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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 2, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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authorities are learning more about the gunman who killed nine people and wounded several others at a oregon community college. a grieving town wants to know why that young man could decide to gun down so many people. >> investigators just wrapped up a news briefing, where they revealed the gunman had even more weapons than we were first told. >> this shooting happened at umpqua community college in southern oregon. >> the gunman, 26-year-old chris harper mercer was killed in a shootout with police.
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>> reporter: last night, family and friends of victims mourned the tragedy in roseburg, but the town woke up still shaken. >> range of motions from disbelief from anger, disbelief and sadness. >> overnight police and fbi searched for clues about the suspected shoot were, swarming this nearby apartment complex. the 26-year-old identified as chris harper mercer is seen here in his myspace photo. he allegedly opened fire late thursday morning. police officers facing off with the gunman. >> exchanging shots with him. he's in a classroom. >> reporter: the shooter declared dead. his father last night spoke to reporters. >> obviously it's been a devastating day. shocked is all i can say. >> reporter: as for the gunman,
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abc7 news has learned he was armed with three pistols and an assault rifle. abc news, roseburg, oregon. we are learning new information about the survivors from the shooting. one army veteran took seven bullets as he shouted for his classmates to run. >> reporter: these days, chris mintz is a father and a student. when he heard those shots fired, his military training kicked in. today, he's recovering from seven gunshot wounds. witnesses say he charged straight at the shooter shouting at classmates to run. >> he ran to the library and hit all the alarms. he actually ran back towards the building where the shooting was. >> reporter: that's where family in mintz
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blocked the doorway to a classroom. >> he said, it's my son's birthday today. got shot two more times. >> reporter: mintz didn't want to die on his son's birthday and shockingly he survived. nearby, cassandra welding witnessed a class mate get shot twice. welding told robin roberts, she thought it was the last time she'd ever hear her mom's voice. >> i was trying to calm her down and in the meantime saying, make sure you're locked, barricade. >> reporter: welding says her classmates were simply too scared to move. this morning, she is grateful to be alive. tiffany wilson, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. one of the three heros from sacramento who stopped a terror
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attack in france attended umpqua community college. in an interview this morning, alex skarlatos said he would have been on campus were it not for his training regimen with" dancing with the stars" in california. he rushed there last night and shared his reaction with amy today. >> it's absolutely insane to be in a situation like this. this is a really small community. and just something of this magnitude is very rare and unheard of. >> he said he is devastated by the umpqua shooting and promises to do everything he can to help those there heal.ju] >> you can see wayne's live reports this evening on abc7 news and follow us at abc7 news bay area for twitter updates.
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>> if you'd like to express your condolences, go to our facebook page to share this badge and let people know in oregon that you are with them. take a look at this scene in castro valley. sky 7 hd is over the scene. it shows you how that accident is such a violent collision, the car is overturned therein side the building. they tweeted out this picture of first responders cutting out that person from the car. we were there at the crash screen with the story. >> reporter: this is a doctor's office waiting room. look at it now. imagine, this is where people sit, read their magazine and wait for their appointment. fortunately, no one was here when a car landed here. this car was a flying missile. it launched from the other side of busy castro valley boulevard and landed upside down in this
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optometrist's office. look at the tire print near the roof of the building. >> the sheer force taking out that pole and shooting it across the intersection, it was kind of an experience i haven't seen. >> reporter: the car landed in the doctor's waiting room. it was 7:00 in the morning, so they weren't open for business. >> they were shocked by the noise. it was a really loud noise. >> reporter: the driver survived the crash, but was taken to the hospital. no one else was hurt. she didn't hit any cars while sailing across this busy street. witnesses say she was
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per hour. it's not a good day for us and not a good day for our patients. >> reporter: they're working on rebuilding theobsñ doctor'sbhis now. as far as the driver, we're told she has massive internal injuries and somewhere between the age of 40 and 60. they have not released her name. i asked did she have a medical condition or was she just speeding. they just don't know at this time. >> amy, thank you. ;morning, oakland police served several search warrants across the city overnight. a bay area native who made a name for himself in congress as a passed away. don edwards died at the age of 100 last night. he was born in san jose. edwards left a liberal legacy joining the freedom writers,
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opposing the vietnam war. he's remembered through a popular wildlife refuge in the south bay. we have developing news this morning in eastern indonesia. a rescue team is searching for a missing passenger plane carrying ten people, including two babies. officials say the twin plane lost contact about 30 minutes before it was supposed to land. a neww if you're an adult
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new this morning, the scene is all clear at a building owned by apple. sky 7 hd was over valley green drive. according to the fire department, there was a minor leak in a small nitrogen tank. california's yes means yes policy on college campuses will soon be taught in high schools as well. sex education classes will be included more lessons on sexual content. matt keller joins us now -- i'm
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sorry. we're going to have -- we're having a problem with matt keller's report. we'll get to that in just a moment. right now we want to tell you about something on bart. today, bart is renovating elevators. crews are working to tear out the old steps and install new flooring. work is expected to take about a week. this is part of a larger project that a lot of other stations that will keep the bart crews busy through the end of next week. we're also busy putting together your forecast. >> emeryville cam showing you a live look at the east bay. we are tracking some changes for the weekend. i'll detail them ahead head. and then 100 musicians and thousands of fans making their way to golden gate park. and a new idea for the workweek that's likely to have millions of americans jumping on
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0kxk0vñ yes policy on college campuses will soon be taught in high schools as well. abc7 news reporter matt keller joins us live in san jose with how school districts are responding. >> reporter: the high school school district is trying to figure out how this new curriculum is going to impact
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its seven campuses within the district. the big picture is this. school districts already requiring a health course to graduate would also be required to teach about "yes means c@rbv" the policy says sexual activity is only considered consensual -)tnersse their willingness to participate. they say it's needed to teach teens about healthy sexual boundaries and relationships before they go to college or into the workforce. >> i think it's great because,q like, us students, we don't know a lot about sex. we have boyfriends and they abuse us, we don't know what to do. we learn, we know how to prevent it. >> reporter: they'll also require school districts to provide comprehensive sex education classes twice between 7th and 8th grade.
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as new language related to abuse and sex trafficking goes into effect january1f[ñ 1st. but it won't be implemented later untilp7. they can create program. matt keller, abc7 news. >> thank you so much. that big free festival in golden gate park gets underway today. it always'y the one you see here from past years. we are there and joins us with a preview.xm÷21sl jonathan? >> reporter: it is a gorgeous day out here in golden park. some kids actually justk:e arri on school buses. they are getting to skip school for the day. those kids, hundreds of them, just showed up onwú() a parade school buses. they're here for kids day. this is a tradition here. it's the start of this three-day
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this has managed to remain free as a gift to the community from warren helman. >> i think he kind of wanted to create this utopia and have the base of it be blue grass it's different than any other festival. no one's paying to get in. everyone's respectful and gets along really well. >> reporter: of course later this evening, we'll start seeing more grownups showing up for a festival that is truly hardly strictly blue grass. of course it's all free. one of the musicians performing over the weekend is another of warren helman's grandchildren. jonathan bloom, abc7 news. >> the stage is set so to speak. how is the weather going to be?
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>> gorgeous. we'll top out in the low 70s. over the weekend, there will be lots of sunshine. live doppler 7 hd right now showing you not a cloud to be seen. we are just soaked across the bay area in that golden sunshine. can't find a cloud. just lots of blue skies. we're currently at 71 concord. oakland right now 67. san jose considerateble at 68 degrees. as we fast forward into the afternoon today, we'll see total sunshine across the region. up to 78 in oakland. we'll get up to 72 in downtown san francisco later on today.l' overnight tonight, grab a light jacket. lots of stars out there. cool in the north bay. 51 santa rosa and napa. overnight, 57 in freemont.
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this area of low pressure is getting replaced by an area of high pressure. there's this weakz8dqñ ripple o energy coming out of british columbia that's going to dive to the south on saturday. future wind speeds show you generally between 15 and 30 miles per hour. we could expect wind gusts by saturday afternoon. future weather shows you early sunday morning, 3:00 in the morning while most of us are sleeping, not impressive looking, but the threat is there. sunday afternoon, we turn to total sunshine. give you a quick update on hurricane joaquin, a major category four storm. the good news, look at the latest track. continues to keep hurricane joaquin out to sea. that's great news for the east coast. seven-day forecast shows you sunny and warm today, windy and cooler tomorrow. otherwise, the rest of the seven-day forecast, nothing but
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sun and fall-like temperatures. >> thanks so much. well, the implosion of the largest pier left from the old eastern span of the bay bridge is going to happen next month. some animation for you, it shows how explosives will be placed inside the pier. it will take about six seconds. you'll see, that's what they expect to happen. they're going to close the bridge for about 15 minutes as a precaution on november 7th. keep a close eye on your credit report. t-mobile says hackers stole the personal information of 15 million people who applied for credit each month. they are offering to provide customers two years of free credit monitoring and identity protection. we know about the eight-hour workday. how would you like a six-hour workday? >> oh, i would hate that. sweden is kpeerpting, though
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with the idea. >> companies that have tried it say their workers are fresher, more focussed and more productive. and bosses report fewer arguments between employees. nobody argues here. >> no, not here. >> less time, but go more intense while you're at it. >> our next guest will bring humor to your life. meet bandit. he's our
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for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day. coming up at 4:00 a teen with total bragging rights. the perfect test scores one college senior is racking up. and one case of cat kidnapping caught on camera suddenly gets bigger. other families are coming forward suggesting there may be a serial cap napper in san jose. >> we have an adorable new friend. >> i want you to meet bandit. he's a wire fox terrier. thank you for joining us. now, i want to know, you said he has a terrier sense of humor. what does that mean?
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>>. >> he's very active. he looks you in the eye right before he does something. >> so attentive and tame. >> he's been watching everythin here. he's a sweetheart. he'll kind of settle down in your lap like this. >> the two things people really want to know. is he good with kids? >> he is not so good with other dogs. i'm not sure about kids actually. sorry. i do know he turned up at our shelter because his owners had to move. >> look at that face. how could you not want to adopt this face right here? if you want to adopt bandit, the number's on the screen. thank you so much for bringing band bandit. i'm sure he'll get a home in no time. i may have to take him home. >> did you see his ears perk up. >> he's so calm. >> thank you so much. for all of us here at abc7
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news, thank you so much for joining us today. >> "who wants to be a millionaire" is coming up next. we're going to end with just the best picture you could ever man. >> little bandit. needs a forever home. >> take you outside as well, checking out the bay. >> bye-bye.
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>> welcome to off to college week. today we're playing with some young people who are heading off to school for the first time this fall. something tells me $1 million might come in handy with those college loans. so let's play "who wants to be a millionaire." [cheers and applause] [dramatic music] ♪ hey, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. you guys ready to play a special "millionaire" today? [cheers and applause] it's off to college week. our first contestant made headlines for being offered $3 million in college scholarship money. she had a 5.1 gpa out of 4.0 and was accepted to six out of eight ivy league schools. [crowd exclaiming] what have you all done with your lives? [laughter] while her university of pennsylvania tuition is now paid in full, she's already looking to the future


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