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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  September 29, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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soon. here, you're going to drink beer and get beat up. coming home with sunburn. it's just a bad experience. >> license holder of san francisco agrees. saying something isn't right about levi's stadium. >> i don't think it has a whole lot of character. i don't think there's anything unique about it that speaks to the 49ers as a team or of the fans as a franchise. >> the 49ers changed their ticket policy opting for digital delivery. license holders don't have access until 48 hours before the game, making it harder for them to sell. >> we just hope that the 49ers would look at us as having already purchased these tickets and let us do what we want with them rather than placing all of these restrictions. >> both men say it's going to be hard to sell their licenses. in fact, more than 3,000 licenses are currently for sale in the markt place. >> i might think about keeping the seats because i can sell it and get my money back, you know,
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to break even and make a little money. >> these fans would rather watch the game at home or in a bar. >> two men attacked levi's stadium last year now file a lawsuit. they were seriously injured waiting in line inside the bathroom. it was an unprovoked attack by two men wearing gang symbols. attorneys say the 49ers did not provide adequate security. the team that city of santa clara and the santa clar authority were named as defendants. the alleged incident happened at a party last year. mek donalds has been indicted by a grand jury on a felony rape charge involving the same woman on the same night. his attorney entered a plea for him. his next court day is october 28 thd.
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>> the mayor of oakland and the police chief say today's killing of an artist is a senseless act of violence. and they vow to find whoever is responsible. friends of antonio ramos tell us he was shot while working on a mural. it happened on west street in west oakland. live at police headquarters tonight with if the latest on the investigation. >> murders in oakland happen all too often. there have been 72 of them this year now. 72. but this one, in particular, has struck a nerve. antonio ramos was just trying to make oak land a more beautiful place. tonight, it is sadder, instead. it is a collection of items that should never be connected in any same kind of world. paint brushes, one single shell casing and lots of candles. more candles every hour. >> we're devastated. we were just all busy painting. and then we heard the gunshot. >> until this, he was working on
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several master's degreers. now he's the witness of the murder of antonio ramos. another artist just like him. >> nice, enthusiastic, real talkative, just helping out. >> a volunteer aimed at distressed neighborhoods and connecting with middle school kids who had planned to visit tomorrow. antonio ramos died from a single shot. >> some minor altercation between him and the suspect. >> i think he just verbally engage sm mow with the shooter. and before we knew it, the man pulled out a gun and shot him. >> before beginning work here, those artists had cleaned the area up. this mural had been coming together quickly. it should have been something good. now, in its place, sadness and pain. >> now, what was he really doing here? painting? >> maybe trying to beautify a neighborhood. >> the thing about this is
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everyone passing by has been saying thank you. >> instead, no words. from oakland, wayne friedmanabc 7 news. >> police have began an investigation in two unusual deaths. this morning, they found a body wrapped in plastic. investigators say an a autopsy will help determine who the person is and how it died. investigators plan to review surveillance footage from that area. >> a watchdog group is accusing the berkley police department of disproportionately stopping black and latino drivers. they found that black drivers represent 30% of those stopped by police, even though they make up just 8% of the population. nearly 20% of black drivers are searched, while only 4% of white drivers are.
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>> 56% of the time that black folks are stopped, they're stopped for no reason. it's creating and maine taning trauma within the black community. >> berkley's police chief denies any racial profiling. police stops that don't result in an arrest are actually a good thing. >> i don't believe in zero tolerance. i don't believe that everybody should get arrested. the officer should use their discretion based on the facts that they have. >> the department has not yet found the funding. >> we're learning more today about the latest death of the santa clara county main jail. the second death in just under a month. last month, another inmate died at the jail. correctional deputies now face murder charges. the sheriff's office says it's being more transparent about inmate deaths. >> i would hope they wouldn't jump to conclusions. they have shown how we acted in august. we were fast. we were transparent.
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we did the proper things. in this case, we're doing the same thing. we're investigating to the fullest. >> the man was on the eighth floor where inmates with mental health issues were housed. >> well, deputy haves now been investigating that jail death for more than 24 hours. and the sheriff is getting ready to share some of the information they've gathered. david louis is outside the sheriff's office. we hope to get some answers in a few minutes. >>. >> reporter: we do, indeed, dan. we've been waiting our turn to talk to the sheriff and under-sheriff who is in charge of the jail who would probably have some insight as to what has happened to that particular inmate. however, the message that we're getting is that they are reading statements, but not providing very much information. i think they're trying, in some way, just to calm everyone down. that they're going to wait for the coral nor's report to come out to find out exactly why this 33-year-old inmate has died.
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was in inmate forcibly removed from his cell? and were there possible force involved that could have led to some injuries. now, about the coroner's report, in the last case last month, the physical evidence where he was beaten and allegedly by the d deputies and then sustained internet yours, that was fairly easy to determine because there weren't physical injuries. bum in the case of this death, they may have to be doing the toxicology report. as such, that takes several days to determine what kinds of drugs might have been in his bloodstream. so those are all the kinds of things that we want to ask. we'll have the latest details for you coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. live in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. >> david,thank you so much. in santa cruz, a 22-year-old official died.
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they say the staff was monitoring her as she underwent drug detoxification. she was arrested last thursday for being under the influence of drugs. her death is not suspicious. >> a new law will allow san jose to set a curfew on communications hill. the stairwell has become a pop yuf lar place to relax or work out during the day. however, at night, it often turns into a party or drug spot. police have had a hard time regular lating it because it was considered a sidewalk. the new law proposed by san jose senator jim biehl gives the city the power to regulate it now ntw as a sidewalk but as a park. a setback for drivers hoping that the third lane would be opened by next week.
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>> but the agency says it needs two years to get that done. >> well, a possible bedbug infestation has forced the closure of a second library in palo alto in less than a week. health officials are checking to see if the bugs are in the library on mule road. just yesterday, a separate library there reopened after it was treated for bedbugs. the north branch of the berkley is back open today after an infestation there. >> all right. you may want to dig through your cloz et and find a sweater soon. >> yes, it's sweater weather now. but we may be talking wiper weather in the not-too-distant future. details are coming up. >> thank you, sandy. google goes after apple. here's what analysts have to say about them. >> also, it's a lot more than cat videos. youtubal is a place to do some shopping. >> also, ahead, pushing the
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limits. the plans that are not just poetic. >> and sticker shock for medical bills. 7 on your side's michael finney looks at how to avoid the surprise cost that knock down great change comes from doing the right thing. like the radical idea that health isn't an industry. it's a cause. so we do things differently. we combine care and coverage. and believe prevention is the most powerful of cures.
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so forgive us for not going with the flow. we just think the flow should go with us. which makes us rebels with one cause. your health. 9 take a look at the flag in san francisco. there have been so many complaints about its tattered condition. we're joined now outside the golden gate and the tenderloin district with more. >> well, people in the tenderloin district x as you know, disagree about a lot of things. but one thing has many of them very erked.
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and that is they say the total disrespect for the american flag shown by the u.s. postal service. >> look. up in the sky. >> my god, it's our flag. it's awful. >> the most visible symbol of our country flying above the u.s. post office in the tenderloin district of san francisco tattered and its colored faded. >> clearly, it's been up there for years. it's gotten so much sun that it's becoming ragged. terrible. >> reporter: an employee first noticed it back in august and alerted the postmaster twice. >> he said the flags are in order and i reminded him the flags need to be taken down. it can't be flown like that. >> he's right. a tattered flag should be destroyed in a dignify way, preferably by burning. >> when i was in elementary school, they taught us to respect the flag. >> we wented in the post office to talk to the supervisor who
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then told us to call the postmaster's office. we did. the flag here is in really bad shape. >> the postmaster's office assured us the flag would be taken down and replaced either today or tomorrow. when we took a wider picture of the building, we discovered they had a second flag also in bad shape. >> i fly my flag with pride. obviously, they do not fly the flag with pride and they never look at their flag. so it tells me that they really don't care. >> but, as we discovered, apparently, the people of the tenderloin do. >> and it should be fixed now. you know, not later. not tomorrow. right now. it's an official government building with our nation's flag. >> residents say as it is now, it is no longer a symbol of pride. in san francisco, abc 7 news. >> so, to let us know about news
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happening, please e-mail us at abc 7 listens. or you can post your tips on the abc 7 news facebook page or on twitter. a former baseball star could be released from the hospital any time now following a nasty collision last night. the cardinals slammed into the team mate in the seventh inning of the game against the pittsburgh pirates. he remained motionless for several moneys. he was eventually carried off the field to cheers from the pittsburgh crowd. he suffered a head contusion, but tests conducted were negative. >> the oakland as are making history off the field. the team announced today it is hirining justinesegal. she will be the first woman to coach for a major league baseball team. justine is currently the founder of baseball for all.
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the nonprofit provides girls instruction and opportunities to play baseball. >> google unvailed new products today to be everything to everyone. they debuted new smartphones and streaming devices today. the ceo says the new phones, the nexus 5 s and 16 will push use i recalls to use the search and map. it will be easier to get through their daily lives. >> in this world, it's everyone more important for us at google to do the hard work so that the user experiences simple and delightful uses. >> the phones can be pre-ordered starting today. new smart phones will be big competition for apple's iphones. >> youtube has a new target tonight, your wallet. no, it is not trying to steal your money. it will pop up links for you to buy products seen in its videos. the company already lets
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advertisers show links to products within their videos. but, now, providing the video owner option, the product ads are available only any video. youtube says the new future is to take add vantage of the growing number of product views. you may have have soon more than 140 characters to express yourself on twitter. according to the text site, rico is building a product to allow users to share tweets longer than the usual character limit. it is not clear what the new feature or product will look like. but it can be tough to cram it all in to 140 characters. >> studies show medical bills are the biggest cause of bankruptcies. >> and health insurance doesn't always have you covered, obviously. >> insurance company and hospitals make it confusing to know how much you owe.
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>> eric christianson had shoulder surgery this year. he thought everything would be completely covered by his insurance. >> a couple months after the surgery, i received a bill. >> that surprise bill was for more than 2$2000. >> in our survey, we found that one-third of americans got a bill where they had to pay more than they expected for their medical costs. the key to not being caught off guard is to know how much you'll pay before you go in. >> but that varies widely, even within the same state. in california, the amount patients pay out of pocket for a total knee replacement ranges from being fully insured to almost $13,000. and an out-of-pocket cost for a c-section ranges from being fully covered to nearly $14,000. >> many companies have tools on their web site called cost estimators. and you can go on there and look how much you might pay before you go in and compare charges between providers.
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>> inneric's case, his surprise bill was for an out-of-network anesthesiologist. ask that everyone on your medical team be within your insurance network. >> if you do have to be out of network, make sure you'll call the provider to see how much you'll have to pay. >> if you get stuck with an unexpected bill, fight back. eric called his insurance company to explain the problem. >> about a month or so later, i received a statement saying that they had paid the sbooir bill. >> consumer reports provides this special programming in california. to find out how much people have had to pay out of pocket in the past. now, a link to the free service is available on my web site, abc 7 go to the seven on your side section. >> lrpt. let's turn our attention to the forecast. absolutely gorgeous outside again tonight.
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>> and she's got the coat on. it's a little cool. >> yeah, the seasons have changed. dan and cheryl, i can feel it out here. there's a little bit of the chill in the air. if you're stepping out, you'll want to bundle up as well. doppler 7 hd, temperatures are going down. they fall a few degrees today dropping below average with lope 60s to the low 80s for your high so far. live doppler 7 hd is showing you the cloud cover. just southwest, a few radar returns for a strap in the clouds. actually evaporating before it hits the ground. it's not reaching the ground yet, but that could change. you can see quite a bit of cloud cover right now: it's 62 in san francisco. aparentally, 73 in morgan hill. well, you look at this picture carefully. you can see a little tiny glimpse of the sun there. clouds are stacking up. upper 60s, santa rosa, napa.
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still fairly mild and in the mid 70s. from our kgo roof camera, really, there's not much wind right now. we're looking at below-average conditions. possible showers primarily in the south bay. here's the subtropical jet stream. that's what's bringing us the cloud cover that we're seeing. a cold front is just to the southwest of the bay area. but we are going to see the potential for a few sprinkles or light shower as we show you really late thursday night, late wednesday night, excuse me, until thursday morning. keep that in mind. that low will produce some showers in the area. and then there's a second system that's coming in from the north, from the pacific northwest over the weekend. saturday night, it drops down towards us. sunday morning could produce a few showers,really around 11 clook, 12:00. and then it moves on out. if ewe to have out door activities, this could
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potentially cause some of your weekend plans to be a little bit dampened, although we do need the rain here in the bay area. we e'll be on the mild side. 76 in the high clouds, santa clara, 76: on the peninsula, 7 in san mateo. melo park, 63 in pacifica. and the clouds will continue to stream in. 66 daly city. cooler-than-average for this time of year. mid 70s, santa rosa, 76 movado. 69 berkley. inland spots, mild. 75 in san ramone.
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a look at the accu weather seven-day forecast. the last day of september, mid 70s to low 80s. we start off on thursday with a slight chance of showers. still cooler-than-average. only to drop back down again to cooler conditions for your weekend with 60s to 80s. but they are definite signs that we're heading towards october as you look behind me here. >> all right. definitely feels like a change of seasons. thanks so much. >> listen to this, meat may not be so bad for you after all. be you wi but there is a catch. >> cheryl and dan, the breaking news we're tracking two major storms tonight. a tropical storm seth to become a hurricane strengthening right now. the jet landing, the brakes igniting a fire and the new iphone for a dollar? the list of offers right after abc 7 news. >> david, thank you. and, new at 6:00, getting clocked by a double click.
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michael finney on why you need to be extra
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i'm a gas service rep for pg&e in san jose.. as a gas service rep we are basically the ambassador of the company. we make the most contact with the customers on a daily basis. i work hand-in-hand with crews to make sure our gas pipes are safe. my wife and i are both from san jose. my kids and their friends live in this community. every time i go to a customer's house, their children could be friends with my children so it's important to me. one of the most rewarding parts of this job is after you help a customer, seeing a smile on their face. together, we're building a better california.
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two innovators from the bay area. 44-year-old yang is a chemist at uc berkley who spent a decade creating art official leaves that synthesizing. he created a better way to analyze data better than a person can. each recipient will receive $625,000 over five years to spend anyway they like. >> a cartoonist, gold medallist and superhero actor are among the latest inductees to the california hall of fame. agt new members were announced today. among them, pea nuts reader, astronaut atrilla and rob ert
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downing, jr. buck owens will also be inducted. this is the hall's ninth class which organizers say exemplifies california's spirit of innovation. >> researchers have kwlamed a mediterranean diet is just as healthy as being vegetarian or vegan. a diet including meat, fruits and veggies can boost levels of fatty acids which can lower the levels of diabetes and heart disease. fish and meat should serve as the side dishes. >> we want to tell you about a paradise for folks who like to tinker. >> coming up, finding at how things work firsthand. and a
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coming up new at 6:00. the trouble facing a football coach for a school bus confrontation with one of his players. tonight, what led up to this fight caught on video. also, the debut of the new model
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x from tesla. but how will sinking gas prices affect the sale of electric cars. helping local residents in dire need of medical care. that's all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. >> thank you so much. >> see you then, natasha. abc 7 news was at kennedy school for the launch of this fab lab. that's not bad for fabulous laboratory. >> students can dream up an idea and actually make it using laser cutters and milling machines. >> we want kids to be science, engineering, technology and math at things they can do. so when you put the machines in the hands of kids, you sit back and watch what they can create. >> students from kindergarten to 12th grade will get to use it. that's great. >> looks like fun, too, doesn't
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it? >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again in half an hour. tonight, we're tracking two storms. one set to become a hurricane. the major system hitting. flash flood alerts stretching 1,000 miles. d.c., philly, new york and new england in the path. and then, the tropical storm strengthening at this hour, swirling off the coast. the breaking news tonight. the mother, minutes away from execution here in the u.s. the plea from pope francis to spare her life. the parole board's decision. the showdown. the head of planned parenthood in the hot seat. after what was captured on those controversial videos. and that moment at the debate. >> its heart beating, its legs kicking. >> tonight, questions about that video now answered. the midair scare. the passenger plane forced to land. the brakes igniting a fire at jfk airport. and the new iphone, for $1? tonight, the companies racing to get your business.


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