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tv   ABC7 News 500PM  ABC  October 2, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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>> two victims were part of the local law enforcement teams. the sheriff read each name. kwin glen cooper of rose burg, 18 years old. kim saltmarsh dites, 59 years old.çóñr jason dale johnson. lawrence levigne, 67 years old. mr. levigne was the teacher.
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let's go now to wayne friedman live. >> there's a bit of strange feelings. there was sadness, there was also relief. the rumors have been flying through this town all day long. it is a close-knit community. >> oregon, some things have not changed. appreciating the beauty of the river. the kindness of its people. but all of that went on hold yesterday. >> especially when it's bad news. >> how many people do you know that are connected to this? >> at least a dozen, if not more. >> everyone in roseburg knows someone affected by these killings in one way or another. for crystal, it's right old the kitchen window in the home of sarah alcarez. it is right next door. >> i went to school, always smiling.
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every time i went outside, she was always smiling and that's the kind of person that she is. the world is robbed of a boufl young woman. >> roseburg waited for an official waiting of victims for most of the day. the shooting, chris harper mercer is a name no one will utter around here. that began with the sheriff. >> i continue to believe that those media and community members who publicize his name will only glorify his actions. and eventually, this will only serve to inspire future shooters. >> the people of roseburg are lock step with that. >> we don't need to support the person that did this tragedy. >> he deserves nothing. his whole back story and whatever, i don't care. i care about the families that he's affected because he was selfish. >> families as close as the one next door. >> with the releasing of this --
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of those names, the tragedy unfolds now even more in details now as we learn about those victims. she was 19 years olt, she was an honor student. she wanted to be a pediatric nurse. and, to her family, they say, she was the responsible one. in roseburg, oregon, wayne friedman, abc 7 news. >> more details are emerging about the gunman. christopher harper and the arsenal that he assembled. police revealed he carried six weapons when he launched the attack. all of those guns are purchased legally. harper mercer had five extra magazines. >> president obama echoed the out rage he voiced hours after yesterday's shootsing.
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>> well, the main thing i'm going to do is i'm going to talk about this. on a regular basis. and i will politicize it because our inaction is a political ekision that we are making.. >> despite the president's call for stricter gun laws, many residents are out to buy them. one tweeted at the roseburg gun shop said things might have been different if the teacher had been packing and that store has ordered more salt rifles to fill its displays. >> if you would like to exprez your con dodolences to the shoog victims and their families, please go to our web site to let the people in oregon know that you are with them. >> let's move on now to some breaking news where abc 7 news has learned two more correctional deputies at the jail have been arrested today. but sources tell us these two
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arrests are not related to the recent inmate abuse scandal. vik lee broke the story on twitter and is getting ready to talk with the sheriff in just a few minutes. he's going to have a live report with more information coming up at 6:00. oakland police officers say five dangerous gang members are off the streets tonight. police and f.b.i.s.w.a.t. teams sempb searched warrants in oakland, vallejo and sacramento. they alleged five of oakland's ghost town game all suspected of recent violent crimes. >> we went after the most dangerous individuals to move the community. once again, resources to individuals who want to stop being engaged in violence and those who will continue will be following up with things just like this. >> multiple rounds of ammunition, drugs and cash. >> well, police are actively
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looking for a cat killer in san jose. this aired a series of stories on cats that went mizing or found dead. vick lee has more. >> we need to find the person who's taking these cats from their homes and possibly torturing them or killing them. >> detectives cruz believes two reports of missing and dead cats are connected. the most important evidence? the security video we showed you in our first report this week. 17-year-old go-go being abducted from his more reports of cats in the city's district who are missing or found dead by blunt force trauma. janice mckinney was found five miles away buried ritualistically in this box, a makeshift coffin. >> he had had plastic around him
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and there were rocks on top of the box. >> and this cat owner wo did not guilty want the be identified, because she does not want to become a victim of retaliation. her cat was found dead wednesday in the hills above her home. >> there are no animal wounds or bites or puncturement. >> son how say police as a salt individual tirm are investigating. >> we are looking for surveillance video interviewing victims and any other leads that may come about. >> if you have a cat that's missing in this area, please call police. san francisco police are looking for the person who sexually assaulted a child. investigators say the young victim was in the restroom on scott street this past sunday
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when members assaulted him. hundreds of kids on the peninsula are not going to like this. a medical office affiliated with them will have to repeat their vaccinations. it's all because a faulty reading. the effected paeshts will be notified by mail. >> a paving the way for safety improvements on a popular walking trail dubbed scary path. this unlit strip of dirt is -- so far, there have not been any reports of violence out. >> ordered,çó that police
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department would have to monitor it. and so i think it would be preventing cases like brock turner's case. >> brock turner is accuse fd of raping a woman last january. cal says university officials have been receptive to their efforts but is hoping to speed up the process. she's been told that some environmental issues have to be addressed before any changes can be made on that path. >> well, will he or won't he? we're live in palo alto where former president vice gore may talk about a possible run for president. so far, at least he's not saying no.
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>> in car was a flying missile. it launched from the other side of busy castro valley boulevard and flew across all six lanes and landed upside down in this optometrist's office. how high in the air? look at the tire print near the roof of the building. and the flying car brought a
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light pole along with it from the other side of the road. >> the sheer force taking out that pole, shooting it across the intersection. it was kind of an experience that i haven't seen. >> the car landed in the doctor's waiting room. it was 7:00 in theçó morning, b they weren't open for business. the two employees were here.çcdi they were not hurt, but they were shaken. >> they were shocked by the noise. it was just a really loud noise. >> thexd driverr but was taken to the hospital. no one else was hurt. miraculously, she didn't hit any cars while sailing across this busy street. witnesses say she was speeding but officials at this point don't know why. >> i feel sorry for my patients because we're going to be closed now for a while. i don't understand drivers that take out light poles and blow through buildings at 80 miles an hour. and it's not a good day for us and not a good day for our patients. >> the doctor's office is
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rebuilding but doesn't know when it will be opening again for business. >> they say she's somewhere between the ages of 40 and 60. and, at this time, they don't know why she was speeding. >> former vice president al gore was at stanford tonight talking about climate change. and maybe a possible run for president. abc 7 news reporter is live on the campus tonight. janet? >> cheryl, this is all organized by students, university students invited former president al gore to speak today. he's set to take the stage any moment now. now, the rally is called a day of action to raise awareness for climate change. more than 50 campuses nationwide are taking part in rallies like this today. the former presidential nominee has been a champion and has close ties with the bay area. in fact, he's been to this campus a few times to talk about the issue, which students say they're very passionate about. >> it's very exciting to see the activism and the -- the drive
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that my fellow stanford students have put into this event because i really think that we are members of that future and we are already getting involved. >> i feel like he's vice president and he's already involved in the climate change act movement. i feel like he would be a pretty good president, candidate. >> now, yesterday, gore spoke before the washington ideas forum in washington d.c. when asked if he would consider running for president again, he didn't exactly say no. but he did say he is a recovering politician. and left it at that. now, today's rally leads up to a big conference in paris. world leaders are expected to negotiate and come up with a universal agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. reporting live, abc 7 news. >> recovering politician. good line. a legendary congressman has died at the age of 100.
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don edwards was considered by many to be the conscience of congress. he joined the freedom writers, was arrested while opposing south african apartheid in '80s. many know his name baufz of the refuge for wildlife named in his honor. >> we're the first urban national wildlife refuge established. so we have that insight of connecting city folks and urban population to the outside environment. >> edwards was a state am which you are golf champion and an f.b.i. agent and an intelligence officer during the navy in world war ii. >> this might resemble play time at just about any school is one
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of 11 in the bay area to be named a national blue ribbon award winner. so we asked what makes montclare so special? >> the teachers, they inspire you to be who you are and to be who you want to be. >> i any one of our biggest successes is our willing nks to color outside the lines. >> nationwide, only 335 received the blue ribbon award. so congratulations. >> in san francisco, right now, the gift of music has been opened. the three day hardly strictly bluegrass music festival is on. jonathan bloom is live at golden gate park. i call it a gift because it really is. >> yeah, and you know what, it is the weekend. and that is a gift in and of itself. we've been watching hundreds of people stream passed us at the entrance to the festival. they've got smilings on their faces. not only is it good weather and
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good music, it is also the one thing in san francisco that won't cost you a dime. the members are there for experience. this time, for a crowd of kids allowed to cut class. they're playing their bluegrass #auqru$u$e traditional tunee..xd they want to send kids a message.
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>> when you look out at the crowd and you think, you know, this is the best city in the world. >> and, you know, the artists tell us right now this golden hour is their favorite time of day. in about half an hour, the four big stages will feature their headliners here at golden gate park. in san francisco, jonathan
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bloom, abc 7 news. >> you're right. it is the best city in the world. >> what a fun, fun weekend for music lovers in both gate park and what about the weekend fore dast? >> it couldn't be better. >> absolutely, dan and cheryl. it's going to be music to your ears. the week end looks fantastic for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. there's a little bit of a breeze and blue skies. let's check out the forecast. if you are going to that festival this upcoming weekend, tomorrow, you're looking at sunshine, mid 60s morning, early afternoon. gets a little breezy. and then by 7:00 p.m., it will turn windy in golden gate park. temperature will drop. so you will need to bring something with you to keep you warm. live doppler 7 hd right now, showing you mostly clear conditions across the bay area and views like this from our south beach camera, just nothing but sunshine. 65 in san francisco. low 70s from mountainview, s&l jose, 77.
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mid 60s at the coast to the upper 80s inland. the only exception with fairfield made it to 90 degrees3 here's a view down in the south bay. it's going to be a nice start to your weekend, as well. upper 70 santa rosa, napa. 85 degrees in livermore. a little patch of low cloudiness looking at ocean beach. and a little cooler tomorrow. gusty winds saturday evening. we're looking at an isolated shower or two early sunday morning. as you take a look at the satellite and the radar, you remember the system that brought the thunderstorms yesterday? a few showers for the bay area. but this one is not coming over water. it's coming over land and as it bridges in, et bring with it limited moisture. it will bring us windier conditions, cooler weather for your saturday. you'll start to notice some moisture coming in with a very limited. we're going to go with an isolated shower possibility early sunday morning.
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before many of yourñi plans sta, best chance is going to be down in the south bay. and then in the sierra, we are looking at mixed precipitation. if you have plans to head to yosemite or lake that hoe, don't worry about the snow there, it's above 8,000 feet. mild on sunday as the winds start to turn around. there is a wind advisory for the north bay mountains that starts at 8:00 p.m., runs until sunday morning. those gusty wind, 30, 40 miles an hour, have the potential to take down drout stricken trees and power lines. you'll want to be careful. along the coast, 30-40 mile an hour winds. and then the winds relax. sunday morning, they switch direction and it will be a milder set up for the rest of your sunday afternoon. not mild tomorrow, it's a little bit on the cool side. upper 40s to mid 50s. so your morning plans if you're
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that's coming up next. >> sometimes it's so bad i can hear him give a little yelp. >> new at 6:00, the major flea infestation around the bay area. why
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city? >> the father's emotional reaction after seeing the video he hoped would put a controversy about his son to rest. it didn't. and the price of a traffic ticket. 7 on your side checks out a tool to calculate the damage. it's all coming up on abc 7 news at 6:00. cheryl and dan, thank you so much. >> hackers are not the only ones looking for ways to break into an iphone. >> yeah, some are trying to break it the old fashioned way. ufc fighter is from santa cruz. look at those moves. >> wow. he was recruited by square trade labs to put the iphone 6 plus to the stress test. first he kicks it and then tries to bend it. >> didn't even last a ten count. it took place at the american kick boxing academy in san jose. >> now, the good news, the phone did better than its predecessors. >> well, good. now you know.
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thanks for joining us. i'm cheryl jennings. >> i don't think that's in the warrantee. for all of us here, we appreciate breaking developments tonight. new details on the gunman in the deadly campus shooting. what authorities have now discovered inside his home. also, the hero. the young father that charged right toward him. and what the gunman reportedly asked his victims right before he shot them. also breaking, the search for a missing ship. many americans onboard. a ship trapped in the waters of hurricane joaquin. the other major storm locked in place up and down the east coast, 14 inches of rain in some places. authorities warn even without the hurricane, this storm could be historic and life-threatening. the explosion, this time in a condo high-rise. multiple injuries. and the warning tonight. and, the voice of an angel. the young american who stunned millions this week. can you guess our person of the week?


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