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tv   ABC7 News 500AM  ABC  October 1, 2015 5:00am-6:01am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> as you head out the door here is what you are facing, live doppler hd showing where the
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rain is coming down. >> i am eric thomas. >> i an kristen sze. it is still offshore. and now a check with meteorologist, drew tuma here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> live doppler hd is showing the past hour we had reports of light rain at san jose. also in livermore. right now, it hooks like we are tracking light showers in the no the bay away bodega bay the next hour and this will track to santa rosa. everyone is fair game for showers. today, 9:00 in the morning, here comes the moisture moving in. by electric, still happening. temperatures are 8:00. in the 50s and the 60s. we will look what happens in the afternoon and a check of traffic with leyla. good morning, everyone, the cashpayers are having a wait and the prosecute of the fast trackers are not too bad. to the north, the richmond-san rafael is empty.
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and dry. no wet weather. yet. in the east bay with the gr we are facing slow downs at 29 miles per hour out of the altamont pass. tracy to dublin is 45 minutes. in the south bay you could be wake up to a wet front yard or streets. matt? >> yes, good morning. the key to today is preparation. download your weather app to track where the rain is headed this morning. be prepared when you head out on the roads, a run of wiper plaids with 200 sold yesterday auto parts store. >> this is for my daughter's car. for her safety.
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>> the c.h.p. said you should check your tire tread and give yourself extra stopping distance. being represented means you grab your umbrella when you hold out the car. you only is to look through the garage to find it and maybe the most important thing of the morning, have something warm to drink. >> if you get rain where you live, take a foe tore oh video and share it with # abc7now. you can see it on the air or >> santa clara sheriff is expanding the investigation into conditions and officer behavior at the county jail after two inmates died in custody. tiffany? >> to more officers have been placed on leave and up to 100 inmate complaints are now under i view. in an interview with our media
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partner, eight correctional deputies have been placed on leave since michael tyree, an inmate, died from blunt force. three deputies are charged with his murder. another inmate, walter roches died in custody on monday. year, the santa clara coroner released the autopsy report saying that no foul play was involved with the death of roches. his official cause is "yet to be determined." top investigators from both deaths have been moved out of the sheriff's headquarters pause of sensitive nature of the probe and deputies have been brought in to examine use of force griefans filed bit inmates. the investigation could implicate even more jailers. oakland police have useful leads in the hunt for the person would shot and killed an artist work on a mural respect meeting
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nonviolence. police do not think program moss was targeted. a memorial at the over pass is growing by the hour and fellow artists. complete the memorial and include a picture of ramos. >> if you want to video tape officers in oakland go right ahead. a new ordinance said citizens have the right to photograph or videotape police in public after the deadly oscar grant shooting at the fruit rail bart station in 2009 when police tried to grab recording devices from witnesses. >> a group of women who were kicked off the napa valley wine train for being too loud are planning to file an $11 million lawsuit against the company. the women say racial bias is the real reason the book club was forced east strain in august. the wine train apologized and offered another ride. the attorney is announcing details of the suit at 10:00 a.m. in san francisco and a
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seattle based hotel group brought the train for an undisclosed a. >> san francisco is making it easier for people who represent homes to travelers to pay the 14 percent hotel tax. "san francisco chronicle" said nose who represent through airbnb are free from red tape with the hotel tax. you can report and pay annually rather than monthly and all hosts now can apply online for business licenses something that previously had to happen either by may or in person. >> most in california are in for a certain tax hike and a new poll shows to thirds of voters support increasing taxes on cigarettes and more than half want to tax the commercial properties at current market rates and fewer than half want to tax oil or natural gas extraction or have income tax hikes. >> in oregon, smoking pot is
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legal. oregon marijuana stores opened at midnight. many stores in oregon are trying to lure customers with extended hours and discounted marijuana and food giveaways. shops have another incentive to bay usually and often, pot riches are tax free until january, a savings of up to 20 percent. >> hurricane joaquin is turning to the east coast with steady rain drenching the east coast and flooding the roads and closing schools and forcing some from their homes. after that, hurricane joaquin could linger for days dumping up to 10" of rain and the path is far from certain leading officials up and down the east coast to start making preparations. >> we are all sensitive post sandy so when you have a potential storm on the horizon everyone is for good reason, vigilant. >> hurricane joaquin is hitting the bahamas this morning as category three hurricane.
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>> new our weather. we have some drops? >> we do, especially in san jose in the past hour and even in livermore. live doppler hd shows most areas are dry, and what you are seeing in the north bay has no current observations that are reaching the ground and it is evaporated. we are tracking on thursday, the cloud cover right here, societied with an area of low pressure moving on shore the next couple hours and that will bring us our next round of round. it is three hours away from making its arrival in the bay area so put that on roar time stamp and that will be after the 8:00 a.m. hour when we will see the first drops the san jose shows a few drops at 4:00 and we are now dry with a day planner ahead. a lot of clouds first thing early on, a gray start to the day, grab the umbrella, you will need it with light showers that are around the region and the threat is with us through midday. we will taper by 4:00, with sunshine here and this and otherwise tomorrows are cool
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topping out in the mid-60s to low 70s. >> we had an early problem at the high-rise a big rig caught on to a large part of the rubber and dragging it down the road. but now it looks to be cleared. to the south at dumbarton bridge, we are at 63 miles per hour, so a great drive between newark and east palo alto. we will take you further to the south where we are taking you to the south bay with travels along 10165 miles per hour, as you approach 280 and 680 split at airport and we are higher than that, and as the rain falls, it i don't be slick. be came. we have green on the map, traffic showing nothing
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the commute. >> thanks, leyla. just about 5:10. when is the best time to back the holiday flight? that is in the money report. >> high together advise many of you will find under the christmas tree and why the government is worried. >> plans for a storm-damaged apartment building on the cliffs pacifica and how it could pacifica and how it could backfire if el nino
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>> the abc7 news app, news that lives where you live. >> antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. a picture of the east bay hills and the bay bridge where traffic is flowing with pore traffic information coming up. >> we are learning of the local impact of layoffs, at whole foods. some worker could lose their job. they plan 1,500 layoffs across the nation representing 1 percent of whole foods total workforce. they claim they want to lower prices and keep up with the competitors. whole foods operating a dozen bay area stores. >> ucfs researchers found smokers who switch to low
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nicotine tobacco are more apt to quit. there were fewer symptoms of nicotine addiction with no low nicotine cigarettes on the market. the results could push for regulation that limit the neck teen. >> another bombshell for the secret service, dozens of as may have broken a law to embarrass utah congressman would pursued allegations of misconduct in the agency and if retaliation agents reportedly accessed sensitive material from his decades old election to the agency and suggested making the personal information public. chavez said it was designed to scare him. >> a neighbor is on edge this morning with people living along the avenue are concerned that the forecast old anyone yes will generate so much rain that it will literally wash away homes an apartment building was red
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tagged last el then i don't because of erosion and boulders have been placed at the blot only -- bottom to keep it from getting worse. >> the city now is lacking into tear down the red tagged building along with the one next to it. residents hope that will help keep the erosion from getting worse. >> i a not sure how we measure the rain in terms of itches or less? >> a little bit of drizzle and light shower. less than .1" but there is a pattern change, start to get into a more rainy season. live doppler hd is showing satellite and we have just seen in the past five minutes, lightning strikes to the north of modesto to the east of stockton giving you an indication of the strength or potential to bring more rain fall. here is what we are tracking, the area of low pressure pressuring the front along the shore at three hours away, after the 8:00 hour, and that is when
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we will see the next little bit of rain. san jose you are at 62 this morning and 60 in santa clara and mountain view at 62 and we will show you we are in the 50s in north bay, and 56 in novato, and downtown san francisco, at 60 in brentwood, and 62. this is the latest information we have in the past ten minutes by 9:00 this morning, here comes the nbc round of rain showers and some could be steady to light with the path of yellow around san jose along the peninsula and south of san francisco, the wet weather continues into the lunch time hour and it is more widely scattered in nature and by the afternoon the showers are going to taper off. some sun will pop out. that will bring us a sunny and warm are day on friday. as far as how much rain we spoke, not a lot. but, still, light showers are with us through the day on thursday. most areas are less than .1" but you do notice that anyone is fair game to see the wet weather early on this morning. highs fed are cool fore october,
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up to 67 in san francisco, and 72 in oakland and 76 in shows, and 75 in santa rosa and concord and 77 degrees with scattered showers. tonight, the clouds clear out and we will see menty of stars. temperatures fall into the 50s we will track the showers today. tomorrow, look at this, we are sunny. and much warmer. temperatures are rebounding on friday. saturday cools off. sunday had another chance of showers and otherwise by mop, tuesday and wednesday it is quiet. with increasing clouds. leyla? >> the weather has some energy in it. now, we look to the eastern span of the bay bridge and traffic is looking heavy as you round the corner toward treasure island, yerba buena island to san francisco, the metering lights are not turned on at the bay bridge toll plaza and it is looking dry. in san jose, looking dry is 280
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at 880 at highway 17. but things have been drying out, so to speak, with a couple of sprinkles. through the east bay from the central valley and over the altamont pass, it will be 21 miles per hour hitting 580 westbound from tracy with the green. it is an indication that there is possibly moist conditions through the altamont pass. it is looking slow through livermore. in and out of sanville and san ramon, nothing but top speeds. >> retailers expect to sell a million drones this holiday season and that is drawing concern from the federal government. the f.a.a. said that though will send a representative to wal-mart to teach sales people about drones and how to pass the information to customers. wal-mart sells 19 drones. pilots have claimed that the drones flying too close to the aircraft risk a collision and
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they have interfered with air drops during wildfires. >> now taking a bite out of fraud. a new era in credit card use begins today with america's money. >> topping america's money, new credit card rules today. you may have receive add new credit card with the high together chip. starting today, stores must be able to read them or be responsible for any fraud. the new card readers will still work with the old magnet ice strip car. however you pay for the purchase, today, target is expanding the price matching policy of 29 competitors including sam's club and including website prices in the garn teen and expanding the price match to 14 days of a purchase. if you are landing to fly for the holidays, get moving, fathers start gone up in the fall. there will not be so many seat as in the past. the best day to become is next tuesday, october 6. >> how do they know that?
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>> they know these things. >> how you sound off on social media and what it >> how you sound off
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or any of its ingredients. alert your doctor of new or worsening problems including headaches, seizures, confusion and vision problems. these may be signs of a rare, potentially fatal brain condition. serious allergic reactions can occur. tell your doctor if you or anyone in your house needs or has recently received a vaccine. in a medical study, most stelara® patients saw at least 75% clearer skin and the majority were rated as cleared or minimal at 12 weeks. stelara® helps keep my skin clearer. ask your doctor about stelara®. seven things to know before you go. >> i am drew tuma, your meteorologist. the front is off to the west. it will move on shore. timing is under three hours. we expect another wave of light showers after the 8:00 hour. >> two, the bay bridge toll plaza shows there could be rain
5:23 am
slicked road later during the commute. plan ahead. drive slowly. traffic is building coming from the east bay to san francisco. we will keep you updated all morning. >> three, agree, news in south carolina, flooding has killed one person. it happened early this morning when several cars were subemergencied in standing water under a bridge. south carolina and several other east coast states are bracing for more storms today. >> starting today, california drivers are getting a break for traffic tickets with a new amnesty program under way for those who cannot afford to pay off the spiraling traffic fines and court fees that led to will months of suspended licenses through 2017. >> soaring rent in oakland is now outpacing san francisco and last night, oakland city council held a special meeting to address the affordable housing crisis and according to zillow the median represent in oakland is more than 2,600 a month with 70 70 percent of income of the resident going to housing. >> an effort to overturn the
5:24 am
child vaccination law has fallen short. opponents did not get enough signatures to overturn the measure. the new law requires vaccines for schoolchildren before they enter kindergarten. >> the wet weather is nothing compared to what the folks in alaska are dealing with. nearly a foot of snow buried a town forcing schools to close and downed pow trees. >> generations of customers enjoy a last taste at fosters which closed forever last night after senator up 65 areas of meals. so many people show up to say goodbye they ran out of some treats. >> we did not get ice cream. they were running out of stuff. >> one of the few remaining non-chains on the peninsula. >> fosters first opened in menlo
5:25 am
park in 1950 when land was cheaper. plans call for remaining a large retail development on the same spot and the people low park location happened to be last foster's freeze between san jose and santa rosa. >> you can celebrate a charlie brown christmas starting today. the postal service is selling stamps for the 50th anniversary of the t classic dedicated at 9:00 this morning at the charles schultz museum. this is a day before tomorrow's 65th anniversary of the peanuts comic strip. >> twitter users may have a split personal depending on the device you use we are more negative when we tweet from a smartphone up to 25 percent more negative than if tweeting from a desktop. researchers studied millions of treats and zeroed in on those that use "my," "me," "self," and
5:26 am
on the negative it was "pain," "graphy," and "agony." the giants are still looking for the first home run of the season. >> this appeared to be headed for a home run but a fan caught the ball. it who is opinion the 69th splash hit at at&t history and the first career homer. san francisco leads the dodgers 5-0. they meet today and tim hudson made the last year start before he retires first pitch, then, at 12:45. >> a foot short. >> that much. >> cannot blame the fan. >> coming back with another 90 minutes of news. >> and crews will remove hazardous material burned in the valley fire. >> here is a look outside the
5:27 am
embarcadero in san francisco looking dry at the moment. you can see live doppler hd you can see live doppler hd following the rain ♪ ♪
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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> good morning at 5:29 on thursday. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. >> and a look at the weather forecast with drew tuma here for meteorologist mike nicco. >> we are waiting the next round of moisture. live doppler hd is showing most areas are dry. we have light showers in san jose. and around livermore. stepping out the door you will see by 9:00 this morning, the next round of rain with steady and light showers and the cool start to the move october. temperatures are in the upper 50s to lower 60.
5:30 am
now leyla and traffic. >> i brought my parka out. >> will need it. >> walnut creek southbound side of 680, traffic is heavy but, still, moving along at posted speed and northbound is lighter up to 242. drive time traffic, 580 westbound over the altamont pass, tracy to castro valley, the long commute will take you 56 minutes and 101 northbound from highway 85 to the san jose airplane, 12 minutes, and 280 is clear through daly city. more rain on way and drivers are warned to be extra cautious. matt is seeing sprinkles in los gatos? >> it is wet in los gatos and we have puddles. in the past half hour pee testimony's -- peet's coffee opened. look at the video my
5:31 am
photographer shot on highway 17, the summit, with good drops on the windshield from here to silicon valley or over to the santa cruz side. take it easy out there highway 17 is then for crashes when the roads are wet. c.h.p. said they have responding to 200 collision calls yesterday across the bay area an increase of 30 percent over a remain no am day. navigating the wet roads is hazardous and people drive the same way although the weather conditions are different. >> if it is raining hard at the love the weather is come off the roadway and if they do not have their headlights on, other people cannot see them. before you hit the road, the c.h.p. said check your tire tread and give your self extra stopping distance. to avoid a conversation with c.h.p. officer, if the wiper blades are on, you need your headlights on or risk a ticket.
5:32 am
if you have not cleared your rain gutters this is the time to do it. all signs are we are in for a wet weather because of el nino. gutter cleaning companies say they have been inundated with calls. some companies are picked months in advance. >> thank you to our viewer andrea would share a video of the first fall rain in san bruno. when you get rain where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us using # #abc7nowtohelpusfindyourcontent a nduseitontheairorat. a new focus on the sheriff department santa clara with up to 100 inmate complaints are under review at two more deputies placed on leave.
5:33 am
according to our media partner, the sheriff has moved key vote gays to an off site location because of the sensitivity of the investigation of the eight deputies have been removed from jail since michael tyree, inmate, was found dead in his cell in august. three guards have been charged in the death. >> good news if you are facing overdue fines for traffic. a new amnesty program starts today that could save you money. amy hollyfield is in walnut creek to tell us more. >> i just looked at twitter to see how the story is playing, a comment from the conservative right, saying look at liberal california, giving the poor a break while others have to pay. what do you think? the governor wants to give a break to people would have let a traffic ticket spiral out-of-control with fines and fees and losing their license he is offering am nature, cutting the fines and waking the late
5:34 am
fee and these are for tickets due before 2013. california drivers we spoke with say thumb's up. >> beautiful. beautiful. [ inaudible ] the economy is getting better. better than we expected is nice to hear that for him to do that, to be honest but, that is really nice. >> the problem is bigger than you could thing. more than four million in california have lost their driver's license because they did not pay for a ticket. this is called a "hell hole of desperation." what do you think? good? compassionate? or not fair. this could be a good one to take to the office water cooler
5:35 am
today. >> 5:34. if the cork mom mute includes a drive between santa clara and palo alto you can use all traffic lanes. for now. a controversial land to take away two lands from cars and assign them to high speed buses has run into the first major roadblock. according to our media pan, a firestorm of kit civil is prompting a commission to study the impact of keeping all lanes open to cars. express buses run in the curb lane and share that with drivers. >> if a business or merchant does not have a chip reader for credit cards, it will be held responsible for compensating customers who are fraud victims. midnight was the milestone to install the microchip which is more secure than the old cards. transactions take longer. you have to dip your card in the
5:36 am
machine and leave it there and then you sign and take your card. >> some oakland residents feel like they are under attack because of the soaring price of rental housing outpacing even san francisco. the city council held a special meeting last knit at city hall and said they will begin detailing the pres for tenants and the land for more affordable housing. it could also include exact fees on developers. according to zillow the median represent in oakland is $2,600 a month with 70s percent of a person's income going to housing. >> tomorrow, crews remove ash from the valley fire that could have asbestos because it could threaten fire survivors when they return home. yesterday, the epa began to clean up household hazardous waste. there are 1,280 homes to deal with, starting with the 15 homes closest to the schools. >> you do not want the large equipment coming in and removing
5:37 am
the ash to be concerned with this debris. >> it will go to the hazardous recycling center and the epa will be joined by contractors with will cover 70-100 homes a day and finishing in a month. hurricane joaquin is hitting the bahamas as category three storm with forecasters saying it is following a path that could take it to the united states. 80 million residents are preparing for the hurricane. ocean city, new jersey, is preparing in caves tidal flooding. some areas of the bahamas could get 20" of rain. >> nothing like that here but go have rain. it would be nice to see that much rain in the drought but go have light showers for thursday forecast. in the last five minutes live doppler hd is picking up returns
5:38 am
that are widely scattered with light drizzle ahead of the front. we will move to the north bay and you can see more in the way of green on the screen. no indication from any of our reporting sites that is hitting the ground. juster evaporated before it reaches the surface. if you take mass transit here are the temperatures, 60 in lafayette. 61 in walnut creek. 62 in hayward. 61 in fremont. check out 61. grab the jacket, temperatures are cool, it is a gray start. the rain will fill in after the 8:00 hour and we are unsettled through noon, and the showers are widely scattered and when the front moves law in the evening, the clouds clear out and stars by 7:00. can you tell the metering lights have been turned on and traffic is building leaving emeryville
5:39 am
headed to san francisco looking to the eastern span, you can see the tail lights as they start to hook a little bit thicker and the ribbon of red is starting to slow down as you head into san francisco. now, we will take you over to the nimitz with a planned new accident. it hook like it is going to be on the northbound side of 880 apoaching the marina boulevard, rather, southbound side leaving the oakland airport and traveling to san leandro you will fine the accident with possible delays. northbound traffic is nice leaving 238 but traffic is building to the south street and highway 32. someone in the bay area is a new millionaire and where the lucky person bought a winning powerball ticket. >> he or she will not have trouble paying for packing at sfo but you might. there is a new alternative but it is getting some people in trouble. >> speaking of san francisco international airport, a look
5:40 am
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an easy way to have natural looking shiny wow nails. wow! the new electronic nail care system from amopé. love every step. santa rosa, berkeley, san jose and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. good morning, at 5:43 on thursday, a look outside at san
5:43 am
francisco from sutro tower and on both sides of the bay it is good, pack your umbrella. you may need it walking to work from the parking garage. we will talk more with drew tuma coming up. >> someone in the bay area will have a smile open their face after finding out they are a new millionaire after nearly matching all six numbers last night in the b, 301 powerball drawing. the winning numbers you are on the scene. one tick kid purchased in michigan picked all six but a ticket bought in antioch matched five of the numbers, and that is worth more than $1.7 million. >> the university of san francisco has rescinded an honor air degree it awarded to bill cosby announcing the decision hours before three more women went public with claims that cosby sensually assault the them years ago. this is the 4th college to
5:44 am
strip an honorary degree from him saying and i quote, "we believe there is a moral dimension to every significant human choice and we strive to take actions consistent with the mission and value statement of the university." >> an effort to overyou it the california's child vaccination law has fallen short, opponent turned in 228,000 signatures on monday but they needed more than 100,000 more for the measure to overcontinue the law to appear on the november 2016 ballot. the governor signed the law in june requiring vaccines for schoolchildren before they enter kinder import were. if you wanted to tell family or friends what you think about them, maybe coworkers without say it to their face here is the chan. >> what are you trying to say. >> a new app is getting the buzz, peeple, like yelp for people, you write reviews of people but rather than rating businesses you rate director
5:45 am
friends, and coworkers and romantic partners on 1-5 scale. the co-founders are two friends would had the app built in san francisco with the video posted on youtube. the founders told the "washington post" it was developed to promote good feelings among people. hmm. positive reviews go up immediately. leggive reviews? users can report anything that violates terms and conditions or if sit-in accurate. >> interesting what drive as lot people to the review websites is they have nothing negative to say. >> totally. >> not the case here. nothing but positive energy. >> we have new information the past five minutes of the arrival of the rain slow down and we will show you the timeline. live doppler hd showing you a stationery front is off to our west. i want to zoom in to the street level and what we are seeing is widely scattered strips light drizzle and not surprised to see mist around union city and 880
5:46 am
and beside that, much of the region is awaiting the arrival of the next wave of showers with the low pressure sitting counter-clockwise and the stationary front that may arise around 9:00 or 10:00 in the morning and the morning rush could be on the quiet side so we will talk about the temperatures starting in the east bay, san leandro is at 60 degrees and 61 in union city, and 61 in oakland, and currently 59 in orinda. we are at 62 in fremont, 63 in san jose, cooler at napa, and antioch at 60 degrees. here is the latest timing, in the past five minutes, 9:00 or 10:00 when we see the lighter showers moving in around the bay area starting from west to east. even around 1:00 o'clock in the afternoon, we have a giants game going on at 12:30 and would not be surprised to see drizzle and widely scattered showers in the afternoon. the threat of wet weather but
5:47 am
most areas see clearing skies. by friday the system is out of the here and nothing but sun and. behalfer temperatures. how much rain are we tag about? we are talking about mainly a trace of rain, maybe less than .1" across the row john but anyone is fair game to see the light showers later today. here is the seven-day forecast, we will traffic the light showers right here for thursday, and friday the system is out of here and nothing but sun and warmer temperatures. we start off dry. sunday, another chance of light showers working into the region for the second half of the weekend with seasonal temperatures that is weather. leyla? good morning, drew, so much rain on the forecast. that is amazing. >> good to see that. >> right now in the south bay san jose by the tank, julian street, 87 in the northbound direction headed into downtown san jose not going to be an issue and i will show you 280, travel is still light near 880
5:48 am
and highway 17 southbound side nonexistent but for one vehicle and not too many cars. we have an accident to report and this is in the southbound direction of 880, traveling up to marina boulevard, we do have one crash blocking a lane and not causing any delays. to the south through you will find the brake lights. highway 4, westbound, antioch to hercules is 43 minutes. south bay, you saw how clear it is, 87, only nine minutes to the san jose airport. >> this morning marks the first day of "national breast cancer awareness month." you can wear pink to show support. doctors recommend watching weight, eating well, and getting exercise. do not smoke. if you drink alcohol, limit yourself to no more than a drink a day. talk to your doctor about the
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>> parents, if you have a future driver in the house the safest vehicles for teens has come out. the insurance institute for highway safety weighed safety and price. these are the safest and least expensive vehicles to buy for your teen driver. the volvo 180, 2007 model or later. volkswagen jetta, 2009 or later. and the honda element from 2007 to 2011. young drivers should stay away from high horse power and small cars. electronics stability control is a must to help your teen maintain control on curves and shipry roads. >> if you have parked your car at sfo you know the fees are sky-high. that is a pun. now people are representing out spots in their privat for as low as $5.49 a day.
5:53 am
a lost takingers and the city slapped her with a violation. and fines if she did not stop with the city calls an illegal business. >> garage sales are an exam of violation of doing business in your driveway. but they are not going after them? >> we are committeed to working with the city of san bruno to figure out a way the sellers can sell the driveway space. >> 25 driveway renters have been superintendent violations so far, there have been 14 that have agreed to stop. >> washing dishes is a good way to help with stress. it can help you relax if you do it mindfully. researchers put 50 students to the test and found that those would took their time, focusing on semi-ing the soap, feeling the water temperature and touching the dishes, officers --
5:54 am
increased their inexpiration by 25 percent, and students would did not wash dishes mindfully did not experience the same benefit. >> maybe someone should practice at my house later today. >> now a look at the rain situation. >> dru? >> we are tracking the next round of showers and we have returns ahead of the stationary front and i want do zoom in to the south bay because early this morning we were getting reports of light showers reaching the ground and live doppler hd is picking up the green and around san jose that could be reaching the ground. we will talk about the next 12 hours, or so, and the rain holds off until after 9:00 this morning, and by midday we have the isolate the showers and continuing into the orally afternoon before clearing out by 7:00. now the traffic? >> good morning, drew. i feel like being one my dishes. >> i will dry. >> per folk, drew -- perfect,
5:55 am
drew. >> know delays on bart and muni. the travel on the water is moving. this is more traffic. teen 880 and 101 it will take 14 minutes. 680, sow, walnut creek to dublin is clear and all green. highway 17, despite the moist roads, we are looking at 22 minutes from highway 1 to los gatos. >> a photo your co-workers will talk about this morning, a mountain lion on top of a 35' pole. it happened in southern 8:00. northeast of pasadena. the staffer snapped the shot yesterday. the mountain lion was common the next day, a school bus of screaming kids scared the lion and it scampered up the pole. >> it would work for me. >> it would work for me. >> feds are being fought
5:56 am
retired center. a guard neither found the duck when she was 4. everyone wants her back and the government rules are creating a roadblock. >> come on. exceptions are made all the time. it is a matter of them considering an exception. >> right now, wild care plans to put the duck on display as an "educational," animal. >> stay-at-home mom was stunned to find a bill in the mail after she missed her cousin's wedding. an invoice tore $75 to cover the cost of two democraters at wedding reception. jessica baker said she did in an rsvp but could not make it at the last minute because she
5:57 am
had no philipine sitter and no kids were invited to the wedding. she said she is not paying for the we bill, and she said telephone years ago this were no shows at her wedding, as will, but she never thought of billing them. >> products at ikea will will be removed in the store shelves. >> the women kicked off the napa valley wine country are filing suit and for $11 million. suit and for $11 million. stay tuned.
5:58 am
5:59 am
live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. we start with wet weather. you can see live doppler hd getting rain right now and
6:00 am
already active and where rain is head next. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. drew tuma is here for meteorologist mike nicco and can answer the question of where the rain is. draw? who are weighing for the stationery front. it is moving on shore mid-morning. around 4:00 or action we had light showers around san jose and livermore but more in the wet weather is headed our way by 9:00 or 10:00. the pockets of yellow are indicating steady and light showers so out the door grab the umbrella and the light jacket. we will time out the rest of the thursday coming up but, first, traffic with leyla. >> good morning, we have a 16-minute wait and the macarthur maze and san francisco coming from the east bay it will be slow and traffic is building. from emeryville camera we do have slow going traffic but it is still continuing to move with month accidents to slow you down. well keep you update asked we hear


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