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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  September 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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tanzeum week. live, from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> good afternoon, everybody. >> thank you so much for joining us and for all the days today. it's been a wet wednesday after a long, dry spell, there were pockets of light rain across much of the bay area. meanwhile, in san francisco, the umbrellas were out, windshield wipers were on, this video shot on sun street. >> a lot of slippery roads all over the place. several weather-related incidents. accidents calls for traffic conditions. we're up about 29% today, likely because of the rain. we have team coverage of today's wet wetser, starting with abc 7 news meteorologist braving the elements. although it looks like there's
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not a lot to brave right now. >> no, it isn't a lot to brave right now. but even if it was raining, i am prepared. i have the umbrella ready by me. skies are still pretty cloudy. let's talk about what's coming up. right now, we are watching, still, some showers in the east as i take you a little bit closer from antioch down towards heyward. street level radar shows you where it is wet. heyward boulevard around w wysteria boulevard. a closer look at highway 280, redwood city area, half-moon bay. rainfall totals, .05 in san francisco. if you were in the north bay, you have not even measured. the next few hours, we are looking at showers continuing to move in from the southwest and moving northeast. so while this rain arrived a little earlier than expected,
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we'll take it early rather than not at all. at this point, this is our first storm of the autumn season or system of the autumn season and it really is a welcomed sight. i'll be back to let you know how long that rain is going to last. >> our team coverage continues with chris wynn in san jose where today's rain is a reminder to clean up before the bigger, winter rains hit. assuming they do come, and we hope they do. chris? >> reporter: hi, larry. experts tell us that they've been slammed for the last month. if you haven't booked an appointment by now, it may be a while until they can get to you. >> at this local church in san jose -- >> that was expensive. and you've got a large investment. >> following up on a previous job, getting this building ready ahead of what's expected to be a very rainy season. >> if there's trees around them, anything, pine, they should be done every six months! the same goes for robert muno.
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he says he's been swamped with requests for work. >> it doesn't rain in the summertime. why fix your gutters in if it's not raining. now it's coming and they all want it done before the el nino hits. >> companies are already booked for all of october into the first week of november. regardless of who you decide to hire, you're encourage today do this. >> ask them to take a hose out and at least flush them with water. they clean your gutters, but the down spouts and the outlets are still clogged. >> across the street, they're taking their chances. >> i usually wait until the first rain. it gets all gooey and makes a mess. we're just like normal people. never put off until tomorrow if you can do it the day after. >> you can see what's showing up on live doppler 7 hd.
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any time with the smart weather app on your smartphone. >> new at 4:00 p.m., a bay area university cutting ties with bill cosby. the university announced trustees voted unanimously to rescind the honorary degree awarded to cosby in 2012. yesterday, brown yumpt rescinded the university's honorary degree 40 years after it was awarded. >> the same day three more women came forward saying cosby sexually assaulted them. one of the women said she attended a dinner show with cosby in las vegas and believes someone put something in her drink. >> i don't remember living the dinner show. when i came to, i was lying with bill cosby in the bed. not my own room. >> well, these women joined more than 50 others who have gone public with claims against cosby. he has never been charged with
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any crimes related to sexual misconduct. and, through his lawyers, he's repeatedly denied the claims. >> the district attorney's office today cleared two san jose police officers for doing any wrong for their role in a deadly shooting this year. the officers were justified in shooting a suicidal man who had a knife in a home or sherman street. the man charged at officers. they ordered him to drop the weapon, but he did not. the officers opened fire, hitting him at least once. >> an effort by the santa clara sheriff's department to be tans parent about the latest death of an inmate has hit a snag. today, no one wants to talk about policies and procedures for handling mentally ill prisoners. we're joined live from san jose. david? >> reporter: hi, natascha. we are waiting for the coral ocs report to come out. the fact that force was used against him along with chemical
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ajents has raised some concern whether this is another case of misconduct after another inmate was beaten to death in the jail last month. >> walter was in county jail twice this month. deputies arrested him on september 5 thd on two counts of assault and battery. but another assault charge was added when he allegedly attacked a medical staff member. he was released two weeks later. then, the very next day, police arrested him again for assault and battery, and for being drunk in public. back in a cell, he became aggressive and angry. a decision was made to move him to another cell for monitoring. when he refused to cooperate. that's when he turned to pepper spray and then a stink bomb-like substance and then plastic projectiles. >> we did one burst, waited three minutes, did another burst, waited three minutes, but it had no effect. >> he had to be decontaminated.
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the use of pepper spray involves chemicals that university medical rezenchers say involve health risks. inhalation can produce adverse effects including arrhythmias and sudden death. because of federal law, no one can confirm if he had mental health issues. resources are limited for the mentally ill and those with drug dependency. >> we just don't have enough services for these people. we don't have enough mental health services. >> in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. >> a man is wanted for a fatal stabbing at a birthday celebration in morgan hill has been arrested. 35-year-old gonzalo juli gonzalo julio rodriguez is shot.
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>> a morning bike ride led to the discovery of a body in the oakland hills. it was just before 6:00 this morning. the victim appears to be in his early 20s. police believe the man was shot to death. detectives were trying to figure out where he was killed or at a previous location. >> the victim worked on a project so close to his heart. friends and fellow artists honored antonio ramos with an aztec ceremony this morning. ramos died while he was painting at a freeway overpass along interstate 580. he was working with a nonprofit called attitudinal healing connection to transform west oakland. >> he found what fed him and what his passion was and was able to go immediately through it. >> we're totally unprepared for anything like this. >> ramos' fellow artists plan to
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move his picture near the spot where he was shot. >> a judge took the unusual step of issuing a preliminary injunction against a graffiti tagger. officials say terry has caused more than $88,000 of damage. >> two new american flags went up today. these replace the tatered and faded flags. the u.s. flag code prohiblts flying faded or damaged flags. >> still ahead on abc 7 news at 4:00, digging through the debris.
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the dangerous job for workers today. >> also, coming up, could the new tesla help save your life? what's being said about the company's latest strive. >> they say leave the riding to us. but it could soon cost you a lot more to come aboard amtrak. >> we'll be here on twitter and facebook to answer your questions in just a few minutes. let's get our first live look at the afternoon commute. yieks. this is the sky wind, downtown san francisco. oncoming traffic is headed to the lower deck of the bay bridge and the east bay. and that is just gruesome, butcher to bumper and not a whole lot better on the right side. stai with us. back with mo
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more trouble for donald trump in the race for the white house. a growing gender, racial and education gap all posing potential limits on trump's electability. >> ending his self-declared boycott of fox news channel, donald trump appeared on the o'reilley factor. trump said he would make up the difference through cuts. >> department of education, tremendous cuts. department of environmental protection -- >> trump trying to portray a different side of himself on the cover of "people" magazine. meanwhile, one former president has had enough of the
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donald. >> the day after you take the oath of office -- >> it's yours? >> you can't insult. you're not in an episode of "survivor." you're actually supposed to show up and run the show. >> calling out what he says is a fact-free campaign and a personal flip-flop against hillary. >> he asked her to come to his wedding when he found out we were going to be in florida. i don't know how many times he told me what a wonderful job she did for new york as a senator. >> expect remarks to come up for trump, governor bush and they're over a fight over the libertarian in vote. paul firing back i'm still just as hard core, i just chose not to call people liars. and there's more trouble for donald trump in today's abc news washington post poll. it says a growing gender, racial and education gap offers a
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potential limit on his electability. >> new details on the plan to replace john boehner as the speaker of the house. an election for the seet will take place on october 8. three weeks before boehner steps down, the long time ohio republican announced his resignation last week. number two is the front runner to be the next speaker. >> california is sart starting the program to help residents who can't pay off traffic fines and court fees. they will pay 50 or 80% of what they owe depending on income. drivers who have had their licenses revoked will plan to have them reinstated. since 2006, the state has suspended over 5 million licenses over failure to pay in court. >> keys to the brand new teslla model x have been handed over to the buyers. the ceo introduced the luxury suv.
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it has falcon door that is go straight up into the air. it has automatic braking and side collision steering. and inside the backseats sit on pedestals allowing for under-seat storage. and the air filtration system is so effective they say if there was a biological attack, the safest place would be inside your tesla. >> if there's ever an an event, an apockolytic scenario, of some kind, hypothetically, you just press the bioweapon defense mode button. >> this is a real button. >> aparentally there is the biodefense weapon. there is a price for this. it starts out at about 132,000
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grand larceny. >> so if you have it lying arnold, this is a great way to blow through $130,000. >> i'm not crazy about them. it looks really cool. i'd like to know is there a discount if we could exclude the germ warfare package? how long do we have to sit in the car, though? >> all right, well, traveling by train is going to get a lot more expensive. starting tomorrow, amtrak will begin charging fees for people's bags that are too heavy. travelers will pay $20 for each bag that goes over the limit. and there's some good news for people who fly. american airlines is now allowing passengers to track their luggage in realtime. passengers can use the tracking
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service to track their bags. the company believes the service will help reduce lost baggage. >> facebook is making some changes to its user profiles. and, to be clear, it's nothing to do with that hoax that's going around for $5.99 and all of that stuff sweeping over the web. you'll soon be able to use a seven-second looping video as your user profile there. you can have it change back at a specific time. there are also new controls over what people can see when they visit your profile. facebook says people visit profiles four billion times a day. >> i hit your page and go refresh, refresh, refresh. that's what i do. i can't wait for your 30 second video. the bay area is finally seeing some rain today. but not enough to be a drought buster. abc 7 news took this picture in oakland.
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>> andrea, is that the voice you used? andrea shared this photo of her downtown view of san francisco there. if you have photos or some videos, post them on social media with the hash tag abc7 now. >> we want to check out to see how her hair is doing to see if it's raining out there. >> no, the frizz back here is high, though, ef enthough it is not raining here. >> we all can relate when the weather gets this way. it has been very light across the bay area where we have seen the rain. and i do want to take you in a little bit closer to where we are seeing some wet roadways. dublin boulevard, stanley boulevard in the pleasant to livermore area. so this evening, when you do head out the door, if either you're commuting or you're running some errands, you may
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run into those wet roadways. on the peninsula and into the south bay, we're still seeing a few showers. a live look from our east bay hills camera is just a beautiful view there with the clouds backed up. san francisco, 66. panning around to show you 63 in oakland. both areas of the 60s, san jose, half-moon bay. and you can see all the clouds there, as well, with a lonely beach. napa 65 degrees, 67 livermore. it's much cooler than yesterday. scattered showers through the morning. sunny and warmer on friday. and there's a sliegt chance of showers again sunday morning. here's the satellite and radar. we have this cold front getting closer to the bay area. abundant moisture by the subtropical jet stream. it's just enough to water your lawns. more showers are coming overnight tonight.
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i would just keep the um where he will la handy, if i were you. >> still some showers moving through. and your morning commute will include some damp steps. give yourself a little more time as you head out the door. >> and this one could bring you showers that most of it looks like it's going to be south and east of our area. we still have to keep a slight chance since one model is still going to be wet. the cloud cover will hold your numbers up, so not as chilly as it has been. there will be some slick spots for your morning commute. 77 in livermore. when you take a look at the accu
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weather 7 day forecast, some morning showers will give way to partly to cloudy afternoon. sunny, warmer friday. and we notice that the temperatures fall again over the weekend with a slight possibility of showers. 60s and 70s for the upcoming weekend. so fall definitely in the air. another possibility of showers on wednesday. and keep in mind, you know, if you live in the north bay or you work in the north bay, you might be saying what showers? that moisture has been feeding across the central portion of the bay area and into the south bay. and then north bay hasn't really measured much. it's not going into everyone's neighborhood, if you will. >> got it. thank you so much. up next, a decision about caitlin jenner. >> and then after 4:30, the truth about calcium supplements. why doctors say millions of
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charges in connection with a fatal car crash in malibu. prosecutors say they don't have enough evidence of criminal violations to make a conviction here. the crash happened months before jenner went public with her gender transition. she was formerly known as bruce jenner. in a facebook post this morning, santana's representative said carlos is alive and well and he's enjoying his morning. there's a canadian journalist who first posted on jenner said santana had died about it's turning out to be a different person.
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>> the three screen plays which included a final rib eye shooting strip showed a creation of the movie. it includes directing notes and signatures from the cast. >> abc 7 news at 4 continues. the epa is digging through the debris. we'll tell you what we're looking for exactly. >> the u.s. is skeptical act just who is being targeted. >> plus, the controversial clerk who refused to hand out marriage licenses to same-sex couples shares
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checking the headlines where you live today at 4:30, it's a welcomed sight during this prolonged california drought. friend and artists held a vigil today for a local painter who was shot and killed. another artist nearby heard just a few brief words and then a gunshot. now, you may remember abc 7 news reporter leigh ann
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leigh anne menendez about those tattered flags flying. we're happy to report today, brand new flags are now flying at that post office this afternoon. the environmental protection agency began its clean-up of hazardous waste today. a team from san francisco is on the where melanie woodrow is live right now. melanie? >> this is some of what they're looking for. paint cans, canisters that may have lighter fluid in them and any sort of compressed air tank. they need to get it all out of here before cal recycles shows up with big trucks on friday to remove all of this ash. >> we'll pull out paint cans, if we have any fuel canisters, camping stove, compressed gas sillen daryls. >> four members of the epa's office of emergency response team. then, today, huntding. >> much of this is likely to be emptied not knowing from looking at it. the best thing to do is get it out of the way.
4:31 pm
>> removing household hazardous waste from the 15 closest schools. these 15 are the most critical because friday, cal recycle will come with big trucks to remove possibly effective-laced ash. >> you don't want the large equipment that's going to come in and move the arable to be concerned with compressed gas ill cylinders. >> the scuba tank that didn't rupture and somebody drives over it with a bulldozer, you've got a problem. >> the epa worked in tandem with trucks watering down the sites to keep as much dust out of the air as possible. everything collected will go to a certify hazardous waste recycling facility. the epa will be able to uncover much more in the weeks ahead.
4:32 pm
it's going to cover 70 to 100 homes a day. >> it kind of looks and feels like the devil strags of katrina. >>. >> all of the homes leaders have given permission. in middle town, melanie woodrow, abc 7 news. >> thank you, melanie. firefighters hope to soon fully contain the valley fire. the fire is just over 76,000 acres. 97% contained. residents have been allowed back into all communities affected by the fire. the cause of the fire still remains under investigation. >> developing international news. for the first time russia car carried out air strikes in syria today. russian officials say they're targeting islamic state officials. abc news reporter has d details.
4:33 pm
>> the military operation will be limited. >> we are seeing the true intentions of vladamir putin, which is to maintain a strong position in syria. >> u.s. air operations continues in syria today. a congressional task force says more than 250 americans fight with the state. the u.n. security cancel says it will be out of reach while asaad
4:34 pm
is in power. the isil forces cannot be defeated as long as asaad remains president of syria. >> secretary of defense says these air strikes are pouring gasoline on the fire and are doomed to fail. >> thank you, molly. this afternoon, a last-minute stay for a person on death row. he was convicted in 19 t 7. he was accused of being the master mind behind the murder. >> another legal challenge of drugs used in execution may belay death.
4:35 pm
a hearing is set to be held just hours before tomorrow's planned execution. he's scheduled to be put to death tomorrow for a double murder in virginia. >> congress has sent legislation that would end the threat of a government shutdown at midnight tonight. lats this afternoon, the house came together in a bipartisan vote without changing funding for planned parent hoot. >> the senate has now passed a cometing resolution to keep the lights on, to keep the government employees paid, to pay our military. to make sure our veterans get the benefits. >> the bill measures my preferred government. it's now after the democrat's extreme actions. >> several tea party republicans have promised to vote against nid measure that did not stop the funding for plans
4:36 pm
parenthood. >> the vatican officially confirmed that pope francis met with kentucky clerk kim davis. davis says she was shocked but honored and humbled that the pope would want to meet with her. she spent six days in jail for denying marriage licenses to same-sex couples because of her christian faith. she says the meeting has given her a new sense of purpose. >> i put my hand out and he grabbed it. i hugged him and he hugged me. he said thank you for your courageage. >> i'm prepared to do whatever it takes. he's in jail. >> the vatican has refused to discuss any details about the meeting. the ncaa vie lated antitrust laws for using athlete's images in tv broadcasts. but the court struck down a plan
4:37 pm
allowing schools to pay athletes up to $5,000 a year. >> it's a long line for the closing of its doors. it's the last of is kind. >> i'm still checking your questions on twitter and facebook. i'll annals your questions live here a little late. >> just some clouds from our candle light now. but hang on to the umbrellas. we have more showers i
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well, a good-bye gathering to bid farewell to a favorite eat ri. it's closing avenue 65 years. abc 7 news was there as long time customers ordered their last chocolate-dipped, soft serve cone. which, on a scale of 1-to-10. >>. >> we know the whole family. >> it's sad to lose another local favorite. >> like lots of parents, i always assumed i would come down here with my kids and it turns out this is the only opportunity i'll have to do it. >> the restaurant will close to make way for a retail development.
4:41 pm
yes, free soft serve. we should point out there's still several located in the east bay. >> thank you. >> jessica bake ere received this in the mail. a bill for $675. she says her mother was supposed to watch her kids for the wedding, but something came up that day and she was not available. and the wedding invitation said no kids. she says she's not paying that bill. >> all right. let's take a look at live doppler 7 hd. we are still tracking some returns, especially in the south bay and out towards the east bay.
4:42 pm
street level radar, still looking wet. hang on to the umbrellas. hey, it has been pouring several daily record rainfalls being reported from bos ton, massachusetts, to portland, maine tompl. still looking at some shef ri rain. looking at 72 in seattle, 86 in dallas. we're tracking hurricane joaquin. expect her to intensify as a cat goir three this end with heavy rain. the last thing they need is a heavy rain with all the flooding issues. the state, we're looking at snow and rain.
4:43 pm
here in the bay area, cooler-than-average tomorrow afternoon. looking good out there, thank you. >> stilt ahead on abc 7 news at for. could calcium sup lemts be doing more harm than good for you? the damage you might have cone to your body. >> prow probably already have one of those new credit cards with the chip.
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it's covered by most health plans. there are new questions about the calcium supplements millions of americans take thinking that they are strengthening our bones. well, two new studies published in the british medical journal say they do more harm than good. in new zealand, extra calcium does not go to strength and bones. but, instead, it may build up in arteries causing heart disease or kidney stones. >> millions of people take these supplements to try and reduce the risk that they're going to have fractures.
4:47 pm
the sliegt benefit you might find is out weighed by the riss. >> dr. vassar says anyone who wants to continue taking sals yum supplement should check with their doctor, first. >> aft >> eye exams could be conducted in the comfort of your own home. women get fewer greszive treatment after a heart attack than men do. heart disease is the number one killer of women in the united states. your next eye exam may not be in a doctor's office. it could be with your smart foam and a laptop.
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now, to view the test, you do need a smart foam as well as the computer. and at least 20 ballot initiatives already gathering entry. michigan, missouri and nevada will each have some kind of marijuana initiative on the ballot this year. from the nasdaq, i'm jane king. here's to your health. >> send in my facebook, twitter and e-mail.
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>> do we need to keep the new chipped credit cards in protective sleeves? >> that is a good question. all the new cards are coming out. there's a trip on them. and the stripe, that information can still be stolen. probably one of those things that it's good for is if they walk passed you and steal the number. so if you're protecting against that, yes, you still want to do that. this is a transition position. >>. >> judith asks what's all of those dates on food mean.
4:50 pm
>> my kids always ask me, can i eat them? >> no. the sell-by date says how long the product is for sale. i think we've got a graphic if we can show you on this. best if used by best flavor or quality. it's not a purchase or safety date. a use by date is the last date recommended for use of the quality. the product, as you can tell, none of them really matters. >> i always do the smell test.
4:51 pm
>> they would make a lot of money if they had to reinforce that. >> abc 7 noouz at 4:00. why the government is stepping in. new evidence shows the problem may be bigger. also ahead, righting a wrong. the worst home front disaster of woerld war 2 has both california senators asking president obama to step in. those stories and a lot m
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in prime time tonight on abc 7 news, the middle airs at 8:00 followed by the gold burgs, modern family and blackish after that. nashville, followed by abc 7 news at 11:00. standing death, the american ost you pathic patients spend more than 5 hours a day seated at their deszings. experts say sitting for long periods of time can cause cardiovast collar disease and diabetes. now, new studies suggests standing may not always be good, either. experts say if negatives are swollen feet and painful anxiousles. >> a cautionary tale about
4:56 pm
domesticating wild animals. >> the story of best intentions and for residents of a retirement home, unfortunately, a sad outcome, wayne? >> this is a sad story. this is a group of people who tried to do the right thing. that duck has been found, but it will not be coming home. >> it's a time in life when after a busy life, a person does best with organized activities. hence the time writing campaign. juanita's backyard pool remains empty. >> she's just a pet to
4:57 pm
everybody. we all love her. >> juanita arrived as a 4 day old duckling. >> i said do you want to give the duck? okay, i'll take the duck. >> walters even built a cage. but, two weeks ago, the duck built a cage, only to be rescued in wild care where she will remain because as the director explains, juanita is technically a wrield animal. >> hopefully, people will not hate us and demonize us for something we have no control over. it's the law. we're not allowed to give her back. that, even though she's wild, but domesticated. the kbektive director says sometimes, laws get it wrong. >> it's a grey area that so many things in life are. >> including the mood at the
4:58 pm
gardens. grey and gloomy over the loss of a colorful mallard. >> oh, well, thank you, wayne. >> that will do it for abc 7 news at 4:00. abc 7 news at 5:00 is next with dan and cheryl. >> just released, what an autopsy report is showing about a man killed in san jose. >> today, the demolition debate along the peninsula.
4:59 pm
first responders at the scene of a car accident in vallejo. the highway patrol says they got calls right and left because of the rain. >> and they responded to more than 200 collisions, almost 30% more than on an average day. in a tweet, the chp at oakland asked everyone to be careful. good evening, thanks for joining us. >> it did not bring a lot today, but in this drout, every bit is welcome. >>. >> bright rain in san mateo during their commute in the morning. this is video from west 20th avenue. >> in san francisco, people had to dust out the umbrellas and turn on the wind shield wipers. >> let's go to abc 7 news. tracking the rain on looifr doppler 7 hd. sandy, you've got something to try? >> absolutely.
5:00 pm
and it's a great thing, dan and cheryl. i can't tell you how happy i am to see the rain here in the bay area. right now, just some cloud cover. let's check out live doppler 7 hd. and we do have some very light showers passing through the east bay right now, parts of the peninsula. let's start with the east bay. livermore, 580, dublin boulevard, if your travels are going to take you through this area,be prepared for soom wet roadways. mist and drizzle and then down towards the south bay, we are also seeing some spotty returns. look at san francisco. .05 of an inch of rain. nothing measuring in san rofel, napa, santa rosa. i'll be back with a detailed look at the timing and what's ahead for tomorrow. cheryl? >> all right. thank you so much.


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