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tv   ABC7 News 600PM  ABC  September 29, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm PDT

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anderson. he did defend his character. as for his actions, the district maintains that they were unacceptable. it's a video that looks like a heated discussion between a coach and player and then escalates. >> we're disappointed by the preliminary impression. >> reporter: according to the school district, the student is a senior. the adult, the jv football coach, carlos anderson. it happened on september 19th in crescent city. >> based on the visual evidence we have now, it appears the first physical contact was initiated by the adult. that is the area of concern. there was an opportunity to deescalate before the push occurred. >> reporter: troy flint told us there is an investigation underway and why it wasn't reported to the principal and district before appearing on
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twitter. anderson has been a p.e.teacher and coach for four years, before that, he worked with kids in various organizations. the 39-year-old told us by phone, quote, i love children and i don't do this work as long as i have if you're not passionate about the children and work i've done. >> reporter: any discipline for the student? >> no. not at this time. >> reporter: anderson is on paid leave pending the outcome of the district's investigation. laura anthony, abc7 news. a memorial is growing at the foot of a west oakland mural after authorities are calling a senseless killing of an artist. friends of antonio rom ramos tell us he was shot while working on a mural this morning. the 27-year-old was a volunteer with the oakland super heros project. a class of middle schoolers was
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supposed to visit tomorrow. >> what was he doing? just painting? trying to beautify a neighborhood? >> we're devastated. we're busy painting and heard a gunshot. a search for the shooter is ongoing. oakland police are looking into a suspicious death. a person found dead, wrapped in plastic, that is obviously suspicious. someone spotted the body on union street near 26th. they're going to do an autopsy to determine who the person is, when, and how that person died. investigators are waiting to talk with a man found at the scene of a double homicide in castro valley. two people were found dead in a trailer at the crestwood mobile home park yesterday. sky 7 hd was over the crime scene. a male relative was taken to the hospital but not arrested. in santa cruz, the sheriff's
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department is reporting the death of a 23-year-old jail inmate named krista de-luca. she died in the jail infirmary where she was undergoing drug detoxification. in brentwood an armed neighbor came to the aid of a 60-year-old woman who had been bitten by fighting dog. the homeowner cried out for help. the neighbor arrived to find the more-aggressive dog with the teeth wrapped around the neck of another dog. he shot the aggressive dog, twice, it survived and is with animal control. the woman is not seriously hurt. a civil rights group is accusing the berkeley police department of racially profiling black drivers. the berkeley naacp and cop watch analyzed stops since january. two thirds of the time drivers
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aren't cited for arrested. they are five times more likely than white drivers to be searched by police. >> when people are stopped for no reason, they become alienated from the police and are less likely to cooperate with the police. >> the chief denies the department racially profiles black drivers. >> the fact that an officer doesn't choose to cite fun, in some minds will show we're progressive and liberal and not all about enforcement. >> both groups and the police department agree that there is a need for body cameras on cops. 49ers linebacker ahmad brooks is charged with groping an unconscious woman at the home of ray mcdonald. the charge against brook saz misdemeanor. he remains on the team. mcdonald, on the other hand was
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indicted by a grand jury on a rape charge for assaulting the woman at the same party. the charge against him is a felony. he's been dismissed from the 49ers. two men who were beaten inside of a levism s stadium bathroom are suing the 49ers and the city of santa clara. the lawsuit for the two men said there was not enough security in the bathroom last october, claiming they were attacked with no provocation by two men wearing gang symbols. the pattals were seriously injured. >> a san jose woman is calling it a terrorist act. a cat napping of her feline called go go. vic lee is live in san jose with the story. vic, what a shame. >> reporter: yes, it is, dan. it's disturbing. you can't miss these posters in the neighborhood. this is the cambrian district. i'm told there had been a number
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of missing cats here, most people i think would believe that they were probably attacked and taken by coyotes but now, they're not too sure. >> he was so, so sweet. and i don't understand why anyone can do this. >> reporter: marion petrova is devastated. her 17-year-old cat was kad -- cat napped. at 9:30 he was lounging on the lawn. a car stopped by the house. the cat napper got out. approached go go, who tried to escape. >> looked like someone who knew what to do. because you have to get the cat so it doesn't scratch or bite you. >> go go couldn't run fast enough. the cat napper snatched him. >> he was so sweet. he didn't hurt anyone. >> reporter: it's been a
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difficult week for go go's home. petrova filed a police report and visited animal shelters. >> they were looking and saying are you serious? what are you talking about? we never heard that. >> reporter: missing cats have been common, so have coyote sightings, but stolen cats? >> it's hard to figure out what the motivation is. >> reporter: go go has a lion hair cut. take a look. the reward is out of the question. >> i think so, this looks like a terrorist act, for me. >> reporter: please be on the lookout for go go. vick he, abc7 news. when it comes to the american flag, there are rules for displaying it, one post office is in clear violation of the law despite multiple complaints. lyanne mel
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story. >> reporter: it is interesting to see that many here are calling for the removal, that flag, that tattered american flag, to come down. deep in the tender loin district, a sight that irked many. the american flag, in tatters. >> we're not in a combat zone. if we were, the flag is never allowed to touch the ground and to be in that condition. >> reporter: the torn and faded flag stands tall at hyde street and golden gate avenue. >> it's been up for years. it's becoming ragged. >> i think that is disgraceful. >> reporter: this muni employee noticed it in august and alerted the post master twice. >> he said they're on order. i reminded him that flags need
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to be taken down. they can't be flown like that. >> reporter: he's right. according to the u.s. flag code, it should be destroyed in a quote, dignified way, preferably by burning. >> we were taught to respect the flag. we had a ceremony and folded it up. >> reporter: we went inside to pauk to the supervisor who told us to talk to the post master. that office told us it would be replaced today or tomorrow. we discovered they had a second flag also in bad shape. >> i fly my flag with pride. they do not. they never look at their flag. that tells me they don't care. >> reporter: as we've discovered the people of the tender loin do. >> and it should be fixed. now. you know? not later. not tomorrow.
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right now. >> reporter: we promised residents we'd be back tomorrow. thank you, lyanne. we want to thank chris for bringing the story to our attention. to let us know about news happening where you live, e-mail us. you can also post your tip on the abc7 news facebook page and on twitter. still to come here at 6:00, new trouble in a san jose jail. another inmate has died and one is in the hospital. what is the answer to this strange trend? the debut of the new model x from tesla. how will two more years of low gas prices affect the sale of the cars? we can see some slick roadways in the not too distant future, details, coming up. a couple books a vacation
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the sheriff is answering questions about a mysterious death at the santa clara county jail. the death is getting extra scrutiny because it follows a beating death of another inmate just weeks ago. david louie joins us live with the information. david? >> reporter: the sheriff as well
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as the under sheriff appeared in front of our cameras a few minutes ago. they couldn't tell us a great deal of information only because the jail has not received any information yet from the coroner regarding the cause of death. they're telling us the inmate was 33 years old, in jail for multiple counts of assault and battery. he was found dead in his cell yesterday morning. so the sheriff's office decided to be transparent and to at least update people on what they can tell us at this point without violating privacy laws when it comes to health care this, is a result of what happened in the previous month, late august, when another inmate was found dead in his cell, allegedly at the hands of three correctional officers. that case is still, of course, going into trial. now, this is what we know at this point. we know that this particular
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inmate has a medical problem. he was taken several times to a holding facility, then, to the valley medical center for evaluation. he also was not cooperative with deputies. at one point, they decided he needed medical care, monitoring they decided to try to extract him if his cell. he was not cooperative and they used pepper spray, then used clear out, a more concentrated form of pepper spray and this could be a possible source of injuries, under line possible, source of injuries that the coroner's office will have to determine. >> at this point they have to physically extract him out of the cell. got him out. got him handcuffed. then, decontaminated him for the clearout and for the pepper spray. >> reporter: the coroner's
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office is taking a autopsy but we're told that the physical results of the autopsy will take at least a week but importantly, a toxology evaluation to see if there were drugs in his bloodstream may take 2 or 3 weeks. we have a lot of questions but not a lot of answers at this point. we're live in san jose, david louie, abc7 news. >> david, thank you. if you're hoping to get your hands on a 49ers season ticket license, you're in luck. thousands are available. a growing number of fans are dissatisfied. chris nguyen has more now from santa clara. >> reporter: some 49ers faithful are having second thoughts. >> it's my home team but it seems they're making it
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for us. >> now, they want out. blaming the heat and a lackluster experience. >> you go out to the game you want to enjoy. you get a beer and are beat up, come home with sun burn. it's a bad experience. >> reporter: they say something isn't right about levis stadium. >> if they're losing, we're looking for an opportunity to get together, share a tail gate, to enjoy football. and that hasn't been what we found this season, or last season. >> reporter: the 49ers opt for digital delivery rather than hard tickets. license holders say they can't print until 72 hours before the game, making them harder to resell. >> we just hope the 49ers look at us as having purchased them, rather than placing restrictions
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on them to allow them to make the most money possible. >> reporter: 3,000 licenses are for sale. team officials say it's a natural part of the ticketing process and the overwhelming majority support e ticketing saying it helps reduce fraud. >> if they give hard tickets i might think about keeping the seats. i can sell it and get my money back. you know? >> reporter: these fans are at a bar. in santa clara, chris nguyen, abc7 news. >> fall is in the air. you can tell there is a change out there. >> it is pleasant. we can start bundling up. right? people are enjoying this. we'll keep it coming. i'll talk about how long this pattern is going to last. two more days. the veil of high cloud cover.
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we've been watching a little bit of radar activity. this is not reaching the ground but that could change as we head towards thursday morning here in the bay area. a gorgeous view right now, the sun is going down. it's 61 in san francisco. mid-60s in oakland and mountain view. from our camera, you'll see some clouds and we're looking at temperatures in the 60s from santa rosa to napa and novato. highs today, low 60s to low 80s. running 5 to 10 degrees below normal. here is a lonely santa cruz beach. below average, possible showers in the south bay, thursday morning. we're looking at a warm up friday, before cooling back down for the weekend. satellite radar showing subtropical jet stream sending
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us mid and high level clouds. we're going to notice changes. the atmosphere starts to moisten up. towards thursday night and early thursday morning we may see a few sprinkles around, possibly light showers towards the south bay. in the sierra, we'll pick up showers wednesday and thursday. another system comes in from the north over the weekend. as it drops down from the bay area we have another possibility of showers. so outdoor activities may need to include an umbrella. right now, just stay tuned. there is some computer model discrepancy on that sunday system. it continues to head east sunday afternoon and evening. tomorrow morning when you get going, you'll need a hot cup of coffee or hot chocolate. it's going to be a cool start and a cloudy one. temperatures in the 50s. and south bay, low 70s around
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millbrae. high clouds with us around san jose. in the north bay, cool in the morning and mild in the afternoon. mid-70s and 77 concord and livermore. mild, cooler than average for this time of the year. wednesday, mid-60s to upper 70s. thursday morning may be seeing drops. it warms up. looking out for sunday. >> thank you very much. >> coming up next, the return of the navy's blue
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6:24 pm agreed to settle a consumer lawsuit. according to prosecutors the company offered a no risk trial without disclosing you'd be automatically enrolled in the monthly service at $16 per month. agreed to pay $2.5 million in penalties and $1.5 million in restitution. san francisco art museum will be filled with special exhibits to celebrate the big
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5-0. san francisco museum is also partnering with well-known ice cream maker to create a special flavor for the event. this is it. almond cookie will be available at the museum cafeteria. >> that looks good. . >> it does. >> blue angels are returning to the bay area for a series of spectacular air shows. it will be based out of oakland this year as part of fleet week which begins next week. they perform october 9, '10, and 11. it's a demonstration of aerial maneuvers and thousands are expected to watch. it should be visible from san francisco. they're always something else if you haven't seen them. >> so much fun. well, there is more still to come here at 6:00. should your tax dollars be subsidizing planned parenthood? tough questions on capitol hill and surprising results of a new survey. and the debut of the model s
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from tesla. how will two more years of low gas prices affect the sales of the
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planned parenthood is going all out to stop the effort to stop is funding. the president of planned parenthood underwent hours of questioning before a house committee. reporter steve nanitz has this part of the story. >> reporter: on tuesday, republicans told planned parenthood president how they felt about federal funding for her organization. >> this is an organization that doesn't need federal subsidies. >> take the money from guys doing the bad things and give it to one who's aren't. >> reporter: the hearing after a release of a series of edited
6:30 pm
under cover video that's seem to show planned parenthood employees selling fetal tissue. some house republicans are threatening to shut down the federal government. their odds of succeeding took a big hit when their leader, speaker john boehner announced he was stepping down in october and promised to work with democrats on a funding bill. >> should we defund planned parenthood? of course we should. >> this made its way to the campaign trail, many republican candidates expressing outrage and demanding action. richards insists funding for her organization is critical to providing necessary health care to lower income women. >> it's impossible for our patients to understand why congress is once again threatening their ability to go to the health care provider of their choice. >> reporter: the house is expected to vote on wednesday. in washington.
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here is how the country feels about planned parenthood. a vast majority, two thirds of those polled approve of the government support for planned parenthood and want it to continue. only 29% said it should stop. 6% are undecided. abc7 news was at uc berkeley today as planned parenthood supporters turned out, holding signs and singing about what planned parenthood means to women everywhere. they say whether people support abortion rights or not, defunding planned parenthood is not the answer. >> if you defund planned parenthood you're taking away the main route many have for contraception which prevents abortions. demonstrators hope it raise warzness for womens' health care. president obama held a meeting with the leader of cuba. something that hasn't happened in more than 50 years. the white house says the two discussed human rights issues and some changes announced this
6:32 pm
month. cuba's foreign minister said castro had a request for mr. obama. >> an embargo that causes damages and hardships to the cuban people, and affects the interests of american citizens should be lifted. >> castro is in thes us for the united nations general assembly in new york. google unveiled two new smart phones today with other new gadgets. abc7 news reporter jonathan blook takes a look at at what these are about. >> reporter: the google ceo kicked off the launch of the two new smart phones. it's a break from tradition. >> today, we've announced two phones at once. >> reporter: one size no longer fits all. >> they want to show two options are possible for people who want
6:33 pm
a big screen phone, or smaller phone. >> the 6 p is metal and both have a fingerprint sensor. >> you place it where you hold the phone. >> the low light environment it outperforms all other phones we tested. >> they claim it takes the world's best selfies. >> this generation having improvements on a front facing camera seems to be a demand. >> reporter: one feature is longer battery life. there is good news for users of older phones. the improvements are software you can down load. >> you'll notice if you forget to charge your device. >> reporter: it puts phones into a deeper sleep when they haven't been used in a while. also is a chrome cast. now, with better wi-fi and
6:34 pm
instant play back. >> there is a down load onto the chrome cast. >> reporter: there is a new version for your speakers. they say it's exclusive. >> we're taking away the burden of having to be close to the device. >> reporter: one more thing. >> touch the back of the keyboard and lift. >> reporter: pixel c, or convertible is the pricey new tablet which isn't out yet but the phone, you can preorder now. volkswagon plans to repair all of the cars affected by the emissions scandal. maybe yours if you own one. up to 11 million cars intentionally rigged for tests will now be repaired. it will present solutions to fix the problem. volkswagon set aside $7 billion to cover the cost. a u.s. law firm will conduct an
6:35 pm
investigation into the scandal soon. in less than an hour, the first customer who's brought the tesla's new suv will get to drive them off the lot. it is pricey, but right now, gas is not. >> reporter: tesla's model x will have a price tag of $80,000, not the best option for saving a few bucks by avoiding the gas pumps. since the price of gas plummeted over the last year. >> it's not only saudi arabia flooding the market. we're seeing more oil and gas in u.s. states, in canada. there is a glut on the market because of new exploration technologies. >> reporter: those falling prices might be having an effect
6:36 pm
on car sales. but daniel cannon says electric cars will likely continue to grow for a few reasons. >> the price to go a mile in an electric vehicle is about a third what it is to go, let's say than to drive a combustion vehicle. >> reporter: he says california is under a mandate to have a million of these on the road in 2020. and there are incentives including hov stickers and rebates. chevolet is relaunching the volt. >> the 2016 volt starts at $33,995 before a federal tax credit of $7500 and in california a $1500 clean vehicle rebate. >> it's unclear how much longer they'll continue to drop. car companies are hoping buyers will pay attention to the electric vehicle options. coming up next, help for local residents in need of
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and we just couldn't say thno to that face.ns then we wanted more of that local flavor so betty says... oh yeah, that's betty. you're going to want to do this alligator thing. and betty didn't lead us wrong. a little later we passed some dancing. and who doesn't like dancing? especially when it's followed by fireworks everyone's nola is different. follow yours. very generous bay area doctors are coming to the rescue of patients that need care but don't have health insurance. >> they're part of a group that
6:40 pm
often falls through the cracks of the affordable care act. >> solomon has been in almost constant pain for a year. he was injured at work. >> i jumped off the ramp and when i landed, just bam. >> a torn miniscus, common for patients with health insurance but he didn't have access to either. >> i don't have a social security number yet. >> one reason is because they're undocumented. >> ali is with operation access. the nonprofit helps pair low income family was health care resources. in this case, it was the generosity of surgeons in san francisco.
6:41 pm
>> i love being able to help someone. that is why i got into orthopedics. >> also, they provide the operating room and staff free of charge. over an hour, the doctor works to clear away damage from the tear in his knee. >> trimming it back is great because nothing else needs to heal after that. >> it provides access to care for 1400 patients last year alone. >> being able to work separates you from strength. >> i can walk. you know? and i know it's going to take a few more weeks. >> patients are advised to seek out a community care clinic
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first and doctors can refer to the program. and i am a certified arborist for pg&e.ughes i oversee the patrolling of trees near power lines and roots near pipes and underground infrastructure. at pg&e wherever we work, we work hard to protect the environment.
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getting the job done safely so we can keep the lights on for everybody. because i live here i have a deeper connection to the community. and i want to see the community grow and thrive. every year we work with cities and schools to plant trees in our communities. the environment is there for my kids and future generations. together, we're building a better california.
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worry. >> what seems like an interesting vacation just became a horror story. >> she called expedia, cancelling the air fare and rentals but claims disneyworld tickets were not refundable. they had to pay a thousand dollars for tickets they did not need. >> they insisted those tickets last six months. go back. i said i live in california. >> she contacted 7 on your side. we found out they were refundable. so expedia gave their money back, which made their trip more
6:47 pm
magical. >> i was grateful. >> i should point out disney is the parent company of abc 7 but that relationship had nothing to do with getting them a refund. those tickets were refundable, anyway. to see my reports online, go to and click on 7 on your side. >> very happy they had a good time in florida. >> yes. >> let's turn our attention to the weather forecast. a beautiful picture. >> it's a milky sky out there, huh, sandhya? >> yes. take a look at live doppler 7 hd. you can see the clouds there in the picture. we may track sprinkles or light showers, taking a look at highs
6:48 pm
this is oakland, three degrees below san francisco. and we're keeping an eye on tropical storm joaquin in the atlantic z will work northward along the eastern seaboard. we'll keep an eye on this. this is where it has been pouring today and flash flood watches and warns will continue. 74 in new york. looking at the accu-weather forecast, we'll have a light chance of showers thursday morning and a cooler, dry weekend. >> thank you sandhya. >> let's talk giants baseball. >> i like it. larry beil joins us with sports. hi, larry.
6:49 pm
>> tries to remain alive against the dodgers and there is no margin of
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good evening, as the bee gees sang in "saturday night fever", the giants are, i don't have the guts to do it now, staying alive, staying alive. anyway. it was ill-advised. they're trying to stay alive one more night against the dodgers. it's an epic clash. maybe dan could sing it because he's a real singer. the giants survived an extra inning last night. 3, 2, and 12. and giants hoping to make it 8-nil tonight. >> we're doing all we can. you know? to stay alive. it's a final week to get him
6:53 pm
runs. >> any time you're facing these top guys have you to fight and scratch. your guy is good, also. we're proud of our guy, too. >> warriors held practice today, here is something to think about. with the core of the team returning, might the warriors be better than they were a year ago? the warriors won 67 games and that is while they're learning the new system. >> this is the first time i was in place. you know? eight years. so just obviously what we accomplished last year. our confidence and what works.
6:54 pm
you know? >> more nba news. he catches too many breaks. he broke his orbital bone and is going to need cal bears ranked 24th in the nation. more and more national his next touchdown first cal's offense, 64 now. serious heisman contender. head coach sonny dykes not paying attention to that. >> we are ranked probably last in the country. >> don't want to under value it.
6:55 pm
it doesn't mean anything. it won't have impact on saturday. i can assure you. >> during the week of the super bowl, here, a federal appeals court is asking for his suspension. it means it's not going to happen until the week february 1, 2015. the super bowl will be february 7th in santa clara. abc7 sports brought to you by bank of the west. do you have a -- >> very good. >> yes. >> i'm not going to try to top that. >> oh, come on. >> how about a nine? >> no.
6:56 pm
>> join us tonight at 9:00 we will not do it then. a cancer treatment most of us have in our medicine cabinets. >> just an hour from tesla's big reveal. the model xsuv. >> now, here is our prime time line up. an encore of the new show and stay with us for abc7 news at 11:00. >> and then there is jimmy kimmel live. >> that is it for this edition of abc7 news. look for breaking news on abc7 news bay area. >> we'll be back at 9:00. coffee 20. see you then.
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this is "jeopardy!" today's contestants are a freelance political consultant from mountain view, california... an attorney from minneapolis, minnesota... and our returning champion, a paralegal from washington d.c... and now here is the host of "jeopardy!" alex trebek. [ applause ] thank you, johnny gilbert. hello, everyone. welcome to our show. this is the third week of "jeopardy!" in the new season, and we're kind of settled down
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and we cruise control right now. that's certainly true of matt, who was brilliant yesterday to start the week off. cam and alan, you've got your work cut out for you, but it can be done. good luck. here we go. now let's take a look at the categories. appropriate. and finally, a little bit of everything... alex: matt. let's start with fruits & vegetables for $600. [ beep ] you know it a lot better as cantaloupe. back to you, matt. fruits, $800. [ beep ] you enjoy them all the time -- thompson seedless grapes.


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