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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  October 3, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PDT

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trees down, collapsed scaffolding, and power outages. lots of problems from high winds whipping across the bay area tonight. good evening. thank you for joining us. i'm natasha zouves. high wind advisory for the bay bridge and san mateo bridge. officers said the winds were especially strong port bay bridge. we have team coverage and we'll look at the forecast with jim and drew. we begin with lillian kim with a look at the damage. lillian? >> reporter: from the bridge to here in san francisco it's been windy, and because of that we saw one mess after another. the scaffolding on bayshore boulevard was no match for the wind that swept through san francisco. all of it came crashing down on two parked cars at the smart & final parking lot. luckily, the owner of this suv
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was walking into the store when it happened. >> i'm still blessed. yeah. if i was inside the car i would get hurt in my head because in the car you have the mirror in the front, on the top. >> reporter: on 7th and market street more damage. this time a wall separating a construction site and the sidewalk toppled over. a 51-year-old man who was walk by was taken to the hospital for cuts to his head. meanwhile, in the mission district the palm trees on mission street swayed precariously. but it was on 24th street where a large branch snapped off. no damage and no injured. as was the case in pacific heights where a large tree collapsed near clay street on fillmore. >> i heard the tree fall and at first it didn't occur to me that the tree would have fallen, and then i came outside and like it was just there, and i was like, oh, my god. i'm so glad it didn't hit the
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house. >> reporter: a close call but it's not over yet as long as the wind advisory remains in effect. in san francisco lillian kym. >>. inverness highway. brought down this large tree crushing that lexus this afternoon. the strong gusts also took out the power line in novato leaving as many as 2,000 people in the dark. most of the power has now been restored. in the east bay strong winds up to 50 miles an hour rustled through the trees there. abc 7 news reporter alan wong tweeted out this video at tilden park in orinda, where as you can see on the sign the fire danger because of the winds is high. there is a red flag warning through 10:00 tomorrow morning. despite the winds firefighters were able to keep a brush fire to five acres in redwood city. it broke out near canada and edgewood roads. nbc 4 meteorologist drew tuma has been track these winds. what kind of gusts did we see? >> it was rather impressive.
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altamont clocked in with a 62-mile-per-hour gust. sfo airport 48 miles per hour. even fairfield coming in with a 33-mile-per-hour gust. and now we're tracking? light showers. live doppler 7 hd right now showing you we do have some green on the screen. we'll zoom in locally into the north bay right now. some light showers already reported in napa. so if this holds together in about five minutes sonoma will see the light rain, petaluma in about 30 minutes. and whitaker some light showers as well. we'll take a closer look at this wet weather and tell you what you can expect for your sunday in the full accuweather seven-day forecast in just a few minutes. natasha? >> thank you, drew. the father of the gunman who massacred nine people at an oregon community college said he had no idea his son owned so many firearms. police say the shooter had 14 guns in all. he killed nine people. now we're learning more about how that gunman dried. nbc reporter brandi-hit has the details. >> reporter: this nursing student can't forget what happened thursday at umpqua community college. >> rapid.
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rapid fire. >> reporter: she and her classmates quickly found out what they thought were firecrackers outside their room were gunshots. her friend had no idea until she was hit. >> breathe, just breathe. come on. >> reporter: but it was too late. that's when 30-year-old army veteran chris mintz showed up and told everyone to get down. >> it's my son's birthday. come on. thin hear rapid fire again. >> reporter: mintz was shot seven times. >> that's the true sign of a hero right there. he put his own life in front of everyone else's. >> reporter: nine other people died, ranging in age from 18 to 67 years old. new details are also emerging about the man who pulled the trigger, 26-year-old student chris harper-mercer. he came armed with six guns including an automatic rival and wore a bulletproof vest. law enforcement was on the scene within six minutes. two minutes after that the gunman was down. >> the cause of death was
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suicide. >> reporter: back inside the school kirkham was still helping the wounded. >> she had a gunshot wound in her leg. so i carried her and gave her to a cop. >> reporter: you can see there's a memorial growing just outside the college campus. the sign reads "pray for roseburg." classes here will be canceled now through all of next week. brandi hitt, abc news, roseburg, oregon. >> and the ripples felt across the country tonight. take a look. in san francisco the giants flew the flags at half staff on center field in honor of the victims of that massacre. if you'd like to express your condolences to the shooting victims and their families, go to our abc 7 news facebook page and share this badge. it will let people in oregon know that you are with them. four high school students in tuolumne county have been arrested after authorities uncovered a school shooting plot. investigators say it was still in the planning stage at summerville high school in sonora. deputies uncovered the plot and
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discovered a fourth student involved. the juvenile suspects were arrested on suspicion of conspiracy to commit an assault with deadly weapons. and a roof collapse at a school in north carolina today injured at least 25 people. police say a rental truck slammed into a support beam. the concrete awning crashed down onto people atengd a band competition. first responders had to rescue several people trapped under that rubble. three people had life-threatening injuries. fremont detectives are trying to track down a man that they believe murdered his own mother. take a close look. police want to know if you have seen this man. abc 7 reporter alan wong is live at the fremont police department with more. alan? >> reporter: natasha, the woman's body was found on tuesday and since then detectives here have been quietly tracking down their son but their leads have all dried up and now they're asking the public to help spot the man they say killed his own mother. >> file safe every time i walk
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out the door and i never fear for my life. >> reporter: but after kendall dawson's mother found out her fremont neighbor was murdered next door and the suspect was on the loose. >> i don't feel good with my child here. we're taking him home. >> reporter: she's moving him back to oakland where she feels it's safer. but kendall's commute to oloni college will be a lot longer. >> i will say that there was severe trauma on the body on the mother. >> reporter: fremont police won't say how the woman in her 60s died, only that she lived in this apartment with her son, 31-year-old omar malik pettigen. he was nowhere to be found after police conducted a welfare check and discovered his mother's body in the apartment. >> you found her on tuesday. did you ever hear any type of commotion prior to that? >> no. >> reporter: police won't say why they think pettigen murdered his own mother but they say he could be a threat to the public. >> he's got access to firearms, and by the very nature of the crime a homicide, yes, he could
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be considered dangerous. >> reporter: he's 5'11" and 150 pounds. police believe he could be anywhere in the bay area, but he's known to frequent oakland and san francisco. in fremont, alan wang, abc 7 news. >> thank you, alan. well, a facebook tip helped the fbi catch a fugitive from a double murder that happened nearly a year ago in watsonville. last october police say marcos daniel robles shot and killed a rival gang member outside the valley inn motel. bullets hit a nearby restaurant, killing a 4-year-old girl and wounding a man. a tipster in mexico saw robles on the fbi's facebook page and contacted them. the search will resume tomorrow for a man thought to have drowned in a boating accident. the 31-year-old man was last seen on friday night. he was on a boat with six to eight people that began to take on water. the rest of the people were able to swim to shore, but nobody had life vests on. new at 11:00, police in martinez arrested a driver who hit a man in a wheelchair and left him lying in the road. the suspect is a 76-year-old
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woman who uses a walker. police say she hit the 72-year-old man as he was crossing alombra avenue at virginia hills drive and then drove off. the man is in critical condition. well, still to come on abc 7 news at 11:00, the east coast escapes the fury of hurricane joaquin but is now dealing with record-setting rain. and a warning for some businesses in the south bay. the big crackdown ahead of the super bowl. and it's a test that stresses out high school seniors, but today it left a sour note. we'll tell you why when abc 7
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san jose is trying to weed out massage parlors that may be fronts for prostitution before the super bowl next year. a new report said the city has issued five citations or warning letters to massage parlors since june. 20 others have been investigated over just the last year. none were cited for human trafficking, but it is a concern with the super bowl coming to santa clara. >> you have thousands of people coming in and there's a demand for escort and massage services, and i think other super bowl cities have experienced that problem. and what seems to go with that is the human trafficking problem that i think we all tried to address. >> san jose can now force massage parlors to obtain permits from police before they open because of a new law that took effect in january. four men are in custody tonight after police interrupted a burglary at a san carlos camera business. a silent alarm went off this morning at on
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industrial road. police arrived to find four men running from the building. all were taken into custody. they were all from los angeles. officers found a van stolen from sunnyvale and computers stolen from fremont inside of the van. police are checking for similar burglaries in the area. happening now, a statewide movement for justice. abc 7 news was at frank ogawa plaza in oakland for the first of nine caravan for justice rallies in california. about a dozen or so people shared stories of family members they say were victims of police brutality. people came from as far away as the united kingdom to point out that this issue is not just here in the united states. >> our main goal is to really talk about the global impacts of police violence both locally here in oakland but also across the pond. >> caravan for justice rallies will take place through next saturday. the next one is tomorrow in sacramento. high school students in san francisco will have an unexpected extra two weeks to study for the s.a.t.s.
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emily in our abc 7 now community tweeted out this picture of a sign that greeted more than 100 students at mission hills school this morning. it says the exam is canceled. now, students say they had no advance notice, they've not been told why it was suddenly called off. the non-profit college board runs these tests and san francisco unified schools told abc 7 tonight that it is that group's responsibility to communicate with students about any changes. the "san francisco chronicle" reports there will be a makeup exam on october 17th at mission high school. that could mean students applying to the university of california will not have their test scores back in time to meet the application deadline of november 30th. what a shame. it is a weekend of free music here in san francisco. ♪ just jamming out there. abc 7 news was in golden gate park today for the hardly strictly bluegrass festival. more than 100 musical artists
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are playing on seven different stages. as the name implies, it isn't all bluegrass, though. the foundation started by late san francisco philanthropist warren hellman pays for the yearly event. gates open again tomorrow at 11:00. and make sure to take a look in the sky next week. don't nis it. you're going to see one of san francisco's oldest and best traditions. fleet week begins on monday. of course the main attraction is the blue angels air show next weekend. more than 2,300 marines and sailors will be in the city and six active naval vessels will be docked here. and tell me, drew, we're going to have clear skies, perfect viewing for the blue angels. >> yeah, natasha, we're going to have really nice weather the next seven days or so in the accuweather seven-day forecast. right now, though, live doppler 7 hd is a little bit active tracking some showers and thundershowers. sacramento saw about ten lightning strikes in the past 15 minutes with these showers moving through. they're moving into the north bay. but they're losing their lightning, so to speak. you do notice it's moving and rotating around an area of low pressure counterclockwise as it
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moves into the north bay. as we zoom down to street level, this light shower just moved through yountville earlier. now it's on highway 12 moving through eldridge. if it holds together it's going to die to the south and the west. as we time it out for you, around petaluma and moving to santa rosa if it holds together in about 25 minutes. expect a light shower pocket or some drizzle in the north bay. the big story today, the wind. they were whipping out there. all relaxing. the only spot right now that has a pretty active wind santa rosa. we do have showers moving through, wind gusts of 33 miles per hour. but elsewhere you do notice they're rather light, generally less than 10 miles per hour. and that will be the story for much of the overnight period. we may pick up early tomorrow morning. the wind advisory through the north bay mountains 10:00 surrender morning. the potential is there for downed trees and also downed power lines, and that means new fires could be started with the downed power lines. we also have a red flag warning in effect through tomorrow morning as well. specifically in the north bay mountains and the east bay hills
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for those gusty winds. temperaturewise out there right now we're generally in the 50s. 58 hayward, 57 fremont, 57 san francisco and 59 right now in livermore. live doppler 7 hd along with satellite. you can see this low pressure just perfectly on our radar imagery just kind of spinning down from our north and it's going to move through overnight tonight. that's why we have the isolated light showers in the north bay right now and that's why we have the wind. future weather we time it out for you. you do notice there is still the chance of some light showers early tomorrow morning, 2:00 in the morning, moving through the east bay, but after that that low pressure dives to the south, takes the showers with it, the clouds and the wind. sunday shaping up to be a nice day. just want to quickly take you to the tropics right now. tropical storm ojo who has winds right now at about 40 miles per hour, is moving to the north but it will stay away from the island chain. you do notice that this strengthens to a category 1 storm but it stays east of hawaii, so good news there. overnight tonight back here in the bay area. temperatures generally dropping into the mid 50s with an isolated shower. otherwise tomorrow look at this. we're going to end the breezy
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conditions, have lots of sunshine and comfortable temperatures. 73 san francisco, 77 oakland. 79 san jose. 82 concord. 85 the high for santa rosa. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you tomorrow the winds relax for sunday, monday, and tuesday pleasant. a few clouds thursday and then friday and saturday look what returns. we've got some october warmth on the way to start off next weekend. >> i've said it before. i love october in the bay area. >> but it can get warm. >> i like it, though. it's like a last toasty send-off right before that fall -- >> and we hope it will turn rainy by november. >> yeah, we need it. thank you so much, drew. wild pumpkins like no other. and there's no need to carve. how cool is this? how they're made. when abc 7
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just original cheerios? honey nut cheerios too, buzz. sweet! is anything bugging you now? (laughs) this is the first time in six years. the grand opening of almaden lake park in san jose will be
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held on monday. the park was closed on mondays in 2009 because of budget cuts. $60,000, though, was secured from district funds to make sure the park can operate now seven days a week. and cowboys and cowgirls from all over california came to oakland today for the black cowboy parade. the oakland cowboy association sent us this video. take a look. the highlights include music, people on horseback, floats. also some clowns walking around on stilts. the annual event celebrates the contributions black cowboys made in the west. this is really cool. the spirit of frankenstein has taken root in one southern california field. this is a pumpkinstein. the owner of a farm in ventura county says it took him five years to perfect a method of encase be the fruit inside of a plastic mold. it just grows that way. now the farm has orders for 80,000 pumpkinsteins. for valentine's day look out for heart-shaped watermelons. isn't that cool? >> wow.
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80,000? >> and you know, i checked. it's about 75 bucks wholesale. would you pay that much for a pumpkin? >> probably not. >> i hope your kids aren't watching because i know they're going to demand one. >> yeah, dad, what have we got? >> college football to talk about. >> i do have college football. a lot today. san jose heads to s.e.c. country thinking upset. scratching and clawing the cougars at berkeley. tonight's victim, arizona.
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this is what sonny dikes envisioned when he came to cal, an attacking defense that forces turnovers and an explosive offense. of course it helps to have the best quarterback in the country. cal 5-0 for the first time since
11:29 pm
2007. klay thompson, he spent three seasons at washington state before being drafted by the warriors. proud of his team early on. 24-7 but kenny lawler's spectacular one-handed grab. 21-13 at halftime. early in the third cougars coach mike leetch with the fake punt but he has the punter run. bad decision. lit up by a pack of bears. mcclure scoops it up runs it back. cal within a point. goff nfl accuracy right here. lawler makes another fantastic grab, gets a foot down. wazzu still led 28-26. ensuing kickoff cal goes onside kick and recovers. sets up goff. finds a lane. 24 yards. bears hold on for the 34-28 win. the defense solid all day. seven sacks. cal stays perfect. coach sonny dykes. >> to me when a football team starts to believe in themselves and each other that's when you have ab opportunity to do something special. it takes a lot of time, a lot of work to get to that point where they trust each other and they
11:30 pm
believe in each other and they realize, you know, if the game's not going their way they've just got to hang in there and make some plays. we've proven that the last couple weeks. we haven't made it easy on ourselves but we made it so we could figure out a way to get if done. >> cal at tenth ranked utah next weekend. stanford started the season scoring six points in a loss to northwestern. they looked like an offensive juggernaut since. tonight they put a whooping on the wildcats of arizona. david shaw's squad averaging 42 a game since that opening loss. christian mccav fri and the offense has certainly found its prove. 49-yard gain here to set a field goal. 156 yards rushing on 17 carries for the sophomore. all season he set up touchdowns, finally gets one himself. first of the year right there, four yards, cardinal up 13-0. all ramond wright does is score touchdowns. three more tonight. 16 yards on the screen from kevin hogan. stanford up 27-3 at halftime. barry sanders, a long touchdown run for the second game in a row. 65 yards. hits the 20 and it's like he found another gear. stanford improved to 4-1.
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they crush zosedona 55-17. the spartans came for the money and to get a win. first quarter joe gray 18 yards to tyler winston, game tied at 7. san jose state head coach ron carriger. hear the name payton barber in his sleep tonight. third touchdown of the game. third quarter barber extending up and over breaks the plane his fourth score 28-14. no quick in sparty, though. tyler irvin follows his 300-yard performance last week with 160 today. it's a one-touchdown game for the spartan d. just couldn't stop barber. 36 yards. his longest carry of the game. 147 in all. he's responsible for all five auburn touchdowns. 35-219 final. san jose state drops to 2-3. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. >> thank you very much, co
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good evening, and thank you for joining us. i'm natasha zouves. in tonight's headlines, police in fremont are trying to find a man accused of killing his mother inside the apartment they shared. they found the 61-year-old woman inside that home on monroe avenue on tuesday. police say omar pettigen is lineally armed with a gun. in martinez police arrested a 76-year-old driver in a hit-and-run. they say she hit a 72-year-old man in a wheelchair as he was crossing the street. the man is now in critical condition. and there's a warning about high winds in the bay area until 10:00 tomorrow morning. the gusts toppled trees, tore down power lines, and damaged
11:36 pm
cars. a wall blew over in san francisco, and one man who was walking by has cuts to his head. a red flag warning is also in effect. now, potentially historic and life-threatening flooding is hitting the east coast tonight. torrential rains have prompted five governors to zldeclare stas of emergency and for some places the worst may still be to come. here's abc reporter richard cantu. >> reporter: scenes like this in north carolina were repeated up and down the east coast as flood waters swamped large swaths of land. storm-tossed tides turned this home on the new jersey shore into driftwood. >> it's down in the water. >> reporter: this facebook photo shows the home in trouble as the waters rose. by daylight only wreckage was left visible above the waterline. >> i've lived here for 15 years, never seen it this bad before. >> reporter: this charlgz-ton doctor was trying to get to work. >> tried coming this way and the water was up above my waist. so i couldn't do it. >> reporter: tow truck drivers are working overtime. >> you see water on the road,
11:37 pm
just turn around, tell them look, i'm not coming today. it's better off saving your car instead of having to buy another one. >> reporter: in myrtle beach, south carolina first responders had to come to the rescue of more than a dozen people trapped by the rising water. >> the water came and kept on coming. >> reporter: high wind whipped flood water into north carolina streets, downing power lines and trees. this one into a church. and heavy rains opened up this sink hole. though hurricane joaquin is hundreds of miles offshore, its reach is strong enough to be felt in florida. >> we were under a few times. and we came back up. >> reporter: waves are topping seven feet and beachgoers are being warned against potentially deadly rip currents. forecast says some areas that have already seen a foot of rain could see over ten inches more in the coming days. richard cantu, abc news, new york. the defense department is investigating an air strike in afghanistan that appears to have hit a hospital run by doctors
11:38 pm
without borders. at least 19 people including 12 staff members were killed. 37 others injured in this bombing overnight. vice president joe biden says there is no longer any question that transgender people can serve in the u.s. military. biden made the statement tonight at the human rights campaign dinner. he says transgender rights is a civil rights issue of our time. presidential candidate donald trump is channeling actor charles bronson. at a rally in ten today trump defended second amendment rights by saying he has a handgun carry permit in new york and that if he is attacked he'd emulate bronson in the vigilante film "deathwish." families are suing a san diego area football league after two teens were kicked out of the league for the actions of their parent. take a look at this cell phone video. you can see the brawl in the stands between a team from o'tay ranch in the san diego area and a team from los angeles. during a game last weekend game officials asked parents to sit across the field from one another. one parent refused, started
11:39 pm
taunting the team and their parents. soon after they were throwing punches in the stands. >> it was the parents in the stands that weren't taking responsibility for their actions, and the kids have to pay the price for it. >> that's no good. the otay ranch team said the league commissioner should not have brought the l.a. team into the league. and a warning now about a danger that could be inside of your bathroom. people reported that more than 1,000 instances of shower doors spontaneously exploding, expo exposing people to serious harm. abc news reporter mara schiavocampo is investigating this problem. >> reporter: oliver kwarinsky taking a warm shower before bedtime when the glass doors just inches from his body spontaneously shattered. deep lacerations covering the 9-year-old's arms and legs. >> i got cuts on my arms. i couldn't comprehend what happened. >> i heard an explosion that was
11:40 pm
like a bomb. my 18-year-old was like, mom, there's glass everywhere. >> reporter: oliver, who is hearing impaired, was traumatized. >> my initial concern was his head because his cochlear implants allow him to hear and we needed to make sure the skin over his devices wasn't cut. >> reporter: and while it may seem leek a freak incident, this is not the first time glass from a shower door has broken. >> it exploded. >> reporter: a spokesperson for the consumer products safety commission said in just five years there have been an estimated 1,500 injuries associated with glass shower doors shattering. that's an annual average of about 300 a year. the source of the problem -- the material. >> tempered glass is a specifically designed product that breaks into very small pieces to reduce lacerations on cuts. >> reporter: amy is thankful her son is okay but believes incidents like this one shouldn't be so common.
11:41 pm
>> if you have a glass shower door, try to be as careful as possible. >> wow. that was mara schiavocampo reporting. one industry expert suggests that excessive pressure on the shower door handles may be to blame, but he suggests you coat that glass with a special film that will prevent it from shattering. just ahead, celebrating the graphic novel in the south bay. plus -- >> one of the hottest of the hot zip codes to live in in the bay area. i'm michael finney. what one national survey says coming up on "7 on your side." i'm abc 7 meteorologist drew tuma. the winds are relaxing tonight. but now we're tracking some light showers. the latest where they are with
11:42 pm
11:43 pm
11:44 pm
the breakdown of zip codes around the country reveals some of the hottest places in the bay area to buy a home. now, you know we've got some of the best neighborhoods anywhere. 7 on your side's michael finney has a look at what makes them so special. >> sherry and keith lee live in one of the most desirable zip codes in the country. 95008. they said they had no idea about the growing popularity of campbell. >> we didn't know that. we just knew it was a fun place and still had an old-timey feel. >> reporter: ranked
11:45 pm
campbell's 95008 the 19th most desirable zip code in the country. both sherry and keith point to the city's thriving downtown and smalltown charm. among campbell's 41,000 residents are generations of families who grew up and still live in the city. >> and if you walk the streets you get a little bit of feel of that history. it's a very friendly neighborhood. it's just got a nice feel to it. >> reporter: homes here from the low 800 to $1.5 million. mike hamel of alan pannell realty says campbell once was a suburb of san jose but now is gang a reputation of its own. >> i say most homes stay on the market about a week. they have one week of open house and then a deadline for offers and sell a week later. >> reporter: ranked 94115 in san francisco as the most desirable neighborhood in the bay area, 11th overall in the country. it includes much of pacific heights and the western edition. >> so this is our family room. >> reporter: shaban shakiri is
11:46 pm
moving his family of four into the neighborhood. he's renovating this four-unit residence and plans to live on the top floor and rent out the three other units. he paid 3 million and is putting in another $500,000 for renovations. >> this neighborhood really has it all. it's got weather, location, quality housing, a lot of the old san francisco character. >> reporter: homes sell here for 1 to 3 million dollars. serena greening is at the home street bank. >> while everything here appreciated last year, overall 18%, this neighborhood probably appreciated 30%. >> reporter: several other bay area neighborhoods make the list. petaluma number 17. american canyon at 31. and vacaville 35. experiencing a spillover effect from those cities more centrally located in the bay area. a combination of millennials looking november into home ownership and baby boomers with cash are fueling the demand. >> now is the time. >> here we are.
11:47 pm
loving it. >> the homes in the top ten nationally are much more affordable. melrose north of boston ranks number 1. now, we have a complete list of the top 50 zip codes on our website, i'm michael finney, "7 on your side." >> very nice. a unique comic expo came to san jose this weekend after 15 years in san francisco. abc news was at the san jose convention center today for the alternative press expo. it started back in 1994 to celebrate independent graphic novels and pop art. the expo has been in san francisco since 2000 but the founder brought it back to the south bay this year. all right, drew, a little bit of showers on the way maybe? >> yeah. with this area of low pressure, natasha, that brought us the winds is now picking up on some light showers. live doppler 7 hd will show you much of the region is dry but we're going to press in locally to the east bay right now. we saw some light showers active around collinsville, pittsburgh as well, just moved through antioch at this hour. and as it holds together it will dive to the south and west over the next couple of minutes. just a light shower.
11:48 pm
nothing widespread. unfortunately. tomorrow that area of low pressure goes right down into l.a. that means we no longer will have the winds here in the bay area. and the rain will stay in so cal, unfortunately. 75 fresno. we'll go to 70 in l.a. 83 sacramento and 62 for tahoe. here in the bay area tomorrow a much more comfortable day, won't have the breezy winds, lots of sunshine, 73 san francisco, go to 79 fremont, the same in san jose, 82 concord and 85 santa rosa. accuweather seven-day forecast shows you the winds relax tomorrow. monday, tuesday, wednesday pleasant. a few clouds on thursday. and then the heat turns up for friday into saturday. >> just in time for the weekend. >> yeah. >> i like it. thank you so much, drew. colin joins us now. not the season the giants and a's hoped for. >> no, we've kind of been spoiled in recent years. both teams in the playoffs last year. of course the giants won it all. there's always next year. the a's and giants finish their 2015 campaigns tomorrow. may as well finish on a couple mini win streak. oakland gets extras in seattle
11:49 pm
while tim hudson gets emotional at at&t park. action abc 7 is honoring hispanic heritage mop san francisco's first latino laureate poet laureate and his short story the other barrio has been turned into a film. it's showing at the brava theate
11:50 pm
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11:52 pm
another game, another record for jared goff. he now has 23 of them in less than three seasons at cal. the junior quarterback with a four-touchdown performance for the sixth time in his career today as he leads the bears back from a 14-point deficit to beat washington state 34.28. his first one gave him 65 for his career, eclipsing kyle boller's mark 64. the heisman candidate has thrown 15 touchdowns, just four interceptions. the bears off to a perfect 5-0 start. >> i think it'll be a little more proud of it when i'm done playing here but yeah, it's exciting and it's something i take pride in, but again, i'm 100 times more happy about the w today and any win we might have than any record. >> very humble guy. staying in the pac-12, a massive downpour for the buffs and ducks. lufau finds shayfield corner of
11:53 pm
the end zone. this was ducks weather. you'd expect them to figure it out. braylon addison, he's not looking to run, winds and fires. 39 yards to charles nelson in stride. all oregon in the second half. they bounce back from that loss to utah last week 41-24. seventh ranked ucla pummeled by arizona state at the rose bowl. this play kind of summed up the night for the bruins. sun devils needing a first down. kalen balage brings an int raj into the end zone. asu shocks the bruins 378-23. number 3 ole miss and florida both coming to this game 4-0. florida up early. the rebels' jaylen walton going to lose the ball in the exchange. brian cox gathers it for the gators. florida in business deep in rebels territory. first and goal now, will greer finds a wide open jake mcgee 13-0 gators after the missed extra point. this is the best florida has looked since the tebow days. and ole miss was just flat out bad.
11:54 pm
greer over the mid toll bradle n powell. florida takes down third ranked ole miss 38-10. the buckeyes came in riding a streak of 24 consecutive wins in the big 10. top ranked team in the land. tough one in indiana today. third quarter fourth and inches cougars up 17-13. ezekiel elliott 65 yards for the touchdown. he had a monster day, 274 yards and three tds. move ahead to the fourth, buckeyes up three, cardale jones looking for the end zone finds michael thomas for the touchdown. ohio state goes up 10. all came down to this. fourth quarter, indiana with the ball down seven. nine seconds on the clock. fourth and goal. bad snap. vander diamant picks it up, scrambles, throws to the back of the end zone knocked down. ohio state holds on for the win 34-27. clemson and notre dame. snorkels. the proper attire for this one.
11:55 pm
first quarter deshawn watson finds art misscott on the slant. noktd over two fighting irish defenders. 14-0 tigers. fourth quarter 12 seconds to play notre dame within eight, deshawn kaiser finds torey hunter jr. for the touchdown. all they need is a two-point kefrgs on the overtime. kaiser on the keeper denied. 12th ranked clemson upsets the sixth-ranked fighting irish 24-22. as the giants finish up their final weekend of the season it's a time for farewells. retiring pitcher tim hudson said good-bye today. hudson getting emotional during his pregame speech, thanking the fans, teammates, and families. after the game bottom 1, tomlinson hits one into triples alley. but he's not thinking triple. he's thinking inside the park. and he'll do it. giants up 1-0. two batters later marlon byrd. he'd rather trot around the bases. his fourth homer as a giant. and in the fourth brandon crawford takes the first pitch he sees, deposits it into the garden. it was seven weeks between homer
11:56 pm
number 19 and 20 for crawford but only 10 days between 20 and 21. giants win it 3-2. matt cain will start the season finale tomorrow. two games left in the season. the a's are staring down their worst finish since going 65-97 in 1997. valencia's been a bright spot this year. first inning to deep center. three-run shot. his 18th homer of the season. the game would go to extra innings. top of the 13th marcus semien, two-run shot to left. his 15th of the year. and the a's get the win in the emerald city 7-5. the nationals facing the mets tonight. matt scherzer making history, becomes the sixth pitcher to throw two no-hitters in a season. started the night striking out yoenis cespedes and lucas dutia. his ninth strikeout in a row. 17 k's. next batter curtis granderson broken bat pop-up. max scherzer throws his second no-hitter this season. last man to do that was roy
11:57 pm
halladay in 2010. nolan ryan did it way back in 1973. this abc 7 sports report brought to you by xfinity. >> making history again. >> that's right. pretty good. >> very cool. all right. i'm so glad you guys spent your saturday night with us. abc 7 news is back tomorrow morning at 5:00 a.m. i hope you guys get a chance to sleep in, though. i'm natasha zouves. for colin rush, drew tuma, we have a great team here, don't we? the hold team will be back tomorrow. till then have a wonderful weekend, guys.
11:58 pm
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