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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 5, 2015 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo-tv broadcast center this is abc7 news. >> the oakland a's will not beat the san jose a's new time soon with the appeal for a change refusing to be heard and the exemption from antitrust laws. good morning, i am eric thomas here for cheryl jennings. >> san jose loses its latest attempt to use the legal system to bring pro baseball to town: athletes are responding. we have the latest from san jose. matt? >> we spoke with mayor liccardo and he sounded a little bit
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relieved that the legal wrangling is now over and necessity can move on from the oakland a's. the future of san jose was forever changed went city's bid to lure the a's south from oakland came to an end. according to mayor liccardo the rejection of san jose's appeal means the city can move forward with plans for the land around the s.a.p. center for a major tech headquarters and entertainment sector. >> we can focus on the opportunities we have in the downtown parcels because right now the downtown is. booing and revitalizing as it has not in decades and without baseball we think there is continuing to be great opportunity. >> the a's signed a lease for the coliseum but are only required to say through the 2018 season and not part of san jose's lawsuit. the owner and managing partner, released the statement about the ruling saying that the court's
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decision while significant has no impact on our intense and unwaivering focus solving our issue and providing fans the first-class experience they deserve. many baseball fans in san jose are disappointed. a big concern is in the a's do not come here they could leave altogether. >> it is sad when we see the a's closed and the top deck closed and 8,000 or 10,000 watching a game, coming to san jose they would have fan blaze. >> we will lose them. they will go elsewhere. it is disheartening to me and a last other people, we are support others. we have been since they came here. >> i asked the mayor if he was interested in bringing a different major league baseball team here to san jose and he said he wasn't focused on that but if he was presented with a if opportunity he would listen. another bay area sheriff deputy is dealing with also as of inmate abuse, two men who
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claim they were beaten by deputies in the sonoma county jail and filed a federal complaint against the county and sheriff. the machine claim they were beaten with fists and their heads were slammed against the floor after two men died in custody of sheriff in san jose. three deputies were charged in one case with beating an inmate and to others were suspended when a second was found dead in the jail a week ago. >> nobody suffered serious injuries when an amtrak train derailed in vermont after going east rails southwest of vermont's capital and you can see the cars stayed in tact. it is believed the train hit a rock slide headed to the track headed to new york city and washington, dc. dozens of passenger took buses to a national guard armoury. our an american airlines captain died when the captain glue from
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phoenix to boston. the co-pilot landed in syracuse. the passengers were oned ground. the american said the pilot died from "an illness," on the flight. >> >> alameda crews are back in the water searching for a miss voter. we remain overhead as the crews resumed the search for the man, a sales force contractor in a boat with others near livermore and the boat took on water. no one was wearing a life jacket. seven people swam to shore. but he did not make it. developing news from the east coast, at least nine deaths are believed to be related to record setting flooding across the carolinas and it is not over. more rain is expected today. the governor of south carolina said the state is deeding with the worse rain in a thousand years and hundreds have been rescued including a man and toddler. the two were trapped?
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their home before the coast guard lifted them to higher ground. >> probably the most terrifying moment of my life especially having my daughter in her hand. it was incredibly frightening. but we made it. >> watch as this man loses control of the pickup truck, a good player tan jumped in to rescue the driver and he kicked out the back window and stayed with the driver until crews arrived to rescue them. officials are urging people to stay off the roads. >> the coast guard is continuing the such right now for the crew of a united states-based cargo ship off the cost of the bahamas, and confirmed this morning the el faro sank during hurricane joaquin and janet o is in the newsroom. they have recovered one body? >> yes, the body of one of the 33 crew members has been discovered but they have yet to identify exactly who it is. the coast guard has been searching since thuray and has yet to find anyone alive. today the coast guard said it is not give up on finding missing
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crew members aboard el faro searching by air and sea. >> we are still looking for survivors or any sign of life. >> family members are trying to stay optimistic. >> they need to bring my daughter home. >> all odds are survival are growing increasingly slim. >> we are assuming that vessel has sunk. we believe it sank in the last known position we recorded open thursday. >> so far, rescuers found debris with cargo from the ship scattered in the ocean along with this life preserver and they found at least one body. >> in one of the philadelphia suits we did identify human remains. we also recovered a light boat that had the markings of el faro on it and damned one of two lifeboat on the ship. the coast guard said despite the unforgiving conditions brought on by the hurricane they not going to discount someone's will
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to survive. >> the coast guard said an express will take place to try and explain why the ship headed directly into the storm. it left florida on tuesday and headed for puerto rico. >> thanks januaryent cities will return to umpqua community college this afternoon for the first time since nine people died in a deadly shooting rampage the no classes will held at campus in oregon, today, but, instead, buses shuttle students on to the campus to pickup any belongings they left hide on thursday. faculty and staff were allowed to return this morning to pick up their personal prosecute. >> a go fund me page is set up to help pay medical spents of a hero and shooting survivor and has raised three-quarters of a million dollars and more than $763,000 right now. the army veteran was shot seven times after stepping between the gunman and the class matters. the goal was to raise just
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$10,000. you can see a staggering outpouring of support and gratitude and? you would like to add to the total go to >> police in san francisco are investigating an incident that sent an officer to the hospital. it happened at midnight. officers responded to a car burglary and the suspect tried to get away and pinned the officer 20 two cars. the officer has a broken rib and a leg injury and several suspects have been detained. >> the mastermind of a kidnapping case is scheduled to be arraigned in sacramento this afternoon. a federal jury has indicted 38-year-old mathew muller for kidnapping denise huskins which march. she was held for ransom for several days. the attorney said the client will plead not guilty. >> kids cross the bay area are invited to a party today in honor of madyson middleton of on what would have been her 9th birthday. she was kidnapped and sexually assault asked strangled in july
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of the neighbor, a 15-year old adrian gonzalez is facing murder charges. her mom is throwing a party in santa cruz and the party will include bounce houses and a petting zoo from 4:00 to 7:00 p.m. ought nighttime ride on the bay bridge will brighten up and you will see shows like this in january just in time for super bowl 50. the artist will unveil the details of the reinstallation of the bay lights later this week which brightened up the suspension span from march of 2013 until march of this year. >> tradition steeped in history is back into the bay area with fleet week here. what you need to know to land ahead for the family fun. >> what will the weather be like? this is santa cruz where you can see the blue skies s that what we have in store for us? meteorologist mike nicco has the
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so it's not about keeping my dentures in, it's about keeping the food particles out. try super poligrip free. >> happening today the first navy ship of fleet week is signed up in san francisco right now and will be joined by another half dozen ships from the navy and coast guard as well as the blue angels in the celebration our military. our reporter is at pier 50 with more. >> eric, we are seeing the serious side of fleet week and this is a command post where they are practicing an emergency
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drill because as they say, they do nut want to exchange business cards during an emergency. >> this may look easy to you but the united states navy says what you are watching takes a high level of skill. >> he took 100 the plus ton craft and parked it and did not leave a j it was a huge success. very, very difficult. >> the scenario is this, what if san francisco piers were damned in an earthquake and the yacht club was the only way that crews could transport emergency vehicles to the city? >> it ises to say we will throw trucks on a belt and move it across the bay until you put that truck on a boat and you have the boat crew talking to the drivers of the truck, and you get the load master to tie them down you learn a lot every time. >> in this case, they learned peg trucks are difficult to disembark and would require raising the ramp. >> we know now, so that would be the last piece of gear we take east vessel. ought idea is to take all the agencies in town for fleet week
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and have them practice different drills in this case a major earthquake and necessity realize that must people associate the blue angels with neat week and they warn people to know that fleet week is more than an air show. >> for fleet week, yes, this is a lot of noise from the airplanes but, remember, this is more to it behind that and this is our opportunity to have it all in town to get face-to-face and practice with them and not just talk. >> i asked about turn over and the people practicing are not those who return to emergency. the goal is to gain institution am. there is fun to be had, the angels will start practicing on thursday. >> thanks, it could fell live it was a few weeks ago when the warriors celebrated a first world championship in 40 years but tomorrow, golden state defends their title and the warriors host the raptors at san jose's s.a.p. center at 7:30 and a familiar face is not on the side lines, with head coach
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steve occur -- steve and now, we need the sunglasses today, with hazy sunshine, and this is probably the coolest day if my seven-day forecast and i will tell you when the 70s come to the coast and 80s at the bay and 90s inland. that is coming up. >> hitting the hay to maintain your health and a new finding of why your bedtime is so important and a mistake when you do not fall in line. >> big news, the new bragging rights for apple and
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los altos, antioch, petaluma, and all the bay area, this is abc7 news. >> for third year in a row apple and google have thatted in the top spots for the most valuable brands. the consultancy firm released a list to decide which companies are the most valuable looking at physical performance and how the companies stand in the market and apple landed in top spot again and google is number two and other companies include microsoft and people bill and samsung and amazon and facebook. >> the first of the nobel prizes were awarded and the prize for medicine went to these people, a man from china struggles a drug for malaria, and two joint winners for a drug that fights infiction caused by pair suits.
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and the nobel prize in peace and literature and come city are announced in the coming weeks. >> mike discovered the heat headed this way. >> worthy of a prize. >> yes, threat week, and nice to know the way it looks right now, it is monday, and that is our big finale, not going to is to worry about fog and that is good news. we will take a look at what going on temperature-wise, with plenty of sunshine in the upper 60s to low 70s in most neighborhoods and livermore and los gatos at 73 and san ramon 76 and santa rosa at 71 for the warm spot and novato at 68 and oakland at 67689 here is a look at the golden gate bridge where the winds have been various average the last couple of hours but they are blowing on shore and we have a moderate onshore flow today and because it is merchandise rat, that is why we are seeing a little bit of haze right new but not "spare the air" day just difficultused sunshine and seasonal and mild and warmer-than-average through the midweek, and it will be hot
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this weekend and because of that, i don't have a chance of rain in seven days. the radar and satellite have increasing clouds as we move through the morning hours and right up until the present time, and keeping an area of low pressure on side because it is bringing some showers and thunderstorms to the south, and even some snow above 8,500 feet where we could get 6" to 8" in the county, and that would be nice to see more of that, for the sierra as we head closer to the rain season. here is the setup moving forward, high pressure you and see the lack of clouds to the west and that is going to move in the next couple of days and it will re-establish a little bit of a marine layer so morning clouds and fog in the north bay valley is possible but warmer afternoons are on the way and by the time we get to the weekend the only clouds are not going to be around. today is money 70s in the south bay, from sunnyvale and milpitas at 76 and slow 78, and gilroy at 79, 70 in santa cruz, and we will have mid-70s through most of the peninsula
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and 73 to 75 and 76 in your range and los altos is the outhigher at 79, and mid-to-upper 60s along the coast today to low-to-mid 70s downtown and south san francisco and sausalito and great day to head outside just take the sunglasses if you are, mid-to-upper 70s through the in the bay valley, and to cloverdale and lakeport and ukiah we have the mid-80s and along the east bay shore from berkeley and hayward, the most affected by the slight sea breeze at 74, and then it become as bay please at the bay water and hercules and castro stream least affected at 77 and we have upper 70s to low 80s inland east bay valley and livermore is 83 and that would be the warm spot the tonight we are look at cloud cover, more extensive, all way down to the san mateo bridge, and stems in the mid-50s and no need to worry about tropical storm that will stay to the east of hawaii. let me show you my seven-day forecast and what you will see is a bump up in temperatures but
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nothing like what happened on friday, saturday, and sunday the morning marine layer goes away, 90s inland and it will be gorgeous this weekend, keeping my fingers crossed that does not change. >> thanks, mike. >> it is a well-known fact that the lack of sleep has its drawback but it turns out when you go do sleep also matters especially for teens. >> a new study shows that teens are more likely to gain weight if they go to bed laid. researchers examined more than 3,000 people and found that over 60 percent adult between the ages of 18 and 24 went to bed past 11 people. >> the first study of its kind to look at the resolutionship teen bedtime and wheat gain above and beyond deep duration. you more likely to gain weight going to bed at 2:00 a.m. than 9:00 p.m. regardless how much sleep you get. >> a teen would weighs 132 pounds at 5' 5 and gains weight
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>> coming up at 4:00, the new requirement for freshmen what want to apply for uc berkeley and some call it unfair and the dramatic moment a resident wrestles a gun away from an attacker. new details coming up at 5:00. >> when you hear "rat," you do not think of an adorable critter. >> well, one little guy in the netherlands is changing a lost hearts and minds and perception. check this out, "baby," is enjoying a spaghetti lunch. does it remind you of anyone? >> the rat chef from the disney movie? it could be friends with disney's ratatouelli and "baby," loves to have the ears rubbed. this is getting a lot of reaction, the saturday majority are very positive including the comment this "baby," is the cutist rat in the world.
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so when you want to do a live action version, which you have it, casting, done. >> eat your favorite food and get your ears rubbed at the same time, i want that job. >> have a great day.
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>> get ready, because you're about to watch some folks play a game for the kind of life-changing money that most of us just dream about. this is "who wants to be a millionaire." [dramatic music] ♪ hello, everybody. i'm chris harrison. welcome to the show. are you guys ready to play "who wants to be a millionaire"? [cheers and applause] all right! today's first contestant is a 20-year-old college student who's been watching this show since he was five years old. that makes me feel old. 15 years of training has led to this very moment. here he is. from pensacola, florida, please welcome matthew bailey. [cheers and applause] matthew, how you doing, man? >> doing great. it's good to meet you. [applause] >> i'm pretty sure i have concert-


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