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tv   ABC World News With David Muir  ABC  September 29, 2015 5:30pm-6:01pm PDT

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it? >> for all of us here, we appreciate your time. we'll see you again in half an hour. tonight, we're tracking two storms. one set to become a hurricane. the major system hitting. flash flood alerts stretching 1,000 miles. d.c., philly, new york and new england in the path. and then, the tropical storm strengthening at this hour, swirling off the coast. the breaking news tonight. the mother, minutes away from execution here in the u.s. the plea from pope francis to spare her life. the parole board's decision. the showdown. the head of planned parenthood in the hot seat. after what was captured on those controversial videos. and that moment at the debate. >> its heart beating, its legs kicking. >> tonight, questions about that video now answered. the midair scare. the passenger plane forced to land. the brakes igniting a fire at jfk airport. and the new iphone, for $1? tonight, the companies racing to get your business.
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good evening. and we begin tonight with those two storms. the tropical system getting stronger as we come on the air. the new track on that, in just a moment. but first, the storm already hitting and about to barrel up the coast. 20 million americans from north carolina all the way to maine. washington, d.c. getting hit late today, philadelphia, new york, boston, interior new england will be dealing with this over the next 24 hours. already, the commute has been a mess as it travels up the east coast. these images from outside high point, north carolina. that stairwell turned into a waterfall. flooded streets in ft. walton beach, florida. a dangerous night of driving ahead. we've got it all covered. the new storm tracks for both, and chief meteorologist ginger zee leading us off. >> reporter: plowing through the evening commute. >> this is the first time it's ever got up this bad. >> reporter: even submerging part of this campus. a wet and wild day at james madison university. >> oh, god. >> reporter: flash floods from
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virginia through north carolina. more than two inches of rain in just over an hour flooding parking lots in high point, north carolina. sweeping away a car, forcing a chaotic water rescue. >> this water tonight really surprised me, how fast it will carry you down the river. >> reporter: all that moisture surging north into virginia. consuming roads. stressing the drainage systems. and taking over backyards. it's that same tropical moisture that doused the panhandle of florida with a foot of rain monday. tonight, it meets the cold front, and the northeast is in the crosshairs. >> a mess ahead this evening. first, let's get right to the storm hitting now. where is it, ginger, and where is it headed? >> reporter: let's start with the flood watches, david. that's going to help us to line this out for tonight. north carolina to maine. it's a big stretch of the northeast and mid-atlantic. and the heaviest rain is falling right now in northern virginia, making its way into maryland. we've already seen pictures that you saw just moments ago and will see more. i want to take you through the early morning hours.
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wednesday, 4:00 a.m., that's when philadelphia to new york city still getting it. but it goes inland from there. i stopped it at 9:00 a.m., because boston is drenched at that time. a drive time. most of us clearing out through the afternoon and evening on your wednesday. >> all right, going to be a mess wednesday, we'll be driving safely. we're warned. in the meantime, the tropical storm that's gaining strength. >> reporter: right. and this is a completely separate system. so, we look at the satellite right now. that thing has hardly moved. it is moving west-southwest at about 5 miles per hour. the max sustained winds, 65 miles per hour now. it should become a hurricane within the next 24 hours. and look what happens. it hardly moves. the confidence is high through friday that it gets west and southwest. it becomes much lower as we see that cone of uncertainty still off the coast through late weekend. >> all right, tracking this straight through "gma" in the morning. ginger, thank you. now, to the other breaking headline involving a georgia mother on death row, scheduled to be executed within the hour. this evening, a plea from pope francis, asking that the prisoner's life be spared. her children pleading for her life.
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with that help from the pope, who sent a letter to georgia authorities, saying, i implore you. tonight, the holy father's plea apparently not enough. the board's decision is now in, and here's abc's david wright. >> reporter: even a plea from pope francis wasn't enough to spare the only woman on georgia's death row, set to be executed within the hour. kelly renee gissendaner, convicted in 1997 of conspiring with her lover to stab her husband to death. the lover, who actually wielded the knife, is not being put to death, because he confessed and struck a plea deal. gissendaner wasn't even present for the murder. she's been a model prisoner, studying theology on death row. her children pleaded for her life in videos such as this. >> every day, i feel like my world is just falling apart. >> reporter: pope francis asked the georgia parole board to commute the sentence to one that would better express both justice and mercy. >> every life is sacred. >> reporter: he opposes the death penalty in all cases, as
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he recently told congress. >> punishment must never exclude the dimension of hope and the goal of rehabilitation. >> reporter: but the board declined clemency without explanation, clearing the way for tonight's lethal injection. she is the first woman to be put to death in georgia in 50 years. david wright, abc news, new york. >> david, thank you. now, to the race for 2016. and tonight, it is bill clinton versus donald trump. the former president is back, amid his wife's slumping poll numbers. we started to hear from him this weekend and tonight, he's coming out swinging, defending his wife and going further. taking aim at donald trump, calling the business mogul, quote, fact-free. but that isn't all he said, and abc's tom llamas, covering every step of this campaign. >> reporter: tonight, former president bill clinton taking on donald trump. >> you shouldn't be able to
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insult your way to the white house. >> reporter: for months, trump's attacks on hillary, fast and furious. >> easily, she's the worst secretary of state in the history of our country. >> reporter: but now, hillary's husband is firing back, calling trump fact-free. >> the day after you take the oath of office -- you're not in an episode of "survivor." you are actually supposed to show up and run the show. >> reporter: and tonight, hillary clinton is using trump's words against him. >> and hillary, who has become very shrill. you know the world shrill? >> reporter: in a new fund-raising e-mail, the clinton campaign painting the remark as sexist, saying, "is the woman who asks for the raise she deserves shrill?" trump insists he wasn't being sexist. tonight, the gop front-runner, whose new tax plan was praised by some republicans, getting clobbered by a conservative tax group. the tax foundation saying trump's plan would add more than $10 trillion to the deficit, something trump denies. david, expect to see a lot more bill clinton on the campaign trail. he's about to hit the road in
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support of his wife, raising money. he says he wants to let people know what she can do. david? >> tom llamas with us again tonight. tom, thank you. and now to that showdown on capitol hill today. the head of planned parenthood, facing questions for hours. grilled by lawmakers after those undercover videos recorded by anti-abortion activists of planned parenthood employees. it's been a flash point in the race for president, carly fiorina describing a gruesome video she watched herself. so, tonight, how does planned parenthood explain those videos? and a reality check on the scene fiorina described. do we know where that video, where that audio is from? here's abc's jonathan karl now. >> reporter: the head of planned parenthood now target number one for republicans, and during a five-hour interrogation today on capitol hill. >> do you profit or make money on abortion services? >> there's potentially four federal crimes and all i'm asking is, has the justice department contacted you? >> reporter: republicans want to cut off all government funding of planned parenthood in the wake of a series of
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controversial undercover videos this summer from anti-abortion activists. those videos claim to show planned parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue. today, planned parenthood president cecile richards called claims the group sells fetal tissue false. >> the outrageous accusations leveled against planned parenthood, based on heavily doctored videos, are offensive and categorically untrue. >> reporter: the republican campaign against planned parenthood hit an emotional high point with carly fiorina in the last republican debate. >> watch these tapes. watch a fully formed fetus on the table, its heart beating. its legs kicking. while someone says, we have to keep it alive to harvest its brain. this is about the character of our nation. >> reporter: planned parenthood has accused fiorina of lying about the video. the anti-abortion group video does include a scene like fiorina described, although the audio is edited from a different
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event, and today, the group that made the video would not tell abc news whether the fetus shown was actually from a planned parenthood facility. as for planned parenthood's funding, it receives $528 million annually in government money. which supports services like cancer screenings, treatment of stds and birth control. the group also performs abortions, but by law, none of the federal money it receives can go to abortion. in a new pugh poll, voters by a two to one margin say they favored continued public funding of planned parenthood, but david, a strong majority of republican voters say they want to see the funding eliminated. >> all right, jonathan karl live on capitol hill. always great to have you, jon. we move on now to the u.n. tonight, and some rare moments. president obama shaking hands with iran's foreign minister when the two ran into each other. the white house says it was unplanned. the first handshake between a u.s. president and iran's top diplomat since 1979. president obama also making history with raul castro,
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sitting down with the cuban president. the first time a u.s. president has met with the cuban leader on u.s. soil in 60 years. and tonight, yet another meeting with russian president vladimir putin. after that moment we showed you here last night, putin, the only one smiling in this image. today, discussing how to combat isis in syria, of course, very complicated because putin supports syrian president assad. meanwhile, an eye-opening new number tonight when it comes to americans going overseas to join isis and other extremist groups. authorities say they know of at least 250 americans who have made the trip now. the concern, of course, their western passports that will allow them back. so, let's get right to abc's chief global affairs correspondent martha raddatz tonight, because martha, you pressed the chairman of the house intelligence committee on this very point. how do we keep our eye on those americans and let's listen to what we told you. >> reporter: are you confident that we can track all 250? >> no, i'm not. and this has long been the concern about fighters that
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go into iraq and syria, get trained and then have a western passport and get back either into europe or into the united states. >> reporter: and you believe they could get back into the united states? >> absolutely. >> so, martha, we heard it right there. he believes they can come back? >> reporter: he certainly does. and the 250 figure is more than double the number given last year, even though u.s. law enforcement has been making a major effort to track those being recruited by isis and others. there have been about 70 criminal cases brought in the u.s., but the report says americans are being radicalized at an unprecedented speed, and straining the abilities of law enforcement to monitor and intercept them. david? >> all right, martha raddatz, who has been tracking this for months. martha, thank you. and a major development here involving american war planes over afghanistan tonight. in the battle to retake a major city, just captured by the taliban. those planes launching an air strike today. heavy fighting reported. the afghan military sending in ground troops for a counterattack. this is the first key city to fall since the taliban, the u.s.
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invasion back in 2001. back here at home tonight, the close call for a passenger plane flying from new york to ireland. pilots forced to land moments after takeoff. the brakes bursting into flames on the runway. the cockpit reporting a problem in the air and abc's linsey davis on the investigation. >> reporter: takeoff may have been picture perfect, but the emergency lands of this aer lingus flight at new york's kennedy airport is under investigation tonight. the 757 took off just after 7:00 last night, from new york, bound for ireland with 115 people on board. but moments later, the pilot announces a major problem. >> we've lost our hydraulics system. >> reporter: 15 minutes after takeoff, the pilot turns the plane around. it touches down faster than normal, overheating the brakes and sparking a fire. one passenger said it looks like a sci-fi movie. >> it was a very bumpy landing. i was holding hands with my husband. >> reporter: after fire trucks doused the flames, passengers were all evacuated safely. the faa is currently
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investigating just what went wrong with the hydraulics. meanwhile, passengers are commending the pilot, who told them, until that moment, he'd only practiced something like this in a simulator. david? >> linsey davis tonight, thank you. now, to the american fugitive captured after almost 25 years on the run. he and his brother accused of kidnapping and torturing two young women in oregon. his brother already behind bars. tonight, john walsh helping authorities track him down in mexico. abc's senior justice correspondent pierre thomas talking with walsh today. >> reporter: the nightmare began in this room 24 years ago. young oregon women kidnapped off the streets and raped for days. >> i was sure that i was going to die. and i was chained and shackled at my ankles and my wrists. >> reporter: the horror only ending when one freed herself and dove through a window to escape. >> direct little across the hall from the bedroom where they kept me chained, and i knew that was, like, my only, only escape. >> reporter: since then, paul
5:44 pm
erven jackson, the man accused of these crimes, had been on the run after jumping bail. but tonight, jackson is behind bars in los angeles. tracked down in guadalajara, mexico, by the u.s. marshals. jackson was arrested with the help of a tv show, and a familiar face now synonymous with catching bad guys. john walsh. his show decided to feature the cold case, and a critical tip came in within 24 hours that led authorities to jackson. >> this low life is finally going to face justice and these women are going to get their day in court. another one down. a really bad low life down. >> reporter: jackson's brother, vance roberts, was on the run for 16 years before he turned himself in in 2006 for his role in those heinous crimes. he's now served more than 100 years in jail. jackson likely faces the same justice. david? >> pierre thomas live in our washington bureau tonight. pierre, thank you. now, to a new health headline out tonight about calcium and women. a new medical review finds that taking daily calcium supplements does little to strengthen bones in women under 80.
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however, they say, it does increase the risk of heart attacks, kidney stones and abdominal pain. only women over 80 and in nursing homes saw hip fractures decrease by 23%. we have more on our website tonight. there is still much more ahead on "world news tonight" this tuesday. the iphone wars heating up. the new iphone for a dollar? coming up here, the battle to sell you the cheapest phones. how can you buy the phone for a dollar, for $5 in one place? we go down the list. also, look at this. the swarm of bees taking over an american highway tonight. where did they come from? and look at the scene inside this car. incredible. and then, the other car that caught our eye today. look at this. the google car that drives itself. so, we send our reporter in, he puts on a seat belt there. there is no steering wheel. do you trust this car on the highway? he's about to take it for a spin.
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tonight here, the wireless companies fighting to sign you up. abc's rebecca jarvis with the list of deals. >> reporter: tonight, the hottest selling phone of all time -- >> this is iphone 6s. >> reporter: igniting a price war. >> get the new iphone at t-mobile. >> reporter: wireless carriers like t-mobile, sprint, at&t and verizon competing for your business with a familiar approach. slashing prices on phones to lock you into their monthly plans. >> they want you to sign a deal with them because then you'll be there for a year, maybe more. and you'll just keep upgrading. >> reporter: if you buy this iphone 6s outright from apple today, it costs $649. at sprint, you can get the same iphone for $1 a month, as long as you have an iphone 6 to trade in. at t-mobile, it's a little higher. $5 a month. but their offer is available if you trade in an iphone 6 or the most current galaxy. but buyer beware.
5:49 pm
cancel that wireless service and you'll be facing a much bigger bill for the device itself. if you wanted to go to a new carrier, you'd have to pay off the phone. >> yeah, exactly. but then the phone belongs to you and you can take it wherever you want. >> competition usually helps us shoppers. in the meantime, rebecca, can you still trade in your old phone or sell it? >> reporter: you actually can sell it, david. you'll make about $300. this is an iphone 6. if you were to sell it right now, you could make about $300, but then, of course, you'd have to go out and buy the phone, that would be an additional $400. >> the remainder, $400. all right, rebecca, thank you so much. always great to have you. when we come back, the new list is out tonight. can you guess the richest person in america? and where does donald trump fall on the list? also, that swarm of bees we showed you. taking over the highway. and what a scene from inside one of those cars. and then, the baby panda, right here in america, and the one moment so many people are sharing with their friends on facebook and elsewhere. we'll be right back. when a moy turns romantic, why pause to take a pill?
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a semitruck carrying honey bees, look at this, rolling over on interstate 35, unleashing a swarm. beekeepers on the scene. and look at the view from inside the windshield there, covered on that car. an estimated 1 million honey bees. the forbes list of richest americans out tonight. and at the top, bill gates, not quite a surprise there. warren buffett at number two. at number seven, facebook founder mark zuckerberg. donald trump, by the way, at 121. and the youngest, 25-year-old evan spiegel, founder of snapchat, at number 327 tonight. and so cute it hurts. bei bei, the month-old panda at the national zoo, wait for it. snuggling with mom. that was the sneeze. and the reason we bring this up, we were reminded of the other panda sneeze, bei bei, that was it, startling mom. the video, by the way, of that sneeze, watched by 218 million people tonight. 218 million? when we come back, our reporter about to take that google car for a test drive. no steering wheel. would you trust the car on the highway?
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preservision areds 2. because my eyes are everything. finally tonight here, the car that drives itself. no steering wheel. abc's neal karlinsky, simply putting on the seat belt. so, how did it go? >> reporter: here it is. it just pulled up all by itself. at google's normally secret google x facility in silicon valley, the future is now. and it comes in the shape of this little round bubble of a car. google invited us to be among the first outsiders to ride in their prototype self-driving car. a ride like no other. we haven't gone very fast, although, i can't tell you how fast we have gone, because there's no speedometer in here. there's no controls at all. we were on a closed course for a
5:58 pm
four-minute ride, filled with obstacles meant to simulate the real world. this is what the car sees, through a series of cameras, radars and lasers. it identifies people, other cars, everything. apple, uber and tesla are said to also be working on next generation cars. no steering wheel, just two seats and the hum of the electric motor. feel free to text and drive, or take a nap, for that matter. not coming soon, exactly, but according to google, sooner than you think. neal karlinsky, abc news, mountain view, california. >> better neal than us. we hope to see you right back here tomorrow night. in the meantime, have a good evening. good night. tonight the school bus confrontation between a coach and one of the players. a brazen steps of a neighborhood cat from his own front yard. his owner makes a plea for go go's return. the taterred flag that flies
5:59 pm
over a post office. the complaint that has gone unanswered for months. legally, we can only show five seconds of this video, but you'll get the point. it shows a fight that broke out between a student and coach. a teacher and coach has been put on leave after that video surfaced of him in a violent altercation with a student. it happened in a bus after a football game. laura anthony is live with the story tonight. laura? >> reporter: hi, dan. well, the football team, the warriors are practicing behind me as we speak. thier without one coach, carlos
6:00 pm
anderson. he did defend his character. as for his actions, the district maintains that they were unacceptable. it's a video that looks like a heated discussion between a coach and player and then escalates. >> we're disappointed by the preliminary impression. >> reporter: according to the school district, the student is a senior. the adult, the jv football coach, carlos anderson. it happened on september 19th in crescent city. >> based on the visual evidence we have now, it appears the first physical contact was initiated by the adult. that is the area of concern. there was an opportunity to deescalate before the push occurred. >> reporter: troy flint told us there is an investigation underway and why it wasn't reported to the principal and


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