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tv   ABC7 News 400PM  ABC  October 1, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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>> and breaking news out of oregon this afternoon. 13 people are dead. good afternoon, i'm larry biel. >> this happened in roseburg, oregon, just outside eugene. >> abc news reporter joins us live with the very latest on this tragedy. >> hello. the details are still fluid. here's what abc news can currently confirm. at least ten fatalities, though those numbers may change in the hours ahead. >> our thoughts and prayers are not enough.
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it's not enough. it does not capture the heart ache and grief and anger that we should feel. >> the nation and oregon are reeling after the largest mass shooting in the state's history. shortly before 11:00 a.m. pacific time, shortly before who riffic reports. >> officers from around the county immediately responded to the college and upon arriving there, they located the shooter in one of the buildings. officers engaged that suspected. there was an exchange of gun fire. >> an active shooter on the campus, the images now show a campus in chaos. >> i looked out the window and there was a couple girls running, sprinting away from the building. and i looked out and i saw the
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people running and i said to the teacher, we need to get out of here right now. >> ambulances rushed to mercy medical center. the suspected shooter confirmed dead. >> in that press conference, we saw president obama very frustrated. he said we're the only advanced nation on earth to have these kind of shootings every few months. live in washington, abc news. >> lana, thank you. here's reaction from bay leaders. nancy pelosi tweets our heart aches for those in the attack. >> here's what will happen. moment of silence for ucc shooting on house floor followed by moments of inaction by congress. victims ke serve action. >> and silicon congressman tweets, 142 school shootings in the u.s. since sandy hook. that's nearly one per week. we need a pro-public safety
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agenda in congress. >> sandyhook was one of the deadliest in the u.s. that same year, a former student killed seven people at oikos, a small college in oak land. 32 people were killed at virginia tech university in 2007. and in 1999, two teenagers killed 13 people at columbine high school before killing themselves. >> we had some distushing new details. a 16-year-old has been arrested in the death of three people. >> the three bodies were found in a fire at the family's cabin. let's listen in live to the news conference. >> ready? >> i'm not going to add that much more.
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district attorney, much more on what the sheriff said. it's safe to say that ermier today, we filed a criminal complaint alleging three counts of murder based on facts and circumstances that the sheriff eluded to. like the sheriff, i want to thank the various members of law enforcement from the host of different anyonen sills. there's been little or no information that we've released publicly. the sheriff eluded to this because this has been an on going investigation. i can assure you, though, that investigators, in very large numbers, both detectives and sheriff's department and other allied law enforcemented agencies have been interviewing here. they've interviewed a large number of people, collected a large number of evidence.
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and i think that it's a testament to the community. and, as the sheriff eluded to, those people knew the nature of the investigation and were very circumspect in not discussing it publicly to permit us to conduct an investigation into a very serious, tragic, obviously horrible thing that took place to those three individuals. >> just to put a wrap on this story here. family members had reported that acam buccanon, his girlfriend and their seven-year-old son went missi ining following a fit their cabin last month. we have a 16-year-old who's been arrested in that case. more details to come later on during this newscast if we get them and always on twitter at abc 7 news, bay area. >> shot during a traffic stop just south of mariposa.
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the suspect started arguing with a deputy before shooting him in the face and torso. another deputy returned firearm. the deputy is in critical condition right now and the suspect is listed only as stable. >> former san francisco police officer mike evans is free on bail. evans was just extradited from texas to face felony charges. police say evans admitted to taking about $15,000 from the group and even paid the money back. some fellow officers believe evans shoumd not be prosecuted while others think he should. >> i can't everyone begin to describe how disappointed the entire organization was. and like any victim of a crime, we're hurt. >> our officers expect to be held to the highest standards. we've become aware of a criminal complaint. we do an investigation to the fullest.
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>> many officers left the pride alliance following the dispute over how to handle the case against evans. >> the santa clara county sheriff's office is investigating the treatment of jailers. >> that was first tweeted by david louis during an interview with a sheriff. david is live at the sheriff's office with details. david? >> all right, we'll get back to david as soon as we can get that audio for you. a glorious sight on highway 17. no real traffic, but a little bit of rain. we had a crew this morning when a band of showers passed on by. the roads were slick, but no major accidents reported.
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>> you know, you look behind me and you see just some puffy clouds and some sun. but check out live doppler 7 hd. we're seeing some lightning strikes just northwest of the area. some showers developing and even some hail. if you're near the area, you'll want to head inside. there's a strong cell, like i said right northwest of that area. hail being reported the size of dimes. and we head towards east bay, street level radar, brent wood, fair view avenue seeing some mod rat to even heavy rain with hail also being reported, both dime and pea-sized. >> wh when you take a look at the loop, you can see that there's still some shoupers developing, along with some thunderstorms. we have to keep them in the forecast for this evening. as far as the rainfall totals, san jose picked up .03, a trace
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in santa rosa. you look down towards the monteray bay, parts of santa clara and you will notice that they picked up quite a bit more. morgan hill, .2. here's a view. showers and thunder tonight. 60s, little breezy, patchy fog tomorrow morning. sunny and warmer weather with mid 60s to mid 80s tomorrow. so don't let your guard down yet. we still have the potential for some isolated showers and thunderstorms. >> surprise announcement today from the golden state warriors. the head coach was being described as an indefinite leave of absence to focus on rehab for his ailing back. he had another follow up surgery last month in september.
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he said at this point, he wants to try to get healthy and get back to a normal, daily routine. he can serve as the interim coach. right now, there isn't even a guess as to when kurr might be back. >> any preaction at this point? i mean, he's the guy that led us to victory. is he going to be okay. >> >> well, the good news is he's got a whole month to try to get right before the season began. but the concern is -- you're talking about a six-month schedule. the grind really takes it out of you. if you have back problems, you're probably always going to have back problems and you don't want this to flare up in december, january, february. they want to get it handled now. as any back patient knows, these things are recuring. >> still ahead, a multi-milliion dollar lawsuit filed against the napa valley wine train. >> and then new at 4:30, the
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ask your doctor if adding once-a-week tanzeum is right for you. go to to learn if you may be eligible to receive tanzeum free for 12 months. make every week a tanzeum week. the santa clara county sheriff's office is investiga investigating close to a hundred kplants from the public and from inmates about the treatment by jailers. >> and david joins us live once again with these new details. david. >> larry, we're told the number is somewhere between 6 0 and 100 active investigations underway. some of which do involve excessive force complaints. that number is so daunting that
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sheriff laurie smith has been calling for help from the f.b.i. assuring me that they still have confidence in most of the 8 4u7b p 00 deputies under their command. but if misconduct is discovered, offenders will be punished. >> the f.b.i. has agreed to assist us and will be looking toward their expertise and their resources so we can rapidly do these invesz gagss. the f.b.i. will be assigned specific cases to look at. >> the sheriff would not confirm reports that they have discovered some racist texts on some of the correctional officers' cell phones. a video has now surfaced from the correctional officer's union that deputies should not turn in their phones. >> the volume of kplantds has forced the sheriff's office to bring back retired investigators to handle the workload. they've been moved to an
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undisclosed location where leaks can't compromise the process. he calls this a witch hunt and is warning members to not give up their cell phones that might contain potentially incriminating text or voice messages. >> if they do not have a warrant to take it, don't just freely give it. no one has a right to your personal property but you. >> a protester outside the main jail was skeptical of an internal investigation. >> the fact that the system, these systems, that are oppressing and killing people are investigating themselves is actually ludicrous. >> the sheriff's office tested one of the projectiles. one week later, he was dead. the video of that process is not being released. in san jose, david louis, abc 7 news. >> a group of african american women and their attorney announced today they are suing the napa valley wine train for
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$11 million. >> those women kicked off the train and they say because they're black. >> they say what happened aboard that train is about race. and, now, their reputation has been i reca been irreparably damaged. >> reporter: san francisco civil rights attorney says his clients were unfairly kicked off the napa valley wine train because they're black. >> it felt like we were being singled out because there were other people on the train doing the exact same thing that we were doing. gh mccoy said if that wasn't bad enough, lies were made up about why the 11 women were booted off of the train. >> there was a posting made by the wine train kpaechb that said that these women physically abused and verbally abused passengers on the train. >> that facebook post was later
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deleted and the ceo publicly apologized for the mistake. but the women say they were personally and professionally shamed. two of the women say they even lost their jobs. >> did you ask their employer why they were fired? >> yes, i can't get it into right now, but yes, i did. >> the group is now suing napa valley wine train which is recently bought by another company for $11 million. the suit, alleged defamation and breech of contract. >> no one should ever have to experience what we experienced that day. and i truly now know how it feels to be a black woman. >> in a statement, napa valley wine train said it takes allegations of discrimination very seriously, adding that it's conducting its own investigation and had hired a former f.b.i. agent to look into the matter. in napa county, janet oats, abc 7 news.
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>> a group of workers are fighting back against layoffs. abc 7 news about the exploratorium this afternoon as dozens of union workers chanted and held um signs to protest 18 workers who are losing their jobs next week. the workers say it isn't fair when top executives are getting big raises. >> we love our work. we love this place. but it's going to be harder and harder to actually do our work. >> the best answer is to keep our contract the way it was. don't reduce any benefits or pension or health care. keep the raises the way we had them, which are roughly 5 37b9 per year. >> 600 people work at the exploratorium. and the layoffs amount to about 5% of that work force. the u.s. labor department is investigating allegations that a uc berkley contractor underpaid workers. they often work 16 hour days bud
4:19 pm
were denied overtime and only paped $10.10 an hour for cleaning up after sporting events. under state law, employees must be paid at least time and a half for over time. >> some of google's streetcars are now measuring smog. google has partnered with add company to put sensors on three of its cars. the smog mass could reduce real estate values. >> you see back here, some white, fluffy clouds. >> david just tweeted and said the picture behind us is gorgeous. just gorgeous cloud out there, huh? >> it is absolutely beautiful. i'm seeing those towering cu cumulouse clouds.
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we'll talk about what's going on right now. just when you thought it was over, you get a little heating from the sun, low pressure system moving on shore and this's what's setting off this instability. so right around the wade county area, we are seeing some thou showers. also, in the winter's area, seeing some thunderstorms developing. don't know if it's going to hold together, but it is coming down pretty good around brentwood, discovery bay, a pretty strong cell that's just sitting right over the area. if you're seeing hail in the vicinity, as well. and when you take a look at the sierra, nevada, the freezing levels are pretty high. they have seen a little bit of snow mixing in. take a look at those popcorn looking clouds. clouds from our east bay hills camera. this just shows you how unstable the atmosphere is.
4:21 pm
79 degrees in livermore. i mean isolated t not everyone is going to see it. and there's another chance of showers between saturday night and sunday morning. today, we have those showers skom through across parts of the bay area this morning. that low is moving out tonight. it will take with it all the shower activity. guess what's dropping down on saturday. it will bring with it cooler, windier weather and certainly a possibility of a few showers, primarily in the south bay, monteray bay. so between saturday night and sunday mother-in-lawing, do not be surprised if you see some wet road.
4:22 pm
temperatures on the cool side in the 50s. and then, for the afternoon, mid 80s, concord, liver moral, antioch. san francisco, 72. san mateo, 77. cooler or windier on sunday. and then the second half of your weekend will be dry for the afternoon, keeping it nice and mild monday through thursday of next week. we're going to see the 60s to 80s range. so quite comfortable. really, watch out for those puffy cloud that are building. that's a sign of an unstable atmosphere. >> it's 4:22, a live look at the
4:23 pm
afternoon commute in the south bay. 101 san jose, southbound is the back-up. 880 over top. back with more
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the stages are set. the three-day festival starts on friday. there are going to be seven stages, a hundred performers and all of it is free, best of all. more than 750,000 people are expected to attend. >> that is going to be fun. and it's growing to be packed. a major part of the san francisco giant's three world championships is calling it quits. relief pitcher announced that he's retiring at the end of this season. he pitched seven seasons for the giants after six years with
4:26 pm
other teams. but he really stood out in the playoffs with one of the best earned run averages ever. retiring, spending more time with his three suns but just losing contact with his team mates will be especially tough. >> i had some really good friends that i made in this game. a few that i would consider closer than a brother. one of them is in here right now, matt cain. not being able to be a part of his life the way i'd like to be is going to -- will affect me the most. >> he says he will continue to be an advocate for social justice. he's writing his second book. his first one was about faith. and he revealed today he actually was contemplating retiring in the middle of the season, right after the all-star break. and it was buster posey who said hey, come on, hang with us. he wanted to be home and spend more time with his family
4:27 pm
thachlt's what he's going to do. >> clearly emotional. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. secret service under fire again today. the embarrassing miss conduct that could lead to criminal charges. >> and how hackers tried to get into hillary clinton's private e-mails. >> plus, are you the newest bay area ♪ ♪ grow old with me ♪ let us share what we see ♪ just you and i
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>> here are if headlines. trooes 13 people are dead. it's not clear at this point if police shot him or he shot himself. the gunman was asking people to stand up and state their religion before opening fire. abc 7 news reporter wayne friedman is driving up to oregon right now and he'll bring us live reports from the scene tonight. there were protests today at the santa clara jail in san jose after the death of inmate walter roaches coming up on abc 7 news at five. how his death is prompting a wider investigation into jailed staff. also, vick lee covering the arrest of a former san francisco
4:31 pm
police officer accused of stealing money from a police officer's fund. and developing news in washington. dozens of secret service employees accused of trying to retailuate against a congressman investigating them. abc news reporter marcy gonzalez has the details. >> the head of the secret service apologizing for the latest scandal within the agency. a kbovt review finding a senior official suggested leaking, unflattering nfrgs about the congressman following his out spoken criticism of the secret service. >> this is the life, safety and security of the president of the united states and the white house. the threat is real. >> last spring, just 18 minutes after this hearing on capitol hill members of the started checking restricted data bases finding he applied for the secret service and then
4:32 pm
rejekted. the information required by law to be kept private was reportedly viewed 60 times by at least 45 agents. the report saying at least 18 supervisors knew about the access. >> the information that he might find embarrassing needs to get out, just to be fair. >> it scares me. it really does. it is intimidating. and it's absolutely totally wrong.
4:33 pm
russia's foreign minister says the jet hit four facilities. he says the goal of air strikes is the same as the u.s. flight coalition to defeat isis. >> the representatives of the coalition have always been saying that their targets are isil, nostra and other terrorist groups. this is basically our position as well. we see eye-to-eye on the coalition with this one. >> however, the u.s. and opposition groups say russia has been targeting syrian opposition fighters who are trained by the c.i.a. and that this action will only inflame the civil war. the link to russia tried at least five times to pry into hillary clinton's private e-mails. clinton received the infected e-mails disguised as speeding tickets of new york state. it's unclear if she clicked on
4:34 pm
any of those attachments and exposed her accounts. >> despite all the talk about those e-mails, mrs. clinton appears to be holding on nationwide. a new national poll shows the former secretary of state leading vermont senator bernie sanders, a cnn orc poll conducted last month also showed clinton with an 18-point lead. despite that popularity, sanders remains on clinton's heels when it comes to fund raising. coming up, it's like yelp but for people. the new app that lets you rate just about anyone. >> towering clouds, instability in the air. still isolated showers and thunder in the forecast come coming up. >> this is interstate 680 and walnut creek.
4:35 pm
the usually heavier direction at this hour. it is, in fact, up a little bit. totally smooth sailing on the right-hand side. back with more on abc
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welcome back. there's a new millionaire in the bay area. wu one lucky player matched five of six numbers.
4:38 pm
the winning numbers are 21-39-40-55-59 and the power ball, 17. one ticket purchased in michi n michiganmy had all six of those numbers. so that's more than 1.7 million bucks. not too bad. >> there's a new app being called yelp for people. and it's sparking out rage online even before it's launched. it's called people, but it's spelled peeple. the app lets people rate and review their friend, their coworkers and even their dates. the founders of this video are defending it saying it's about uplifting others and being positive. a big problem is you can't opt out. once somebody puts your name in the system, you're in it. people are sounding off on social media, model and fab life
4:39 pm
tweets in an age where both truth and gossip on the internet can ruin lives, this app is horrible and scary. >> jeopardy champion curt jennings say my 8-year-old has already invented peeple and is going to court. the app is expected to launch in late november. i don't think we need to be rated. >> anymore of that. people are really nice on the internet. sandy gets a five. i was going to give her a ten. >> you're too nice. thank you very much. let me show you doppler 7 hd right now. we are seeing a very strong cell right over brentwood. i want to take you in a little bit closer here. you can see some very heavy returns there. taking you down to street level, jose m. tweets i can't remember the last time it rained like this.
4:40 pm
and i got another tweet, about an inch of rain in brentwood in the last half hour. if you're heading toward the altima this skrel could be heading your way with hail, rain and heavy thunderstorms. watch out. it is moving to the southeast and we're keeping an eye on it. east coast is getting hammered with heavy flood watches. that's going to continue. some thunderstorms expected around there. looking at 63 in seattle. it has been storming in the bahamas, powerful storms with winds sustained at 130 miles per hour. category two paralleling the east coast is what some of the computer models are hinting atment but stay tuned, it could actually be towards the east coast again. statewide, 68 that hoe. here in the bay area, a sunny and warmer day tomorrow.
4:41 pm
temperatures 72 san francisco to 87 degrees in fair field. quite a range. but be careful out there. even though a lot of us are seeing the sun, there are areas of instablt. that means somehow herbs and thunderstorms could pop up. i'll have the full accuweather seven day forecast coming up. >> still ahead, a screaming baby almost ruined one mom's flight. but then a stranger stepped in. a story that is inspiring thousands. >> seven on your side is michael finney. this year's holiday shopping campaign.
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4:44 pm
an incredible act of kindness. a stranger on a plane coming to the rescue of her young mom and her crying, crying, crying baby. this story is being shared by so many people on social media right now. here's abc 7 news reporter. >> reporter: december piet her best intentions -- >> nobody likes a crying baby on a flight. it's very stressful. >> reporter: it's a predicament
4:45 pm
every parent dreads. a crying baby on a train. unable to control the sob. the mom found herself in just such a situation this past thursday until a stranger in disguise changed everything. >> he truly was an angel. . >> in a facebook post that's been shared a 00 tread thousand times, she tells a story of how she was taking a flight from chicago to atlanta to surprise her husband stationed in alabama with their baby, who remained calm until boarding. >> i sat down, riley started throwing a fit. she wouldn't take the bottle. so this is when we started tax silling and she was already getting fussy. people were staring, obviously. >> thankfully, she wound up in a seat next to shanista miller. she looked at me and said she had kids of her own. she asked me do you mind if i help? that's when she stepped in.
4:46 pm
she took riley and as soon as she took her, riley looked out the window and bounced around and stopped crying right there. >> she not only fell asleep, she stayed asleep the entire flight. >> even at the end of the two-hour flight, miller continued to lend a hand. >> she waited while they braught out the stroller and the car seat and held her that whole time. >> so moved by the in-flight kindness, writing on facebook. something amazing happened to me today and i will never be able to express how 0 i am for it. >> and 00 drepds of passengehun said thank you. >> vanderbilt university researchers analyzed 55 studies from the nih between 1972 and 2008.
4:47 pm
they concluded that talk therapy is about 25% less effective than previously thought. interestingly, a similar study reached the same conclusion about antidepressant drugs. there's a new test that can detect all viruss known to humans. >> jane king has more in today's wellens report. >> a test capable of detecting previously unknown viruss and new variations of old ones. and while promising more studies need to be done, it could be years before it's available in doctors' offices. not having enough of a certain good intestinal germs ermly in life may increase a baby's risk of developing asthma. and, in fact, what does that bacteria have to do with a lung disease? the bacteria in the gut thought to shape the immune system in ways it can affect the riszing
4:48 pm
of such diseases. doctors giving new advice on morning sickness. the american college of obstetricians recommending a combination of b-6 vitamins and an antihistamine as a first line treatment. doctors urge women to try natural remedies like ginger and acupuncture. >> target made a major move today to grab business from major competitors and consumers can head up the winner. >> about time. this is really good news. this is a huge deal for consumers. target is expanding from 5 to 29 competitors in its price match guarantee. the announcement is in time for the holiday shopping season.
4:49 pm
>> this is an unprecedented move. no company has ever implemented a policy that allows a price map with a membership only club. >> the offer is also good on and the price match guarantee extepie extends for 14 days after your purchase. ikea will no longer sell win doe shades that have dangling cords. many, many small children have been strangled by the loops. the consumer product safety commission provided this video warning of the danger. on average, one child dies every month after getting caught in the cords. 285 reports of deaths from 1996 until to 12. target stores previously pledged not to sell shade with cords, either. >> if you're headed to a national park any time soon,
4:50 pm
check the admission fees. the national park service is raising the entry level at 130 locations. admission was raised from 20 dlarper car to $30. most parks have not raised since 2006. the park service wanted to keep prices down during the recession. aparentally they don't want to keep it down now. >> a 50% increase? that is a lot. >> it's still cheaper than six flags or major parks like that. and you're in nature. i like it. >> all right. from food and wine to looich music and more. there are so many ways to welcome the first weekend of october. >> very true. abc 7 news reporter has details on some events to explore where you live. push 3ush push . >> compete to becomes a champion
4:51 pm
or just savor the fresh array of ingreed yents. here's your chance to get in touch with your american roots. totally free live music with beloved bluegrass festival. three days, seven stages and more than a hundred musical artists. on a more global note, diversity is being celebrated in san jose during the international children's festival. and you can dig in to some delicious recipes from the moreland. go to our web site at abc 7 news dot com. >> abc 7 news at 4:00 continues. up next, a break for drivers whose fines are piling um. >> here's a look at what's coming up on abc 7 news at 5:00. >> coming up next, a reporter
4:52 pm
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' today is the start of a program to help millions of california drivers licenses suspended. >> abc 7 news reporter amy hollyfield explains how it works. >> reporter: you don't usually see eager people in line at traffic court. but this morning was different. people like carmen showed up first thing this morning to ask for amnesty. >> i've been actually waiting for this day for a few months now ever since i heard about it. >> she got a ticket for a registration violation. but she wasn't making much money working for the state and couldn't pay it. >> we were going through a budget crisis with the state and the fines went up and my paycheck went down. >> if fines for not paying has
4:56 pm
turned her $300 ticket into a figure she can't even imagine. >> several thousand dollars. almost $6,000. >> the new am mes city law will cut some fines at least in half and waive some late fees. some call it kpash gnat. >> i think we need to stop making traffic tickets as an extra way of taxing people. >> when i get in trouble, i have to go to court. i have to pay my fees. i have to pay my dues. if you want to be a part of society, be a part of soet. >> there are conditions. this woman asked for amnesty, but was turned down. heretic et was too recent. payment must have been due by january, 2013. you can't have a d.u.i. or outstanding warns. you have limited time to act. it's only available for a year and a half. carmen found out she is eligible. >> i'm happy just to finally to get it taken care of. >> now, she has to go to a
4:57 pm
collection agency to find out what she's eligible for. carmen says it's wort it. there are about 4 million californians who have lost their driver's license because they didn't pay their fines. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> now, if you have a future driver in the house, the new list of the safest vehicles for teenagers just came out. the insurance institute was measuring safety and price. she was the safest in the least expensive vehicles. the volvo s 80ment sedan or wagon, 2009 or later or the holiday lmt from 2007. >> but are they the coolest cars? >> didn't measure that. >> thank you for joining us. >> abc 7 news at 5:00 begins right now with cheryl and dan. >> somehow, this has become routine. a frustrated president obama responds to the latest campus shooting spree.
4:58 pm
troubling new details coming in about what happened there today. >> he dropped our stuff and he was yelling continuously to hurry up and hurry up. >> concern over the commune colleges in the bay area. tonight, we take a look. >> also ahead, the arrest of a former san francisco police officer. you're going to find out what happened. >> coach steven cur says he is leaving the team indefinitely. >> abc 7 news starts right now with live, breaking news. >> it has happened again. a mass shooting at a school. >> good evening. investigators say they have now recovered three pistols and one rifle from the seen of a deadly mass shooting in community college.
4:59 pm
this is what we've learned about the shooter. >> cheryl, one witness says the gunman told everyone to get on the ground. teachers told their students to get down. >> we all just dropped our stuff and he was yelling continuously to hurry up and hurry up. >> some 20 students in rose burg oregon are either dead or wounded. >> the first 9-1-1 calls came in at 10:38 this morning. >> officers caught up inside a campus building and exchanged fire with him. it's unclear if their shop or his own killed him. >> we have confirmation that the shooter is deceased. he is a 22-year-old male. >> and a fellow student who has
5:00 pm
not yet been named by investigators. another catastrophic loss at a place of learning. >> we are the only place on earth that seize these kind of shooting every few months.çóe1 >> well, we now k%guw3 that onef the biggest debates on that campus last year, in fact, is whether they have armed security officers.çó they did not have any first responders.xd so howw3 prepared are some community colleges here in the bay area. abc 7 news is live from city college san francisco. >> well, dan, let me add to that that the community college in oregon had one unarmed security offi


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