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tv   ABC7 News 600AM  ABC  October 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PDT

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head next. >> i am kristen sze. >> i am eric thomas. drew tuma is here for meteorologist mike nicco and can answer the question of where the rain is. draw? who are weighing for the stationery front. it is moving on shore mid-morning. around 4:00 or action we had light showers around san jose and livermore but more in the wet weather is headed our way by 9:00 or 10:00. the pockets of yellow are indicating steady and light showers so out the door grab the umbrella and the light jacket. we will time out the rest of the thursday coming up but, first, traffic with leyla. >> good morning, we have a 16-minute wait and the macarthur maze and san francisco coming from the east bay it will be slow and traffic is building. from emeryville camera we do have slow going traffic but it is still continuing to move with month accidents to slow you down. well keep you update asked we hear of one at 280 with details
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ahead. if you live in the south bay you may be seeing wet matt keller is seeing the rain. matt? >> yes, it started sprinkling in the past 15 minutes so it is going to be wet on the ground and, also, some rain drops coming from the sky. you want to be prepared. the way to do that is to clown dead our weather app on to the phone. you can look and see where the rain is heading next. be prepared as you head out on the roads, as well, audit to part stores are seeing a run on wipe are plaids and one ci store said 200 wiper blades go out the door in one day yesterday. the slick roads made customers concerned. >> i have getting it for my daughter's car for her safety.
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she has my grandchild. >> check the tire tread. make sure you are giving yourself extra stopping distance on the road. slow down. speaking of preparation, have your umbrella. find it in the garage. you have not used it in a while and a lot of people are coming to peet's coffee to have their warm cup of joe this morning. >> if you get rain where you live, take a photo or video and share it with us, using # #abc7now. that will help us find your content and use it on the air or at >> complaints by dozens of inmates at the santa clara jail are under review after the deaths of two inmates. here are new details. tiffany? >> two new correctional deputies have been placed on leave and santa clara county sheriff said
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that up to 100 griefans are now under investigation. they have been moved to investigate this out of the headquarters because of sensitivity of the probe. the sheriff would not say why the jailers were replaced on leave but it was not over excessive force. eight deputies have been put open leave since inmate michael tyree died of blunt force trauma in august. three correctional deputies are charged with the murder. >> an monday, 33-year-old walter roches died at the jail and yesterday the coroner said that there was no foul lay and no sign of acute injury in death of roches. >> oakland police have gotten leads in the hunt for who was working on a mural. ramos got on a dispute where the
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memorial was being painted and a memorial at overpass is growing by the hour. fellow artists say he will complete the memorial and include a picture of ramos. >> if you want to video police officers in oakland, go ahead. citizens have the right to photograph or video police if you are in public coming up after the deadly oscar grant station in 2009 when police tried to grab the recording devices from the witnesses. >> women who were kicked off the napa valley wine train for being too loud are filing an $11 million lawsuit, all african-americans say racial bias is the real season the book club was forced off the train back in august. the wine train has apologized and offered another ride. the attorney is announcing details of the suit at 10:00 a.m. in san francisco and the train was recently bought for
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anen disclosed amount. >> people would rent their homes to travelers now have an way to pay the hotel you can pay the taxes annually rather than monthly. all hosts can apply online for business licenses, something that previously had to happen either by mail or in person. >> many in california can get behind certain tax hikes and a through poll shows two-thirds of voters support increasing taxes on cigarettes and more than half want to start taxing commercial properties. fewer than half of likely votes want to tax oil and natural extraction or extend the sales and income tax hikes. >> army may have thrown ashes into the bay near the coast
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after finding this urn sticking out of a myself mud. someone translated the message on the urn and it contained the ashas of a man born in 1897 and died in 1983. the park district is holding on to. urn until it is claimed. >> huge celebrations as smoking pot for your own pleasure became legal. the oregon marijuana doors opened at midnight and many stores in oregon are trying to lure customers with continued hours and discounted mari under oregon lay, pot purchases are tax free until john, a are tax free until john, a savings of up to 20 percent. it will wash away homes. an apartment building was red
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tagged because of erosion and boulders have been placed to keep the erosion from getting worse. >> more concerned it will fall down and go into the ocean and that is not good. >> the city is looking into tearing down the red tagged building. residents home that will keep the erosion from getting w hurricane joaquin is moving to the east coast with steady rain flooding roads and closing schools and forcing some people from their homes. and hurricane joaquin could linger for days and could dutch up to 10" of rain but the pat is not certain. officials up and down the east coast are make preparations. >> we are all sensitive post sandy. when you have potential storm on the horizon, everyone is hyper vigilant. >> hurricane joaquin is hitting the bahamas this morning as
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category three. >> we could use the rain and we getting some. drew? >> a little. we had reports of light showers in the south bay and most of the locations are on the dry side. live doppler hd is showing we have the system that is progressive through northern california and invigorating with a couple lightning strikes to the another of us. we are were watching this area of he pressure moving on shore and helping to re-emphasize the light showers this morning. our camera is showing the boats coming into port and the day planner the next 12 hours, showers are coming in at 9:00 or 10:00 and stay isolated through the early afternoon. leyla? >> good morning, drew. the golden gate bridge shows travels are dry and no moist spots between marin and san francisco with northbound traffic light and more traffic in the southbound direction. we had a but accident in the
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south bay northbound on 280 you are going to find this accident. we are seeing delays with heavy traffic away from alum rock to the nimitz. to mineta san jose international airport, travels are at top speed. >> 6:09. ikea makes a major change to the product lineup to keep your family safe but remove some things from the store shelves. >> a discovery in egypt that can solve a mystery that is thousands of years old: what has been found inside the tomb been found inside the tomb tut.
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walnut creek burlingame, campbell, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. now democratic president am frontrunner, hillary clinton, private e-mails showing cautiousness on gay rights issues with the state department releasing 3,800 new e-mails showing while secretary of
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state, hillary clinton intervened in early 2011 to reverse the policy change at the state department that had been a gesture to nontraditional families. >> another possible bomb shell for the secret service this morning. dozens of agents may have broken a privacy law to embarrass the utah congressman who aggressively pursued alleges of misconduct in the agency. if retaliation, agents reportfully accessed sensitive material from his decades old application to the agency and even suggested making it public and said it was unsuccessful tactic to scare him. >> we have a look at how officials were able to uncover volkswagens hidden software that turned off pollution controls. the california air resources board and the environmental protection agency accused volkswagen of installing so the wear that turned on pollution for laboratory tests and turned them off for real world driving.
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officials say it allowed the cars to money up 40 types -- times the pollution allowed. >> we run a standard test this test would test fine but if we take surgeon other steps in our research, the vehicle could exhibit the behavior that is illegal. they admitted the software was installed on 11 million vehicles around the world. the company is work on a fix. >> ikea is making changes to keep your family safe are announcing they will for longer stock when blinds with pull cords. the cords can tangle and create a choking hazard for young children. the consumer products safety commission calls them the five deadliest hidden home hazards. ikea said starting today they only care blinds with no cords or cords that are not accessible.
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>> frightening moments in england when a sinkhole opened up near their home. ten people were evacuated after the hole swallowed up the street, the driveway, and a front lawn. officials say it first opened yesterday but drew dramatically overnight. >> this morning, archaeologists are buzzing over a discovery that may self a mystery that is thousands of years old. british archaeologist believes he found the town of the tomb queen later may have been turned into the resting place of king tut and she is the step mother of king tut. >> department know that. >> how about that. >> drew, this is going to be a
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heck of a busy morning. >> we will traffic the rain the but, first, video from alaska. what is unusual is this much so early in the season up to 17" of snow, with numerous power outages and more snow on the way bringing more issues through wednesday. live doppler hd is showing a bit of a lull in the activity and we have scattered showers inland and lightning strikes and otherwise we are awaiting the stationery front. live doppler hd is showing a little bit of a skip and that is an area of low pressure this on shore. sutro tower is show we are dry in san francisco. it is rather quiet. the forecast calls for a pray start, a lot of clouds and morning showers. this is a short storm system. it is out of here.
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by the evening hours. tomorrow we are watching up and bringing back the sun and more sprinkles likely on sunday. 62 degrees and same if san francisco and napa is 57. here comes the stationary front, it comes in around stock or 10:30 this morning, so the early morning is convey it. the system is quick moving system and not a long duration suspect. the rain is out of here by evening so we are clear out overnight and friday and bring back the sunshine. in terms of how much rain we are getting, not a soaking but up to .1" as the system moves through and anyone is fair game. here is the seven-day forecast, the pattern change of wet weather with small showers possible by friday and sunshine and warmer temperatures and windy and cooler by saturday and we sunday, another chance of light rain out there to round
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out the weekend. >> we won the lottery. in walnut creek, i have to say you are not winning the lottery because you are stuck in heavy traffic with ten minute commute away from highway 4 to highway 24 so traffic is slowing, minute by minute as we take you to the north bay, who we are seeing more traffic on the roads and still flowing nicely beyond 580 to mill valley and no delays, who accidents to report in this area. we do have an accident in san jose with a little bit of damp weather in the area. not so here. the on-ramp at 280, we have four cars involved and we do have slowing headed in the northbound direction away from 101. if you are heading northbound on 101, away from the 280 and 680 split you are at 36 minute and the rest of the drive is nice and clear. abc7 is honoring hispanic
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heritage month with post to instagram feed. today we salute our first responders, with a lieutenant not only a san francisco firefighter but, also, vice president of the san francisco organization of latino firefighters promoting leadership and excellence. we have more details on we have more details on instagram at >> proposal to solve the housing crisis in san jose. >> a woman received a showing surprise at toys 'r us with an unwanted gift that came in the mail after purchasing a birthday mail after purchasing a birthday present for her son.
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the abc7 news app on poe on your schedule, news that lives where you live. >> good morning, on thursday. it is now 6:22. we will look at the bay, from the exploritorium camera in san francisco with showers already this morning, and rain, as well, and drew tuma will tell you when that will taper off. >> a warning for online shoppers on why you do taught want to
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give someone a birthday present you have ordered without hooking at it first. >> virginia mother ordered a toy from toys 'r us and look what came with it. 800 rounds of ammunition for nine millimeter handgun sitting in the same box. she was shocked. >> i was in shock. it was heavy and there was a box of ammunition sit in the corner of the box. >> her son's safety was at risk and is demanding answers and not sure how it happened but it is iron ice it came from a store that has a strict no firearms policy. >> if a drone is on the wish list, you are not alone. retailers expect to sale a million over the holiday season and the federal government is worried. the f.a.a. is woring with wal-mart the largest retailer to
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keep the sales people the pros and cons selling 19 different drones on the web site more than most stores. >> now a check with "good morning america" at 7:00. good morning, coming up next on "good morning america" new questions this morning about whether hillary clinton's private e-mail server was targeted by russian hackers. the democratic frontrunner on the of offensive over benghazi with the latest on that on "good morning america" next. >> we are lending of the local impact of layoffs at whole foods. some local worker could lose their job with 1,500 around the nation to be laid off which is 1 percent of the total workforce. they claim they want to lower the prizes and keep up with competition. they operate more than a dozen bay area stores. >> some residents feel like they are under attack because of the soaring price of rental housing
6:25 am
outpacing san francisco. >> the city council held a special meeting last knit at city hall and said they will have details of the protections for tenants and include impact fees on developers. according to zillow the median rent in oakland is now 2,60050 a month with 70 percent of a resident's income going to housing. >> the rule of thumb was something like 25 percent to 30 percent. sky problem coating. >> the morning news continues. >> new rules for credit card starting today. what you need to know how they present you from fraud. >> check out the powerball anything coats. a winning ticket was sold right here in the bay area. >> tracking our light rain and when it arrives. three minutes. >> a look from twin peaks at san
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mom, brian threw a ball in the house! live from the kgo-tv
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broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> look at this, live doppler hd is tracking rain across the bay area this morning. when will it hit where you live? >> we have coverage starting with drew tuma. >> it is going to be light showers moving similar to what we spended yesterday, scattered in nature. most areas are seeing a break in wet weather. we will take you to future weather and show you what to expect this morning. by 10:00, at lunch, we will see the light showers moving through and a quick moving system that will not last that long the by the afternoon, we are starting to see the sunshine with temperatures in the 60 and low 70s. leyla has the weather. >> the san mateo bridge, it will take 21 minutes and normally it takes 18 minutes. dumbarton is a good at understand with some debris at the tolls. eastbound highway 12 in santa rosa southbound highway 101 we have a crash not causing in i
6:30 am
delays but, pole, one lane blocked and 101 and clear in and out of the north bay. you have a little rain and the roads can be messy and dangerous. matt? >> it is wet in los gatos and the ground is wet. we have seen the sprinkles in the last hour. a lot of people, of course, are headed to get their morning coffee to fuel up with a few dozen people coming in, the last half hour, they are fueling up for the day. be extra careful with the slick roads and possible showers. check out this video from the santa cruz mountains, my photographer, ian, shot it commuting over the hill. highway 17 is known for crashes weapon the roads are wet but not just if the santa cruz mountains, c.h.p. said it end forked to 200 collision calls year across the bay area which is an increase of 30 percent over a normal day.
6:31 am
people tend to drive the same way, fast, although the weather conditions are different. >> if it is raining hard at the love the water is coming office the road and if they do not have the tail -- headlights on the tail lights are not lit. c.h.p. said check your tire tread. give yourself extra stopping distance. avoid a conversation with a c.h.p. officer, if the wipers are on have the headlights on or you risk getting a ticket >> other weather-related news if you have fought cleared the gutters do it now. all signs are we are in for a wet weather because of el nino and gutter companies say they have been inundated with calls with business through the "roof," so so speak and some companies are booked days in advance. >> and this is a photo of rainy
6:32 am
downtown san francisco and this san bruno. short and sweet and much need rain. when you get rain, take a foe tore or video and share it with us so we can fine your content and use it on the air or at good new for anyone fighting a traffic ticket or overdue fines with a new amnesty program saving you money. amy hollyfield has more from walnut creek? >> in the last few minutes we her the counter arguments saying this is not fair to people would have paid tickets and fines on time. here is the story. what do you think? governor brown said he wants to give everyone a break, help those who did not pay an expensive traffic ticket and accumulated fines and court fees and lost their driver's license
6:33 am
over it. he calls it a desperation. for tickets due before 2013 some fines are cut if half or waived. we property you the opinion of those who say it sounds compassionate. here is the counter argument. >> a lot of the times when i get in trouble i have to go to court and pay my fees, my dues, so if you want to be part of society, pay your part and be part of society. >> the amnesty is in effect today and could help a lot of people, more than four million who is lost their listens because of unpaid tickets. do future just take discussion to the water cooler at the office, i want to be part of it. let me know your >> if the morning commute includes a drive between santa clara and palo alto you can use
6:34 am
all traffic lanes for now. controversial land to take away two lanes from cars to be assigned two high speed buses has hit a roadblock. criticism is prompting the commission to study the impact of keeping all lanes on to cars with express buses running in the curb lane, but, share 9 pavement with drivers. >> new credit card chip technology is live today. here is what you need to know. retailers would have not upgraded are liable for fraudulent transactions if the fraud occurs when a stripe card is used, the bank is responsible. the online shopping is still risky because your payment information can be used if you use the new card and american cards with the new chip may not always work overseas. "7 on your side" has been all over this story covering the new cards for month, and you can get all of the tips online at
6:35 am >> tomorrow crews will remove ash from the valley fire possibly laced with asbestos because it could threaten fire survivors when they return home. yesterday the environmental protection agency began to clean up waste, with 1,280 homes to get to starting with the critical at 15 homes closest to the schools. >> you do not want large equipment that is removing the ash and the concrete to be concerned with propane containers. >> everything collected goes to a hazardous waste recycling facility and the epa is joined by forecasters to cover 70-700 home -- by trying 70-100 homes a movement. >> and 50 percent of sales are being donated to valley fire victims. >> someone in the bay area could
6:36 am
wake up with a big smile open their face as a new millionaire after matching five numbers last night. one ticket purchased in michigan and a ticket bought in antioch matched five of the since numbers and it is worth $1.7 million. >> it is my numbers. >> i know. sure. >> buying breakfast. >> new alternative for packing at sfo but it is getting some people in trouble and what you need to know. >> twit other makes it easier to shop at your desk but what willment in your fee. welcome to subway,
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because at&t and directv are offering yesterday's technology, today. tv from space. [whispered] space as long as it's not too rainy. [whispered] rainy or windy. [whispered] windy or there isn't a branch in the way. [whispered] branchy welcome to the moment no one's been waiting for. the fastest internet and the best tv experience is already here with x1. only from xfinity. >> live doppler hd will track light showers throughout thursday and i will press to street level this the past five minutes live doppler hd is picking up on the returns south of palo alto at campus drive and north shore. this is the theme the day, just light showers and at bart temperatures are in the upper
6:40 am
50s and through the day today we will have the showers and this afternoon the system will move out of the here. that is the weather of the now, a traffic on the traffic. good morning, drew. the richmond-san rafael toll plaza looks like the bay bridge toll plaza with quite a bit of traffic from castro street. heading across the bridge to the for the bay, it will take 15 minutes and the bay bridge is busy because it is the bay bridge toll plaza and we have 20 minutes to head between the macarthur maze and san francisco. you are showing us street level traffic and we are not fining delays and no accidents on the peninsula. if you have park your car at sfo the fees can be sky-high and now this are deep discounts by representing parking spaces if private drives. in san bruno, linda started representing out her driveway a year ago to travelers and
6:41 am
advertised on www. for $5.49 a day and then the city slapped her with a violation and stiff fine if she does not stop the rental business. >> car rage sales are an example of a violation of doing business in the driveway but they are not going after them. >> the city ordinance considers packing a car in the drive for exemption to be commercial use of property. >> 25 renters have been sent violations and so far 14 have agreed to stop. >> still ahead, washing dishes may not seem like fun but it could be good for your help. >> thousands of us could be putting ourselves at risk on the road and the reasons more drivers are on thing out of safety features for a through car. >> a ship is docking here if san francisco over at pier isn't and francisco over at pier isn't and it is a gorgeous
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los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. santa clara county sheriff is expanding the investigation into conditions an officer behavior at the county jail after two inmates died in
6:45 am
custody. our reporter is in the newsroom with more. >> santa clara county sheriff said to more officers have been placed on leave and up to 100 inmate complaints are now under review. internal investigators have been moved out of the sheriff's hairs because of sensitive nature of the probe. the sheriff said that more jailers could be implicated according to our media partner. a total of eight correctional deputies have been placed on leave since michael tyree died from blunt force trauma in august. three deputies are charged with the murder. another inmate, walter roches died in custody on monday. yesterday, the coroner released the autopsy report saying "no foul play," was involved with the death. starting today, traveling the country by rain it is going to cost you more. amtrak will charge fees tore peoples would carry on budgets are too heavy. customers are allowed to bring
6:46 am
two personal items weighing 25 pounds and two carry ons weighing for more than 50 pounds paying $20 for each bag that goes over the limit. >> happening now we want to check on trading on wall the dow dropped this morning and we will talk more about that, but whole foods is dropping a prison inmate program that is controversial. now to the as dark. how is the dow, jane? >> yes, a little bit lower but not too much. we have numbers in a second but after a rove at a store whole foods will no longer sell products made using a prison labor program. the company told goat cheese made by colorado inmates but the products will be out of the stores by april. a spokesman said the company has sourced prisoner made products to help people get back on their
6:47 am
feet but stop because some customers an uncomfortable with it. >> according to twitter this are deals with the big conisderation demand wear, with partnerships to allow best buys and others to sell products straight to customers without requiring them to take their eyes off getter. there will be more buying options in the coming months. >> car buyers are not paying for the new automatic safety devices without an extra push from the dealers and insurers with the survey conducted by the boston consulting group that covered a range of new safety features from automatic parking, usually $400 option, for night vision which can run $2,200. the markets started higher but could not hold it and the dow jones industrial average is down 31 and the s&p 500 is slightly
6:48 am
lower. >> thank you, jane. >> the next time you shop at kohl's you could be able to get a coffee or snack with experimental cafes in two of the milwaukee stores to get shopers to spend more time in the stores increasing the likelihood we will my more and could be added to all of the 1,100 department stores of kohl's. >> washing dishes is a great way to clear your mind. a study shows the chore can hope you relax. researchers at florida state university put 50 students to the task and found those who took their time focused on the soap smell and did it mindfully increased their inspirational feeling by defy percent and nervousness decreased by 27 percent. >> but the parents newspapered the study.
6:49 am
>> -- parents funded the study. >> absolutely. drew tuma? >> we are seeing the rain coming into live doppler hd and zooming in to the street level i want to show you the line of light showers north and making it to portions of the east bay at 17 minutes around present and half an hour the line around union city. the wider view, check this out, we are seeing our next light round of rain, along the stationery front right now and it and light and it and scattered in nature and moving slowly to the northeast at 20 miles per hour. live doppler hd is showing at three hours the light moisture will reach to the bay area and our, hour by hour, it is good coinciding with live doppler hd and by 10 this morning this are and by 10 this morning this are light showers
6:50 am
the system for friday, we are dry and blighter and we are also warming up and in terms of how much rain from the system today, we have less than .1". oakland is 61 degrees and san francisco is 60 degrees and santa rosa is 55. today, highs where cloud cover early and that will limit our highs and the cooler day for the first day of ok, 67 no a high, and 77 in conquer, and 76 in san jose, and light scattered showers. tonight, the system will race out of here bit evening and we will start to see more stars and temperatures are cooling off into the 50s across the bay area. here is the seven-day forecast we will traffic the light showers, widely scattered in nature and .1". by friday, it is out of the here and the sun is back with the temperatures warming up for the second day of october. saturday, we start off the weekend dry and on sunday,
6:51 am
another chance of showers and we stay dry through the second half of the seven-day outlook. now, a check on traffic. >> good morning, everyone, if you are heading owe the door and traveling up to the richmond-san rafael toll plaza you can see the traffic with delays away from castro street and away from i-80 across the water to the north bay it will take approximately 25 minutes. when you get over to san rafael, 101 is mice and clear at 57 miles per hour, and to the south, larkspur is 62 minute, and mill valley has in delays. on the other side of the bay, we are fining the slow downs, 35 miles per hour on i-80 and westbound i-80 you will find pockets of heavy slowing and then brick lights through berkeley into emeryville and this is how long it will take you to ahead away from highway 4 to the maze, 34 minutes and 21 minutes between the maze and san francisco and 101, san francisco to snow snow is still clear.
6:52 am
>> we are back with seven things to enough but go. and a look at the bay bridge and a look at the bay bridge toll
6:53 am
>> a look at our lake tahoe camera from heavenly resort you can see no snow there now but i wonder if we could be getting with some, pole, still a little warm, but drew tuma said it is a possible. that would be nice.
6:54 am
>> it would be nice. >> before you go, here are seven things to know. >> i am drew tuma. could see mixed precipitation if lake tahoe, but showers moving in by 10:00. isolated showers midday and unsettled by 4:00 and dry out with sun and clear out by 7:00, and the stars come out and temperatures in the mid-60s to upper 70s. >> we are hearing there could be moist roads particularly if you head between union city and fremont and 680 and 880 that is the drive on the nimitz freeway south of hayward and slow approaching highway 92 continuing through present and looking at clear conditions here. a look at the drive time traffic 580, tracy to dublin, it is going to take more than one hour. >> a drew of women kicked off the napa vietnam wine train for being too loud is suing the company for $11 million comprised mostly of african american women, believes racial bias was the real reason they
6:55 am
were told to leave. >> the santa clara sheriff is expanding the investigation into conditions and officer behavior at the county jail. this is after two inmates died in custody. up to 100 inmate come minutes are under review and two more deputies have been placed on lead. >> starting today, california drivers are getting a break with traffic tickets. a new amnesty program is underway for driver whose cannot afford to pay the spiraling traffic fines and fees that have led to million of license suspensions running through 2017. >> think pink. today is the first day of national breast cancer awareness month showing your support by wearing pink. there are simple things to for. the watch weight, eat well and getting exercise. >> the giants are looking for the first splash hit home run of season. last night, the rookie crushed the ball that was headed for the
6:56 am
coe but a fan reached up and enter superintendented it. it was his first career home run and the giants pete the dodgers. >> all good when we beat the dodgers. >> abc continues online and facebook and all mobile facebook and all mobile devices.
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♪ good morning, america. breaking overnight, bracing for impact. hurricane joaquin now a major storm, a category 3. winds gusting to 150 miles an hour and getting stronger. hard-hit areas up and down the east coast are already underwater. communities devastated by superstorm sandy fearing the worst. ginger and ourtracking the storm right now. new this morning, was hillary hacked? newly released e-mails reveal her private account targeted by russians at least five times disguised as a simple speeding ticket. republicans pounce saying this shows her computer was vulnerable. foot-brawl. out-of-control parents caught on camera. an argument erupting in the stands, fists flying and why it's the kids who are now paying the price.


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