine, genuine kid. he had a good heart. >> reporter: during the game, friends say murray took at least two hard hits. the last hit, right in the stomach. murray walking off the field with help from teammates, but collapsing in the sidelines, then getting up again to give everyone a thumb's up. but just hours later, he would be pronounced dead at the hospital. tonight, the autopsy report showing murray died of internal bleeding from a blow to his spleen, which was already enlarged. >> the most frequent cause of an enlarged spleen in someone who's young is a recent mono infection, and a blow to an enlarged spleen can cause massive internal bleeding. >> reporter: it isn't known if murray had mono. but doctors say, if there's any chance your child has mono, they should be checked out before playing or practicing because the spleen, when enlarged, can drop below the rib cage and become vulnerable.
5:49 pm
he is the third high school football player to die after an on-field injury this year. five in 2014. his girlfriend sharing these images of the couple on instagram. one of the captions reading, "i lost the love of my life in a football accident." and tonight, david, everyone from governor christie of new jersey to the new york jets, sending their condolences. murray's memorial service will be held on wednesday. david? >> gio, thank you. when we come back here on a monday, the new headline about breast cancer and unneeded chemotherapy. also, news about that massive recall involving exploding airbags. word seven new carmakers might be added to the list. and we'll go down the list. and free coffee tomorrow for national coffee day? we'll tell you where to get it.
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5:53 pm
mercedes-benz, jaguar, land rover, suzuki, tesla, volvo, volkswagen and spartan motors. mercedes and tesla tonight saying their airbags are not affected, but we'll stay on this for you. a medical headline for you tonight. those battling early stage breast cancer. the new gene test shown to be very effective at telling whether women can safely skip chemotherapy and use hormone-blocking drugs with the same results, but without the side owe fekts and health risks. after five years, 99% of the women in the study had not relapsed. and a headline about tomorrow morning's cup of morning joe. tuesday is national coffee day and dunkin' donuts, wawa, peet's coffee all saying they will give out free coffee tomorrow in selected cities. so, check out whether yours is one of them. other companies expected to join in the fun, as well. when we come back on a monday night, the big mystery on mars solved tonight. the bigger question, though, and we'll ask it. what does it mean for life on the red planet?
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finally tonight here, nasa says a mars mystery revealed. there is flowing water and ice, so, could there be life? here's abc's david kerley. >> reporter: nasa's mars orbiter has seen something only imagined. >> liquid water has been found on mars. >> reporter: the essential ingredient of life. look closely. during the summer months, little rivulets, streaks develop 12 to 15 feet wide. a football field long. that, scientists say, is salty, even briny, water. so, is there life on mars? >> it suggests that it would be possible for there to be life today on mars. >> reporter: it could also change a manned mission to mars
5:58 pm
dramatized in the new matt damon movie about a stranded astronaut. >> i'm still alive. surprise! >> reporter: right now, only rovers like curiosity are on the surface of mars. but with the discovery of water, a human visit becomes a bit more of a possibility. is this really a breakthrough for humans to visit mars? >> we could use that water, use that water to drink, of course, to break up into its parts, hydrogen and oxygen. >> reporter: some of the ingredients, which could finally put a human on mars. and who knows what we might find then. david kerley, abc news, washington. >> david, thank you. and thank you for watching on a monday night. we hope to see a up in of young swimmers left high and dry with a club. a south bay dog trainer facing eviction. who is forcing him out? tonight he'll unleash a plea for help. back to business in a town hit hard by the valley fire.
5:59 pm
what people are doing to try to get back to normal. and we'll take a look at the tragic death of a motorist and why his family says it never should have happened. sky 7 is over a popular swim and tennis club that will close doors next year so the owners can cash in on the bay area real estate boom. good evening. >> putting homes and apartments on the property will need city council approval and residents are trying to prevent the closure of subsport valley vista in walnut creek. >> reporter: well, this letter was sent about 11 days ago, announcing that the club would close in four months. members have done a number of things, they set up a facebook page, they're also now
6:00 pm and there will be a rally to try to stop the closure. sky 7 hd is over club sport valley vista. six acres, a swimming pool and club house, it happens to be the home the bara cuedas, the largest youth swim club in the league. >> we have 190 swimmers from three years old to 18 years old. they'd be without a pool. >> reporter: this deed shows the principal shareholder as steve gillmore. pat o'brian is the chief financial officer. >> it's not making any money. it never has. >> reporter: leisure sports notified they will close on january 31, 2016. the company plans


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