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tv   Good Morning America  ABC  October 1, 2015 7:00am-9:01am PDT

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♪ good morning, america. breaking overnight, bracing for impact. hurricane joaquin now a major storm, a category 3. winds gusting to 150 miles an hour and getting stronger. hard-hit areas up and down the east coast are already underwater. communities devastated by superstorm sandy fearing the worst. ginger and ourtracking the storm right now. new this morning, was hillary hacked? newly released e-mails reveal her private account targeted by russians at least five times disguised as a simple speeding ticket. republicans pounce saying this shows her computer was vulnerable. foot-brawl. out-of-control parents caught on camera. an argument erupting in the stands, fists flying and why it's the kids who are now paying the price.
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♪ and jackpot. the search is on. one winning ticket sold for that massive $310 million powerball lottery at this gas station. who holds the golden ticket? and good morning, america. a lot going on this thursday morning. so many are bracing for hurricane joaquin. looking live right now at the satellite of the storm. it's gaining strength. state of emergency already declared in virginia, president obama briefed about federal preparations and, robin, this storm could target the areas hit so hard by hurricane sandy. >> many are holding their breath right now, george. this is what the storm looks like from space. it's 200 miles wide with wind gusts up to 150 miles an hour. our extreme weather team covering it all and ginger starts us off. with a look at where joaquin might be headed. >> we know this, in the next 24 hours it's the bahamas. they will get hit especially central and southeastern bahamas.
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some of the places could see 20 to 30 inches of rain and, yes, those extreme winds. max sustained winds at 120 miles an hour. the waters so warm it could strengthen why we're on watch and warning in the bahamas. a lot of other things we'll get into and why we have coastal flood advisories along the east coast. kind of two different systems we'll be talking about. first let's focus on joaquin. and break it down. the next 24 to 48 hours could strengthen to category 4. then gets into some colder water and, look, sunday early morning still offshore, offshore of north carolina and virginia. it gets a little closer, keeps dying out and looks right now like the computer models shifter further east and north closer to maryland, new jersey and delaware as a tropical storm. beyond 72 hours our uncertainty is high. those computer models i showed you yesterday, all the spaghetti plots have widened, they've become more erratic so less together than they already were and something we'll have to watch toward the weekend. one thing i can promise you this
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front, the waves of moisture that will come independent of joaquin, that's going to be a problem. places that have already had a foot of rain could end up with 30 before the hurricane. >> wet no matter what. okay, ginger, thanks very much. abc's gio benitez in seaside heights, new jersey this morning and those are the images right after hurricane sandy, so much devastation there. and gio, they have come so far but they're worried about getting hit again. >> reporter: that's right, george. this place is just getting back to normal. we all saw those devastating pictures after sandy. this is the same boardwalk completely redone. i want to show you this though. here on the beach these giant walls of sand, they've been built to prevent any water damage from this next storm joaquin. up and down the east coast, roads flooded. >> dude, i don't know if my car is going to make it. >> reporter: and residents soaked by relentless rains now
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bracing for hurricane joaquin. >> everyone along the east coast should still be monitoring for the possibility of a hurricane coming to where you live. >> reporter: states potentially in joaquin's crosshairs, north carolina, virginia, west virginia, maryland, delaware, new jersey, pennsylvania and new york. all expecting more heavy rain today even before joaquin. overnight, virginia's governor already declaring a state of emergency. virginia beach crews working into the night preparing for the worst. a coastal flood watch now on the jersey shore where signs of sandy remain three years later. >> sandy was so traumatic for this community. >> that's the problem. when you go through something like that, you know, it's like the kid who touches the stove. it's hot. you don't ever want to touch it again. >> reporter: all along the shore berms are being built. to protect the towns from water. >> cars off the street. make sure everything is buckled down. >> reporter: and now many of those homes raised on stilts after sandy.
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homeowners hoping for zero flooding. >> doesn't take a major hurricane to cause a major impact. sandy was not a major hurricane. we have a difficult two to three days to prepare but along the way there's some bad weather to contend with. >> reporter: and nobody here wants to cry wolf but believe me, everyone here has that question on their minds. what if it happens again? robin. >> all right, gio, thank you. we see the surf behind you. before it possibly hits it is bearing down on the bahamas. and abc's linzie janis is in nassau this morning for us. good morning, linzie. >> reporter: good morning, robin. hurricane-force winds are battering the bahamas right here in nassau it's expected to get much worse over the next 24 to 48 hours. life-threatening storm surges headed this way up to eight-foot wave, also up to 20 inches of rain in some parts. the government telling people and tourists here to take precautions and cruise lines are
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diverted away from the islands. robin. >> all right, thank you. >> everyone getting prepared. we turn now to the dramatic escalation of the war in syria. russia launching its first air strikes there. they claim isis is the target but the evidence suggests they may really be defending the assad regime. martha raddatz tracking this dangerous development. good morning, martha. >> reporter: good morning, george. there are reports out of syria this morning that russia launched dozens more air strikes all in areas where isis does not operate. the russians have been saying the reason they're getting involved in this conflict is to target isis. but senior u.s. officials say what russia is really doing is helping syria's dictator assad stay in power. by targeting opposition forces, some of them backed by the u.s. the u.s. has been saying for four years that assad must go. but with russia now involved, militarily, the chances of any political deal to get assad out of power have been greatly diminished meaning the civil war will become even more dangerous
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and the russians did not wait for talks with the u.s. to coordinate the strikes and make certain our pilots were safe, they basically said, stay out of our way. all of this so the secretary of defense is adding gasoline to the fire. george. >> millions have been made refugees already. now to hillary clinton, the new questions about whether her private e-mail was targeted by russian linked hackers. the democratic front-runner about the claims on the benghazi attack. cecilia vega is here with the latest. good morning, cecilia. >> reporter: good morning, more than 6,000 e-mails out, the ones that hillary clinton hand selected and turned over for review and now some are raising serious questions about just how vulnerable her private server may have been. the subject line said traffic ticket. an e-mail appearing to be from the new york dmv, a speeding ticket for hillary clinton. but it turns out the e-mail sent
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to the then secretary of state was reportedly tied to russian linked hackers on a phishing expedition trying to crack into her private account, not just once, but five times. >> all of the information in the e-mails was handled appropriately. >> reporter: the e-mails instructed clinton to print the attached tickets and with that hackers could have accessed her computer. but clinton's campaign telling abc news all these e-mails show is that like millions of other americans she received spam. republicans saying it shows how vulnerable her basement server really was. >> it's inexcusable. it is malpractice. >> reporter: the house committee that brought the controversy to light also back in the spotlight. republican kevin mccarthy, the california congressman hoping to replace speaker john boehner suggesting the bipartisan investigation into the benghazi attacks gets credit for clinton's sagging poll numbers. >> everybody thought hillary clinton was unbeatable, right?
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but we put together a benghazi special committee, a select committee, what are her numbers today? >> reporter: clinton is firing back. >> when i hear a statement like that, which demonstrates unequivocally that this was always meant to be a partisan, political exercise, i feel like it does a grave disservice. >> reporter: she is not happy. on those e-mails it's not clear whether those reported russian linked hackers knew they were targeting clinton specifically. her campaign says there is no evidence that she opened these attachments or that she replied to the e-mails. they say no breach happened. >> okay, cecilia, also a fund-raising headline this morning. bernie sanders now neck and neck with hillary clinton when it comes to raising cash. >> reporter: that's right, bernie sanders just about matching clinton's fund-raising in the last three months, nearly 28 million to her 26 million. from small contributions like president obama raised. in his first run. a tough road ahead for hillary
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clinton. >> joe biden still hanging out there, as well. the republicans now, "your voice, your vote" in full swing in new hampshire. donald trump, ben carson, jeb bush all taking questions in the granite state turning up the heat on each other too. abc's tom llamas tracking them all from keene, new hampshire. good morning, tom. >> reporter: george, good morning. so much happening here in new hampshire, candidates going after each other, some changing positions and one with an answer we did not expect when we asked about hurricane joaquin. overnight, donald trump who recently was trying to tone it down instead turning it up in front of a crowd of thousands in new hampshire. >> when bush has 125 people and when rubio comes in and you have 12 people. >> reporter: ripping his rivals colorfully describing jeb bush and marco rubio's friendship. >> political [ bleep ]. do you understand? it's true. >> reporter: trump cursing not
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once, but twice during his speech. >> mr. trump, mr. trump -- >> reporter: i asked him about the crass language and renewed energy and got more than an answer. you were fired up tonight? >> i was fired up. you better believe it. when i see what's happening to our country i'm fired up and i hope you see the new polls coming out. >> reporter: trump's actions but his positions are unpredictable. earlier this month supporting accepting syrian refugees. >> on a humanitarian basis with what's happening, you have to. >> reporter: but last night in new hampshire. >> if i win they're going back. they're going back. i'm telling you. >> reporter: his new comments a sharp contrast to those from jeb bush, also holding a campaign event in the same state at the same time. bush hugging a syrian-american woman worried about her family back home. >> send them all back to a hell hole? that's not the america i know. >> reporter: in new hampshire wednesday, dr. ben carson, he raised more than $20 million last quarter. supporters like his outside repeal. i asked him how he would handle what is now a hurricane in the
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atlantic. what would you be doing if you were actually in the white house? what would be your first step? >> i don't know. >> reporter: and this morning there are new rules for the next republican debate that could narrow the field for the next debate, candidates have to have an average of at least 2.5% in the polls. right now senator rand paul on the bubble. mike huckabee, chris christie can't afford to take a dip. >> before you go, wait a second. that little love tap from donald trump. >> i was going to let it pass, tom. but go ahead. >> reporter: yeah, all i can say is that donald trump's lucky my kung fu reflexes didn't kick in right there because it would have been ugly. it was all good natured. it was pretty fun. >> donald trump is watching that right now. wait for the next time. >> stand by on your phone. i'm sure you'll be getting a call real soon, tom. all those candidates hoping the secret service will be protecting them one day but the agency is caught in another scandal. a secret service official
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suggested leaking unflattering information about a congressman who was investigating the agency. abc's pierre thomas is in washington with that story. good morning, pierre. >> reporter: good morning, robin. today disturbing allegations raising serious questions about the culture of the secret service and whether agents attempted to smear a sitting u.s. congressman. this morning, just one day after receiving praise from the president for successfully protecting the pope and overseeing the visit of the chinese president -- >> i wanted to make a special commendation of our secret service. >> reporter: the secret service back in the headlines with yet another scandal. >> the threat is real. >> reporter: last spring just 18 minutes after a hearing on potential secret service misconduct, agents began checking a personnel database targeting republican congressman jason chaffetz. who had been investigating the agency's series of scandals
7:14 am
ranging from allegation of prostitution/solicitation, drunkenness and white house fence jumpers and found he had been rejected by the secret service after applying for a job and in one stunning e-mail uncovered by the homeland security inspector general, ed lowry, overseeing the training wrote "some information that he chaffetz might find embarrassing needs to get out just to be fair. at least 18 secret service officials knew about the misconduct but did nothing to stop it. >> it scares me. it really does. it is intimidating and it's absolutely totally wrong. if they're doing this to me, they're probably doing it to others. >> lowery told investigators he was angry but did not leak information on chaffetz to the media and the investigation did not find out who did but within days of that snooping, a story on chaffetz was posted online. >> thank you. amy with the morning's other top stories including major developments in afghanistan overnight. >> intense fighting is being reported as the u.s. launches more air strikes hoping to
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retake the key city of konduz in northern afghanistan. it was captured by the taliban in a surprise attack this week. overnight afghan forces claimed victory but the taliban is insisting its flag is still flying over that city. well, the former ceo of a coal mine goes on trial. don blankenship ran a mine where an explosion in 2010 killed 29 miners. prosecutors say he knew about hundreds of safety violations but looked the other way. if convicted he could face 30 years in prison. a major brawl between parents at this youth football game near san diego. the video showing heated words that escalated to violence. look at that. as a result, both football teams have been expelled from their league. some parents, though, are planning to sue saying their kids should not be punished for the adults' bad behavior. a town east of los angeles is on alert after a mountain lion was seen perched atop this
7:16 am
pole apparently searching for food. hmm. not so smart. all right, people are warned to keep small pets indoors while this cat is on the loose. dramatic video from the floods hitting part of south america. this man was trying to tie his jeep to a tree when you see he was swept down a street in colombia. a few moments later bystanders were able to pull him to safety and he is okay this morning. someone's a lot more than okay. after overnight we learned there is one winning ticket for last night's $310 million powerball jackpot, we don't know yet if it was bought by one person or a group but we do know it was sold at the shell gas station in three rivers, michigan, there it is. >> oh, so close. >> ah, michigan. the winner or winners could choose a lump sum payment of $191 million after taxes, this is the biggest single winner jackpot in a year. >> wow. >> it wasn't kayna. >> it was not kayna.
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>> old fashioned way at a gas station. >> amy, thank you. high school assistant principal being called a hero. find out why in just 30 seconds. another scary scene at a high school. this time the tragedy was averted thanks to an assistant principal who sprung into action. kendis gibson has the story. >> reporter: this morning an assistant principal hailed as a hero for helping stop a tragedy at this south dakota high school. >> gonna head to harrisburg high
7:18 am
school for that active shooter. >> reporter: just before 10 a.m. a 16-year-old student enters the office of harrisburg high school principal kevin lein with a gun. after a struggle the gun goes off. lein grazed in the arm. >> it was all quiet and then i heard a gunshot and all of a sudden everything broke loose. there was teachers screaming. they were like call 911. >> reporter: within minutes the school placed on lockdown. as police rush to the scene assistant principal ryan rollinger jumps into action tackling the shooter. >> both the vice principal and athletic director held the shooter down and they ended up holding him there until police got there. >> 10-15, subject is detained. >> reporter: with the teen in custody students bussed to the local middle school to meet their anxious parents. fortunately no students were hurt. lein taken to the hospital, but later released. authorities now investigating the incident and plan to announce charges later this morning. thankful, they say, to that
7:19 am
fast-thinking faculty member for saving the day. >> and for this person to first of all recognize that it was a gunshot and then go towards that and look to help out and try to stop it, i mean, i can't speak highly enough of the kind of person that is. >> reporter: kendis gibson, abc news, new york. >> my goodness. much more ahead this morning, donald trump's wife stepping out of the shadows of his campaign. drone takeover. one right here in the studio. you'll hear why a million more may be hitting the skies and that's why so many are worried right now. 123450 ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life" ♪song: "that's life"
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♪ [ male announcer ] sweet sun ripened strawberries. now we've added even more of them to philadelphia® strawberry. rich, creamy, and delicious. only philadelphia®. 0 of course, we are tracking the latest on joaquin but more importantly and imminently is this stationary front right here in the mid-atlantic and southeast. places that have already had a foot plus of rain will get even
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more on flood watch some 6 to 10 inches in the forecast for parts good morning. i'm eric thomas. let's first check the weather forecast. meteorologist drew tuma is here. toss to leyla? check in with leyla. a look at the traffic situation. >> while we do that, shall we? what's happening, spots of green on the map indicating moist roadways. also plenty of red but nothing causing major accidents. still dry across the bay area. keep you updated, of course. also a reported fire burning off the freeway right at the 286/80 split. and on 110 northbound, 280 jam-packed in that northbound direction. eric? >>
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and the santa clara county sheriff is expanding its investigation into officer behavior at the county jail after two inmates died in custody. "the mercury news a"reports more than 100 inmate complaints are under review and two more deputies placed on leave. as always,alities rain to the roads. a mess out there. this individual joe from highway 17 in the santa cruz mountains of our abc7 news photographer shot this making his commute over the hill this morning. highway 17, notorious for crashes when roads of wet, and where are they getting wet now, drew? >> eric, watching a stationary front to the east slowly. green on the screen. we're waiting here, this light area of showers along that front
7:28 am
will move in, in less than three hours. light showers around 10:00 a.m. otherwise tracking clearing skies for friday. accuweather forecast, tracking light showers for today. warm warmer, brighter for friday. over the weekend on sunday, look at that, tracking another chance of light rain. especially on sunday morning. >> drew, thank you for that. coming up on "good morning america," the wedding bill that's gone viral on facebook. meet the woman who got an invoice for being a no-show at her cousin's wedding, and find out what she plans on doing about it. th [announcer] you're on the right track to save big during sleep train's triple choice sale. for a limited time, you can choose up to 48 months interest-free financing on a huge selection of tempur-pedic models. or choose to save $300 on beautyrest and posturepedic mattress sets. you can even choose $300 in free gifts with sleep train's most popular stearns & foster mattresses. the triple choice sale -- on now at sleep train. ♪ sleep train ♪ your ticket to a better night's sleep ♪
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welcome back to "gma." you're looking at live radar of hurricane joaquin, a major category 3 storm right now. winds gusting up to 150 miles an hour and now take a look at the caribbean this morning. winds and rain starting to pick up there already. bracing for massive waves, a huge storm surge and ginger is tracking it all. where is it headed? >> right now hitting the central and southeastern bahamas. you can see the impact going to be with those greater than 100-mile-per-hour winds. i'm sure we'll get new pictures in. the track still taking us north and uncertainty great as it approaches the united states but i have to tell you all we have an update coming from the national hurricane center in minutes and will bring it to you in just a couple moments on "gma." >> you'll track it every step of the way as you always do, thank you, ginger. michael is here going to tell us about the wedding bill seen round the world. >> good morning.
7:31 am
it's not the amount of the bill, it's who the bill was sent to that has everybody talking. we'll tell you why in our "speed feed" which is coming up. >> our little debate around here. we can't wait -- >> one-sided debate actually. >> we all agree. >> we'll let you weigh in at home. first this half hour the trial of that california mother who killed her husband, julie harper says it was self-defense. and she was back on the stand wednesday delivering emotional testimony about the deadly confrontation with her husband. abc's mara schiavocampo was here with her story. good morning, mara. >> reporter: robin, good morning. that shooting took place while the couple's children were in another room watching cartoons. now, the kids have already testified as has the victim's mother and brother, and now the shooter herself is taking the stand. this morning, julie harper back on the witness stand facing questions again about the death of her husband jason harper. >> i never intended to shoot him. i only intended to scare him and
7:32 am
hopefully stop him from hurting me. >> reporter: the 42-year-old san diego stay-at-home mom taking the stand wednesday emotionally describing the shame she felt about verbal and physical abuse, even alleged rape she endured from her husband. >> i was very embarrassed, i was very embarrassed that he was doing it. i didn't want -- i didn't want my family to know i didn't want my neighbors to know. i didn't want my friends to know. >> reporter: this is the second time harper has had to recount the 2012 shooting of her husband. she was acquitted of first degree murder last year admitting she killed her husband but calling it self-defense. >> as he was coming toward me, he said i'm going to kill you, you [ bleep ]. >> reporter: this time around harper facing second degree murder charges. police claiming she disappeared for 24 hours after her husband's death with her passport and thousands of dollars. the gun was never found.
7:33 am
the couple's children who were home at the time of the shooting have already taken the stand describing a tense relationship with their mother and refuting her claims of jason's violent behavior. >> i don't like her. >> why not? >> because she killed my father. >> reporter: now jurors will hear more of harper's side of what happened that day as she continues her testimony. well, harper testified that jason violently attacked her more than 30 times over the years. if convicted, she faces 44 years to life in prison. this is the retrial. she was acquitted on more serious charges. >> people are watching closely, thank you. we move on to the mystery woman behind donald trump. his wife melania whispers advice behind closed doors, the only first lady born outside the u.s. besides louisa adams and now she speaks out. david wright with that. good morning. david. >> reporter: melania trump could be our next first lady and just as he breaks the mold so does
7:34 am
she born in yugoslavia and been a silent partner until now and now giving her first interview this campaign season. at home with the trump, a people cover spread unusual not for its content but the timing. why is it we're only hearing from her now. she spoke with joy behar about her husband's political aspirations in 2011. >> he still didn't make the decision and he's very passionate about the country and it's a big mess. the country is in a big mess. >> reporter: but on the campaign trail. >> my father, donald j. trump. >> reporter: trump's 33-year-old daughter ivanka plays the role normally reserved for the candidate's wife. the 45-year-old melania trump was there when he announced, there for the debates but even after this -- >> you've called women you don't like, fat pig, dogs, slobs and disgusting animals. >> reporter: she has spoken not a word. my husband is traveling all the time, she told "people" noting that their son needs somebody as a parent so i am with him all the time.
7:35 am
adding she was not ready to get political yet. michael dantonio, author of "never enough," a trump biography says melania is his silent partner. >> i think she's far more comfortable in the support role. >> reporter: her 2005 marriage to trump made her a public figure. >> to marry a man like donald is -- you know, you need to know who you are. >> reporter: a fixture on the red carpets and on news shows before the campaign. >> people really have a great, great admiration for my husband. >> reporter: the former fashion model would be the first first lady to have posed nude on the cover of "gq" or in a red bikini on a presidential carpet. that photo from a "talk" magazine piece 15 years ago. not since louisa adams has there been a first lady born outside
7:36 am
the u.s. she shares her husband's views on the importance of english. when you come to america, you speak english. that's the most interesting part. donald trump's wife is an immigrant like two out of three trump wives. ivana was born in czechoslovakia -- sorry -- and according to her divorce lawyer married an austrian ski instructor to get a foreign passport to leave the communist country. melania came here on a modeling visa and became an american only a year after marrying donald. presuming when you build the wall, you leave a space open for beautiful women. >> now you'll get a call. >> all that on donald trump. donald trump, line one. [ laughter ] >> wow. >> this guy, david wright, down at abc. >> tom llamas, david wright. have a good day. >> thanks, david. and coming up, target taking aim at your wallet. the move there that could help
7:37 am
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maxx your thing at t.j.maxx with better brands, at prices that work for you. make each day a little better. shop t.j.maxx... and maxx life! back now at 7:41 with what is expected to be one of the hottest gifts of the holiday season, drone, their popularity rising and raising security safety concerns. david kerley is in washington with the story and his own drone, good morning, david. >> reporter: good morning, lara. they really are an expensive and some like this one worry officials because it's expected to be a very popular christmas gift. they could be fun to fly and provide some amazing pictures and with the cost coming down it's expected drones will be one of the popular under the tree gifts this holiday. by christmas, nearly three-quarters of a million will have been sold in the u.s. >> all aviators are worried about hitting anything in the air. >> reporter: inside many of the
7:42 am
boxes this holiday season the rules about flying these aircraft. walmart even met with the faa about what it should tell its customers. >> it just popped underneath our nose. >> reporter: but the explosion of drones worries pilots and the government. >> there was a drone flying just under the southwest side of this abandoned airport here. >> reporter: several times a day a pilot reports seeing a drone in airspace reserved for aircraft. >> coming up. >> reporter: so worrisome that new york and other police departments are trying to catch those flying them close to aircraft. we flew with the nypd recently. >> you see this problem getting worse before it gets better? >> absolutely, it's a huge spike in the drone encounters. >> reporter: and even their aircraft are at risk. >> if a drone hits this, what happens? >> could be catastrophic. >> reporter: it is still illegal to use these drones for a business purpose unless you get an exemption from the faa and the new rules which are long overdue may not be out by the time christmas rolls around. lara. >> david, thank you so much.
7:43 am
and coming up, a nuptial nightmare for one couple. michael in the social square with more details. >> forgetting the wedding bells. this is about the wedding bills and the couple who unexpectedly got one. we'll have more in our "speed feed" coming up. a flu shot? flu shot more n when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country. thanks to customers like you, walgreens "get a shot. give a shot." program has helped provide seven million vaccines. make your flu shot make a world of difference. walgreens. at the corner of happy and healthy.
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our ep, michael, just discovered this song and is crazy about it, "bill, bills, bills." it's very appropriate michael for "the speed feed." >> this is sparking serious debate around the country about wedding etiquette. a couple in minnesota missed a relative's wedding when their baby-sitter fell through which we can all understand but they got a bill for $75 in the mail from the bride and groom and we have abc's linsey davis. she has more on this. >> sanjay collins. >> reporter: you've heard of "wedding crashers" when uninvited guests show up at your wedding, but what happens when someone invited is a no show? one minnesota couple found out the hard way after their child care fell through at the last minute, causing them to skip out on a relative's wedding. >> well, i had thought about
7:48 am
maybe we should just bring the kids with, but, you know, the invitation had said no children, please. >> reporter: jessica and justin baker didn't give it another thought until jessica checked the mail on monday. >> i went out to my mailbox and opened up the mailbox, noticed a handwritten envelope from the bride. >> reporter: it was this bill for $75.90 for two servings of herb crusted walleye plus tax and a service fee. >> my reaction was just shock and i just had to laugh because i thought it was absurd. >> reporter: jessica took a picture of the invoice and posted it on facebook. that photo going viral. thousands of commenters weighing in, one writing, "i think it's rude of the bride and groom to do this. that's the risk you take when having a wedding." another saying, "this is the most ridiculous thing i've ever heard of. not everyone agreed.
7:49 am
one person saying, "i think she should pay for it." weddings are expensive. >> it is an absolute faux pas to send a guest a bill for their meal if they didn't show up to your wedding. >> reporter: a party etiquette faux pas, perhaps. jessica says she has no plans to pay up. maybe the new bride and groom will settle for remorse instead of reimbursement. >> if i could back i would have texted the bride or groom. >> reporter: linsey davis, abc news, new york. >> everyone at the table. i'm looking at everyone's faces. >> i can't believe there's debate about it. >> i think it's going to make a very interesting family reunion when everybody gets together. very interesting. >> for the record, do we agree or disagree, would you send a bill -- >> all: no! >> it's unanimous. >> no. >> like charging a person who drank more like if they drank a lot just charging them more. that bill you could send out. >> i'm sure somebody at the wedding wanted a second helping
7:50 am
of fish. you could have just gave -- always somebody who wants more. >> it's already bought. >> she says she knows now she should have left them know after the fact why she wasn't there. >> but it's just the gesture. >> i haven't been a bride yet but i'm going to tell you -- >> oh. >> no, no, no, no. >> oh! >> no! my point being i wouldn't really be concerned with who is there and not there. no, stop it. >> i'm just telling you this -- i'm showing up. i'll be there. absolutely. >> when we come back -- at the top of the hour the big change in my life -- oh, no, at target. helping you save. >> you're blushing right now. >> if i could i'd be blushing. >> i see it. i'd be blushing. >> i see it. it's me? alright emma, i know it's not your favorite but it's time for your medicine, okay? you ready? one, two, three.
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back here on "gma" a very important distinction, remember, joaquin out in the atlantic, far away from land but we've got that stationary front rounds of moisture that are going to move through so if it's raining before sunday it's not reeled to joaquin. it's influenced but not related.
7:55 am
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. a live look outside for you. some sun peeking through clouds over the east bay hills in this picture. wondering if the clouds pack any rain? check in with meteorologist drew tuma. >> waiting for showers. live doppler showing moisture off the coast slowly moving to the north and east over the next couple hours. timing it out. light showers arrive in parts of the bay area and in the next two hours shortly after the 10:00 time period. the accuweather forecast. light showers, sun and warm temperatures tomorrow. sunday, next chance of showers. >> starting with the san mateo bridge, a 30-minute commute from the east bay to the peninsula. traffic difficult at this hour. a new accident on the peninsula. on 101. traveling there in the northbound direction at marsh
7:57 am
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♪ good morning, america. it's 8:00 a.m., and target takes aim at your wallet. the revolutionary move by the super store that will help everyone save big all fall long. ♪ beauty in the world angel in the sky. one mom frantically trying to quiet her crying baby on the plane. a stranger next to her jumps in to help. what she did that has so many people talking. ♪ now i am invincible "gma" goes pink. the latest on breast cancer research and the important keys to detection. we'll talk to angelina jolie's doctor, kristi funk, and a very special thank you to all the quiet heroes helping so many people fight and thrive when it comes to this disease. ♪ all that jazz and get ready for rumer willis like you've never seen her before.
8:01 am
she's the brand-new roxie and "all that jazz" performed here live as we say -- >> good morning, america. would you look at all those pink warriors, thrivers helping "gma" go pink for breast cancer awareness month. they've got the pink button right there. let's hit it. >> all: three, two, one. [ cheers and applause ] >> there we go. we're turning times square pink. all of times square. >> that's nice. >> all of times square. outside is pink and now look here in the studio as well our entire crew going pink. there we go. >> a good-looking crew we have. good-looking crew. everybody celebrating those survivors today. >> they're very excited.
8:02 am
they get paid extra when they get some family time. they are wonderful. also this morning, we're busting fit myths. do you really need to feel the heat to get in shape? experts are weighing in. that's coming up. >> that is coming up. first let's turn to amy with the morning rundown. >> all right, good morning, everyone. and the big story this morning bracing for hurricane joaquin. it's gaining strength now a category 3 storm bearing down on the bahamas with winds up to 120 miles per hour. some areas there could see 20 inches of rain, and now the east coast of the u.s. is on alert. the storm's track remains uncertain, but drenching rains are expected from the carolinas north to new england starting today. flooding is already blamed for one death in south carolina. ginger's forecast in just a few moments. well, conflicting reports are coming out of syria that could deepen the mistrust between the u.s. and russia. the russians claiming their air strikes in syria are targeting isis, but the u.s. says that is not the case. it says russia instead appears to be targeting fighters who have been trying to overthrow
8:03 am
syrian dictator bashar assad. some of those fighters are backed by the u.s. well, newly released e-mails show hackers linked to russia targeting hillary clinton's private e-mail account at least five times. an e-mail with the subject line, traffic ticket, appeared to be from the new york dmv but has, in fact, been traced to hackers. critics say it shows how vulnerable clinton's server was. the controversy may be hurting her fund-raising. bernie sanders raised nearly as much money as clinton last quarter. well, a new battle in the retail wars. target is making a new promise to its customers, and it could save you money. here's abc's rebecca jarvis. >> reporter: this morning, big changes coming to a target near you. the retail giant will now match the prices of 29 competitors including amazon, sam's club and costco. >> we want to make sure that we offer the right price to every single guest every day. >> this is an unprecedented move. no company has ever implemented a policy that allows a price match with a membership only
8:04 am
club. and that's a huge deal because walmart is not even in that space. >> reporter: target's new policy applies to purchases in stores and on >> super simple. so, if a guest finds an item she likes at and then sees it at another website for less, she calls our guest service center and simple and easy and they double-check the price and process the transaction on the phone. >> reporter: plus shoppers now have 14 days after making a purchase to get a price adjustment, a strategic move at a time when the competition for your business is more fierce than ever. for "good morning america," rebecca jarvis, abc news, new york. >> thank you, rebecca. and finally imagine driving down the highway and seeing this. that's a bear sticking its head out of the window of a car. it's not a dog in a bear suit. this video is from russia. local media reporting that the driver did not get in trouble with local authorities there because apparently it is completely legal in russia to
8:05 am
drive with a bear in your car as long as it's in its seat belt and it doesn't litter. >> is that a hand? >> is the bear chewing on a hand? >> it's got a little snack. i don't think it's a hand. >> no, that is a hand. >> maybe it's a hand snack or a rubber toy. did you say -- >> it looks like it. >> i think you're missing the point. there's a bear in the car and we're worried about -- >> didn't you say the bear should have a seat belt on. >> yes, yes. >> you're joking. >> i'm not joking. that's why there was no ticket issued. no one knows -- the circus is claiming it's not its bear. the local zoo is claiming it's not missing its bear. >> that's the first thing. >> it's all yours. >> your bear is not buckled. >> is there something in our coffee this morning? i believe. "gma" is going pink all morning long. would you look at these inspiring images sent from you, our beloved viewers. you're fighters, you're thrivers, so great to see you all, and we're going to share
8:06 am
more of these ahead this morning. i just want to pause and see these beautiful photos. >> absolutely. just ahead, as well, angelina jolie's doctor, kristi funk, breaking down the latest breast cancer headlines and a huge celebration of fighters and thrivers. plus, we look at one random act of kindness changing a young mom's flight and life. what she did has so many people smiling this morning. >> ooh, i love this story. >> look at that baby. ♪ now i am invincible ♪ no, i ain't a scared little girl no more ♪ ♪ yeah i am invincible good. very good. you see something moving off the shelves and your first thought is to investigate the company. you are type e*. yes, investment opportunities can be anywhere... or not.
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do you need to feel the heat to get a good workout or is it just a fit myth? what the experts are saying now and "gma" in our social square are going pink, everybody. there we go. the latest in breast cancer detection and treatment. i love this whole pink thing. oh, it's awesome, and then we have big "deals & steals" supporting the fight against breast cancer, tory johnson here for that. >> that's right. >> now, we have all that, and can you believe it, rumer willis is here live coming up on "gma," rumer willis, everybody. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ ♪ ♪ and off you go, ♪ for every step, every stride, every start,
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8:12 am
the rescue of a young mom and her crying baby. the story is being shared by so many people right now. abc's reena ninan is here with that. good morning, reena. >> hey, good morning to you, robin. this mom so stressed out about flying with her infant, when she boarded a 6:00 a.m. flight she said it got so bad she decided to almost walk off the plane, but instead she wanted to give her husband the surprise she planned, but she was the one who got an incredible surprise coming at just the right moment. despite best intentions -- >> i'm just trying to keep her awake so she'll sleep on the plane. nobody likes a crying baby on a flight. it's very stressful. >> reporter: it's a predicament every parent dreads, a crying baby on a plane. unable to control the sobs. [ baby crying ] new mom rebekka garvison found herself in just the situation this past thursday until a stranger in the skies changed everything. >> she truly was an angel. >> reporter: in a facebook post
8:13 am
that has now been shared 100,000 times, garvison tells how she was taking a flight from chicago to atlanta to surprise her husband, an active duty army firefighter stationed in alabama with their baby who remained calm until boarding. >> i sat down, riley started throwing a fit. she wouldn't take the bottle, so this is when we started taxiing and she was already getting fussy. people were staring obviously. >> reporter: thankfully she wound up in a seat next to nyfesha miller. >> she looked at me and she told me she had kids of her own and she asked me, do you mind if i help? that's when she stepped in and she took riley and as soon as she took her, riley looked out the window and bounced her around and riley stopped crying right then and there. >> rebekka obviously needed that relief. luckily in that moment she not only fell asleep, she stayed asleep the entire flight. >> reporter: even at the end of the nearly two-hour flight, miller continued to lend a hand. >> she took riley and she followed me right off the plane
8:14 am
right off to the side. she waited while they brought up the stroller and the car seat and held her that whole time. >> reporter: garvison so moved by the in-flight kindness writing on facebook, "something amazing happened to me today and i will never be able to express how grateful i am for it." the supportive comments flooding in ever since. miller with four kids of her own says she was just helping out a fellow mom. >> honestly i just felt like i was doing what anybody could have or should have done in that moment. >> ah, nyfesha's friends so inspired by her experience, they're created what they call a flight angel movement asking people to go out of their way to be kind, not just on planes, but especially with parents of young kids. >> absolutely. >> we can't control them. >> and even when my kids do act in the street the other day, people give you dirty looks, i'm just doing my best, you know. >> if we could just start with the plane because as a mom you know you're so embarrassed when -- >> as a parent, period. the anxiety when you take your kids into a social situation or
8:15 am
around other people is enough to make you have anxiety enough to make the kid have anxiety. >> right. >> maybe that's what happened there because the mom was so anxious maybe the baby picked up on it. >> transfers onto the child. >> but there are angels everywhere. everywhere. >> i love these stories and if everybody just remembers this and behaves accordingly, the world would be a better place. >> thank you, reena. appreciate it. >> thank you, reena. well, next in the "heat index," the latest in the fight against breast cancer as "gma" goes pink this morning, there have been so many headlines recently about breast cancer diagnosis and the treatment including the impact angelina jolie is having on women's awareness about the disease. we're going to speak with jolie's surgeon in just a moment, but first a look at how far we've come. it's a disease that seems to touch nearly every family and never leaves the headlines. this year more than 230,000 women in the u.s. can expect a breast cancer diagnosis. but thanks to early diagnosis and advances in treatment, it's
8:16 am
far from a death sentence. in fact, the five-year survival rate is now 90%. and increased awareness about the disease is also proving beneficial. after testing positive for the brca1 gene, angelina jolie chose to have profess lackic double mastectomy and removal of her ovaries. following her announcement several studies showed a surge of women seeking genetic testing and just this week another study showed her story sparked improved public awareness about reconstructive breast surgery options. >> when one of the most beautiful women in the world comes forward with her medical decision-making, it's a really important conversation starter and gives individuals a lot of information to take to their doctors. >> reporter: and genetics isn't just being used to calculate risk. genetics on being used on the front lines of the battle. a gene tests enables some to skip chemotherapy following diagnosis and genetics are being used for those with the disease. and joining us now is angelina jolie's breast surgeon and the co-founder of the pink lotus
8:17 am
breast center, dr. kristi funk. good morning and thanks for being with us. >> thanks for having me. >> it's remarkable. 2 1/2 years roughly since angelina jolie went public about her decision, and the impact is real, and you've got more on the study. >> i do. so this austrian study is so revealing. her bold, shocking op-ed actually created intrigue and education. another 20% of women who who previously said not so interested in breast cancer now said, you know, tell me about that. who is at risk, how do you treat it? another 20% said, oh, yeah, i know after mastectomy you can have reconstruction, same operation, you can have implants. this used to be my job and used to take me hours to have a newly diagnosed woman come to understand some of these things that angie with her very incredible decision to take something very private and go public with it has altered not unlike someone else i know. >> well, thank you. she impacted my decision. seeing this beautiful woman be willing to do something so brave and so scary helped me make my decision, so it's huge and not
8:18 am
just about -- she not only removed her breasts, she also removed her ovaries and fallopian tubes, as well. is that something all women should consider if they test positive for brca1 or 2? >> all brca patients should consider it. the chances of cancer approach 50% lifetime so the new party line, the guidelines are brca1, ovaries out by 35 years old, brca2 by 40. now, you can freeze eggs and keep your uterus, so future pregnancy and childbearing is not off the table, but dying from ovarian cancer is. >> who should get tested for brca? >> the short list is if you yourself have had breast cancer under 50 or ovarian cancer at any age or family history, mom and dad's side, first, second and third degree generations, so your dad's mother's brother, what did he die from, was it pancreatic, you should know the answer. any of them have had breast under 50, ovarian any age, any men had breast cancer or if there's a known gene mutation. quick one-minute quiz,
8:19 am
find out if you qualify. >> that's perfect. it does affect so many people, and speaking of genetics they are helping us not only decide if people are at risk for cancer, but determining course of treatment. >> exactly so there are some gene tests that kind of look at the fingerprint, like the personal biology of your cancer. does that little guy want to come back again in a liver, lung, brain kind of place, and if it does, chemo is going to help make that number lower but if it doesn't, you're off the hook. chemo won't help, don't even do it. >> tell me a little about the pink lotus foundation because it is so near and dear to your heart. >> it is. i'm the ambassador of the pink lotus foundation and what we do is provide low-income, uninsured and underinsured women 100% free access to breast cancer screenings, diagnosis, care, support and this also impacts women who are just devastated financially, maybe a spouse died or there's a fire that burnt down their home. it happens and these women all across america go homeless over
8:20 am
a diagnosis trying to pay for it. >> thank you for what you do because access should be universal. dr. kristi funk, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> george. >> lots of good information there, thank you. it's fit myth time and now today's burning question, are hot workouts better for getting in shape and losing weight? mara schiavocampo got some answers. >> and twist. >> reporter: from hot yoga -- >> makes me feel awesome like a superhero. >> reporter: -- to hot workouts in sweatsuits like the trash bag worn by bradley cooper in the movie "silver linings playbook." exercising in the heat is a popular choice for many fitness buffs. >> exhale. >> reporter: take these hot yoga classes in new york. they say they love how it makes them feel. >> i think there is absolutely a psychological benefit to working out in a warmer temperature. for some people sweating more equals better workouts, so they think they've done more, they've gotten more out of it and they walk out of that class feeling accomplished. >> reporter: but do these super sweat sessions actually make you
8:21 am
healthier and help with weight loss? some experts say, no. >> what you're doing is you're increasing your external core temperature, and you're also increasing your heart rate, so although it feels harder, you're not actually burning more energy and burning more calories. >> reporter: plus working out in the heat could also be harmful to your health. does working out in a hot environment increase your risk of injury? >> people have this perceived sense that they have more flexibility and they go into positions that they probably shouldn't be going into or don't have the ability to go into. >> reporter: what you're really doing, experts say, is increasing your chance of major water loss. >> as you're sweating more, you're actually dehydrating your body so run the risk of severe dehydration and other heat-borne illnesses. >> reporter: a cool trend that may not be so hot after all. now, because of the water loss, you will see weight loss after a hot workout, but it's just temporary. it's going to come right back. the recommended temperature for
8:22 am
outdoor exercise, about 55 degrees which is perfect this time of year. >> don't burst my bubble. >> i know. >> but people who do it love it, they say it has a lot of rejuvenating effects. and it's good -- sweat is good for your skin. >> i always feel better after. >> me too. >> if it works for you that's the most important thing. >> how about you, ginger. >> yeah, it's a perfect temperature out here this morning for that and we are celebrating breast cancer awareness month and this morning, we have the american italian cancer foundation mobile here with us giving out free mammograms right here in times square. it's an exciting morning, and we just got a quick update on hurricane joaquin. still hitting the bahamas now moving west-southwest at five miles per hour. that is the big picture. let's go ahead a i'm abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. early morning slight showers around. otherwise, peeks of sunshine and clearing skies. the first day of october, the cool side. san francisco, 76. san jose, and the same in napa, 75 in santa rosa. the accuweather forecast,
8:23 am
scattered showers early. nothing but sun and warmth for friday. start off the weekend with sunshine. sunday tracking more light showers likely. >> we're making those mammograms happen. cindy, go ahead. she's going in for a mammogram. i just heard it's the best five-minute squeeze of your life. lara. >> thank you so much, ginger. indeed, and right now we turn to a special pink edition of "pop news." we begin with the good-bye girl, looks like hanna and the girls might finally be growing up and moving on. lena dunham revealing the sixth season of the hit show on hbo might be its last. the creator and star telling elvis duran in an interview that she was 23 when she started it, started writing it and getting ready. now she's on the cusp of 30 and feel it's the right time. that her 20s were that moment and now the characters should go off into the real world as the show's tag line says, there's nowhere to grow but up. >> i love that. >> fear not, though, still a
8:24 am
little time left, everybody. season 5 premieres in january so we get this season and then one more beyond that. >> 23 when she started. >> yeah, a baby. >> she is a dynamo and more to come from her. >> certainly. >> we'll still get her wit and wisdom. also in "pop news" this morning, most of us will never know what it's like to win an oscar, but visitors to kate winslet's house can get a little feeling for it because kate, who won an oscar for "the reader" in 2009, keeps hers in her powder room and she tells "the wall street journal" magazine that she plants the statue there specifically to give guests the chance to thank their agents, their parents. she says you can always tell when someone's actually done it because they'll come out looking a little flushed. no -- did you like that, george, flushed. >> flushed, yeah. >> a little flushed. >> powder room. >> no word on where she'll keep her next oscar if she, in fact, wins for "steve jobs." that comes out october 23rd and already major buzz. >> i love how you said powder room. the powder room. >> yeah, and then i go to flushed. right back to the roots. you know, can't get too classy,
8:25 am
everybody. also only -- yes, okay, the control room, breaking news. we have breaking news. listen up, kardashians. the duck face is out. just when you thought you perfected the pout, now there it is, there's the duck face. now the face of the moment is the fish gape. according to our friends at "daily mail," what is the fish gape, you ask. >> what is it? >> ellie goulding is doing it right there. check that out. she has perfected it. keira knightley also very good at the fish gape. you can see your lips are parted and sort of have a vacant stare and as michael strahan says, it's better for air ventilation, robin is doing it right now. can we get a camera? >> that is a very nice fish gape. now, what if you were doing duck lip -- >> what is duck lip? oh, you do it so well. >> ginger, ginger. >> yeah. >> fish gape. do you have a fish gape? do a fish gape. it's kind of a vacant open mouth -- >> isn't that called mouth breathing. resting, sleeping.
8:26 am
>> more things for our daughters to do endlessly in their time. >> if you learn nothing else on this episode of "good morning america," please remember, it's the fish gape now, not the duck face. >> that was one of the best duck -- >> thank you so much. >> ginger, i have complete faith that you will nail the fish gape. >> i will get the fish gape? i'm working on it right now. maybe ahead on the weather wall for me personally. >> yeah. >> thank you, lara. >> you're welcome, george. >> coming up, "deals & steals" are going pink. we've got great bargains to support the fight against breast cancer. and a special thank you to the quiet heroes helping so many in their fight. what this "hangover" star did for his wife during her battle just ahead. come on back.
8:27 am
good morning. i'm kristen sze. the sheriff is expanding his investigation into conditions and officer behavior at the santa clara county jail, this after two inmates died in custody. as many as 100 inmate complaints are under review. two more deputies placed on leave. two investigators were moved to off-site locations because of the sensitivity of the case. ready for rainy skies? over fremont, clouds out there, cumulus. check in, always, when you have a little rain. checking with leyla gulen. >> yes. looks like virga, perhaps. oh, thank you very much. a look at the bay bridge toll i
8:28 am
ground. the east bay into san francisco, a crash. highway 17 at the summit. most traffic northbound, watch for moist conditions. we will how do you start the day brighter? make the ride smoother? and finish with a smile? you've got this. you've got t.j.maxx. better brands, at prices that help you maxx life!
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i'm abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. live doppler, tracking light showers where they are at this moment. just offshore.
8:30 am
this light cluster of showers moving onshore in the next hour and a half or so. accuweather seven-day forecast, tracking light showers. ♪ this is my fight song welcome back, everyone, to "gma." we're going pink to mark national breast cancer awareness month. so many fighters, thrivers, supporters are here with us in times square kicking off this half hour with their empowering words. >> we are standing outside of a mammovan that give free mammograms and breast exams to nearly 5,000 women in need each year. >> i can't help but stand here. i know two years ago you stepped into this van. >> i know. like i say you nudged moo he into that van and it was a life or death decision for me and thankfully we made the right one. all the women coming to get their mammograms taking your health into your own hands. >> it gets better. >> better. now to michael with a special "deals & steals." michael.
8:31 am
[ cheers and applause ] >> thanks, guys. times square and "gma" are going pink. so are tory johns's "deals & steals." you can shop, save and support survivors and thrivers because all of these companies are making donations to breast cancer charities which is awesome. amazing. >> all on online when you get there of the first up from may designs one of our favorites, i had these made for you. you get to choose name, monogram, you choose the cover pattern, inside pages including for this all new breast cancer collection, pink pages if you want on the inside. amazing deal. normally all of the products range from $15 to $30. today only slashed in half, $7.50 to $15. >> wow. my children are going to love these. thank you. uh-oh. >> let me grab this. don't mind my fingers. look at that. wake up happy. >> they took all of these really
8:32 am
fun inspirational quotes to create this inspirational tile set. so you get some of your favorite quotes like wake up happy. >> i'm happy when i do this. >> there you go. >> organic milk chocolate or the moroccan pink set, really, really fun set and also an amazing price, normally for the six pieces, $18. these are slashed in half, 9 bucks. >> sweet. >> all individually wrapped. next up from amelia rose, the brand-new catalina collection. these are a big hit around the studio but also with viewers around the country. i love these because they are all cushion and oval cut quart stones in various shades of pink, ruby, clear, just a stunning sortment of the brand-new triple drop earrings, single drop earrings, necklace, bracelets so you can mix and match or the one piece you love. beautiful, right? >> how much originally? >> so normally starting at $35, all of these pieces are slashed by at least 57% so 15 to 49.
8:33 am
>> 57%. >> big discount. okay, next up from -- i know, i'm always so nervous these are going to fall. >> all right, from julep, big assortment of beautiful polish, lipsticks, blush, eye gliders, all of their favorite, favorite pieces, pulled together exclusively for us, individuals as well as sets. see the big assortments when you go online. huge savings from julep. normally all start at $14, for today only $7 to $18 which makes it a 50% to 70% discount from julep. >> i love all these discounts and money is going to breast cancer charities. >> exactly. okay, and then last but not least i absolutely love these so i pulled two of them out here. look how beautiful. these are from lulu dharma. a big weekend tote but you can use these for sort of anything which i love. gorgeous patterns, not just the pink ones you see here. looks good. >> if you see me with in this weekend i'm supporting breast cancer, yes. >> there you go, there you go. this could be a new addition to
8:34 am
the michael strahan collection, right? and an amazing deal on these. normally each of these bags, $125, today only slashed by 72%. >> oh, wow. >> $35. and you know what i love, doris told me a breast cancer survivor she journaled throughout her experience and that she looks back at those journals and that it's one of the most important things to her so from journals to totes we got you covered, right? >> mwah. that's what i'm talking about. you know what, we're going to say thank you to all these companies. head to on yahoo! to get the codes and links for these bargains plus one bonus deal you can only get on our website and we're going back to you, ginger. >> michael, we haven't left one thing in our social square unpinked. that's right. we are going completely pink as we honor national breast cancer awareness month and a big shoutout to e-beauty, a nonprofit exchange for women in
8:35 am
treatment. last year they helped us turn times square and this saturday they're doing it in miami at the soundscape park. the american cancer society and ricky's which we send a big thank you to. i love this. i have to get over here. this is one of my favorites. i think it looks best. why don't we do the pink cities real quick. we brought up some pink cities because this is the time to do it, pink, oklahoma, 72 today. look at pink hill, missouri, yeah, 65 and finally pink, pennsylvania, cloudy with 58. i'm going to stand right by i'm abc7 meteorologist drew tuma. the forecast, light showers early on in parts of the bay area. otherwise, peeks of sunshine and cool for october. accuweather forecast shows nothing but sunshine and warm friday. another chance of show >> all that weather brought to you by quaker. lara, i'm going to bring one over to you.
8:36 am
these are awesome. >> you better. even our descriptions are pink. coming up a big thank you to all of our heroes helping so many in the fight against breast cancer and what this "hangover" star did for his wife during her battle. then rumer willis is here performing live on "good morning america." ♪ and all that jazz ♪ if i can reach the stars
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[snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. we promise tgit's most fantastic premieres and 127 million agree. >> is the president having an affair with olivia pope. >> tonight the crazy train has officially left the station. >> the president is about to get pope'd, "grey's," "scandal" and "how to get away with murder." hot off viola davis' emmy win. party down, viola because tgit is so freakin' on, tonight 8:00, 7:00 central on abc. ♪ i am invincible you know, breast cancer doesn't
8:39 am
just take a toll on the person with the disease but also impacts everyone around them especially caregivers, whether it's a spouse, a child or a friend, andrew and i sat down with the "hangover" star ken jeong and his wife to help her get through the toughest year of their lives together. >> chow. >> what happened last night? >> am i missing a tooth? >> we're getting married in five hours. >> that's not going to happen. >> they say laughter is the best medicine and it turns out that's exactly what one of the most iconic comedic roles became for ken jeong and his wife tran when they faced the unthinkable. >> got a call from the surgeon. she said that it was breast cancer so didn't look good at that time. >> reporter: that was the day ken and tran's life changed forever. something my husband and i know all too well. facing a diagnosis is devastating for the patient but
8:40 am
the impact on the spouse and caregiver is sometimes forgotten. tran's thoughts as did mine went straight to her children, her twin daughters, just 1 year old at the time of her diagnosis. >> i thought i had these girls. what am i going to do if i don't survive this? >> right away you have to become very practical and very strong. >> does your marriage get stronger, do you lean on each other? tell me what happens between the two of you. >> ken was so strong for me. when the opportunity of "the hangover" came up he really worried mr. -- he said, i don't know if i should do this. >> reporter: in fact the call to take on what woo be a watershed career moment came right in the middle of tran's grueling chemotherapy treatments. >> ken, did you know this was going to be the role of a life much time? >> no. not at all. >> oh. >> reporter: he called me and said, tran, what do you say if i did this scene naked? are you okay with that and i said, of course. >> of course. >> who was that guy? he was so mean. >> you just say this when the
8:41 am
movie came out, it would -- it's a feel-good movie of the summer because every guy goes home feeling good about themselves. >> chow, you gave us the wrong doug. >> not my problem. >> reporter: what was meant to be the comedic antics of a korean gangster suddenly also became therapy. the anger of mr. chow which was so funny, it really came from such a dark place. >> yeah. >> you were going through. >> i would ad lib i'm korean, i would speak vietnamese in the movie and like i'd say ga chiech chik. that's vietnamese for chicken die. differences between me and tran -- >> which would make me laugh. >> which i would sprinkle through and do little vietnamese phrased to make tran laugh. it's like the weirdest love letter to your wife in a very filthy movie. >> let's go. >> i've often thought when i had time to reflect all the attention is on the cancer
8:42 am
patient and care givers don't get the same kind of support and love. >> i look at that in many ways as kind of getting me through the worst period of my life. >> it says a lot about you, though, that you were so supportive in saying, go do this because you said you're a team to kind of let him build himself up to be even stronger was a great thing you did. you guys really are a team. >> a formidable team arming themselves with laughter and a little help from a billion dollar movie franchise, battling tran's breast cancer until she was declared cancer-free a moment that ken would later memorialize at the 2010 mtv movie awards. >> i want to take the opportunity to thank my wife, tran, the reason why i did this she told me that life is short and then don't be afraid to take chances and i just want to tell you that tran is cancer-free for two years. >> one of the best things i heard from the beginning is tran, this is going to take a year. >> my doctor said be prepared. you will have a year of help and
8:43 am
then it will get better. >> oh, when talking about his "hangover" cast mates he said when i see those guysless a deeper bond that trance skipdzs fame or fortune. in fact on ken's last day of filming bradley cooper drove him home so that they could both see tran and she is now -- her twins are 8 and she is still cancer-free and doing so well >> that's great. >> so wonderful you're bringing attention to the care givers and spouse, those that stand behind those going through it because you're right. >> couldn't do it without them. >> no way. no how. hmm. beautiful. >> thank you. coming up we got "dance" champ rumer willis making her broadway debut. she is here performing live. stay with us. ♪ you're toxic ♪ i am invincible no i ain't a scared little girl anymore ♪ ♪ yeah i am invincible
8:44 am
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san fwhile this parking loting lies still. life, proposition d and mission rock will create a new neighborhood right here with 40% affordable housing, 8 acres of parks and open space, all connected to public transit, and generate $25 million a year in revenue for san francisco. vote yes on d to turn this into this. ♪
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♪ all that jazz >> yes! one of my faves, reigning champion of "dancing with the stars" has her dancing shoes back on making her broadway debut, "chicago." longest running american musical in broadway history and she's going to perform for us in just a moment. i saw the guys over there. thank you for sitting down and chatting. >> of course, thank you for having me. >> on broadway for 19 year, roxie. a lot of women have played this role. do you get to make it your own. >> i think you do and that's one of the most brilliant parts about this role is because each woman that comes into it really gives it her own blaflair. i was lucky enough to work on some of the choreography and amazing to have -- to work with her in general "a," because she's just a magical human being but she really added a lot of the things and elms i learned from "dancing with the stars" into it so some tango stuff we
8:47 am
do and lifts and it's my own show and it's amazing. i love doing it. >> i have heard nothing but rave reviews and know you've been doing it for a little while till november 1st. "dancing with the stars," that is a grueling show. see the end result, you're doing eight shows a week with "chicago" so did "dancing with the stars" prepare you. >> i think it definitely helped. the stamina alone to be able to get through an eight-show a week and keep it fresh and fun every day. i wouldn't -- i don't think i would have been able to do it without having done "dancing with the stars." >> it's beautiful how you wrote in "glamour" magazine how that time also helped you with the self-confidence but i was disturbed to hear you still have problems online with people bullying. >> unfortunately, i think it's one of those things that we've -- almost in a generation now where it's become socially acceptable for that kind of behavior and what bothers me the most is seeing young women put each other down because i think, you know, obviously each of us has our own things that, you
8:48 am
know, we see that our own personal insecurities but when you have other people attacking you and especially from behind the computer you can say a lot of things and so my goal at least was if there's any way i can use the things that i've gone through and experienced to help other people and remind them they're special and there's wrong with you. if you look different, if you have a different way, whatever it is, whoever you are is completely amazing and you have to love them and make them what's special about you instead of fighting hem. >> powerful message. i'm glad you're surrounded by such love. your family. even your daddy is on broadway in "misery." >> i was excited i beat him. i'll show you the ropes. >> i love it, rumer. don't miss this woman, rumer willis at the ambassador theater now through sunday, november 1st. and, okay, go ahead. >> thank you. >> make your way there. being transported back to "chicago" in the 1920s. i'm stretching a little bit. here's rumer willis and the cast performing, you got it, "roxie."
8:49 am
♪ the name on everybody's lip is gonna be roxie ♪ ♪ the lady raking in the chips is gonna be ♪ ♪ roxie ♪ she's gonna be a celebrity that means somebody everyone knows ♪ ♪ they're gonna recognize her eyes her hair her teeth ♪ ♪ my boobs, my nose ♪ from just some dumb mechanic's wife i'm gonna be sing it ♪ ♪ roxie ♪ who says that murder's not an art and who in case she doesn't hang ♪ ♪ can say she started with a
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8:51 am
to see her name get billed below ♪ ♪ roxie roxie hart ♪ ♪ roxie ♪ those are my boys [ cheers and applause ]
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8:54 am
okay, so he's still one of tv's sexiest men and now tomorrow don johnson bears it all. >> i took it off. i mean it all stopped there but things came off. >> go where you must with that. >> and what's he have to say about watching his daughter in "fifty shades" on "good morning america." ♪ all that jazz "good morning america" is brought to you by progressive, comparing rates to help you save. now, that's perfect. >> yeah. jazz hands. come on. >> we want to thank rumer and all the boys from the cast of "chicago." real quick, an exclusive first look at "entertainment weekly's" new issue with new photos from "the hunger game "the hunger games." it goes on sale tomorrow and the stars of the new "hunger games" movie will be on "gma" in just a few weeks in before we go, thank you, again, rumer for being
8:55 am
here, look at your three words, empowering thoughts from fighters and thrivers, pink warriors. in your words. ♪ this is my fight song take back my life song ♪ ♪ prove that i'm right song ♪ my power is turned on starting right now ♪ ♪ i'll be strong i'll play my fight song ♪ ♪ and i don't really care if nobody else believes ♪ ♪ because i still got a lot of fight left in me ♪ [ cheers and applause ] ♪ a lot of fight left in me >> all: we are hope. [ cheers and applause ] ♪ this is my fight song take back my life song ♪ ♪ prove them i'm right song
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♪ my power's turned on ♪ right now i'll be strong ♪ i'll play my fight song and i don't really care if nobody else believes ♪ ♪ because i still got a lot of fight left in me ♪ ♪ no i still got a lot fight left in me ♪ [ cheers and applause ]
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good morning. i'm kristen sze. a look outside for you. live look from the camera in san francisco. dark clouds, several of them, over the bay bridge this morning. do they pack any rain for us? check in with meteorologist drew tuma. >> a question. light showers moving in over the next few hours. live doppler tracking moisture to the west of monterey pushing onshore the next couple of hours or so. light showers out there for the early part of our afternoon. the accuweather seven-day forecast, tracking light showers. completely different friday. nothing but sunshine and warmer temperatures. and a three-car crash, on to the peninsula. two laned blocked in the northbound direction along 101, embarcadero road. see delays approaching 237.
9:00 am
southbound traffic quite slow through east palo alto. time for "live with kelly and michael." join us for the midday >> it's "live with kelly & michael." today, academy award-winning actress, julianne moore, and from "saturday night live," kate mckinnon. plus, the winner to "dancing with the stars" and now broadway star, resumer willis, all next on "live." [captioning made possible by disney-abc domestic television] >> now here are your emmy award-winning hosts, kelly ripa and michael strahan. >> ♪ want to dance like uma thurman ♪


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