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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  September 29, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm PDT

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broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> now at 11:00, abc news has learned the identity of the inmate found dead in the santa clara county jail. sources tell us the inmate was walter roshez. >> he was 33 years old and we learned deputies had to use force on him one week prior to his death. >> good evening. i'm in for ama daetz. >> dill yen kim is -- lilian kim is live. >> officers used pro projectiles and physical force on the inmate, but it is unclear if those are factors in his death. >> 33-year-old walter was being held at the santa clara county jail for assault, battery and being drunk in public. he is described as an uncooperative inmate. when he followed repeated
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orderses to leave his cell officers had to use pepper spray. >> they waited, but he would not comply. they then used what we call a clear out which is a more concentrated form. >> the department says even clear out didn't work and neither did three rounds of air powered plastic projectiles. >> at that point they have to go into the cell where they physically extract them into the cell. they got him out and got him handcuffed and immediately decontaminated him for the clear out and the pepper spray. >> the sheriff's department had no idea if any of this had anything to do with his death. they point out he was found dead in his cell one week later. in the wake of last month's arrest of three of the officers for the beating death of inmate michael tyree the sheriff is vowing transparency. >> i am vowing information to ensure that they have a clear depiction of what happened. >> they are counting on the medical examiner to determine
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how he died. an autopsy is expected in the next few days. lilian kim, abc7 news. >> thank you, lilian. the only woman on georgia's death row lost her final appeal to stay alive. she received a lethal injection. pope francis was among those asking for her life to be spared. she was convicted of murder in 1997 for convincing her lover to kill her husband. the convicted killer testified against her and received a life sentence. tonight oakland's art community along with the local students are vowing to continue their work after a fellow artist was gunned down in broad daylight. antonio ramos was shot when he was working at a mural in west oakland. he later died. abc7 news reporter alan wong talked to ramos' friends about what is next. >> i am lost right now. >> he let his tears go after finding out his friend was murdered under this i-580
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overpass in oakland. police say 27-year-old antonio ramos exchanged some words with a man while painting a mural with a group of fellow artists. >> before we knew it the man pulled out a gun and shot him. >> friends say the man was messing with the equipment and antonio asked him to stop. >> he was working on this part of the mural. antonio's artistic friends say interestingly the boy resembles antonio. >> the wall is part of the oakland superhero mural project. the students at west oakland middle school cree it aed a boy with a -- created a boy with a musical car healing the violent neighborhood. >> i don't want to even believe that we live in a society where this consistantly happens to young people. >> she runs the nonprofit. >> antonio had a huge smile.
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he was a bright light. >> we don't have a person like that in this world. we are are still stuck with these people around here. they are destroying stuff. >> now the artists plan to dedicate this mural of hope to antonio ramos. in oakland, alan wang, abc7 news. >> abc7 news was in berkeley where people took part in pinkout day. it is a nationwide movement supporting planned parenthood. the group's president testified during a tense congressional hearing. the republicans want to end funding after the undercover video claimed to show planned paisht hood official -- planned parenthood officials discussing the sale of aborted fetal tissue. >> the latest smear campaign is based on efforts from opponents toen trough -- to entrap doctors and clinicians into breaking the law and once again our opponents failed. >> planned parenthood receives
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$528 million every year in government money and by law no federal funds can go to abortion. the kentucky clerk who went to scwail for failing to issue the same-sex marriage licenses claimed she met with the pope. the two met briefly on thursday in washington, d.c. pope francis allegedly told her to stay strong. the vatican officials cannot confirm the meeting. when asked about the davis case on the flight home she is a conscientious objector. >> car buffs were looking forward to this day for years now. >> boy, they have. they were at tesla's fremont assembly plant as they revealed their highly anticipated model suv just about two hours ago. >> the new car released is two years behind schedule, but tesla en enthusiasts say it is worth the wait. katie? >> fashionably late. the model x and the elanmusk.
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fans are unphased by the delay. many are lining up for a chance to test drive the model x which was unveiled in spectacular fashion. >> it wouldn't fly on a tesla. instead the model x's falcon wing sores. ultrasonic sensors detect obstacles so you don't hit the garage roof or the mini-van jammed next to you. if jammed by traffic they have automatic breaking and side collision steering earning five stars in every safety category. the front doors open as you approach. once inside they make it the next generation nuclear fallout shelter. tesla fans would love to drive one home.
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>> the no nose cones. >> it is something cool and i wasn't expecting. i like the performance of course. >> and of course it is an suv. they say the third row seat access and doors are inspired in part by his own struggle of getting his twins into car seats. the signature model goes for $132,000. it is designed for a busy family and it will get you 0 to 60 miles per hour in 3.2 seconds. in fremont, abc7 news. >> wow. well for the first time google invited reporters to take a ride in a driverless car. >> it features no steering wheel. it uses just an electric motor. google has 50 prototypes being tested in extreme conditions. >> it was driven in a mild day. they hope to release the car
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by 2020. one woman says shooy is devastated that -- she was devastated that her 17-year-old cat gogo was abducted. they approached gogo and he had just eaten and he was lying on the front lawn when that person grabbed him. the old cat just couldn't get away fast enough. >> somebody came and pet him. he was healthy and he was purring. you can hear him inside. i don't understand why anybody can do that. >> she put up posters around her neighborhood. she filed a police report and visited animal shelters. but so far there is no sign of gogo. >> a bay area man with a history of using counter fit cash has been arrested for the same crime. the sonoma county sheriff's office and the wind cor police department -- the windsor police department says they arrested a trans yept -- transient after he used counterfeit bills at several wean res. he had $400 worth of counterfeit cash along with
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heroin on him. the suspect was convicted of passing counterfeit bills a month ago. the 9ers niners' losing start to the season is not the only thing facing the team. the other frustration that has thousands of fans trying to sell their seats. >> and going after guns. the one way a san francisco lawmaker wants to make sure police weapons stay out of the wrong hands. >> and later the power of a single photograph lead together reunion 40 years in the making. >> i am meteorologist sandhya patel. the temperatures fell below the september averages. and october may bring showers. details are coming up. >> thanks. first a look at what is coming up on "jimmy kimmel live." it is right after abc7 news at 11:00. >> thanks, dan and natasha. look at what we did in the name of entertainment. >> meryl streep was screwing up one line. she completely forgot it. >> she is the worst.
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ramon and the bay area. san francisco supervisor david campos wants to crackdown on police officers who leave guns unattended in their cars. it comes after the death of kate steinly in july. the gun that took her life looked like this one and it was stolen by the land manager. she had her gun stolen when she went jogging in richmond. if passed, the law would only apply to san francisco officers. if you were hoping to get your hands on a 49ers season ticket seat license, you're in luck. thousands are now available. but the reseller said it has
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nothing to do with the teen's current record. the reporter chris nguyen has the story you will only see on abc7 news. >> just three games into the season, some of the 49er faithful are already having second thoughts. >> i am here to support the home team. but it seems like they are not helping us. they are making it worse for us. >> the san jose resident bought seat licenses at $12,000 apiece. plus $2,000 per year for the actual ticket. now they want out. blaming the heat and a lack luster experience. >> are you going to watch the game. he is getting a beer and beating up, beating up. this is a bad experience. >> license holder preston burns from san francisco agrees. saying something is not right about levi stadium. >> even if they are losing what we are looking for is a fun game day experience and an opportunity to get together to share a tailgate and to enjoy some football. that hasn't been what we found
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this season or last season. >> the 49ers changed their ticket policy this year opting for digital delivery rather than hard tickets. the license holders say they can't print the tickets until 72 hours before the game making them harder to resell. >> we just hope the 49ers would look at us as having already purchased the tickets and let us do what we want with them rather than placing the restrictions on them to make it suit their needs and make the most money possible. >> more than 3,000 licenses are for sale in the official marketplace. team officials say the reselling of licenses is a natural part of the ticketing process and the overwhelming majority of ticket holder saws port e ticket -- holders support the e ticketing. >> if they give as you hard ticket i may think about keeping the seat. >> these fans who would rather watch the game at home or at a bar. in santa clear raw, a -- santa clara abc7 news. did you catch tonight's
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sunset? it was amazing. we want to thank sf brit. >> if you see news like this of any inned could share it with us. post video or pictures using the # abc7 now and we will show it on air or on that was spectacular. >> gorgeous. and i think we are starting to get the cloud cover that gives us the beautiful sunsets. >> absolutely. and natasha and dan, if you look at this picture there are so many photos coming in not just on twitter, but on facebook as well. it was hard to choose of the -- it was hard to choose. i have to step aside. this is sun down and look at the incredible color. the high clouds are made up of ice crystals that gave us a burst of color. and it certainly feels like fall out there. live doppler 7hd is showing you the veil of high clouds right now and we have low
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crowds around. and the temperatures are actually quite comfortable right now. mid50s to the low 60s. tomorrow morning there may be a little chill in the air. from the east bay hills, the fog is not an issue tonight. look at the forecast. below average the next two days. possible showers primarily in the south bay. and a quick warm up is coming on friday. don't worry, it is not going to last. subtropical moisture is moving in across the bay area. that's what is providing us with the beautiful sunrises and sunsets. there is a cold front and a weak system that is feeding in the high level cloudiness. what we will see is eventually that cloud cover turns thicker and we may even be looking at a chance of a few showers thursday morning at 7:00 a.m. and continuing 8:00, 9:00 in the morning. the sierra will get some showers out of this and then we go back to dry, but not for long. look at what may happen. saturday evening low-pressure system to our north.
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by sunday late morning another opportunity for showers shows up on sunday morning. one computer model is still dry. i wouldn't change up your plans for the weekend just yet. keep that in the back of your mind as you are making those plans. the upper 40s to the upper 50s. the cloud cover is around and a cool start to your morning. you will need to bundle up. and then for the afternoon, a good idea to dress in layers. you will likely need to shed one layer in the south bay. 76 in san jose. a pretty mild day. santa clara 75. high clouds and sun are a lot like today. 74 redwood city. in pacifica and daly city, low 60s. downtown san francisco, 66. filtered sunshine in the north bay. mid70s for san rafael and novato. 73 in vallejo. in the east bay you are looking at a mild day as well. 69 berkeley. don't forget the sunscreen even though we have the cloud cover.
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a mild afternoon. a look at the seven-day forecast. could be a few sprinkles. really for the bay area a slight chance of showers. thursday morning that is followed by a quick warm up on friday and then we cool it back down over the weekend. stay tuned. sunday morning could see more showers dan and natasha. >> we'll take all of the showers we can get. thank you, sandhya. hope you will stay with us. the news continues. >> an amazing day, one i never thought i would have. >> the hospital reunion 40 years in the
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you see this look on my face? sfx: growling
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that's not anger, that's hunger. so i'm gonna have a snack to make me feel better and once i do you will see a look of satisfaction and contentment blossom across my face. see, now i feel better. make your tummy happy mmm yoplait severe burns as a baby and the nurse who cared for her had an emotional reunion in new york today. >> that's right. a 19773-month-old fell that a
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hot steam humidifier suffering third-degree burns. this picture was taken of her and her nurse shortly after they met. >> the picture was posted and she asked for help finding the nurse. someone recognized her and today they met again with another warm embrace much like they did 38 years ago. >> i picked her up and she melted in my arms. if she could speak she would say, okay. i am going to be okay now. >> to give her that hug i wanted to give her for so long. >> the two now plan to build upon their newly found friendship. >> what a connection they have. that's a great story. >> on to sports and lots to talk about. >> larry beil, it is kind of sad. >> a little disappointment. >> that's often the hora i pre. i present. you never want your arch rivals drinking champagne in
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your own house. that's the fate of the
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so we came up with a way to remove them. which means now, cheerios can be enjoyed by everyone! just original cheerios? honey nut cheerios too, buzz. sweet! is anything bugging you now? (laughs) brought to you by xfinity. >> the giants have been clinging to a sliver of hope. no margin for error. every game is a must win. the giants sent their best, bumgarner to the mound and the dodgers send their best, clayton kershaw. you like striking people out? so do i. 1-0 dodgers and hernandez ain't striking out. he is getting uh hold of this baby. deep to left and done. dodgers take a two-nothing lead. mad bum didn't have it. kershaw was dealing. strikes out crawford and then williamson and then francen who had the only hit and did
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this on 14 pitches in the fifth. so top of the 6th and here is where the roof caves in. a slow breaking pitch and mad bum knew it immediately. a towering blast. 3-0 and then on the next pitch and that's gone too. high, deep and aloha. mad bum's night is over and he gets an ovation as he exits. that's more than enough for kershaw. trevor brown, the big hook. angel paw began to -- pagan to follow. you will all get nothing and like it. dodgers win it 9-0 and they wrap up the west eliminating the giants. >> you have to celebrate because you never know when you will do it again. at the end of the day we have a long way to go and we know that. right now we will celebrate. >> told them how proud i was of them. with all they had to go through and it is september 29th and finally got
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knocked out. >> barry zito taking out the opening lineup for the a's and angels. angels are in the hunt for a playoff spot. they scored two in the first. the right field corner and perez scores and so does giavatella and his first triple in over a year. the a's lose it 8-1 and the angels jump into the second wild card spot in the american league. coming off their first title in four decades and do the warriors get complaisant or will they be hungry? training camp began in the oakland practice facility. the core of the squad, steph curry, klay thompson, green, still very young and driven with a lot to achieve. sean livingston for one and he really appreciates being here. >> it is the first time i was with the same team.
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so just to be with the team. we are confident in our system and what works. we are ahead of where we were. >> nice to be with a winner. abc7 sports is brought to you by xfinity. the first pre-season game is next monday. >> a short season when you win the championship. >> you know -- >> you live with that. we will take the trophy and have a short off season. >> thanks, larry. abc7 news continues on line, twitter, facebook and all of your mobile devices with our abc7 news app. >> our next newscast is at
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>> for sand yaw patel, lair -- sandhya patel and larry beil, thank you for joining us. >> have a good night. >> dicky: from hollywood, it's "jimmy kimmel live"! tonight, viola davis, from "the martian," michael pena, the boston fish guys, and music from slightly stoopid with cleto and the cletones. and now, here's jimmy kimmel! ♪


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