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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  September 30, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. tesla's latest project revealed and how the new electric s.u.v. could change the luxury car market. >> new rules for credit cards start with changes in how the procedures could keep crooks at bay. >> the drought being blamed for bees leaving california and many beekeepers are moving their hives out of the state. >> good morning, everyone, we have big news on the last day of september. the policy of sprinkles. we will check with drew. >> exciting news. we have activity on live doppler hd zooming into the south bay with green and some of us may not be reaching the ground. a better chance later this morning as we have at 10:00, the atmosphere will be more invigorate the at the south bay with the temperatures in the low
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60s. have the umbrella handy. leyla? good morning, everyone, we have a busy bay bridge toll plaza with the largest parking lots in the bay area is 18 minutes between the macarthur maze and san francisco so pick the patience. you can see the brake lights into treasure island to the western span of the bay bridge. we have a couple of citizens. -- accidents. southbound 242 at 680 the delays are building through concord and it eases up into pleasant hill. >> the internet and social media are buzzing over tesla's latest offering taking the wraps off the latest model and s.u.v. last night. our reporter is in fremont with the details. >> imagine the impression you make if you pull up to the play date in this: check out the doors.
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everyone is talking. they are like wings. they open up. they have two hinges. they can open in tight spaces. the doors open as you approach them. it was inspired by the struggles of elon musk getting into his tins into the car seats. fans would say the s.u.v. were impressed. >> power front doors, pretty cool. i did not expect that. i like the performance. >> a look at the electric s.u.v. rolling in, tesla said they it has the largest windshields over the vehicle extending over the driver head giving a view. it goes from 0-60 in 3.2 seconds and costs
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>> 6:02. a group of oakland middle school constitutes are still planning to paint a mural although one of the artists was slots can killed yesterday morning. antonio ramos was gunned down work on a mural in west oakland. police say ramos exchanged words with a man while painting with fellow artists. the man was fooling around with their equipment and antonio ramos asked him to stop. >> oakland is expanding the cadet program, adherer program previously plan on recruiting 18 unified school district graduates but will increase that to 40 with additional spaces funded by the city and annonymous gift of $750,000 to increase the news conference of oakland resolution don'ts who join the police department. >> and police officers who leave
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guns unattended in the cars could face a crackdown after the death of kate steinle. the miss chief of berkeley had her gun stolen when she was jog at regional park. >> a register sex offender could face charges after he was loitering near a school in pittsburg. the 77-year-old was arrested outside an elementary school in pittsburg yesterday. officials say that he never came in contact with the students. according to the police he is a convicted sex offender and not supposed to be near the school. >> a man with a hit of using counterfeit cash has been arrested gun for the same time. the sheriff and windsor 3-d arrested the 52-year-old transient yesterday using counterfeit bills at several
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wineries. officers say he had $400 of counterfeit crash with him along with heroin. the suspect was convicted of passing counter fit bill as few months ago. vladimir putin is given the okay to send troops into syria to fight islamic militants. the criminal said they will use the air force. vladimir putin and other officials have said that russia was only providing weapons in training to syria's army. donald trump is weighing in on the through. the going presidential con fender is praising vladimir putin and why the billionaire is feeting the heat from a former president. >> good morning, former president clinton lashing out at donald trump after months of fiery verbal attacks to hillary clinton, now defending his wife. >> bill clinton versus donald trump, bill clinton taking a swing at the g.o.p. contender.
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>> you should not be able to insult your way to the white house. >> in an interview, he fired back at donald trump after months of attacking hillary clinton. >> she is the worst secretary of state in the history of our country. >> he defended his wife pointing to the iran sanctions saying hillary clinton's deal was controversial but well done. >> donald trump made peace with fox news. >> i'm back. >> he reflected on the conflict in syria and praising vladimir putin and the support of president assad. >> vladimir putin is taking over what we started and he is going into syria and he frankly wants to fight isis and that is a wonderful thing. >> donald trump said that russia's russia is getting an "a," in terms of leadership. big changes coming to credit cards and how we use them starting tomorrow. october 1 is the credit card industry's self imposed deadline for customers and retailer to use new chip enabled credit
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cards which make it harder for criminals to steal personal information but a new report shows only 40 percent of americans have the new cards in their wallets and many businesses are not ready, either. they need new machines or to modify old machines to accept the new cards. this could be a problem if systems are not updated. consumers have to adjust rather than swiping you snow the new card in a terminal and leave it until the transaction is complete. >> efforts continue to help victims of the valley fire get back on their feet. you can take part. head over to any roadside cafe that is donating 50 percent of all sales to valley fire victims with four roadside locations including in san francisco, san francisco and napa. donations from wine country is pouring in with wineries raising $630,000 over the weekend. that does not include a $250,000 grant by napa valley wineers with 76,000 valley fire now 97
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percent contained. >> california's drew is seriously backing the beekeepers. they say the lack of rain and snow has reduced the plants the bees feed on reduce the amount of pollen collects with one beekeeper down 75 percent causing the beekeeper to move out of the state. >> barrys are shipped to north dakota, a big state that get as lot of bees. >> south dakota and montana and minute are other states that the beekeepers are swarming to. those that stay in california are supplementing with processed bee food that is very expensive. >> we have big news the last day of september. >> we will find out about the sprinkles. >> we will track the sprinkles and light showers in the southern half of the bay area. with live doppler hd showing you
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we are tracking returns much not reaching the down yet but getting the atmosphere ready for more light rain shower in the early morning with a thin line of showers from the southwest and temperatures are mainly in the 50s to low 60 and hayward is 59, and same in san carlos at 59 and san jose. highs are the big take arm the rain is mainly in the son half of the viewing area with a lot of clouds and limited sunshine. >> you can see a lost red on the mad and we have a couple of accidents and we have an ace train delay with signal problems causing a delay on ace train 3 with nine minutes late approaching address. if you use ace, choke the schedule you may have to wait on the platform. one and five are not an issue. here is the accident we have been talking about last half hour, and it is still blocking a lane southbound 880 at a street, a slow ride anyway, northbound
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238 up to highway 92. >> still ahead the rope the united states is pulling spies out of china and the tonight find a south bay cat that was catnapped from the owner's lawn. >> never use your luggage again with a new service from american airlines helping customers keep track of their bags during the entire trip. >> stay tuned. ♪my milkface is an elevated state.♪ ♪cinnamon is my soul mate. ♪no debate 'cause it tastes so great.♪ ♪that's why i got milk face. ♪yes, you want it. ♪ the milk tastes oh so sweet.♪ ♪just like heaven between your cheeks.♪ ♪try this technique, put your mouth on fleek.♪
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♪ >> fremont, palo alto, north bay, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> abc7 was in berkeley where people took part in a nationwide move supporting planned parenthood with the president testifying during a 10th congressional hearing yesterday. republicans want to end funding after votes show officials discuss the sale of aborted fetal tissue >> the latest smear campaign is based on efforts by our opponents to entrap our doctors
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and clinicians into breaking the law and, again, our opponents failed. >> planned parenthood received $528 million each year in government money by law no federal funds can go to abortion. >> the united states is pulling american spies out china, with officials saying the move comes in the wake of the office of personal management hack with data from more than 21 million people compromised including government workers, families and people would applied for government jobs were the unhas not officially blamed china for the cyber attack but chinese hackers are suspected for the breach. officials are acceptly concerned that china will be able to use the data to identify united states embassy personnel who are actually intelligence agents. >> today, the state department is expected to release 6,000 pains of new e-mails from hillary clinton. this batch represents 12 james of the 5 -- 12 percent of those
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pages turned over to the state department. she faces criticism for her time during secretary of state over mail. >> workers at san francisco international airport will look for foreign object debris on runways. this is now in the 16th year is intended to race employee safety awareness and debris is any object that could cause damage to a many or injury to airport personnel. the airport will briefly close two runways to allow employee volunteers to walk the runway areas. the exercise is planned for 9-11 a.m. this morning. >> american airlines is now allowing passengers to track their luggage in real type. -- in real time through the american airlines website. can you track your bags from check in to the baggage pickup. they believe the service will reduce lost baggage. >> san francisco is moving forward with a plan to send the
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waste of the city to a new landfill. the board voted yesterday to reject an appeal of a plan to transfer the landfill contract from the land fill in alameda solano. 50 trucks a day drive through solano and they determined the impact did not need additional review. >> before we get to drew and the weather we say congratulations to a fine person and a great journalist, cheryl jennings. >> after 36 years at the anchor desk she is take on a different role at abc7. ashe will focus on special reports in the public affairs program, stories that matter to the bay area and we are excited for cheryl jennings, she did great reports in afghanistan and will be expanding on that in her travels. check this out. how cute. right? >> this is when we went to promise?
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>> anchoring the news. >> color coordinated. >> no one is better to work, no offense, but cheryl is the sweetest person in the world and the most proposal and just a wonderful person to work with. as i said, the most professional, here is drew dragging her down to his level. >> she shares my love of socks. >> happy she is not retiring but sticking around and we. see her all time here so that is the great news. >> just a different role. >> she loves children, she loves important stories, and she loves being up here and we love having her but good luck in the any role. >> my old role. >> talking about rain. light showers. the best bet is the southern half of the day bay area for wet weather the next 24 hours. this is a nice sight with a
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little bit of return on radar and i will zoom in to street level at santa clara and san jose, and milpitas on leading edge of the light drizzle or mist and much of this, i would say 95 percent of what you see mist and much of this, i would say 95 percent of what you see on the radar is of evaporated. live doppler hd shows a bulk of moisture along the cold front slowing moving to the northeast and the bullet of bulk of the moisture will arrive after 9:00 so have the umbrella handy. outside, good morning hayward at 59 degrees, and the same in san jose, and 60 in mountain view and 53 in santa rosa and napa at 55 degrees. outside right now, sutro tower showing a gorgeous and quiet wednesday morning in san francisco and here is the day planner the next 12 hours, sun is up at 7:00 and limited sunshine. the clouds will stay here with a
6:19 am
slight chance of showers through the late morning and the early afternoon hours keeping the chance in there much the best bet is going to be in the southern half of bay area. hour by hour we go, and wednesday morning, you notice the wet weather moving through the region with overcast skies around sunnyvale and slow and around motionen hill we will see the light showers and through the afternoon and evening we will keep the chance of wet weather in the forecast because the cold front is moving through. you will notice the theme today is a lot of clouds and a gray but cool day. the seven-day outlook shows we will keep the chance of showers and best bet is in the morning with a lingering shower through thursday morning and otherwise, we warm up for friday with a lot of the sunshine and back to seasonal over the weekend. now the traffic with laying. >> in petaluma we have a report of a roof on fire. this is near lakeville highway
6:20 am
and pine view way. pine view way, kaiser permanente hospital on pine view way we are trying to figure out what is on fire. it is causing delays and the fire crews are approaching. petaluma along 101, that is slow in the southbound direction. 28 miles per hour. approaching lakeville highway and it starts to dissipate and it is further to the south. we have an accident finally cleared, southbound 242 in concord, blocking a lane and everything was over on the shoulder and you can see the traffic going away and this is how long it will take, highway 4 to walnut creek is 15 minutes and 580 is the busy spot over the altamont pass. >> thank you. if you were outside you got quite a show with the skies lighting up and a lost viewers cantured beautiful colors on
6:21 am
camera and sent them to us. cantured beautiful colors on camera and sent them to us. sun rising, setting these pictures. >> you can share your pictures with us by posting them at #bayareanow. >> the north bay oyster company fights back after a major set back. fights back after a major set back. >> and lady gaga is honored we my cut hurt. >>mine hurt more. >>mine stopped hurting faster! neosporin plus pain relief starts relieving pain faster and kills more types of infectious bacteria neosporin plus pain relief kills the germs. fights the pain. use with band-aid brand.
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>> good wednesday morning. the oyster company is fighting back after yet another set back for business. the oyster supply from drakes bay dried up because the land was faced under federal protection. now, marin county wants the popular oyster farm and picnic spot to significantly reduce its hours and remove all existing picnic tables and grills accord ing to the latest news. increase traffic are causing safety concerns among the residents. they plan on reapplying for a permit to re-open the on-site
6:25 am
picnicking and gather signatures of we support. >> san jose woman is appealing for the safe return of her kidnapped cap. surveillance video shows the catnapper approaching her cat who just hat eaten. the person grabbed the cat. the old scat could not get away fast enough. >> someone came and pet him and he was so happy he was purring. you can hear him. he was so sweet. i don't understand why anyone can do that. >> the owner put up posters and filed a police report and visited the animal shelters with no sign of him. >> now a check with amy hollyfield and a look at "good morning america" at 7:00. amy? good wednesday morning. on "good morning america" my interview with monica lewinsky and the new chapter if her life, her past has inspired her to take on a new role in the public eye and what she things of hillary clinton running for president.
6:26 am
all on "good morning america" next. >> big on for lady gaga, the singer and act stress is named the "woman of the year." lady gaga will accept the award during the first televised women in music event on television, saying they picked her because she is influential figure in the music industry would shows strength, courage, and fortitude. >> new details in the effort to retrofit the golden gate bridge with work going for more than a decade. >> a civil rights group accused a bay area police department of racial profiling. >> leyla and drew are back with traffic and weather together and everything you need to know before you head out the door. everything you need to know before you head out the door. stay
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> you are look at live doppler hd. the green is an indication of what is ahead. and drew will tell you about
6:30 am
that. >> i am eric thomas. >> when we see green in september it is good. in the bay area. drew, where are we seeing sprinkles? >> the fall like pattern is moving into the bay area. we have a slow front moving its way, with return and we will zoom in to the south bay right now, and a reason this is the best shot throughout the day today to see any light showers. much of this is evaporating and we will keep the chances through the day today and the best bit of the sprinkles is happening late morning into the early afternoon. >> that is weather. how is the traffic, leyla? >> we start off with a picture of the bay bridge toll plaza and it is packed. and stacked. coming out of the maze. it will be a 24-minute commute between the 80 and 580 interchange into san francisco. it is a long drive. do give yourself extra time. this is kauai sluggish southbound 680 pushing in to
6:31 am
highway 24. we did have an early accident to the north and it is cleared. we are still dealing with the busy congestion. >> new details this morning in the death ain't mate at the santa clara county jail. we have learned the hand's identity and there was an incident involving guards shortly before his death. our reporter is in san jose. january oat? -- janet? >> we have learned the inmate found dead in santa clara jail on monday is 33-year-old walter roches. physical force, help pepper spray was used a week best death. the sheriff is now waiting on autopsy results. we told that correctional officers were trying to move him out of the cell for medical monitoring because three was uncooperative. that is when they started using a concentrated pepper spray
6:32 am
form. >> they had to physically go into the cell where they physically extracted him out of the cell. got him out. got him handcuffed. and immediately decontaminated him for the clearout and the pepper spray. >> roches was held on assault and battery and public intoxication and comes a month after three correctional deputies were arrested for the beating death of another inmate, 31-year-old mike tyree so there is a lot pressure and demand for the department to be transparent which is something they say they are doing which is another reason why they are trying to release as much information as soon as they are able to. the candlelight vigil is landed for 9:30 as the art community mourns the life of a
6:33 am
young artist, antonio ramos, shot fatally while working on a mural at 580 underpass exchanging words with a man while painting. the wall was part of the oakland super heroes mural project. friends say the man was messing with their equipment and antonio ramos asked him to stop. the man pull add gun. and fired. >> we do not have a person like that in this world. we are stuck with these people. just destroying stuff. >> students still plan to finish the mural and hope to dedicate it to him. >> oakland restaurant owners are showing a sigh of relief over compost fees with the contract with waste management amended to keep the organic pick medium fees 30 30 percent lower than th pickup which had originally
6:34 am
taken away an incentive to keep the food wait out of the landfills. >> the epa will have sweeps on properties around middletown over hazardous waste. they plan on training local contractors to handle certain types of debris as they help with the clean up. more help is on the way for victims. representatives from the second harvest food bank of santa clara and san mateo say they will offer help for those who need benefits. the fire is 97 percent contained. >> congress is set to vote on a temporary spending bill to keep the government running. the house and senate are expected to approve the 10 week funding extension which keeps the government running through the end of the year. it buys time to negotiate a budget deal for 2016. tea party forces are frustrated that the measure failed to take away federal funding that goes to planned parenthood. >> georgia executed the only woman on the state's death row despite appeals for mercy.
6:35 am
kelly gissendaner receive add lethal injection and pope san francisco advertise asked for her life to be spared. she was convicted of murder for convince hour lover to kill her husband and he testified against her and received a life sentence. >> a civil rights group is accusing the berkeley police department of racially profiling black drivers. the naacp and cop watch anized stops and found black drivers are more likely to be stopped. two thirds of the time black drivers are stop asked they are not cited. they are five times more likely than whites to be searched by police. >> when people are stopped for no reason they become alienated from the police. they are far less likely to cooperate with the police. >> berkeley police chief denies the department racially profiles black drivers and said that the watch dog drops draw the wrong
6:36 am
conclusions. ought fact that an officer does not cite someone who show we are progressive and liberal and thoughtful organization and we are not all about enforcement. >> both the groups agree on one thing: the need for body cameras on the officers. >> the golden gate bridge district is saying the work on the bridge should be done by 2021. three stage project began in 1998 and was supposed to cost $300 million. our media partner reports that the district said the rising costs and security upgrades after 9/11 have tripled the cost to $900 million and the last phase of the work is a factor in the district's projected $213 million deficit and why the district is looking to washington, dc, for help, in paying for the project. >> monica lewinsky sits down with abc and what show says of
6:37 am
her experiences with bullet living. >> patients diagnosed with h.i.v. have a new range of treatment and when it should h.i.v. have a new range of treatment and when it should begin. ♪ ♪
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>> welcome back. we are tracking light hours throughout our wednesday, the final day of september. a little bit of green is on the screen. we are watching the bulk of the moisture along a cold front ashes thin line of moisture, and not everyone is going to see the wet weather. right now, we are waking up with temperatures in the 50's low 60s and at 10:00, the best chance of seeing the light showers is in the south bay and the threat of wet weather will continue into the early afternoon. that is weather. now a check of traffic. >> drew, that is a look of...the bay bridge. i will show you the san mateo bridge because the traffic is a drag. as you head between 880 and 101, look how busy it is, taking you 0 minutes across the water. the neighbor to the south, the dumbarton bridge, that is better, you can see we are at top speed between 880 out of if you arc to east palo alto. the drive time traffic 580 to dublin is an hour and highway 4
6:41 am
is not much better and it is awful, and 101 to san francisco is only 18 minutes. light. >> if an interview with abc, monica lewinsky is opening up about her new mission, cyberbullying. she said she is the first to lose her reputation in 1998 when her affair with bill clinton made headlines. >> you have said not a day goes by where you are not reminded of this mistake. hillary clinton is again running for president, how do you push through it and put it behind you with that constants news cycle? >> i think it is wonderful we have two women from both parties we running for higher office. >> she said she is committed to giving a purpose to her past by helping others take the power out of bullying and the full
6:42 am
interview is on "good morning america" at 7:00. >> when we come back more news and weather and traffic and, also, stay in the know with abc7 with a look at the eastern span also, stay in the know with abc7 with a look at the eastern span and drew is prom
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walnut creek, burlingame, campbell and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> latest tesla is unveiled. it has car fans buzzing. it was behind schedule and it is a big price tag but that does not phase the fans. amy hollyfield is in fremont with more. people are talking about the doors. look at them. they are like falcon wings. they open, up. they can open up in tight spaces. if you are full of groceries or kids in your hands, no problem, the front doors open. people everyone impresses. >> those were cool. >> the electric s.u.v. seats up to seven and it is family
6:46 am
friendly, but sporty and fun going from zero to 60 in 3.2 seconds with a late -- list and it will cost new this morning, the world health organization has revised h.i.v. guidelines roaming recommending testing previously if you have h.i.v. previously doctors said wait until you were sick but trials have found that orally treatment keeps people with h.i.v. alive, holey and reduces the risk of transmission of the virus that causes aids. >> on wall street the dow is up 181 points and the big board shows a recovery from year's down day on wall street. >> also, san francisco leads the nation in home price gains and people who were trying do buy
6:47 am
around here know that for a fact. jane king is at the nasdaq with that story in the money report. >> no kidding. great if you own a home but if you are trying to buy one, home price ms. san francisco are on fire, with prices rising in july by .6 percent compared to june. year-over-year, prices jumped 10.5 percent, the biggest gain in the nation. the clock has been counting down and the time is now for the three month free trial of apple music, today is the last day to cancel the subscription before it renews automatically. can you do it through itune or the music app. if you do not turn it off in time you will be charged the positively rate of $9.99 or the family plan of $14.99. in doubt, pumpkins are in. seams are pumpkin products have grown 79 percent since 2011. we spent $361 million in 2014 on
6:48 am
pumpkin stuff. analysts expect further growth this year according to nielsen. consumers spending more and are making more trips for pumpkin-related products, as well. >> stocks are off to a really strong start today with the dow up 200 and s&p 500 up 25 and nasdaq up 70, the final day of the quarter and, the worst quarter since--but if we keep this up we will end it on a strong note. >> there is a flag controversy at a post office in san francisco's ten december line. the flags are extremely tattered and faded. muni employee notified the postmaster twice last month and were told they are on back order. we spoke with the postmaster yesterday and said they would be replaced by today. the flags have not yet been replaced as of today. >> they are blowing in the breeze, the little breeze we
6:49 am
have but we are tag a-- talking about sprinkles. >> maybe south of san francisco? yes, that is the best bet for wet weeks ago the next 24 hours. it is scanning around the bay area coming up with returns in the south bay and primarily the bulk of the moisture is on shore and we will widen out the picture and the steady rain is still offshore. all this is pushing to the northeast over next couple of hours. we time it out for you and the bulk of it is coming in the next two hours as the clock approaches 9:00 we will see the light showers in the south bay. temperatures right now are in the 50s to low 60s and oakland is 57, and 58 in san francisco, and 56 in antioch, and 58 in los gatos and santa rosa is the cool spot checking in with a temperature of 53 degrees. sutro tower shows the sun is almost up and fair amount of cloud cover with the forecast calling for clouds today.
6:50 am
the main take away isolated showers that will be in southern half of the bay area, and that is where the chance is. sun returns on friday. the day planner ahead will keep the threat of showers and light sprinkles through the early afternoon and the chance of isolated shower. here we go, at 7:00 in the morning, we will moisture move on shore including saratoga, and san jose on the leading edge of light showers. to the south, morgan hill is likely seeing light showers around 10:00 and sprinkle chance continues in the early afternoon and by 3:00, the cold front moves to the east and another chance of light showers, this i'm around present and hayward and livermore and san jose again. you could need the umbrella for the afternoon hours. highs today, look across the region the best chance of the wet weather is in the southern half the region and the none part of the region could have
6:51 am
sunshine. the seven-day forecast shows a chance of sprinkles today and may linger into tomorrow morning and on friday, all indications we are sunny and warming. now, the traffic with leyla. >> good morning, everyone, we are checking the drive in san jose and this is the commute headed into downtown san jose and we do have pretty heavy traffic near julian street and the tank and the driver is going to be approximately coming away from highway 85, on minutes. there is a little bit of a wait. i-80 westbound highway 4 to the maze is packed at 36 minutes and you sweet by the hoffman split and you get to the bay bridge toll plaza it will take 15 minutes. southbound, at the capitol expressway, one lane is blocked and northbound you can see how red it is and slow approaching the san jose airport and beyond that, to mountain view, it will
6:52 am
look lighter. >> thank you, laying, back with seven things to know before you go. first, we have a look at the toll plaza and the backup with weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break so weather and traffic up through the entire commercial break so you do not miss a
6:53 am
>> good morning, a beautiful shot of the bay bridge and looking nice this morning. we do see sprinkles in some
6:54 am
spots. >> here are seven things to know before you go: live doppler hd is showing showers streaming in from the south and west. much of the moisture is moving to the southern half of the bay area. light showers are projected. light sprinkles through late morning and early afternoon. temperatures in the mid-60s to upper 70s later today. >> two, autopsy is underway on the santa clara inmate found dead inside his cell on monday. we have learned the inma it is 33-year-old walter roach, after the beating death of another inmate a few weeks ago. >> young artists in west oakland plan a candlelight vigil to honor a fellow artist who was shot and killed working on a mural at 9:30 this morning under the 580 overpass on west street. the site where 127-year-old antonio ramos was gunned down yesterday. >> four, the vatican said it
6:55 am
cannot confirm or deny a secret meet between pope francis and kentucky clerk kim davis, attorneys for davis say they met for 15 minutes on thursday, in with thed with, tolling her to stay strong after the refusal to issue marriage licenses. >> calcium supplements may not be good. studies show extra calcium does not strengthen bones or prevent osteoporosis. rather it building up and can lead to issues like kidney stones or heart disease. >> look at this, walnut creek southbound 680 out of pleasant hill it will take 16 minutes and normally it takes 23. it is moving along still. the accident is not doing anyone favors along southbound highway 101 at oregon expressway we have a car hit the back of a bus and we have one lane blocked so the drive to maintain view is slower. >> the newest tesla was unveiled in spectacular fashion at the
6:56 am
company's fremont plant. the car company showed off the highly anticipated model s s.u.v. two years behind schedule but it is worth the way say the enthusiasts. we see you in 25 minutes enthusiasts. we see you in 25 minutes "good morning america" next.
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good morning, america. breaking right now, hurricane warning. joaquin gaining strength in the atlantic, barreling towards the east coast. winds topping 70 miles an hour and growing. the massive storm's path right now. new this morning, secret meeting. kim davis, the kentucky county clerk who fought against same-sex marriage says she was invited to meet pope francis behind closed doors during his whirlwind tour of america. >> i was crying, had tears coming out of my eyes. >> her private message from the pope only on "gma" this morning. an abc news exclusive. monica lewinsky speaking out in a rare one-on-one interview. >> why are you speaking now? >> her call to action. >> even though i have suffered from shame i'm not ashamed of who i am. >> and what she says about the race for president. ♪ i'm on the edge and striking out


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