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tv   Good Morning America Weekend Edition  ABC  October 3, 2015 7:00am-8:01am PDT

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good morning, america. happening right now, historic flooding. the southeast soaked with record rain. neighborhoods underwater. homes flooded. plus, whipped by joaquin, the bahamas battered. >> survivor halfway up. >> the high seas rescue and the urgent search for a missing cargo ship. dozens of americans on board. the abc news exclusive. in the oregon college massacre, the woman rushing to help shooting victims as the bullets were flying. >> begging her just breathe, please, just breathe. plus, inside the mind of a gunman. what he did just hours before this rampage. breaking overnight, love and murder. cops collar the alleged gunman who targeted a beautiful texas dentist. >> it was a murder for hire. >> was it a romantic rival
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looking for revenge? the hunt for this woman right now. and can you dig it? a farmer's fossil find, bones from a woolly mammoth up to 15,000 years old. where this creature was dug up. hey, good morning. paula is off this weekend. great to have cecilia vega with us on a morning when we've got two big stories brewing including that abc news exclusive. the woman who not only survived the oregon school massacre, but also leapt into action treating her wounded classmates. what she saw, what she heard and what she did coming up. >> an amazing story. but we begin with what could be historic and life-threatening
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rainfall on the east coast today, already in the carolinas and also virginia, we are seeing entire roads washed away, bridges wiped out, and it may get significantly worse in the coming hours. >> we've got team coverage of the weather this morning and we kick it all off with rob, who is in virginia beach. rob, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. this is an area that's really gotten pounded in the past several days, as a matter of fact, the past couple of weeks, finally a bit of a break as this storm comes together across the southeast, a combination of things, this storm is spreading and intensifying this morning. this morning, neighborhoods underwater. torrential rains inundating seaside towns stretching from the carolinas to new jersey. >> nine roads have been washed away. 57 roads are still closed. our message to everybody is be prepared. >> reporter: five governors declaring a state of emergency ahead of the massive storm, which has already dumped over a foot of rain in some areas. overnight, rescue teams scrambling to save more than 13 people from flooded homes in myrtle beach, and at least 50 homes evacuated in the coastal town of calabash, the water coming up as high as the mailboxes in some neighborhoods.
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in new jersey, waves reaching as high as ten feet, the rough surf even busting up boards on the docks. and one maryland mayor saying the floodwaters could be worse than superstorm sandy as the storm continues to move in. some regions in the southeast expecting an additional 12 inches of rain in the coming days. and they are getting that rain right now, especially across charleston, south carolina, where police are now not allowing people onto the peninsula because of the heavy rain they've received in the past few hours. flash flooding occurring there and that's going to be our focal point. that is where the low is developing. check out the maps here and we'll show you this thing which is not moving all that rapidly. it is stuck. we are in a stuck, blocked weather pattern and that's the reason for that intense flooding concern. really not only across the carolinas, but across parts of georgia in through parts of western virginia, as well. flood watches and flood warnings out as this thing taps some tropical moisture from joaquin. look at how much more rain we expect. some of these areas have already
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seen 4 to 8 inches of rain and we expect another foot from the north south carolina border through charleston almost to the east of atlanta so this could very well be historic if not catastrophic flooding in some spots. we're very, very concerned, cecilia, here over the next 24 to 36 hours across the carolinas, but as i mentioned, this storm really affecting the entire east coast. >> it's going to be a rough day for so many people, rob. thank you. and we all remember superstorm sandy. those memories still fresh for so many people along the eastern coastline. abc's marci gonzalez is right there on the jersey shore where folks are bracing for the worst. marci, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, cecilia. and they are already feeling it. you can see the wind out here is no joke. the rain has been coming down nonstop. and just take a look how rough that water is. now, all along the jersey shore, they have been preparing, they've been building up these huge sand dunes to try to keep the ocean from impacting these coastal communities. flooding is a huge concern here, as well, over the next few days and in some areas there are
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already streets that are underwater. as you mentioned, this area was hit hard by superstorm sandy, some areas are still dealing with the damage, so people living here say they learned some very important lessons. they are heeding the warnings about this storm and closely monitoring the conditions. dan. >> the scars from sandy still fresh in many areas. hopefully, however, this system will be not nearly as bad. marci, thank you to you. meanwhile, this morning hurricane joaquin is lurching north after lashing the bahamas with intense winds and sheets of rain, and now a cargo ship with americans on board has gotten caught up in the powerful storm and is lost at sea. abc's linzie janis has the very latest now from nassau in the bahamas. linzie, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, dan. that ship was last heard from 48 hours ago near crooked island in the southeastern bahamas just as the area was being battered by joaquin. this morning, the u.s. coast guard scouring more than 850
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square nautical miles right in the middle of the hurricane's fury desperately searching for an american cargo ship lost at sea. >> this vessel is disabled basically right near the eye of hurricane joaquin right where the strongest winds are. >> reporter: the 33 crew members of "el faro," 28 of them americans were on their way from jacksonville, florida, to san juan, puerto rico when at 7:20 a.m. thursday morning the ship sent a distress notification saying the 735-foot vessel had lost propulsion and was listing at 15 degrees. they haven't been heard from since. at home in jacksonville, family members worried sick awaiting any sign. >> they don't know where the ship is. we just want our husband and dad home. >> reporter: and another ship caught in joaquin's stormy path. >> survivor halfway up. >> reporter: the coast guard plucking all 12 crew members from the water near haiti thursday night after the vessel took on water and they abandoned ship to a lifeboat.
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>> raft in sight. >> reporter: meanwhile, hurricane joaquin battering the bahamas for a third straight night. winds at one point lashing the islands with speeds of up to 150 miles per hour. this morning officials reporting residents without power. phone lines down, roads impassable, homes caved in. >> there is extreme flooding. a lot of the islands are literally under feet of water. >> reporter: joaquin is slowly moving out of the area so hopefully help should soon be on the way for those people. so far no deaths or injuries reported but the government tells us they're expected to see some very serious damage. cecilia. >> linzie, that wind whipping behind you, thank you. we turn to our other top story, the shooting on a college campus in oregon. eight students and their professor gunned down and this morning we are learning more about those final moments and the heroes who jumped into action including this woman who tried to save her friend who was shot in the classroom next door. abc's neal karlinsky on the
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story from the beginning and he has the exclusive story this morning. neal, good morning to you. >> reporter: cecilia, good morning. we've heard a lot about what went on during the shooting but nothing like this. the woman you're about to meet is a nursing student at the school who suddenly found herself in the middle of the carnage triaging fellow students and witnessing some real-life heroics. >> rapid, rapid fire like three in a row. >> reporter: when the shooting started, sharon kirkham was in the class next door, and her good friend kim dietz thinking it was just firecrackers went into the hall to look. >> and kim comes back into the room and slumps over, and i realized she's shot. >> reporter: sharon, a nursing student at the school, immediately started cpr on her friend, but it was too late. >> i was just begging her to just breathe, please, just breathe, come on, kimmy and -- >> reporter: the next thing she knew, 30-year-old army veteran chris mintz was telling everyone
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to take cover, a gunman was on the loose. >> he told us to turn off the lights and get on the floor. >> reporter: was he hit at that point? >> no, and as soon as the door shut, the other door from the classroom opened, and it was the shooter. >> reporter: he was shot seven times, even while pleading with the gunman. >> chris was screaming, it's my son's birthday. it's my son's birthday. come on, dude, come on, and then you hear rapid fire again and he shot chris. >> reporter: in the midst of all this -- >> chris is a hero. >> reporter: no doubt. >> no doubt. he came down the breezeway to find out what was going on. >> reporter: the faces of the nine killed in the rampage are a sad montage of lives cut short ranging from the very young to 67 years old. lucas eibel was just 18. he volunteered at an animal shelter and was studying chemistry. quinn cooper, also 18, it was just his fourth day of college. 20-year-old treven anspach was the son of a local firefighter. once the shooter was down, shot by police, sharon says a young
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woman who was hit in the leg needed help getting out. >> she had a gunshot wound in her leg, so i just picked her up and carried her to the end of the breezeway, gave her to a cop. >> reporter: you probably didn't know you had that strength. >> no, she was somebody's kid. she was shot. she was panic stricken. >> reporter: then she went back to be with chris. >> and then i just knelt down. i just held his hand and told him i wouldn't leave him. >> reporter: that hero, chris mintz, has really touched people. a go fund me page has been set up to raise money for him and his family, and, get this, in less than 24 hours it raised more than $528,000, amazing. dan. >> that is great and such a powerful interview, neal, thank you. also this morning, we're learning a lot more about how this vicious attack went down and about the shooter himself. another apparently troubled young man with ready access to guns, and abc's matt gutman is also in roseburg, oregon, this morning. matt, good morning to you.
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>> reporter: hey, good morning, dan. those new details revealing just how intimate of a shooting this was in this tiny community. we've learned that the shooter lived just about two miles down the road from this school and that he specifically selected his thursday morning writing class for this massacre, almost certainly gunning down people that he knew. new details this morning revealing the 26-year-old student allegedly turned his own english class at this community college into a bloodbath. armed with six guns, including an automatic rifle, investigators say chris harper mercer seemed prepared for battle, even had a bulletproof vest. >> the jacket had steel plates along with five magazines. an additional amount of ammunition was also recovered at the apartment. >> reporter: he had lived there with his mother, a student at the college who had previously been a failed soldier lasting just a single month in basic training in 2008, according to the military, discharged for failing to meet the minimum standards. a neighbor tells us she saw him getting rid of his belongings
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just one day before the shootings. >> i think he set his clothes out because he knew he wasn't coming home. >> reporter: it began just before 10:38 a.m. thursday morning. >> i keep hearing screaming and i look out the window and see people running from the scene and that's when i knew we had to get out. >> reporter: 911 calls flooding in this small town of 22,000 in the shadow of the cascades. dispatchers overwhelmed. >> one female that has been shot at this time. >> reporter: bonnie schaan's daughter cheyenne shot in the back. >> her and another girl laid and pretend to be dead. >> reporter: telling abc news her daughter says the shooter asked people their religion before shooting. did he say anything after or do anything after he asked the students and everybody in the room what their religion was? >> just shot them. >> reporter: barely six minutes after the first call, police sprinted in right into a gun battle. >> then neutralized the threat, and from that point on, there were no more lives taken. >> reporter: so they saved lives, these two.
7:13 am
>> in my mind i'm convinced they probably saved dozens of lives. yes. >> reporter: because he had that much ammo, as we know, and that much firepower with him. now, this is the sheriff who famously said he would never in public utter the name of the shooter. that doesn't mean that they're not investigating. he told me there are over 200 federal and local agents working on this case. they're sifting through many documents including papers and a thumb drive apparently left at the scene by the shooter. it could take weeks, i'm told, to sift through all of this evidence, cecilia. >> still so many questions, matt. thank you. we switch gears to pope francis setting off a firestorm here after that secret meeting with kentucky county clerk kim davis. but this morning, a new twist, davis, it turns out, wasn't the only person the pope met with during his u.s. visit. pope francis also meeting with a gay couple, and abc's lama hasan has the details. she joins us now from london. lama, good morning. >> reporter: and good morning to you, cecilia. think about it. think of it this way, the vatican versus kim davis where the vatican making a surprise
7:14 am
move issuing a statement downplaying the meeting saying that davis was invited by vatican officials in washington and not by the pope. this morning, the vatican and embattled county clerk kim davis going head-to-head once again with differing versions of her meeting with pope francis. davis' attorney insisting overnight this meeting was a private meeting. >> the pope did meet privately with her, and the invitation came from the vatican. >> reporter: the vatican denied her brief introduction was an endorsement of her beliefs stating "the pope did not enter into the details of the situation of mrs. davis and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support." the pope has gained popularity for his progressive views, but he has held firm the vatican position against marriage equality. in d.c. he met with longtime friend yayo grassi who is openly gay just one day before davis
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says he told her to, quote, stay strong. >> just knowing that the pope is on track, you know, with what we're doing. >> reporter: the official word from the vatican, his holiness is a busy and popular man saying in a statement, he, quote, met with several dozen persons and his meeting with her should not be considered a form of support of her position. so, the only private meeting the vatican is admitting to is the one with yayo grassi, who you saw there in the piece, a former student who's known the pope for more than 50 years. dan, cecilia. >> shoes continue to drop on this one, lama, thank you. let's get it over to ron now with a look at the other top developing stories this morning. good morning, sir. >> hey, good morning to you, dan and cecilia, sara. good morning, everyone. a u.s. military air strike in afghanistan may be responsible for the deaths of several staff members working with the humanitarian organization doctors without borders. the death toll is climbing this morning. right now nine people from the charity group are confirmed dead. dozens others are unaccounted
7:16 am
for. afghan forced backed by u.s. air strikes have been fighting to dislodge taliban insurgents who overran konduz on monday. u.s. forces in afghanistan acknowledged that they conducted an air strike on konduz overnight. a spokesperson saying the strike may have resulted in what they called collateral damage. investigators will be back on the scene in south florida this morning trying to figure out what caused a massive explosion at a luxury condominium. six people were injured, one of them severely burned in the blast in sunny isles, that's north of miami beach. debris from the explosion fell to the ground below and on to the pool deck and early indications are a gas leak at a penthouse boiler room triggered that explosion. and world cup champion goalie hope solo will have to defend herself again against assault charges. on friday a washington state appeals court friday reversed a lower court's decision to dismiss the case against her. solo was accused of beating up her nephew and half-sister back in 2014. her lawyer said in a statement, "we are shocked and disappointed by the judge's ruling." no word yet on when solo will
7:17 am
have to appear in court. the star goalie led the u.s. soccer team to the women's world cup back in july. and former teen idol david cassidy who starred in the '70s sitcom, "the partridge family" is facing hit-and-run charges in florida. 65-year-old cassidy has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident and also driving with an expired tag after a crash in ft. lauderdale. that was last month. police reportedly said that cassidy sideswiped a truck and then tried to cover his license plate before driving away with a flat tire. and scottrade, the brokerage firm says it was the victim of a cyberattack that may have revealed the names and adepresses of 4.6 million client s before february of 2014. scottrade said social security numbers and e-mail addresses were not compromised. and the small michigan town of three rivers is buzzing with excitement and with rumors. some residents say they know the woman who bought the winning
7:18 am
$310 million ticket at a shell station, but a clerk at the station now says earlier this week a man came into the store with a ticket that had the winning numbers on it and then left mysteriously. that's odd. and finally a michigan farmer makes a remarkable discovery. his name is james bristle, and he was breaking ground for his new drainage system in michigan when he unearthed this, a massive skull, two long tusks and a three-foot-long pelvis. researchers from the university of michigan stepped in, one professor saying he believes it was an adult male woolly mammoth in this guy's drainage system somewhere in the age range of 40s or 50s. i'm not sure if that's middle-aged or old for a woolly mammoth, but it lived somewhere between 10,000 and 15,000 years ago. >> is it finder's keepers? >> we believe. >> is it finder's keepers? >> probably, yes. >> i highly doubt it. >> i can't even find an arrowhead, and he hits like tusks. >> put that on your mantel. >> i spent so much time digging around as a kid and found bottle caps and pieces of glass.
7:19 am
>> yeah, i find those little like pencil boxes where people bury their little animals. >> that's what you found. >> i found a little bird once. >> sara is really -- >> moving on. >> pterodactyl. >> a macabre space. >> it wasn't that old though. >> okay, okay. >> let's get it down to rob in virginia beach with another look at the weather before sara brings us into even darker territory. >> hey, guy, you know you talk about things found. a bit of a break in the weather at least for now here in virginia beach. i was talking to a woman out here with a metal detector. they've got a group of people that help people find things that they lose on beach. she found a $30,000 that someone had lost in the surf just a few days ago. so, you never know what you'll find with those things. and people doing good. all right, a break here but as linzie janis mentioned, they're still getting pounded in the bahamas although joaquin is finally on the move. take a look. now that it's moving we're starting to see that eye clear out. a category 3 with 125-mile-an-hour winds. but look out, we have a hurricane watch out for bermuda
7:20 am
and as we've been talking about the past couple of days, even though this thing isn't going to hit the east coast, we are tapping tropical moisture and that is why we are so worried about the flooding across parts of the southeast and then we got coastal flooding as well because the pressure gradient will tighten up and more onshore winds and tidal surge right on through monday, it looks like. want to talk about briefly what's going on out west, a storm coming in there that will bring in winds so red flag warnings and wind advisories just posted for parts of california. with that wind, though, we will eventually get a little rainfall as we go in through next week. today across the country, some showers and rain, denver to the east and temperatures generally speaking a little bit below normal and windy across parts of the northeast. a little bit of sunshine finally at least for now here on
7:21 am
>> i will tell you after being here for a couple of days this beach is a mess. so much beach erosion and clutter from the waves that have been pounding but with the sun coming up, even some people finally taking a stroll here. more storms coming through this area tonight. cecilia and dan, back over to you. >> and more from rob coming up. in the next half hour. also coming up, a major break in the murder of a young dentist in dallas. police now have a suspect in custody, and they're looking for a woman who they believe may have hired the hit man. the alleged motive coming up. plus, a warning about your shower glass door spontaneously exploding. it happens more often than you might think. what you can do to protect yourself. and bridget jones is back but she's ditching her diary. all the details up ahead in "pop news." >> what does that even mean? are you going to tell us?
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[ cheers and applause ] and we have some breaking news to tell you about. behold the slicing of the giant bratwurst. yes, that is a six-foot-long beauty. i'm going to read this very seriously taking center stage with oktoberfest under way -- sara, be quiet -- in la crosse, wisconsin. good morning, america. dan, you could take it from here. >> looking at it, i already have heartburn. it weighs 90 pounds, sauerkraut included enough for 300 people and perfect breakfast food, and sara is just like heckling the you know what out of cecilia as she tries to tell the story. you okay? >> i mean, i just love bratwurst, the bigger the better so -- >> okay. coming up later on the show, an important consumer story. what you need to know before you take that morning shower. the shower doors that
7:31 am
spontaneously explode. it's "gma on the lookout." but we start here with a major break in a case we've been following. police say they have now arrested a man who killed a young dentist in dallas shooting her execution style in the garage of her high-end high-rise. >> yeah, investigators say they have the murder weapon and a motive but this morning the alleged mastermind is still on the loose. abc's phillip mena is here with more. phillip, good morning to you. >> cecilia, dan, good morning. the alleged mastermind, an ex-girlfriend of the man dating that dentist at the time she was killed. this morning, the ex-girlfriend is now a fugitive charged with capital murder accused of ordering a hit. this morning, after a month-long investigation, dallas police zeroing in on 33-year-old brenda delgado whom they suspect orchestrated the murder-for-hire plot to kill her romantic rival, kendra hatcher. >> she is a fugitive wanted at
7:32 am
this point for capital murder. it was a murder for hire. >> reporter: according to the warrant, delgado hired 31-year-old kristopher love to commit the murder. love was arrested overnight for his alleged role in the killing of the young dentist. >> he is the person we have identified as having shot dr. hatcher. he has been charged with capital murder and a federal charge of unlawful possession of a firearm by a felon. >> reporter: police say on september 2nd they found hatcher shot execution style in the parking garage of her upscale apartment complex. >> we have a shooting. we're looking for a black jeep cherokee. >> reporter: days later 23-year-old crystal cortes was arrested allegedly admitting she was behind the wheel of this black suv caught on surveillance just moments before investigators say love, a convicted felon, exited the vehicle and shot hatcher dead. >> female is possibly shot in the neck. >> reporter: this morning love is being held on $2.5 million bail charged with the same crime as his alleged accomplice, cortes, capital murder, while
7:33 am
the woman accused of hiring them is on the run. police say kristopher love was in possession of the murder weapon when they arrested him and according to his arrest warrant, he has confessed to his role in hatcher's murder. we tried reaching out to both love and cortes' attorneys, but we did not get a response. meanwhile, though, the victim's family finally starting to get some answers. >> although everybody is looking for this suspect on the loose. >> uh-huh. >> all right, much more to cover on this, phillip, thank you. we'll take another look at the morning headlines. and for that it's over to mr. ron claiborne. good morning again. >> hi, dan, cecilia, good morning, everyone. we begin with one of the heroes from the oregon campus shooting. sharon kirkham jumping into action administering cpr to her friend kim dietz who was shot inside of a nearby classroom. her friend did not make it. she and eight others died in that attack. president obama is criticizing russia's complain in syria saying it fails to distinguish between terrorist groups and moderate rebel forces opposed to president assad. the president, president obama adding that the u.s. will not
7:34 am
cooperate with the russian military campaign in that country. and the head of the international soccer organization fifa embroiled in an ongoing corruption scandal is refusing to step down despite calls from american sponsors of soccer like budweiser, coca-cola and mcdonald's demanding that he quit. and finally meet mr. santa claus, he's got the rosy cheeks and beard. but he is not that santa. this guy's legal name is actually santa claus, and he's launching a write-in campaign for a political post in, you guessed it, the tiny town of north pole, alaska. the city council has two seats up for election this year. claus whose original name was tom o'connor, he moved to north pole from nevada. according to his facebook page, claus is a child advocate and a christian monk. he does not however respond to letters, e-mails or requests for presents.
7:35 am
polls open on tuesday, claus may win. >> that's a name you have to have a beard like that. >> why make your name that but then refuse to give people presents? >> man, i don't know. i don't know. >> i was asking the universe, not you. >> that was a rhetorical question. >> yes. >> he's also running for public office. you can't pay for votes. >> well, there you go. that's right. >> you're welcome. >> think about it. think about it. >> the "pop news" weighing in with some policy gravitas. >> coming up on "this week." >> she can talk bratwurst and political donations. i didn't know the breadth she had. time now for the weather, and rob is in virginia beach. rob, could you save us, once again, from sara haines? >> so many ethical questions this morning with santa claus. good morning, guys. a bit of a christmas present early here in virginia beach after days of just getting hit hard with wind and waves and rain, the sun actually coming out, and they'll get a 12, maybe 18-hour period of calm weather but you can see this beach, the seafoam, the seaweed and sand is brown because the top layer has just been stripped of it. a lot of erosion happening here, and we'll have more coastal
7:36 am
flooding, especially as high tide comes later on today. here is the storm. it's strengthening. it's reorganizing down to our south and is really going to encompass much of the east coast so flood warnings, flood watches posted for a good bit of the mid-atlantic and it will tap from hurricane joaquin and just drive it especially right into the carolinas and we'll head there later on this morning to investigate that flooding situation. over a foot on top of what they've already seen so we're going to see flooding and we'll see power outages too because with this storm will have wind and wind advisories are up, not just for the coast but inland too and trees will come down and still foliage on those trees. so that's going to be an issue. look at the wind gusts all the way up to southern new england. winds gusting to over 40 miles an hour. meanwhile, a frost advisory in effect for parts of the northern tier as some cool, canadian, autumn stuff comes driving down, morning temperatures in the 40s and 50s, even some 30s in spots so enjoy that as you start to get your pumpkin hunting gear on. gusty winds out west. and some rain across midsections
7:37 am
>> this weathercast brought to you by walgree >> this weathercast brought to you by walgreens. people finally getting out on the beach. it's been a long time for them to be able to do that and they've got a little window today. cecilia, dan, back over to you. >> it's going to be a busy weekend for you, rob. we'll get much more coverage from you tomorrow morning. thank you. and coming up here on "gma," the shower door scare. glass doors that spontaneously explode. look at that. what you can do to protect yourself. ♪ when is your flu shot more than a flu shot? when it helps give a lifesaving vaccine to a child in need in a developing country.
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all right, it's "gma on the lookout" this morning with a warning about the danger that could be lurking inside your shower. >> this is frightening. over a thousand instances of this happening, shower doors spontaneously exploding, exposing you to serious harm. abc's mara schiavocampo has been looking into this problem and is here with more. hey, mara.
7:42 am
>> reporter: cecilia, good morning. in this most recent case, it happened to a young child. now, a federal agency is looking into these incidents and just how to make these shower doors safer. oliver kwilinski taking a warm shower before bedtime when the glass doors just inches from his body spontaneously shattered. deep lacerations covering the 9-year-old's arms and legs. >> i got cuts on my arm, i couldn't comprehend what happened. >> i heard an explosion that was like a bomb. my 18-year-old was like, mom, there's glass everywhere. >> reporter: oliver, who is hearing impaired, was traumatized. >> my initial concern was his head because his cochlear implants allow him to hear and we needed to make sure that the skin over his devices wasn't cut. >> reporter: and while it may seem like a freak incident, this is not the first time glass from a shower door has broken. >> it exploded.
7:43 am
>> reporter: a spokesperson for the consumer products safety commission says in just five years, there have been an estimated 1500 injuries associated with glass shower doors shattering. that's an annual average of about 300 a year. the source of the problem, the material. >> tempered glass is a specifically designed product that breaks in very small pieces to reduce lacerations and cuts. >> reporter: amy is thankful her son is okay but believes incidents like this one shouldn't be so common. >> if you have a glass shower door, try to be as careful as possible. >> reporter: at the time of the incident, oliver was taken to the hospital for treatment, but thankfully he is fine. now, if you're concerned about the glass in your shower, experts say you can install a plastic adhesive to the back so if it does shatter, it stays in one piece. and this is not limited to shower doors. it can happen with anything made of tempered glass,
7:44 am
windshields, coffee tables. >> 1500 times, that's much more than i would have expected. mara, thanks. >> we have more coming up. on "good morning america," lady gaga, she is going disco. the runway rundown and sara has it in "pop news." >> now, i'm actually on periscope. i wasn't being rude to sweet mara over there as i'm periscoping your tag. but i'm hoping to get someone to dance. rob is not here today so -- >> how about -- >> whoa, whoa. where did you come from? >> buzzkill bill. >> buzzkill bill might dance. a little dancing? >> what do you think? >> there we go. >> there we go. >> one more from ron. ron. >> are we on? >> yeah, you're on. whoa, whoa, there you are. >> hey. >> dance, dance, dance. okay. yeah. ♪ ...are taking charge of their type 2 diabetes... ...with non-insulin victoza®. for a while, i took a pill to lower my blood sugar. but it didn't get me to my goal. so i asked my doctor about victoza®. he said victoza® works differently than pills.
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time for "pop news." sara, what you got for us? >> well, i don't have anything about bratwurst, i'm sorry, cecilia. you covered it for me. it's been 14 years since renee zellweger first charmed us all in "bridget jones' diary" and we could all relate to her single life and her weight loss battles and getting our first look as she reprises her role for "bridget jones' baby." she's trading in her diary for an ipad apparently embracing the digital life. colin firth is set to return as her on again, off again boyfriend, as well as patrick dempsey. i cannot wait. i guess it just started shooting. so it'll be another year but that is one of my favorite movies ever. >> how do i not find that surprising one tiny little bit? >> she's awkward. i'm awkward. whenever i trip, i have bridget jones moments. we've all had them, have we not? >> speak for yourself. >> cecilia, save me, girl. >> all the time. got you. the writing is on the wall, sam smith is officially a national hero in the uk. the singer's bond theme song
7:49 am
becoming the first to top the uk singles charts breaking a decades long curse. smith calling it a special moment he'll never forget. 23 singers including adele, shirley bassey -- did i say that right, ron? >> yes. >> and paul mccartney have all failed before him, never hitting that number one spot in 007's motherland, but now of course the attention turns to daniel craig, a little pressure here, with the new 007 "spectre" due out in theaters november 6th. i guess none of the theme songs have ever jumped. and even sam smith said he didn't think anything special about this song and then it went straight to the top. >> some of them did well, though, just not number one. >> they did well. just not number one. >> daniel craig is a good bond. >> he is -- he'll be great. >> yeah. >> but as they say, anything other than number one in "talladega nights" is a loser. lessons from will ferrell. you're welcome. in addition to starring in the upcoming tv series "american horror story hotel," it looks like lady gaga has been busy
7:50 am
with another side project that a little less spooky the "bad romance" singer collaborating with nile rodgers to create an epic new version of the disco classic "i want your love." take a look. ♪ i want your love i want your love ♪ >> lady gaga never lets us down. the video is the brainchild of diner tom ford, who brought gaga and rodgers together for the project to showcase his 2016 fashion collection. i love whatever she brings it's always artsy and creative. >> i like it. >> ron, are you smiling? >> cool. i like the video, yeah. >> come on, ron. ron. >> i remember that. unfortunately. >> nothing? no "gma." >> no, not today. >> you also remember the charleston? is that right? >> the lindy hop. the lindy hop. >> you were quoting the cabbage patch earlier. >> well, that's in the '80s. >> i know, but we all have a decade. don't judge ron's. >> thank you, sara. >> you're welcome. science has finally backed
7:51 am
up the old saying that beauty really is in the eye of the beholder. a new study from wellesley college, seven sisters, woop, woop, looked at facial preferences and how twins reacted to them. the idea being that twins have a very similar genetic makeup and also a similar upbringing, so do they share the same idea of what makes someone beautiful? well, it turns out, no. the researchers concluding from the study of 761 pairs of twins that their facial preferences are very, very different suggesting that it's personal experience, not genetics, that influences who we're attracted to. >> that's interesting. >> my best friends are identical twins. and i like to know that everything else about them is the same but maybe what they're attracted to is -- >> is it very, very different-looking people? >> actually, yes. >> interesting. but there you go. we'll be right back with more science, news and other tidbits from sara haines, surprising us in lots of ways this morning. >> so smart. yeah, there you go...
7:52 am
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"good morning america" is brought to you by the makers of
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tylenol for what matters most. so great to have cecilia with us. >> thanks, guys. >> although i have to say sara i think was like the mvp of the morning. >> totally. >> with her science and policy and uncomfortable affection for bratwurst. it was like a trifecta. >> i'm a little hangry. >> you're a little hangry? see you tomorrow morning right back here.
7:57 am
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it's saturday, october 3rd. good morning and thanks for joining us. i'm chris nguyen. we could be in for gusty conditions later today. here is meteorologist lisa argen. >> we do have a wind advisory and red flag warning for the higher elevations but also some fog. we will be looking at a strong area of low pressure sliding down the california coast and that means some wind today and the possibility of a shower. it looks nice and calm right now but it will get chopper later today, 56 mountain view, 55 san jose. temperatures anywhere from 8 to 10 degrees cooler with this cooler air mass. notice just the first part of the weekend, though, t


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